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Wednesday, October 11th

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Abby Wednesday halfway to the weekend glad to have your Jamie modest selling by quick hits. Busy day we are gonna go to California. With you. Coming up at 1035 Alex Stone from ABC news join us eyes he is in California covering the wildfires and it is racy. Everything we learn about it is bad news on CNN's discuss how lineup right now no rain in the forecast for the next seven days and that part of California they've got 35 active wildfires. Winds are expected to pick out the as we go through the day today and tomorrow so firefighters are not getting a break the latest is that. Seventeen people dead we've got thousands of acres of land charred 2000. Buildings have been destroyed as a result of these wild. There's this is amazing and it's you know I don't know if it's. Natural disaster fatigue but it's almost like an afterthought after all of late the hurricanes in the earthquake and you got this out outlast this the second time by the weighted we have some in Wyoming a couple of weeks ago to. And Susan areas that back in 2014. It was her I hit pretty hard by an earthquake and so that. No wind. In person that I am interest in mind that's it's interesting to find out how it may affect the wine industry but we'll talk doubts on a dollar coming up. First though we begin with the test are at the Kansas City Star that came down yesterday. And it has to do with your Kansas City Chiefs game Missouri State representative is calling for the legislature to review taxpayer funds that benefit the chiefs. In the wake of the protests during the playing of the National Anthem the idea comes representative Renee walker out of Kirk's they'll loop data released. So he's gonna ask the legislature to form a joint committee to review funding for facilities. And determine what options are available to quote protect misery taxpayers that could involve a kinds of things modifying existing agreements. Filing a lawsuit against the NFL or banning future taxpayer funding of stadiums. He states and the release that the state gave the chiefs 25 million dollars in tax credits to move their training camp for river falls Wisconsin say Zhao. While also paying three million dollars a year to the Jackson County sports complex authority which manages Arrowhead Stadium. And Kaufman and released he makes the argument that the NFL is pretty big business. And the stadiums have been a major investment of taxpayer money. And the league has to remain popular. In order for to remain financially viable that all makes cents. And he says the league has taken a hit. Interest is down and and the NFL has taken a hit based on. All of the kneeling during you know during the National Anthem and the protests and he says that that's gonna continue. We need to think about this funny that they got from the state well there's there's a lot of holes in this. But lawmakers argument and he's out of what Kirk's bill Missouri that I Yasser and our central Missouri into 290 or 5767798. He is not it's. Directly suggesting. That state money deep hole but he is saying it's worth a lot. Exe. I don't have a problem with the lawmaker trying to it. Check the x.s and nose and dot the I's and crossed the t.s and and see if there's some fat because look. Every for the most part every state needs money we know nobody is just basking in the money etc. Colorado. But there is a lot there are lot of holes in this guy's argument. That the data fellas not tax exempt to give up that status and 2015. And really it was interesting to read some stuff over stokes dot com. Every dollar of the desert of the National Football League is subject tax the league gave of that tax exempt exempt status a wild back. Neil looking at that point by the way that was tax exempt was the league office not the teams that teens are still paying taxes on the amount of money. That you know bit that they from their profit. It's that he doesn't bring up the tax exempt status and as he brings up the money that the state has given directly in tax credits the Tony five million of their training camp. And a three million near the county so he's. He doesn't acknowledge the tattoo my guess is that he knows who I am all he does I guess is that he's aware. I'm hope but he does. That the chiefs also generate millions of dollars in revenue for the state whether. You know if people coming into town staying in hotel yeah you know shopping. The outbreak of four games on Sundays the Jersey sales and off the chiefs. Make a lot of money for the state so opted to sit here and complain. About the tax credits given to the squatter to the organization of the team or whatever. To me seems ludicrous because he says that the state game 25 million tax credits to move their training camp the river falls upper river falls to St. Joe. And they get three million annually as you mentioned that to complex. They make at the state makes so much more awful is that yeah more than 25 or 28 million dollar. She and I ends on what I don't like. What's what are they gonna do cinema bill for the 25 million mom and say we want our money back and need to to sort of review money that has gone to the team in the past. I think is unrealistic I don't I don't think you're gonna you're gonna take money away necessarily. And I know how much truth there is to his concern about the NFL hurting. As a result of these protests I don't know if we've seen the long term effects and right. It's opportunistic. Grandstanding is what it is he didn't care about the 25 rattle given to movement saying chill for camp until. This it is controversy we all care about today I'm sure the state police put that money and because it was more money that the state and as you move from Wisconsin the state job and you keep that money in house. It it's. And I liken it to gun control and an audit that is a gun control and it as the gun control advocate that I am I would did you. Your ad. He wasn't grandstanding for this until the NFL is under scrutiny right gun control activists especially those in DC don't get on their horse until something like Nevada happened you know right in Africa tragedy so I think it's opportunistic grandstanding by this lawmaker to get up and say. Hey look the NFL is on the way down to people as people are watching it. You know what we're where people are not. Watching it lasts there are few. Kansas City. Go to the next home game go this Sunday I can tell yeah there'll be 80000 fans who do in the chant do in the chopped tailgate eating out at 7 o'clock in the morning. Nothing. Has changed at arrowhead there's they're not hurt for money over there and they're not. They're not opening the doors like. Yeah how any what you wanted to viewership is down across the national football all over. Every every time slot for the most part. Seeing a drop off because in large part of the political protest but not enough to do anything on this any significant would that. Slimmer or respond to a text her who played out something that we said yes it's a yearly credit not one time deal. He makes two points one is the 2.5 million that was in tax credits wants to and training camp and yes. He acknowledges that the state also gives the Jackson kind sports complex authority. Three million a year to run era and the compensating so yes there is three million a year at stake now I don't know what the economic impact is to the state of Missouri. For having an NFL team ever my guesses it's more than three million dollar million a year is a drop in the bucket to the chiefs in the amount of money they make for the state of Missouri here's the other thing on Neil Walker who. I don't know my guess is that he. Got some fuel for his argument. Based on Roger can now. And based on what president trump has been 60 gosh come out with this until after seeing he knew that the platform and Arty kind of been sat based on others. Oh absolutely you know I'm he wasn't the first to say that. Snow and and at this. And one of blowing president trump for this all gulf war because it's so easy for me to do but. This fuel has been stoked. By the words of the president Alabama and I'm not blaming trump for for a lot of this. But he rekindled the fire you know what I mean and this guy this lawmaker in Kirk's bill Missouri. Is it getting up on his high horse and less were having this fight again about should stand should Jameel and all of the economic impact. And don't. Just president trump can't force players to stand during the National Anthem neither and that can this the rats. You're not threaten players not necessarily like but they're doing I don't I don't. I've kind of embarrassed by I don't like it Ernie and either National Anthem but they have the right to do. And the threat of polling tax money. Is not going to be enough of those players is a stand during the National Anthem. Nor should you think are markets Peters is it around like to snow Bismarck this Republican and a scourge to listen guys we should totally stand now that's. Does it make them more likely to do it that's what started all of this tell me like tell your kids can't do something. And your children will do which is exactly what happened. Do this committee together all you want them but he has constituents. That are in the group of people that are sent the these players are yelling and misses his way of responding to those people. You or comments from this Missouri lawmaker coming up plus the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has responded. To all of this and released a statement yesterday find out his thoughts on it you can jump in 5767798. Again by 76. 7798 texted at 2290s are but they would Jamie wicket happy to have on Wednesday and 91 KMB easy step nineteen on a Wednesday and 91 KM BZ happy Wednesday to you. We'll get the latest from Alex Stone from ABC in the California wildfires at 1035 are now though. We are talking about Missouri. State representative Dave walker Republican of Kirk's bill. So that the legislature needs to review taxpayer funds that benefit the cheeks in the wake of the protest during the playing of the National Anthem. Odd to me this sounds like a lot of grandstanding and political grandstanding and an opportune time. His argument is that it's the NFL benefits. From. The attention and and from people watching games and he says. That are as a result of these players kneeling during the National Anthem that is turning people off to the NFL and their four. Misery is gonna take a hit and so he says if that is going to hurt us. Then we may be don't wanna give you the three million a year that we get the Jackson County sports complex at Torrey and I don't. Know how directly they pay the state back in terms of that but I can tell you what the chiefs at if ever the chiefs are to get upset with the state of Missouri. And another market decided they wanted to have franchise like San Diego. I can guarantee MTU. That they would listen offers if the funding from the state was not there anymore. And the tax breaks in terms of moving to saint Joseph the tax benefits of moving to St. Joe. Because the chiefs bring in more than this measly three million dollars a year right right the they generate that much more money in. Hot dog sales and rim sales before games for tailgating in beer sales before games for tailgating. And the amount of money the people by and spent on jerseys and hats and T shirts and everything chief related you walk around the city on a Sunday. To read everywhere but it texture made a point at 22980. Everyone I know is boycotting NFL season tickets Carty sold wait until next year if all of the hateful rhetoric continues you know in and you were you said do you really think it'll continue next year but think of buddy you're right Weaver's I this came back Helen capital acted in a year ago it's it's a valid point maybe we don't know the effects of Asia this too shall pass I believe that we will at some point stop talking about this. I hope we will at some point stopped talking about this we haven't I know and it's a year later and all blame president trump for it. And in large margin on Friday he you know on Friday and Saturday he was tweeting about it. And that got it going again and hasn't stopped yet. 5767798. Mile Kansas City you're at 91 KM BZ ideal. Not bad what do you make of the state wrapped take a look at the taxpayer funds to benefit the chiefs. I don't I don't think it's gonna affect them at all but I do agree with you on the whole fact that you know it could potentially cause that it to another location. My thing is is you know. With the whole. Players by the end up on contract out you know and they're not hold them accountable or you know. Arctic that it would pick a big turn it they would start doing that people are respecting the NFL and that it rationally now. Maybe if they Purdue and that that maybe people are a lot and again that we would happy. At all. You would also watch it if they did punish players I hear you saying like Jerry Jones if they punish players by benching them and they started losing. That's gonna hurt them more than making making a political statement like deeply cowboys owner Jerry Jones said if you stick your not playing. I would. By a Jack press got Jersey and I hate the cowboys I would buy a deck press got a Jersey Monday. Actually they have a bye week but if they did at the following week I would buy it the next day if Dak or dead is. I hate Ezekiel because he's a bit and alleged domestic abuser. But I would by cowboys Jersey if one of the Big Three for the cowboys took Andy to defy him and see if they're gonna banks they're starting quarterback I would break in love that. Thanks Neil present at infineon Kansas City and 81 KN BC what's up Anthony. They'd been warming. And there are gonna. Unload the company and global so thank you. Our Barbara you Korean. Air barrio the military. I laughed because. Breivik who has been warned Obama that prepared and wait where wired you're in the seat in the lives of our program so there's a couple barred Billy. People get their. There are very. Ugly I bet Gary. That the albeit normal. People. Equipment but they're they're still out by the port say they're all the way serve it out there. You look at their later if you're in a workable book critic of war. But yet you're you know there. They're currently there are there. It's a little hypocritical to say you should stand at attention and which are in line for a beer. You know and I mean that that there. And that's not where this is going but it's an interesting point Anthony you want to make sure what is in their seats standing at attention close the concessions ten minutes before kick off. And get everybody to their seats but you know why they won't. Dollars. Dollars dollars dollars those last minute pretzels and hot dogs and Beers and sodas and cotton candy and everything else you buy. Those are dollars real dollars. Anthony thanks man bill air you're 91 KM BZ what's up. And that's why the country that those that chorale at. It by ear the almighty dollar dollar dollar dollar Elena I I know that. That partly but I know walker out on an idiot and I was very due date by him shouting. Out but company don't have. Eddie keeper. Or anything but at what you know about that and end in your throat they're displaying. Trial but there. I'm Amy nice to me and. I Janie what you blame the NFL because they have to bet that but. They have a guy lying. Now or in a rule book being noble book about Libya. But goalie. The net income are. But it been big gained guideline book and agreed that Google it between. Your year. Operate there it didn't read it in any IG BL at double. It should Beatty Annette ballot that being. Here's what I now I know that the story had gone away for awhile. And then suddenly I did bank I kind of tune out for a weekend a little bit and then suddenly on Sunday am looking at Twitter going what the hell is happening with NFL today. And wires somebody players suddenly kneeling today during the National Anthem and it turns out the thing that prompted all that. Was president Trump's comments on a Friday and the story has ceased to die since that. Well I didn't get everybody a dialogue throughout the L. That's. All. It is there. It Gary gelatin ballot you but he did. You know he didn't you international at the beacon for the at that they require its players and order and I'm Neal. And I want interracial thing but it exactly what they not ballet faculty at why did. Are quite and a belt RD and no where bella the black art. No more people. Back every buck not teach over. Everybody over and they put their hand up their arms up that's a reached. That's a reach bill. That is a reach. I don't blame trump for all of this but Jamie's right to fire was going out there were eleven or twelve players that Neil week one. That is a fact. Of faults five days later it was 200 trump was in Alabama calling him sons of bitches. And then two days later you had 200 players Neil. What that you understand about that. It is the refusal to accept that some of these. Someone that you support could do something or right that's what it is right at me Brooks bit the original reason for this was to probe of for for a racial injustice. Number that and that it was literally fizzling out even though that around for a year and there were demonstrations in the pre season. Twelve guys did it on opening day this year. And then five days later the president goes to Alabama and makes his remarks and after that. 200 guys who really worked up I protesting racial injustice we're now just mad at trump. So who can you blame it was rebellion and rebellion against the president it wasn't because of some big cause it was because the president called and. Called sons of bitches. And wanna come fighters. Get it comes out of the dollar and owners are going to Jerry Jones pension deck press guy. Or a stock did Jim in Overland Park and 91 KM BZ. Yes sir Jim I have fifteen employs is to dollar censoring like you guys just say that. I have it implies on their lunch or are they can do what they want to run their own diet. But it they kneel down or pro dash or any reason why they're exposed to be working for me. I had a problem with that and I see the same thing in the NFL. The ten Jim let me ask you some been. Doesn't have the the football player's game third day start with the game kicks off. Now which stocks its start when they're on the plane. Oh yes. Yes say they have when you sign that morals clause. When your party when you pray for Q mantra you represent their team when you're on the plane went. If you lie whatever he would be why your time. Reflect on the being you betcha. Good point. Thanks Jim appreciate it you get into this later we can't it's not a FaceBook page can write to the top about. Missouri State rep calling for legislature to review taxpayer funds benefiting the chiefs it's not a FaceBook page you can go right there Ted 49 now to go to California coming up next Al expelled from ABC. With the latest on the fire situation the wildfire situation. In and around Napa California and all the vineyards of all find out the death total will find out exactly how they're battling it and the weather forecast for the rest of today anyone KM EZB day what Jamie and wake gets. Coming doubled up with Alex Stone from ABC news. Eyes he's going to be in or he is in California. And the fires. Just continue to roar and there's no rain in sight looks like. I'm not at least for another seven days in the area that's already been dealing. With a lot of drought for the last several years that's partially how we got here I know rain for the next seven days. When it died down a bit over the last couple days those are expected to pick up now and if you don't know this part of California very wide then. I went through major winds up phase and went to Napa Sonoma like every time as I April from the lived out that way during a wide snobs phase it's also a beautiful part of the country and part of the reason is because both the really tall old redwoods that are there at the big trees. That is fueling this fire it's it's not good and we'll talk to Alex a little bit about the wine industry bear out which might not matter to some people but it's. A fifty billion dollar industry on its some of the most valuable real estate in the world. You've got more than a thousand wineries between Napa and Sonoma that's a lot of businesses that's the last people's businesses. Un and did write your time at this in the last couple days about the number of people that were missing and a number of people that died and she was asking. How is it possible you know use. A wildfire is not like an earthquake in now it's it's something that you see coming in that you see growing how is that possible with those numbers are so high. The pros against a lot of businesses and you're at the back end of harvest season and so there's a lot of work to be it those in the middle winter might be different. But you've got a lot of work still being done on these wineries a lot of people that wanna protect their businesses and it wouldn't leave. And I have no idea you contain something like this I mean we're talking about a massive amount of land. And they they mean and with the wins and just pick it up embers and starting another. Are we at that apartment fire what about six months ago and Overland Park run very windy day that massive apartment that caught on fire. And I actually was I text him like you're not near this are you because you and you're right in Overland Park. That theme was that Amber's were in the air and it was a windy day in Kansas City. And houses 345 blocks down in Otis subdivision down the road their roofs were catching on fire in their houses were beat or going up in flight. We've got several different fires going and you've got I I don't know the process to build a containment line but I feel like one of these fires only 3% contained. One is not contained at all and as it's one thing if they would get some rain that would help. Joining us right now on the news line is that ABC news Alex Stone Alex we appreciate the time live from California. This situation is is really starting to get more and more of a natural a national attention span it seems like how big of love. Plot of land or the scale of this are we talking with these fires. About twice the size of Washington DC is on fire right now that the it is and city of but it District of Columbia itself is he's burning guard needs about that size but it but double that and it's a big area 100000 acres or so it may continue to burn continues to grow. We know it at least seventeen people are dead 183. Are missing right now they don't know any of those reduced reported missing but are actually signed. Our how many of those may end up that they couldn't get out and the problem was that the fire was moving so quickly on Monday night. Racing through your incredibly strong winds there were go back Eurasian orders there there were no warnings or knock on the door is not some Adori it words. Every man and woman for themselves at that point to get out and unfortunately not everybody got out and now it's still the fires are burning more evacuations were called for last night. Today red flag fire warnings are in effect it's going to be another rock paper firefighters today and they're hoping to not lose any more holes. And if you could talk about that is for a second about the winds and and what the forecast is as they try to fight this area is it working against number four on. Well it's working against them today or about two right now it's calm and yesterday it was comedy and what it would com they lost more land and and they and they had to evacuate more homes. Today if the forecast is corrected it there really is. What would constitute red flag fire conditions up there is strong wind lead to dry conditions that they eat. Then they're gonna have a very top aide because you're so much fire. Already in the back yard facility all imagine you've got the fire just sitting there waiting to go in and you. Little. Gust of wind got it and it's ready to go right into homes so that's why they've evacuated so already people visited count about 175000. People and either your oldest dog or your evacuated. They did in the areas that are populated. Very sparse area veterans downtown it grows and about the only airy go to a restaurant downtown otherwise on the at the quarters of the city it's a mostly evacuated. Alex Stone ABC news joining us here on 91 KM BZ weather forecast is there any help from mother nature insight. Delicate look technically get worse on Friday they expect another wind event and and then it's it's gonna continue if they're still fire up picking up whatever battery itself. No no rain in the forecast. Not admit that we yet they're now but folks here in general that they want rain that would be the greatest thing that they could get. It is at nighttime it does is it a little more humid that the humidity comes in from the notion that helped out the that it right now during the day and everything domestic topic here. Alex I wanna talk for a couple minutes about the wind industry that exists in this part of the country for the people that might not be as aware and and put it in perspective a little bit. The number of wineries that are affected and this breaks my heart is amid spent a lot of time in this part of the country has been to Napa and Sonoma a lot we've got you know a thousand wineries there talk about that. The economics in the business that could be affected. It's gonna have a major impact of their libraries that it burned to ground. Then there are there is just the that the yields days and then the wind crops that most of them have been harvested by now about 90% bolstered gotten. Late August early September and and so I'm going to depending on the variety and its early October but most have now been harvested so it's not gonna effect the immediate crop. But when it comes to it to planting it's not going to be degraded soil for awhile and areas that it burned. Four for replanting and it could take some work aid could be good there could be some nutrients and a bit. They're after really worked it to make it ideal against there's going to be a lot of money law and you know he could into the economic this is an expensive place to blip. Homes here are not cheap whatsoever at least that median home price in the Bay Area and he you know in some areas around here are over a billion dollars and even small holds you would think that can't be that much it'll be at 900000. Million dollar home. And those simple bought and daddy and it was called the Al grove area etc. to those up multimillion dollar homes and it's got very expensive place to live on top of all the wineries as well. There's going to be a lot of insurance money go on out. Yeah is so wondering is wondering is you're talking about was one of our show us was kind of baffled that there are so many people perhaps missing and the more people didn't leave. And we're in the phase right now of on any industry where were a little bit past heart disease and there's still a lot of work to be done does that explain why are you hearing about the reasons why people haven't laughed. Well that they can't leave and it it would basic and now that they could leave that morning the fire we've got to know ward bit fortunate thing relates said that the buyers coming in you have ten minutes to get out these woods your house would verdict it was moving so quickly in the wind speeds were incredible winds on Monday morning. I ended in it and that's what caused that the flyers it toppled over power lines and spark in the took off. The flames were moving our faster than you and I can run. They were going beyond what any human could get away from two people were waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning with their house on fire. If they could get out many of them were finding the only way to drive out was blocked by fire and ended up where they couldn't get out. They got out from there than maybe they were just obstacle after obstacle the people who are being found one woman was on her front driveway try to get out. Others were found in their home trying to get to the front door I was pivotal night there was no warning system whatsoever I can't afford to move through that quickly that's. How wind driven fires in California. You know they were they work unfortunately there have been other ones like that that that we may start in these wind storms. If there's there's no telling it's the middle of the night it's going to be deadly because people almost like. Alex have you talked to any lawmakers at all or is anybody speaking about getting any help from the federal government because we were their fur Harvey were there for Erma were their for Maria. Om has there been any talk about getting help from president trump congress dirty when in DC. Yet as stated declared a state of emergency and as some declarations have been made about a White House you know like Jerry brown and the president have spoken. The president saying that that the Californians had to order a pretty good job. I ate it up eight politics come into decades we've been major disaster declaration seller that has been declared but not not a poll in full. Well a capacitor or worse state that that might have and as a you know politics on both sides wherever the president has. Somebody that might have a better working relationship land party lies with the current president. Maybe maybe not but but various federal money coming in there have been some declaration that have been made. I and and it's no doubt will be a major federal disaster. Brea witnesses also added not just because it's such a huge Ares being. And finally any word this is a threatening to move into another state or gain or Nevada any time soon. You know we're too far away from those a lot of firefighters are coming from Nevada. And from Oregon and demand from elsewhere but debit delegates yet. It's big it's not that concerned about it going south and the San Francisco. Like the winds turning and going to populations there. A long run ridiculous fifty miles to the south they would have to go a long way but that you know it's not scallions and now but I would be huge area. Obviate most likely go people are being told the goats out but. I think is that there are other towns between general today and interpreted code that they could be impacted by. I'd get to kind of what the wind do hopefully to win don't take up today regulated their spirit. Well stay safe balanced it's second again soon. Alex Stone ABC news here on 91 KM BZ follow on Twitter at a stone ABC news. I cannot get my head around it it's the size of DC twice the size of decent once or twice thank you. I cannot get my head around the idea that you go to bed and everything is fine and you wake up and suddenly everything around you is on fire not just your house but. Everything is around you on fire. To the point that there is no air for you to go to escape that is beyond me. DC is 681000. Square miles I'm sorry population to be 68 miles wide thing about a hundred. Thirty miles gaffe is on fire 130 square miles and growing. It's an unbelievable yet your Mac and there's no rain in the forecast for seven days winds are picking up and you've got a lot of fuel air you got a lot of tree lot old redwood trees and sell. This is does something or going to be and I hope we're not in disaster fatigue I hope that's not where we are kind of feels like we are doesn't you know this is the backyard for a lot of people. Kind of feels like we are politics getting without stone again twice the size of DC that is unbelievable it's 130 miles. Of fire. Three years. Good luck to everybody out there in California all right. I'm free to win some tickets. We forgot to mention we got tickets to. The Johnson County home and remodeling show coming up in Overland Park bench to center Friday October 27 will be life. On the 27 going to be there this I will be your missed out on our last yeah I will be here I promise I'll be fun it's that there's stuff to geek out. It is a fun place to go and see the new tools and stuff will be live on Friday October the 27 what's to come on out if you wanna win tickets I got to do is figure out who I am today. And we'll tell you if your do is not a game is played we give you clue here pretty generic. And then as we get closer to the answer to give you more clues making a more specific. Travis made it today which means. No politics and there's not a politician at the end of this rainbow. But you got to figure out who I am today no matter how much it seems like it should be president trump it's not guarantee you it's not. That's that's a clue not gonna happen clue an overload. I'm an actor. Pretty generic TV can guess who it is their life. Dart at the dart board by 7677985767798. Got to answer it on air that he texted your answer just tell Steve we get closer to figuring it out. It is you if he lets me is you're gonna texted things they're gonna be wrong but that's gonna get me a movie database. It's just sit on I am DB icon like I'm suddenly gonna watch everything I did know about greatest American here all right and that's gonna keep me in a very entertained for. I'm an actor who MI 5767798. It your guess is it now find out who I am next in 91 KM BZ 91 KM BZ lead they would Jamie wake gets. Time for you win some tickets. To the Overland Park convention center as it hosts in the I'd Johnson County home and remodeling show we did this one last year did Wayne thank you and I do this. I was only a one you'd like for these I just happen to have vacation. And I believe perhaps to this one together which like it we didn't know it was that one. We toured the tiny house. That yes. At the conventions that was it that was the last spot in this man that was the wild loan that was that Kemper and one of these with UNL I think it was out on Jackie right as we did tiny house thing that a couple of these together and why it's. I swear I wanna be there. When you say that what. We got six pack of tickets on the line feed the goats the Johnson County home remodeling show comes back to Overland park at the convention senator. Friday October the 27 through Sunday October 29 I can do is figure out who I am today. And Travis came up with a today so it can guarantee it's not political 5767798. Pluto Roland I'm an actor. Kind of generic. CB can figure out though let's go to Richard 91 came easy Richard pretty generic salute you know who I am today. It. Who allowed. George I George Clooney. I am not George Clooney. John you're a 91 KM BZ I John. I let my today John. Are under my Kevin James. Not Kevin James how about Jacob and 81 KM BZ I Jacob. Cooper is a Bradley Cooper. No I just watched a movement Bradley Cooper yesterday war dogs it's pretty good movie about. A selling guns around the country around the world to the by getting guns and sell back the US government. Talk about you spend your free time because complain to me earlier about it that tiger at the grocery store something and counting don's or every aspect singers because you were. Too busy watching a movie I was taking care of dogs I swear whatever it takes half an hour let's talk to Bob. I'm ninety eagle and KM BZ Bob who have nine. Regarding the Morgan Freeman. In my Morgan Freeman car. People might want. There is Jamie. I could've gone to Bob first I saw Morgan Freeman come up on the screen I'm like on track this guy had it for like the first gas we got was somebody throw a dart at the dart board. And coming up with a Morgan Freeman Travis. And he immediately. I'm sorry. Just think that you want ot it it's nothing that I don't think for a service and but I'm going to scheme and I was not at his desk. I don't know bump I like it. When the game over that was on the first I it I liked or I'd like to yes on my you know like my guess was going to be bred that. Because. A lot of times will pick somebody in the news like you're you're you're looking for inspirational pick somebody activities and he has been speaking about about this Harvey Weinstein. Oh yeah sleaze ball record for her movie producer he's been speaking out about the mom and so I thought I'll grant technological. Note today as Morgan Freeman that. But the clues on what I've worth 200 million dollars. And eighty years old to Golden Globes one Oscar and from Memphis Tennessee have been an actor since 1971. I've got four kids. My voice is used in a lot of documentaries also a narrator and I play god in a movie. So the result and what it. Narrow it down quite then that would have given that we would have gone a new direction with some of the gases so Bob you got tickets come in your six pack of tickets to the Johnson County home remodeling show it comes back to the oval and part convention senator Friday October 27. Through Sunday October 29 I all right I was at this one with you because that was we had the Acheson fire or the gas leak remember that that story yes that was the day week you and I were we responsible it ten and one at eleven as we continuing coverage of the actives in gas leak. Do you find it does it's really funny that higher memory works like I don't remember I remembers doing that and I don't remember exactly what facility we were in. But I can remember exactly the setup and everywhere I'm like what part of the room more in and stuff it was to our left there was the one. Out the hallway in the coffee shop was right next to us out we were out by the tiny homes are right there by the door in the tiny homes and the rest gets a little doubt we'll bowler. But we were there for this that was the actions and act has isn't Acheson Ballard that. I learned the name of that city real quick death we had to keep talking about it. Because of the gas leak as it was on its way to St. Joe area moving across the state but. It does against Albert and do my who might get at 1245 I hope somebody gets in on the first well just a frustrate Trout I. What it and wonder if we're gonna get it on my wanted to plot. I always fun. It is out now as a guy I've made these. Probably hundred I did my life over three radio stations and yes the gate everything in radio's top. So as numbers that there were were out of them. And I thought. I always hated people would get it early because you put it like it takes awhile to put together ten clues about a person the. And there's a method to the madness of what order you give those little. And that it here yet they're there it's not a simple as is going to Internet Movie Database and pulling out nine running out of the trivial list you know yeah there is a little bit of thoughts though. Structure have us. I. I've both taken heat in the past is I've created and obviously to you for making them too difficult and this would you rather have. I think they come as did mr. now now. Now what Jamie that a bit how I Iraq I question appoint a clarification about procedure you asks which track says. Act terror. Is he viewing is using that as a generic term or does he mean man. Like it'd be an actress I don't. I don't know he just said before it don't assume when I say actor that it's a man. It's a Travis is Hollywood gender neutral. Is what you're saying cult and people who act Miami person who acts I mean personally I think now at the Oscars it's no longer best actress it's best actor in a best female actor in a supporting role are best female actor in a leading role. Or best male to find her female. Ed well injuries and 58 yeah bringing this out gas.