Time to ban frats and sororities?

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Thursday, July 13th

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0:4 on a Thursday morning to you my money in for my quick shipment David Jamie what that would have on that yeah. Right we've actually got some rain now that's a jerks and will again to see what happened this morning we finally got the break in this. Horrible weather we've been having the past few days on its. Well the past three days have been like sit in a sweat box it's just so high in it was just so miserable. And today is indeed a break from it and it was nice and cool that's more yeah I mean the grass my flowers plants that love minutes I was a little idea. Guy yeah well luckily it was a good thing I'm at the raid outside. Of thunderstorms overnight. You know good thunderstorm oh. Cool and once I got severe. You know just eyes thunderstorms. Rights as I had I'd Abbas say to me once sometimes we just get thunderstorms like they're not all torn acts of exactly just get punished or sometimes it's not and those are easy storm and just relax and visit their lookout your window and sit your coffee and go. Mean that's a good thing gas Ari do you continue to do that as our as the sunshine today didn't it's a little summer it's what happens fly past. We we've finally broke. Past three days there's miserable. You got to line. Forget the editors of that right yeah how do I feel so much better coming up. After 12 o'clock we will get you what's trending. It will help best perks of the job. Because are a couple stories out this week about. Some of the perks that people are getting I'll get to that a little bit later the recent school is banning fit best we got a question. About is whether or story is discrimination or pork communications is are we intend to get to yesterday. At least summits. About a situation a nail salon and your eyes are kind of debating why this woman was not able to get the services that she wanted. We have a major university that has passed a banners looking pretty seriously a ban on fraternities and sororities. And it's not initially when I saw the story the way I thought it was going was oh. This is because of party. This is because of rowdy behavior now it's not what it's about a dollar echo the reason is a little more annoying I think I remorse on the times. But we'll get into ultimately towel in my gonna get frustrated with a I tell you Mike what can we get very frustrated about it so I suspect you. And and a lot of people will also on com I'm not a Greek I was never fraternity or anything you sorority I know now on I'm opposed to it cannot snot not -- be against it her anything I just never. It was never my thing organ and I never did the plans are all that a natural ones are abstinent that we didn't know before. I'm gonna start off because there's an editorial on the Kansas City Star today and not channel 41 also to the story. About a new law that governor air crichton's has signed that is designed to clean up some abandoned houses and blight and vacant properties. And landlords that aren't doing enough to maintain and and I socially well. I looked around park and in about a problem was that I read some of the numbers that are in the star editorial written and re a much bigger problem here than a lot of other places of similar size do you and it did hear from you especially those eleven some of those neighborhoods. Or spend time in some of those neighborhoods teaching Chinese hero or 5767798. How bad is it how bad it is the problem is we give you the numbers what do you see in terms of the vacant houses in the properties have been abandoned and the crime that perhaps goes along with it. And I'm wondering if this law will help of this is in Missouri. Era that is her eyes I was talking about Kansas City, Missouri correct all right it's a state law. Right stay out all the locally we're talking about Kansas City, Missouri. And large number of vacant properties and the landlord issues that are in Kansas City, Missouri writes and we and we've talked before we frequently prisons deal for we talked about this with several other people I just about the and it kind of makes sense the more like that you have crime goes with that and so that's why. The city has put money into recent years into getting rid of some of those vacant property is because that that you don't have theories for for criminals and suspects to just kind of hang out. And and those are breeding grounds for crime. I'm so there's a new law he signed a senate bill 111 into a lot this week. The law now requires property owners to register the name and number of any real person with the city Clark. That would help the city get a hold of them more quickly when there are issues and violations the city also now be able to take the owners to court if they don't. And then there are some of the rules about the timeline that you get and so. So it totally gets into it it actually a lot solve deals with municipal borrowing and public administrators and stuff like that but isn't there. That is the amendment that we just talked about that would hold absentee landlords to a higher standard. A property maintenance so. I think they're hoping that if you have to provide a real person right not the company name but he ideal person any real phone number to get a hold out. That it's that reach ability that that would help cut down on the problem. If you think it'll help again I Am Legend this doesn't that was as you gonna looking for for years. To come in and and bright and help us right. I didn't realize I get that sometimes take baby steps toward a bigger problem but I'm wondering does this go far enough in terms of cutting down on. Because you can still be unreachable today instead of a phone number and still not if you don't want to clean up your property are gonna take care of it. You still might not. A decent numbers other was in the star. One study for the Federal Reserve found nearly 111000. Vacant residential structures. Eight Kansas City at the start of the decade. Most of those in the urban core like we just talked about now that is more than double the national average Brian why isn't so bad here. That's why I question why does Kansas City have so many. I think it's not an easy thing to explain and and understands because. Most. Of these abandoned homes or you're gonna find. In a certain geographical location. Of Kansas City. And that's going to be more on the east side. Northeast side. And this Batman. Ask continuity let's just put it that way I mean it's it. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong because I don't live there but is there or elation and I'm saying is rhetorically because there has to be. Between. Where we have higher crime areas where we have areas that are more rundown and where you have more vacant properties and more polite. I think a lot of it has to do with home ownership as well when you have a lot of properties that are owned. By landlords and their rented adults right well old and you know things can happen and you can start to have a rundown neighborhood. If it's not taking care of on all sites current landlord from the tenants all of that. And so you've got a lot of houses I remember looking column several years back I was as. Looking through the houses for sale and there are so many houses but I saw like 5000 dollar 6000 dollars 101000 dollars I'm like. Yeah there's a reason there's a reason exhibit Catholics are dilapidated at a rundown right and Andy no we saw that we do see that the city is you know they've they've got money they're trying to go in there and and and air down. A lot of these dilapidated homes because they are. You know blight sprang on the neighborhoods where nearby good people list right now and you've got these rows of houses and and and something has to be done and so maybe this is just the next step. To help strengthen. What the city can do to take care of this issue. It doesn't for sure it's it's definitely a step it's definitely tool that they have when you require you now that property owners to be more reachable and that definitely doesn't hurt but. What's probably Kansas City again and and for those who live in some of those neighborhoods or your landlord and you know what tenants are like to deal with. Anywhere in the metro you know what's how do we cut down on the number of vacant properties that we have because again as is our points out. You can just lived in this neighborhood where there is blight and your property value will take your hat. Now we'll talk to you next on the line 5767798. Or TNT nine Euro at 1013 ranking in the easy. Midday. And that is be bristling a damn I'm bummed out trying to I till trial violence we talked about those that I can't whistle to get whistled. It's still a lot other emblems aiming. Cynthia again gamma I don't it's that simple I don't we have listeners call or and try. Right to teach me how to I just can't get the mouse movement occasion. I just practiced. Yes well I things that does expert I've just one day when I have problem they burst yeah that was my that was my payback that happen let my size of the rest of absolutely that was I haven't seen here and I'd try to. Whistle and maybe we'll get annoyed Whitney. And and though he'll correct there of their actions. Second. You got out at you just. Just got done. It's pretty active when people are being annoying you just spent the entire afternoon. Teaching let's Carol well. It's oh. Tiger is out today are writing and right now about the problem of absentee landlords in Kansas City there was a lot of governor crichton's signed yesterday or earlier this week. But basically. Now requires property owners to register the name and number. A real person not the company with the city clerk and so that way if there are violations of city code or there're issues. Then we have some home we can reach shaking go after an actual person yes. And do all the legal things that they can do because once if you if you have one of those at a shell corporations and right shelves companies. Whereas register in the spurs and and as president and company and you're like all right who who owns this how to we get to this person. We need to be able to take direct action and I know the city and the people that that the elected officials in the city. Really wanna take care of us. And it makes sense because we're talking during a break it's one big cycle of problems you know you have. You have vacant properties and then you have more crime fires are more likely property values go down in the neighborhood and the ability expenses that come with that emergency services in on the EMT is the fire only it's yeah all the extra things that happened because you have not just one blighted how's that neighborhood. But you've got 10203060. Within a square mile or even more. Yes you know and so that's zero what do about it because and and I know it's it's kind of the big question and I know that. As we just rattled off you fifteen problems that kind of commodity cycle but where do you where do you start with that and and what it's met here in the second Israeli a couple of numbers. Again Federal Reserve found it nearly 111000. Vacant residential structures encased in Kansas City. At the start of the decade most of them in the urban core. And that was more than double the national average why isn't so bad here and where do you start with that and a lot of you are landlords or friends of property. Or familiar with some theories that we're talking about politics out of that what do we need to do about it. First up is Matt and Gartner Matt thanks for all on during the break how I met some insight here. I did the work down and inner city abatements for about thirty years and it is pretty bad. You have whole entire city blocks. Without it on on that only three of occupied. I am so any clue. You know where the property owners are or how kind of got that way. Well. There's many reasons like apparently obviously but what's going on property owners live out at eight. And they are companies. And on the property that you get the courthouses and why apple is. There and poor conditions for 300 dollars a ton. And there are some people. They're buying whole entire city block and down and hitting the picture out there with one on the Internet though. And when he insisted abatement what do you what do you mean. Well we're not allowed to go here is that any program or ought to go inside out it is but we cut down the sixth letter caller we. Except Eric better pick up all the trash off the property. And we have abatement outfit and people live next door they tend to you used abandoned properties back yard don't. OK got sent ours are you were doing industrial curb appeal. Yes exactly it. You can call it. With the neighbors that word because. They're track that panda bird whoever it and you did. Quite a bit at any time. T run program like that step onto the property you cut it in that. Guaranteed at least bill. While that's up above that are in line for the call thank you very much from the text line some audio rights and the twenties and forties. The blocks in the city in a certain part of town literally have entire blocks of vacant homes may be with one elderly homeowners still living there. It's very sad and scary for the homeowners that are still there. And most of the time their properties are very pristine. I work for the city buses texture 6498. Yes there's a date was last time you went into those areas of town. I'll be honest on and I talked about this when I did it but right after the the sales tax Paxton whenever that vote was April I guess whenever I vote passed to improve. Prospect interest in that area OK I took arrive an afternoon it was a free afternoon I left my house and Harlem park and I just row. The links of truce to write you start at ninety fest OK and I mean north and I went north okay like at the river and then I didn't and it's avenue for that I came back south I'm prospect okay. Because it did one quite frankly that's not a part of town that again and reason I did the drive was because somebody asked me recently in a debate that we had in the air. He's free why don't you live somebody's idea why do you choose to live in Johnson County why don't you live. Any areas when you're asking other people why they don't live there right edge and I took it that drives that I tuck. And I couldn't believe how many of the blocks are empty now I took a long drive that's 95 street all the way north yeah but I couldn't in my announced I was asking myself. We start to spend this money right in my sales tax was just passed in order to. Economically developed. That part of town and I thought oh my gosh where do you begin right where you start and you can't just take a paintbrush and creates emphasize right along the empty storefronts. That that just doesn't cut it also if you're. If that goal is to get business there. Then you need businesses that the people who live in those those areas are going to supports what they gotta have the money to spend. And if they don't that you need jobs and Eugene you need jobs that they are qualified to do and are willing to do you. And yeah I don't. Why don't I live there I I don't know an and perhaps the horrible answer is just. It's well. Maybe because you don't live there because you didn't find a house in a neighborhood that you want to let them on the you know I mean it can be that simple it can you don't have to feel guilty about not wanting to the eight year old live in a place for you don't want a list of. And is it because I don't feel safe there is it titles I want to be in an area that is deriving a little more I guess and that has more walked two and has has more. Right that's likely. And and it's not an answer I'm out there gonna by people who say well you know like you you are able to do that there are many people who came to live closer is that. For what ever reason and there's multiple reasons I know people listen right now holes say wells because of this. Well yeah that's probably part of it too right and theft theft if you know there's plenty of people that live there that don't have that it's quote unquote. Luxury yeah and I it I acknowledge that say OK I'm going to move and I'm gonna move into this house over in Johnson County or north of the river or. You know. Yeah how homeowners to care how do you get landlords to care about their properties especially as Matt mentioned a Los Angeles. Or they don't live in that part of town and then you and then how do you get. The Tenet issued to you pretty attendants to care. Browse tenants that don't own the property and as somebody that I inherited the house I grew up and ran that out for awhile that was fun on the redo it again. On how do you get attendant who doesn't live in a dozen on the property to care about it and treat it with respect. And it into a neighborhood thing too like respecting. Respecting your neighborhood in and having pride and it's right and some people don't. So I people like her kind of stuck in it right I don't I just thirty problems on the table but I'm looking for an. Start to even talk about the lose the school district for sure you know I I for sure I'll admit that I have long considered. He canvassing now you've you've you folks know Lima I ain't from around here and I have been here for awhile now but I ain't from around here. And I found Kansas City to be kind of an upside down city. The house so the whole metro because you've got it's some of the most wonderful. Neighborhoods. And architecture and core Jews Holmes. In the city. In the Cold War. But let's. Z. Nobody. How he hadn't have you put it does for a long time the school district. Was was was really down. And you've got these wonderful. Neighborhoods inside the city. But. If you lived there and had kids yet some private school right and or you move to the suburbs right. And it just seemed weird to mean because in other cities have been too with. Dynamic. Neighborhoods. And know wonderful old historical homes. That was usually where everybody lived in Wright went two and it was it was it was hot. Some criticism and attacks on when my wife and I first moved in Kansas City we moved to for 35 in the sale. We did not feel safe there ride to break up fights and wake up to gunshots at 1:30 in the morning on multiple occasions to him so it's crime is the issue. And I and I know the city is looking at this more about putting more police and of those neighborhoods but is is that it is a crime problem the is that work because there's up. There's still only certain amount of money right you know and so let's just sources I'm now totally trust as one thing because you can't to solve the crime. And be done whether there's so many other things there it is the absentee landlords. It is tenants taking pride in and in their neighborhood it is the school district it is. Availability. Of of industry and and and scorers and shopping to shopping but but you know grocery stores and and all the things that you'll find. And it's you know anywhere else in the metro. Yeah Alec combination of everything and does the city you're right where do you start does the city need more power to Terry these homes down is that this comes down to a little bit getting the city more power this is it and think about here is is yet another tool. For the city to be able to go after the apathy absentee landlords and an and it appears that's a good thanked. Thanks everybody that way and next Harvard University is looking at banning a couple of big social organizations on Campbell's talk about that next. I'm I'm in for my wicket Jamie is selling at 1030 to 91 K and easy midday with Jamie and wickets in line bonds is studio for Mike ware who returns. On on Monday yes RIO silence peeking out here. In mention 93 as well and it's but it's not going to feel as bad as it did yesterday the day before the day before that optimism gap where you outside at all those readers yes because they're just came a point you completely you realize you've spent. Too much time in the office and expense interest on the front of the computer and so was Saturday's maybe Monday or sad. I don't care that it's a 150 degrees outside and I went and girlfriend copies and sat outside there's enough debris it was so warm yesterday yeah you're walking through it it's like it's like at the thing you've eaten actually if things you're walking gas. So war that I just needed sunshine I just needed to be outside in it instead of admiring it through mine through my kitchen window. Our rights are so Harvard University is taking a hard look at fraternities and sororities and and it's not the reason that. I would've thought I guess the reason and I thought well she I would think if you are going to bands fraternities and sororities it's gonna be because of a couple things. Violations like a fraternity code and things like that. Parties the haze troubles with the law hazing yeah he a sexual assault problem or something like that. That's not what they're saying is the reason but it faculty committee Harvard has recommended. That college forbid students from joining all fraternities sororities and similar organizations. Including coal group with the goal of phasing out the organization's. Entirely by may of twenty you the committee suggested Harvard model this new social group policy closely. On a couple that are being enforced by Williams college and that boat going. I'm Pro Bowl gosh and both of which for bulletins and mode line. I had no idea but that's where you get your boot mark forum the exactly. Forbid students from participating in social clubs wilder undergrad so. This is part of I years long effort by the college to curb the influence. Of single gender social groups on campus because Powell. I think I kind of news is a whereas ago and this is. About. A route. Because I didn't return reasons or is this is not about hazing this is not about behavior and this is about equality. Are so there was a report that came out that sent everybody to be as equals possible to be as miserable as they are the rights because they're even getting local groups so they just want anything. Thanks while these groups to go and coed groups is an echo it like like both genders. But that's what they ordinarily mean coed meaning just female. Because nine times co that is uses describe female and usher. Who. So today a couple of years ago the president there announced. The current policy which bans members. Of single gender social organizations from having certain leadership positions on campus. But that and that went away because they said that didn't go far enough so the report says. In the reservation about that policy was whether the focus on ending gender segregation. And discrimination is too narrow. If all these organizations adopted gender neutral membership any timely fashion they're kind of practices that would go against our values. So initially it looked at just making everything gender neutral initially they just are public acts making Al that you can make sororities and fraternities. Co head necessarily but there were gonna try to open a lot because they can't do that they are just getting rid of them entirely then so cool. And I the the reasoning is frustrating because I. It probably you know if the problem with with male only groups on campus or female only groups on campus I feel better about it if they said the reason is that you're getting into trouble. That's apparently not the reason it's the fact that they want to have. Places for all of the genders or people that are transgender or wherever to it. Is not what the the whole colleges. What's that you have the great big college where everybody gets to go if you make it and I'm okay. And so everybody's there yet inside that. You can have different groupings of people to based on interests yeah yeah seems normal so. Why why dissolve. People's. Desires to have clubs. And extracurricular activities and intra murals and maybe even. Little little fun little societies of just women and urges men. Inside the greater whole don't they already have the greater hole with a are all equal. Because some people feel left out I guess but your day year by it you can stand at Google I aim Harvard students I'm one of the elites. I guess if you have. Emil only group Ari female only group and Sunday and the Illini that's all it does is it's wrong. So are we talking about transgender is that what we're talked a lie because they're not saying it but I'm. We're going with this is that their efforts so that regardless of how you identify you don't feel like looted some people are trying to. Neuter. Society. That's a strong reviews. It was about edited again I mean not physically. Move. A mask you waiting but it's it's it's and neutering. Look you know look at the fact is that what's inside that word neutral. You know to to make. Everybody the exact same room gossip factory due to statement that the committee recommends this language for the college again this is Harvard university. And they are going to. A leader of the pack this is Harvard. Hartford students may neither Joseph nor participated. Final clubs fraternities or sororities. Or other similar price exclusionary. Social organizations. That's where it's getting exclusion Jordan that are exclusively or predominantly made up of students whether they have any local or national affiliation. During their time in college students take part in those will be does. It easier just to get rid of every student group. Instead of telling students can't join and get. Here's the thing what what what college university is is supposed to be not completely people what it does is it it's serves as a transition. Where you know where you get more education coming out of childhood. And has served of the transition into the greater society ensor and yeah have to learn lessons while you're there and one of those lessons is. If it. Is how to move through society how to get a job and you know. Think about this. Jobs are exclusionary. Yes I got everybody gets to come in here and sit behind a microphone right for whatever reason and they probably my body crucified and I thought that's a professor let's not use us let's let's use any other job they don't just let anybody everybody has been equal everybody gets the chance behind the bulldozer. Well. Some people don't get the job you apply you don't get it is the same kind of thing that happens in these these social groups rights. And and saw clocks are only four women suck sometimes is getting issues or only for men and is sure offering something that is parallel. Right if it is desired you know if the other gender wants it is larger offering yeah. I don't want to exclusion make it well right and they want to worry about it but instead. It just came from I don't. I don't get it seems like. No I've been a lot of our listeners can tell us exactly this comes Monday they are making progress you know or anything they're making progress straight quality. And toward treating everybody the same in giving transgender students isolate what place is that it it it tends to paint everything grade. Jack is makes everything gray it new orders thanks now. Yeah you'll have problems and things like fraternities and sororities and and you've got those clicks were people are excluded based on. Did the stupidest things like looks and money and all matter well that's the that's different. Then trying to get rid of the idea of all that's to neuter everything and a paint everything ray. So we at all where the same. Grave jump suits eat the same problem. And and and go through life with a heads hung down but we're all equal now and supposed to be where you find out who you are. Yeah that's where you're supposed to try you have to have these different things for you to explore ago. Fail to go check this out haven't dismally gap and pale and I don't know rush this sorority. Act. Doesn't work for me or yeah I love this this is the really cool thing that I wanted to do. Jack and we encourage. Re should be a Wii and encourage students at that point to explore their opinions and learn to listen to other people. And brought your rise shall be strife. Right exactly millions on your round from somebody does accident 22980. I am a male and a member of a fraternity at my school our national committee. Has moved to allow transgender members in the fraternity. If they identify as male. That motion destroys Harvard's reasoning shouldn't that's interesting CM fraternity that will allow transgender members in. If they identify currently has me. So if it's female that went to mail as long as you identified as mailing you get in the fraternity. That is progressive that an and that feels like that makes more sense than what Harvard is looking you know. All peoples have equal rights under the law. Apple's rights constitution. Our our our our American. Values of equality nobody should be excluded from the rights. That that that we hold dear the area but it's. Easy to try to implement something top down. To force that in in a situation like this way error. In as you pointed out on the on the on the small scale. They're dealing within. It London yat shoving it off the table or under a rug is not the way to deal with it and that's sort of feels like what they're doing deconstructing. Things that are of quality. Just because. You don't think they should exist. Because you would think another way rather. Yeah and it's. I don't know I got a problem and I'll and I'll put it up on FaceBook and we're gonna we're gonna let taxiway to what you guys are out your reactions and comments are going to be. Our. Why is school has banned fitness and and be looking at York co worker's computer screen a little more carefully Edwards he can catch them doing. We'll tell you might exits and 43 and don't look at my screen it at 1040 midday with Jamie and wicked on a Thursday wickets off Gallup ending in Detroit this week so damn I'm honest here is that a place for you can Taliban to think it's like Detroit that you escaped from his fast as possible and I think that's why he'll be back. I'd expect that he gets back over the weekend at a time well blighted blocks. That city. I have never been in Detroit and I track I've been everywhere I've had I've never abandon its right I think I've flown through. And he I asked him I want while. Every city has something to see and does about those cities have something worth checking doubts or something and she is sad. Couple blocks that I would take YouTube by most of the city I would not let you be alone and. The clock and outside. While that's not air any video we get there about picture. Don't feel better for Dario and feel encouraged by the fact that he's now I think you with an action to protect you something he's spunky. You know he doesn't not a muscle but he's got a lot of energy. So he weasel lanky fellow throw fits it's better atom or some that in order definitely mountains as the dollars analysts that is spinners. A coming up after 11 o'clock I'll distract them because they elect who fixes them. Coming up after 11 o'clock we. About the story of stealth thing before. And now we have a state lawmakers at a California it's one of the first times we've heard about this. Where there's an effort now to make it a felony. Still think of course when. In order to stay FCC friendly here midway through sacks a guy removes the problem I think is pretty much the easiest way to do it without telling us rather clinical that's clinical but that drives us and in the safe zone there on. Big goal in some places has battery it's been a debate about whether that should be considered sexual assaults about whether that should be consider. I think a lot of us can agree that's what I'm talking about accidents down because accidents do happen does that out at us yes this is the intentional removal of that birth control method right out exactly our kind of you party agreed to before hands that the main ill will Wear. Gas. Yeah and and you proceed to the the issue of consent is that you proceed given that set of circumstances we'll do this act because I know you're going to Wear this new agreed to Wear this. And now all of a sudden you're not in the middle of it because you know for whatever reason and so in theory that would change the media so. There's been discussion about whether that should be against the law and in California now is being proposed as a felony. But that's not all that she is proposing to be a felony and so organized and make it make any opportunity across the board. She's gonna make something else a felony tail and if this goes forward so that coming up in the next hour sir is gonna open basement if you weigh in ahead of time. But we've got to stories now did now I notice that you're keeping your your screen and for me over their well yet. What do you do and lawyer Taka and as you know I saw the Internet I heard quite a day over there and tightening plan ahead item type was involved a. There's study out that I just think it's fine on about what your co workers are doing other computer. When your not looking early they don't know you're looking so not this newsroom when it works in a different user Blaine why Indy crashed yeah exactly I have the desk that was sort of public desk at my desk was closest to the studio and zone. I would come in on Monday morning. And delve very quickly that part time employees from the weekend nothing against them but they were probably sitting at my desk over the weekend it may brands because they could run into the studio the fastest exactly. Searching their browser history I would just glanced at my history brown on Monday morning and the little app called at at what it looked out of my computer they were Smart enough to clear the cookies out. So there's a new survey by a group called in shirts ago that this is done in Britain although there are similar numbers here saying. What do I have million brits admit to watching porn on the device. Given to them by their jobs. 65% admitted to using a work phone or computer for quote extracurricular activities. And is similar number admit to using a work device to take store and send sacks or need subtleties. Gotten a lot using works stuff or non work. Activities yet I guess is what weekend. It Bjorkman today and you see you there are dozens awhile now and your computer's been used by somebody else we're going to assume that was by somebody else back in the ninety's. And we a lot of computers at the TV station there in South Carolina so you know you would do all the stuff that you need to because nine times and have a computer at your house. This is don't that's certainly nine is now there are lawyers computer. So I go surf the information superhighway who you well I soon that. Anything in my work computer and her comments about. In fact I assume that anything on our Wi-Fi here. Yeah could you think they're obviously checking and I don't think daycare I an album monitoring here clueless they could that's the deal I assume they and is the real news the building full of radio stations. And all kinds of people. Talking and doing all kinds of different things are looking up all kinds of different things and it's a big company. And you know we've got the resource is for it and so I assume they could track keystrokes. I assume you now that any good for sure and if my work email is going to be right at some point my ideals that he put hidden messages in your keystrokes on. Like dual type out certain sentences. Is hoping. That they'll look come across that well I will tell you that when I went through I need to raise a breeze is trying to like twenty times today at different times in a brief paranoid Faye's many years ago I did and. We we did have. Alternate names for people so that that way if it were to be caught and you wonder kind of name. Ames yes you wouldn't complain about cost right you didn't want them to know who you were talking about not that you configured out of my back so I assume that. Quote unquote James. Wright is such a terrible loss on name in DW was really has really become I now that they're never figure that out so surreptitious yes I don't understand why keep. We do this on is special because a lot of most companies had policies about not using work computer for personal use or ever but for sure for stuff like this. And then the day you get fired. And have to turning your device or and you don't have the chance to clear your computer first all that's going to be exposed. So to speak so now people are using a lot more than you think. And then there's the story out of England I don't know why several stories on Wednesday that are interesting but just got my attention. Again maybe it's the former teacher Neil a little bit by it and as we talk a lot about girls' self image. Others are leading girls' school in England that is banned fit bits and eight people apple watches. Over fears that students are touting their calories during lessons and skipping meals to hit their targets this is body issue stuff for at all. So odd reason the ban those things. And interest in very specific it makes you wonder how bad the problem is getting on but their as this one school a lower or maybe just with girls maybe it's something we need to think about because you know we don't as the most teenage girls are really really focus on what the body looks like and end. You know you've got concerns about its eating disorders and stuff like that for that age so they are banning the fit at draws a banning mobile phones because they believe. The constant pressure to have fun is taking its hole and teen's mental health and a good to have fun part well. Well because it's a distraction because you're always playing games Earl always been Iraq Dracula gangs snapped chat and Clinton those silly hats and ears and noses on pictures and it's this constant. Interaction with a all this stuff so it's I I think it's more than just the body imaging counting calories that's a distraction as well. They're get rid of the stuff that's distracting. Shirk its I mean this is a powerful distraction. Sitting here my right how often I hate so minus purposefully behind me yesterday but notice I notice sometimes. Again my email is opened in front of me at my phone has is open on the laptop and party but there is just something about. And I have brown and here it's it's off to the side but you know if if the big news pops and I get the notification. I know and I can do some and that's why you'll find out first is for your own exit but they do say that the issue with the fitness our watches is that they monitored the calories burned and found that some girls. What monitor closely the number of steps they've taken and the number of calories they use. And they're worried they set of data infield is taken enough steps in the morning they wouldn't eat lunch. And so they were making decisions about eating during the course and it's just that of some sadness. With their fitness and their physical health and I think if they don't have the fit that. And the apple watch that they can't possibly keep track of it that closely to take away. And they can't fly distraction. It added if you wasn't that it would be something else they be distracted. Yeah but I think these devices and these stories and games in all of that is a point I mean that that issue of girls focus on an error on their bodies the constant checking the constant and it just fifteen minutes like O line yeah that's a silly. But it's real I mean it's real for girls of that is cultural for girls and older actually buy and moves that so they're not checking in every fifteen minutes right there's still going to be teenage girls while there's still going to obsess over whatever they obsessive and they're still gonna look at him after 3 o'clock exact you know they're they're just going well in schools is you know. That homicide in I just think they'll be distracted by something also that's that's the issue by. They'll just start during the day you'll starve themselves during the day and then worry about it after sound. Are coming up next we will get into the story of stealth thing at a California where the goal is to make this a felony. Whether it's enforceable to your question asked was do you think about taking a pretty bold step with with style thing coming up next.