Thundergong!!!!!!!!!! Also- keep your girls FAR AWAY from Roy Moore.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, November 13th

KC's first "Thundergong" is in the books!!!!!    Check out to donate to help those who have lost a limb!!!    Also this hour-  Keep your daughters away from Roy Moore...


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy to southeasterly breeze in our pilot fifties. And we are really see those clouds thickening up tonight it's more drizzle forming a loaf in the mid to upper forties. Patchy light rain or drizzle here or there on seized a lot of clouds sickened around her high mid to upper fifties. Into Tuesday night we had a chance for showers and a rumble of thunder are low upper forties and it's a gradual clearing in here for Wednesday the high upper fifties. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer an air more KN BC weather forties. Even now I keys CI it's 47 and liberty 49. Yeah yeah yeah. I. So yeah yeah yeah. You think the. The weekend. And wasn't. I should do more. You don't lie. Ended that weekend. Of thunder on it just don't want and I. We are by far Chris cats and the most non hip people. In the vicinity. Of the uptown last night OK it was packed with people who look like the hot to weigh in on this is ups. You know the guys with the matching man bags and shoes. And there were fancy cocktails and I don't know how to now that club. Was just everywhere and there was so. And we walked in and ice where does this Chris look to meeting as. Weird after the we are still out of lazier. But we had a blast they raised a ton of money. For people who need prosthetics and can't afford them. It was more of aid concerts. That a comedy show. It was just back to back to back bands and music Scott you little luck but I would you would have loved it. And if you have never heard I'm telling you one of the my favorite acts I did not realize. And this is on me that they are from independents. Have you heard the the momma Barea and remember mama bear and her name is Madison war and the mama bear and their front independents and mama bear. Have you even Travis we've got to know some of that stuff thought I'd need to tell you she is probably. I don't want against her rates but take a look. It's mama bear and her son. She's got a guitar a lot gonna go north of there. She's got a guitar the sun sayings that come out they did a few songs. Honest and just acoustic soul of the Animal Planet could. It's just it's just beautiful their front independents and they came all the way from Iowa on short notice to perform Winona Judd was there last night. It was just it was a fallacy. We've asked before I went and took the stage for. Become a trend I. So are you talk. Really really good game in fact I believe it was your idea to go to funky town and yeah and dance the night away. Yeah led to be hit with the car wash song in the sun yeah down from this yet. Well when I was getting hit by the suns at 1130. It's a magistrate in love Madison war look at Madison awarded mama bear they were my favorite act last night. I did not make it to Winona trees was like OK what time did you. Ask him probably around. Nine. Hey. All. This time did you get okay VIPs started at 530. We were because we were VoIP started at 530. We lasts around. The FT's is probably easier access to leave our. But I would tell you this it you miss two and a half hours going to be a big deal every year it was sold out it was god out of Tennessee was great great cause really quick story one of my best friends branch out and dear friend of mine for years. Was tasked with going to get Wynonna. At the airport. I did not know this when and a judge's husband. Has a prospect. So she's you know they said to us happy to help I didn't so. She does to get her from the airport a drummer he gets one Iona and her. Assistant. And rise into the event and he's got a stealthy with the in his guards Larry is I gotta check this morning he said. That was so much fun in my backseat tell sparkly. I. Smarting. All sparkly Winona Judd comes with sparkles. So it and it's great to I'm glad we went so is it I can stand up comedy I don't know it was straight concert so. Distance the date is Will Forte and Fred. In the air tonight Phil comments. The double double pump pump out. Yeah that in the air and I did it. That's that was. More half hearted yes and juror whose stakes. You know there's nothing on YouTube recently so I think you know what they came out and above culpable well there were three drummers and Billy was one of them are rebelling and human. Just it was just a fund's next your discount were all again next year on proms alternate states. Clock is apparently for me on a Sunday night Ole used to be so. I was hip. I don't know lol I think if we do go next year she drives and we all right with her. She can't beat them were with dude dude I've been there she will lead. If it doesn't end at 830 we're no doubt they know now I can't even remember where we win. A couple of years ago. And I decided to catch a ride out day. To whatever I think we were at Kauffman Stadium percent one of the Salvation Army. She. She don't even think about asking for a ride hole. She comes up to me she goes you're gonna have to get a cab amount that. I'm like why she is I'm out I'm good I am tired it's late I'm leaving I go. Your cap and we're back to rope. I'm like. Twenty bucks. I used suggests. Have boundless. I stay out till like 2:3 in the morning and just keep until. I do not know what happened I hit 40 and I am. I mean Will Forte was there Jason Sudeikis I'm like yeah did you users I know of any of them know there was no great. They were out there are here and just as a thought Russia. June donate to the cause yes we donated to the costs are very important to donate the pots. You know I was 100 people lose a limb to pay for what. These people to. 500 people a day this is not a veteran's charity and veterans go to federal funding these are just the people. Who loses a limb every day I diabetes car accident text answer. Pot a day. Like I don't see an. Air our own miles O'Brien never. Showed up to work to win with one I mean how does that even it. You know who's caring or something. Has. No. I don't believe that's. Andy and she'll work Monday with two arms mingle with one wheel that's about how Japanese style like the got a wood chipper at CNN. She was holding Germans care he was holding camera equipment. And it felt this true story and something fell on his arm and and now he just doesn't have an arm. Anyway that's the kind of people themselves not actually he's he's wealthy sort of accurate and complete. So. We're story at our villages showed up to show on June. Think that's gonna come back to our. Is like at the end of anchorman you know hours arms off all I'm saying is it's a great cause support it because it happens. You're running Aaron Brown laws and lost both of his arms at one time now. Remember her brown that's why I end air brown still has both of you don't look it up he really. Did carry a camera and and somehow he's down an arm. Well they call it a three. Accidents warrants. The worst part was he was there aviation correspondent. Go flying an airplane when you've only girl. And I agree with what you get on an airplane in the pilot's got one army and feel pretty comfortable doing that you could I let. I'm good with that. You're good with the pilot with just one on. That's why they have prosthetics. So what's worse Apollo one arm with a guy flagging you down with one arm move them. What direction you go on in. A truck market that point. Oh no. No. No. I'm I'm robo violent act pride feel better. Broke open pilot. Like Robocop. Anyway. Please supports. This fabulous charity. And on Thanksgiving is it is it giving Tuesday or giving. I need to look it up yes giving some Black Friday Cyber Monday giving to Black Friday Cyber Monday giving Tuesday aren't giving Tuesday were all going to give those. To this organization. Has tech undergone. A wrong. As a steps that they giving Tuesday giving. Okay I'm giving Tuesday for five bucks ten bucks. You should perform their last night. Marks. Tonight the night he might stop the music stopped. Today. Now he's just. Yeah last Thursday when we have the guys in from under you now that she doesn't listen 907. Here. I said to them arts and who's gonna be at the event there this is all fear they so well one know is going to be there Jason Sudeikis are going Armitage. And her husband's got a prosthetic well as. And they're going on and on all the people would be there and then they both said tech nine they've looked at Dana and said but we can't announce that yet. And data goes. Okay we'll see that's why because when you tell me I can't say something I just arisen out of my memory that's not true. EG got all the time it unless it's you tell me something let's say. They hold tec nine was going to be. Time I thought I was kidding it's knelt next to me that was that was just another black. And now this is this was an actual chance to see Cam Newton. What he really looks like. And not then not and I views or whatever other black man. She knows that it's limited. We tagged for nine is only black man that wears gold shoes it's. Why other black people don't Wear gold shoes but they don't know I think he's got the market cornered. Yes tec nine was there. If you had stayed a little bit longer like I don't know past 820. Next time. You don't sums have been almost all of us knock it would have a synonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in the car accident remember the name Dale's collision repair. It was that serious business you want your car fixed right. The first time and that's what they do and deals collision repair expert about the many times Dale's a personal friend I've seen his crews at work and their work is guaranteed. As long usually on your car truck. Get it fixed right the first time 816228. 18558162281855. Online details auto collision dot com. Dale's and blue springs take care of cars taking care of you. Rob Babcock here I hope your enjoy in this Dana and parks podcast well you're listened to keep it and this is a podcast. Please don't call me okay don't host nation I know he's given up the number I'm not there and I don't care. Me. Okay. We'll. Yeah. The real. She. He's moves. Its. All the stories that Dana and I printed for the it's. You mean it all the research you did starting about six hours again. Thing. What a mess of she said he said stories we have compiled by the way be careful and this is. Developing as we speak the GOP's senate committee chief says Roy Moore should be expelled. They can't take him off the ballot. It's too late for that you'd have to get elected first expo. There are people who aren't going to. New accuser of all that let me explain something and and I think. In the news media. We tend to let this slide I'm not saying that Roy Moore doesn't have some skeletons in his closet I don't know. Here's what I do now. A second woman just came over the last thirty minutes. And said that Roy Moore groped her neighbor Dave and everything so she's one per soft out there on the record. This is not an anonymous story our source park this is a public. League named source. And has just come forward said that Roy Moore sexually assaulted her when she was sixteen years old in 1977. Mitch McConnell says quote I believe the women. There is even a story floated today. That Jeff Sessions the attorney general of the United States may run as a write in candidate. This is his old seat. In the US senate I'm an Alabama they're saying write him back in it. But the problem is got and you know this that we'll split the vote and there are people in Alabama who support Roy Moore period there are people saying things like well. Whole house for years. But if you could get these Steve Bannon and a Donald Trump. To come out and say. Roy Moore is is damaged goods not sure Steve man would do well to do. Roy Moore is more has damaged goods but we do have. You know old faithful over here and Jeff Sessions are conservative. Bible beating. All that stuff just write his name. Don't whole Lotta people would have to do that they were well over the weekend the democratic challenger for the first time pulled within the margin of error there within the margin of error. And Roy Moore had. A double digit lead. Before women started coming forward and do not tell me five separate women. Who never met each other six of all different political persuasions just woke up 1 morning. At the same time and decided to tell the same story that when they were teenagers. They were. Groped kissed or harassed by this disgusting man. But here's what I I would like to know when it comes to these sex scandals. That have wrapped it in America Richard Dreyfuss. Is now accused and it and I don't even think this is relieved that big of a deal won't Wilshire that one little. He did not force himself on someone he did not sexually. Assault someone percent. But what we'll share that one with you here in a little bit too. I'm sure is how we determine whom to believe and who we decide not to. It seems to me if it's somebody that you know is Hollywood are considered mediated lead. Won't believe the women on the but the politician I love. Or respect or C I'd I would have these women are liars or opportunist American we've. How determined. Which ones. To believe and which ones not to. Label them. All right I'd caution him sometimes but. Duke Lacrosse. Com. How do you determine whom to believe. 576779. It. People saying these women are lying because it makes them feel better about themselves. Because it's hard for you to raise your hand and say I realize he's a pedophile. I'm gonna vote for an anyway and there have been people trying to remember the name of the guy who came out over the weekend and said. I would vote for a had a file over the Democrat even if it's true. He wasn't joking and so it is that I will vote for the had a file over the demo. I've 767798. Problems it's in the newsroom here is her remarks Ned Yost injuries more severe and first ads next. What is your home air filtered to world's last time you changed your home air filter. Make the switch like guided to filter easy dot com they've changed everything. With the trees they keep the dust levels down in your home less visible dust Americans than 90% of their time indoors believe it or not. Where concentrations of pollutants or two to five times higher than they typically are outdoors. Good filter helps filter out airborne our. And solves the number one problem with homer filters through trees and as for getting to change the average homeowner changes or filter 12 times a year. You know you're supposed to change the minimum four times a year. Save five to 15%. 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The US checking out a tree stand when he fell twenty feet he broke his pelvis and four ribs the doctors told him he was lucky to be alive and then there's often a 25 to 30% mortality rate for his injuries. Alabama's governor says there are no plans to change the date of the special election for the senate Alabama governor can I be says she plans sport out to vote for. Candidate Roy Moore but added that there may be some more facts to come out more is accused of initiating sexual contact with a fourteen year old girl decades ago. We'll check traffic and weather together next. A right battery the first time that's what you'll get and always get with also six a five Kansas avenue. In KCK ready pound his crew have put together an incredible warehouse. Where you can find him no hope you find any sort of battery unique large medium small doesn't matter they have it at wholesale battlers. 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I understand your point. 9100 Sorenson but why did they wait a being me. Women who have come out against Roy Moore. What they weighed almost forty years before saying anything I am very leery about their motive. Now. If we're going to be fair. Let's be fair. I am still trying to figure out at the moment how I feel about these Roy Moore accusers. But highway. But I am leaning towards believing them. And here's why. There are thirty sources who have. Confirm their stories but not been willing to give their names but six women six a sixth came forward today said she was sixteen years old. When he tried to force himself on her. Roy Moore. And. But the timing doesn't really bother me that much. Any more than it did back in the early 1990s. When a young woman named Paul law. Number her. Paula Jones. Remember that man. Remember Gennifer Flowers. And these women came out of the woodwork. Just as Bill Clinton was securing the democratic nomination. For president. If you believed Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones that. Even though they had waited 1517. Years to come forward. And you believe them because you didn't like Bill Clinton. Then you have to believe these women. Coming out against Roy Moore you don't get to pick and choose which women were legitimately. Taken advantage. Based on your political points of view also keep in mind Scott his former. Colleagues. At the time. Colleagues who are now judges and district attorney all of these colleagues he used to work with. In the legal field. Have come forward to say it was common knowledge he dated teenage girls we thought it was weird did even deny him and so on him dish I that you. And one of them is now it he'd be very successful I think district attorney has said. We thought it was super we hear it but it was common knowledge she dated teenage girls EE he certainly said that he would not dismiss. That as a 32 year old man he. Sought. Relationships with young so listen to the story that a friend of mine just sent me broken opposed it. It is so disgusting to me. But I understand. What this article is saying. And they're not trying to justify his behavior Scott they're trying to explain it it's a story that just cleared the Washington Post. Roy Moore allegations prompt reflections on fundamentalist. Culture. In which some Christian men date teens. When Roy Moore at age 34 asks seventeen year old Debbie Wesson Gibson whether she would date him Gibson asked her mother what she would think. According to the Washington Post investigation into mores alleged pursuit of teen girls. Gibson's mother replied quote I would say you were the luckiest girl in the world. That attitude of encouraging teenage girls to date older men rather than shielding girls for men's advances. Sounded familiar. To some people who read the story that has shaken more respect for US senate quote it is not so uncommon. That people would necessarily look at this askance. Said nick closer at KU professor. Who recently published a book on child marriage in America the south has a much longer history allowing minors to marry. And obviously there's some courts are for data whatever you want a column leading up to that. The courtship of underage girls is especially common in conservative religious. Communities and it goes back into the history of this got. Listen to this quote a woman's role was to be a white a homemaker someone who birds children the man's role was generally to be established and someone who provides the full up. It may take longer for a man to reach stability while woman of fifteen or sixteen. If she's been trained for a long time looking after younger siblings. In their eyes she is ready for marriage or not Cyrus orders now. This is what it sang in the 1970s. When Mora was in his thirties so back in the seventies that's right when the laws on child marriage we're starting to change tank. That's what Allstate's changed their laws of the minimum marital ages became the same for men and women. Previously. Women were allowed to marry much younger than men in some states. Then is oldest 21 still needed parental permission but not the girl's got was some quote. You did not want to lose your strapping nineteen year old son if he was working for you on the far. Generally speaking daughters labor was not as valuable girls were destined for marriage and doing it at a young age was appropriate. Apparent back then. Was more interested in having her marry and move on. Mary industry. If you can carry it for all rolled predators stable yes I would consider him a predator what they're saying is in these deeply. Seeded evangelicals. Southern. Communities. This was not uncommon in the seventies. Now does that make him an atlas of brighter eyes oh I think it's a justification. For horrible behavior. I understand your saying but however. Times have changed. And I don't think it's like Mac today but it's amazing to me how we we like to look back on the past. Whether it is. Up the confederate statue arguments only 100 I got it gets at what my grandmother. Was a young girl was at comment on the farm for these girls to marry at age sixteen or seventeen. Late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds yes. Swiss teen sex work were told were also talking about people who grew up and I'm not excusing it I'm trying to put everything in the context. Which goes back to my original point. We like to look back on history with 2017 glasses on to go on to backwards jerks. Now I'm not excusing Roy Moore. If you did if you actually did it and the allegation is certainly there. That heat. Seem to have his way if you will where they fourteen year old girl that's inappropriate. No matter who goes 1972007. To crack. But we're talking about the dating of these sixteen year old girls a 32 year old man dating a girl half his age of course. Looking back now we're like that's weird but keep in mind who those sixteen year old girl's parents were. Who were. The very people who were given away if you will I use that loosely when they were sixteen or seventeen rates correct. That's what they grew up thinking was right. Or acceptable. And okay. And times change. Laws NG me saying. When you start talking about the seventies. In some cases mid seventies later seventies. Even in the deep south Scott. People were saying we thought it was clear he was dating teenage I I certainly think and granted I was just baby in the seventies and on board. But I think that's when you started to see the sea change if not is in the north in the late sixties mid sixties he started to CC change and sometimes it just takes a bit longer. To go to other parts of the country. Would like to think that all of America is Kansas City, Missouri or New York City or Minneapolis and it's. It's not. There is a very rural part of America. That is and I don't mean this negatively. Slow to change. They like the way their life is it's slow you like it that way they are salt of the earth people and they like lifestyle. And they date resilient this is what I think a lot of people are struggling with as they look over what's going on in America. They were exempt the people in the big cities trying to tell them what to do that's outpacing us correct. Correct. They see us as the and the. Now it's not okay at the point that your pressuring a sixteen year old to let you do things to her that she's not ready and doesn't understand and the accuser today's got. Says he told her if you tell anyone about this no one will believe you and if you back. And I know on Twitter it's this thing right now to post a photo of yourself at age fourteen. To show how ridiculous it is that a 34 year old man. Would would be interested. In someone of that. Age of orthodox X and awkwardness and you know before puberty it's it's it's it's just disgusting. You look at what fourteen really looks like and then you look at this day who. He should be imprisoned well north essential amateurs now. It doesn't make him any less of a crime and I'm not I'm not excusing the fourteen year old allegation. I'm. If that is true that. Now woman is telling the truth about what recorder when she was fourteen years old she's saying Scott she would have taken this to her grave he's sick but the four other women came forward. And the four other women however. Do not and I'm not defending remarkably these guys are almost forcing me to do. But brought more to me is. Not fit for office. And not. Just because of what a fourteen year old girl said Curran and then fortunately even deny it he has been kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court twice. Because he doesn't understand the constitution. That's what makes him unfit. For office. What is so sickening to me about what you would called these little backwards. Southern. Places I don't I didn't I didn't use well backward I well I don't think it's necessarily. Unique to the south. Is that. That the mother's alleged response that I think keeping the luckiest girl in the world is so disgusting to me. That I think in some cases the parents didn't protect girls from this behavior. Like I she's a law her. Yes. Let him give you a ride home from work I mean I. 76779. Make the switch to Omaha steaks stack count maybe you're struggling to find the perfect gift for someone new has it all the holidays are fast approaching Thanksgiving is coming up the New York Christmas. Order guess for everyone on your list with a click of the mouse we love Omaha steaks in our home and let me tell you about Omaha steaks now for only 4999. 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Could you explain to everyone listening why this is so important and why were even talking about this is at Alabama and why do we care. It's sons. What and how close is it Democrats or house to seats. If Roy Moore is is that you can't afford it becomes one seats. And there are some vulnerabilities and other places are so if you're wondering. Why help them keep talking about is guy in Alabama there are enormous implications. If he as I believe he will and should. Loses this thing well but there are also talking about running Jeff Sessions as having him. Sorry you know mark I just couldn't work it's not gonna work why not how you get that many people a few days before election who do not attention. And just vote Republican. Lisa Murkowski an Alaska with how much time ago. Gone and we're talking to change you guys lost to. A Roy Moore like character but not as crazy as mormons. She was the sitting Republican. Senator. She lost the primary ran as an independent one and state Republican. She ran as a write him out this one's about Richard crisis it was in the news last week to whose son alleged to be the victim of Adam Kevin Spacey. Now TV right I mean there it's just never did it anymore TV writer Jessica tight. Recently told bolts of that in 1987. Well working on funny you don't look 200 a constitutional thought of Ole Dreyfus once pulled her toward him. While his was hanging out of his pants. What would these men and hanging out there she says and I quote I remember my face being brought close to his. I can't remember how my face got closer as him but I do remember that the idea was that I was going to give him. I didn't and I left. Drivers admitted in a statement to hold true that he was once a blank hole and a persistent flirt. However he's says and I quote I am factly tonight L exposing myself to Jessica tight. Who I am whom I have considered a friend for thirty years I did flirt with her. And I remember trying to kiss Jessica. As part of what I thought was consensual seduction ritual that went on and on from urged. I am horrified bewildered to discover a. I was going on for many years in the answers still no. Why does somebody else Richard Dreyfuss. For those. Saw the opening of Saturday Night Live over the weekend and I I amen to what you just said thank god I'm married. For those of you saw the opening Saturday Night Live I did not stick around amongst the whole thing but she did say something the host that was. That was funny. In talking about just. The rise. Of stories coming out about inappropriate behavior with men she basically said. If Europe and and you were listening. If you're the only one naked. In a roomful of a fully clothed woman. Or you're the only one was junk hanging out in a room full of other people fully clothed them there's something wrong with that scenario. That's it could rules out. I don't have anything to worry about Tim Richard Dreyfuss is anything wrong I don't know. But generally. Keep your pant suits and urged him until the point he do that it's appropriate to not have to exit you'll. He's denying it. He says that is simply not true. So again we have one woman coming out against Richard Dreyfuss. Who says no. That did not he says that did not happen. So I Ed you know it didn't try to keep kissing her over a number of years. But how romantic comedies have been based on the guy never giving up and keeps charging on the relationship with. There's a different Scott between never giving up and it helps my dogs fell out again sorry maybe we zip or. There's a difference between what Dan wind bomb has called it awkward. Human generous human interaction. Where you may be lean and and she's like in now that's an awkward human interaction nothing criminal about it. Thing in your pants off he denies that says it didn't happen to newsroom weaker marks. 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