Thoughts on Aretha Franklin from former curator of Rock & Roll HOF

Kansas City's Morning News
Thursday, August 16th
Howard Kramer is the former curator of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and spoke about Aretha Franklin's remarkable career. 

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The world has lost. Who Rolling Stone magazine called the greatest singer of all time Aretha Franklin passed away today the age of 76 and Howard Kramer is the former curatorial director of the rock and roll hall of fame. He's kind enough to join us on the news line this morning. Aretha Franklin Howard released her first album our first song at the age of eighteen. Yeah all. She actually. Upload the independent label which I couldn't tell what. She court or social superstar and she are watching in the church her father of the reports you know like it was a major figure. In what their church about distractions country. If you put that aside and particularly at a young eligible child but actually you know she found her footing in the popular artists. And on this it was the greatest singer. Offered generation and the people. Did she change the way women were perceived in the music industry. Very good question. A week came across opposition on it almost at times wired. Most woman and who. There's a certain look they haven't is that it is certainly there actually act in public the supreme dirt will be looking. By the loss once. This way like you couldn't figure who should Brickell analysts. You can tuck the poster with little recently was a woman who like almost any other woman she is not another intractable country was. Well whoever shall we should be a big role she wasn't. Scope what the model. Election year how will work out of the horrible anarchy that opened more than any ultimate. Who could just flat out a little while and not have to conform to certain ideas of what looks. And that talent that voice never went away when she was at the Kennedy honors a few years ago I think she was singing. Carol came songs. Talk about undiminished by age she sounded as good Xia forget. Most pollution that's what my remark he walked up there on the data center with a person and were to me outright and then. During the quarter we saw. That if you like an actual woman. Is that attributes and so can pursue it and so are. She dropped from the coaching it's just. Children's well. That means that care quick as what you practically seven due in 2000 that we changed her mastery of Orange. Never change the ability to control of the song aperture that would always be or anybody else. Howard Kramer is the former curatorial director of the rock and roll hall of fame can you talk about her influences whether it was. Would win group B musician or whether it BP get dad's side that church. Yeah that they actually mean. Actually traveled crippled the black it was. Actually that's great all the shall quote your effect that you won't get some of forms home. She course we do Sam Cooke as different are massive influence on where Dinah Washington. With the Detroit that its armed with or without another massacre which. But he'll get Jackson who was the leading light of gospel music. One of the other mentor and friend at what point it competitor. We autism as storm what was she had the benefit. To reform the machine on the grid handle the point. Talk about making it her own aipac. Her story the other day about respect and I hadn't realized that Otis Redding had written it from a man's point of view. And she completely. Changed it around. Well yeah parents they're kind of miners miners old bird did okay. Recover by. A group toward a directional white. Large well we've recovered it. And although he. Read it but who's invention shall. While it's. Truly revel. In how someone got promoted to know straight war war in super super funky. Lead. You know clearly hole called soul. That that at all. The legacy. Of Aretha Franklin. We and it will barely be personable but now it's in the though. Henceforth will not be compared with the slow wave a support. Did you try to tackle Sloan and make it you'll you'll always be compared to have to think about it performer. How do that we. They herb that you know so. I never a couple of kicking assault or many times shouldn't let someone. Pure cold quicker I mean when the equator so I mean this woman walked in the election laws in Queens on at least. You he was always his frequent. You get what are they re. Not cool. That it would you rather be third period sort of matter. What. She that these should live with you know what what all. She's earned now a stronger than those who curious about her read David which is biography. But it was rich wrote actually oddly enough will. Oracle autobiography. It was so rust on the property that world for biography independent power. All of the biographies are books should get. Period and Patricia.