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Tuesday, September 11th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. But I. Didn't. I didn't I. Didn't. And do. I think. It. And good. I missed him he comes from the mouth of yeah. Yeah that was awesome clothes. As him. Q&A. Well known him kids there's. If it is so they come in and one guy has asked question them. Oh. I told us there's no such thing as a dumb questions. And dance settlement. Would these classes eyes. Coast. To. Him sports broadcasting. Mobile advertising boom boom and so we go around him in my. There's no bad questions. And this one young man right here as well where he has the director poll. Are you guys affiliated or are you all but he's stage. We explain our relationship which I'm not owned by them. They don't own house we don't know ma'am technical question as it was actually really. We all around him there's a couple of questions in the missed it here he has made a lot of money. Long influence public. If that's what you want. That's what you write don't go in tomorrow I remember rural route around him ago let me give you three ports. Rent. By. The and I sit at three words invest well early queens. I'm Bob Bartley is your radio TV now are still not calling about the what they ate there a OTD. Feels easy artists of the debt that's AO TD so that's what I said hello Utley dropped the T. Scott you've got teenagers added to do they ever texture and yes all the time do you ever actually speak on the phone with them. When I call. New I don't remember the last time one of my children actually called me yet. No one new study out says 35% of teens aged thirteen to seventeen would rather sending text message and actually see a person face to face. Re boom you know I'm not surprised. I either Aysu really surprised to see them face to face isn't about me tech's first phone call this is text verses Silvestre face. Oh boy. This is generations ZELO. Which by the way I don't know if you guys were where rod we now have the official name for. The generation follows them one meals it is generations. Newton. We know this already yes I we don't we have enough for you this morning and I thought it was news that there's there's there was also talk of ending the I gen. That's right. The Jan if they're generations he. That going to resign next. Right yeah. What we're what are we Internet accesses the site of the apocalypse. Could be you know the mayans did their calendars. It was supposed to and like yours right. And then realities of the biblical things that response Stanton. Has never happened right. So now we've ran out of generation letters so when the last member of generation Z dies right the world comes to us. Because there's no there's no more generations after these words no. See that's got to be some some presidents of all. We're generation ZC. Generations said. Would you what would you prefer how do you communicate with applicable. I am most excited spiked via text that I mean everyone I I call him on my wish. Him well would you prefer. It depends on what we're talking about like it I know that I need to have more need to wind conversation with him and gonna call him. Do you do sexy talk in on the phone or in text. In person. His. Yeah yes and awkward picture that's an argument you're texting each other brain sound. When you text. Picture. It doesn't come up and it doesn't like room he's like you want me to watch. To load the dishwasher you dominate ethnic and to pay those bills most of her conversations are what are we having for dinner and my bringing to the story that's most of our conversations aren't taxed it's already devolved into Matt yeah. While I'm out Helen governor for years he had. It's text conversations wicket I call him like every nine in my home. What's on average they're still due date night we I don't know what you did you I'm. I you went to console and opponents want to and we just had to actually a couple of point oh were you go into Jesper awfully. I'm glad to hear was probably there he smoker. From the tax line I teach high school and make them call thanks for checking account options and they hate it some won't do it. There's something about some of the youth. Of this country where they take the I don't know the very introverted. They won't do the things that are just. Easy in normal it just. All clueless. What that is the same time is new just as easy to get taxed like Brad terror almost get a text and it's an easy answer. Yeah you sound old. Well I do come the twentieth century I understand you know so it is Karen marks I know. But it's just knobs are. As well and not just kids. Or not you it's. There's something. And music are introverted. Many of them are I think it's because of our Smart devices. Because it's a selfish kind of endeavor you're just tied into your Smart device you don't have to actually walk around. And just do what we used to do. You can just be right there on your Smartphone and I think it does affect the I don't believe some people. I know that that is the stereotype. That the younger generations see the teenagers yet. That generations C or the I generation or I general medical. That there'll introverted Earl stare and on the phone numbers a lot of that I'm not gonna say there isn't. You know I mean there have been times when I've come home from the grocery store my two daughters are in the living room. And they're both stared at their phones. And I am I. The joke now on my family's come in with bags of hours ago everybody stopped and get on your fall. Oh wait nevermind he's easy button and keeping your. Oh that's so funny he's he's back is a comic that must be what they called that hooks and make sure you revealed he's going to be here all week. That is what is the difference. Between. And and I bought into the stereotype from one that they are all looking down at their phone and you hear these stories about crank Mac and everything and but the more I think about it the more like a Friday night football game out of the high schools and com. My daughter's hang out with her friends there. That there incredibly social. They are not. Hooked to their phones granted they don't go anywhere without them but then again do you. Now are exactly Dave is more addicted there from the most teenagers I know. I don't buy this stereo typed. The generations. Is the introverted. Won't talk to anybody generation will not all and of course and here's why I think what we view as. Slightly older people like we mormons should. Seriously we come home from the grocery store we walk in and our daughters our sit on the couch looking at their faults. But think about this. What were we doing when our parents came home from the grocery store in the 1980s watching TV watching exactly right. We are watching MTV or hiding in our rooms with the Mac he's on the our mattresses or talk. Simmer down there. You passed. We know it was during a little attempt. I seem to be part of red blooded American male don't look at my yeah. Yeah it's not a in the box for payment. But we were. You could see that stuff we. I understand you know we would see us as ubiquitous we would sit in front of that television and watch MTV all. Damn good eaten and that's a fact check. I know because I was there. And I did it now grip we. Outside atomic cloud pole while we throw the football around for the Walter. And then we go straight back at all wired house and we turn on MTV. That's what we did. MTV was today self. I don't buy this introverted generation which you couldn't take. The MTV with you you can carry around that it'll know what you watch today you'll and then Molly that we get man on a Saturday afternoon and they say you've got a good outside right we'd go pro football the backyard for a while. And then we go to Paul Weyrich cells because Paul why first mom to know we're watching MTV all morning. I don't watch MTV all afternoon then. It was L'Oreal some. You just go to house hadn't been met yet. But see right there you went to somebody's house. You walked drove in weeks. It was around watched music videos and all day long. Now people can do that by themselves. And they don't have to in Iraq and anybody else to go anywhere. It it just is what it is now not the entire generation of course not but there are some where I think it helps to contribute to a sense of isolation. Eons. Turning inward yes by. It's I think the people who think teenagers are anti social and not so whatever court two meters and that's our report. Are the people that don't release the teenagers. IC teenagers bowl it's. Came. I wasn't as I am in the company. Is gonna come up. Daughters who were teenager who plays soccer and coach and more importantly. Think that. And yet. Paula it's great Tuesday. Into the eighties Paul was spot East Coast. Wilmington, North Carolina. Is expected to be where landfall and made sometime early Friday morning. You can follow along of course with. Morning news here Nokia music sohu. Got a text. We're talking about kids and wanting to text rather than be face to face with somebody. Somebody says attacks on their eighteen year old daughter skater to. Quote unquote scared to talk to her family on the phone them aunts uncles grandmas things like since he hears and I saw the same text. He hears and I know you and I touched on this briefly off here. I think what apparent perceives as skater. A child might. Perceived as slightly intimidated and quite frankly disinterest may be we're forgetting what it was like. Mean we're putting our current who we are now as adults with a 30405060. Years of experience. On to what we think they should be like at 14151617. When they haven't lived. I remember is speaking of Wilmington, North Carolina my uncle. Who was from New York regionally retired in Wilmington, North Carolina. Have four years ago and recently died. Blossom always. But I went there. For his funeral several months ago. And at the funeral of course were my three cousins on the outside. Whom are all much older than him. I'm some more now all. But one of them Pam for exit for example Pam is sixty years old she's my cousin and she is thirteen or fourteen years old enemy. We barely knew each other growing up by the time I was and she was. Shooting photographs of the New York Post when he pulled surprised right aren't in adults living in the war I never really knew. Right but on the handful of occasions when I was a kid. And we would happen to be. In the same house neo visiting whatever. I was I think back to that kid. It was. Or. Just twelve years old I didn't know she was an adult I was intimidated. And you couldn't have a conversation as a twelve year old with somebody was 2.5 years old. And be on the same level Pelz would have been my children map but yeah you know that I go to Wilmington, North Carolina this year. And for my uncle's funeral were in the same house and it's like we're best for mountain. Because now she's 61 and I'm 47. And I'm able to compose myself both Google chat room will image surely mature and parts and at and we can function. I should stop and Kara appreciate you bringing this surveil. And I I have no doubt that there are kids who would rather. Text then talk to somebody face to face. But I would bet when we were kids we would rather. Talk on the phone and talk face to face or write a letter that talked to face hands. Because guess what. Kids are strangely awkward. They're growing into themselves they don't know who they are yet. And they quite frankly especially around adults do not feel comfortable. But we forget as we get older. What it would we conveniently forget what it was like to be okay and even if we think were the cool adult we still forget what it was like yeah. I'm no longer cool little. Really yeah that was advanced. Maynard attempts. Everybody under on now. We should rule telling me that scared. And I don't need to cut that out your daughter's republic. Dads oaks in the past. In the isthmus when he had to use them over and over when they come up to your table the restaurant how would you like that cooks are you on the grill. Hot. What we're trying to do record isn't all. That. You know I'd like to think that my kids say nice things about me behind my back and I'm certificate. And it probably don't. They probably here right now talking referenced in my dad's. It's better to be the idiot and the cool sometimes the French fry I think you're cool prop. It is great insight on this from the new mown and I'm a big servers. Battered to be the parent the different. How. You're grown into this rule quick ex mr. Caremark sermon per. Making changes in Prairie Village more next. KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the app and take this everywhere you go Caremark 981 KM BZ. And books. Just put the blue oh. And ghost town this kind of fixed machine guns red and gold. My companion in my opinion yeah. I can. Another one by dust I mean. DB I believe is late Tuesday a throwback to be nice squeak. Out. But one bites the dust. From the get off my lawn to file. Or hear out of Virginia. A Virginia man said he was fed up with children trespassing on his property so he is installed an electric fence. Keep them away at whatever oh I'll amusement screw around. Ryan Tucker's house is just a few feet away from a bus stop in and Rico county Virginia. Then after he installed the electric fence some neighbors called police saying talker did not put up a warning sign. The potential safety hazard alarmed some parents quoting here from one mean I'm apparent. And I want Rachel and get electrocuted. So as the number since. Tucker told WR ACTV installed defense because he grew tired of children throwing trash and walking on his lawn. Says talker I'm not in charge of other people's children all I can do is protect myself. Mats when I got offense. County officials later stalker to take on the fence because it was on an easement making it illegal but he is allowed to reinstall it. If he keeps the fans it's strictly on his property. And electric fence yes and electric electrified. Fence our defense of electricity damn. The electric fence this is front yard. It is is for. We have an honor for him and Robert we have this one and said. Derogatory term for Germans. Which is one way to across the street. We called red. This war should Communist ex Soviet Communist. And we've lived in a in a town called San house which was suburb of Heidelberg. We live in a row houses there were probably about 1520 rows and rows. And in neutral house probably ten. Residents. Some hundred for a sponsor and we have a bus stop which was right next to an electrical power ball parks. In our row house community. Read live across the street and read hated us and I think she hated I don't I don't know she didn't just to do you for your freedom I don't know if we were free. I don't know if she hated us because we were kids are because we are American kids. But she got so mad in this one time like he never figured out. She literally smeared. Let me rephrase we think it was horror that's smeared. Dog feces boom all up and down the electoral power box where we were supposed to wait for a bust O while. She was not happen. This guy Virginia with the electrified fence to get off my a long and kids you with us is gonna do. That's gonna from want to reduce them to these kids going to be throwing things at the sense now who knows what happens and that's gonna. Really keep him off. From me let me justify this for you file an electric fence always stings it doesn't kill you. You and a upped the efforts. Her camel opponents how shocking it. I'm shocked that he would do us that. All the right to protector properly. Well I think you have to put up a sign the say that does there if you touch this you could die. Or be a bottle your bottle the body will be injured duels or bodily harm but your parents. You might do that you might suffocate him right to put electrical fence in the neighborhood. If there's no role. HO way. Rights. That's a strong word. But yes I think you do as long as you warn everybody. The passers by. That it is electrified. Or barb wired I don't have any joy can I put a barbed wire and right trapped in some way it's the booby trap I think it'd that's the whole thing you know other. Harm somebody that you guys are talking about this not 10 you can't booby traps something you can't booby trapped here on how. Also right. Bright and less I think you warn people. This house has booby trapped so don't. So can I put up electoral act I don't have a major way in Roland park. I put up a bloated up comfortable barbed wire for. Into the Connecticut equitable or more facts about wanted to you probably could and then some liberally challenges for the aesthetics and 40 think about the children. But it's run well I would make the argument as this guy does and I'm not saying that I agree with them or just trying to play the devil's advocate for a second. I would argue that's my property. I've a right protected against anyone and whomever I wish. If I don't want people on my lawn. Do I do not have the right to put a barbed wire fence what do you do. You can put up just about anything I would think and especially others know covenants. No rules. Guiding your actions as a neighbor. And as long as it meets municipal codes accelerate yachting Yana. I think you don't put up anything now for sure that your neighbors may not like it of course but then that's a whole different discussion. But if you put up something that could cause harm. If somebody were to even casually come into contact with a and you've now worn them that I think you've got. Troubles he got here here series is up people were one no formal. Committee then must not put up curbs. Let's not put in gutters. We went to the extreme. God. Customers as you talked about this couple weeks I've been on the show prolonged effort from our story here from fox for you know the smell of fresh cut longs that's what it smells like in the grace more neighborhood right now. The north when neighborhood. Is the kind of place where people still hang their laundry out to dry in the breeze. But it says breeze that is creating problems. Quoting here from grace Mort neighborhood residents are Dobson. This is the smelly neighborhood. Depending on who you talk to you get a different description. You can't keep your windows open nights at Dobson the smells overwhelming. How to why explain it says Vicki devote like it's on ovals dirt and molding grass combined. Says Dobson. It's like spray paint you can't tell you can tell that it's ain't. But everyone blames the smell on one thing. The nearby fort like Cuomo plan. Specifically it's painting area fox four. Contact in the fort plant on Monday in a plant spokesperson. Said they're looking into it fox four also reaching out. To several Casey agencies about the smell none of them have received any complaints. Try living near the death from all mountain in the middle so I used to live in Savannah Georgia and there is a paper mill. Many miles down the coast hands when the whim blue. You smelled it and that is a rough smell what is paper mill's smoke like those only like it just adds. But what I don't know Artest added I would describe as a personal paper mill I don't know any other way to describe it. Now not Matheny. But it's as bad. Stinky. I was stalling that's questions poster paper. A pulp mill 576 sevenths. OpenId Michael MacKey cumin and at 4 o'clock. I'm Dan why Bob dornin right effort and right here on KM these. Right now because. Dan Weinbach on the Internet right Michael Mack who'll be joining us in these 4 o'clock hour and scale parks. So you one thing that we haven't talked about today and sold all its excellent pointed out well more than an hour into the show and not a mention of 9/11. Who is today is. September 11. When seventeen years ago. We had some happen. We have mentioned. No we have. Why you think that is. The honest truth sure. In America's move don't they so I think in large part yes. I think there comes a time I'm almost. Shame to say this. What it's true. That they recovered at this morning. One thing I noticed today. And I've always meant to have an out of trying to watch it over the years. In the past MSNBC. Would stop. Morning Joseph or whatever show they rim at the time noon. And they would start broadcasting. Every September 11. But today show from September 11 2001. Right before. Word came in the third World Trade Center had been hit by forest are watching and happening live right so you're you're seeing this interview with Katy Kirk or. Whomever camera bright double or whoever was Brcko was done. And there is doing a show and and also missy hang on to say everybody we have some breaking news a plane has just. Run into the World Trade Center here in New York City. And then shortly thereafter. They get the video of it are they alive camera position on the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan. And then for the next probably 45 hours. Nothing errors on MSNBC but non stop commercial free coverage of what you saw all mountain on September 11 historic look back yes. The Today Show. And NBC's subsequent coverage. On MSNBC. That into that every year I have tuned in to watch him just to remember and to remind myself what it was like. Sixteen years ago fifteen years ago fourteen years ago whatever today they did not do. And I was shocked because I remember. It I got home. From dropping kids off at school and a quick conference call. Her remember giving up the conference call my camera to resolve all recipes she's probably doing the nine elevenths corporate. I go out into the living room I turn on MSNBC. And the urges to a normal coverage of the events of the we did see a number of this is happening in the prior year the president handled huge nationally the president spoke at Shanksville Pennsylvania. And the vice president I think was that the Pentagon Lou the names were read in New York City as they always are right. But I think sadly. Or maybe just. This is the way it is. America is slowly but surely moving around that's not to say that they have forgotten. Right. I think it would be unfair to say that America has just forgotten about 9/11. You can't say September 11 I remember. Kelly was really instant on the Maroon 5 concert tonight here to mountain. And it was so we got tickets. But remember when she first mentioned it to me I said what it what days the concert. She's awards on September 11. And I don't know if it meant anything to her I'm sure dead. But I remember thinking to myself oh well oh some parallels September 11. What do we are today now that that day you'll always be born into as I mean it's like. December 7 Wilson well but does that mean anything to anybody of our generation and again not to take away from. What happened at Pearl Harbor but if I were to say you hate dam in armament and Egypt Finland for Dane on December 7 and the first thing that doesn't pop in your mind is horrible no. That's true it's okay what do we do so we're still very close December. Teen years is is really not that far away butts in it depends it's all relative but pity it is interest thing I. When do we. Pared down. Things when do we release and then tear them up for the the big numbers the twentieth for the 25. Anniversary marking of you know linked up then Americans have an incredible fascination with every fifth anniversary never summaries. And I think they'll be something or is it added I think they'll be something big on September 11 22021262031. But and again I'm not saying that I've forgotten. None of us have forgotten it. Right now on CNN. They're talking about other news the shooting and doubtless mean. With the police officer going into the wrong apartment. Life does go on and other things. Happen. Now it is just it's it's interesting because should that call today should be holding a whole well is December 7 the holiday no. And I I would I would posits that December 7 wasn't a bigger today. For America and the plants. Then say 9/11 so it was you're always saying no I would say now. It's an announcer now. And it's it's a day worth remembering in marking and telling about Dolly in hindsight if I ruptured a ten years ago if you'd asked the same question I always said yes is an uninteresting other works. But seventeen years on ten years later from that day. I would say September 11 should not be a federal. Because we've moved sadly. But it's just a fact of life we have moved on however I think we're still. Dealing with. What came out of that today and it's not come to an end like we slow way and Pearl Harbor happened we saw what happened that day come to an end. You know and in Japan that came to an end we're still dealing with an open ended book from analysts are willing to restore of troops in Japan. Will. True but of the war itself those that started the war. You know and and oh my god what are your opening huge William there's so many like dogs are all these America is really good at fighting wars. They're really good at stopping them. Are really battered stopping them from America can start a war no problem or go to fight a war that somebody else started. We are really bad declaring victory. Newsroom Caremark. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can catch us online any time. At KM BZ dot com.