Terrible Joke TUESDAY is HERE!!! Plus- John Brown. WOW. Discuss....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, December 5th
Kansas Abolitionist John Brown killed 12 people in a bloody fight against slavery.   Dana says the end justifies the means... everyone freaks out.

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy 44 KC I 45 and only some. And forty for you or official weather station I'm Rebecca Crockett stay connected with news nine DA one KM beastie. It came easy. Dot com. Through Tuesday rod and I have a confession. That for those of you who were our age it's going to Friday prayers. And rod diamond we we we we don't do artist weakening our tank but rod is kind of started doing artist of the day. And is just the first artist navigate right now top of the hour dance today it was Grammy. Rod and I were off the year and Adam. Ben Salem was better with Sammy evidently off it was just the better bang they. He added and another amazing guitar player and a voice mail and mail songwriter I don't. And I know that there are people screaming at their radio right now I love David Lee Roth I can't take knows about who's about as about. We. You go to Macy's account for another 22. Two times there in two guys for guys in their in their early forties. This makes a lot of sense and he went was a better ban would Sammy Hagar that's just the facts. Jacks. Do like. It is. Around me. So somebody missed the early nineties way to check back one pound cake like Sara Lee. I. Like some yellow cake please bear uranium was. This is an old joke at Robert Zoellick you never heard before because it's still funny okay. Robert caller now with no legs. I don't know what he called ground beef. What you call account with just odd I don't know Eileen. Call it cow with a two bikes. And don't momma. Like chicken coops only have to endorse. I don't know why do chicken coops only have two doors because of they afford it would be chicken sedans. Dana to engage horses Z. I don't know Scott what you gain horses he outplayed horse who hash tag equality. What we want. It is what do we want them. It. Data by the way it's of those users joining us we don't normally do this of this time of day we are doing terrible job Tuesday of her being sent the and so if you have a terrible joke just keep how to clean and about twenty to 980. Is Jesus make his call to discuss how does he bruised it. Why didn't lifeguards save the hippie. How wide did a lifeguard not save the hippie because he was too far out. Oh are from. It's awful that joke is really why shouldn't you play cards in the jungle and it's the one I just passed. Now why Dana. Too many cheeses. I've data calls fish without eyes. I don't know what you called his without unselfish. That is so. Bad but not as bad as this one did you hear about the guy who has thrown in jail for refusing to take a nap. I know data I didn't hear a look at what happened. He was resisting. A wrist. You're confident. I gotta. Do circumcised. I can hagee circumcised when you get for scuba divers. Reading. Did you hear about the new court repellents. Dana I did not. Hear about the corporate loans they're making headlines. Missed him that joke. Brought here and mean I know right in and out. Yes. Through the Roth and Van Halen Tex just game and waking interest trees cut dale why can you not trust trees. Because the shady. Your mom's so fat she sat in a monster truck committed to low rider. That is terrible. House of terrorism I totally wish I had a flannel joke right now. No you don't. I once witnessed an inmate escape from the local prison or as I looked closer I realized he was a midget. As he got to the top of the fence and start to scaled down. He started yelling insults at me. I thought to myself. Well that's a little con. Well. He says. Oh. Thought about that joke. Repeated. It in. Order. Room and it's okay to make fun of. Mention it's if they're escaping from prison. Apparently. I. I'm trying to find an odor. I don't know that you can beat that on I'd I don't believe he can't. David did you know you can inherit diarrhea I did not know that well apparently it runs in the Sam. Thieves is still calendar. I'd I didn't hear about that now they each got six months. And what do you call camel with no hugs they know what do you call a camel with you know this country. Cool. It. John Mayer is not feeling. Well. You're done. Brought this may have been the worst. Terror Belgium Tuesday. Well now the county where it is terrible joked Tuesday not really good joke Wednesday. But it does the slippery just country and the plan. I don't discount what is the starting increased. Oh. Dana what do you call laid bare with no teeth. I don't know what do you call apparently oddity a gummy bear. Are these are pretty red apple. Receivers one more and here. And home improvement. Here's a good one rod how to make an egg roll. And how do you make an agro you've mastered push it. Makes sense that. It's. When we get back. Leaders some apologies needed for the Christmas parade in Lawrence. Is here about this. Now this is not a terrible Tuesday. There was a pity Christmas parade in Lawrence shocker among shocker there. Insert joke where you want. There were something that appeared in the parade. That has organizers now apologize. Get to that in just a moment here and imports. Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for somebody who has an all hall is fast approaching forty your gifts right now for everyone in your list with just the click of a mouse. Get the perfect gift avoid the malls lines or crowds go to Omaha steaks dot com we've been used in Omaha steaks for years not only do we love the taste. The great variety. The incredible. Price let me tell you about Omaha steaks and how for only 4999 you can get the failing gift pack when you go to all the. Hollis stakes dot com and enter the code word parks in the search parts of savings of 75%. Off. 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Would they confederate flag design draped over the horse's saddle according to lower instrument. The young woman in the older man riding a horse and not been identified should they be they criminals. Parade organizer Marty Kennedy. But she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer what do you think in in Lawrence really parade organizer Marty Kennedy said the controversial flag. Has never appeared in the parades 25 years he met Monday with Porter army or the city's director of arts and culture. To ensure that a similar incident would not happen again. The Brady is a private event but it received about 101000 dollars for me Lawrence transient guest tax program. Kennedy says he and many others to not notice flight because the parade tracks thousands of people. Op scan her luck at the it. In Lawrence I understand it probably is ours right ice free state brewer and senator point. This nation has become hyper sensitive. To confederate stuff let me tell you something. The other day. The other day. Every year I buy my mother calendar it it's by a company Ang Langer can remember anger like whatever. And these are very. Or see calendars they go on the wall with in a frame and every thing it's very nice. And my dad used by my mom these Ang calendars. And it would always be the last gift and it was always hidden behind the couch. And we would get done what our guests and at the end of the Christmas stuff I don't there's one more gift. And who pulled the calendar out and it's my mom's mom was always in a brown paper bag. Very nondescript and it would just say on the cover to Maggie from guess who do well while sadly my dad died twenty years ago. So I picked up the mantle and I doubt do the calendar gift from my mom and I still right on the outside of the bag. To Maggie from guests who are handed to my mom and I always do the you know I mean it's kinda cheesy and I get it. But at the end week we're don't want to get some I would say there's one more gift. And like my dad used to do outreach on the couch and I applaud the bad at all. All in my hand it's my mom and she cries every year. All experts. However. This year I went to go get my mom the calendar over past and presents an 87 street. And they had. You know the calendars that she likes she likes the old fashioned. You know kind of counters. One of them was the civil war. And Kelly and I were there were looking through all the counters which Wendy's and a moment like that picture like this. And I pulled out the civil war and and I said before we flipped over when you flip it over to the back it's shows you every month that's in the calendars and you know you're get right. I said before a flip it over what he wanna bet there's confederate flag in the back. Probably. She's as nova. We flip it over. At least in three of the pictures. Is a confederate flag so in three of the months. On this Ang calendar. There are confederate flax. I didn't buy it for that reason. And I don't find the confederate flag to be offensive. But I wonder. Would people not buy this calendar. Well it's historical. Calendar would have to do is go up to the checkout counter and say. This is for. There it might be the I'm like a bull is saying. I mean. I do not understand when the tide turn on the confederate fly. When they lost. I don't know Dukes of Hazzard. I really don't understand I was aware of hide term wouldn't talk. This will go on. Garrido. I reached out. To a teacher and I am not that parent I'd heard it as skinny in my kids' teachers they do not hear from a certain point if there's a problem you know were assigned. I let my kids do their thing I swear to Moses it. But there was an assignment came home a few weeks ago and I have in the hesitate to talk about it's because when I saw assignments. Might Shaw. Hit. The all floor. So white emailed the school and I say could you just clarify day. The reasoning. Behind the assign him and we come to tell you what atlas. The explanation I was given. Does that involve a confederate it right. Just randomly tossing papers in the trash and then I see this one sheet of paper. Does belong to at anyone anyone. Moon alerted to act. He's in an email just email. Here. 5767798. Organ that story just demand and first of the newsroom here is Rebecca crack. Happening now on KM BZ Kansas City chosen for a new test market Maher next. Holidays are in full swing and it is the best time to save if you go to Nebraska furniture mart everything's on sale. They write your view wanna save money save time and do all of your shopping in one spot. The mark is where you need to go furniture flooring appliances electronics all the top brands huge selection they got the latest styles all the hottest guest. They have everything on your list tablets had phones Bluetooth speakers sound bars homes a core. 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It is a great game Kansas City I think it's the revolution. The way cities are worried apparatus during her just in similar structure fashionable some quirk. Davis hopes to have its entire global fleet connected by 2020. Jim Cunningham news on the one KM BC for metro area post offices will be open on Sundays for the next two weeks December 10 and the seventeenth. The postal services says they'll be they'll be opening branches and why although. A late son is Shawnee mission main. And the boardwalk square station and the north land from ten until two on those Sunday. Traffic and weather together next it's 531. A breezy inch. Early Tuesday evenings to make sure it does Haeger coach with the heading out as will see our temperatures cooling through the thirties to a low temperature right around thirty degrees. Buyer Wednesday morning under mostly clear sky and tomorrow be partly cloudy for the afternoon high temperature right around 46 missile Camille Little bit on the breezy side. For Thursday colder air is gonna move in. Look for high temperature right around 32 degrees. Under partly cloudy sky from German emperors are meteorologist novel Miller. Teams whether. It's 45 KC I 43 and blue springs and 44 and your official weather station. I'm Rebecca Crockett stay connected with news 981 can be seen in came easy. Dot com. What about the results of all they had pretty much yeah. Are so right keep your poems on keep the microphone on Dana has the story I have not heard this story. But all I can only imagine. Go. So I just want to reiterate I don't ever ever ever reach out to the school zone. I think the teachers are paid to do what they do their very good at what they do in an electorate. Should. It is this a sign it right before things. And the child it doesn't even matter which can it was a really does not matter girl to Matt got attention okay. And so I'm like I'm tossing papers tossed the toss and asked not to need to keep this and they say look I got a tan Imus I looked down and it says. At the top. John Brown. Was a bad bad man. It went on to say he murdered. Several people. He was a very violent man he was hand John brownie abolition emergencies. People. Who at that time. Were fighting or something for someone only considered three fifths of people. It. So you can. If you would like to recreate the look on my face when I saw this sheet of paper. Hit it was somewhere. On the continuum of horror. And not just gonna go to war. So I did after break I just email us at hey could some explain like I'm really. Not understanding walk eight. Hole. And I think I finished email with. Yeah yikes. And so got a very nice you know back. And Tuesday asked the class and this is where. Context is important. To divide in half that political. And half of the class as part of a civil war. Or civil rights discussion. Was asked to defend. John Brown. And what he did and the other half of the class was told. To explain. Why he was a horrible person. And should not have done things the way he did. And so what I heard that I was like OK because back then there were people who thought. He was praised. A violence they wanted him for treason abolitionist I got trees that hang. But I I. Rusting under Kansas history as I was I knew John Brown analyst at his new girl. Famous famous piece of art hangs indeed. Yesterday house and he was wrong yes yes so I don't pack so I don't. Remember what John Brown did other than he was fighting. To end slavery and he did believe violence was the only way to put an end to what was happen. Again that Harper's errors. And I think he killed five people needs look at Scott and I looking and it was with a machete. And some of those people did not own sites I do. Remember reading. So what I got the context of okay we're asking half the class is now at the plastic Jesus I felt about it. As long as the students understand that he was on the right side of history. And sometimes. People with the best intentions trying to change the. All hail now do that yeah yet candidate and get can't make that argument. I'd say murder is okay. Being on the right side of history does not give you permission. To break the law. I would disagree with that okay so with Malcolm X. Walked the streets of Philadelphia and hacked people to death. I would be okay idly as you are really a civil right I was disagree with a blanket statement that it does not give you the right to break the law Rosa Parks. I would disagree with you the track compare rows apart John Brown used said. That just because you're on the right side of history doesn't give you the right to break the law. When when she sat at the front of that bus took a stand now where she had. Should be every right to break city ordinance or whatever that law was. That launched the boycott that really led to the beginning of that movement. There there is a difference between a sitting in the front of a boss. And technically violating no one's rights. And standing up for yourself. And hacking people to death saying that John Brown was not on the right side of history he was his in the world hangs in our capital LLC. Your life and his supporters killed five supporters of slavery in the I don't want to me massacre of may. 1850 tricks in response to the sacking of sports correct. He then later. Letter raid at Harper's Ferry where he and his people killed seven. And we're up to 1210 more were injured. So twelve. He killed twelve people. And I'm not saying it's okay for someone to go out tonight and killed twelve people but I also thank you nice you for Clara I urge you not agree. With ace stands that he was a very bad may really Pete or kill each other during war every time there's so it's not that gives you would. Argue and by the way the only person who gets to judge and it's not even a person the only thing that gets to judge if you're on the right side of history is history. Okay let's be clear about that. And so if you think you're on the right side of history even though history has not been written. It's OK to go out and bludgeon people and hacked them to death. John. Brown Boris. At this was eighteen but he's just try to make the arguments. That bet. It's not okay to kill people for the heart right here I'm in history nine look at our rent. To Rosa Parks is a an incredible ms. Karen comparing it to war. Who no you're comparing it originally to being on the rights of history of Rosa native rose if Rosa Parks by the way no relation. Even though I am recognized by the NAACP. If Rosa Parks had gotten on that boss. And shocked a white man and kicked him out of his seat and then sat down. You would not think the same about Rosa Parks what makes her and historical. Memorable. And I would argue recognizable and deservedly so figure. Is the fact that she did it in peace. She did with out violence I have never understood and I've lived in this state. Since I was 16 years old I am never understood the fascination with John Browne I am not understood why a murderers picture. Is on. A mural at the state capital I do not understand. You've lost your idea I have not lost my mind. I this was. On the bright side. Of that. I disagree with you politically so I'm going to slaughter you. And and I am going to get my picture. On a mural and a Kansas State and you have to disagree. With every war the United States has ever read it more and not war. So it's okay if you're out orbit not if you waging your own war that is correct. That is the most ridiculous. Argument I have ever heard in my life. So if the government decides it's a worthy cause then it's OK to kill people only the government. Writing for worthy cause you're amber only the government can declare war view act on your own it is vigilante justice that is of. I refused to say he was a bad man he was 89. At. To be around there were a lot of people killing other people during that. And eat and. Deserve to be Hong you eight law into. Spain. I'm going to respectfully disagree with this sport. It. Look at all of the times. The United States has gone to war because we believe we are on the bright side it is nice to throw the revolutionary and all of the people who have die and during those conflict many of them in my am forum where would you say during the revolutionary war soldiers. Let me let me ask you this. Because and let me preface it by saying to the Victor go the spoils OK and if the United States checked that the united colonies. Had lost the revolutionary war. How would we view George Washington Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin how would be viewed now in history. Probably on favor as traders. As insurgents but that's not how that it turned out because they won. That's I I would argue Kansas one. John Brown slaughtered people. He is not a hero he is a murderer. He he was home and he deserved to be hanged John Brown believes. The only way. To end slavery was through violence. It is amazing to me that I sound like the Webber missed. It is amazed. He was avenging correct me if I'm wrong Contra sprayed in Lawrence that left the city of Florence burned to the ground so gnomes are so violence begets violence and that's okay. Are trying to say it was in a war and I'm telling you war yes it. It was a war about freedom and slavery and he slaughter of half of the entire city acts so. That's not war I don't know what is the hole did bird the brits know Leo Burton. Paper rebuild. And just at war committee. That I am the peacemaker in this debate. And you are the ones saying violence is the. And you were beaten by your master. Dana family. Was. For worst two works. And do other awful things with the slave owner would you say in that instance. That murdering a slave owner is wrong. Dana you're asking me to go back in time yeah switch I just cannot and and justify. Violence. And I will not do it. Then you have to sit here and say it's never OK to go to war. The son of career military officer who shot six times I'm it's gonna sit here I tell you war you don't use. You don't need home. I've seen. Telling you there's no difference here. That the government says one or is okay which some people agree with the summed. And this was a war in Kansas. People do horrible things during. There was no war. I disagree with you there was no to war. I can't believe. Not rot. Can just. Came in my name's Paul as you know aren't. He also helped escaped several slaves was that illegal. Was that wrong. Under the laws of the United States was the underground railroad wrong. Yet sit here in just a. Under the laws of the United States at the time it was technically. Wrong morally no technically. It's it's one thing to. Said and I see you're not supposed to it's one thing to say black people are supposed to be in town after 6 o'clock all the people should definitely coming to town after 6 o'clock. I understand. Disobedience. And breaking the law hold disobedience breaking laws that are stupid. Murdering twelve people. So much is stupid law. But if and and I'm minute Imus say is I don't there's. If he or if it's well. People had to die to stop slavery. You don't think that's justified you think the end justified that mean it's. It's fine. Because where do you draw the line at what civil issue. Just somebody says I have a grievance with my government. I disagree with the lol all of this country. And I'm going to take matters into my own hands and I am going to take life. To change. What I disagree with the that's what John Brown did it was the only how many people died during the civil or Scott. 600000 I believe. That war. Had to happen. It had to happen I'm. To get where we are today. Would you call it murder if you fought for the sour note is that murder no. People died and I know you'll say this is about states rights wasn't all about slavery and I understand that it. Was it about slavery but it was about state died. And I able EU. It needed to happen to be where we are today. I agree John Brown did not have the authority nor the right to take these things into his own hands and the fact that there is a mural to him. At the Kansas State capital I it's fine to be a mural to a murderer. Period. I find that he was avenging the deaths. Of hundreds of blaze children. And their fathers. In a city that burn to the ground obviously. And something goes wrong with your car. Service engines in light comes on like it did like her. You need to consume about his Christian Brothers and implications of Robert and I got the one and only. But they're offering a great deal for you now you want to cart in the four. 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I could be wrong and right at the same time. I don't know. I don't know hello Jonathan where I just I just know what being right sounds like Dana. They teach you that. I as ago when it was definite there that the text line you know let outside it's excellent I absolutely is Linda let. You brought that up because on the John commercial tonight we're going to be debating the 1832 nullification. Variances right whether or not true said he couldn't disobey a federal law music proposed by John C Calhoun. On the oral or LK unilaterally and up the audience who all are we can talk about the Indian remove relaxed and we've jambalaya or not I tennesseans and if you have time it's well. It talked about the if you remove elected that argument that appears well depends on whether you have time and it suits yet and I only have a three hour show so. Did it on your taxes for him or against it Andrew Jackson really lose that election. The desires of the day. Everything behind. Us grow. The you know I've been a mission over eleven years. I've debated a lot of things. Never once until tonight thanks to you. Straight out have I ever debated whether that John Brown was a murder were pouring fuel. Well he can't beat that bad because they mural. Of that. Crazy fabulous human being is hanging in our State Capitol there are a lot. Lot of murals around the country to Robert. Can't be that bad. Arthur statues. Be taken down over the country. Knows. People did not read it was on the bright side of history. It's the free state bravery and pearl's life. Grossly complete game slavery or whatever ago yeah yeah edit her house and she loses the mine. And. Right now. How hard rejuvenate the finest men and all of America the great red Babcock. My different because in Iran and skip parts of god willing we'll be back tomorrow to have a great night considered safe. Happening now on KM BZ a close call a JFK airport Maher more on that in just a minute. 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