Telemarketer to Scott Parks: "EFFFFFFFF YOU" LOLLLLLLL

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, July 11th
It happened.  Today.   Have YOU been getting more robo calls lately????

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy I can play. Time and. It's so we. Its unwillingness swing with an avenue hours of the day extremism. There about an hour. You can visit me Stephen H and amp Fleetwood Mac has just about. Yeah. Erica. So yeah Mac and just keep in touch yeah OK I'm cool. Then. I gave like a million Mike. We don't have cars today so Melissa Etheridge is coming to town you know she's a local. She's one. The forgotten. I'm from. Oh. And have a sign for me soreness. Really quick speaking of sign I'm an goes were lament on my way in today right here this involves human cry okay. There's a little sign that I never noticed before on this access for a day. And it says. Adopt this brand New. Yorkers like a month ago. We should it. It's actually ash has a piece of trash right there on the bill will get that's what you do. I assign no. You have. To get your name on the sign there's a big piece of trash right there on the hill and get hit my car I just I don't. I think I've ever seen a card drive down that hill. How much is it name comes. I think we see you just have to click. Reasoning it parks it in when you're right and right here there's no doubt some homicide wrote. Like her she's making work for you. Scott you pick. My name goes. Looking right now what does adopt a street in mission is yes how much I'm looking. And I want I want it will sit in parts Karen and Ron you are gonna. Or conducting scheduled cleanups of that so schedule eat sleep now four times a year or two years. I NC. That. The sponsors are recognized with signs located begin. Designated. Up. Part of the deal is these adopt a streak things are supposed to be like for free publicity. I. Every day you would know driving past it I got. Ice I. McClain and what do you volunteers to get. Groups make that commitment to remove litter along this section. Here. Dump their trash right there. Are. He has seen that road. Obtain Philip sign and return the dock to street application. Form. And if approved whatever. Number of volunteers. Age range of volunteers and you have to list the top three streets you'd like to adopt tough battle arena now. Ella. Assay. I would like to say this about your idea. No. And inspired Rodney hates America you know what I have enough crap in my life to do. And the least of which is not your bidding this is in Brooke I'm not gonna crash highways and you can have a damn sign I try to buy it and looked as nice and or. You can are now. You put an hour. On yeah see you see that she gets assigned is she could see it every day now we we've got it contrast ads now I don't. Phil there's one piece of paper suggests a life on the road one. I will pick up that one piece of paper Dana there's lots of Russia there there are clear brush but if he's a paper on. On the ground yet I can't clear that rush that is natural state grass. For the text and make promotional volunteer being. Trash and higher while Dana watches you will never show. Unlikely but hey if we schedule is around 1230 in the afternoon right aren't your kitchen 1230 here and your. Let's just explored the idea let's non violence. I say now a sign we can make a sign and stick it bright outside the building. And our students and for Easter com home a day and parks we'll just stick Barbara what Intel does not get him a mention on our side and on. Okay. What would you like and your sign of even your name it's gonna say data and part screws and com signed Dana and and art sign and sometimes care but not rod as he hates mother. I'm. Like that's that. Lot of verbiage. That very word got out eight and parks Kara and not ride. That. Orange vests on you rod and he wouldn't pick up trash people would think you were an inmate. Didn't think that anyway to not offer ride. He's on worked eaten. I'd be old man on furlough you know. Terrible person. I didn't say yet. At. All I gotta tell you about this phone call cut. So you know I've made sport. To take these phone calls from. God knows word Kansas. And apparently from the golf course and and so this one came into. I just hung up with Kelly in my phone. It. And it's a Kansas City, Kansas. Right I'm 13 not I and it's coming from the old mine was Bertuzzi nine minor always 913209. Minutes either case on to your whole late it's your. As I got one yesterday please do tell me. No it was four fiber. 78. And well those roll. Your credit score is not your. So anyway. So I'm getting these calls like once or twice today in. And you know I've made it a game now. To see if I can spit out the words take nationalist before they have time to hang up and paired right here was mine tell me yours was. It's K it is Kansas City, Kansas is that the same number it's this one right here five RI. So anyway Adam. I get this call from Casey Kelly I take as like credit score is not endanger. The please hold the line. And and whatever and then it's like you press one for golfers speak for the human ending. So. Because I've made a sport I press one. And this guy answers I'm clearly talking to somebody new. And let's just be up there is anything wrong not that there's anything wrong with that. But clearly. I'm on the line somebody. Eddie is. There is whatever and I go as quick as I can I go before you have time to hang up might take a blessed. And there's applause rigel while this goes asked you to. Oh so I'm sitting there. But room. Well Ed so that's just ago before I'd say less. He goes off you. All and I ago. And I'm not even had a go pick your part. And he goes I mean like you that ms. Beatty is else EU. Wow so that I don't full blown nuclear mode and I started screaming F you deep yeah. I mean I just screamed at bat were my mother would be washing my malveaux with the board super now if you heard what I said back. And he just goes but it might now hall. In any. Only hear the rest of me this and tell me without. Giving away anything personal why was this credit related it was it was credit relate and yes not my credit. Every call I have received in the lasts. Price three months and I always block the call when it comes in after comes and has been law enforcement. Related. I don't know what list I got time. And you know it's apparently line I it's not yet it it's it those scammed people that call you and say would you like to support law enforcement and like. I think he'd do. They don't we all do. You know. It's a scam and they hang up and to Scott's point is this happening in the other day during a break from him just. They hang up before. You can say take off your list sneaky little. Is that heat of the few bomb in on me in this case and did well I could leave it. And Eagles you. I wish you a tape that I saw how I just sat back and you are ago. Picture pardon. And then he just came right back Mikey minute he view. And I mean it unleashed a dragon inside of me that I have not seen in a long time and then he didn't wanna hear all of it. And I was really in all fairness that guy has been one mean to say that to a caller six months. He didn't want to hear all that means I mean I was at least. Okay listeners is not an exchange student. I am so it's always I sector guys are. Declared that it's that it. This writing in with a lot of their creative responses to. Last time I pressed one and they asked me if I would like a better interest rate I said no I would just like to know if your mom. Or I can't say. I. Oh. At. The end soon be this. Have picked up I feel like Anna or I feel now you're right if you answer one. It invites more like ants in your kitchen we just got to reports. One of the senators recently saint of the light. Four point one billion calls in the first six months. Plus a long negatively I thought you won a loud as you do with the problem Mississippi. You scammer and other countries that are calling. Some visas. Make this a topic fine I've 76779. At Omega topic. By the way and I'm gonna take that line from that taxer. And a series. Did your mom like get him out. All. That's just that at. All. Jobs are certain it. Don't think kind of stupid question. And you get another effort pomp and left. Ever even thought about getting aid general homes standby generator for your home now is the time to do it call my guys at CMOs. And son. Did you know that. The power grid right now as you can imagine as hot as it is outside. Is stretched to limit and sometimes because of that DC power outages sometimes because of the storm rolled through we C power outages. If you get yourself a generator from guys CMOs and so on you don't have to worry about any of that because. Your power will be on it will stay on during a storm no matter what. You can buy your neighbors over there sat in the dark because you won't be at CMOs and son. 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He made a sport out of it he thought it was hilarious and they would get excited and say OK what can you wire it you don't know my brother in Christ. I can't wire that if you would slide Kansas City activate give it to you as you get him all the way to work here and then just drop them like how rock. But it. It's an old Kurt. I. Fair point our deployments for him to Tom and Lance hello Tom. Every hour do want to thank. And by the way I am seeing your picture or how old guy. That is not mean. Some of the guy with numbers that. Aren't aren't. You have Richard Marx. You know anyway I tell you guys are. Around since I happen to Hawaii and spent many your Mac aren't. When people call me just being German and ever call back in usually tight spot. Orders. Well although although they save up to you. Got built at. You know you hear it quite frequently about speak about language don't. Erica you'll hear like bombs mortar. They don't know aren't because. These jail without Albert. No I in fact I called the number back it's funny mention that Tom. I'd call number back. And it was just some other guy who said hey it's bill I camera's name. But he's arcades bill I am not able to come of the phone right now because lead to mass search their fishing. Or scamming. A number coming in is not really the number you can but how. Able to put a number up on your phone these these are actually belongs to somebody else it's scrambled I think. Liked our ball. Number. It should not real number. But that I think don't want to hear this guy in Germany. So all about cholesterol and Eric. There was somebody that there. Are a number eight included in this list of numbers call. And I'm all in all this car dealership selling. Those Albert or adjuster. They never did. And I kept in the customers this is not illusion that. They kept calling back so our guys are they don't buy. It. People probably serious our car and they sure. Our brother. I've 7677. Two more vehicles or comments just a moment. I have not figured out. How this started. I figured out when it started when about three months ago he started getting these calls these telemarketer calls on your phone. Nothing in your credit score is not in jeopardy but we can fix it for what you fixing it it's not just I don't. All know as I got sent in New Delhi and the guy told me to go after mice. Scott the next time that happens we have to figure out how to take that conversation. We actually have to figure that out I just try someone in India is not going to sue you for taping the call when he's throwing F bombs on you. There has to be away when your talk and tell me on the text line. When you are talking on the phone is there a way to record what's being said we have apps on our phones in the newsroom okay. I need you to tell me we need to put that on Scots something that is the feeling is gonna get it all it can. And I want to hear that exchange so badly I almost think you should goad them into. Saying something awful. Tried all I said was before you have time to hang up but just wanna say don't call me yet. Ask you. I beg your pardon. After you. Man I am east. Horrible human being become. They're not supposed to be that mean. News anchor marks I the president is coming to town for a fund raiser later this smile more next. I called my guys at the plumbing brown. So he got remember Dana's plumber dot com Dana's plumber dot com it's the easiest website to remember and if you have a big whopper. Of something going wrong in your front yard may be the drain lines from the street to your door may be the sewer line from your street to the door. Now is the time to call my guys at the plumbing broke they will come out to the same. Day free testament same day free estimate and that is an emergency repair they get it. 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Go to Dana's plumber dot com Dana's plumber dot com. 31 in Kansas City from a KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our president Donald Trump building in the Kansas City area for a fund raiser for Josh calling on July 24. The cast Kenny GOP has the invitation and or website. The once and isn't she put a thousand dollars a person just to get in and if he won a photo with the president be prepared to shell out 101000 dollars per couple. A number of Twitter followers she would have may start to drop today we're. Are announcing it's taking action against unused or possibly fake accounts and will begin removing accounts that have been mocked for any number of reasons this Twitter tries to increase confidence in follower numbers those lock the council disappear. On average users are expected to lose about four followers each heavily followed Twitter users will likely lose more. ABC's Alex Stone we'll check traffic and weather together next. 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Heat advisories still up from the National Weather Service or look at this prolonged period of hot and Nike weather here folks is to be lasting history to the weekend. Hazy sunshine for the rest of today are high temperatures are soaring well into the mid you upper nineties of course heat index values are gonna be much higher approaching 105. Tonight are clearly a mid seventies sunny hot humid at fort tomorrow the high upper nineties close to 95 on Friday with a good deal of sun. I'm staff meteorologists are different era more KE NBC weather. It's 97 aren't aren't TCI is 95 in blue springs. 95 at your official weather station he'll wave contain KM BZ with viewers the radio dot com map downloaded sang listened to us any time anywhere. Kara marks or news 981 KM BZ. Jack right. Does that help. Outside of his are really playing someone burden on the sex line that there's an app and it's free several weeks of this have to happen in the next week. And it's called a CR and I've downloaded it. Iman it you call my phone now yeah just do it because I wanna see and it says this is how you record incoming call we've got to have this in place. Got it right on my home screen. OK so I'm going to accept. Hello. Guys standby. I'm hitting work. Horror and I'm not gonna tell you. K. There we get report card by now reverted to implement well whenever you got to act like you're not you know and he got it going on. Well I have special deal for you regarding your credit score. Can you tell me more about that deal. A fuel. OK it's not recording emanates heat out Erica this is why don't add apps my phone I don't work. It says in accordance. Beaten. To. Trade him now do one more time. Yeah this stuff doesn't want it should be easier the steps should be idiot for OK so I accept your call. Hi I have special treat for you for your. Accent you not to. Cures and rubble stop it says the queen of accidents. And. And I'll I'll still don't mind boggling to just get. To neutral in eagle at myself when I'm. Yeah. Mine it's. This is rod so during the break she goes give me your phone America update them and update your phone with a zap that do you do you think for a second animus on over. No I don't need these useless apps on my ground except call. Oh tap home. Open call reporter tapped record okay. That's one more now it's just I won't let him record how drugs that it does. Please can you tell more about it helping law enforcement. She is giving cassette recorder reform aspire some amendments to add the golfing trip to best buy I now. That match and record your phone call to do with it if they say. Like you yes. She once and for show slaughter. I wanna play it on the air if he calls you back I can tell you what he said. It's funnier if we hear is that if you. And I said I beg your pardon and he has EU. And then the dragon in me came out and I said horrible things that I cannot repeat on the open Paul Opel. Are you lose the ball. Are you guys on your show. All the time. Thank you. So I'll try to make my story is quickest possible or. Two years ago. But I knew that you university that hole 1020 you've got a problem with your computer. So I would. And I got a lot of on that particular week and I was very annoyed but. I have no let alone it's time. So I did you know you're criminal. It in there or national okay. What country I don't know I don't care. Our total what did your criminal. I'm not gonna talk you and then on the well about three to five minutes later this thing number popped out. But I didn't answer and I letting Google me. Indiana opened the voice mail and the same voice and I was talking where. How come here and I will kill you. Chile's. Yes yes ma'am I'm telling the guy who. Idea are called the number right and I did not sing more. And I told the doom and on the other end. I think you are more than welcome to come here and why because I will open the door or use and we will take care of business. Now I had this guy. We recorded. And I took it to end under your belt and I took it to the local police depart much and I played oral. And of course I knew the local. Police department couldn't do anything where it'd. Nobody's gonna do anything minute but today downpayment and they took a report. But. I didn't receive any more of the call for. At least every received some sense. On on that again about computers lying down on my new owners have. Been able number but. Yeah I you know I haven't been mean to them I usually just kind of string them along and tell them. I'm older I don't have a computer and I'm not literate and. You know that sort of thing. Everybody doing. I came in late in the game that I don't want to repeat it listed earlier but I don't think so. Unbelievable of this cold today. But. When you answer it in especially when you go and pushed never beat them removed from the list. That makes it worse in the long run and I've read that recently that makes it that you have developed in the number and they just keep calling. It's been months since it is hard it is to not want to tell them what you told them. Or or street wrong. It makes it worse but we're blessed. I definitely for a night and I would just try to keep them at that time it just try to keep on the phone especially when they called about the fixing your computer and then I would say we're I think they're called from Microsoft and apple world you have apple we have some Micanopy example and then. It goes on from there. The latest window. I I have to do it and that the guy qualities and is that it was thickens could be. And I just go honey I'm calling about the computer. And his wife has been in the room and an room. And just kind of keeping him for awhile and then it will go to this system that can be pushed its. After the which I'm doing now I think and I think he's he says that wouldn't say I think it is so that would do you think. Imus. Blank stupid as you look. And would decency in the cities necklace that and he told me that you. It's just it's amazing that so who the other day I picked up a device that supposedly blocked call. And you can Brock or you can allow of course you can wait list of blacklist him and do all kinds of things that trouble was that the numbers change. And the numbers are always different. The greatest swimmers one night on the power due to my name in my number. And he. And that that comfort me but that was just a duplicate. Laura why would you call you. Well I could talk to myself you're like news. He. You did it finally. That any of this these call blocking devices that are. Did they hold 5000 numbers but that's it you know indebted you've got to do a couple things each time I think. When you're horrible idea probably just pass a law. The says these morons can't call me at 50% of the time it's it's tough saline it's to raise my student loan debt. I don't have a student. Won't you really have to ask why they won't pass a law. You really have to ask why yes outlaw outlet near here that's only telemarketing lobby right now well. And it is enormous. It is enormous got. Those telemarketing companies. Gives money. To our elected leader that lie. Why are they wasting their time calling need to forgive my student loan debt. When I don't have a student loan I mean were they getting my number I don't have 1201. Out of every hundred calls will will yield some sort of result either someone who's confused. Elderly easily taken advantage or board. And only needs one. I'm bored so I take these schools. And then I get told to go after myself and I don't think that's an X. In Pittsburgh. Mike in Greenwood hello Mike. Yeah I yelled. Well I've got a couple warrior got along on our call. In the settlement omitted an all out strong I'm gonna go to jail as well I'm sure I'll update my track and I just try to ought to let. Look at Agilent is some sort of ID fraud or something and check. And it is not what you'd you'd have thought all sort of ugly on the news we have really are. And it was you know drop that you have bombs and well that would come here out on Cuban jail to do that you want it but you know I worked there are banged up on. So I call him a white car I'll hang up on you hung up on me again and called on. He blocked by now. Well you've got a call from someone trying to buy it loan approved some stupid paid it'll. Hurt and I get a call that was. One name. I said the audit put in the world actually talk to your supervisor. For the got it about your packet in the same guy on the board. I think I'm an it person ought computers are out here. Anyway bottom and get back on there and got it did necessary. The fan got. We hang up bomb like called back and he has a different name the company after block that you were Americans. Are your company. I got a leading up on the budget all in Iowa you can hang out on the and are knocking off number. Well listen to this you know the national do not call registry. Created enough 03 there are 200 service from my illness or now there were two there 230 million numbers on that registry and yet the FTC receives 191000. Complaints every. Day. From list members who are still being call. There is a battle being waged over the in the vial low ability. Of our telephone numbers or the right not to be bothered. There is a robot army out there's assess and every time someone tries to shut them down. Another one springs back up and they are paying these people's cash you can make a meant being one of the people. Making the calls. Harassing people. 76779. Hey it is Scott parks and you know it AT&T more for your thing. That's our thing. Like finding the latest must have tacked to enjoy all of your entertainment anywhere or a camera that let you capture all your adventurous moments guess what. You'd need to head to your local AT&T and check out the new LGV 35. Theme Q. And find out how you can get a Smartphone for your favorite person on AT&T. On top of that you can also get 400 dollars in credits when you buy an LGV 35 thing Q. And trading year olds will Smartphone and visit your local AT&T store today. And the AT&T raps can show you the nearly edge to edge screen that let you enjoy an immersive viewing experience at all the other technology. In the new LGV 35 thing Q Smartphone. Your life smarter. Head to your local AT&T. And what that knowledgeable sales reps show you. Everything about the new LGV 35 and find out how you can get a Smartphone on AT&T and get 400 dollars in credit. Limited time LG offer must activate eligible service minimum twenty dollar trade in value required. Get instant credit or promo card activation fee and other charges and restrictions apply see the store for details. That it can come. This is. Yeah. No one. And okay. I've ever. If you've never had a chance to give his right. It is one of the most heartfelt and heart wrenching writings. I've ever it. Carry out. I've 76779. I'm Mike in Kansas City hello Mike. Rock summit. Well my my solution they can read this about three months ago something just told me about it. And outfit called at least once they've from some urgent foreign. Pharmaceutical company here and it was everyday. So I've finally. When I say hello start on iPods stop on the tracks as you do realize you can't city police department fraud division and they would hang up immediately. Who. They'll hang up on you always say is the don't call me anymore because as long as they don't tactically here. They yeah on the back. You know what though I have not gotten. Maybe you or what actually now. Believe it or not knows Norstrom and and the fact that so it's from the same people sort pharmaceutical company you know as. Obviously somebody that was from India or Pakistan or you know one vote on countries but you double anorexic but anyway I've got but he and. I meant I do appreciate the call it's good to Bob in the north land held up. Thought oh. Or don't call first time listener. The reason that they do it is just the sure volume. And Jong quote the end quote cooking need a car in Mumbai. Is getting paid by volume. He's getting paid her Cole were for sale. Oh. So if you keep him on the phone for a long time newsmen. Were you what I try to do. Smart man see now if I wanna do that has the other kollar said the longer you talk to them the word sure making it. You guardians of the coal. Note here that they've got a real person. Now. I mean my biggest mistake was answering the first. Because once they know they've got a live person on the program. A system that works right. It's got a fax machine answers and wherever you're writing in economy and just like interest drives me nuts and why. Not one member of congress. Kevin Yoder. I guarantee you it's because they don't have money from these people hasn't come forward and said you know what. I'm gonna put a stop office this is aggravating everybody in my district. What. It's act here's what's interesting I'll give you this it's aggravating everyone I don't care what city live and what town what state. So you're right in that. Congress should have ammunition to say. We're not gonna take your money it's not like something that would be controversial Scott like gun control. I ask 1000 people do you enjoy telemarketing calls. No one is going to say yes please keep calling. And you know it's is the word unscrupulous. Right is that the right word group that's fair. These people and I don't and I do mean that derogatory leaked these people. Are calling you'd trying to sell you whatever and eighties student loan debt which Albanian. Credit is sort of matter your credit card is fine don't hang up whatever. If they were above all. They wouldn't need to use a phone number I kid you not. From Williams. Williams town cans. Which is a small town of about 400 people in Franklin count. Southwest of Ottawa. If they above board they wouldn't have to use a phone number from that town. If they above board they wouldn't be calling me from New Delhi India telling me to go left myself with a phone number from Casey. What congressman cleaver. Omar. Can't get behind a bill that says cut it out quick and knowing people you're wasting their time. Scott doesn't have a student loan order graves. Scott doesn't have a problem with his current leave him alone. My government is only there to protect me from EU. And you are driving me nuts. Mine in my business 12 o'clock in the afternoon some diamond tells the optimize. Cell. At jerk. Have yourself a blessed day. Newsroom term. Happening now in can be easy to vice president says there are no plans to get rid of ice that's next. Hey if you are sick and tired in the main course in your own backyard you don't have to be in constant battle with mosquitoes called mosquito show I wasn't gonna let those annoying mosquitoes ticks fleas take anything away. From our summer it's ice scheduled treatment with mosquito gem. I'm at the owner David his father dale you're gonna love these guys. I can see what they get so many positive reviews mosquito just technicians are trained mosquito control experts the customize each treatment to your art. It's convenient effective affordable and your satisfaction is there guarantee. Party your barbecue if you have an outdoor event an outdoor wedding. You wanna remember those for the good times not the mosquitoes have them come out and schedule a treatment for you Wear dark pull it 55 ask a joke. 85 I'd ask Joseph my pet owners ask about that flee into treatment. Online skeeter does not come as skeeter Joseph dot com with mosquito jam outside is fun again. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.