Teacher forces student to stand for the Pledge...

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Thursday, February 15th
The Supreme Court ruled on this matter in 1943.

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. When it's time. Loses little. Adding guns in need. He's very. Tell us. Standing. Let me turn. It's paying. Zambrano here. This past and in scenes of one somebody Carnegie. It was you know it's blasphemy for some of you. Brian Epstein was the manager. Of The Beatles covers basically their father. He was the one who recognized. That the talent and that band was all Paula Zahn mostly Paul. But he made them signed the deal that said if either one of them wrote a song it was released as McCartney Lennon. Because he knew. That John would throw fits stomp his feet leave the bay and because he wasn't as down to this fall and John was a big whiny bitch. Well again. When Paul McCartney wrote yesterday. And it was him it was just Paul is Paul on the guitar his song his lyrics him on stage no one else. And they were like you know we should releases as Paul McCartney's as you do that John leaves a man. You'll know Brian Epstein knew John was a whiny little. In secure. A bad word. And gas and needed to be baby sat. Hell of a thousand man but yet total whiny little. Yeah. You know early yesterday by The Beatles with the lyrics on YouTube and you get crap. Do you. Yes today. That's all old apartment problem I did so not only did it live everybody left the states but Paul. Tortures and stop playing the guitar that's all that's all well and what's funny is there's videos. The ban comes back on stage in John when he goes ladies and gentlemen Ringo Starr. Oh. I saw this story yesterday on Good Morning America and it warms my heart institute New Orleans or who warmed my heart. This is out of there's the frequencies which were arkansas' our Little Rock, Arkansas. Man by the name of Trenton Lewis and his legs would take every day work at UPS. And heard earlier this story and accurate. News at home because Trenton Lewis. Was a young man devoted to provide for his family. But had no call. And he would walk five and a half miles every morning. To be at UPS center where he worked at 4 AM. He would leave at midnight. It was a four hour walk. And man he would do is eight hour shift. And walk four hours back home. Sixteen hours a day he was either working or walking doesn't it make you feel like you can help our ever. Complain about your job ever five and a half hours each way. Since what. Fifteen. Miles yes. Average talking about illegal it was eleven miles. Now he would leave at midnight to get to work at 4 AM. He never told anybody at work. If somebody finally found out. Cintron hit him was he walking up and a going on and on the car where you mean which element live on the other side of red rock. His entire. UPS. Plants got together. Raise money even people who never met him or knew who he was. Chipped in. They bought him a car that is fair and Atlantic and and they did it so that he could drive to work in. Less than twenty minutes. And spend time with his kids. In the morning and time that grant that's fantastic. And. I haven't the Albion lawsuit. What's going on there so well being changed their policy. They used to do lifetime returns you could. If their products fell apart you can return it. Regardless of how long are you about it regardless of the condition it was and got. And then they decided last week that they were not going to do it any longer but you had to have one year with proof of purchase and they would again you can get a brainy I'd. And menace sued saying Hillary's a bought LB in the first place was because they had their lifetime guarantees. Now look. What is the outside. Ram an error. I'll wind you should be able to return clothing or footwear well and LB was saying look we get people who literally have Warren. This stuff until it right dead and there's a reason I'm asking when if it is a shirt or let's let's say a pair of it's. We had. You would get on Lionel Tate back to face the attic and on ought to bear that is not as an example that is not what I'm talking about Tacoma and Scott. I wanna know. What is the outside. Parameter of being able to return something you have war. And the new one warrant you've worn one month. What the white shoes from white shoes what if it's a wedding dress him. And you don't get married. Hecht the world Dana just said where it year the. Prom dress cost 400 dollars but only wants. For a couple hours and then it was balled up in the backseat. Here's Lance can. I've got a pair of minority engine. Based bits. Sir like thirteen years ago. I mean ol' wildly out it was back during the don't go outside the snowstorm I was standing outside in the snowstorm like an idea. So I bought an actual good pair of North Face bits. I mean. It's just I if it does foods for longer than my youngest son has been honestly. And this is the year when I put them on to go out in the snow hit so hard rubber part of the top of the due. To. All I heard a click click like it was. It was the plastic has it. All so I did tweet. North race. And I said these are my favorite all time I do nothing but were adamant when it's now or. She and it's. And I would never take those boots. On less. They came with a lifetime guarantee. Know some products do and these that some products when you buy them come with eight lifetime guarantee ask you this. I you'd tweet north race was in the hole. That they send you a pair moves are Fareed I tell end the scenes lasted. Well occur and two of my children have been alive. Why can't tweak each lie. I've tried it can apply anymore I thought this model yeah. And here I sit face. I want keys that's back in. Your seat 200 dollar. War mom the model. I want my thirteen year old hard plastic northeast. Us. And anymore why am extra for you couldn't find the top. Hence why we north race. It because it's. I. Wanted the same pair Cirque. 2000 and you were hoping against. Anymore. With myself and I am I'm oust. Then you were hoping against hope. Is that matters. You were hoping against hope. That they had an old pair urges lying around in a house I well. And it. And they might say it's your lucky day we just so happened to have one pair left in the yes in my right. Well they didn't. And I'm just saying I read you like a book. You were hoping that they would have appeared just laying around I would've bought them and that they would send it to you for. I would purchased. Gladly. East saint hair mean to people. Is to me. And Ametek scientists are eating you never know then. Ducked. You don't lol yeah I thought about it because it's on the top of the like texture underneath is still intact it's just the plastic it's cracked so you're gonna Wear duct tape on your shoot. Out. From speak. You are crazy I've. 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Is parks. Story here. Jones was. A column bottling great. Bruins. A Colorado middle school teacher now faces child abuse charges after allegedly forcing a student to stand that. During the pledge of allegiance earlier this month. Karen Smith who was a PE teacher. And divide middle school was also charged on Tuesday with third degree assault. The mafia police department in Colorado said Smith grabbed a male student by his jacket. Lifted him to his feet and removed him from the classroom on February 1. Boulder valley school district spokesman Randy barbers said district policy allows students to stand orcas. For the pledge. Smith by the way is a twenty year employee of the school district should have been there along them. She was placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the police. Investigation. I think third degree assault. I think child abuse. Is they stretch of the actual crimes. And I do not think a child should be forced to stand for the pledge of allegiance. Isn't North Korea notes. Is youth physically lay hands on some one. That can be considered. Can't be considered bad have a better idea that this trend is huge to just say an. She picked the kid up by his jacket and removed him from. You know back in the sixties or seventies or probably even early eighties. That was called we Monday we wouldn't even be hearing about we were not but you cannot do that today you can't you can't duct tape a child to a chair. You can't yeah. In a closet but you couldn't do that back alleys for those stores all the time teacher is upset at the student is being generally. To teach him a lesson deducted the child check that's. Sort of considered. Battery. I wouldn't go as far as kidnapping but that's sort of considered battery. Kids ought to be forced to stand for the plight now I know I think there are people who would say they showed. You know you always said just because. You have the right doesn't make it right and I would argue with the pledge that's that's. That would fall under that category I've also set with a high school games you've had heard that you have to write to sit down during the pledge doesn't make it right for you to do that. Okay somebody's been with some of the show a little too long Scott if you spit on someone that is third degree assault. I agree I spit on a kid that's when I got paddled to mrs. Wilkinson squads. Because I spent on him but it kid should be forced to stand. For the pledge of allegiance not listen. Full disclosure I would be very disappointed. In my child she looks like everyone's sleep you've ever now. I mean this like she looks a little nose jobs since she's into it but I'm trying to describe she looks like every. Sixty year old. Teacher you have ever had in your life. Sure it gets out of 76779. I would be disappointed my child. If for whatever reason they decided not to stand for the pledge of allegiance. But does the school have the right to force a child to stay for the pledge. The case of west Virginia state board of Ed verses Barnett. Was. Brought to the Supreme Court in 1943. Was that this Kara. The Supreme Court found that the free speech clause of the First Amendment prohibits. Public schools from forcing students to salute the American flag and say the pledge. So this is establish law. Beginning in 1943. During the middle of World War II. The Supreme Court ruled you cannot during the height of patriotism rob rob Erica. You cannot force kids to stand for the pledge I 7677. Donate to the news or Kara marks. Sheriff and Florida giving an update on yesterday's school massacre and we'll have more next. Write your foresee in those and son and we have a rare and nice day today but coliseum those and son. Winners not over and then after winner we got spring thunderstorms rolling through and if you have ever thought about getting a top of the line Jenner rack homes standby generator. 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Metal medical Examiner's office and right now medical Examiner's. Is doing a thorough investigation as I said before. You we want her released. The victims and their families. We understand that the sound of tomorrow and we're very cognizant of that. The sheriff says the suspect Nicholas cruised targeted for classrooms the suspect made his first court appearance today charged with premeditated murder he's being held without bail. The Missouri house has passed a bill that shorten the length of time you can claim unemployment the bill reduces benefits to a maximum thirteen weeks when unemployment numbers are below 6%. That's seven weeks less than what the lab now the legislation goes to the senate. Traffic and weather together next. And right here for Christian Brothers on him in that light is on near term the service engine soon light or maybe you got a radiator leak in or you need an oil chains like my husband a couple of weeks ago. Go to Christian Brothers automotive. 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And the center of colder air moves and to keep temperatures way down to about 24 degrees by tomorrow morning well caller partly to mostly sunny in the afternoon. But the sun won't help the temperature much at all are high only 38 degrees yes that is below normal for this time of year. From channel nine I'm first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. If you three came CI it's 56 and only have 56 of your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. We're not going to talk about these mass shooting him. Because is so important men because we don't care. Because we do and it is. Mundane and parks spent four hours yesterday talking about dead kids. And I can't do it today. So if you're looking for information about what happened by the way pleading guilty or a confessed today. If you're looking for information about what happened in Florida yesterday. There are a mountain of sources you can go to this is just not going to be one of them. I'd rather tell fart jokes and talk about anything but. 'cause I can't talk about Dick kids anymore. I'm not going to. We're talking about a teacher in Colorado who forced a youngster to a site and can't. For the pledge of allegiance. Pat anger Mayan middle school. Teacher twenty year veteran. Of these district. Grabbed the board by his jacket stood him up and then marched him out of the classroom. I actually don't have a problem with the way that she disciplined him ever promised to whip the width why she disciplined him. The kid wants to sit down for the pledge of allegiance. Com. Not cool that. But I don't think it's food school's business to force shoot him. Pledge allegiance to a flag. What if you're not American. I 767798. Mark among one market. I meant. I can't comment ala administrator in the O Larry and you cannot or Serbs believe that it got back. Law. What great you like in the administration or do you work in a school without giving too much ways you know and it tribal. High school administrator. In the high school in Missouri do they still do the pledge of allegiance. Dave. I. That you cannot force them to do. Up or listen in the tropic bad weather partly due to. Yeah. International and their enforcement patriotic back. You do the national at the maker sporting events. Every time. And can you force the athletes. To know stamp for the National Anthem now. Would a coach getting in trouble let's say for example. The of basketball team look at. And you have a player who's an average player probably. For sky off the bench. And he doesn't stand for the National Anthem. Can a coach not play him. Technically not player but it wouldn't look good. He couldn't say the reason he's not playing is because he's an outstanding from the national and correct. Kirk OK and mark thank you for the comment I like to thank thank Andersen current. What can you force kids to do. Must. I think you need to we. Consider the work force to look at the opposite way. I think schools have more latitude to prevent. Behavior. Than they do to force behavior renewed. You have the latitude to prevent a student from being disruptive. You have the latitude to prevent a student. From. Acting violently or in appropriately in class. I don't know that you have a longer list. When it comes to forcing them. To do fill in the blank who. I think you have the authority to stop bad behavior more so than you have the authority to force good behavior a cut our Susan. Ron it is about the rooms rinsing cold like two year were on the year hello. I go ahead. I got it. Who's doing it. At half. It's tests. To. And it. The second I heard music playing in the background might not listener. I'm one year on the year hello line one. I go ahead. I am I injured pinky are a lot of here. And I think a lot of probably today society then nobody held accountable for any. Should cap the red flag there in America. Just like you pick up our country. Ye can I'd die their tradition. Well there was this one time I was living in dues of I met her through where. Oh. Why aren't aren't always tell you about it back in the eighties and lived in Germany was in Heidelberg and Jews. We never had to stand for the German National Anthem. That the problem with our country. Can't get too many joint. Why. I am sorry if they have too many choices in life. When their kids not as a doll like an adult here. When it's not admit that they don't. Have all seen. And they got a job there like the rule. He liked everything about your job and everybody is. And bottom line in America. Well but some people caller would argue that the fact that worked in America. Is the very reason we can't force them to do that thing right. If there are it is re yet I tell it goes deeper than just a the pledge of allegiance nationally and. So you think in America we should be in essence at least would children. And I'm gonna use the word force here but forced patriotism. Porting nature and it was when it was. Eddie Schilling back to the country that you live. Schilling back. For the country that the people ballpark worker pay their taxes prevent it in that school there is no respect anymore. Our respect for property in that respect light their respective parent. I mean we're going to control. Our call drew Persia. I I hear this all the time. And I think it remind and I said this yesterday in the show. So forgive me for humans often. Lead entering into of the board. Like it or we live. In an Arab today not unlike the error that our parents lived and where but then the current generation is awful yeah. Our parents thought we were awful corrects their parents thought they were all awful threat and I. I don't believe that the current generation is awful. Do they do things that we didn't do quite syrup their phones all day that I am coin or right that's kind of waste our if whatever. Column. But I think it has become trendy not become trendy it is trendy and always has been. For the current generation to say her for the previous generations say that the current generation is screwed while gold held a hand basket and it's not true. But the platitudes with all due respect Kohler. The platitudes the back caller just dropped on us. Nobody respects parents anymore that's not true. That's simply not true and neither. That nobody has respect for the country anymore. That's not true. I I think that is sort of the line at that a segment. Politically. They political segment of this country wants you to believe that we're going to held him bask journalists we get it fixed and turn around. That if we don't turn everything around we're gonna go to hell. It's not sure what around it's it's not true we we are a better nation today than we were thirty years ago. We're a better nation today that we were sixty years ago do we have problems god knows we do. It was demonstrated yesterday. We have problems in this country but we are a better country today. Than we were in 1955. Now Whitman's got. 1955. People respected their parents they respected him. Went to work and mom stayed home yeah I guess what black people could mean the restaurants either. Mike people had to take a test to see if they could vote. You know I I it's been awhile since I've told you run don't walk. But there is a new PBS. Series. Hosted by Ann Curry and I never been a huge injury fans guy. Run do not walk it is a new and curry peace through on reuniting. People okay. Who. During major events in history. Were together at that time it's called we'll meet again we'll meet again. And I think this weeks features a 9/11 survivor. Firefighter I believe. And one of the people he saved. And so she takes these major events in history and brings back together. People who knew each other during that time. And one of the things I think it is so easy for us to forget as a country and should never forget it. He is an episode a couple weeks ago was about a young girl age five who is a Japanese Americans during world works do. And she and her family were essentially legally kidnapped. During the war and forced into an interment camps it bore your American Scott. And at the end of this will meet again and curry reunites that. Then a five year old girl with the only classmate who was kind terror. And they meet as eighty year old women and and I'm telling you that you needed to mock me up off that floor. It was so sweet and I was crying like an idiot. And the lesson is kindness. Laughs. That this little early age five was kind to me. And 75 years later I don't have a need. To thank her for being nice. I said Chris that we forget. How awful. That period in time lines. We kidnapped a 150000. Americans. And put them in camps and a sorry luster business so are you lost your house sorry luster family so. Was that greatest generation. I think in any way you are in many ways yes but can you imagine us around and up a 150000. Arabs Arabs Muslims. And saying we are going to put you out in the middle of nowhere. And you're not allowed to leave because of the way you look. Yeah service is I agree he's got however do you think high school senior boys could go fight and win a World War II right now. I don't know but I do know this. That after September 11 2001. I sat back and did nothing and watched a lot of high school boys sign up and go fight a war. In the Middle East. And win it the problems this country is we don't know when to declare victory they want in Iraq and Afghanistan. They want. And I sat and watched as a bunch of high school seniors went and fought. And more than we do start. 576779. It. Write your four sealed once Casey had given the call we have a very rare nice day today and they will come out and do your offense Jordan decks they will. Permanently seal and use that. Permanent polymer decorative coating on your garage floor as well. And we love that rust or they can and ended Garza. A month and a half two months ago. Is a non slip texture comes in a variety of cool colors are gonna love the way it works and looks. And it just makes everything look nicer and easier when it's Eleanor ran out. Call sealed once Casey now mentioned thing your still gonna get 20% off. 81694239278169423927. Or go to seal once Casey dot com reminder into Dana still gonna get that 20% off sealed once Casey. Dot com. Barone his. It's its share of ram for me. She threw. Round. Raddatz groomed. He says there. If that game. She says. They won't he gave me back. We we need to do. And we need to do a better job in this country of reminding ourselves. Where we were. Where we've come from. And where week. I have land at. Somebody wrote me a minute ago assuring us from Dana and my response. From some parks are you seriously. Considering the morality of America in the 1950s. To the morality of American today suggesting. Through the text. That America was much more moral. Back in the 1950s. And to which I wrote back. Are you seriously considering the morality of American in 1950s morality American today. In the 1950s. Black people had to eat in different restaurants and drink from different water problems. To which the person wrote back you're right it was a rough time for African American people back that I agree. But as unfair as it was it was separate but equal. I was reading. Set. It all not exactly causing brutal harm like a mental state of our youth today. America has problems today that text should scare. Every single his music can't be shocked how many I've received like it wasn't that bad okay it wasn't that kind of lets say it was Yule. America was not separate but equal. The Supreme Court ruled. Street just well but we cannot look back on our past. He's being asked a appliances Hebron but we all have a water fountain view of water. Totally equal we've got RS you go. In your neighborhood somewhere. You can buy a house but not him we. Richard you could right on the bias. You consistent he packed it. Which is amazing to me because where the cool kids that now on the squeeze that back then you sit back. I Don in Belton hello Don. I go back there because there is another but I thought it was but it. Does it had not seen in the suddenly outraged and want so the witnesses and not about orbit. For the president what Simon has that are. We're not not wanting and. How old breed on at the time. Port input. Port without. You know people in the it. But in the country. And our order. Oil. Do. A dark and oil is the you know there was as there always in. That are there or use. A lot of oil. Yeah whatever you have a property the flag was if he you know every other people there are good at it I'm older than absolutely. And real. Don we got into the news are you still Jehovah's Witnesses. They're lifestyle so that there. Are purple or. Our board and take a call. It's in the newsroom here as Caremark are having I KM BZ the FBI scouring social media for clues about the shooter mean yesterday's massacre we'll have more next. And right here for lightning landscape and irrigation and think about it irrigation. I always wonder how come everyone else screen fabulously on all year round even in August and ours was getting brown it's irrigation we never had an irrigation system. Lightening landscaping irrigation came out and change that they will also fix or repair your aging irrigation system. If you have one that's not working quite right and these Smart sprinkler systems are amazing. We have a setting on ours that it will build it will understand when it's raining. 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