Talking about Florence, and we don't mean Henderson.

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Tuesday, September 11th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. Open. Yeah. It's. And yeah. It was snapped in the grocery store and might have been there are certain putt snapped immigrant just back from things that snapped. No against yeah us resolves to its. Smacked in the grocery store. Yeah so apparently can get charged if you do that especial an employee a role that. Are woman in eastern. Ohio she worked at Giant Eagle grocery store. Was eating between. Three and five slices of ham nearly every day for eight years while she has been charged where us. Felony theft because all of that had added up to about 9200. Dollar purse worth of product the chat. Up. The path. Now while. About the why do you jurors mr. McNamee. Days. Acting. Which are brows got his new edition of in Kansas City magazine. That could take pictures with it again. How often. And yes. In Kansas City magazine Kansas City and now in Kansas City Hall either on FaceBook and a couple of shameless. It's all well. Here's something. There is a the official. Thing called patriot day. Earnest today it was on the calendar problem is yes acts and it's so it's it's not exactly a holiday. But it is a day that is marked. Now a bill went through. Back in October 2001. Having the president designates September 11 a features patriot day. And since then everybody that has been president has designated today officially in a proclamation. As patriot day and it is not the color is its. It's like Pearl Harbor day on December 7 you don't take the day all right it's a damn it why Barkley in history and quite frankly. And I'm not trying to beat. A jerk about this and for the first person that says you heard juror because you're saying that world moving on from. September 11 then we don't honor the way that we did say ten years ago let me ask you something what do you do on Memorial Day. Do you cook hot dogs and hamburgers and go to the lake or US Fort Leavenworth. Because I'll tell you or I am and it's not cooking not often don't go get all up and mod or. Forgive me but that's that. We'll let them that cooks my pick her after. When you get shots for the way that when I'm honest and I say they remembered that that I hate. Remember 9/11. I went to the TV this morning to watch 9/11. But my honest opinion is that I think Americans. By and large have started to move a way. That's not to say that they don't remember it. That's not to say they don't in some private way honor. But I'll tell you this. You know everybody makes everybody loves to raise their flag. And say I'm pro military and I yeah I love America. Where are you. On the last Monday of every month when I'm at leavenworth. Where are you. Because it's about me in 300 of my best friends. In a town of 2.5 million. Where are you. Don't raising your flag and running around in your American flag T shirt. Tell me how much you support the troops and 9/11 never forget. Never forget. Well you know what I can't find June. On Memorial Day at leavenworth. Can't find you anywhere. So don't give up and might. Progress. Okay. Sorry it just it drives me insane. People wrap themselves in the flag and I understand it and I'd get it. I get it. Everybody wants to be the bigger patriot. Everybody wants to love America more. On the other guy. Until it's that Monday you get off work. And you get to go to Lech. All the rest of us go to leavenworth. I'm not better than you I'm not. But don't wrap your flag. And then tell me to go to hell. Can we talk about building seven. A the public to look at rod. Look. And it smells like bacon and pineapple hearing. Why. I think Mikey has the I think it smells like petroleum. And explosives. Which brought down. Building seven. On 9/11. And world trade sooner cup member rot. Inside job. Buildings and looks. Out that is all the seventh building over there. Petroleum company. Members bush stop that it. They had it was it was a plot to invade Iraq. But they accidentally invaded Afghanistan let's let's just stop what we're doing right now in the petroleum. Commemorate this fifth with explosives on the pipe dreams sir yeah. I know where you live in a scene where you sleep if you don't stop this line. Right now. I will. Make you regret what he's doing in his bedroom you've seen or he sleeps Soria did a slap that are. Have you on as well. Interest and they've seen each other naked imagery of the stories. After the on maim concert. Do we have determined and well. He is he meaning that I saw him well. That's record I have a little more modest that was only because I couldn't find my parents. I could have found my pants he wouldn't seem to make who put him on the refrigerator. No. I honestly don't know. Because it wasn't. Did that no cup as well part of you know you can put it on top of the refrigerator no I think Campbell got part I'd. It's got our thorough and it. Or receive him. Oh million. Q you didn't. Cash and Kara marks earth right Babcock Michael MacKey is in the building that we filling in today arrive for the next here KB's. Accidents do. His navigation. Didn't. The one and only Michael MacKey from Michael McAfee. Yes. Technically should be Michael MacKey prime. In Kansas City. I. Now that Mamas and policing this promotion is almost borderline annoying minimally. Sicily. Because the brightness and I brought here. I emperor new best friend she is eating for you you seem very happy since you found some you wicca. 100% I can remember when times. On the error. I. You remember. That really. Okay. Care let's make. It on the air act that about not being played. That's the problem was I hand guy over a seven month period I applied for 100. I fight this is incredible. I've heard this story off your where you're about to say is incredible. I applied for 172. Jobs. I did not have wine cult act or winding interview out of the 100. And that each and now I think after you like press. You know submit it just goes out into the ether of the interwebs never be seen or heard from nobody ever called you not. One person you or your very hardworking. When you get a job when you have a job I've seen you employed in the hardest working and you'll sir you wore. I don't understand it I was I felt like. And could not experts on and on rot. Sat in months. And would you follow while I mean did you called him back and say hey I submitted an application. Cinema. Well I mean there was interest they would have reached. Even one maybe they take back one company reached out and won it mean to write and I am right how. They wanted to write a poem detailing might chronicle chronicling might work history and I wrote this brilliant. A poem and I thought I was being content. OK I wrote this really it's. Pollen. And so they can suck it. 172 jobs at my ego. What was left of it was in shreds I was probably with martz was on spring break expert here. I had to go inspires me. Howard she was gone like few days McCain can remember I was like thank god they have reason for being. I have something to do for four hours yeah. The thing that you only needed. It was tough on one or no depth with Defcon four so. Your different verse and the new Jan Brady. Oh. I agree impersonation because I knew gentry. On the hurricane coming in on North Carolina we are path to. Story here from CNN. Hurricane Florence has the potential to cause quote massive damage. Two parts of the southeast and mid Atlantic United States and not just in the coastal areas with a storm aims. To make landfall Friday morning according to officials more than one million people face mandatory. Evacuation orders I was talking. Com. To boss about this earlier today. What is a mandatory about my my aunt and to my cousins lived in Wilmington, North Carolina. Where this storm is expected him Friday morning. Would you leave your house. Oh yeah when perceive it absolutely I I think my aunt and one cousin leaving. I have one cousin that according to my mom when I talk to her today I have one cousin Tuesday. Knee now I would leave at the the only possible way I would stay is that perhaps on the off chance I was on a second or floor. Which could still be destroyed I know but if we're in like eight you know. Like concrete bunker something. But the thing is that about this storm is is that I don't think it's gonna be the wind and I think it's and it hurt him I think that it's been just sit and churn and churn and churn and dump. God knows how much rain on the port area. You know what. Coastal inland flooding. If there was a mandatory evacuation are you required to leave for a mandatory backwards yes. That's what if you don't. Well then godspeed I think that article man who leads tiger I rob and I get that and of course it starts of voluntary evacuation. And then he goes to mandatory evacuation. If they say there is a mandatory evacuation your required a leader on that the government can't ports you can make to leave. Your home and and seek shelter somewhere else. Now I I think that they will not take. They didn't come savior. And normally take and need sort of calm let's call across from. Now when that's not their blame if anything all responsible responsibility thank you use words. Carol would you leave your home. For chatter category four well kept fortune yeah Yahoo! I would category one pal and a that's swing and that's we've had worse here but a cap for Cain Europe yeah I'm. Because I mean who's to say that it won't. OK so it's supposed to smash into the coastline at category four but by the time it gets there could ever been there you are serving our brand going. Actually after what's you know and then you are doomed. Literally. Doomed. Just make sure you get your bread milk. One that's for ice storms and snow storms not hurricanes five hurricane category five. To sing. I'm there and yet I feel bad for almost one million people are that's been displaced one million. They have their broad middle. And you were out of water and gas. Well they are already. They are expecting shipments to American to end tomorrow. Got to get the Clinton Bill Bennett and they're gonna get the brunt of milk. If the brunt of it got to put it that I got to take the brother. Oh yeah. News reports he FCC says it needs more time to consider the merger between sprint and T-Mobile more maxed. When it. I'm I'm I'm. Rocky like it's Tom Kane. Had 7677. Mandated because honestly and there is a mandatory evacuation. That is now been issued for the coast along North Carolina the hurricane off Florence I believe this. Is expected to hit Wilmington, North Carolina which is. On the south side of the North Carolina coast. Early Friday morning it is currently her art category four. Could be either category three category four or category five. Nell Blaine when it lands on Friday morning it is the biggest hurricane to hit that area since like 1962. Sal in Kansas City hosts I'll sell. That's going thanks. And well I only get them back. I'm Arnold needs the morning. We were more clearly basically they told us that we had beat the heartfelt by you know. We were supposedly let you know tomorrow morning. Okay now I'm glad you're back from let's say who told you to leave the hotel or the authorities. Know are now. Orders of the hotel didn't want the liability right exactly of avenue in their building if god forbid something about it. That's right but the authorities were not going room to room kicking people out telling you to go back to camp says right. Not a threat that would nobody. Well I don't the yet another early ballot not up about it by anyone but by the neither is that they now. It was going to be like all yet without when he began. Well and it's Tuesday I mean if everybody waited and sell. Thursday then nobody would get out because their biggest crush of humanity trying to leave so. Yes then that luckily our airline that they were pretty high in the they'd let our biggest. But the day we had the live a different airport. At the drive about who aren't the Fayetteville. But we Italy and everything went just by. Well so I'm sorry about your vacation that sounds horrible. Now. And the end. Letting. Its by the way and it. And Palin ended and it was that we had a great comment on it at the bit shorter than we expect but it was a very. I think about the people who are actually getting who were getting married this weekend in let's uncle ruckus about outlined three Euro on the here like three island during. Doing well can turn your radio down a few months. Really don't doubt. It. If I do like to tell you I. Was here and our Charlotte, North Carolina win Hurricane Hugo came there now. Charlotte about 200 miles inland. And we got the wind damage I mean a whole lot of wind in the a lot of trees down and few Lou damage you know it could have been a lot worse. We were without power we're about a week. Bird. Yeah you know I think would not nearly as bad as this storm that's coming. I eat pray for everybody on the road in the years. He put enough he stayed there after they tell you the go. You know France I don't know what to tell you those people. I fear for their lives. Especially when they're predicting record breaking storm surges I mean right there that's you know and these people are gonna get blown away they're gonna drown. Outlined for your Amir hello I'm four highlight for. A guy and mining and Emily and espionage Georgette. Heard that you questioned the outlets and at Torrey evacuation eaten. Well lowered Emily are you in Savannah Georgia. I am we're looking city resident and into the Vienna. About three years of. And and you still listen on line I guess. I am I we're glad to have. Are glad tools and his were not familiar obviously we don't have it here. What is a mandatory. Evacuation. It acquired that you leave your house and technically it you state you are breaking a lot now no policemen kind of door to door and I'm big fight you with the vacation our view anything that you do know that he's stage right and mandatory evacuation that. America is the perfect fit like fire department and the police department may not be able to get elect all of depends on how bad the conditions are. Think you're really taking that ripped into your county. And if you have medical me. Eat the border and someone hit it works a treat all accounts looking at lake in America you're probably going to be on your account for a good while until the storms but I. So you're taking your own chances. You are definitely taking anti. So you have a heart attack you say your house okay we're following term. You have a heart attack that basically the government is saying and a very nice and polite way. See you on the other side. And I'll see you on the other side. Our pay thanks for listening all the way down to Savannah Georgia led. No problem I do you guys. You know what you wanna make favorite restaurants in the whole world that's called alligators soul like thing. Gator Bowl tight end Eric active. One of my favorite restaurants in the country stereo sister. Come down commie. Sold. Welcome great we're we're there at that that aren't aren't about. I don't okay. Let's go to Steve in the north land hello hi Steve. How to organize well. I am originally from the war went about our especially after all of but it knuckled down there at voted me in ensuring. Comparison one that all over the L North Carolina handles that. Vs New Orleans. And that it dependency on the on the government. For people at. Yeah that. Are in the way. Clinching point because with Katrina which was I think was hurt him five actually not four bit who knows what this one's gonna do. But but with the new moralist record ever wrong and Stevie said you were you were in New Orleans when Katrina New Orleans are. I'm originally from Oaxaca. But New Orleans is below sea level. And is. Maintained. Through a series of dams right and enemies wrong left. Where Wilmington, North Carolina and I've only been there ones. Is above sea level by several feet. Unlike New Orleans and there are no levees necessary or required to keep the city dropped. This is sure but I dug out mandatory evacuation. And people were fusillade and New Orleans. And then the world upset because nobody can say. And adds it's a good point as as far as I'm concerned and I feel sorry for anybody in the path of the storm I know. Three people very well. Because of related to them. Who were in the path of the storm to have decided to. Get out and one is decided to step. And is he hunkering down or I mean what we're what precautions that is he take its and we technologies like. You know it's a damn what is corporate I have no idea I I have not talked her. After she's probably got this bit bigger things to do and you've been told. Stroke and point. American about her if that's her decision somebody brings up an instinct for the tax on I would stay for fear of looting. You'll want to protect your property. I understand it pretty lecture you can't protect your property if you are debt debt. France in Waldo Fran hello. How are. We're doing well thanks. Real irony parking or look at. When I say. I've worked for law firm used in check. There wasn't out there and don't go. Well because we're at the urging fiscal eco. Still about a email. Outlook on her side we we go am urging party. Well that would be four out. We up party but devastating we couldn't get a call out park. Right. A lot higher. In one day. But when they got back to back off its high back. Fire. Bet because we re out have a hurricane art. One ledger OK did you guys get stronger what did you do. I we just a wonderful hurricane party. And then I not. Oh it just awful scary. And there was a tremendous waters surged. Anybody who stayed behind like Sherry apple rubber raft. Oh yeah I know better now that that's a funny story. Have a friend it is it is very funny story. What does one do when one has a hurricane Parti yes. Now they're glad that cheese and crackers. And lead our lovely jury been bottled. C are hurting. And an eight she's. Oak that's a party. Wait what. Would you consider that to be responsible behavior. And at. Ran. Its. Date and Smith bill if I. Yeah you got her pattern way to much spotted other people to spend no lights are all I've got three family members there I I I've. I know. Payout rate a lot on my Family Guy. We've been going to the outer banks the last indicator mark. And we we've vacationer pretty much every summer in no doubt it really checked it lately anyway if your remember. The big bridge that spans it was being built. To that extent from the outer banks all the way to outer. Act and they had a object tower. Line that would severed by that bridge construction company if so a lot of those businesses lost power for all. Last eaten and they lost billions of dollars. So they're not going to be a good thing or a lot of the businesses there. However I audit and are planning on going out and November. And stoutly. We were planning on doing it up all our retirement home. Even though we're caught a few years away we were gonna get a piece of property that can make money for it. I'd kill our retirement and I'm eighty outlook they would pick up a bargain. In Wilmington what all all all all all. Men and you just accused me of having fought and other people's expands. And then your gonna go down there and buy property at somebody else's expense. Well we made our pain and means that if either me or somebody else the gonna do it meant well in many. These kids the ironies go at all this right. All out as well as. We're at our lawyer showed on Monday as long as we're being fair to each other I mean. Yes we're having a little bit of fun and other people's expense jokingly but. Are you looking in Wilmington where you gonna go look. Our outer banks that where we would target. Be you know would be an action and not in southern shores area which were just bought the just a little bit outside its own. It back if Eric can't go below it nor outer banks is going to be you know ground zero. Well Dave happy honing and let's hope that nobody gets hurt where you're looking. Would you agree. All right remark prop bets in the right there that's very fair after let's hope you have to pay full price whatever you want that's fair. London God's bigger. I've 767798. Michael Mack in for dinner at times parts on occasions. It's Kansas city's ninety point one FM it can't be easy. Which has felt like probably sixty times a theater. And I just know that. Sometimes things gets. And you take one drink out of one beer one drag once. This point stance might trouble you can hide and nickel. It'd be was it a bottle. Of whiskey. And it was a beard I was I was funny and then and only time anyone in the movie smokes he took one drag on the cigarette wandered over mere. The room both and then just when stances troubles away. In an abandoned warehouse. It was like. Far. It was an abandoned warehouse yeah. Apple is all the movie like sixty times in the theater it was all in silhouette that look like a barn to me. So images of attacks I'm 3904. Bat song is not from butler's. Senator John Hall. I was there. There weren't that is we do don't don't challenges on so we stripped down talent as an eighty's music. Like Rain Man. With some ram. Here you wanna take my daughter to the giants. On god where are you going with this bicycle clips are sitting at your at an added I'm not that's a freaking me out. Act Kevin Bacon's buddy in the movie. With a grain elevator and the tax line I knew it. The grain elevators where they had the dates. He was the answer it and it's in the dancing in an abandoned warehouse do not challenge me on lose I. I was a little heavy and hence there. The live. The. Buddy of Kevin Bacon in the movie whose whose name escapes me at the moment. He died he is today it was the brother of what pet name. Something Penn. His Brothers whom. Sean Penn and yes that is correct. It. Can offer Latin think of his first name them guys can you with the cruises recruit Chris was Chris I think it was John John pen now and get their act. Tony well ball point it was. Hand and four men Chris Patten it was it was crisp picture. They was now. Even coming now he just played that song was Kristen. He died in 2006. From what. Nonspecific Carty in my opposite Johnson and spits in the newsroom here is your marks. Mandatory evacuations along leak case. For about a million people mourn acts. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.