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Wednesday, September 13th

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It's what else fives. Having Wednesday half way to the weekend coming up an hour now Dana and parks we'll check in with them in a bits is he would they have coming your way. Also later on this summer we'll get back in your conversation about Gmail hill from ESPN a whether or not she should be Iger forum for rant about present. And try as your president truck broke what we should mention that he will be going to Florida tomorrow I've to survey flood damage there are I believe he's going to Naples area yet. So were able I'll let you know what are comments he has to make he's been relatively. Quiet here the last few days Dionte casts and sell his public appearance world will be noted there in forests have diesels and Fareed it's. Yet that it's been. And I'd I'd I mean this was sincerity. Strangely quiet from president trump checks. Strangely quiet it while. What we recover from Irma S and excellent pieces. Of jewelry the I hate this next story. And it's on the it's fun I it's not surprise and this is such a 2017. Story story. Out of Denver Colorado a Denver one and 58 year old Deanna sailor salon now is suing Starbucks. Over hot seat that she claims cause second degree burns and killed her dog that's according to key DVR. She claims the live at the tee was not secured on to work when she bought a twenty ounce hot TI to drive through Starbucks. In Denver in 2015. The lawsuit says hot tea spilled out of the cut through an unsecure lit and on to her body that he was so hot she said. That Milton threw her clothes and cause severe pain to her stomach legs and lack. The lawsuit claims that she did not have a hot cup sleeve like that cart board he kind of thing that goes running outside. I was not doubled it was so hot the temperature of the Kot began to burn her hands according to the Los. She was screaming in pain and she says as she was her dog Alexander jumped onto her lap causing a hot tea. To spill on to head and the dogs take into an emergency veterinary hospital but ultimately succumbed to the injuries caused by the T. Dying a short time later why so you thought assume was a joke which I think a lot of posted initially and and a dog died as a result of the burns so that's how serious wise. She she was so badly injured she went to rose medical center for severe burns and underwent surgery the next day. At the Swedish medical center burn and reconstructive unit she was diagnosed with 2% total body service area second degree burn injury. To the abdomen and part of her thigh issue and later need skin grafts. All right. I hate the story and thought I was as a frivolous lawsuit initially I I hate it I like three different levels yeah all right first of all. It sucks the dog that that's to me being in the dog guide Diana obviously re nose I love my dog but. That part really stinks. Didn't we do this with mcdonalds you missed a decade ago or so along those lines. Our coffee I I read no reading the story that we have did the version that we have here. The the people at Starbucks or like we have evidence that the video or a video evidence to clearly contradicts the claims made by the plaintiff and believe they are without merit. The video they've got shows that it had a sleeve and that the lid was. You know done was put on correctly how. The sleep you would now how do you know with the way I'm just. How would you deal to tell from video that cup was on securely I'm guessing we have different angles maybe do they of one of the register or they of one of when you handed out so. Like what I guess you would know pop it on right like an employee put on them about you but it worked copy like let's say McDonald's or anything yesterday I had. Sort of an aero. Always check the bullet when you give it to me because a times they don't secure it on there. And because it just all over the place I always check to make sure it's tightly enough like. Who is Annie get that it starts responsibility but it's also kind of your handling it so I would I would just naturally checked and yeah. Yeah. If you put two hands out township. But in this video by the way that they don't we get a copy of the the people in the Denver the Denver Post. They saw. The woman's honor far. Yeah so the woman's utter phone and she has a dog in the car bomb she's got that and you order a hot tea like I hate the man because yes the story points out it's hard to determine if she's identity. Because of the cops hot temperature war because she was distracted by phone whore because the stock jumped into our cot instead on her lap. So she's distracted she's contractors has not been so she's Arafat but he's waiting to begin her ninety. What this isn't a fault in my opinion and win game we need a lawyer if you're a lawyer please call us by 7677. And I date please help us. Because in my opinion. You're in the drive through you're getting ET this is not the fault of Starbucks this is it's not to me she's suing only soon for a hundred green right it's not charge that's who and for twelve million dollar she had ever skin graft the burns were so bad. But isn't this personal responsibility isn't this summer. At the dog on your lap and off the phone and grab your hot heat with Leon's. I think the question is if it if it's well. Two different things while we analyzing how we are breaking this down two different things were talking about the temperature of Petit. And and whether like if if the top and secure. Which he still had been burned by. Like if it's happened and secure and there have been asleep on it and the dog jobs that are lap or she planner found and it had spill which she's Oldenburg yeah I mean. Right but it in New. York. Respond like no I start excellent is the cup now her possession and not Starbucks problem and to know. Responsibility. Of the cup was secure and that was the sleeve and she. Don't like she was playing with their phone and she dumped it all over herself because you or hot. So that she can can be hot and after burglars get in. That's what you have the sleeve and stuff on so. So to me the temperature of the tea is it is it's it should be obvious answer your question what does is go to or not. If they did a sleeve on and it was secure. Then. They did everything we're supposed to write Starbucks did everything they shied. It stinks that she's got what are no doubt tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. By. It just gonna go down that that the cot the top. If on the cup if the video in the video will come out we'll get it they have the video shows. That cup in her possession. And it's not spilling as she has it in her hand. Starbucks going to be let off the hook they're gonna win this lawsuit it's again it's only 10800000. Dollars to sell us naval giver ten grand shut your mouth are page's pay her medical bills and meet all yes of the along those lines. I mean but the dog died that's this egg like all we're talking budgets and skin graft on her legs then but the dog died like that is like Corel. It's a hearty. But again if they sleep on and they did security cop then it's her fault it's bill I agree with you in Calgary now if they didn't. Really doesn't mean the severity is demonstrated in the fact that dot. And dot around cars all the time like the dog jumped. But that's also her fault put your in a cattle don't ever dog in the car makes your dog stay like rivers only take you somewhere he'll sometimes come up trying to in the present. Make sure he stays in the back but sometimes. For a stupid little dogs so chic she says well even at the dogs under on the front if added that it would have been secured. It witness spill and gotten over. Eight leak plugging thing called for the whole lucky thing the pointy things I'll talk about known Leonard Little plastic piece that has long stride that fits in the whole topic up. So if one of those was bear it witness felt that if it wasn't there at the east on opening for things dispel the possible where this is going to be our those those. Though those cup still a mean. Look we're not talking about a muggy here Maria yet he still steel cup guys figured it could still break like the Apollo come off I squeeze that thing lit comes off. That's the point you know if she re and it's the dog jumps lack Shiites and which case in which case. There's nothing Starbucks added 57677985767798. Texted at 22980. X 113 leads to your phone calls your opinions on this one. Does she have a case. Can't see it a dog died but that's the only sticking point I mean it's not that this is not a frivolous and again she's not asking for thirty million dollars. She's asking for what seems to although the version of the story I have says the lawsuit seeks claims that exceed a 100000 dollars but it doesn't say sixty million dollars I'll write it looks like she's going for medical bills which recent issue of surgery. Medical bills plus the every wanna put on the life of the dead dog. That's. That's the sticking point right. 76779. Nader calls next year. On a 91 KM BZ. Many lying KM BZ midday with Jamie and wicket Jamie money selling Mike wicket with you coming up dean and parks. Up forty minutes right now we'll check in with both Scott and Dana. Right now we're talking about a woman who is suing Starbucks claiming that hot seat burn her and killed her dog. Does she have a case. And it might be a question of whose responsibility starts and and as we're here odd but her name is Deanna sale is Salina she's fifty out of Denver. And or hot tea from Starbucks. I've season her vehicle and claims that the live T was not secure onto worked up when she bought a twenty ounce hot tea at the drive through. The lawsuit filed in federal court says hot tea spilled out of the cut through an unsecured led an onto her body it was pretty bad she's at a militants were close. Cause severe pain or stomach legs and lab she went to a hospital for severe burns underwent surgery the next day. I had had major burns as a result of this. She also as she was screaming in pain that jitterbug park. And sat Alexander jumped onto relaxed and that caused hot TT spill on to hand. The dog died as a result of those barns so. Her lawsuit. She went through some pain as as a result of us. Says she claims the T did not having hot cups leave that card or the running outside and was not double hop double cop she said. It was so hot the temperature of the cup began to burn her hands. And says oh. She later needs skin graphs. The lawsuit claims that Starbucks had gotten previous complaints. About failing to provide hot cups leaves and securing lids and serving customers with hot coffee. Complaint says start a Teddy written policy to double cut the hot seat. And Starbucks has responded in a statement is while saying they have video evidence that clearly contradicts these claims. So. I can't imagine. Any because it's 27 team. She'll get. Under grant to the way that seems like that's she's asking portion not melon for under million dollars. So she's not on charts rightly she's not asking for I think the woman yet two and a half million dollars from McDonald's lawsuit that happened several years ago whatever. I just I mean at what point. Is this on her. And at what point is this on Starbucks here is the probably figured out is they could have video evidence showing that there's a sleeve on top. But I think it's going to be very difficult to prove visually I don't how you would prove that the cup was secure you know. Short of showing an employee. Like really trying hard to pass on their you're still not gonna know what they missed a spot. It and that's where she's gonna have a case Starbucks isn't going to be able to prove the cup was secure by 767798. Let's talk to David Kansas City and 81 KM BZ what's up Dave. They thanks for having me on. They you know what I think the the big underlying issue here is. What actually produced just people like this that wants to companies like. Starbucks that they now have a lot of money. Well you know someone to make a lot of money on her and it's called will offer. There one time in this nation law firms couldn't market on television and highways and byways and everywhere you look. Com. You know tell the public that. We're talking about an industry that doesn't produce or anything that'll give anything they do is take. As a result of it we get cases like this. At every turn I just wanted to make that point that's really what the problem is in this nation. And that's why you guys are talking about the notes on. On the radio. You're right by that doesn't mean she doesn't at least anyway she might have a case. The door down. The T something now it might have been her fault that it's spelled or might add that to the airline's fault that's an argument. And somebody said you know in terms liner responsibilities and he's on the tax line that Starbucks responsibility here and when she takes possession of the cop. So even if they didn't secure the cop to the the lip of the cup that she by virtue of handling it that is responsible for what happens to it. So like if you hand me a hot cup or something I are important myself I do that to make sure secure with. That's my point she was on the phone with a dog in her lap how much attention was she paying to the woman in or the guy in the window that handed her the cup. And that's on her but if the cup was secure it have mattered if she wasn't paying any attention because that witness spill over. Or that or cat. It would calm you carried little sprouts and I still think she's going to get money for sure Starbucks is gonna settle it they don't want the negative attention it got the money they're big enough now they're under grand. Then keep it out port though velocity and claims it wasn't you know with the hot cups leave the video Starbucks has chosen at hot cups leave you lawsuit says that belief wasn't on they say that it's not clear in the video if the Lynnwood was locked in and loaded. But your right hand me a cup of coffee. I'll second that live is going to be I make insurer that it is on. Guess it's just think with on the order soda. Sometimes and that it now I want so well government that at this so it's true it's just release via. It doesn't matter the temperature is dogged. So what are copies all over it but she was busy with other stuff actually didn't Jack she got to meet the phone. If she of the phone in her hand in the dock in her lap that she just you know nonchalantly reach for the the image she hit the cup on the the window that the door frame or whatever on the way in. That's. Let's honor but it doc yeah Starbucks is gonna settled because doc and let's talk to Vicky in Kansas City Euro 91 came BZ hi Vicky. You know back in any what the McDonald she didn't want them pills and had to pay back all of that she got from McDonald's. She. Does say that I don't. She locked in it'll McDonnell the guilt that their search and you lot Beckett essentially that they accurately it up. I. Remember that being part and I four I never heard that part of the story. I yeah. Elegant law go out or not hire an. Well. Okay I I did not know that that she lost and earned that McDonald's won their POI. I have to I'm not doubt right I wanna know more so I'm Vicki Vicki or lawyer that if you're law school. It. Well I think. You retainer as we need not sometimes QB let's let's ten year old lawyer because you went to law school. Does this woman have a case. I should. You know I should probably hole like that element I'm not sure probably land that they get. And at the. Let's on Superfund. The epic Mickey we appreciated that they can spare a hundred grand give or under grant McCargo you know what let me see the net worth of start. Today she all the able all the money. You can get under Nancy Payer for them like the dog and pay offer medical expenses and appreciate that she's not on for 109. The owner of Starbucks is the 59 I'm sorry 595. Richest person in the United States he's worth. Two point nine billion dollars. Two point nine billion. That's on believe word you were an analyst. Two point nine billion. Moved slightly. I find it amazing by the way they just that number and everybody to news here to sack. The 500 in ninety fifths of about 600 Brister richest person in this country is worth two point nine billion dollars. Think about that durst 600 people worth more than two point nine billion dollars. May I got to win the powerball you need to start company out that it has got a new idea yeah you need an idea a lot of ideas about volatile ideas. Start working on the canceled and working for somebody else could not academic and today with Jamie what it would be to Janelle hail coming up and get your thoughts on her race against president trump. ID one KM BZ. We got an email from the boss. We may end. I was gonna shave tomorrow plus we apparently have to do. Had shots tomorrow we get pictures. This makes it seem like on. This edict has been out for awhile did we miss some was gone for ten name is on but like we witnessed. An old so I'm glad that you had shots of each other tomorrow morning would do on the air do the end of the day tomorrow requires such shots which they wanted to have. So you need to shave tomorrow now man shower would be a good idea. And listen plant where your kids royals cap and he had. Something I'll. With you said it was up on pace this was so I've picture. Up last night. Myself and eat at the the concert put up on FaceBook hello from from airline to show. And some guy. That put wrote on our FaceBook page. Shows I'll I'll admit western wicket he has got the guy annoys the hell out of me dude enough with the Casey had we get it. You're trying to make it like your legit your not your show sucks I'm whoever does the programming should be bleak obtained. And your co host is like nails on a chalkboard. This really. You're I dragged you out into it where the royals hat at the air at the show yesterday and that out right there. I am from the midwest I have only lived in the midwest since 1995. So. Put your not from here. I asked dale account. I understand that you're not from here you can't where I can't or royals had it brings out the blue in my life because it tax it make it seem like they're trying to act like your from this year. And and we know that all okay good we do we know the game east its air gaps terrible percent yes he wasn't he wasn't born in Overland Park so nasty horrible acts or liberties or somewhere like that I got this had a power like they're in about three it was awesome lived in the just cheat I like yeah and it's cheap and it where it brings out the blue in my I went showers covers that exactly. Credit. Too much credit for the thought process on that it was about that aren't such great. FaceBook. Post I mean it didn't make it like when you swear on fact for those that don't know like you guys to lately comments we never delete your comments and lest their horrendous. If you swear we have filters and your comments will never get up the liver so when he wrote the password. On there it never made its way of seating a chance to see it but don't worry we we see them bull. Atlas that is you know with bleacher common welcome Travis Mike is he's a jerk but you know and drunk on power I Travis by the way never Wear Kansas City anything that according to this guy he's your from Texas. Because you're trying too hard act like your from the midwest argument I've. That's important it was constantly you know an Alley where Detroit stop I'd die out that tell you can't can't Wear Kansas. From the tax line I think you guys suck to but I enjoy the show and appreciate you wearing the royals that. I got I mean I'm glad the a backhanded a anyways yeah can you think it's pretty. Sting you the number without us telling you what it once it has listener there's a smiley faces that are so now we have little we are low weak defense. A. Anyway Mansour had jobs tomorrow morning Saint John are you tired of them each other in the office can't I could not qualified to do that. It will be taken on this phone right here yeah this'll be an and that process and after backers understand the instructions that hole yet you don't or else the do everything else it if I called Britain's oh in the morning if you just handle everything else yeah about that works in now. What are we don't marketing phone refine a technical ability and it could. But I can't Wear camera my hat or we need to see that pretty under there. Mean and it's gotten in and have that culminate here tomorrow product and prevalent well yeah and and shot tomorrow okay. Definitely well. Regular about yes and for 5767798. Is the phone number you can texted at 22980. Javelle hill you're unfamiliar with Gmail hilt. She is what half of the six it's that is ESPN's sports center show that airs acts 6 PM eastern time 5 o'clock here. In Kansas City. And she. Quit on a rant. Against the president of the United States on Twitter I'm going to read to you her tweets. From and we'll talk about whether or not think she should still have a job. Donald Trump as a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacist. Trump is the most ignorant offense a president in my lifetime he is that he apps or his rise. Is a direct result of white supremacy period. He is surrounded himself with white supremacist no they're not all right and you want to believe he isn't a white supremacist. He is unqualified unfit to be president he is not a leader and if he were not like he never would have been elected. I eat. Have no idea how she's still employed by ESP. She is also in the past gone off and had to apologize and been reprimanded by ESPN for quotes about the Boston Celtics and one about Kentucky basketball. ESPN statement from two mill hill is the following. The comments on Twitter from Janelle hill regarding the president do not represent the position of ESPN we have addressed this with Janelle and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate. How she's not fired is beyond me and I I I don't understand. And I know there are left leaning network I'm very aware of that. But how she doesn't get canned for referring to the president as a white supremacist multiple times with her million plus followers whenever she has. Is beyond me is it possible that there waiting for public reaction. Is to see if they should fire to see if they need to you. Because what as you told me earlier she is. Bit controversial and sensitive on network seasoning on the network means that that's probably the most watched sports center. That they have it's the big 6 PM everybody's home from work and watch as our senator if people still watch so you don't get rid of her unless you have to. Besides she's she's doing is on the ball out. You know she's not some sideline reporter you have working you know actually baseball games twice a week she's a big deal and so those cases where if your make and more and your worth more than network and maybe you get more break then you buy it you know that was a little guy who you know decide on reported maybe they get rid of them. A couple of years ago I actually about a year and a half ago Curt Schilling who was one of the league baseball analyst. Who is not last he is not liberal he is not a Democrat he is a proud conservative. Has tweeted many things that were against President Obama many things that were against the Democratic Party and also put up a tweet. About trans genders. ESP and fired him. This seems to me to be very hypocritical. From what they did with Curt Schilling who probably had multiple warnings she's had several instances instances as well where ESPN had to reprimand her. How is this not upon. Accuracy maybe it is but if their reasons is she's worth more to us or we've got she's got better ratings war which you know we've got more skin in the game with her bare skin is an interest in war that's basically is that what she meant no I. I didn't mean Klein because that they have more invested. Is she is does she still have a job because she is a black woman. And they fired a white male. Does she have it because. If you notice ESPN over the last fifteen years more women have been coming your ESPN acres and then guys and this happened I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm just saying is this a quote is this an affirmative action thing is this a diversity. War is and it's. Am I and she's good on TV like is she got her job I don't care for I don't care for her show I don't care for the six. That she and Michael Smith do. I just. This is not my cup Petit the younger generation likes or maybe she resonates well with millennial I I don't know. I've got a big she's very opinion dated she's good in that role as a host of a show I don't think she's as good as she is too right ice to have around when I was on my station in Ann Arbor fifteen years ago she used to write for Detroit news Detroit Free Press. And and I've had interviews and run ins with her before. It just is amazed with what he's just re word acts are right. Barack Obama is a black panther who is largely surrounded himself with other black Panthers. Obama is the most ignorant offensive president of my lifetime his rise is direct result of the black Panthers carry it. He is surrounded himself with black Panthers know they're not all left in you want to believe he's got a black panther. He is unqualified and unfit to be president he is not a leader and if he were not black he never would have been elected. The automaker light moment exactly let's say that was Linda cult or that was Brittany cannery or that was held Megyn Kelly. Or something along those lines it is that that person is fired before. Did that the tweet button can even get. It I guess it's all about the money right. It's it's all about the money and if the money that's and it is the lawsuit they would face if they fired her mom if she claimed the reason that you fire me was because I'm a black woman and you don't like that or you know she could they can turn it and that's. That's money to. Yeah. Yeah I mean but to me. As a sports fan I'm not like oh I got to see what you Mel hill's gonna say Travis. You are sports guide them dollars. Can find out Travis you were like make sure you hear what Gmail hill has to say. Eyed him must listen or want. You know Mike Smith show the six or whatever any. I go to ESP and to see what Parker streets gonna say on college game or. You know the NFL Sunday guys I go there he's he grew their for Berman all the time he's the love that Tom Jackson or grade. I as a sports fan a guy who eats and read sports all the time when I'm not here. I'm not like I hope Connecticut Janelle hail got to find out what to melt it lasts. I have no court takes on sports this is it. Porn or did it means I don't watch them right so I don't have caller on Twitter. I don't buy it or not you 613 thousand almost like a lot 600 they're probably gonna pick up a few more. For snow and and it could end up being good PR freest Pia and is it good or bad PR doesn't matter if it results in ratings doesn't make a difference. See that lets people are watching ESPN now than ever a part of that is the political act I mean Linda Cohn who's been on ESPN for a hundred years. It's got suspended because she said that we are diving to deepen the politics on ESP god. They told her not to show up the next day to think about what she tweeted out. But that's what what what we talk politics now is more part of the fabric than ever it makes its way into. Everything. It really does which maybe is why she's getting a pass. May mean date ESP as recognizing that. This is an addition of the conversations people asked what she had some on here. We're probably instantly fired in accidentally fire so okay so if that's the case then why was she fire for doing and what's the difference between saying on your insane and what are your cell saying it publicly. Am in now yeah why is one OK and once. Because. Not because ESP and is more viewers than she has followers war because if you follow or I mean look this is getting attention the wrong way for ESP. They don't want this tension they definitely don't want this attention. Maybe they have a baby they believe that Twitter is not. You know the end all be our president does. Our president uses Twitter all the time. Maybe the number of followers and down around 613 thousand stuck in his knees and I mean I'm at 9100. You could tell never in view and I'm never gonna get there. 613. Cows might. OK we'll get to a couple of year your text messages to 2980 it's on her FaceBook page as well. 145 you can jump in 5767798. Again texted at 22980. We'll also check in with dean and parks coming up next here on 91 KMB easy ID one KM BZ. They gave Jamie wicket Jamie on a cell in my quick it we will check in with data and parts coming your way just bits. Remember we heard talking about the Indian mascot over at Shawnee mission. And one of the schools what that mascot Joseph emissions north. Because people were getting upset. A crystal remind me Detroit Ron. Had initially given permission who use the mask. Like a wild. Years and decades ago 25 years ago and students at Lawrence high school successfully. Lobby building administrators there have to be a banner depicting. That mascot taken down there that that whole discussion we had yes. Because they were they were saying it was disrespectful to native Americans signs tracts are tracked him back and sad and we were sinner from Russian gas is shot emission point to a resolution passed by the eastern Shawnee tribe of Oklahoma leaders. As rational for keeping the other mascot Dublin from the district any contact with that tried for years and would alerted the situation by student journalist. Cheap little Wallace said the tribe plan to rescind the permission of that divot like dimension and Wallace noted that to regalia worn by the mascot was not authentic to the Shawnee people. Were forced to relocate to Kansas from their homelands in the woodlands. Of the east following the Indian removal act of 1830. Well as it turns out the Shawnee mission school district says it's keeping the Indian at Shawnee mission north 6 months after the eastern Shawnee tribe. Of Oklahoma's move to rescind permission gave the district for use in 1992. Other kids. Does that zionism post and I. Yet they've not given and details further over who was involved in the decision making process or an on air and little spokesperson the district and sad. That they would make some niche in the eyes she said. District listened to many voices in gathered and that from multiple focus groups over the last several months we have deep respect for our alumni community and all students. There will be some changes to pregame ceremonies for the new year at this time signage north is keeping its mascot so we don't know what changes we're gonna see. With the mascot that'll be interesting to watch went there and keep the mascot battered again. Do some things differently with what yes Scott does error I don't comment it is so do what do the kids plays the mask. Like the dresses up as the chief for Indian Ernie. Million none of them run or own habits out peddling go to Shawnee mission north football game I don't wanna go see what happened. I guess part of those was money on because that story points out that late last year Manhattan Ogden schools I'm Kansas. The board voted to keep the union as a mascot from Manhattan high school but they had put a committee to gather that looked at what it would take to replace the mascot. 275000. Dollars to retire and asked how how is that why because everything. Well yeah Don every every gym floor sign every the mass that cost him it sells its it now I gotta get a get a new law. It's so the question then is. Did shoddy the Shawnee mission school district are they choosing not to spend 275000. Dollars or they real passionate about the Indian mascot. Heinz. How can we appease you and get used to. Give permission. Share. I and maybe that's changing as I think they just didn't want to spend the quarter quarter million dollar dollar and I. Strike out you haven't noticed yet. Really I really think they just didn't want to spend 275000. Dollars. It's as it does and I'm tactically if anyone is as part of that Schreiber yours yeah native American. Does that mean they rescinded their permission music and the district using any. Like that does well I pay you can't lose that cool cool story broke. By the ABC news watch your. Like they kind of said that you know the tribe. Too bad we really care forever from a so we're gonna do anyway because it costs us too much money so how does that. How does that work now I mean does the tried to sit there and like I got out once again once again the white man. It was something to the Indian truck to the machines the district must not neither progression. To use it to I don't I don't know how any of that or an error by. It would seem like that because they initially right Denis of my guesses it's core it's Alec you know with their blessing and so now it's without their glass that's 25 years ago 1992. And then the tribe. And didn't care anymore until a high school journalists brought it to their attention that's what it's up. A journalist Lawrence high school. As somebody bit getting offended in Lawrence relay. Goalies to journalists are joining hell. Did. I heard. From Pittsburgh. I was in the news they got to the course stepped up. Now. From crystal brought to the attention of the national try so Shawnee mission north stadium it's. Yes but the first games. Williams well football's most he changes they make now. If there again maybe just today. Do something more respectful. I now. But I hope they reached out to the tribe and sad what can we do without spending a quarter million dollars more than we do to make this okay. And they said and maybe they set replace everything and they said what else can lie to us of what's option to outlet. Let's what are we dealing and he ran vs 275. What can we do and that's right into the dozen of you yes this does give new meaning to the term in the union. You think any viewpoint and out on the on the thanks so. Travis wrote clicked on so less site was the hurricane relief we were all it YouTube but alas I was the hurricane relief telethon or whatever the big show was. And there wasn't making headlines on Twitter last night about usher and Blake Shelton do want to do that in some some big news Brad Paisley led one I guess the did you watch any of that. I did not watch it. Kind of any idol I had no idea and racist incident know about it until maybe it was over night. And I saw toward avid hum. Talk about it how much money or street. The unreal the broken telephone Padilla 34 million dollars yet they made a bunch of money but no fighting disease. Or hearing in the music but I did hear one of the story it's in between. Please note in usher because they hurt they're co judges once I'm on the voice so I was very disappointed in the song stand by me so I love stand by yeah but it wasn't any good that's the song you can do country might I got it right here let's listen percent. Another solid day. Some come and gone away. There is some. Want to go home. All right later and every other line that's. Home by Blix actually is he dead and hang and some nails into anyway answers on anybody. Witnessed at Dave Wright went to a movie last instead of going YouTube. It in it so I and late night with. With the sun it is the coolest date the world oil that was my Obama but nominal a real way now Travis said it was phenomenal and I was like OK because I'm not into big slash or gore I write it I don't like it scared it is. So gut. I'm saying and five out of five stars and here's why is this a run I. Out of five star he tees Childs. Actors. In that movies absolutely still the show if anyone listening is a fan of strangers thing I am. It is stranger things on steroids the dialogue is so funny it's witty. It might get its air it's creepy. More than gory if that makes sense it's only now. Really creepy. Not as much I I don't like slasher films like life enjoy it oh yeah oh yeah it was things and I. Not gonna lie I jumped in Yelp is probably three time for me. And I and my son did say something right at the beginning of the movie electorate he's said if you're going to do that the entire time I met. Because there's a seed in the beginning that I mean you're get a job you just IRA guy. I did that and you know what else of the theater and that could be just solo I hate seventeen years old.