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Tuesday, April 24th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. Speak your yeah. I know you mentioned this yesterday Mark Campbell. Yeah vacated skywalker. I was asked in a recent interview was a one place on earth that you have a bit that you still wanna go. And Mark Campbell had one answer he said Kansas. I may or may not have stalked him on Twitter skull it begged him to stay at my house is under one condition. Yes to come on this radio program you big hint to stay. I told my door. That's not weird and always wait and I would give immature yeah that part was fine it was when he kept saying we belong to gather on you and me don't look hard we're told he was wrong. Kara says that went wrong when I ended my tweet with PS I'm normal. Only crazy people saying that and that's totally reasonable. That. If Mark Campbell would like to come to Kansas. I've freely offer my home which is in Kansas. In Roland park I'll take you on a trip throughout the city. I will. Show you everything you need deceit. I will buy you barbecue. I want either because sacrilege I don't like barbecue. You're not the only one. Brady from down the hall. Kerry has been all offering to show him rounds ago please governor just a liar trying to find somebody that people. Suggested an eight tweets fits mark Hammel come on May fourth. Some weird at all to start worst and may the force be with you I'm sure is does it all day Kansas Highway Patrol trooper band Gardner. Now it's famous everybody loves. Responded with I only let jet I warriors tried my patrol car. So you are not the only one mr. parks tonight's. An era that kind of one of the most embarrassing things my mother ever did to me and dare. Are a few but one of the most embarrassing thing she ever it. Was mark machine. And it. Yeah it was all the Gusinsky town Martin Sheen came to tip peek at Kansas when I was in high school. To shoot a lifetime. Original movie and he happened to be shooting right next to blue cross blue shield where she worked for like forty years. So she decides. To write Martin Sheen. All handwritten letter. Sticks set on his car. And mr. machine. Such huge hand. I just thought you'd like home cooked meal while you were in to peek a Kansas. And into fights him to dinner then. Number I will never forget it and and and it. I. An eight yeah yeah not that I wait key sign. To your lender right. I was so humbled at the hot seat was just creepy and we heard it. My mom wrote humble act or offer a home cooked meal to meet your lovely daughter Dana. Who's a huge fan again thank you buy it. You know productions tight. And I'm sure it was Martin Sheen rugged it was probably some intern who are true and Edmonton Obama writes. Big juicy here on the year use overt. Yeah. What happened would Martin Sheen years ago. We have definitely secret. You don't. Well he would shoot an eighty ebitda which you. Speak out working. And so we went by I knew what. Car it was is because. He was staying at a place it's my grandmother limited. Inside me what kind of car you throw a red Jeep and took his wide open you know no doors windows you know topped sales. So I put a letter and they are telling him that he was my daughter's favorite maybe our. And hit and he was invited to come forward have dinner with that. And ears. We had a par and table or he could just relax them and not go to a restaurant in town you know in. And so he wrote game has been nice. Letter. Banking. Her for the invitation. And that. And I think luminaries paying him. I don't know should not have had I don't coaching at that are not that I I hope she kept it. You keep it I'm sure it's somewhere I always thought this little bizarre. Is that you can broad student movies start instead you wanna coming out in our basement and play shuffle board and I look at you on good. I thought you know the iPod product unit couldn't go to a bar and speaker it be counted exactly excimer home cooked meal and he's been out here like pool shark Norton. Turn on the jukebox and relax. He went off and I think. You can you know I can't protect. Where is that I. I did so where he's at now. He yet he said he just couldn't yeah he couldn't now and I totally work freaks I don't quite work but what stopped him. I told him you know in the. They admitted they Jews eat into world. He had to think I mean you you found out where you stay in a mechanic or he drove a mean does its animals stalkers too. Yeah and a I'm kind of at detecting that we go. We'll pick it is detected another word for stalker. I. I've played that you know what I don't think he's afraid of answer why would you written a nice letter handwritten. What did you write that letter but did he write that letter from Los Angeles where he was flown out by himself. I knew where he was staying them and he was like eight maybe nine weeks. And we got a letter while he was still here. Tell me more about how you were installed and when you knew it was there for eight weeks. There are no longer wanted rhetoric you're. A step up I see in the bed where he slabs. I looked sheets. What does any big juicy. What are the sheet states like. The big Jay-Z gonna ask you serious question here. Was he really Dana's favorite actor or was he yours. Why can't. They execute a little. Because I just thought maybe he got home cooked meal I really do like maybe homer in the past analyst time. I'm gonna think I'm Spanish. And I. And then you what what would have been on the menu gives Martin Sheen had cut marches Jessica's mr. Sheen if Martin Sheen. I'd probably let him make chicken fried steaks. That's the case is gravy and green beans yeah. I agree the suns went into what went for what's free drinks won't. Well quote we have a bar down here but yeah lately we've noticed. Well I got out on Wednesday. You call went out with my girlfriends or complaint Hedo or power do it. We're where we Leigh Keno did you see a bit apart don't recall he ECD's. Yeah you like Gaudin CDs. Are a little like we would all would like you know. Summary of intestine was no big juicy would have been on the menu then. Like a Martin Sheen. Did you let somebody pretty typical in the big do you think we did some chicken fried steaks and green beans. And then observed then that preserve W some big machines. Is there. Something you know that an island. Point that he didn't take it upon it. I thought it was so nice they wrote a letter I hope they that they are helping to get. Our bridges we love you. Are okay Bubba. A lot of people on the text plan suggesting you know lack called Tom Kane bring in the big dance together. The only. Don't know my secret stash. Concurrent and hang onto second there. I just have to have his number. You do. You going to hounds poor Tom Cain. I'm getting Mark Campbell in the studio for kills a swear to god. That would be kind of guy Parker and you are gonna be in the same studio. About it. Deeper. Answers. You mention how top Gainer on the ear cup parks and ignorant hello. Pay and listen we read an article with Mark Campbell where his he was asked if you can go anywhere on the planet. Where would you wanna go and he answered Kansas. We may have something to do it I don't miss. You've got them out. Yeah howled that he occasionally I am and Mary Lou actually. Coming here because she apparently. In the area and nobody knows that except in another 400000. People. That a yeah. They do occasionally have gotten it but nobody you know if anybody looks at government to conduct a kind of looks like Mark Campbell then of course like well get comfortable and art animal of these figure airport. Yeah. So. Implement it by herself become part Marcum so. But that maybe maybe it maybe Africa emea and find out what members barbecue. We know and how. Can you somehow facilitate. A meeting between me. I am. And. Oh it definitely can't know from Barbeque probably tortured I'd. I. Scott real time I do not think this is a good idea I think this is a great idea. We'll get some look at American thirty and there goes in the some social good time. Learned. Well definitely equal dignity holding the piano out downstairs and that would also brought pleasure to increase in the white people. People think he'd like this serious guard occasional Lucas is serious public market hole into the route he's funny. He's amazing voiceover guy people of the Joker Croats from 1990s and all the cartoon. If you would yeah. Bat is that mark. Arm but he he's like the best Joker ever. I'm actually the he would diminish like the on the short or for being a the on camera Joker. In the in the Dark Knight would stay ended up going well he'd like. But they interviewed people in a brilliantly models well. Here's here's here's Tom you and I are good friends here's what I need. I need to have Barbara Q even though I don't like barbecue with mark and and I want him on the show. You what you like barbecue B ha. I but he Mark Campbell on the show. I would. Do anything. Lot I will I told them my best I mean I think that I have no idea he'd actually come to town into different candidates go to the first and the pop and look at I had an automatic. Tornadoes I have no idea. I doubt about them got from the Merrill an email and that you actually coming here so let you know. Well I love you a look at some game plan. I know about it but it does. Probably a good thing. We're gonna show he's he's on the show he's coming in his studio I think he's coming musical my idea. I think more camels and anything into the southeast with him how no. It could nineteen this crazy and you remember each of us. 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And he says I have to find better places to hunt you know mushrooms so far. Tell us dealt do not just don't. He had to own hole and mushrooms yeah gathered them. He only hump things that can run away from mushrooms can not run away from me. You are not a mushroom hunter you are mushroom picker. Are you a diamond hunter or a gold hunter know you're a diamond gatherer maybe prospector. OK okay you're a must from prospector you know prospect don't know your diamond prospector. Europe mushroom. Find her. You filed it. It's not running from you. Why do you care it drives me nuts when they use the term on tour when they're looking what are they called morale much else. Mushroom hunters you're not a hunter. Europe picker. You pick it out of the ground. It to find it first your team for sure mushroom find her and then your mushroom occur when you find it. So people who are treasure hunters are not hunters. Appeared treasure finders who. I disagree. I'm looking for a door to get out of my. Hunting them and that you're this book for your birthday the complete mushroom hunter guy lingo and illustrated guides know winding. Harvesting. And hunting must firms. No. Europe. Pick here's why I don't wanna go on mushrooms the last like three times you'd look on to do that they have found things. Lecture by just saying. Stop hunting there maybe cast tag it's mushrooms like bloggers. They are not going anywhere and you. Them. You're not a blogger Conner. Oh once it became self employed and receive I'd get it now. Are missing about a blind guy. And our whole. You're a book Dick Kerr. You're a mushroom picker. Mushrooms are like bloggers. Newsroom Caremark no bail for the alleged a Waffle House shooter will have more next. Eight Scott parts don't spend life suffering from an injury or chronic. Pain doctor Kendra Pearson and her skilled medical rehab and chiropractic team at north and physical medicine can get you back to a pain free life. 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A transgender teen touring Kansas has been named national educator of the year by the gay lesbian and straight education network. Wichita north priced music teacher Stephanie buyers came out as transgender woman in 2014. Byers said she didn't transition to be a pioneer or an advocate but she's become both. Traffic and weather together next. Right here is good for the program sir it would Varian low cost life insurance and one of the things I love stories that annual review you call every client every year to make sure everything's fine. And muddy thinking wider when he an annual review. There's a very important reason you might need an annual review anyone who has divorced or remarried. I can have huge ramifications. In the life insurance industry. I think that the big reason for that of course is updating those beneficiary designations. So if you go through that process and you for yet. To make the changes with the insurance company that's what I think god forbid happened. 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From gentleman I first alert chief meteorologist Brian Bosnia KM BZ whether. It is 766 PCI we're looking at 75 and blue springs 75 right now and you were official weather station. The radio dot com app is the official at home of KM BZ downloaded today it was into us any time anywhere and Kara marks or news Eddie 81 KM BZ. Already Tuesday for opportunities. And by the way did anybody see how touchy Feely trump him prone word today the White House I mean. I'm rob and I tell us it's other on the bottle lot buttons. Muncie one of them is Gator of them but I don't care because I don't care. And by the way while on it. Can the national news media quit trying to out French each other with pronunciation of his last name. It's Amber's. President trump and French president and I know and stop. Its McCollum. Monochrome. Emanuel not acronym mad macaroni. Chrome her name is Congo look more cool not angle amassed. I don't think there's anything wrong with using an accident strides during the height well. How did you hear John Berman on CNN today. Here comes president Donald Trump and French president Emanuel Carl. So that. You're not French your American but say it monochrome monochrome. And it's Merkel not a sound. Story here from the Kansas City Star Kansas lawmakers. Will face renewed pressure from governor Jeff Carter's administration and the Catholic Church. To pass new restrictions for faith based child placement agencies. When they resume their session this week in Kansas house last month fell five votes short of passing legislation. Stating that no child placement agencies shall be denied a license or contract solely because of the agency's objection. To performing assisting counseling recommending consenting to referring to or otherwise participating. A placement violate such agencies sincerely held religious beliefs let me read that in plain English that owing gave people adopting they don't want gay couples adopting children that's right what if you're single index. I don't know Arianna I don't know I'm asking to test. I don't now opponents say that with. With all the kids that we have in the Foster system by the way 300 of them are saying. Really it is what better right now when their people out there are willing to take in these kids. Opponents say the bill would enable taxpayer funded discrimination against same sex couples. And that the administration. Call your administration has not been transparent about its motives supporters though say it would entice. Faith based groups to expand their presence in Kansas and strengthen the overall child welfare system. I don't think that the state. Should discriminate. When it comes to adoption services. However. If it is a Catholic based or otherwise religious based adoption agency. I don't think the state has the right to tell them. You have to place kids with homosexual couples even though that violates the tenets of your religion. And let me let me change about the government so this is basically. Like Catholic adoption charities that facilitate adoptions with. You know families who are looking to put surveys and families in the Catholic community who are looking to adopt I think we're looking at here is a bill all. That would. Require. Catholic based. Adoption agencies. To not discriminating against people because they happen to be homosexual. I have no problem with homosexuality I have to close relatives who I will see this weekend in North Carolina my uncle's funeral who work. My cousin Pam is married to a woman. Have no problem with it doesn't bother me in the least. I have a problem with the government telling religious based organizations. You have to change the tenets of your religion. And your beliefs to sue us that's where I have a problem. I have a problem with. All of it. Let me ask you this if I'm an atheist. And I go to a Catholic adoption agency. I minute traditional marriage. I adopted baby I don't know I don't know what the rules are. He what are the other rules that's my question or is it just if you're gay we don't want to adopt you will let me this could be it sure room you can beat your wife. Ryan that's fine. As long journey traditional marriage is larger putting the square in the circle yeah. I mean where do you draw the line I mean as investors worried airline. Let me but let me ask you this what if the government what if there was a Muslim. Agency. That. Participated in adoptions today following here and and they only wanted to adopt their. Islamic children. Two other Islamic families tank and the government came in and said now wait a minute. You have to adopt those Islamic children. Into Islamic families and Protestant families and dare I say Jewish families. Mean everybody would say well. Yeah they won't. That's not fair you don't have the right. The state doesn't have the right. To tell this is this Islamic. Adoption agency. That they have to considered Jewish people the same as Islamic people on the same as Protestant people let me throw yet another example. Adoption. Agency. Has four. Asian American. Babies. Up for adoption and that's already out for us for Asian Americans or foreigners in truth among the children that you have two bogeys from there are four that are raised in America. Could somebody come in and say. You half to adopt the Asian American babies. In two. And Asian American family let me ask you can a white family adopt an Asian baby or a black baby. Or can someone saying. We want babies staying within their same ethnicity. And their same religion. And and my point is this Scott we have so many kids in need of homes you can not start slicing that pipe down. To the point that. It's even more impossible to find homes for these kids let me ask you a question what you be Christian we would prefer you be white we would prefer this couple be Asian. But they can't be atheist they have to be Christian nations. Why are. Let me ask you this question. Would it be wrong and I and I ask out of ignorance I'm not trying to. Push some sort of agenda here at all would it be wrong if the state set. We want you to try with the best of your building you're not limited to this. But we want it and tried to the best of your ability to place. Children who were up for adoption. As close to their ethnic racial and religious parameters as possible. Would that be a problem. I mean you'd want. A white kid in a white family a black kid in a black family. And Islamic child from the Middle East in his life. Extra raced in. I'd meet. Just ridiculous this is starting to become it's they say. We want. You know I'm unless I put everybody in nice little tee box I'm just asking I don't and we want these babies to be. You know as as closely aligned as possible. With what we consider to be mainstream. That is were Dick you know what we consider to be where they are from. I'm just asking the question would that be a problem. If the state said we what you did try that you're not. Restricted to I don't like it here's why it onto the a perfect example we just talked to it Tom cain's one of the best father's eye now it is that you see us. Some of his children are white some of his children happened to be black some of the amerasian some of them happen to be Asian and you're telling me. That those kids are somehow better off if you put them in that check marked box with another family. It doesn't work that way here's the other deal with when you're talking about black babies up for adoption. There are more statistically. White couples looking to adopt. Then statistically there are black couples looking to adopt. You stricter restrictions on the stock we won't have any kids adopted out anyway. Announcing restrictions but I got links fry I got away from the main story. But I do struggle with the government forcing religious organizations. If you want to be included in the you have to follow these rules well here here's another one. The wind does the government finally say to the Catholic Church. If you want to continue to receive tax exempt status. You have to treat women as equals you have to allow women to become priests. If you want tax exempt status in America. Which the Catholic Church like every other church receipts. You have to start opening up your top level positions to women. When does that happen. I know now we know we start saying your religious doctrine be damn. Your religious practices. Be damned and when you do it to the Catholic Church do you do it to the Islamic want to. I don't know what I do know is that there are too many children in need of a loving home. To put these ridiculous restrictions on who we will allow to adopt now you wanna say to me. We do not want felons to legally be allowed to adopt I can entertain that argument if it comes down to safety or. I don't know let's say had a file make pedophile face down the street wants to adopt of course we're not gonna let that guy adopts this fight with restricting. Common sense restrictions. When it comes to a child safety look. Let me let me use the absurd to point out maybe he observed. Let's say it is a Catholic adoption agency carry and the couple comes again. And they have ten to Graham tattoos on their four arms under the thoughts Austin because while yes yeah. Then. Lets it Ari let me use that that's a great one thank you it's a Jewish adopts adoption agency. And in walks a prospective couple. Heterosexual couple that wants to adopt from the Jewish agency OK but they have swastika tattoos on their forms. Should they be required to say what you know they are good people. That they they they they have a healthy home life they both have good paying jobs they're able to provide for these kids they're gonna send him. To the best schools here in town. But there and Tyson. Then what does the Jewish agent I don't think anyone involved in a hate group should be able to adopt Erica. What if it was but my question is flip it around. If you're Catholic agency. As long as there a heterosexual couple but they have hateful beliefs is that somehow preferable to you. Then it would be adopting out to a gay couple. Look at all the wonderful things this Pope has said. About homosexuality. And gay couples and the love that we should show ever want. I I'm stunned that were even talking about this with as many kids need homes. That we're seeing in Kansas and Missouri right now. 7677. And in some a seven almost all of us and knock on wood haven't synonymous in the future but if you do. If you do find yourself in the car accident remember the name Dale's collision repair in blue springs because they thrive. On perfection. And it deals a blue springs they guarantee. That your work that there were beg your pardon is it. Good his long visual on your car truck so get a fix right the first time. 81622. Late 1855. 8162281855. Or online at Dale's auto collision dot com. Dale's a blue springs tanker cars taking care review. Thank you by the way all of you came out on Saturday. I know it's Tuesday like well for those who missed it yesterday. You guys. Raised 36940. Dollars. For the families of fallen and injured police officers here in Kansas City thank you and may god bless you always. AA run. In kings built Missouri hello a run. Well hello my true thank. So these children know if they're orderly and they horror are being struck the armed. Man that hey Iran I'm so glad you called because the last text I read before it went to break they said religion. Is a choice. And babies. His baby that's trying to be adopted in the west family. Has no safe and that nor does that baby have a care in the world asks you what religion he or she may. Be involved again. Right hander so how these children. Pushed you there. Religious charity religious organization. And who are so what does that there would like. Earth wind up hurting. That interests of the child in any of the rarity. The more children that are kept in their institution and are now prayed for got. It's in the child's best interest to get the child adopted into loving family with Rick. Question and I'm saying as long as the those parents are not. Murderous. Child molesting felons. I think we should be doing everything our power to get them out of the system. And into a loving home. And got I got one drink per year. How do you compare. A homosexual couples do not I don't I don't get that. It. And wearing a hat what you did in Nazi in the that is completely unfair. That is not. Weaker and I compared. It rod you're you're making the argument. I compared homosexuals to Nazis. Apple you're welcome. To. Run. Let me keep him once a week and continue the argument is I don't wanna cut you'll often. Be accused of cutting you off you should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting. That I even remotely tried to compare homosexuality. With nazism. Eight Iran you've called into the show a lot I respect your opinion but on this when you should be ashamed of yourself. Let me clarify he was asking what's. Other things. Could they argue for and is that one of them and I actually argued it is. Hate speech and hate group affiliation. Should bar you from adopting. I do not think sexual orientation chuck. But I you know I it is really hard for me Iran to take offense to something because normally let that stuff off my back like water and it doesn't bother me at all. I will not accept. That IE eight compared homosexuality. To nazism. And I'm not asking for an apology I don't expect to get one from you but you are wrong and and and you should be ashamed for even suggesting. Jack track where my doctor to report. Was gonna talk you'll do some sometimes you don't you're. What we hear on the other end of the radio sometimes you lose and was happening here now well I won't disagree with it but. It from Alexander on that and then are well well that people may disagree then. I like it pretty open market oracle and record label. I. And I'm sorry feel that way Terry you know higher. Eight and her message thank you for the call I understand. What he's saying but I also understand what you're trying to say and that is not what you're trying to say look it let me be very clear. I have an uncle who's gay I love him. Like a brother. I have a black friend I haven't. And I have people with in my own family who are gay and well and like anybody else say. I homophobic and that's not what you. Michael. Gay. 12 and three days. Would have won twelve Michael Mack. Only I can't believe I have to the myself. Right now I know it's time. Newsroom karma it's happening now on KM BZ. Missouri house committee investigating the governor now wants to hear from an attorney on the fringe of the case is more now. States up parts and this spring keep your yards looking its very best all season long. With Nebraska furniture mart's full lineup of wanna equipment mart's incredible selection. Will help you conquer any outdoor chore with ease push mowers. Tremors blowers Taylor's generators chain saws riding mowers they carry the best brand names to Toro Honda husk Varner. All the legendary low prices. 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