Stop what you're doing. Rodney LOSES HIS MIND around 4:15. Over a monkey?????

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, September 12th

A camera.  A monkey.   A lawsuit.   And RODNEY LOSES HIS MIND.   



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Early Wednesday rent it back to low of 59 degrees on Wednesday lots of sunshine we're gonna top out near 85 so will be a warm wind. That royals game tomorrow afternoon and on Thursday lots of sunshine again even warmer with highs in the upper eighties. From shell Menem First Solar meteorologist level Miller came easy web 78 downtown and the Dana writes 1076. At year's severe weather station. I'm will starent stay connected with new is 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. It's. And I. And oh yeah I'm a little easier regional. It's and for joining us tonight. Yeah. Yeah in 1982. Versioning. Laden is only. And twist in the. Loans like how little it easy to use the only thing. And like this a lot of interaction. You. Okay. And. It's. Fast cars go faster now though David's church news. You. Go to songs on these flights they Calvin 87 that he'd read. They brought back from an earlier whites make record before they were big in the United States. This one and crying in the rain or. I don't know but it was crying in the rain and others out this is from the album since it's insane senators and say that right from 1982. That's that's so weird because Steve Winwood had the exact same thing in 87 there was the remixes Valerie. And talking back tonight both originally from 1982. Are. And remixed and re released eighties. Everybody knows that white snake and Steve Winwood are totally interconnected bear let's just say I'd I'd. That didn't okay. I was just pointing out a parallel to and that's it. An intersection but beware thing is about what's great is everybody thinks you know they came of age like 84 was slighted and I am going to it would mean. And then 87 whip. There are huge record where is this law of hearing again and all of it. That was I believe if I'm not mistaken their seventh record. I didn't realize that. They Rhode didn't really care to really know is this love is jam. Not. X. Ers it what. It. Know Nelson is. A jam. I attorneys have announced a settlement. This week in a lawsuit. Over who owns the copyright. Wait. To sell these photographs taken by a monkey. Before a federal appeals court can answer the novel legal question on what. Just wait talk right under way rod under the deal look up you don't ever bungee remember this monkey that took itself it is a famous. Photo he is smiling he's looking directly at camera we talked about birds being Smart. That lucky took a stealthy look at. OK art accords in the intelligence of a primate. My question is. Win that things get so wonderfully good in this country that all our courts have to do is better to figure out. Who owns the copyright to a photo taken by a monkey. Keep going under the deal will be photographer who's camera was used to take the photos. Agreed to donate 25%. Of any future revenue from the images to charities dedicated to protecting. I don't even know how to pronounce the name of these kind of monkeys eights crested marker cues. Us in Indonesia. Dana knows exactly what that has had several on. Tax. The gross but the hang out. Note goes about. It's just Anglican spots. This was according to lawyers for Peta who. Okay you need to describe. This photograph because it Interbank everybody knows I don't know it's Larry it's the monkey looking into the camera and he Eden looks like he's smiling is going real. He actually took a stealthy. On this photographer's camera himself. Thus a self like he took it himself it's not quite the photographer said hold this and then push the button. The monkey took the camera the monkey to a photo and now the photographers making millions of dollars off that photo. I think the monkey hits the money home. A little. I. It is intellectual. Property. Created. By that monkey the photographer did not take that photo. So here to meet the monkey doesn't get. The money for free agent that intellectual property the the photographer doesn't get are going to take. It. It was at his intellectual property. Del Monte is not intelligent therefore cannot create. Intellectual property every G who has ever made gaining more figured out. Is cage yet the city's on this property does not belong to that photographer that photographer did not take that photo it was his property. And the cac didn't. Pay any fees. To rent the problem and an an an Alley the self know that camera. Was in the hands of that primate when that photo was taken so we met about whether out of Monty should be paid for intellectual property. There is no argument that the photographer should be profiting opera photo he did not take. Quarter. Argue. I won't argue until hell freezes over the photographer. Did not take. The photo of the camera was the property of for target doesn't matter if you have a still camera on a street corner. That captures some iconic image ring handily. A photographer. Standing twenty feet away that had nothing to do. With that photo taken should not be able to profit off of a photograph he did not. Did you what did he bought camera took to the plate he sat out he turned on and he waited for the how that nothing to do it did nothing to do it is that's your. Now this guy. And his career he took to the place that gave. At the. Sure brought the law. Why. Upstate. John. All the latter. Theory is yeah. There aren't furious. That the court should be addressing every stat we're talking about. I can't believe you were. Birdie. And there scorch marks. Up well cripple. Scott. It would have happened if Peta had minimal if Dan owns again. And he steps that done next year about ten feet. Right here. And that fires end it's me. Yeah she got because we're standing next to. Let me ask you it's dance property. It was close. Well we went hitless the monkey which one of us is the I basically show which one's the monkey. Didn't go anywhere and when it fired until. It was just about different you know. Me personally this is apple. And are are you arguing. That the monkey actually has a monetary legal claim. On this photograph I'm the same as a human and a I arguing the photographer does not. Stand to monetize that photographed as he didn't take the phone. That's why this is in court. It is a fascinating in it actually is just for copyright or is angry ex ride it is a fascinating. Test case for election and Robby and a lost. No well look what they know they they they settled for a 25%. Has to be donated to animal some crap. Well no say the macaw. That no Macs. Return to the Max it's on FaceBook if you want to look at the story it's. The photos areas it's a great photograph as I don't know does not take the phone now. We need him to go to college. My photographer friend. As it of that paint something within its trunk. That's an I take it it's Mike campus and I pay Raj. I have to donate 25%. Of anything I sell that or if you're gonna make three million dollars off of it. Weakness job Dan you are a photographer yes you hand your camera off to a two year old know that's a gentleman now. Two year old dog to humans the humans have rights and that and that. More aches that camera right. A man can't is an amazing killing a baby out of a birdie. Right. And time magazine contacts you and says. We want you wanna photo right it goes viral bug like dollar lately all photo right Oklahoma City bombing from the standard 83 billion dollars that the difference though is that the photo. Right and you give credit to the person that took it and then you re you were range however you're gonna compensate that two year old. But we're talking Italy Anna tells compensated he's talking about animals and that's the difference. Animals are quit. Intellectual property rights this one dead. I just quit mr. are we break schedules that you guys can't seem to hit so we're gonna go to break now. Okay. Can't take this. 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Aren't Tuesday throwback to the it is because of his good points off I give. A monkey because. And he shoots for people my only responsible for three of the depths it's a great point. If this was not a great. Intellectual property case the courts would have heard it. I'm telling you it is this will be taught in law school this case will be taught in law school. This is really ago. And so and. I'm not arguing that a monkey owns something or has a financial interest in something. And arguing the photographer doesn't I'm arguing among key because they're giving. Through the settlement 25%. Of all proceeds have to go to an animal rights group and they're arguing that the monkey does have some intellectual property rights they're arguing the photographer has few hour. Rights than he normally would. For all you've got people who say in an animate object can't do anything sister doesn't just sit there and Adam can't thing. You cannot rule that this intellectual property is owned by the photographer he did not even have that camera in his hand. During the second set photo ballistic. And. He does not stand to profit from the voter out. And of an open paint something on campus and are looking at this the wrong way on this is glad to teach law and you shouldn't. No I'm asking you with an elephant paint something on campus with a strong. And it's my campus and my brush. Do I have the rights to the painting or two I need to donate. 25%. Because I didn't technically and I'm not saying the Ellison owns or should profit off of it I'm saying no human should it. Let's. And now. So the outlook for this really means like you at this soldering in its settlement you disagree with the settlement is what the settlement means. So if Mike dog takes I don't. In the backyard. And it hardens and solidifies and somehow I sell its bird. At a garage sale for 25 cents do you do like to keep the quarter. Now you're just being ridiculous. And yeah I do I did not create selling. Case back from this by so nobody buys them. Saying that's woman's okay. I used to live in Alaska. Let me show you something moos. Hoop. Your rates. You ready yeah because they can adults know. Based sell millions hoop earrings in Alaska that's disgusting. We would go to these bazaars. And the emphasis on the word. And they would sell moves. Your. You're saying is that the way its sir. I stay too. Because in this case and property. Hooks in them polished and a problem. Knack for some type of coding on it. But it's not like it's. It's not that it's an airing that has been turned into something L easy you just got caught. You're trying to bring it ridiculous. That Mike who is that the moves his group that's the most. I can't I can't. In the newsroom. Phony drugs real time and real crime more next. 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On your Wednesday lots of sunshine a skinny little warmer with a high 85 degrees. Thursday and Friday it's gonna start to feel even more like summer more they humidity making a return lots of sun with high temperatures in the upper eighties. From Chama tempers are meteorologists know Miller came he's leapt 78 downtown 77 liberty and at you're severe weather station. I'm will stare it stay connected with the new is 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. I 767798. Don't list settlement decision I've ever heard of him. But do you guys remember the picture of my. Mac or whatever those stupid monkeys are cold. And he took a picture of himself and he's smiling as. There's. They settled out of court Pete a suit the photographer Pete. And the photographer has agreed to give 25%. Of all profits. To an animal rights group Peta sued arguing that the monkey and the rights. Had intellectual property rights. Because the monkey. Technically. Took the photograph. Can we bring a lawsuit against Peta forward tying up cords was stupid crap. Can we like forced them their shot Oppenheim their own business. It's really got use out port. This pisses me off. Aren't there more pressing issues in the world add soul. Lit. Here's a great point. Who gets paid when an animal is in a movie or is a model in an advertisement great point the owner of the dog. Handler who gets paid app now. But is the you can argue the animal is creating a product. That product being entertainment or photograph a lot harder to quantify. That product. Its air it's broadcasting it's it's harder to quantify. Time to let it is to quantify it physical thing like the movie Marley and me would like to dial in the owner of the dog. I've probably got paid for morally to be a man. You remember that movie is a satirist and com. And you could quantify. The profit based on the box office turned out. And I would bet that he did in Sioux Marlys owner and say no way it is. Morley has rights. Marley does separates his right to go prove in the backyard and to eat breakfast. And to sit down by me at the TV and am a pet him. Those are Marlys rights and then during the day he can go and act. 576779. It John in civilian hello John. Hello how are you guys and I think your show but it's published. I questioned it start Byrd got permission G with Dell remote key. Arctic pictured and let them multi drug exponent matched it. It broke it. Are they gonna be reliable or Merrill because of late accident at saint with the yet they get a picture he grabbed ticket pitcher by accident. Saying he got a great shot it should be it is not the most. I summon it points out on the tech's linemen and this'll only make rods and explode even further. In entertainment Scott. The perk a person is instructing the channel to perform the monkey was not under instruction. Is to take the self. Therefore it is intellectual property. And every time I look at that photo. I feel joy. I look at that do you see. Smiling. Monkey with his cricket T. Looking directly in the camera and I laugh I laugh every time I see that photo. Not because velocity is that I knew was coming here I just think it's delirious. He knew what he was doing Scott. From attacks on from 9629. All cap seen other man. It is a freaking monkey. It doesn't have intellectual capacity. To understand property rights it has only pure instinct for survival and mating. And apparently. Tucker. The oil in a late hello. Oh. It. I'd like to know earlier hanging on these companies out there there's copy companies that think they're being grossed some. And then they ran them through the intestinal system out there or maybe some other big animal and an excel these products for opera but greed 500 dollar down the coffee. They do it's actually the civet cats Doyle it's the civet cat and I that your point is taken. The coffee beans are considered a delicacy after they run through the system of the civic cat. And they saw that coffee for thousands of dollars about. And you're drinking cat poop. I don't get it then. Look it up it's a thing. His point is well taken who owns the property. Cat I don't think so because we're talking about waste this is a physical thing this photograph is they think so as well. Michael in Overland Park Kim we we are almost got Michael just. This only proves to me how stupid. This world has become. That this is actually taken to court that a group of people actually sued. A man. Whose phone was taken by among. And then somehow he recovered his phone. Only to find out that the monkeys somehow miraculously. Had taken a photograph of himself with the phone. But he had no intention of taking so O three X. But don't you just don't law. That the monkey toad is great photograph of himself with this man's cell phone and then some. Boxes called Pete I'll take this man to court. And slew. On the argument that the monkey somehow has intellectual property rights. This is the dump this GP thing I have ever heard of in my entire eighth. It really is it doesn't. He angry at all. You always in your energy here here's and here's why it makes me mad speaking of wasting energy. We are wasting. The court's time and energy. Hearing cases. That these. Animal rights zealots. Impede. House. Making the argument that somehow an animal. Saying animals don't have rights they have the right not to be beaten. They have the right not to be neglected. They have the right not to be starved today. Listen you'll find no bigger animal lover than me carrying. But I don't think might stall has intellectual property rights I'm quite frankly convinced she doesn't have elect. So Stella does not have intellectual. Property. Rights. Neither does the photographer who didn't take the for Michael in Overland Park a Michael. They got hurt your absorb. It. I don't like it was a little effort on its I guess I I feel like they're really is the guy Aybar in the long or. Just because the photo would've had zero value had this never happened. Now he's actually got him make money. Lists such. So the money that he makes he can now go out and have a steak dinner. Five nights a week. So moderates in in the text line art can the monkey off load the picture to the Internet no. They're four not entitled to money boom all of this got lawyer. That is an interesting argument that even if the monkey on the photo what would you do it couldn't do immigrant yeah. Doesn't have the intellect to put it on the Internet doesn't have the elect to solid doesn't have the elect to mass produce it. And they do have opposable thumbs. OK so they can flush toilet. Time Warner Cable business classes now Specter business and they have made the best business Internet and voice solutions even better. For starters they've increased their Internet speeds from sixty megs. 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Mom won't stick and it's purely feel good arms and Roger zoo's about Kmart they are re branding their plus sized apparel for women. Kmart still exists now barely. Kmart is re branding its apparel for plus sized women. To something more celebratory there now in accordance with Kurt because that's the new hit the new it word right. Instead of plus size. It's going to be called. Fabulously. Sized. Ellis lease guys Rodney fabulously side. Came. Kmart's new I can. Celebrates women of all shapes and sizes and marks the expansion of its signature brands. Joseph boxer and basic additions to Jacqueline Smith. To larger sizes such as one accident five X so should the store that. Barely exist in his closing locations every day 432 sores left really be talent everybody okay. As a positive message out there aren't. Can you can that we care at a week yet I know but you can't do you go. Are happy that it's. A. Up at. It has received mixed reactions on social media writes one person I applaud Kmart for realizing I am fabulously sized. I'd buy a lot of my clothes there they fit my body in my wallet thank you Kmart. So reveals writes on Twitter fabulously sized can mark your Saddam. Content. Kmart has announced that it plans to renamed its plus size fashions. Fabulously sized as a plus sized woman. That is embarrassing. I'll Kmart no longer has a plus size section it's now called fabulously size but are we all. Fabulously so just. Count campaign comes at a time when body posit that the team is on the rise with. Fashion shows having curb your models and celebs fighting back against body shame and but it's also seems like a risky move for a struggling company that is now closing another 28 stores by mid November. You know at some point we'll just wait and by the way I mean straight up. Many stock market run go back in the winds you're. Back in the eighties early eighties when Kmart was like. Vote target of places to go and Wal-Mart was kind of like. But it Kmart now and you'd rather be caught in a Kmart then you wouldn't Wal-Mart and then somehow to Dana's point. Those reputations got flipped upside down and now Kmart is light. We're Japan. And where. You know I think. My parents have a Kmart where they live in north to peak as one of north and that will be one of the last things to die north ticket because a north speak at that as a service they hate here's the problem. Everyone used to go to the north speak at Kmart if you needed to buy black shorts or you know a simple skirt for work. Wal-Mart about two years ago moved in across the street. And it's a super. Wal-Mart. It's not just any Wal-Mart it's a super Wal-Mart Kmart will be out of business with Rainier and that is in a town like to peek at that. Probably had better sales there than he would in a show on a year and a late so where there are more options. So it points out and dominant cleared up whittled it doesn't of this were his offensive to some. Calling it fabulous sized is kind of like calling people who are our special. Only disagree. Say I'm here to here is rod. Because retailers have figured out he's not retailers have figured out Scott. That there is an enormous. Untapped market. In it big and tall for men. And plus sized for Lannan. Which if you wanna be honest the average American woman is now a size fourteen that theoretically. Is on these very low end of plus size. Very low. It it's an untapped market I think for years retailers not sized urges excels. And then they started looking at the numbers the numbers of American women between the ages of 25 and 54 with all of this expendable income and bill. It spent. So. It's really Smart actually for people places like Kmart to be going. I did the north to beat UK mart is gone. Everybody's argument. I'm by the way just like Kmart all angles plus any 126. Years ago maybe that's why it's closed. But let me ask you this. Because apparently the term plus size is no longer ago okay. Is now we have to find new yet ways he's a curvy woman is curvy she's fabulously sized gap. Back in the eighties and I'm not trying to be offensive OK don't take this wrong way wiser but coming people who had mental. Disabilities yes or Colbert are. Yes they're real they were. And it and you were trying to necessarily be insulting. You weren't at all but if somebody had. A mental issue out they were simply referred to as retarded or mentally retarded mentally were our. Somewhere along the way retarded. Became a word were not supposed to use anymore. I think what the text was trying to point out is there's going to become a time. Win the word special. Is no longer going to be acceptable anymore referring to people that we use to refer to as mentally retard it's like able bodied. Instead of pink cap handicapped or different. Different body body of one. To decide these words all of a sudden offensive to people. I don't think it's offensive necessarily. I think they're looking way we call somebody retarded no no when I say. To know when I say plus sized of course retarded cents. I think they're looking for a way to market in the retail industry. To a billion dollar pot of money out there. That only now people are figuring out how to tap into about it Scott when you were growing up where it plus sized women shop your member in the mall one store. I don't remember no lane Bryant's numbers that was it in the big old box store mall. Lane Bryant was the only place you could ago. If you were a plus size woman back in the 70s80s early nineties. That's not true anymore. Stores are starting to figure out even stores like Talbots. Let's call it they call it Talbots. Woman. Or we all went. Have you not seen that and some of the higher in the hours it'll it's cold. Talbots. One. Medford so every. Tab tablets but if you go over to the other section that is called woman. You can get size 146. And eighteen room GAAP. Yeah. But it's okay to call a man big educate called woman a big it's big and tall beat him. Big tall but it's okay to call man big but don't you a woman's fabulously size or Islamic my grandmother used to say. Just east. She's big. So. Absolutely he. Took the newsroom will star. Editing now on KM BZ officers and a late off the hook more next. Refresh the look and feel any room in your home with the latest and the greatest flooring options from Nebraska furniture mart apple would. This brand new and you can find that the mark on what is waterproof engineered wood. That can go and Ares of her home and other would simply can't basement bathrooms kitchens wandering. It's thicker enhance coding is designed to resist scratches stains and where and it's available in three colors and runs. Four dollars and 99 cents per square foot you know the mart is also proud. 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