Stealthing = Sexual assault

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Thursday, July 13th

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1104 midday with Jamie and wicked on a Thursday we're headed to 93 today damn moms and studio from applicant who is still vacationing. Alito and Harry. I'm Rick and yet relaxed yet. Just chill yeah it's on and decided to spend this hour leaning back in my chair Al are you standing next. Maybe bring it ended yesterday a couple times yesterday as he stood tall guy I stood as chair and kind of start waving around like an stalled all the flailing. Around really without a row. No just really is little more contained. It's digits better it's wild gestures at its mobile every appendage moving at the same time for a while but it's contained the desk. So it's not it's all over the place and Iran sounds odd coming up at 12 o'clock we'll get to what's trending also. There's a story today on CNN money picked it up about the number of people in the US that have a side hustle. Some kind of freelance jobs some kinda side gig that you do in addition to your full time job and their numbers out about how much money people are making. And what percentage of their incumbent and how it changes based on holes you are and as somebody that has a side hustled at the does something else on the side shall we sunny and Romeo call doesn't that now the side muscle so we were calling it the gig economy it's the really popular term especially if is telling his side hustle I don't think. Like what I was more freelance work yeah side hustle I think more of like if you're selling stuff on eBay oh and don't mean if you're just kind of doing some. And so I hear the word hustle I'm thinking something that might feel little bit not to completely above board. Now that's just what they have chosen to call it but it does well that's on a theme music. It does doesn't hustle moment guys do do do do do do do to Jerry earlier and that's exactly two down gadget is making money here and counties don't lie. My eyes honestly I do it right now today. Did he let out Hillary. A bite so Google's side hustle it's amazing how many stories you'll find now about all the different ways you can make extra money right I grabbed one and a MarketWatch sister right and Viagra one for men because that. Because if you're paying you're willing to do like Avon and just it runs the gamut of stuff but I didn't realize. How many people are doing something on the sides wouldn't that after twelve and see see what money saving to the ideas firm for way yeah and take the money list. I you know. To get into the list is that everybody is good at some other thing. Yeah you have some other hobby they look at what hobby do you have that you can make money off on right on and so if you're willing to have a little less on network and the law harbors or something you may or are. He's going to be willing to put time and tiles that that's for sure. So in that after 12 o'clock. I don't know area. Iran. Everybody else do the side muscle. I. This. Time after. That could. Break back for some reason to feel sorry. It's open skate everybody. At home my legs are tired of any memories are you kidding I did this. Yeah Amanda skating duo that was it and skate at us now. But it a lot of it on a stable floor of public on the one little dance floors that lit up but with the little blocks that will really one of the holes Saturday night feet absolutely absolutely you do you have the suit with a wide lapel or venison and why is it in gear in different colors yes one. All Uga dancer. No no but it but the suit made a pork okay this is flashing lights also meant a driver should. Throw me for it now and I think is as everybody well you did you got away with a gun you better dress you could be a lousy dancer but laundry got. And volume of Goodwin your standard steel put it to jobless rut. As you as you walk down the sidewalk. You know she. Got here and then go to and you were right. The bosses are listening platform shoes on I did have those yet you answer hey well it is him. Yeah man I had lots and lots of earlier that you just literally as well. Guys go from that so what I would get into next went I would affect what I did not sit quietly permanent active. I report more of we morphed into the eighties with a whole different style and the mullet haircut yeah exactly those that was I see more fun idea was it now I'm kind seven is rough for. That's right and conclude is he's refined than a good. I get in trouble for just sitting quietly for a moment it does does Allen commit and say. No. Can't just sit back and not do your talk show in Iowa what do I get in trouble with this is this is her passive resolute protest marketers podcast you don't you know it's well. Now everybody bad to Jamie and. It's. Entertaining guests but this again for the next are we are you decide muscles story. Feel free to bring this back for people who might have missed all of your little bit here the well we don't already gone god but dramas larger good is it to a jury is a dream he's got his brand of now it has been fun taking a walk down memory lane with nothing about Travis says to me he's gonna be doing your little dances there a deterrent ads on critiques but who's the child and ninety's yes and mental illness yeah. Yeah so no hill he's too. Now does torpedoes and always have it off he's on his door he is a Texas. I got. Kind kind of or today eyewitness could not win today. And I apparently. Just blame two weeks of sickness and I just anything you don't like to make digitally and on. You know thought it was like here. So I called him the boss's office as you'll front I'm slime dangle wind bombed they probably have the hustle and their heads. The sit at their desk at their job Elliott Sadler had to do yeah. It didn't do anything to do to do to do to do. Well it's what do you like us all Republicans are nothing has changed our coming next because I can't possibly transition from that in the worm going without now seem incredibly awkward tumble stealth thing that's what's so that the Los Angeles time it has done a story about its a Democrat Christina Garcia. Who is introduce less legislation that would. Make it eight felony to stealth and if you don't let stealth thing is that is where a man. You'll agree going into sacks that he is going to Wear condoms and at some point after that consent and that agreement is given he takes it off. Without her now is to keep part of that and there's been a big debate about whether that should be a crime there's eight of the table to make it a felony. But that's not all yeah you what we talked about this come back with an argument. And she is got to answer to your argument yes Hoss is there I I was really surprised when you have this part because I was like well what about the other cool. Interest act so that is if you think this is the right way to address that problem we'll take your calls by 76778. Or text each united Europe coming up next. It's 1112 and came easy. 1115. At midday with Jamie and wicket on a Thursday and actually relatively doing a good job of keeping track of the days this week yeah despite the moment they're a week after last week's holiday week it really yeah those next weeks or was difficult you know. To try to get down south in the last week was hard last week is to reduce doubt that felt like are we re excited and it did feel like a weird week last week this week's then okay for me hold. Our right sort of a a you're. Always an exhibit and they are you just kind of always you know now I'm out there with the mood doesn't exist as have at all. And crying inside. To hide it while the left left right. I didn't think I had inside out season. Early guys are so our next story comes to us out of the LA times and a state. Bill there we have assembly woman Cristina Garcia a Democrat there who was introduced a bill to address this issue. Of style thing and were taking your calls and your tax to find out if you think this is something that. I finished addressing the right way doesn't need to go farther or what do we do about it. I still thing is where. A man and a woman or two people agree going in that he is going to work on them for sex right and midway through at some point he removes the economy and doesn't help and it doesn't on purpose. Because. And I'm still kind of Fuzzy and all of us why. That's a good class this is the thing that is being done on her it's essential and it's on behind her you know it's it's without telling her you wheels behind her back it's will never mind where it is. But. I guess she doesn't know. Yeah it's it's being indicted on. I can't be right for now but yes there is asleep Jack it's it's being done with negative intent. Right so and that's the thing I'm really Fazio why would why would a guy do that why would see what's the point here that there are big cases overseas where and it's and is becoming a more common practice in a very disturbing kind of way but. Where on men are being charged sexual assault because. The idea that on defines consent while consent in that circumstance it is. She is consenting to sex under this set of circumstances under this set of guidelines so to speak in which he is always on rules and our understanding right for this encounter and had I known that the encounter was going to be this other way I write a sad ass and so they define that then passes. You have violated her consultant and so. There's an effort to make that criminal. And so the law that's being proposed in California. Also addresses something else that people often so while wit and essar will do that. In the past we've tried to kind of separate those two things she she's addressing it in the bill so. The latest version of the bill Christina Garcia proposes. Wouldn't make it a felony sexual battery to remove or tamper with the condom. Or intentionally use without consent. A condom that's been tampered what a guy it also goes further making it a felony. To lie about being on birth control. Or another form of contraception. Other than a condoms Seoul were looking at putting responsibility. On the other party involved in this encountered gas well because all I was coming I can you beat me to gas all the texts are not addressing stealth thing you're saying what about the girl says it. First of all. And that's what this address that address what about the girl who says she's taking the pill that is now it doesn't go I don't know what you call that because. I don't know what the crime as we know that it's it's felony sexual battery if you take on and off we went through we don't know what the crime is called. What the felony is being called if she lies about birth control can be deception error or fraud navies and because that to me that's not sexual battery necessarily. But either way she is calling it for a treatment. Gaps and just like you ask you know what would make a guy stealth. I don't I. And I don't the first example everybody brings up but I cannot imagine a situation. It which a woman is so. Either desperate to get pregnant or so intense line. Tricking the guy she's width that she would lie about being on birth control because the answer to that is where if you're worried about it. Take responsibility for yourself and where to worry about as so many things. In this hole. And male female. Sex relations thing in all boils down trust. Yes you know like you can have. All the trust in the world. We would be talking about this of people were doing all right and so exactly you go into it I think that's why. That's why we're talking about it as you go into with trust and somewhere along the way and started to Judas for. The Tex lines somebody. Brings up an interesting point 3777. Taxer I'm a woman. How in the heck does a woman not feel the absence of the condom now being a guy hearing about these things is. I'm wondering myself oh yeah how do you who. Know or not know. We're gonna go we're gonna stay and I had his recollection we can answer right now I don't it's uninteresting question I'm sure a lot of people have that question. Wait out how do you not know it's. I would remind you also has hampered west and so it's possible that. It somehow being. Nast wet but I would imagine. The hole punch out impeachment yeah I would imagine there can be a situation which he could slip that off. Knitwear room with her not knowing this I am FC east differently. You're you're in the rows of things and it's possible that he could just slipped that you're changing position. And somewhere in the middle of that when she can't see what's going on and he could slip it off I can totally imagine that well Alec can happen and where there is enough and there's just not feeling going on there she wouldn't notice the difference especially if it's heated she maybe would notice a difference so on. But it is insisting that they're there looking into this practice which. I have no numbers around but I am going to assume is a relatively small. Thing that happens. But no major when it dies a date can be major rights very localized incidents but what is very interesting is how in this bill. They've bad language that woods put responsibility. And consequences. On two. The woman as well if she lies about right contraceptive use because some of you have side you know I think that's fascinating. Docket. Men can be raped you know and it kind of it it's sort of acknowledges that it acknowledges that consent testing began and on both sides. On and and that sent Ed. It's the same issue you're going to Anderson a certain set of a deal that you make and the one of you breaks the deal. The difference in my opinion with a condom is that. And I Kot that decision can be made or on made in the moment you know where's with birth control. That decision is made. In your long before that he can't suddenly start taking it will have the effect of that night by oddly just doesn't work. So to meet this stumping saying it is a more serious issue because it feels more. Like he physical violation you know on eight and she lied about birth control. But you can still protect yourself using a condom against diseases pregnancy if you take a condom off she stuck there is no way to she is not there's not so. The stealth thing is more of quote and quote assault writes there's not and I'll be the the lying about birth control and contraceptive use. Is is more entrapment and it feels more like. If you take condom off there's nothing she can do about not getting in disease you that that is the only protection that moment. If she lies about taking the pill you can still Wear condoms and still protect yourself against all those things. But yes the bill gets in the ballot and the question I have is I'm I'm surprised it's becoming. Eight crime although now I'm glad that we're addressing on both sides but the issue I had was. Much more so all one. If she were to get pregnant as a result of and I know it was at the same thing while she traps but let's just stay focused here for just a second please. On if she were to become pregnant because he takes the condom off midway through. Who's responsible for that they aren't you know what it is but on the flip side you know it did if she lies about birth control on purpose. She hand responsible for the baby right but she would be. The differences that she would be anyway you know and she is she was lying about birth control because she wanted to become pregnant. Now the question is which she put him on make him on the hook for it. Russia strategy goes so right but it goes both ways that slide from the Tex lines as happened to a friend of mine's son. The ages are interesting in this he's eighteen his girlfriend stopped to taking the pills and tell him until she was pregnant she's sixteen. And now little addendum they did have parent's approval so anyway yeah I'd if it happened. Us he's just so that you can get the full brunt of of the tax that are ending that are coming in here on and not have sex with strangers that'll probably help that probably protect your. Think that's unrealistic and don't assume it's always a stranger I I would assume that there are song and people who date perhaps in your early on in your relationship maybe. And you don't know everything about each I think that's an unrealistic. Statement we're getting a lot of tax explaining Powell. Somebody may not feel the absence of a condom and I really appreciate the good that it. Tables yeah that everybody is sending and yes I love you ends to Tony to 1980 you via Scotland freed activists the biology lesson on some sadness on the tax on it let me throw this out for your response. I'm sorry as a man I can't be raped. I got in trouble people have gotten mad at me before recently went by a even just said the statement that the majority of rape victims are female. What I said that people got mad at me and said meg can re being raped so of course they can item is being a man can't be rate of course they can. I mean we've all seen as. No we haven't but you have what kind you know the ideas we've all seen. Though the blue of the. Fictional prison stores but yeah as a joke but yeah meant of course can't be rate they can be raped by. By women they can be raped by other men they can be rate is as as young adults and by older adults yeah and that's a silly to think. Yes it's also the definition of rape and that's kind of what we're talking about right that's it that's the thing it's the Deng is forced right it's not all about force it's about consent. It's about we agreed to this thing. Or we didn't hear his voice that thing would it be considered sexual battery if they were mayor. I don't know how long context there but it doesn't us. But the diner about the bill's language in front of me but the description of the bill doesn't make the distinction. So I would I would assume shore because you. I do so because a woman was married can be raped by her husband. We don't differentiate that in law that you know that there's I guess there's charge of marital rape but we do say you can be raped if you're Mary's. So. On a can't work we're such contests are right so somebody just sad eyed look of the male or female. Two to raise your somebody said men cannot be raped physiologically by women only mentally. This is where I you know because he does well I would say. You can have a woman that could overpowered me. I'm gonna try to keep the SEC happy when I say us on it depends line. What is required for it to be re right because she could physically overpowered him yeah she could force. The connection so to speak now she can't force. The results. Of the connection but I don't think that that's not how you define race. Yeah I'll have to get to certain ending for that to be raped. We map and again the Brigham and don't feel. John assets under your right. Again trying to sell the boss's office today. I 680 or 57677. I many of you are texting and about those and so read some of those next. This issue stumping in the fact that. It may become a felony in California. And a Imus or make in my life filler written consent for every every time. I'm searchers and there's probably form online. 1132 midday with Jamie and wicket on eight Thursday with him I'm not in studio form my quick look at what's trending after twelve also. Dare I get back into the side hustle story we will last. What you're doing for extra money because 44 million people now. Are doing something for money on the sides some kind of other other work besides their day job for extra money so we'll ask ideas around coming up after 12 o'clock. Wrapping up our conversation because a lot of you're texting and about it teaching Chinese hero or call 5767798. Should stealth thing be a felony and in the case of California now the story before. But now we have a bill on the table in California being proposed by Christina Garcia. Who wants to be a felony now she goes both ways with it she's she's being fair about it both directions. So the latest version of the bill would make it a crime a felony sexual battery. To remove or tamper with the condom or intentionally use without consent. A condom that's been tampered with during sex it also makes it a felony to lie about being a birth control or another form of contraception. So yeah this is as fascinating. And and I'm going to imagine. That that this is not some kind of thing that's. Wide its brand amongst men and women and it's on the Internet we're we're hearing about this thing called stealth thing and people write stories about it because it's. Kind of a new thing and so now we can actually. You know has a bit and that talk about and I find it now we're now crawling battle lines spread thing but it's. What I read the article you know their goal is to call when it does get on the books. So people know it's a crime right and then. It allows discretion. On the record attorneys in the judges. And they can be part close. Whole court thing as needed to right it's an option I mean they're not going to be going around you know old in the people's bedrooms to make sure. That your not. Pulling it off too soon yes you know. In this program if you ask the same question I have I'd I don't understand. And this is why it'll be criminal why somebody would do it I'd I don't understand what you're. But you could ask that about a lot of things I don't and and yes thank you to everybody who gave us. Biology lessons. We can't share those with anyone because if you live like that but words were a lot out of it. On a little adult. But just a little bets. So some texted him and sad I have two grown boys I've always told them right or wrong it is their responsibility to Wear condoms to protect against disease and pregnancy unless they are ready to make moral financial. And possible criminal recourse ultimately comes down into the life and welfare of a possible child race and I'm right so. Yeah and that's where you don't that's for the birth control thing comes and had it comes in the play that's where and get it hurt you the difference is that the condom protects against everything now. And so. She can be on birth control and he takes the condom off but she's still can get a disease you'll get pregnant but she still can get a disease. She could not be on birth control or she can lie about it but he could still take steps to protect himself against everything to me. That's why one is a little bit more serious than the other I don't get why we're viewing in the same we should. But in my opinion one just for health reasons. It is all the more dramatic and he knows his name I think this all can be summed up under under under this this phrase. Dolby and a blanked. Yes don't be it an act. Exactly yes just as his talent. A gaffe system. So it detects comedian in Kenya the question is how do you enforce it. Yeah that's that it is about class how do you a Yorker and then it becomes he said she said right. Because she says oh he did this and this is the result he's like oh it was an accident right Zapata you've proven and exit it at Supertramp and you are probably look at the guy go how's he dressed as you get the spiky hair and gold chains in the open shirt well the April apple off on purpose. A. Yeah yeah I do you. In that moment if you just as well it just came off how do you prove that that's but that's a lie right you now on and so Seattle be interesting to see an and we talk about in part because I think more suits them will start to look at it. My prediction is that this doesn't pass I I think were two. Early in the knowledge about this act and I and I don't think it'll go I don't think it's a bathroom but I you know I think it will. As if it isn't actually necessary. To have another law. On the books of course as is California so we don't live there but it isn't necessary to have yet another law. And the stuff not fit under. Existing laws somewhere where you have to play the specifically writes doesn't have to be written I mean I don't know about that that's an argument for all those folks are here to have checked it out as an interesting fraud and or you know could it not fit under a lot that we RT have. And then again I mean I've never considered it before so it's like oh well maybe we should talk about it down figured out and show that heaven is. Sessions right on here until local story at least some little game of who do you believe. OK guys down on it and 2290. Or eaten it was a Paul Allen is tend to use our comes razor and trying to. Children without things. You line on the story the headline out of the star is discrimination. Or miscommunication. Dispute arises at a Lee's summit nail salon. We have a case of a woman who has cerebral palsy who is in a wheelchair. Who claims discrimination as to why she was not given services at a nail salon and we of those and also on that say. It was miscommunication and a bit of language barrier one lead story on currency which used to so we have two people Alyssa Cain. Three globe and mail accounts refused to provide a full panic your service because she was in a wheelchair she writes on FaceBook. I can sense that my wheelchair was a problem and they did not want to deal with a technician at the line generally and sad employees have accommodated those wheelchairs in the past and the dispute did not come. I don't discriminate or tree discriminatory treatment rather have a lack of communication and so she said the technician that helped Cain came here from Vietnam at the age of 21. And his English isn't that great so she's at he had no ill intentions of the wrong. He would not have accepted her for pedicure in the first place he just doesn't know the right word to use an Apple Newton case and she tried to explain that she brought along a friend to help the lifting her out of the wheelchair but she said the technician instead asked. If a pitcher can be given a while she sat in her wheelchair. This other tech is their sad that was done to avoid any liability that could result from moving her out of the chair that we short haul aren't whose fault is that. They said they did everything they could try to make her comfortable that she acknowledged the situation could have been handled better. By employees at the salon and in so that the slaughter reached out to her to apologize. They said you know the business you encounter experiences like that and that's how you warrant. So I wish more detail about exactly what happened but my first thought was. Offense by it if you work and O'Neill's line. And your language barrier is so severe. That you don't know some of the basic we don't know exactly what what the issue was in terms of language barrier. You know a lot of the basic language of the tree that your NF Mondale's like your at this pro. More than just language they're using language barrier to describe probably cultural. Differences as well yeah and the way that people engage with the others then in certain things. If you know be yet others. Yeah I came in and like. Oh that is a right and so. And we know she ultimately dot that the pedicure or not to but when they say that they have done other pictures in the past for people in wheelchairs I believe. It doesn't seem like it's that. It would be that big of a problem because how many pictures you've got in your life. But actually I have never gone in for an addict you might like you to hang out because he does about once every. For sure once a month yeah if not more obvious they'll dash any pity he isn't lookers Towson times and he showed after all the while there in flip flops are out here NS aren't there always hated. The toes are always the toes are always done our the thing Heatley go and get the dealer together. It's not clear I now know it depends I would have reason to at the moment OK if it's you know football season than their router packer green or whatever on. All right very easy to. Role is issue of the space on you could very easily just heard your wheelchair around is that you don't put your feet in this. Like type thing yeah small bathtubs in the vehicle besides you could very easily turn the chair around so her feet the region. On a com. Nations candy may ask hamsters are have been. I think like so many things that that that pop up like this where is all of happened. It's a means miscommunication thing probably you know there probably demands. And assumptions being made by day the customer. And there is probably the misunderstanding. And desires. On the part of the business folks. And those probably didn't exactly match is this a thing. I don't know if this is a thing and I don't know if it's ever gonna it'll never happen again for sir because in the future they'll make sure that they take care if they had helped folks that are in wheelchairs before will okay fine. We only uses this one ME in the not hang in a sign on the door as they know wheelchair people laugh out right are they now that would be a price that would be discrimination right that would be that arguably this is probably. Yeah this this isn't working out and she probably should have asked for somebody else to deal was she showed of she could have been probably a little more proactive also. And that is their manager here that I can clearly clearly were having some issues communicating or is there somebody else here that I can talk to it's it's almost like. I know it's gonna sound judging she did everything she could've gotten in order to get what she was looking for either. So she really wanted to pet that's a miscommunication right happens we'll ask for somebody else who sides. Are communicating with each other now as things get awkward and weird and and then you throw in. A language barrier or cultural barrier you're throwing effect that this person miserable palsy. And as in the wheelchair and then they have a go between and and right you can just imagine the awkwardness. Allfirst in the moment I'm sure very awkward. And what's going on what you mean what do you mean what do I mean and and it gets it gets out of hand but doesn't rise to level of being a thing. How did I hate about this morning that if it is that. As as I shift gears here a little bit on the other side she wouldn't FaceBook to complain about it. Bryant instead of handling it fair instead of again it's like if you've if you're restaurant and your burger comes out not Don properly it's like the people that go online and complain about it or give a bad review instead of addressing at the moment when you technically affects that. Right there are irked that I had an easy way to fix it instead you'll outlining complained. That's how I look at this I mean it's almost a passive aggressor. Things like going to it'll keep all with a meat it's like going to steakhouse I want it cooked medium and then it comes out bloody and you send it back. And then it comes out weld done that and these they know right then you get a new stake because I wanted to medium who this would be like Golan ordering medium getting a rare going. OK analysis and in your car right and put an about face but I can't believe how they now. Take action there in the moments. And remedy it. And if that means OK I'm going to leave this establishment. Because I as a customer don't feel I'm getting what I need bright will leak. Right try to remedy it fair and that if you need the public pressure then go for it. Now it's eleven for for a few extra inning coming up but you possibly hit those side muscles coming up as well I'm for five and you BZ. 1149. That day with Jamie went on Thursday we're headed for high of 93. Today and I think we cool off to Tibet and I was looking at it next week. One. 100. Oh yeah CN. And it all depends on the weather system weather pattern and I don't humidity the and it I can do under the snow problems humidity outside gap you know I think I'd want to do for awhile on. That I thought about every day this week I've thought about it but I've never done like bike share Casey word they've got the Beisel Overtown need to run Charley trailer ever night I used one for the first time last weekend at an event. And I thought it looked to bike ride I got on a bike and forever and I every tag off your beat it wanna go do that and every day it is a hundred degrees outside. Yeah you wanna get out there you wanna go on a leisurely bike ride and you'll and a comeback so portal link bike right. I want and not get half we threatened oh my gosh I'm miserable. And I went to go at 9 o'clock at night. Sound. Some of her car. So I'm gonna have to move. And yes at some point ire of the unable to handle it yet it is it is geographical management has a different with a arts or that I saw this morning that I thought wasn't real I thought that this is out of a movie I thought this there's and then multiple media picked it up so. Oh yep AT and ATMs across ATM machines. That RTM machine machine gas ATMs that are in rooms you know where you have to sit as sides and kiosks. But there in glass room yes you know you that org went for security reasons right now so guy that was supposed to be fixing one of cities and ended up getting stuck inside the room. So man found himself locked in an ATM room in Texas on Wednesday that led him to use a clever statement that out and it was a contractor repairing the eighteen of eight Bank of America. While changing a lot he became stuck inside the room connected to the AT and the eighteen it was still in service and so he idea. Of slipping notes out through the little receipts lie saying police tell I'm stuck here and I don't have my phone please call my. I'm looking at some audio and we'll get a put up so you concede as well so it's normally ET analysts out of a bank. He's in the repair room behind it is just picturing you as locked in a kiosk okay. With a with a drawer NBA yeah. So you're standing outside of you know people are pulling out and all they are seen are the notes that are coming out the receipts. And so they don't know where that's coming up that's like spotless and then somebody's at AT and it's funny. Ed so somebody and keep some people kept pushing these notes out. And people initially thought they were jokes police at initially the first people that saw the saga on his knee ligament I was. Actually this candid camera thing. You know it's only people had something that they carry in their pocket that they can use to contact others. All in that instance hit and. I can't believe in a situation where somebody wouldn't have her phone anymore but he did was going to be looked at as truck. Is work truck a may be and how do you get rattled the thing locks behind you you can't get along with the in this I know let me tell you it was like days. Onto that would be weird ye have a lot of bank tellers like what's that smell 2 PM as when he was changing the lock. Arts now we have a longer version here so. This was at the Bank of America on Turkey was working and changing a lot he leaves the Rockies installing the lock on the door it's locked inside. So people are still stopping by because the ATMs to work and so that was when he slipped the notes through. Some eventually took it seriously and called police employees afterward he got stuck. Changing out the electronic lock the contractor supervisor arrived later and said police had to kick a door and to get him out of the AT number. But we don't know how long he was in the air so good thing this was it to the afternoon. Not at 8 o'clock at night and yeah we'll what I was its traffic. And it. And I didn't panic and her realize you know. So it's just funny. It's but it was pretty Smart how to skew into the hand. Of how you get out of. Well now I don't know what you eventually somebody's gonna come looking but you just keep power is not only was it was a bring the work truck back yes his last job. Go out their currency area's hey where's bill has talked to earlier a what are we still in the room hey bill to go in there fiercely client. Because it's apple that they that he found them. As you would hope that what do see us try its and what it has have to bring the truck pack or if he takes the truck home and he lives alone. And he's got it now and not very nobody went form there what do you just tells work and I'm working on it and he maybe got it next. So nobody is waiting to hear from and about in their all night model and it's because I just suffered heat through the course of the night of sympathy for situation. The gun liberal closed the slot Neal help. Its stock and give me. A picture this on TV. Because if if you had the idea was looked at notes out through the receives. A little receipt poll that and he just would have been yelling a so it's not. This is an ATM icing that's you know pretty heavy in terms of security insomnia or the construction so they might out of her entry Tia. This event a funny prank temple but it not happen for real sound. Our 91 more restore memory carries on with aluminum an extra keys yes. Well more evil Ali's house phone with the from now on. Won't work weeks are over it's news so I debated in the past I think it's too current account. And some pretty big trips and I don't. I in the past and it really it's a grand about it because I always sad people care. I just generally think people don't care about your vacation photos it's why don't FaceBook that it's why. Really the only reason I started Esther granting it was because I travel alone and truly it was because I thought people buy another one and on soul live gradually people like your vacation. People don't care went to people will care I didn't but so there was a story out about. On whether people care about your vacation photos and the stories out of Dallas Fort Worth. The study found most people don't want deceived friends vacation pictures on social media. This has got me not wanting to put him way way way way way way way where's the story early this. And yes local out of Dallas Fort Worth the study that was done by a Veba which is big insurance company. They hold 2000 people and they said 73%. Are delayed when they see others vacations photos on social media. I agree with Dennis this suppose I would like to see go way I've seen yourself please. Then you taking pictures of your feet. That's the big thing now with vacation photos became a few in the sand yeah. Yes I would be not your feet the pool or your leg I should show you looking out over you know no lawyer wherever you are. So. Yeah and then some overlaps of nearly half of people who post vacation pictures due to keep friends in the loop and 21% admit to showing just doing its job where there are. Here is a photos that I took three years ago analysts on day via. Grand adventure great western adventure with my side you just three wins that one yeah it was a memory from this morning and so I I I putter up my son and I. Loaded up and the SUV and drove from here all the way up through Colorado and Utah all desire on and around the green canyon New Mexico and back. Did hold great national park circuit. You know and missiles on the photos that I took. So you have an issue you are and I hates I'm sorry I like Q. This is exactly what I'm talking out in the hive that national forest on the north rim of the Grand Canyon I've got my hammock set up between some trees. We're on a cliff. I'm sitting in the Hanik. And I take some pictures of my view with my legs hanging out over the. Why do we need to likes it why did you guy do we need why. You just take the picture of what you're looking out why your legs have to be and why rejoice killer I guess this I don't either take a picture you like about you liking put your feet. And it. Or take a picture of the place that this stupidest right next to him pictures and why I'm in a hammock hanging I can't see him novels so why don't. Point is is that I'm on the edge of the cliff and on my legs are hanging out over this wonderful this stuff. That's the point of Allah to show my legs but so are you look pretty good that this weekend now is we get people get the cell how. Now of people's backs looking out over. Over wherever they are but it's the pictures. Yourself these people like yourself your face well a cell. Is not as artistic success really yes really. Yeah this is a message or better or is this to us that are composed photo. Putting yourself in it rather than just turning the camera myself and smiling and look at mean you're blocking my view of everything else in the tech actually you know it's a given releases because it's got rule of thirds. So in my legs or over here on the rule of thirds here and we can still see. The Vista in the northern part of the Grand Canyon. This is the quality photos and I disagree but we'll move on totally just totally don't usually killer blame hang our audiences to defend your position.