State newborn screening FAIL....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, May 25th
KMBC 9's Donna Pitman joins us this hour to talk about her son's diagnosis.

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. Right center. I wasn't going to be I think I'm taking Gregor Kelly my brother. To render at me I think this is our thirteenth. Was the show while. It's sort of our rider passed for my brother. It is his first. He. My Brothers so excited he is coming to the studio at 5 o'clock he's like chemists that are going to be early he's come and all we have from Wichita. Poison Cheap Trick poppy evil at sprint center tonight my brother is so excited he can. Barely stand it. Shall give my brother. His first points and concert. And might pertain. Appear to be at odds you could it is it is story have access site. Police officers shared a ten year old boys note after his mom got pulled over self. He is is slated letter TV full year police departments expressed gratitude for pulling his mom over he goes thank you for pulling my mom over because she deserved it. Because she'd life away and I did not like it and how she's always bragging about how good of a driver she is just annoys me so he wrote the there are set thank you it's. I take it. I don't know it doesn't say unfortunately it's it's he goes on now. Once she got pulled over because she did not have an easy sticker on her window and when she came home and told me that I just asked. And then there was that one time when one in my mom's back lights were working and she got pulled over to work. Woke old soldier. Or you can totally excited that's about how my left censoring I know this porch you delegate EU's apparently got it out for his moms driving I don't know why but it's funny. Not star pupils said he should be become mayor of full share I think you should bit. And got rod Roddy you're there rod I don't grow we're right do. You prove who. He's not here and rowdy group will be. There was a story out yesterday and Good Morning America. That proves women are not the same when it comes to navigation. Asthma. OK well guys that what is not the same mean manner better. I not in my personal life and experience. If you spin me around twice and put me out on China's parkway I would still have to look round figure out which for the plasma. Men are better at finding a location in the women now. Cara I was Good Morning America. Listen that's my daughter my oldest daughter who has started drive and like a year ago and for some reason has that saying in her car. That that inmates GPS. Thing. Where she automatically knows where she is the managing which way to go all idols I am way generally I goal on an Arab with her does have a couple days ago. End that I backed out of the driveway to go leave this house. I went around wage goes mom way to Ohio the wrong way she does. You came in that way and I am my my my Brandon mark that way it was just go left okay not a right or left there again there's now and I. And I took her and I know how. Do you do act and she goes I don't know I just know where we are now my other daughter me and him no idea. I mean and I don't think it's necessarily a man machine I think you either have that GPS they in you I do or you do not I don't have a prop I don't usually get lost every once snow around it turned around but for the most part you can show me direction at one time and I won't figure when. Dana Point based. Plaza. West on the other way from. Let. Point proven. If I weren't in my house and find anywhere like right here on. But if you write to me why did you MGIC can now because there first of all they don't have a grid pattern. And second of all know they and their name is partly due numbers add their names are spot. Know yes they. Their numbers going different directions their numbers go north to eat our north to sell whatever it's backward in case he can't what for whatever reason when they settled that city they thought let's do what no one else doesn't switched around. If you dump me in any other city independence. I have no idea Graham none after we got out of the pool you never showed up in my house. Did you not show my house could you because you couldn't find I eventually would have found it but then I got sidetracked with the alarm going off mine. So I I would have known how to find your house but if you get me out of my area net and you said to me Scott. If you if you jumped me at Zona Rosa right now. Cat and says that at home and you just said to me point west I would not be able to do her. Welcome I don't have that thing whatever that thing is I don't have a dictator headphones off okay. Stand up yeah. Closure us. Spin around. Keep spinning. Keep spending keep their eyes close keeper eyes closed. Note backed away from the desk views of the desk is a cheater board. Spin around there spent around. One more time. Point to the south. Not fair key and even do that. Are good. If I have one direction I can figure out industry. Wonder if it's raining. When we news reports and we use say he's teaming in my eastern room. Which is less when people say to me go to that corner at turn east on Tommy that tummy writer left Q were lost a lowest. Yeah. I'm lost Lewis T Texas can't make. Accident seventy aided one in the running for a thousand dollars in Q were to cash we professors routed him anyway after the 5 o'clock news. I and I and that team want for weeks I'd love. And actually get ready to go and next week to VW Lee's summit to look at aid Jeddah. What a great car they have. They're twenty teens right now are 4000 dollars off MS RP you can lease one of those Jenna is starting at a 139. Dollars a month. 139. Dollars a month he needs something bigger like my team on. 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That you had some stuff going on with your third beautiful child. But I did not know and a lot of the details excellent watch this story last night and we're gonna post this on our FaceBook page or website. Because there's something we can apple do to help everyone listening right now. All of the moms from this point forward and dads who have babies in the state of Kansas I'm gonna get to that moment. When you have a baby we're gonna start here Donna that they prick their feet in the drought. And that blood goes to some lab somewhere and they test for a variety of things and acted in several years since I've addict yet. You know that they test her right all of these things and you find out how they're hearing how their vision of the stuff. One of tests that they performed on your little buddy is here today. I am I. Players as shy and quiet until now. Was that they test it in Missouri for something called palm page disease and it came back. Positives to take us back. How old is he now he's 22 months now you you'd get this call you're still in the hospital now but you know we vote and if we both. Well Scott you've had your girls in his talkative now all of a sudden he has it on let me grab it. So. I had two kids I knew what I was doing and and a four year old a two year old I I had an office I got a sound when you have to not have. How earth please Todd and he was a great nearly everything was great. He was little that has depended this company got a phone call from the nurse our pediatricians office and she said okay there's this. Blood testing came back positive. But I'm sure the heat affected it I worry Dana about every thing I borrow worry yeah okay. I didn't worry I was more upset about his the heat for the fact of the test my days and and often right July 2016. So I was more concerned about taking the baby back to the hospital trying to. And he was four days old yeah. And so got that done dead at two weeks later and has to be checked out. It wasn't even top of mind as really really think about it as an after a price adore pediatricians you know what what did that whatever that was come back and Lisa right now let me check to come back. Three tan that afternoon in my life changed he called. And this is you know the pediatrician I had for four years yeah we don't call and we don't know it's calming myself down so. IE was holding Gabriel and he was two weeks old and started writing down these these words and I didn't. Note of where you Weis is so small storage disorder yeah. And if if I took that I'd be going is is cancer like well and and he knows me enough. To know that. I was quiet and I think panel arms and I think this you to do something on she's not talking but I was taking notes and I was kind of numb thinking oh my okay this is something. And so to call me I think he's so we'll listen it's it's going to be okay we have a we got a clinic setup tomorrow children's mercy just for Gabriel. The blood then completely drain and a bloop and dismember looking at the blue pad and writing down cardiologist tomorrow children's mercy team. Yeah we're we Andy is he really teens arrested for Gabriel. So yeah how rare amused on a disease what are. Right now okay well right now to incident rarity question one and 40000 and that's what we now that's what we know because so many people don't necessarily if they have that. What is that it is and learn so much they are he did. Today the geneticists license we probably remember an eighth grade science like I mean this is just out just because I don't I. And I am a journalist convention and don't excise and he had that. He took it just don't remember much. He has an enzyme. Deficiencies so we all are born at the same amount of enzymes that we will cap so Dana you're not gonna get any more in a little loosening your lifetime I'm not Scott was born with is what you get yeah and so hey Gabriel is deficient and people with pomp pay their different forms as you can imagine but he's deficient in the GA and Simon what that means. And we get to inside baseball. But it it's an enzyme that breaks down shorter reply kitchen and your body an overtime game. That bill. And impacts. Your we're gonna excuse Gabriel he's so cute he's got a he's outside on nearly every moment. He's he's very vocal and well he sure is now he'd read it over it but why don't you realize that he's all the might like that. So. It's like. A head and porn talk. So he lacks an. Enzyme that breaks down shiver like that in a time that builds up and my word beware visualize it my were to suffocate to suffocate the muscles and so. Some key words here over time. And with Gabriel he has what's called late onset Pompeii disease I didn't get to name it had I I would have never said late onset it's also known as adult I'm sad. Because what late means is. It could happen at seven days seven weeks seven years seventy years old you know he may never showed sentence is he is showing yes. It can be it can be. I should've said yes so quickly but. When you think of muscles to and a I think Michelle Obama are in and rightly so great my cards right obviously your muscles are your heart your line and so over time. Now there is wonderful this is not a sad story this is a story I always say Philip I had time on my side. As much as I feel like we are in a race against time and both are true. And that in the last ten years in 2006. The FDA approved an enzyme replacement therapy. And you may have seen or heard of the movie extraordinary measures as a movie about it OK with Harrison Ford gaffe. 2010 I believe it's on Amazon prime if you have a rented her watcher find it by an on Amazon by Pittsburgh to great movie but it tells the true story of a family. Two found out that two of their three children have. Mary. Very acute form of pomp pay it's called infantile form and we die. It toddlers died at home and at that time the doctor said this is John Crowley. They said. Stay home and be with your babies. And again. Yeah and he. Question at the whole time couldn't do it can do it and that. What he did do was he found Michael Smart people he went literally to the ends of the earth to find. People who claim to. Who helped it helped and those that team of scientists came up with the enzyme replacement therapy approved in 2000 sex that is saving lives now. And and prolonging and making the quality of life better for. People so when we come back one of those things I want to talk about and this is why this affects really everyone listening. For some reason they test for this and Missouri you know they pricked a little babies that get little blood thing they send it off they test. You don't even know they're testing fortnight has four had no idea in Kansas they don't. And one of the things will we get back at what you tell me how would you have known. I think I know the answer that. Dirk could be people roaming around right now that have this going on and they don't know if you were born in Kansas you're not gonna and if you were born in and forty other states. We're gonna get get to that's straight ahead Donna thank you for joining us it's the Newser here's Caremark. A new lawsuit all thanks to a senior prank more next. 330 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are the independent school district says any student who makes a real or implied threat will face discipline and will not attend or walk to graduation. This comes as the district is facing a lawsuit now from the ACLU over senior prank. Keylon salie poston ad on Craigslist that included the words for sale data loss of students coming up meaning the graduating class. The district says those words sparked fear in multiple parents checked their children out of school and students now with the principle about concerns for their safety. Portland police tweeting they have located the Mazda as you be involved and hit and run near Portland State University sergeant Chris sperling is with the Portland police. Our ignorance. At least three people were injured they should mention we believe that there might have been a fourth person was injured the left the area was. 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Eighty cheering I TCI it's 81 in blue springs 82 at your official weather station the radio dot com map is the official new home of KM BZ downloaded today listen to us any time anywhere. Tara marks or news 981 KM BZ. I. He moved. And her son to son well. They're program and school. Please I believe Summers out this elegant. And poisons in town tonight another sign this summer's officially here. And I got to hit them with an easy nine news is in studio today I loved the story last night at love that you're sharing the story. Your third beautiful side. Gabriel was born with Pompeii disease. You only found out he had it because Missouri is one of a handful of states that test for us and manga or you would. You would know something might be wrong that you would know what our would you even know it was some. Thing Rockwell at. We we may not now and a lot of people who have his particular format pomp pay which is called late onset pom pay. They go through what I've read as the didn't mean it the average amount of time aspired to six years before they had a crisis the us you guys and you have busy life I get to be in your forties you think it's harder to walk up the stairs by on ten pound right need to see your doctor will maybe as fibromyalgia you can get an MRI UH yeah you pay that bill law so it can take seven or eight years because no and saying. Just check out C if you have pumped so from the beginning Missouri test the newborns from the begin by Kansas does not and Missouri was the first day leading the way and newborn screens for pom pay and that started. Set by the it's started six or seven years ago superstar fighters to for my son was so. And as well can't write out to click disorder because people probably Google and mystery now ranks not the mom pay out these Indian Italy. It's PR OM PE. PO and young comments because accompany me so Kansas currently screens for thirty things you got a baby in Kansas. They're gonna test that foot prick. The one print doesn't take any more blood test for it right so for some disable this is money it's not their to their date they prick but they send it to collapse. Kansas screens for thirty things why would they not just throw this in the air. And I'm not the person answer that question. I will tell you had a I had my baby. Twenty minutes fifteen minutes from my house. We would now and because we do know that he has a innocent people said it's a great question. Well do you wish you didn't know we're so glad that we know that he has this because it is put us in a position to stay a step ahead of it. I'm back to wet wet. What Pompeii is and and the enzymes in the muscle damage that happened says that like legend builds up. Once those muscles are damaged there's no getting it back there's no eating a good diet or working out or. Going to has a protein shake us protein shakes you how to. And you know when we go and every three months for our pax four and CTK testing which is again inside Pompeii queue up. But to specific test in his condition to see how Gabriel's doing on that level he also sees. This therapist we are back and forth with duke which is doing leading research and in Pompeii disease that. The idea being not to live under a cloud not to live looking over our shoulder but honestly we we we have if you wanna call that fine. We're trying to stay a step a tourist and so if the time comes for him. To get that lifesaving therapy that we talked about that enzyme replacement therapy will now and be able to preserve the muscles that he has and not just muscles like your biceps this is tong and yeah so he. Is he speech delayed for him he has not Wear and and you know. Yeah he's 22 months. There's not a metal thing not at all physicals and and I also think all the muscles in your body tong hearts. All of those system and this time and an honestly has little. He gets the TEC said he's had to see it it's just eating it's eating your sit down eat a meal on a taste that but it's hard for him around. Said to chew and process it so just. Things like that and that's so minor compared to what a sorry Donna of Pompeii got better as a parent you. The what makes me angry that Kansas is not testing for this all the other states. You would be spinning your wheels trying to figure out what's right at age two or three what's wrong is this autism is this. Okay not you'll have results right you'll have adults who have late onset Pompeii you'll tell you won't. I remember being twelve and all my sister you know we would climb the fence and I couldn't hours had to walk around. You know there are things that you look back at after you're diagnosed as an adult rights as a company and said that's where having that newborn screening knowing what we do win. When we do business in a position hopefully you know I keep saying it to stay ahead if this disease. So tells two pronged question. Number one. Questions statement that tells about what Gabriel's wearing around his midsection. And then where was this when we were kittens. It's not new. It is not known now. And that's what its interest in people's idea of a team history you know what we don't nobody really knows and I it was time is not that long ago where you know you Graham and people died and they similarly titled major negative question everything's and it could be that. Somebody great great grandparent of mine had it. She turns out my husband and I are both carriers who knew. I went through it could go far beyond got to help wanted a million shot I have to ask you area and our genetic. Sentence. Has a break in the same it's weird I guess were government to be. Might well over broken and there's. We have at hand and task OK so. Okay about it. Oh yeah. I definitely and we well. We're just it's been a lot to just kind of wrap ourselves around desolate time and learn about it and in an you know we would there a sentiment there's no symptoms and obviously there are some payment. I just. So the testing is news. But it's your first kids were not just the testing is due in Missouri City started I said Richard Ellis my daughter is six and a half or she does not tested. And they tested the year after she was born sound. I don't know why misery decided to Jesus we'd al-Qaeda and for my for it was tacked onto a bill I'm sure I can. Padilla by now that's a moment things I've learned the last twenty pounds you think like I'm in Edmonton Scott. Guess what we test for in Kansas I'm sure insert him measles. Amino acid disorders so when you have a baby is an. I never even I'm street in it I don't you think about it read it and you have the baby. They take it away they they pricked up but heck I didn't know what they were doing. Amino acid disorders including maple syrup urine disease so that's on there. Maples serve what urine disease that's important. Endocrine disorders fatty acid disorders and there's a time list of hemoglobin disorders. That makes and while yes the kid is up for sickle cell that kind of thing organic acid conditions. They take they test for. Can journal heart disease of course cystic fibrosis is now on there and bad which is an orphan disease I hate that term but that's what it's called a hate the term. It means there are not. Enough people who have it bet it is profitable fourth the pharmaceutical companies to really aggressively. Work on treatment and so like Pompeii was cystic fibrosis. That is a grassroots let's raise money. Saying to try to give money to places like duke for racer. Well and one of the things that we're hoping to see you soon because this isn't just my son looses my. Grandchildren you know who knows who else on our family. The I get an email today after Kress that's a story aired from a woman who said that she's had her thirtieth infusion. These people will go for infusions for this and I'm replacement therapy it's not a pill it's not a shot once a month or once a season you go and but chemotherapy it's an and after you go you sit in the chair for eight hours today my girlfriend her little boy way. Six years old he has to go once a week can you imagine Dana six -- poisoning in the chair for it's for eight hours but like dialysis it's like dialysis and it the price tag on this and that company that provides that has pledged to do it free for children but who know and supplied it's a wonderful pledged. But the what happens when you turn eighteen yet. Deep price tag on it at minimum is 300000 dollars a year and that's that's also ballpark is it depends what are you need what particular type TV but you've got people going in once a week. Or once every two weeks. Eight hours a day for best. As a parent and they sit up at night you can imagine just the anxiety thinking. That I I went you know you all what your kids to be normal have normal chances and experiences since I can't imagine him going off and having his first job so and it's all of the player. And they need. Yeah right acacia tire plus what what is your son left. To see you do not have to do the enzyme replacement therapy in fact his doctorate children's mercy cities nowhere near candidate for a he wouldn't if somebody recommended he would say no so we're very blessed we are very bus he's healthy he's happy CME's. Or he doesn't go and sit down for hours over now. Is this one of those scenarios and there's no other way for you know because you are what you are that make being a reporter. Makes this. Worse. And your mom hat is always on. But you're in a mere hours you're a reporter and so when you say you were quietly the doctor was telling all of you think all of these things I think it makes you more resourceful. I think you'll be able to get his act on in Kansas Europe forced on I I have no doubt you'll be able to get this done. But is it also overwhelming in your reporter mind where you are thinking I want to incest every single detail and I would like to. Pat myself on the back by the pediatrician that day that we had our phone caller road analysts multi count backwards thinking Alec is up later he said do not least O Google S. Did not. That I did and I don't I don't but it didn't that's better I did not. Know. Don't don't do as an agent and a I can't know the. Worst thing I ever did when I sat with Joseph in South Carolina was what is his what's the doctors come in and he ended up having cancer god bless him he's still in fine. But as the doctor is in the room. And he's rhyme and awful these words on my on my phone on Google. Has got cancer he's gonna die he still. I mean dew which are not. He said don't go they'll tell us there's this there's a spectrum with don't doctored or this ice and and there are so many things that are dated out there which is the back to the time on our site thing. So much as happened just in ten years time they have the enzyme replacement now some people are able to dip from their homes they have to the end of boxes and separate rooms and and a whole setup for it but. It's a there's so many things to be excited about and to be. Positive about so I don't when he when I certainly don't and what anyone a look at my son and feel sorry for him. It it's isn't the best thing ever eat well I like to think he's well he's except as exceptional. I see that hair and on those analyzed them. I don't think the corporate entities. That we all things. Your your kid is normal the anti spam our kids and my kids and he is normal and that's. That's what the fear was you know the fear was that he wouldn't be unite I had visions of media he's got two older siblings who love to random play and go crazy and thoughtful so what are we gonna do crafts on the sidelines right soccer games right as. His legs are gonna stop working. And that's that's some real depressing thoughts but it's also real when you're dealing with anything and that's what I I don't feel that way now I feel like we have hoped that. He's not going to have a diminished capacity because there's so much happening right now William. All of the research at duke and I know you've been to do Q tunnels and her to anywhere in a Duchscherer would take just love. Is there research going on here is can you doing any investor mercy are they getting into it. Yes and I and I. Can't see that much on it but I'm really excited because I've heard a lot of things about what KU is to ensure and I don't have some insight on how some partnership but. You don't want to misspeak but sure you would you would love Kate how often do you and goats to do cargo. For treatment for well and this is this is something else that. When you're on and the other side back to being a reporter I've reported on people who. You know we we all have have devastating. Illnesses and now. To inconveniences in life and they would like duke would like to see Gabriel once a year but the reality is I have. Two other children. You know we have jobs is so much when it comes adding we're (%expletive) yeah yeah you know it costs money. You know wanna see well he he's he is rare enough in his specific form correct me if I'm on the campaign. That researchers. I'm guessing well waddle yeah there's that he was actually included in the study which. And he probably knows he's a he's that I didn't external media event that's teacher as you hear you hire an agent. And ego you Ciampi. It's an accomplice many and the members know well it it's that but it's also back to. Sad because we just don't have a lot of kids who were diagnosed as inch fence with the late onset Pompeii disease so. These part of a very unique crew group. Thanks so sorry testing some Missouri testing and Duke University where there is the lead in Pompeii research they wanna keep a close eye. On these kids and make sure that they do catch anything you know when he's when he went to duke he's size cardiology and the new name yeah we I do wanna say we see all of those same. Doctors their counterparts here. At children's mercy there amazing. And our doctors communicate with the doctors do you communicate with our pediatrician. So there's very open dialogues I feel like. We're getting great care here and we don't have to go to do for right here. Well it's a great story. I'm certainly true but thank you Jerry I truly believe there's a reason for stuff I mean yeah. We're gonna posted so people can see and Donny again your one hope is that every state tests for the zoo would help so many families if they would just add it now. Two of them. Thirty or forty that there are already testing for when you do it. At your point it requires no more pricks no more no more blood to be taken them babies out before ago is Chris cast and. Great anchorman for the greatest anchorman in Kansas and. Chris cats. It was time for the Xeon and meaning if you guys in the greatness he he really hey Ed and that he is there's so many guys as. Doing this story with Chris he's my friend. And so he is cigars and he's. A great. Does go to these the greatest but he did an awesome job attempts Wyman I have. To say the photojournalist who worked on NASDAQ is also Maria Antonia has been. Just amazing amazing amazing so we were able to tell the story to our friend and I appreciate and intensity guys friends and I appreciate you know it listening as. Well let him earlier here and we're gonna post that story now so people can check it out and write your congressman tellem to test for that darn thing when your babies are born and we'll help. Get this ball Rolling Stone about which. Oh my professors try to can underway right after the 5 o'clock major skewered cash coming up at 4 o'clock. Called my eyes at the plumbing Perot for right now. You know and this is true and I covered the story as a reporter. We have a horrible freeze thaw cycle here in Kansas City and that gets really really hot summer. And now is the time restarted C pipes burst especially in older neighborhoods of Kansas City Walden brook side on the word park where court or. If you're in an older neighborhood and you start C. Seeing water bubbling up in your front yard. Call my guys at the plumbing pro. 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In Central Park doing their you know we were kind of yeah we're pupil at the other day but we were big fans and certainly we've. Not be a big shaggy fan and non airline and with the record lows. I'm a fan these two were really good together. Really consider us up and and they performed in Central Park this morning and I worry about to show that I higher than just doing now or are are they gonna do like a couple sang songs covered sting's songs you know when I mean surely can do something. Not just that record you don't chauffeurs sting concert in place to break. Apple's legal and Vince New York Rochester summit implant in my crew excellent dad. IQ or cash is sour. Pat PET that. Had. It that keyword last hour was lost that's a little weird pat. The next one. Saying it's. Okay are you kidding look at. Me stupid. Records. You know one of these days but one of these lawyers told them here so like kicked. You know 10 layers here I am not to. Kick him in the face. Then don't release like. Your face looks like a soccer ball. Not I'm. I must puncture to whatever gratitude. To. Live look like to get like today is sort of this oh probably like Q did you fat. Anyway it's it's. PT two accidents seventy rated one. Not and as I was waiting for them the signal to Bloomberg News and her friends and yeah. It's from earmarks are happening now I can be easy and you subpoena for Missouri's governor that's next. I was in the market a couple weeks gopac last week and we went into Byron school migrants quote years are years. On the plaza because I need to some clothes for our trip to Turks are kickers probably you're going on the tree I don't look at Florida that's how. So look at downwards so anyway yeah Chinese boat shoes and made some nice khaki pants. I found them environs. Byron has huge selection from. 50% off. And a Biron on the plaza you'll find sizes that fit every man got a huge selection of fabrics. 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