State of Kansas gives NOTHING to its wrongfully convicted....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, October 17th

Rip a teenager from his family,  throw him in prison for 2 decades,  and give him NOTHING when you realize he is 100 percent innocent.


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Listening to the date in parks podcast and do. It. Time. I'm still. You know. Just. And and and and. Team. We didn't walk in the door literally thirty seconds ago looks over audiences. Talk to tell my way and and I looked over I say. Which talked about. I I tell cheers yeah yours here which you talk are you as prime cubs who have. It's on how funny is that Colbert on here on the difference from. All walks of dinner last night with Joe's girl now back it up had a wonderful. Evening event when you talk to kill him. Why not you didn't come. Home. Is that that you're talking. That's why. Not even want statue and a couple. Karen how is your first night back home it was so good to see it high. Try it. He was all like snugly in Mormon. Paul's like old mom went on to him I got we're we're zero and now Rebecca Mark you back away from me easily they can provide an. It. I've already having issues like. Second string mom and. Scott parks yes there's not better than that feel walking in the sweet smell of baby milk given the green proposal made last night he zealously tournament we mean he's asleep falsely. Just that it might know wake him up you know. And I advised moment. The president choose them as well and really. But Dana camera is your girlfriend asked you write us. We're gonna happen just just like. What are you saying. What do you talk about. Why not. Because it was an AB conversation and he need to send you. And you know. You call her she call you want my asthma. And. Last night Chris honestly am and I said I'll see one document something. It immediately aren't let's go over. To talk to him right there aren't don't cast iron drop. Yeah. I've either done something or you want me to do something and I haven't got a tricky. I'd just like adult conversation with Diane nightmare they were cashed out CO UNT count. 72881. Count 72 it is he walks in the door runs back and he's like what's going on now. He's been I'm watching and watching can parents feel special episode six by the way. Is. Off. Night you met. I'm not Matt Blunt you know what it will tell you you'll know it when I'm net. I'm not met its excellent Scotty was taco amber Rio conversation not shows. I. And only guys who have written. It. So what what did he do wrong. To that as he does but there the problem is the way you guys write these texts. Like with Sheryl I don't. What are you well you know we don't we didn't do anything wrong were freed you misinterpreted something we did well and all of a sudden you're gonna cut open pooch. OK re this at that don't read anything further. I wanna talk to you about something you get home I forgot about this read it. Which parts oh. What can I do not know that's just it I tell you about something re applying his reply. Dana writes I love you. Come be by me I wanna talk about something when you get home. Cats. Are you pregnant. He. And I. Data LOL LL LO MG holy hell no cats here and try. Credit accurately. Assessed thinking something's. He said to me I wanna talk to you about something in it text message. That's. That's you to doctors CUR. I don't act now yes. I think he said that to me and trouble I want to that's something I just read she broad camps would you talk currently about. I'm not too well. So. I said that to me I'd I wanna talk to about something I would probably have the same reaction what will what do. The sounds serious which it's not at all. That it didn't air. Is really nothing wrong it is rain. Warrants somewhat thinks there's something wrong if you dropped a. I talked rod did it hampers. Com. I wanna read this to you as if this is tablet for a writing to you on your way home tonight at 9 o'clock OK are you ready so now you think when you hear my voice I want you to hear. Tapper says it's okay I'm your messenger for yes and I das is voice. And I mean I've never heard her. I just heard her like at. Funky town and it was so loud she is like talking loudly so we can all your. So I'm going to just it talks loudly. And the other time was we got home from wind T concert I was wrong answers and action carries a matter of inches like which you can shot. Tried once. That's the only time I've heard talk in the world wars partner go to run red. And I'm tab with and I just texted you at 901. Tonight on your way home voters had sex with her now. I want to occupy something when you. What what what what I do. Whatever it is I didn't do it. Exactly. What may. Mean. Now we need you Rhode. A. I don't want to talk to you about something when you get into different. He could. Always. Because that's how we read it that's different than saying we need to told yes that completely shocked red flags Abdullah one guy. I have I have said for years that there needs to be a universal font agreement we that we need to sarcastic bought font. Then an angry font. And we need to Levy fonts. What do you wanna talk to about. That you felt so important to let him know you actually wanted to talk to him about it and I usually asleep when he gets home and he was running late and I was awake. You it was anything. Ensure that question last you care if you or says TU. He's talked about something do you ever your child has had major trouble ass is saint Margaret says. I need to talk about that I did some scene out of my brother says I need to talk to that's something I think somebody's dead. Right or something awful happened okay because if she needs to hawk to you yeah. She doesn't wanna ride it out of here. Is that there's some years she wanted accurate. She is once she hasn't voted down and it would not be Kosher. To say grapple exactly. She would have to say. The you know your grandpa you know she's gotten better shall actually calm neatly voicemails but only if there's something that she actually passed but if she if she were to coal use. And leave a voicemail and said Kara to talk about something let me let me you tell me what you would think if your mom left Jesus was reading. It's. You have worked on you for. Now yes they add it's somebody dat or you've done something wrong. Out of the text in Scotland your work like talks to Paul Light you Ers are. Gaps. Tugs. It's like goes desperate. It's happening to begin dating girls I've gone and I. Take this. When you were on 23 months. We didn't exactly. That I didn't expect. Know when data is talking to my real life girlfriends in my work wife was talking to future. Arms. And win my mom leaves me a voice message port text me and says. It. I'm hooked up and I don't even know what I've done you've probably wished cancer on site and you know that's true yeah. Scott he wouldn't that was the worst. I don't know and I when your mom comes to the park I thought it work type arms crossed I would rather go through fifty windshields. Then live that day. When you walk out of this building. And you're not even supposed to have the girls at night and your mom is standing by your car when you're 42 years old. Annualized. And there's me. Somewhat. Such. As she. Is chutes which goes. When you talk. And in my. And all you do you go through. The video recording in your head of everything that's happening like over the last 48 hours and into the I did do that possible. Personal we'd. Do not condone. Stuff moll. It. Raised in that that's the work. Because then the decks of stupid things you've done really goes into high gear when the person who here is. Auto race. Mean. Like who. This serious disappointment. I don't know why some are now based right here but I didn't hold hold. Syria. Has Obama. Remember I don't know why double down amid full version of plants to. Michigan's. Don't wish cancer on people ask him. That's good to me. For cancer. On people missed him that's been my. Views were at. I said before I raised you better than like that's the war. At least. It bothers me. I mean I was a 42 year old men. And I felt the small. Like my mom she dropped me right in my place and you mean no one was. When you walk outside your mom literally standing by your car. And you're off your man and she's like this. I'm past I'm at least get. And I might that was the longest walk a mile what I would rather walk to the death chamber. That walk is like. Here. It's the arteries. Well we didn't. You know some have an almost all of. As a knock him what happens anonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident remember the name tales collision repair. In his brain it's serious business getting your car fixed right the first time that's what they do it deals collision repair. And blue springs and out there and no deal while. Wash his crews are work they are without a doubt the best in the business and their work is guaranteed. As long as you're on your car truck 8162281855816228. 1855. Online at Dale's auto collision dot com. Details of blue springs taking care of cars taking care. Rob Babcock here I hope your enjoy in this Dana and parks podcast or listen to keep it and this is a podcast. Please don't call me okay don't host nation I know he's given up the number I'm not there. And I don't care. And I do the job. This thing. On Tuesday throwback to the it. Story here and the Sunnis to. Police state of Kansas stole 23. Years of LaMont McEntire is life years lost with family. Friends having children maybe even building a career. How much is the state of Kansas. Required to fork over for putting away an innocent man. Nothing. Zero dollars not a single pan. It MacIntyre who went to prison at the age of seventeen. Is now forty walked. Had been wrongly convicted and released in Texas. He would be eligible to receive one point eight million dollars 80000 dollars. By law for every year lost not including a yearly compensation afterward. Colorado gives you 70000 dollars for every year Alabama 50000. Kansas however. Is one of eighteen state. It's that offers zero compensation. For individuals who have been wrongly incarcerated and later exonerated him. Quoting here from Trisha bush now director of the midwest innocence project. They don't have to give him any money or any services. Nothing. McEntire as you know was released in wind I count it last week after serving. 123 years in prison in Lansing. My Monday about 2800 dollars had been raised on a ran Zune dot com. Web site. 2800. Dollars and so. Think about this Scott if he were still in prison when we would be. Feeding him. We would be housing him. We would be educating him if he chose to go get a master's degree. We would be providing fitness services. Basically Jim. All these things are provided. To those in the system. And now that he's been cut loose he's in this Bermuda Triangle. Of crap. Where he is owed nothing. Yeah shouldn't we at the very least and I mean these are released the providing. The equivalent. Of what he had when he was wrongfully. Basically kidnapped from his life and put behind bars but he was we got a team we should at least be providing housing shelter. Meals. Education. And recreation so let's say you paid him minimum wage Karen. Who knows what his earning potential would have been there's no way to calculate now so let's make it minimum wage seven dollars 25 cents. Times forty hours a week times 52 weeks a year times 23 years we were in 350000. Dollars that's. 23 years of his life in prison. For a crime two murders he did not commit. Keep in mind we're not talking about a guy who did his time out we stole them. We're talking about somebody we put it we the state of Kansas. Put imprisoned. Wrongfully at the age of seventeen. Because of an allegedly corrupt detective. Shouldn't members of the jury paid for it as 00840. They are judging based on the evidence that they're given by a prosecutor and presumably. A corrupt allegedly caught. I'm telling you man you're right Scott at a zero yes. Lamar McEntire deserves to be paid. By whom. Wind account. I agree. If you read it and I'm and fairest and ashamed to say this but over the weekend I started reading the synopsis basically. Of what was done to him at age seventeen from the rest. And you had a good order for us right. And like he knows all over the skaters hard to read Scott at age seventeen because I think of my own son who's seventeen. And he says when they won my mom called and said there were police here they wanna talk to you. We willingly went out there because we knew. I hadn't done anything wrong. They walked into the light instead sat NASA would you talked about the murder two people he would never heard didn't bill knew nothing about crime. And and he's quoted as saying something to be effective we knew this was a mistake and you just think. Well there's no way. I don't even know who these people far. Services stop you know he's gonna suing get paid you're missing and only then and now there is no mechanism. By which to pay him our unless you sue in civil court and potentially he would win so civil court as she sues state and but here's the point texture with all respect. Your leaving out the the most important part 23 years the prime years of his life were taken from him. Any spent them in an eight mile eleven room. You're missing the point. I don't think he can sue Scott I think the point is there is no mechanism. In place legally for him to recoup the years or the money that I believe is owed to them to the newsroom McCarron marks. Taking any of focus of a meeting today of more next. Did anyone in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm terra marks are you want to do to address pro football players take Amy during the National Anthem. That was the focus of the meeting between NFL owners players and league officials to hang in New York sitting. Players owners and league officials called their nearly three hour meeting productive but announced no concrete steps they're statement said they want to promote equality and affirmed tremendous support for the country's flag and them and military. Homeowners now can be here teller protesters waited outside the signs that said taken the against police brutality. And ABC's parent teacher ski reporting traffic and weathered together next it's 232. Right here for the number one VW dealer in all of Kansas City Volkswagen of Lee's summit. I'd been drive around all are found in the brand new seven passenger atlas remember that name the atlas the atlas is so amazing. The last two station employees. 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It's like a storm system working its way N and by Saturday in hassles are to ramp up our chances for showers and a few storms. Plenty of sunshine for the afternoon time attention to south breeze are high low seventies. Tonight clear a little upper forties and mostly sunny delegate for tomorrow the highland seventies. Sunshine in mid to upper seventies and the forecast for Thursday and Friday. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more key NBC weather. 71 now on Casey I seventy and only those 69 at your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected Brittany is 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. We don't have. Okay goes in we're not sympathetic to LaMont and I can turn you know I don't know if anybody. Listening right now knows him how to get into them I don't know. He doesn't have a social media account in the world where. Clearly why should he win he was put in prison. On FaceBook and Twitter and for that matter the Internet was. Please vote to ordered an exists and it was just can started. Cell phones when mark when he got out of prison. One of the stories I saw said he was looking at a cell phone and you know what he was looking. He had never seen one before I like that so I don't know how to get in touch with LaMont McEntire but if somebody does know. If you would reach out to him I would love to talks this man. My heart breaks for him. And I can't even imagine. And this is for those of you writing and art less than sympathetic. Most of you are sympathetic I should point out. But to those of you who were less than sympathetic. You have to remember number one. This man. Did not commit the crimes he's accused and was convicted. He spent 23. Years. In prison he wait to prison. When he was seventeen years old. In 1990s for. Think about that. Think about being a seventeen year old in 1994. He was kidnapped. I'm telling you this is. The legal definition of kidnapping someone. They took him from his life and from his family and locked him away think about the psychological. Services Scott you Whitney. I'd be afraid to leave my house I'd be afraid every single time I saw law enforcement officer they were gonna come and get him put it back he did nothing wrong and so. To say somehow that he's not owed something for that with a whole lot of zeros at the end. Listen to us from 2689. Pay him nothing more. Then likely he would've ended up in prison anyway he will be back in prison in due time they usually do. Nothing. He sat. I might add 2689. Hard. Please tell me you're not in church on Sunday mornings please tell me you're you don't call yourself a Christian. That is one of the most detestable. Acts I've ever written a red in my life well let's analyze pay him nothing more. Then likely he would have made. Because he would have ended up in prison anyway why because he's black. Is that why he would've ended up in prison anyway because black people commit crimes it's only do. Why texture. Shame. Shame on you. Should know. David liberty hello Dave. Yet credit bubble it means. He technical legal system. Added balance to duck in the law under. The. Provisions. In in your actual orders back on it and see. Incarcerated. And that they were there and they are really. You make predictions to compensate these individual. You know don't make a law. You know we're real. People in jail should be in jail end becoming. Re in some sort sensibility and July. I gave him compensation for being wrongly prop. They went into the morally. I. It. Make it in you will never be given any compensation board. A moral. Government which you wouldn't say you know we. Were gonna make it life. Well and remember David in this case the judge. Had had a relationship with the prosecutor. Not saying that should be illegal it should certainly. Be disclosed. If a judge is sleeping with the prosecutor. Or was sleeping with the prosecutor. Did allegedly allegedly in the detective in the case was sleeping with the witness. An underage witness I should. Point. What is wrong with this city. When people like 2689 text and 26 at nine grow a pair of balls and call in and defend that statement. Colin I would like yell you. I will not raise my voice I'll let you have your sect. But I think people need to be exposed to your idiocy. But I would imagine you don't have the stones to call him because people might recognize your voice and you know that what you wrote is detestable and shameful. Shame on 5767798. Wanna succeed him on if you'd like to Colin. Pay him what he would've made but he probably would have ended up in prison anyway. One. 'cause of the pigment of his skin. Because he's. So. Your. Sean and only fellowship on. Well. Let me show. And have the Q have you ever heard or watched series on Netflix I'll make. It at all lie like that only these are officer Christine originally. Is the one on all evident that but he back in Brazil making. I mean this remind you and he had a lot yet but it would constantly and I think that state after countywide. Over 300. Dollars then within that don't work an article or he went to prison murder somebody. And. Yes he's been temperate and 2005. Our bureau recently hit an attorney tried Egypt VM that again under new. Cast and that judge denied to know you don't. On the Internet at not a perk its stake. An you know what EU I tend to think that in super. Small towns like in making a murderer in Manitowoc. Wisconsin. Which is far as I'm concerned is that actual gate way to help. That these things. Happen more often in tiny places where Scott you may be don't have the checks and balances that you would and a big city. You don't have reporters everywhere covering trials and things in the small town where the prosecutor and the sheriff and the judge share an office a storefront office. This happened in Kansas City, Kansas. This happened here this was not in some small town at 16100 people in it or everyone knows everyone in his sleeping with every. One associated with the gates this happened in a big city. Every go again okay just read about his case from the very slanted story in the star icing nothing saying he was innocent. Just that he was quote were wrongly convicted that is a big difference. I would love to see the actual case file. He could be he could very well be guilty. Just not enough actual evidence to convict is not guilty is is in this and the witnesses know who pulled that trigger and it was a person nicknamed the monster. Who is in prison. He was exonerated. By wrongfully convicted. Bit. Text her foul. Injure or no sorry Al was right also. He was he some boy scout upstanding citizen. Or was some dirt bag gang banger who was most likely guilty of twenty other crimes he got to got away. Our catch him. From the text line everybody says Pam for the weight she would've made but what about his retirement that he was unable to paean to that's another thing on O'Brien has sent us up for a one already there contrary. Not only that Scott but these people come out with no Social Security no but there in this. No safety net in the state of Kansas if you are wrongfully convicted and if you are one of those people saying that's his problem not mine. What if it's you know. What are your kid. When a pitcher kit are hang I'm running 226 and you. Are sick him. Source. Call him an honest thing to know. Is there are a lot of chances that says we won't pay him. Or no law that says we will it's the latter there is no law on the books. To set up any kind of mechanism. To pay the wrongfully convicted there has to be a law and as you can imagine Scott it's not popular. For lawmakers to be talking about things like this because it's the state who screws up. When someone goes mr. MacIntyre if you ask me millions of dollars for what was done I don't. I was trying to think about how much money would be fair. And you have to keep you you have to take into account more than just lost potential wages. Lost pension loss for Los analysis you have to take into account lost life. And lost freedom. He is owed a minimum. Of three million dollars. Five you're in the ballpark. I 7677. Fall is here look around the yard already you're seeing the leaves falling but where are they fall yes of course or following in the yard but are also falling on your roof and into your gutters. You really wanna spend your weekends up on the latter away from your family away from watching college football on the cheese on the weekend. Dig him out the leaves and all that junk. From your daughters now. Call K guard today and let them take care. 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Schedule your appointment today visit Christian Brothers auto dot com. Christian Brothers auto dot com. I OK. Okay. Right it's that. He has everything budgeting written text yes we do it. No shares in full disclosure we have fought about it. It is a debate that occurs here probably Daley. Just inside baseball if we're going to be honest with them. There are two reasons why I don't. Advocates for getting rid of attacks and not yet. But every day I think I get a little bit close close. Number one the majority of people write him like you. Have. Some saint. Hood. I may not agree with them and that's fine. But at least. Honest respectful. Disagreements. With something I may say or the dynamics. Which is what we've always wanted the show to be is. An honest exchange of ideas. You don't have to agree with me I don't have to grew few hundred initiatives and after a few. I don't have I don't agree Dave and 90% of the time. But the tax line offers you that vehicle to say I can't get him on the phones. And here's why I disagree and ninety plus percent of you. I think use the tax line. Respectfully. Then there's the five to 10%. Better while angry. Arm. Amazingly disrespectful. Using words I would meetings. Don't make a sailor blush. But I also haven't advocated for removing the tax on yet because. In those instances of the five to 10%. That's who people really feel more there's a reason 2689 has not called him. And we've had an open line occasionally within this hour number often but he if he wanted to get in he could've gotten him. If he was persistent and just kept calling back and call back if we got a business. There's a reason 2689. Didn't call him 2689 believes what he says and what he wrote in that original text thirty minutes ago. Is who he really is but he knows deep down inside that who he really is is is file and wrong. And there's no way in hell. He's going to call in and backed up what he said even though I would I Ebert wrote him back and I said rob I'm not gonna yell you. And you're gonna get your sect. He won't do it because he's afraid. That somebody might recognize his voice. And he knows deep down inside that what he wrote was wrong and the way that he feels in real life. The way that he feels in his heart. Is wrong. But he can't fix himself he can't change himself. But he notes. If somebody were recognized his voice. He would be shamed even more than I'd shamed him. Robert in Lebanon Robert. Yeah once oh I'm not much is that. But it just by saying I used to work at or several years. I needed point not to find out what any of the inmates it treated fairly. They were judged by a jury of their peers. Found guilty there were sent there. I treated them as rule books said there's. It is got to prove malicious prosecution. Then a mall or in having the wind. A mall or in giving whatever a judge or jury will. On. Short of that. I don't see that there's a need to just start throwing money out because. This way again you look if you look wrongfully convicted. Victim of cancer. And it's horrible thing. That's my opinion on. They're a couple other things out there you mentioned that I got out of prison look at itself own and did not nobody was looking. I guarantee you. I'd pick any sell out. Out of that facility and they're probably more so owned and sell out and there are in your office right now. Sure that man. Has been built on. They have. Several opportunities. I think there's this misguided note and of these guys getting locked up and go sit and eight by twelve foot cell 24 hours a day. I think more along the lines. Building the wall around the entire city lamps. You have Edgar tree store and have a clinic. We're at medical treatment and dispute the doctor they have a library. They have job. Some of them have minimum wage jobs starting out minimum wage jobs in. Well. Your phone so Robert let me let me jump in your quick. Maybe you know where this I'm from plants. I am I we used to kind of ran in similar. In the it is not akin to building rule on the city of Lansing. It would be akin to building walls around 140. Of the city of Lance. Well I didn't know boo. A to cut now so Robert appreciate call thank you for from making it. You're you're leaving out the better points. End yes for for those people who have done awful things is prison. A little too easy maybe sometimes. You can certainly make that argument robber but for those like LaMont McEntire. Who were put in prison for a crime they did not commit. Murders to problem. He was robbed. Of freedom. The ability to start and make a family. To travel. As a state as a county wind iconic we have to come to grips with this. And it is raw and now for those who were in Lansing because they did a horrible thing is just. Off. Analysts wonder Scotland quake. I find it unfair that several states have laws to pay the wrongfully convicted and other states to helped. We almost need to have some type of federal. Understanding. That when this happens across the board does is what you get and you could make an adjustment for cost of living for California and Hawaii. To the newsroom here is Caremark happening now I can be easy and it proposal to fix the health care system on more next. Sleep like royalty pays sky a part stayed right for Brooke women dot com we ordered sushi to Brooklyn and and they are credible and we have out. We will never sleep on anything but Brooke women again. They're so luxurious and so nice but without the luxury cost. You and I both went with Dirk grade we love our Brooke went in sheets you know my husband and wife team. And what they thought was this great stuff should be available to everyone without breaking the bank and Brooklyn and that's exactly what you do. 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