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Tuesday, June 12th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on Kate in BZ I near ninety. Some showers and thunderstorms may try to work their way N as the night goes on that chancellor lingering too early tomorrow the overnight low right is seventy degrees and Wednesday's high back to 85. At a 20% chance of a shower or storm Wednesday night late and early Thursday and sunny low nineties. Dry weather Friday the high it's in 95. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more key NBC whether he'd Syrian I TCI ID is 84 in blue springs. 83 your official weather station. Oh yes please. White snake in her arms for the day. That's coming. So I believe that. Our Mike Dayton's. It did show man. Sports news. I'm gonna slide this right to talk baseball. Why did it always have a study don't let him before. Fellow Americans. It was everybody that we have a bad back to. The other kids at best bond and faces and hear a lot of little wedding news today I see. It's nineteen Arianna grind day. Juicy that day and I'm so happy for her today just me practically by Peewee announced that they were dating like last month. Another engaged. So Q. What's really care what can I love her oh she is just a delightful. Human beings she was the one this week that did. With Jimmy Fallon they do that funny conversation in the in the middle of the conversation one of them starts and alerts does song. Can't seem it would it's very content area she and she's a good impersonator of other. Musicians like amazingly. Like he's spills water on her and it doesn't it look what she made me ten. 10 yeah OK yeah like her. I just like her shoes. The girl who's in London or whatever so that was in England where the shooting in Korea. She came out with an article not too long ago where she was interviewed think she's got PT SD from it because it was so awful so now. Well she was they error there was movement until you wait a minute that's not the girl I think. The other line. There girl the same age girl and her family and talking about. Reasoning in my Katy Perry now she kind of looks like a cross between. Her its long haired she's really positive body image girl. Stop on an island. Wind. And knowing that nobody does huge point that you all that. Louder. Tea. Or she really has no idea what school. World I mean I thought I had the squirrel cage remembering. The deal Errol when you pick the People Magazine at the airport. And you don't you just stop right. Dude I told when you take about People Magazine here and that is oriented series. No New York. You open the People Magazine and you cannot identify. A single. Person. In any of these pictures except after the mega Markel wedding. I don't know who these people. Here is honest to god I don't know if you guys know this when you slip in Europe but that was in the military and I just got back and Turks in case goes. So I work on this trip. There's this little island called iguana island in the Turks and caicos it's uninhabited. A lot of iguanas yes that's why they call iguana Iowa it's really weird like I don't know why they do. But it's uninhabited it's it's a nature preserve. And the vote. Mike goes close but there's no doc you have to jump in the water in the walk on the island Georgia gonna get it checked bag on. Yup because the really sharp teeth that they have. More. So anyway yeah. I hit my pop teen stars next stop in rats you know one area Ronde. I liked him of not so work back from one island. And there's a DJ on the boat and playing all these it's. And reggae music no no he's not. And now. I look at all the kids and nursing and every word every song applicant. There's. Stars. That's what I felt. When the current music. Is something all the kids cursing him and all of a sudden awareness. And I realize it's your relief 47 years old and you're an old fart. Speaking of four there's nothing worse. This world. Than being on a two and a half hour flight. From the Turks and caicos to Charlotte, North Carolina and the kitten from a U has the gas now. And all mine gone. Did you eat last night's on. I'm trapped in this vessel. This metal that's useful lives fuselage. Instinct of just pure. Ass state he. This kid was dropped in wolf biscuits like there was no more. I couldn't get away from the basket. I cannot get away from your Turks and hit those stories. It's like being trapped with a fart in the fuselage. Experiment on. She's eyes or. Like if you turn one of these songs on and cranked it sent was can't can't. I don't listen pop anymore because I don't. Oldies. Which is now build regional that's oldies. Noelle I'll if you want better that he's Billy Idol. It's true I'm not make an at a restaurant. And say yeah. And the oldies station. And. On the it is time. Not just do it and turn on the box they're playing Van Halen. Did you crowd I just and we don't want. And not banning a dog and Sammy Hagar and from like 1986. They play Motley crew on that station. On the fox yeah it's important. Yellow about it I mean kids were born in 1980 meter thirty this year. I immediately. And just think that's a map works wide young people are starting to call you ma'am. A which is there any worst moment in a woman's life that once some cute like college kid comes up as an excuse me ma'am I don't pisses me off the. What are you want to call. Man. Mrs. hate lady. This may sound like it feels like I should say that like to step aside beat she's. He pounds. The Mankins we want to get into government what do you wanna be. It. I just not up yet to speak all mayhem you're wearing a visor. Old but it's time now. Off my hand. I am one Fanny pack sort of just. Total dork now right. I mean I'm almost ready to give you house openers ago. Well. There. Get a fair and correct idea and investment she can see what you're in radio we receive. I am wearing flip flops. Comforts. Style. What's on your head advise her. I needed something green that's when meets. Only green thing I had schools that's our colors needed green and this is the only green I have a lot. What I mean that's our colors are being her swim team colors are green. Yes is that the school. It's like a. Yes it's it's like here. It's a summer is. Jackson died since this is last summer. Jeter latest news why Jack himself. Against data switches to would you go into that. He's of ballet. Why I need to show him that. Clip from fares spew. His. A. Will you put Carter verse you actually tomorrow I'll go back and correct the threat. Just fine it's good cash. Out because there's too much going on. There's two going on right she didn't want some get a job. Between his. Senior high school and freshman year. Jewel. Last summer. Make him. Did you jump out kind of had two jobs since I was fifteen I was an overnight stalker food for less than eleven hours. I think that like a stalker sets up a overnight stock is there any other kind. Thanks mean I peeked into women's windows in the op. It. Isn't as percent when that came out of your mouth my when you said that he stalker ST OC KE. Starker not used to say I stocked shelves at a grocery store. Not I was a stalker what did you do. McKinney. Okay Ted Bundy. I put groceries on the shelf it from from last overnight that's okay. Between my senior high school and my freshman year cal. Arts the stocking in the keeping them killing small animals in the woman's missing. I just say and I wouldn't tell women viewers soccer I was stalked or not stall or stole. Don't think all. That outside the window and when I regret today. Re going honey I'm going and all. First I that I stole. Yeah. It's. Miners in. All on the block. Just. In its capital. All of us and knock on wood happens to none of us in the future but if you do find yourself. In a car accident remember the name. Deals collision repair blue springs whether it's a fender Bender god forbid something more serious. Deals and blue springs to take care their work by the way guaranteed. As long as you on your card trucks and get your car or truck fixed right. The first time. They are professionals I've been out there many times Dale's friend of mine I've seen his crews work and I swear by 8162281855. 8162281855. On Monday deals auto collision dot com. Dale's and whispering it's taken care of cars taking care of you. Yeah. You know. I. It's. Okay. We'll. Network it's. It's a much stronger. Yeah. I see you know. Anderson. Okay. We'll have. Now. What you're doing this year's run in the okay. Bono it's a straight up right stalkers are Jeremy. Your listeners lyrics. And that's why was it lists the top ten or twenty or hundreds of songs all time this means never on you know not a love song. This is like a race it's you'll be mine and if you're not I will let you down and that you in my trunk down they've they've there for a while this was it like. Plated everybody's wedding and yeah like are you as the wedding today. As it sick of that matchup comes commercial wherever it is which is. I. X. Pass from its excellent I am so glad you guys are on today I mean the life and quietly reason I love to twenty dated five thank. Or 21 to five. From. 9679. Thank you guys you mean me laughter verdict regardless. Thank you so much a question for you because you bring up stocking. Up. We have just gone through this is you know and newer doesn't mean this story from the Washington Post overnight and it's really good. I was just talking to a couple. Graduating senior girls about this when you went off to college. Did you choose. Your crewmates. Or was it chosen for you. When I went to Nebraska I chose my roommate it was a friend of mine from Germany when I went to KU. I transferred late in the summer. Two K you I ended up with a kid from Indonesia. I love oh yeah. All his name was Ari could touch it today. That crazy smelly SOB. Oh my god. OK so listen I didn't potluck might second your school. As adults of course we all choose. Who we share a space as a I'd did not category you live with girlfriend you live at the rim made it tells a house were 25 Oprah okay. In college. There is this thing called pot luck we all know that I did I never. But there is now it looks like a match dot com. To go back toward the matching. Model. With roommates. I can see both sides. We just looked into. A new apartment for Jack we didn't go that route I think that's stated in other. But they do a roommate match program. They have 100. Questions like a match dot out. What are your likes what your interests it's kind of become a science on these college campuses. And then they match you with someone you don't know with someone. But who you most likely would get along. Think you would most likely get along with now is always on opposite sometimes attract know. But listen to this. They talk to this article about. Do these two girls had met each other they'd like to each other they started emailing back and forth I'm going to do you're going to do let's Bieber. Duke out ended their plans in late February with an edict that incoming students could no longer. Make room make choices themselves they are taking away. On an opportunity to choose and why. If I want to live with a friend Duke's shift. Underscores. Growing scrutiny of a trend that is taken root over the past decade as social media and digital match mark marketing tools don't enable more students. To pick their first Grammy. At the University of Chicago fifteen to 20% of incoming freshman pair up on their own at the University of Virginia to share is well over half. But others say it is far better to assign your first roommate because otherwise. Students tend to segregate by race. Geography. Or social class which undermines efforts to get them to learn new perspectives. It's the dumbest damn thing I've ever heard. Meeting new people that maybe you know in unwilling person could end up being the best man and because. At the University of Nebraska I live with a guy named Ronnie Kirk okay. Who was one of my dear friends from German tank. I spent a lot less time with Ron. And I hung out with John Gary and I am French who lived next or. I mean threatened lived at the end of the hole. I made friends at the University of Nebraska that I still talked to today. I guess guess in the last time I talked Ronnie Owens. Ten years ago maybe fifteen and I lost track. Listened to Duke's student campus Brian newspaper. Simply forcing students from different religions or regions of the world to eat sleep work together is not a fix all for racial and class disharmony on. Campus. Duke's shift was motivated in part at the discovery that 46% of students who in the fall picked their way. A startling number according to the school. The majority were economically privileged now Apple's latest what was the school. Duke all it out loud 100%. Of the student body's economic not 100%. Now there are scholarship kids that go to some of those schools give me. And NYU. A few years ago bargain incoming students from pairing up on the ground. They went with geographic diversity and eyes. Why why do you like. A special K you were everyone coming in for the most part. Is going to know somewhat. From especially from the Shawnee mission district for the about district. People already. So why not room with someone they don't know who on paper. You should get along. Why do you like this the worst immigration why. Rig sank. Based in Gainesville Florida launched in it was seven users considering their profiles to find potential matches and introduce themselves it's like match. How I like yeah you like. 576779. 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Let Byron help you find you're fit today. Did anyone in Kansas City for McCain NBC newsroom I'm Kara marks are 24 women are filing suit against the University of Southern California and the school's former gynecologist George tingle. In addition to claims of sexual violence and sexual harassment attorney Gloria Allred says the suit also alleges. Sexual battery battery gender violence sexual harassment violation of California's Henri Civil Rights Act. Violation of the California being hacked sexual harassment in violation of the education code. Kendall has resigned to denies any wrong doing the US Department of Education open investigation yesterday into how the school handled the matter. A woman accused of beating her fiance is two year old daughter to death has been sentenced to 26 years in prison. Lindsay Thomas and pleaded no contest to killing little press reporting an early 20s17. A check traffic and weather together and axed. 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To be fair weather conditions and the forecast for Kansas City for the afternoon tyrant and quickly he got to that ninety yourself the heat index value approaching 95. Increasing clouds this evening as the night goes on in a few showers and thunderstorms trying to drift are way low near seventy. Widely scattered showers and thunderstorms mainly early on Wednesday them partly sunny trimming at a high just a little bit back to 85. Low winds chance for wet weather Wednesday night. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more key NBC weather. Beat Syracuse CIA it's 84 and blue springs. 84 your official weather station I'm Kara marks are. The radio dot com map is the official new host KM BZ downloaded today listen to us any time anywhere here and is ready 81 KM BZ. By its. Story here on channel five. Jefferson City, Missouri. A Missouri mall. It was last debt and ridiculed. By government worker when she called in for food stamps. And a lot of your promise saying she's Olympics and the conversation was recorded. And turned over to channel five news. The mom who called in has an out on her phone. That automatically records every phone call she did not hang up. Because she was taking notes and neither did the employee. From the social services who was working out of a Saint Louis office. A Sami suit. Has a blended family. Would that she has four kids of her own she is dating another guy he has three kids of his. It's basically the Brady Bunch or my house right. Here is the phone conversation here is the story from general far. The mom who called and has this been your little app on her phone that automatically records every phone call. She didn't hang out because she was taking some nets and guess what. Neither did the employee from social services. So listen along as they call for food stamps tens pretty straightforward. But then takes a whole other turn. Thank you for calling the Stanley support edition. It call may be recorded or monitored for training or quality purposes. Can't wait and Lauren purple Laura how can help you she was actually than I could find a sunny suited has a blended family. Heard her fiance have a total of seven kids. He'd pay per child care. He had any medical expense you Panama played bases. The person taking her application for food stamps had a list of questions. Apparently a whole lot of judgments. But it turned here on upon whom. You do it well. I want you to be on a non authority hearing her laughing. And then I heard more more people are coming into the conversation probably and say. Poland quote only and then. It was very disgusting to hear the person who was just helping me. You know talk about. To. Everyone else around you can clearly hear Lois from Saint Louis gossiping about this family. She's joined in by at least two other employees where difficulty here. She is very and he warning any. And better than I had them on. The other one I think they're more than an hour. I'm blank if not he is hurt my feelings. If you miss or their the social workers has told aborted cupid in the span. It's it really did done various. I felt downgraded. Like you and I haven't asked. Trying to better myself and I actually do that or heard from mountain iron and whether you'd. I would love an apology from our. That hasn't happened even after this mom looking for help called back to comply. Social services they KC TV five for bringing this call to their attention and they talk like that the department of social services expects staff. To be respectful of clients at all times and they sincerely apologize for the unprofessional comments. On this report. It is. Did they really say anything bad grotesque. They're they're laughing a little bit about well let's let's step back from church okay. I don't think you can defend as if you're gonna try to defend I don't I'm not. But. They make a comment about how many kids they have. And then they say they doubt she does say it and this is probably the one area where Mike. She says tell that would keep his you know what experience. That one is probably wouldn't blow the opponent and but did she really say anything once an apology I mean we we laugh about you on the issue though. And the number of children you and Chris you have seven kids between you and we laughed about it. Seven kids. It's a lot. And I am. Let let me just play the devil's advocate percent. They're going to be a lot of people who. Hear that story. Who say you have seven kids. Your calling in force food stamps. You get which again. Well you get what you get yes. I am just telling you ads is excited I I'm just telling you know. There're going to be people say if you can't afford to kids don't have the K okay so you get what you get. As provided by law that is true. But as part of that package. You're not signing up to be. Ridicule. This ways Scott what if this mother took her children in for vaccines. Today. And she lines all 7UP she's been a great mom she lines these kids up in front of the position group and says. We are here to get a flu vaccine I can't afford to miss work. Please can afford them and have a flu no help administer this vaccine to all seven children. So she's doing the right thing by her children under that circumstance as she this year trying to get them that it. Can you imagine the fallout if the doctor looked at her or whispered to the nurse. He can't afford to have some kids don't have kids. You know and medicine is a health rights it is a necessity. And so I think now. Will those employees beef I. It I think it's been. I think that should be you cannot be in the business. Of public assistance. And then get caught. Making fun of the very people that you are there to help how however. Let's take off our little shiny ropes your first yet everybody does. The only difference between us and Lois if she got caught. We all do we all make fun of people behind their backs. Or not. In the we all have absolutely. But. And he'll say from time to time on the program here's an example what's on the part of its art. But if someone called in and was struggling with an alcohol addiction. And that collars and hung up you would not look at me and say. What time the party gets started. You would not and so it it's there's a difference between you know giggling along with somebody has had a couple Beers when they call and and making fun of someone when they are asking for help. Fair point. Point 57677957677. I mean this woman calls in Jefferson City, Missouri. She has seven kids. For her own three with her fiance. She wants food stamps. Shoes are right to ask for food stamps. And you might say well for the kids don't have tickets I've I've made the argument for myself. When she. 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The woman on the other hand lawless makes fun of her for having seven kids for being on food stamps separates. What's go to sunshine in midtown. I. And I all day how are you. I want to make two point. I think you're around and I think Dana's right. Because you have a lot he had it means that you should be ridiculed. Our mate Dinah. Bottom line all the amount. And actually it I was younger music you don't have backing it I wouldn't call him. You may. Want in my life outlook as we drive me in my apartment on government assistant. Connecting you to put out what I would. Government and order to keep my victory my degree day. And I'm buying. At the wall. Like that it stated you're got to the end. How about me because you're always gonna have poor people and I did hear that dad say you know I don't wanna bet a lot of but that does not give it the right to put in game. Okay essentially record you said of Scott I disagree with you. Just because you have a lot of kids doesn't mean you should be made fun of I did I say that. That make an argument that statement Al the time. I've been out I don't have that mean it is you can't afford it really let me actually collect. Did everybody sunshine broke what do I get that line where argued that we're horrible I doubt it's from Michael Jackson's. Oh really he has. What I really accurate it I would tell him that he was glad he's been object. We only when you look at. That can't let me he. Are basically Rick in Atlanta well and yet he and you know that they are entitled to everything. When you don't have enough money you had more money on key grilling normally she should know. And when you don't have enough you're you're really trying to make ends meet and at ever higher than a rich Arctic. How much you spend your key and you probably like it give you. Let you know that it any other part that. You that. You and we never really are able to afford we may. The song runaways wanna be certain some. What. Are gonna start asylum from thriller. I don't like Amazon. And and I always remind people whose name. You know at one time and I need to look this up. The highest percentage. Of those needing help in America right now or the highest growing percentage. In our. Veterans. They were veterans and so I think it's very easy. As eight. Really Sparky horrible talking point. To make fun of those who need help when you really get into the weeds and look at the majority of people are you what their backgrounds look like. Who need public assistance right now I think. It would stop you in your tracks and and hopefully. Make you check your mouth. Dave. And it's a bit. Revenue on a you know course. Just another example why he has something like. You know universal health care would beat asterisk to this country. To be really neat that these. Social workers were. That's woman workers that kids do they really well. Certain chips. And walk the orca. Show compassion. Colonel thanks so. I would say they don't lover I would say they don't love her nor. What they probably care. Nor the nature of nature who also has been an adult. You pay their penalty. All all as his source. You know that's the nature I mean I can't imagine. Here being controlled by force of law. That would be a complete disaster is just another. Example. What you get on the force army. These are social worker you know and they're playing. But. Don't let these cute little woman. Personal there are. Government job that's what. There are no luck involved here so I don't know. Well there dale that it shouldn't you just be compassionate if you're in the business of a helping profession. You know probably you probably share you probably should not. But they're not the nature although they are preparing to. Keep him. Then you do it. What qualities. Law has force who want to admit stretched. Restraints limitations and parameters. It's got to be absolutely. Equal. What laws so you. No on conditional what you're with been sampling error with the Wall. Street or what. So much to be. Huge point which are pretty good doctor. Provide jurors. They're mean there's not going to breed. Yeah real compassion. I like collective law. Well they're gonna be a date with all due respect there's no law that says I have to be nice to you when you called this radio show but I want to beat. Because I her passion. I. Absolutely. Secure our secure. Our. Opener. No accountability or support this outlook entitlement just. Collect. A collector system what you're getting checked that chair. Government programs that many and see what you know Alan duke no accountability whatsoever. Then and now we have this country gigantic. Entitlements there's. A huge significant. It. And pardon me but you I think you're confusing and misunderstand. What entitlement means entitlement is not a bad thing entitlement is something that you have paid into that has been returned Tuesday he would argue though that you're gonna pay it and food stamps. But entitlement is always used erroneously as a bad word. Entitlement is what you are entitled to that you have paid heed his argument would be. This woman hasn't paid into the system but she's drawing from it. So and so assistance is different than entitlement IT applicable law just throw around the word entitlement. Until you get your Social Security check even the Kenyan but it has paid great you have to figures but table to argue you've paid into Social Security. Here's why and by the way from Michael Jackson. You can't feed the baby don't happen. That's Michael Jackson. Is Michael Jackson using that is something he hears other people say or is he saying that and don't think maybe if you can't feed your baby. That's an excellent. Newsroom Caremark sort. 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