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Tuesday, August 29th

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What they're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do a lot when you don't remember anything can happen why did so what's trending with Damien Wagoner and they realize you're. Plus there's the game right there on 98101. KMT. Franchitti Duffy is the number one trending topic in Kansas City is not because he pitched well it is not because he's coming up the disable list is because Danny Duffy. That POP3. Portland's and you know it's all right so so they are not flattering this is a just a report sources. Isn't that inserts this is a really good sources and other aren't about. They'd be any Duffy passed out in the drive through. And that Burger King employees had to call the police. Because he was passed out in the drive through. Apparently according to sources this is not confirmed it but this is from Burger King employees. That one person was asked by Duffy. To get into the driver's seat while he was in and so he would slide over to the other the other side. When Duffy heard sirens he woke up and try to get into the passenger's seat never got today pick up window. Ran into the window short of the pick up and that's when his vehicle stopped. I don't know why there's no viral video of this. Few people with your phone right eats. Anna Burger King at 730 at night what. We're. Our video and see if the police showed up with the sirens and he was in the passenger seat badly McCarty put in part by amber working employee allegedly. This was a not a couple of Beers as some people want to believe in only its of people that are hoping for the best meets the back it could event we thought you know you get the benefit of the doubt she don't know is that sound like a couple of Beers with -- like three Beers and he got the munchies this sounds like he was on his way back from a party par or maybe whatever. And got loaded and got Hungary. I got sleeping. I want the gets worse. And that. Does get no this is our lower IQ no more geez imagine that they legalize a link that cop pulls up next to the car dash cam video of them getting Danny Duffy out of the passenger seat at a Burger King drive through. That headline writes itself. I'm OK so mcdannold benefit of the doubt. All driven borderline. It and. Lot of times the alcohol catches up with you later you don't realize right away. This does not point oh wait I'm down is this not. Hot on the surface and a little that we don't know how hard on the surface of all of this is true king. Not this was not a little for a yet this is not good. There is a statement from the the royals were obviously disappointed the news we received regarding getting yuppies DUI arrest on Sunday night. He was not part of the team traveling back from Cleveland Sunday. We told you came back Saturday for an MRI examination we're still in the early stages of gathering details this from Dayton Moore right you know the Danny has always been accountable as member of this organization and we. Lots exact same stuff that you would expect to see. I could've written statement yeah but this you have to put out when you get the information before the police report comes out before Dayton called dating Duffy and the principal's office. And they can sit down and talk in the milled craft the any statement dealt craft their new statement they'll craft. Whatever they afternoon. And then they'll figure out you know the plan for the arraignment on the nineteenth. They won't facing is a suspension because Major League Baseball does not suspend. For do you lie and the royals will spend to me either he's hurt by the way will be pitching for another week or two. And surrounded that and after. Blow us as this goes on top of the crap testicle run thereon or even scored in every three innings. In honesty that's about the worst story you could have told me about those version wise shorten him hurting someone and he sort of him getting into an accident that's about as ugly as cats and I was. Literally if it was just going to be do you why I was hoping expired tags pulled over smelled alcohol boom busted up this starts to sound more like the David Hasselhoff video. Right brains daughter that he was and yeah the daughter did the video of him meet Ginsburg summed than John Cannon yeah am I I hope all of this is a wrong that pretty reliable sources out there say it's true. On so more and this here and a bit because it's it's what it's all over Twitter right now hands what's trending on a couple other things shockingly. Nothing related to Houston or flooding or Harvey is trending railing. Not like something's changed in the last ninety seconds or there's something else the only related to a it is trending. Is malign. I. Which. For wise wanna shout my head and like pound my head on to. Forbid. She goes somewhere other than a state dinner wearing heels. And she did and you commented to me about a movie opens was Al east. People apparently care about that or think it's not appropriate for her to tissue president trumpet bank Corpus Christi today. Checking out the flooding areas that's a pair it's apparently not okay for her to Wear no heels when she's doing something like that no in session on issues. Certainly you can go back to caring about. The fifty inches of rain that Houston has gotten. Please she's got her sister that is until she's now now it's a pain for her to be there in Tennessee's. Two but this is back on when she gets. A lot of the stuff training is sports related Barry Odom had coach in the zoo tiger's. It's media day in Colombia for a misery football. That is trending Joseph Haden is straining from browns and the Cleveland Browns try to trade quarterback Joseph Haden. He's been an approval twice in seven years and reflect on that he would Joseph hated via the browns are actually targets are trying to trade Julie needed him and Irving. And also brought eyes crack house filer I guess they named Sharon Keyser there starter yes they don't use public money and not our effort to. It's made so much banks for being so barely mediocre it's amazing barely mediocre by the way. But what Travis does it sound a very strange to say that Joseph Haden has been in the league for seven years that sounds ridiculous to me and it seemed like you just draft. Michael Jackson's turn as we told you yesterday you for nine years old oh every night tributes are streaming and on for him to protect. If I didn't exist. You'd shut your mouth Twitter on. Did not do not even joke about right anniversary does not even cool. He's the ball didn't exist. My life would be exactly the same we wouldn't have wealthy spoiled and I fell on speakers in the nation handed them to an agent offers. Name this. A possible name. At its era that's why NFL has millions of people are excited for nine Gator ten days from right now we shoot nine days right isn't it Thursday opener. With the chiefs and the patriots nine days of ball starts that's right is this Thursday. Unpleasant. It's gonna get back in ninety degrees on Sunday and then it's football season it that it becomes football season. Obviously Donald is trending he's tight end mistreated by the niners to the Steelers. That's pretty much it it's Danny does these. Michael Jackson. And maligning. Her shoes is pretty much. Our the let me update more about Houston here for just a moment there's and we'll get in some other things just take a break and that's from mr. freeze those surge today here on. They are looking for more shelter space we are to sing on CNN. That they've got 9000 people now in shelters originally that was going to be 5500 they expect that Tenet about 35000. They're looking elsewhere offer shelter space deductibles stands at seven that went up by early this morning I think we noticed that so. And as we mentioned yesterday that number's probably gonna go. Yeah exactly the entire 'cause I know we focused on Houston a lot and it's just because that's the big center of the population Corpus Christi got a really bad too. That day I saw a report is boring parts of south Houston already had 49 inches of rain. And the storm right now is still coming back inland and so we'll see what happens in areas like Louisiana that are also built on swamps and are not equipped to analyst. That a a couple of dams and a levied where the water has spilled oversee you've got new parts of Houston that had not been flooded before that are in fact flooding now. He got new areas are evacuating that we're not having to evacuate over the weekend. And if you want to go to our FaceBook page and also a KM BZ dot com I'm Dan wind bond is but a story out on her page and again on the they came BC website. For a different places you can donate if you would like to help out how you can help Texas flood victims. There's all different kinds away Houston at flood relief on the Red Cross Salvation Army there's links to everything the heart arc international the Texas diaper bank you wanna focus here. Effort there there's couple waste to help out animals down there. Just all different kinds of ways for you to help out if you are wondering how can I help out and you can't get down to Houston. And look they don't want stuff they want your money they they really do we talked a lot about that yesterday they don't care about your gently used clothing or if they want. Money they cast because the relief effort and the FEMA director was talking about the so just a little bit ago. This relief effort is going to go long past a lot of people remember that it's going you know this is going to be months and years that they're going to need help down there and sell. Money they can put a bank and spend a year from now. And your clothes requires an and now they do need things they're they're gonna they need diapers they do need all of that but. When stuff goes down there you also need the manpower to organize it and distribute it and figure out where it needs to dollars is that. Complicated effort then to try to get all that's up to the right places money they can spend for what they need where they need. Go to our FaceBook page I just we do it as well it KM BZ radio and it is also. On KM BZ dot com so he wanted you know specifically donated one direction or you just go to the Red Cross that all the links on her FaceBook page none none of the came BC website KM BZ. Dot com. Yeah we're starting to hear more about the Red Cross Sunday and where volunteers are coming from we know help is coming from Kansas City and from a lot of the metro areas and so will start to hear those stories from our local bomb teams and what they're experiencing down there. And start to get more stories frankly on as more of Houston floods as we start to hear more evacuations of Louisiana. There will be more to tell in the next couple days. Up quick quick note when I get your take on this house Kara marks or by the way. Lovely more importantly it's hard. Or all out so I batted it kind of take me awhile to get back out there lately but I ticker right out yesterday afternoon and their pictures up on the came easy FaceBook page he likes check it out on. Her husband is back to work out Paul as backs were not to mention time off so she's alone now through the day and so this is all on her and she's doing a fantastic job. She looks amazing. Not get a lot of sleep. But it's a loving it anyway your looks adorable she's Cassel will probably he's almost a month now. Yeah he's still light enough to just fit in one arm but that will change very quickly. Got pictures up on FaceBook go to our FaceBook page and check out care is doing well our eyewitness Jamie money selling. She infiltrated happy to beat this guy. I'm happy that they be Carlisle just for all of via. What is the baby gonna come and see everybody here in the studio I stalk her on Twitter on FaceBook and I need to publicly pressure her for I can do that this time I've. That you have all the time in the world right now you're not working you. Look at. As you can shine this is basically get out as a stake patient for. I was doing 981 KM BZ midday wind Jamie in wicket. Jamie minus Ellie in my quick gets a bit next hour we'll get back in your thoughts on Danny Duffy. And is do you IE from Sunday night details on a FaceBook page and we will gets some more reaction is more details come out after the 1 o'clock news. Right now. Now as we come up on Labor Day weekend us you're going to for all you did last Labor Day weekend and 450000. People what you do it last year. Was take a ride to southern Laporte county and you went to the rinse her family farms sunflower field. So they do every year in fact it for for years and years were they plant a bunch of sunflowers other forty acres of sunflowers planted there. The reason why is just for agricultural reasons and have it for scene for birds stand to hang out. What happened and was social media and Al word got out that this was kind of cool place to go check out and to go take pictures. So few people and that a few more people and a few more people and by last year again over Labor Day weekend because they only bloom for a very narrow window of time around Labor Day. Last year you had a 150000 people that went there to check out these sunflowers and according to the star of the story out of the summer. The leavenworth county commissioner Doug Smith said it was train wreck last year they all kinds of problems. The snarled at two lane blacktop could not accommodate emergency vehicles. People who live in the area couldn't get out of their driveways and it wasn't just the state highway gravel roads were clogged with cars trucks and suvs. And it was Labor Day weekend where you already have a lot of extra law enforcement out on the roads that didn't plan on having to go in patrol doesn't. And help with traffic and so suddenly date were needed to go help with all of those as well. So talk to you 5767798. Or 22980. What experience like last year on. I just how a chaotic situation are we talking about because fox force that in the stories of week. That there have been few changes there that the most that they have done to better attic this year. Is the grinch or Finley has mode in and taken downs on about five acres of land so that cars can park there. Up but aside from that there have been no infrastructure improvements no roads have improved and so they are expecting again this year a 100000. People. To hit this area of the country that never sees any traffic. Man oh man okay. 767798. Have you ever banned. To go see these until let us know and what there is the experience as. The Rangers were quoted. From the county they basically said we are eight resource suck on the country. Are the Cali excuse me. If you ever been there. What is it like and does something need to be done to improve the experience 5767798. Or text into 2980. Looking at is a couple of weekends a year. As a mom because they only they only blue Omar hit full blown down any and it's not even a full two weeks it could be six days depending on the kind of weathered it. We're talking about a couple weeks a year. But this weekend is a maps there it's it's a strain on law enforcement resources again when they're already trying to patrol the roads this is a lot. So they're having to bring extra police it's costing them they pay over time they got to bring extra officers and on and if he really just light that they have it that this doesn't crop they just think it's cool and they don't mind that people are coming to check it out. They don't charge admission they don't they don't make any money off that other than the donations that that people can play for for taking a flower or something. So that is if if there is responsibility to be had somewhere to improve the infrastructure could is that politics to me it's. It's kind of on both the county and the family to figure out a way to monetize this mean to me if I'm the family and I maybe they don't care about money maybe they're doing just fine with their farming whatever. If you're a 150000. People to come down to see these sunflowers. Why not charge him three bucks a person and cancer free five bucks a person at five bucks to Parker's something. And then split that you know have maybe at the county run it and you know hire the people to charge admission and well that at why not have. The county working its of their four or you can both kinda split the profits they can pay for stuff but that even the dollars unless they're gonna. Have a park half a mile away and shuttle main. To me that would be the best way to do it figure out a place to park a maybe there's a lot maybe pay you you paid something I don't know the area all down there all that well. Which put them you put a parking lot there is shuttle main kind of helps the that the problem with these dirt roads. You make some money to maintain pace the police and all that kind of stuff that to me is the answer. I think and I kind of side with the family and kind of not wanting to deal with that on the family just wanted to plant some flowers and people wanna come check it out great. But they don't wanna make it a business that don't make money off of it and that sounds like a complication they don't really wanna deal filling the licensing they don't want the liability. Somebody earlier we talked about this compared it to Christmas lights that if you had if you had a house that how the Christmas lights. You're just kinda different because you think it's pretty and have a bunch of people come to look at that's not really your responsibility. I think a 150000 people in southern leavenworth county on Labor Day weekend is making money for somebody right I don't know maybe that money's going and Douglas county and a maybe they're going to Lawrence whatever and then money should share some of that money at leavenworth county whatever. But up 50000 people are eating or get lunch they're paying for gas sit monies come and go and some are. So somebody is benefiting office a government is benefiting office that government needs to pay for some improve. It's 5767798. What do you think should be done and should there be some responsibility on the family because this creates Havoc down because they they created aided. I think it's on the family more but they created for themselves and they can't help that a bunch of people think it's pretty because it was never a prominent until a few years blame Mark Zuckerberg and the winner and all the social media folk. The right to the phones Tristan in bold oh your right 91 came BZ what Tristan. I have it. You know. Mom I went into a farm and I mean I ever met in my Carla my boyfriend like. You have power to get up and our. Half hour. Outside but it actually. Area and I'd pop pocket porn raid and telling him that he. I think it's something like get people out and get you out there and I've been on a daily provide any service they go on the plant upping pretty. To some need to be done would you pay five bucks admission for. You know I wouldn't pay but that admission or let it look like a thing to go to you on Saturday it was like. Q and how we like them to go look at the dollop out to a beautiful but like five dollars. I don't I mean I had to sit like opportune app hours I'd dollar. What you've got a question trysts in what is it. If we go back to my idea about like a paved parking lot of half mile away what was five bucks a car and they shut you in and you get to spend how much time you want in the to get back on the shuttle eagle back to your car. With that alleviates that alleviated your two and a half hour wait to be all right. Possibly I think though that they're gonna I'm gonna pay I don't beat shuttle then I would want something more there could it not being out there it's just you going out looking at an hour. And the people at the umpire what I mean I'd Eric Bruntlett at. But there are not like everything else but I would there. Cocktails and food trucks so you don't see it and you want to benefiting gate attraction but you don't wanna pay for it unless there's other stuff I can do no right. This is food trucks make it first writings. I'm actually actually it is Friday beer tent and it'll be put everything else isn't Tuesday is a Saturday Lewis in Friday's the first yeah first Friday of the earth well. Your. And thanks very much bigger problem you're you're the guy that wants the experience but doesn't want to pay for it didn't mind the two and a half hour waits right he didn't care but the people minded weren't the driveways that you were blocking dot those people that we need to talk to gaffe. They evoke altars to appreciate it don't be a stranger. Stock to Patrick in Lawrence on KM BZR Patrick. I had never lets up. They Iowa district. And like. A problem on out that's about that is pretty whatever but let's get in the way I was stunned at three. And a political clout they're polite. Professional coaches but it it later an actual photographer there's pictures of the key is the Gator photos of finger. The promise of getting in the way you lot of like these professional photo shoot you feel bad like so many people panic and just that certain areas. And then right when I leave it takes a good Aaron at get out as one marine Maria. Would you go back and what should. I go back up. I. Hope. And it heroic part if you're. The fight like a visit and a lot with the shuttled her constantly running in the maybe it's hate your ride. That would be so fine you throw the kids in the back of a trailer you got a tractor that drives me yet to one they're always moving back and forth if I'm grinch or for gambling the only way I'm agreeing to anything like that is if I have zero responsibility and and nothing to do with the click richer farms is it this is on the counties so that's then it comes the question. Is it worth it to the county. To any time not long began a year. And talking of work I will need to be built people like. Gravel roads and stuff that we need to improve these are paint right these are. Routes. They sit on for two Esherick thanks for the twelve man aligned hell I'm going back. They. We'll get Colleen and show NK coming up next big day with Jamie wicket here on a 91 KM BZ 981 KM BZ mid day with Jamie wicket. Come and able to back into our conversation. About to Danny Duffy and is DUI arrest on a sudden on Sunday night. If you missed it royals ace was picked up for do you lie and some reports have him passed out in the Burger King drive through. At 135. And Metcalf in Overland Park we'll get more details for you coming up. Did he Duffy in GM Dayton Moore will speak they'd run today will be prepared statement and no questions from Duffy human right to tell them. Right we probably cut I think it'll be very similar to that statement date Marty put out drains the need that again there. They're not questions I don't blame mom I wouldn't either because they don't they're not that I the answer any questions. By. It'll lease give a SoundBite. And and a TV byte for TV and yeah like that's why they're doing it and for the benefit of having sound bite a story now. Past I answers cocked your tweet yet give it her Kara is doing fine you were there yesterday you wanna see the pictures. Does dual line at three and a half weeks old so you have a job it's their pictures are not very dynamic just yet born and hang out with quite frankly so I took the right at that cares house yesterday. Husbands back at work since she's do a lot of the solar duty right now and so. Hartley is adorable on is not sleeping a time. Their form mom is not getting much done including eating and that I took him for a little while does that she can eat a sandwich for more than five minutes off because he apparently doesn't like to not be. So lot and and most mercilessly if you put him so on a one month old. She's doing great she looks great she's. Have a fantastic time Charlie is amazing. And I'll be back out there after my trip check out again by. I'd like to see the baby here and to be fun happened here and I think she. They beat them also you know eat a meal because therapy to we take him for our four hours she runs to heart she could go groceries. And stuff while takes him. Well you told me that she's basically on vacation and have a lot to do as a transit routes there's nothing on T beater that he's got plenty of time she said there's not a lot of relaxing going on. Right I teach what you raising three week old so it's. And it. Now when she should be getting stuff done because it's small enough and light enough that you can pull in one arm. We canceled or he's gonna take two outs and you're not act Kara. Get stuff done Kara so yeah we're pressuring and feel free and where to continue to pressure her to bring him in here I hasn't happened yet frankly. If you want to see the baby by the way when is he Charlie. Jamie put a couple of pictures up on FaceBook page he's Dora. He was he did eventually falsely and others won there and then there's one of him and and and I asked yes. I know she was simple make up she's a mom you know it's like yes lingers why everybody is seen me. In every conditions out literally carry us the pictures you ask don't really matter to me south gotcha I so yeah things are on while there wonderful wonderful. Coming up next hour by the way we are gonna have to get to who will die because we have more tickets to the American royal. Barbecue coming up this weekend we have we have got to get to that at some point because. Well frankly we've got a pair a day to give a Bluetooth candidate today tomorrow too on Thursday and into more on Friday and again we'll be back in our conversation about Danny Duffy as well you know this is Travis is do you two terms do disturbs is to a mind since on the break out the crevices to a Mike. It is a real person it'll tell you that it's that big clue big close. To real clear real person. It's a real real person. I click just we're keeping an eye on events out of Houston and I as the storm continues to New Orleans we've puzzled earlier but it seems worth repeating that there are a lot of hoaxes going around about. Kirby and just run through these real quick because it cannot stand the term fixed news here but. But there are hoaxes going on there are things out there that are not what they appear to be they are fake news and it really sticks of times to be consumer media because sometimes. So obvious and sometimes they're totally not and you know sometimes that they were fake or real unless you saw the picture. A President Obama from Thanksgiving in 2050 I don't know why that picture would have happened now I don't know why he would be there. Helping give out food but that pictures circulating that one's obviously fake. The shark picture is fake there's picture out there the highway that's flooded and somebody's rear view mirror and a pretty what appears to be pretty big shark. On in the water. Fox News didn't know that was fake Jesse Watters reportedly being real. This morning on Fox News. Veil that was states so one circulating saying Houston airport is now Henri marina. It's actually not even Houston air force or LA and it's not a real picture either but there's a picture out showing planes literally underwater like water above the top of the year playing catchup the actual. Or there is LaGuardia in new York and it's a -- it was intended to show the potential effect of climate change. On LaGuardia bide your 2100. Based on climate data so it's not even that airport. I got the picture President Obama not real. There's a phone number circulating out there that would claim to connect you to the National Guard if you live to Texas. It actually when you called connected you to a private insurance company so that's all kinds of awful. There's also a photo family escaping floodwaters that was not in fact from hurricane party. Okay it is circulating on the other show the effect of Harvey and Houston residents the photo is real but it's not from Harvey. It's from an earlier round of flooding in 2016. Incredibly speaking of of previous flooding isn't today the twelve year anniversary of Katrina doesn't pack yeah. Yeah and New Orleans is about to hit again with more rainfall and not a good thing they're apps in India not at all so yeah do you Wear this summer. Stories are out there. And this is completely un related to Houston but I saw this story yesterday. What are you ever snuck into. What ever this is fun it's harder like what have you ever and now how do you do it Egypt how on the right sure let us know on the tax line 822980. Because there's a dude by the name up Oliver Regis and he spent 2500 dollars to go to the big fight over the weekend McGregor Mayweather fight. But he was what I mean think about that you pay 2500. Dollars he's a big fan economy Gregor actually has a tattoo. Of kind of record on his leg. But he didn't wanna sit up pie so he pretended to be part of Floyd Mayweather security team and stuck really close to them. And walked his way to the front were other the third row. All right so he's written there. Before the fight. Plunked himself down in the third row right next to the ring during about right before our the fight began. These little guys he told the other side in USA today I felt a little bit cheeky obviously he's not from around here I didn't feel bit cheeky but this was he once it lifetime chance he could not believe it works there were quite a few empty seats I sat down in the third row. And Mike Tyson sat down behind me LeBron James was on my row and I concede Leonardo DiCaprio. He literally snapped a photo with everyone that he could Jamie Foxx Tyson. The C other ones that are in years to get a plea for Chris Hemsworth. Was in there as well. Looks like a ton of celebrities obviously also and other Diddy deal lights from from the USC. And he sat and watched the entire flight just snuck in. I know I don't think I've ever snuck in anything. Video movie it's like. Acting is it security Garza is a pretty good weight and a concert circuit icons. I'm not concerts I guess. That's what your connections are darker. But like I don't think and be in trouble if you bet that would get out of snuck down a section warlike you know I'd sit up high at a baseball game sat down low it. I I kids not sly. I've seen lead you would not. Possible not to be that guy but like. People start to learn your face and it's tall and it all out when you're on the radio people like you know not. We're not celebrities by any stretch the lake. People know who you are and like I could ever sneak in I'm not sly commence a Digisette Isaac and to a drive in theater across the field and crawled under fat. Sneaking into something cheap. Dearest to an app for sport there is doing that to show that you can't I mean it's anybody ever snuck in like a big fiery death or can't hurt or set massive like that. Let us know 22980. Texted in the next hour we've got a who in my for some American royal tickets and start reading some of these as well plus we'll jump back in the congress say.