Sorry - but your earliest memory... isn't a memory...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, July 19th
FASCINATING study shows most of our EARLIEST memories... aren't memories at all... 

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She is. Town tomorrow night. Malign my tickets go. Sprint to sprint sprint admirably for. Hung on to say. Train one of the greatest fans of the modern era is your artist of the day. And everybody turns a millimeter all Zoostorm sermon I know you. See everybody out of the window it's bubbling spicy taste did well from attacks like clouds are starting to swirl when return. Every becomes the old Katie Moore Bryan Busby whose lives and since second that you view weather window yeah they're actually quite nice. Well let's but hey cute view whether we were actually going to the window out there and it was Kirk Chesnutt ai my mom is Japanese like that you never really get to see them Bobble forty was using wasn't bubble I think it's cheaper intrusion. Why are you talking about his seat that I had no icy clouds stand as you rain. Hits. Everybody is out the window just sort of clouds and my mom they're like yeah Christina thunderstorm before December and into professional meter all has been one bomb and the Amos certified. Her so what's going on with the weather got a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings OK until she brings you pretty bad game unlike the rim they came down on Tuesday and I read for the show up. Well those weren't severe sent yet as you weren't severe intensity it was a severe it was just rainy wow did it rain. And we need to rain it's fine yes we desperately need during her gratitude for us. Those things little pop up of their by Clinton and Lawrence berg. We instruments and and miner don't we talk about security cash yes which is holed HO LD all the Texans servants who aided one message and data rates they plug if you have not seen it I want you to Google right now thank you statue of Jeff Goldblum. It's magical I low. Jeff skull blow. That's really a pedestal and the guidance around these parts of rest to get it up. Yes scheme and this. Is the Clinton Jurassic Park where he's lounging. All you it's so funny. It's 25. Feet along all my good hand is a right on the river in London. And it's just. Well isn't this surf music today they were so preoccupied with whether or not they coup at the they didn't stop to think if they Shula couldn't buildings when he by the replica gentlemen don't go to. Londoners and tourists proposal to find these gigantic. Rescue of gold blue and his shirts and buttons. Staring seductively ask them from the banks. Of the river got that out bridge. This is awesome isn't it actually kind of looks just like it remember that scene in the movie that's the scene he's in a chair is loud marrying him. And I talk us to celebrate the 25 anniversary of Jurassic Park. You always in the new into. Syria I had not heard bits Sunni community. It's only on on not displayed at the stature as. Until the end of the month what I think when a city general and I think it's been from around the world's attention is increasing get it here I think is a good and Hollywood. I think you should be able to rented put it someone's front lawn just didn't look forward Steve he actually responded to the statue I Betty did you can make that would be why. Is your goal function yeah. Tiger is driving right now hello. Off. She's. Do not have sprinklers on this golf course was aggressive dad. They are probably. End. Arizona is I don't now and Arizona on November sprint court. Where does put toward your grass yes people are wanting that comeback. They just are and so anytime he's on it's on any noted that at JV with an earnings follow golf and it was on and here. You kick America loves to sex. Tearing someone down and building them back up again aria. Tiger Woods was torn to the ground by his own fault and by injury I mean by injury. You Norman Thomas homered to have X sex addiction. White. Watched it why can't find trips take the. Right. If you've followed now TV on Twitter and I am asking you did you. The Myanmar reactions to that statute are. Hilarious it's all of the cut aways in Jurassic Park when someone first sees a dinosaur. CC the Jeff Goldblum statuette at the new agency like he. Like these horrors faced this Democrats on such as malaria. I apparently it's the British Open. Yeah it's a big one that's when the majors so he has to win one. Why don't know I just plugs in and I really since the first rounds Thursday right there there Kyra I you can lose it all on the first day transplant. I. I go see the new addressing part of it yet that's absurd and take your radio love it when I don't think it that when your date night. On Friday when the concert took a tour you don't you're going to hold concentrate yeah I don't subsite in. And by the way Paul was hike Tulsa got broad that I am totally going to that cost her because he lobs hall and oats. We does not yet is not a train fan entered a trendy while notes that's what he wants to say. So he's like I brutally doesn't care about training one of the greatest bands of the modern era he does not care about your. But he loves opponents how he loves home okay while I don't you have a wonderful time you are you gonna dinner first I don't think dumping it into an owner. You really as I work until six and then the concerts at seven so there's not a lot of time geek dinner somewhere there's an hour. And I still was last time the two you went on a nice romantic dinner. It's a good question. They're like maybe he's shown she'll babysit I was totally taken beta for an hour an hour tune. Think my mother in laws actually commit to babysit so we can. Have a good time I hope it's fun. Asked to do it too good to her Dresser park is not good who. Why. I lost my there's text when you're on oh my god. I laughed I cried when I got as good hitting like I I was in net. Two. In acts. The new one Lynette dinosaur comes with a little girl's room which is in that trailer by the way everyone who's seen the trailer has seen that scene it's like. I act act yeah. You know they might as well what does it what does Obama's resume any isn't weird noises but he's pulled the covers up over annually energies that didn't have. Kill the kid. So there wasn't a blasphemy has had a romantic dinner was my you government. No involved there in maximum. Spooky kooky. Brady Bunch house is up for sale tonne that's did you see okay we half to talk about this investment and just listen the original owners got this how I guess Scott in 197 the Korea three. So then after this show right. It was Yasser lawyer who surged so. After that not a lot after the show now not a lot of and it's on a huge slot in net California California Santa is an LA it's not a big lot. And they just filmed the exterior openings shot there that's it the actual you don't show was filmed in the studio. In the 1970s. After the heyday of that show. They paid what you wanna guess even for California crisis. After the show so it's already favors Al started famous house it was 1973. To show had just wrapped home. 130000. Dollars nope. Hash that. 61 deep out on 9000. Dollars in 1973. So this Stanley raises their kid there at the ugliest house you've ever seen by the way like that house is. Ugly. 61000. Dollars guess what they're selling it for today. It is the greatest investment in its history of the housing market why their point eight million end. Now the Brady Bunch house the house is ugly is sent. However it's on a huge. Acreage slot which in LA and you don't get him. Think the price sub divide that things at six house is on antiques still has like. The gold flowered wallpaper homicide in the sound system with the gold knobs all heard an. Well. I didn't do. Now you have to remember that phrase. Guess how many bedrooms and mess. Five under the under is six kids gap fire very members of a big boys all belong together right Malia and minerals bunk together in their room. So three bedrooms. Well you have to live in maid. She and her. To two bedroom house I think you know citizen and two bedroom three bath house yes. More bathrooms and bad for 2400. Square feet but they only have two bedrooms and three bathrooms a third baseman 24 hunt know what's in California. 2400. Here comes captain that's really aren't you buying it to knock it down I hate to say that I know it's iconic but no one wants to live in that house it's orange. About doing the show ran from 69 to 74. So when it was sold it was famous hot and also on TV yes and why aren't you do realize it and that's just the house from the exterior is just hasn't. What you there's Douglas stayed the sound stage of their direct the show just sixers but it is the Brady Bunch house. Like the house Dallas. Was the exterior. Kids weren't really parties at south fork ranch was still is still worth at Thomas mining. Yeah I'm just saying. The show a shot on sounds guess if you're listing does this show you live hers tension that I was tracking the weather. Oh are based on the clouds swirling yet they are all linked billowing in feeling playing now there is there is this wild looking hale coming out lone Jack stud jagged edges and oh yeah there's all kinds of stuff happening out there. So yeah. Or you can go back. Can expect out. Go below if you know you're not actually going to see Barbara Billingsley when you go in there. I by the way to extend these severe thunderstorm warning forecasts and Jackson Johnnie took 3 o'clock now. Okay and welcome current. I write about our director's cup are secured cash this hour is holed two accidents 72881. Okay. Play action. Barbara Billingsley was on Leave It to Beaver Florence Henderson died there and was the most earth. This trade done so I'm sorry and hits the mom. Women and this image I decided. All of this fifties I've got your drink in one hand in my apron and the other they all run together like me I'm sorry in my mind and like which one's lens why do you hate. Mrs. Brady. Didn't hate mrs. Brady although she was having relations with her son on that show would just a little weird but I digress. Why do you hate June Cleaver hacked you know why I 8 June Cleaver. Daddy how come when you grill you're outside in mom's always in the kitchen dwells on and. Asks as. Not just the way it is. Yeah. Don't know I guess you know let's say a woman. Most places them. Encryption. Gerald always found bomb but so instrumental. I don't know not to go back and reviewed them. Is there a woman's places them. The mile high. I didn't I say cut him. I'm doing all right women have all. All the modern conveniences. But ask men are better this rugged type of outdoor cooking. So a throwback to the cave man. Some of those asbestos gloves what you want we'll see. It echoed in the little nods and Republicans so funny. Heard heard the news in the world voices and all of the masters golf should I does will be at the kitchen. You ever watch Leave It to Beaver and just enjoy no not even once have I ever thought come on I was thinking about a meat that now a little. Al qaeda's why not. Now not even want to shield my mother worked every single day I can remember my whole life in my home. No she was at Blue Cross and Blue Shield for like 37. Years chip Angel loved that job yes. And I think I turned down chest high. Well moon but the verdict still I don't. When president. OK speaking of childhood because we've talked about this before on the show. That this is my favorite story. Of the day and I printed it out of habit or not. There is a story out after a study. Was released this week. About your. Earliest. Childhood. Memory. And if you asked. Anyone to sit down. And write out a list of five or six of your earliest. Childhood memories. I can remember a couple of things Austin and I are four years apart. I remember my dad coming to get me in the middle of the night to save the babies coming. I remember that very clearly. I remember being at a royals game when I was maybe three or four. I don't know that I have any memory prior to that. This new study says most if not all of your earliest memories. Are fake my holiday you know. He's talked about this. A memory isn't really a memory because every single time you think about its. That's saying. In your childhood and you are. Slightly. Changing. That experience. By thinking about it and remembering its and and talking about it every time you've done that in your teens 20s30s 40s60s. You are reshaping. The actual events even slightly in some white. And I don't think that's necessarily true for large. Traumatic. Events if you. Work in a horrifying car wreck at age five. If you watch the death of your mother's things like that. You. Likely run member but just see every day stuff. Going to the babysitters maybe your first couple weeks of school. This study confirms. That as we get older and you go back and retrieve those things. You shift. What those things for. And so over time. It's like playing a game of operator or I tell you something and you tell rod something and rod tells Kara Kara tell stratus and we get when he arrested in at Travis it's not. The true of our original experience. How would they know if it's fictional. Unless they interviewed your parents org or an older sibling or something right but then maybe their memory isn't as good as yours so researchers have conducted one of the largest surveys of people's first memories. Finding that nearly 40% of people. Hattie first memory which is fictional. Current research indicates short earliest memories date from guess what age Scott. 53. And a half about three and a half years of managed. However. Researchers. And at the University of London found that 38 point 6%. Of a survey of almost 7000 people claim to have memories from two or younger. With 893. People claiming memories from one or younger. And that was particularly prevalent among middle aged and older adults. If you think you remember something from age one and two. You likely do not 5767798. Let's get to the newsroom here is Caremark. 576 or. You have cash coming your way at 3 o'clock right before 3 o'clock here. We're asking how to researchers figure out that your first net Marines if it's around age one or two likely did not happen. And then I have another question for everyone listening. Researchers asked participants to. You cannot. Rick called this memory from a photograph. Or videos that you have seen it has to truly exist in your mind as it happened you know 42 years ago. The researchers examined the content language nature and descriptive detail. Of the respondents earliest memory descriptions. And from those evaluated the likely reasons why people claim memories from an age that research indicates cannot. These forms. Cannot. Good as many of these memories data before the age of two and younger. The authors suggest that these fictional memories are based on remembered fragments of early experience. Such as family relationships feeling sad. Some facts or knowledge about your infancy or childhood. Which she may have derived from photographs are friendly conversations. As a result what I remember her has in their mind is a mental representation. Consisting of fragments of different things not the actual memory. He knows what and I am very. Early memory whether it's true or not I don't know. When I lived. In Amarillo Texas Tech. But here's the question I have and I don't know if if they got into this in the study. How do we choose. And certainly there must be some sort of sub conscious way that we do it. What we remembering what we don't for example. I can barely remember. Certain things I'm probably have more to do and alcohol or anything else that certain things from high school. You know right Heidelberg high school I don't remember hardly anything from there I can tell you. Within. Reason. Where I sat at either sandstone Kemper arena sprint center or starlight for any concert you you tell me. I can tell you that they are sure I guess tell you where I was sitting rough. I just am sitting right over you do have a photographic memory was certain bizarre things like concerts I can I think that's also as you're older. You are older when you've formed that memory and a pathway. To get there and retrieve that but I can hear a song on the radio for example that I haven't heard in twenty years. And I still know every single word. But if you tell me Scot named one of your teachers from eighth grade. I couldn't see I can do that. I remember my feelings. In kindergarten and first grade more than I remember experiences I remember being afraid I remember not wanting to go I remember not wanting to be left by my mother. But I I remember those feelings more than I remember experiences. One of my questions I have about the study and gosh I wish we could have like a researcher into the brain come come under this program. Is that why if research shows. We can not form or retrieve memories around age one or two. OK let's just take that as fact you really cannot. Hold true memories between age one into it. If that is true there ticket and was in Hawaii. Do very young children who are victims of trauma. At age two and under abandonment. Look at the orphanages say in Chernobyl or China where those children are never picked up and held. And they have developmental. Severe problems their entire lives because of that. Why is that the case because we can't have knit reason won in two wouldn't you just four dead or not have a pathway back to remember the trauma. Dana I think you can you do have and I use this an air quotes memories. When your three years old. Take I say you have the you just can't retrieve them take each later in life is what I'm saying yes take. Kara is one year old son Charlie as an example OK she brought him in a couple of weeks ago. We're sitting here in this very room. And she hands Charley Toomey and Charlie sitting in my lap and Mike low young man. Got a group who got a got a boom boom. And he instinctively looks over at his mother and puts his hands out like he wants to go back today no mother and father that's one point. Charlie. May be one years old one year old but he still remembers. Who his mother wrist. Now in ten years from now if he's stated Charlie. Do you remember that time when your mom brought you to the radio station and eSATA on Scott's lap right and he was going to go. He was say first of all I don't know who's got parks is a bank and no I don't remember that at all let me ask that MM that's not a memory. But he does know who his mother is we are able to formulate memories. To retain and we're call. Friend eighteen months two years older all of that. Baby Jessica remembers. Nothing about being in that well nothing and don't you get that they could trump you would be able to rip Paul. When they got you house being down there when when they were singing nursery rhymes turn her. But being abandoned in a dark place. She doesn't remember a thing. About that why can I remember my phone number from Lansing Kansas is 33924372730. Fours are my first number. In my home into peak in the first house we lived and. I can remember our address in Fort Hood Texas that you created a pathway in your mind that Scott by repeating and repeating and repeating it. We didn't have the Internet or cell phones are your parents say you have to memorize. His terror those things in case you get lost. I can remember my phone number from when I was in sixth grade. I have no idea what Sarah's phone number it's my own daughter because you have not create that pathway in your memory nor have I. Go to the phones. Independents are real. I don't. You're talking about memory. And I can read amber. That my very first memory I was two years old and my dad was coming home price that mr. rich spend Germany. And him coming up a lot initially formed and quoting here. This bag you know pre shoulder. And I was reading a hit I had a little yellow trash China acknowledge archetype. It a little Ella tracked lunch. And he doubted arms out and kick to get. And rubbing your reality and I needed he you know album. Now Barbie let me ask you this according to this re search. There is a 40% chance that never happened. It. Are there is a 40% chance you've created that in your own month. Yet the photograph on the Barbie or something else that would. I remind you of that experience it just lives in your mind. It limited my mind that I've always. I mean I lived at my grandmother until he got some pretty mr. Richards to personally ever stop me but he can look or Germany when I was born. And I've always. You know I've always been reminded of that the first time whenever I am now marked. How we're reminded of that duty to tell you about it. Sure. You know I'd say. Yelp got older I get an action every question language almost four. And that it should my little brother which aren't. It is your father still with us or not. He ask you do us a favor and then emails later or Texas or whatever. Kick I am assuming he is elusive and and Andy's doing my own well. Ali yeah I Q how about are you. Concerned stories. Are yet because if you could very happy that he did that. I would the first person that he felt when you know he. When he actually came home and our grandmother let me read on the watt June CME kicked me out and you know patent. And you know probing around and I actually remember that and I think it's because. Now we showed me pictures. Of him and a uniform. And I knew her black. And I saw him. I use my dad. Okay say Barbie I had a feeling Bart is gonna collar dad today and say can you help me or call that this was a true memory and he's going to say Barbie that during that. Well I'll tell you this I have no idea where I tell you this there have been times. You know my mom listened to the show from time to time. We're IE eight will tell stories from years gone by. And I'll get home later at night my moment called me and say that's not how it happened. It's close but it's not how it happened. So do your point or at least to the researchers point I think there is some truth that the more week even even if we re tell ourselves. The member yes it changes you change the original. Event now but who's to say who gets it right maybe my mother is retold her self that same story and made it more positive for her. These are saying. And and when we re write the story in our minds. It changes do we always make it more positive for us if it's trauma I don't think so maybe you make you miss Jerry Austin. Noon by 767798. In a security cash coming your way right before these 3 o'clock news. Every day who do they do. Podcast. I know I'll I'll take that for anybody you know if you look at everything goes. You write this down I don't have to choose local. That's what I get from this point. The phones Thomas Granville road Tom I've done. Yeah. You. Well you prime pets are really just generated in a grand view it's a tough. Hey thank you for that there's a little storm over my house right and sit and Carol and Dan just came and sit and wait till 4 o'clock this is about to get back. Well I have to be on the road for a thirty minute wait what I wanted to get you on 35 years old. And more talking about it and it's memories primarily it's memory is may be in the hospital. I guy I can't figure that we will play to a I don't remember to either one or two but I remember standing in the clear up the looking overruled by audible illusion that they are put well they had more good shape and by that I don't know what we're still inept. And the next thing air course. Spoke a lot found out later what the world but I Covert the next thing I remember you lose that go to the hospital. As crucial prudent time I was into the room was dark and black. Quite some time when I was home and I was born gorloks. Telecom that I those in the hot triple double hernia. And I got chicken ball thrown to. Little easier he's got a scar harm to those who were part of. Okay. If I'm wrong a moral and sorry about that. Time. Somebody over here is having some problems because I thought I heard the S word in there. That wouldn't even make sense is an adjective before scar. SI have a scar. Oh I see how do you know it's true yes I have a scar and a mass what I thought I heard it's I. That's OK if if you if he didn't say it then and I apologize. Some descend to be looked out west on radar yeah you'll get results it's. It's good. Manhattan in Emporia is covered in angry red and white and red blobs to come big red blobs are you going to come in with a yeah. Who had a rookie error. Green gloves don't impress me but the red ones do. Look at that. What's your earliest memory here. I'm going to. Branson with my parents and getting a lollipop it was the size of my head to dateline which I remember when I got herpes simplex one. I remember. And Kara this goes back to do whether you. Really had this experience or if over the years you've added to it and I can tell you I'm certain over the years I've added to it. I was at a royals game may very rare treat because we were so poor was a royals came with my mom and dad I don't even know that my brother was born yet. And ice so clearly remember being terrified because I looked under my seat. And I thought I saw an alligator hanging from the bottom of my seat now. I know that sounds ridiculous. But I so clearly remember it's staring at me and then trying. To. Tells someone and I remember crying and screaming and like it was looking at me. And I know this that's so stupid old but I can remember it look like what makes up this big. And here's Lieberman doesn't make me like a new or something but it royals stadium like I had I don't feel like that's something that it's probably not act what does that accurate but over the years I river college and I can still see what it looks like. But I don't think it probably happened I just think somewhere I got wires crossed. And I thought there was an alligator staring at me from under my seat browns stadium. I wonder what it really must I do too that's fascinating. It I mean I don't know. Okay good wanna. Maybe. It was that little. Guy and that and that you know whom the alligator boots on the shirts. Yeah yeah maybe it was that is a lesser Izod right. It's don't know but it scared me and I I I so here's what's funny I retained the fear. But I don't think it's true memory. If they're probably not you probably did not actually see an alligator. It does your fear of spiders come from somebody that you can remember that I remember. It's really just gotten worse over the years to him. Quad earlier and how can now so now you have mastered OK did you see I'm I'm no longer responding to him Karen there's a guy you noted ship in a chip clip looks like. Some of them have magnets on each appeared to put your chip shot. He has a chip clip and on that there is fishing wire. And at the end of the fishing wire there is this huge fake black carries by heat but the big like I think I think like basketball sized burn. So he clips that ship clipped to a woman's purse current guy his briefcase and goes all spider. And then they start running. And that big Harry is staying trails after. My nine it is the funniest. Thing you have ever seen I'm sorry but we're thankful talents. They're screaming. It's hoped honey I'm sorry I wouldn't do it to you but it's so funny friend of mine in college did that was one of those little fake cockroaches. All bets on foreign hole. Holes that was I had slept fine. I almost had like a plot panic. Approved in my pants and scored a jury cash. Thank you were to cash is apparent PA REM T. Tax and and a 72881. And you're in the running for a thousand dollars of secured cash. A messaging data rates may apply. Called a must sooners' front of this is clear on Twitter. Apparently trump is inviting Vladimir Putin to the White House this ball. I just cleared.