Somehow we shoved a massage parlor, climate deniers, cold murmuration and a dog bark box in one hour....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, September 12th

We started the hour with stop touching... and ended the hour with stop barking.... 


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I believe in inclusion so long as you believe the same thing idea. I just think people find it really hard to believe that all of the top scientists around the world think one thing. And some yea who on TV you're on the radio or wherever not all scientists rebound wherever. They have a microphone says that's is not her but but but but because the focus on is. Is and I gotten his argument would dim when mom yesterday it's amazing to me on this one topic. When it comes to climate change you guys like to throw out where you don't believe in science. Well guess what science evolves science changes. It was only twenty years ago Roger remember this where they told you if you drink too much coffee it's actually bad for your help. Now are telling you drink as much as you want it's actually good for your. And and not to get into religious debates Scott but but climate. Rod mark marked as well did not bring up relieved here's what I'm gonna say I'm trying to say carefully and respectfully. Those people don't understand. How you can have faith in one thing with no proof. And not have faith in science that comes with it. That's that that's and that's the nicest way I can say and I understand. Their frustration of that I'm not saying I support that argument. But the but I have heard people say and not atheist. Specifically. How can you believe one thing and not. Believe in the possibility of the other when you have scientists around the world saying we are harming our planet this is why look at the melting ice caps. You concede that. And I understand that argument. I'm not saying I supported and saying I understand it well. Some of us who actually believe in religion. Actually do fine for reducing. Problem. I'm not going to get into the argument about thome how the last ice age ended because insurers that was fossil fuels. To the news of the world stare. Targeting the church more next. 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Not ten million people half of the population still without electricity today two days after hurricane Irma roared across the length of the state. Seven deaths in Florida have been blamed on her up. From visited Texas and Louisiana after hurricane Harvey Pitt both states last month. The royals even their series with the White Sox at a game apiece by beating Chicago 43. At the close on Wall Street today the Dow up 61 points NASDAQ gains 22 in the S&P eight higher. Traffic and weather together next. JNBC news time 333. Not the greatest chances for rain and all hearing Kansas City is remain there until the next several days Ehrlich and dry weather and a warming trend. Some indication that we may seek a front end toward parts of the weekend to stray showers and thunderstorm currently in the forecast by Saturday night. Fair weather for the rest of today into the overnight to that was a fall into the upper fifties. Plenty of sunshine to go around for a Wednesday the high 85 and mostly sunny for Thursday and Friday highs climb into the upper eighties. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more key NBC whether it's. Didier downtown and in grand view 76. At your severe weather station. I'm will starent stay connected with the news in 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. 9390. Writes let me understand this Dana has a great grasp on science. Yet. Yet she wants to ride this storm out in the eye of hurricane. And believes that a plywood board in her garden is going to protect her basement yes that's science LO well I love it. Yeah. Did you see. The birds. That went into the eye of the storm. In happens. It happened in Irma they have it on radar because the birds. Listen. To me they knew. Where to go and they did and they just. Their hunt for Smart if you noticed. In traffic Scott now follow me here when there's a guard's flock of birds in the sky. The really weird bizarre pattern they sometimes make when they're going green. And you know they move this way and then they go back blame isn't have you watched the undulating. It's really hard to describe. I think they're sparrows. They they do this formation. And it may lose it looks like as a group. This big black blob is moving through this guy and I sit on the other day. Who do you hurt in the front is the one that they're following how you know. To do that. It's the most fascinating thing to me birth spark that we think. And they rode out the eye of that storm in the center of the hurricane that's where they work. It's fascinating to me and yes I stopped at a red white and look up and I see it I think about stuff like that. You. You really had urged a Smart I think that today. Internally have some type of connection to the universe is instinct yes that we do not hat yes. The birds and small. How did they know to go to the eyes got. They knew to go to the helpless don't want the squirrels noted Barry acorns I mean they just know how all that's isn't fastening it fascinates me. Like how they notes go into the center. When there watching and listening to the show I'm asking. First rule know. Your idea of riding the storm in the irony isn't going to be a welcome. Occurred on the that is dumb as ever heard. I. Stuck it wouldn't. I just find it fascinating I'll look it up Dana its called cold Marbury should spell annual art in New York Asian. Mere colds sealed old yes. What the flock of birds perform intricate aerial ballet. That's okay they're talking about the ballet Horry goes. Okay here's a photo of it is the coolest thing if you've never seen it. And then the whole black blob moves. As one unit Scott and when I say one unit I mean like like. Fighter pilots in the air that within two inches of each other. Do that ballet that fighter pilots do only they're doing this times 30000 birds it is the weirdest phenomenon. Cole. Murmuring why do they do. I don't know. Several not mutually exclusive ideas have been proposed. That may explain this initial this year too that's right if you've ever seen large schools of fish yeah the ocean around they do the same thing. It is possible that these waves make confuse a predator thereby reducing the success and attack. Another popular idea is the selfish hurt hypothesis which proposes that star wings pardon me there's darlings. Are all trying to get back into the middle where it is safest from attacked by a hocker falcon. It's fascinating to me. Cold memories and thank you listener going to write that down hole. Each. Pirating and on your soul and. Tony I I find it interesting I. How did you I think you'd think birds are down I get it chickens are down again it Fisher down fine. But somebody somehow has figured out that they do it that's what I don't understand how they noted do they just. How I am a note to swim upstream to make. An honest. How can they barely zoning out right where they joke I think Canada has dinner you know what I think it's because they talk. What I think it's because they are somehow god now I'm being serious can you I taught but some. Well there's each other where did you just staying in tandem in her ballet tandem in the ire. And there are thirty yards from where students are you with an out. And they. It is the weirdest thing if you've never I know you've seen Evelyn listening and I seen it. So your telling me that birds. All they communicate. With one another. Doing that day I'd tell you might not be a lot. There's no that is random. What are they can you can translate. What does that. They're saying did what mystical let's go couldn't. You know what I'm honey all you want what I tell you to break it today do dogs. Communicate is that out there we make fun of you always. How to do how to fish commute have you ever sets up celebre pervert and you know that on some like she knows she likes her talking to her she understands six work like those experts say it laid down. Breakfast bowl. No and good girl. A gruesome. Those those who want. She knows when I say breakfast at me she's about to get for how do you know that she knows breakfast instead because all be laying in bed no goat do you want some. Breakfast. And she jumps up out of bed and go straight horrible OK that is it conditioned response she understands when I say breakfast at Manger about to get some food. When I say ball that mean she's two run into the backyard and go find me a ball so I can throw into recession gets tired. My dogs though the term go to bed. And they gal yet because we gather. The pin in the in the garage you know that there's space Leo and I go to bed and they follow me down to the garage. And I go hey go to bed and they both looked at me like but I don't wanna. If you're tiger and I have to go hang go to bed and they go all clues they put their heads down there Walken there. She you know what I did this morning and I can't believe I'm sharing this is I think some people are gonna think I'm horrible human being for it but here again Mary thinker I've bots. And it was a good listener who gave me the idea so before you all get up in my grill. A listener said to me when you were talking about those masses Scott they used to live next room and listeners said to make it apart box like twelve books on Amazon. I had never heard the term park box never. So I go on Hamels on that day and sure enough you can buy an indoor park box for nine dollars. You can get an exterior outdoor art box for like. Fifteenth about about. The indoor park box came yesterday and putted nine volt battery in that sucker fired it up and move. My small dog owed when he hears the gore brought conference bridge too far. It is an unbearable. Conditions response. To that garage door and he does. And he does not stop until you're in the house and you tell in my god she. The worst rating awful noise. Yeah. It's not bad but it works group vote on legal bills or it's so Rodney we turned the bark box. And here's what the dog to us we opened the rise Jordan is. What does that do is it like it. That only dogs can hear and it stifles. What is it conditioned response to bark. At a certain time is brick and kill me they would bar it no damn thing. It has stopped Rodney you are not completeness it hazards the stock. When I stopped. It has stopped. The barking. I 95%. What he'll do now is about. And it doesn't come out all the way and there is no way after we have been dealing with that dog for five years four years. There is no way that is a coincidence we put one on the inside of the house with a one at the back to war. Because again conditioned response when they collapse of the bathroom. They're conditioned to come back to back toward bark until we let a man. And so with that the bar box outside today the exterior when came today. And tank to stares at me like community through the window but that little yapping dog. He'll he'll once and it's not it's not really apart killing you know what to call it. So it's a frequency thing so this is the voice that goes. You she will put two and a drier. Yeah it is a high pitch frequency that this. That only responds to a park so wouldn't when you're testing the direction actually said. Looks straight into the microphone and though wolf that dissent at directions say to test. It response to the market doesn't respond to clapping it as a spot yelling. It responds to a bar and admits that frequency and terrorists to detect stir that again. Two by the bar shocks you had say it did not I sanity. So to answer some damage isn't will be and forward traffic there. And dance. It's orange. And meaty. It's hard. 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Dot com Boxee pest control I trust them. And you should too. Rock you like. This week. Or anything. Isn't that good trees in the way. Katrina hurt him. I can't hear a song all summer day here at the can you place a good from the bad hurt came from 1988. I'm sure are good. And maybe visit to sit through a phone call rocking like cat five came. I have Mosul. Observers who have played somebody filming something on TV do I don't know criticism of the backgrounds of rod. I keep your ears open. But apparently there was an ESPN reporter last night on Monday Night Football game Sergio. No that's his last name surge you did. It says I guess Sergio had a rough first night on child. So rod this is somebody filming their TV so let's be careful gays racism back. And yeah. His night may is why. Well. Little awkward he's clearly Miller case when his turn came dips started his report by saying how happy you guys. Okay here's what he says here's what he says in the will plant. Dip started this report by saying how happy was to be with them here on the field from up close just watching. Coach Joseph premiere you watch him now on the screen. Okay. Not tonight. Wait wait a minute his diversity is helping him out. Dozens. From weren't there diversity doesn't mean he knows a lot of people of mixed races OK he meant the diversity in his career he's been a quarterback I. If things on different team. He was you just assumed if he say diversity you mean I do not black poacher or something I black. And that diversity is company bounce and I was he's able to talk to white people do but rod you know why I didn't interpreted that way 'cause you'd. Thought about it tomorrow. From Twitter what in the world just happens some guy named Sergio did appeared on the screen and uttered some words not a ball which made sense. From Twitter who is Sergio did and gave him permission to talk on national title is. The reason I don't get back it was nerve and. Reside in in certain colors because I'm the 2007 team. NAACP. Media diversity award winner. That would make sense when you're going to Wear your teacher I pick it up tomorrow. So by Zona Rosa it. Awesome you know last ten years ago I would have ripped Sergey into an island get him off the field that some. He took a full crap perhaps her as parents right through to yell. I used to be that person that would make fun of them. And now at sun. And I to step son's going into broadcasting just one game and loves me. And this isn't for. Rent don't buy. It is true rules that are happening now on KM BZ law enforcement. Cleared more next. Right now is the time to call leave guard have a come out for free testament to get your 25 dollar visa gift card when they comic. Because they are gonna be slammed once the leaves start following it happens every year getting in now between their very busy summer and fall season. And have them put those beautiful one piece covered under system on your arm. 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