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Thursday, December 7th

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Busy busy gay story here on KM BZ coming up. At 1045. We will. Join up with ABC's coverage. Of the United States senate senator Al Franken will be making a statement today at whether but he is going to stay in the United States senate. Or the senator who's been accused multiple times of sexual misconduct will be stepping down from the ascent. So yes we'll bring you that announcement coming up at 1045. Will also get some preview of that at 1030 and some reaction afterwards is while and just. And efforts right her on today a so far she has Susan. She has since declined we hope that there's some time may open up in a little bitch again she was one of the most vocal first Reno first ones on Twitter and and she was third or fourth after. I junior senator Kristen Gillibrand from New York whispers but out. Hopefully senator McCaskill will find some timely you said we're gonna go up to Minneapolis and get the reaction both forehand from. Our sister station WC CO radio up in the Twin Cities. And then afterwards we are. We're trying to cover this because this a major we we we talk about Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey in those things Jamie but this is also big because this hits the political world. First for the first time in a really significant real way. We have not had this happened yet if if you were to resign. We've not had that happen yet where we had a major political figure someone who has been elected. Have allegations come out against them and then half to resign because of it and because their fellow lawmakers have called for. It's also a really interesting time because it comes less than a week before the election for Roy Moore out of Alabama and soul who. Who has been accused of things farm wide worse than when Al Franken has been accused of however on it'll be. It's an interesting way to kind of take the temperature to see how how serious these allegations are so it's historically it's incredibly significant if he were to step down tonight. It's interesting if he decides not to step down when Tommy he's up for election 22 point yeah it's it's it's a ways out don't. On and so if he's gonna stick it out for a while that also would be an interest in run on personally I think. This may be democrats' way of saying we can't it's on get mad about Roy Moore. If we don't call for one of our own to resign in on him and I get that. And it's it's just fair it's you know we can't criticize Republicans. For supporting Roy Moore if we support our round that's been accused of of some sexual misconduct. Yeah it can set the standard. And you're right about that so we will have this covered for you today you'll hear the statement from senator Franken. Coming up at 1045. The other big story nationally going on. Is California wildfires and if you've been on FaceBook or Twitter you've seen that re easy videos of people driving down the I five the big one of the big freeways and LA. And that that the scenes from the mountains and it literally looks like a Hollywood production. Of just a hell. And the last I heard there were still four major fires burning on it is gotten a point where. Although winds did not really develop overnight they are still expecting eighty mile an hour winds with these fires on and that's why they have had tens of thousands of people evacuated. On and they close the airline based on traffic laws and yeah a lot of major freeways there we talked yesterday about the for a five. Sections of that have been closed at one time. Officials closed US 101 am reading Bloomberg's got us or it's about ten minutes old officials closed US went one for more than a dozen miles along the coast. You wanna wind is on sort of the same thing is route one that runs we're right along the coast there it's it's right on the water in Los Angeles and all the way to California coast. That was closed for more than a dozen miles along the coast that come off a major route between Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Ventura is on is more the south Santa Barbara is more to the north. Venture is where we talked about that fire that started thirty miles inland and then went. All the way to the coast here's Marcus Moore from ABC an adventure a devastation. 80000 acres burned that's an astonishing number and a 150 structures have burned and there's really. Devastation all around here really breathtaking to see this and what's astonishing. Is the fact that yes there are number of homes in this neighborhood and throughout the area that have burned but there are also others that are still standing at Marcus Moore from. ABC and Alan stone and we sat on this program many times. Is out there covering it as well this fire is a giant now in 96000. Acres which is equal to 150 square miles burning. Schools in Santa Barbara County are closing as the fire moves in that direction evacuations are underway in parts of Santa Barbara County. Many schools are also closed today in Ventura county and at LA mainly because of smoke in the area it is extremely smoky. By 200 homes and buildings have been destroyed and I was hearing some audio yesterday where it really. Wild wild fires there it's hard to predict fire and it's hard to predict where you're gonna send those flames and so it'll hit one and destroy one and the neighbor's house is spared. And that's kind of how this is working also except you've got four different fires kind of working in some and some different parts of the city. But it really does appear that Ventura and Santa Barbara counties are getting the worst of it and let me point out a lays a free wealthy area anyway Santa Barbara is the wealthy part of Los Angeles I. I talked yesterday about Bel Air being evacuated and and that's a wealthier par also but. Ohio is an area that has had some trouble with evacuations bites on there's a lot. I know that carries for wine I spent a decent on time in Los Angeles and expense and time in Santa Barbara because there's a lot of wine country up in that direction and a highs got some wind to sell. It's really valuable land there and it's really affected a lot of keep. I'm so if you wanna help you can go to our FaceBook page you can help the victims because once they eventually do get this out or. If it burns itself out we both are realistic possibilities the winds haven't really heard up as much to gain the lead you never know over there. If you wanna help remote or FaceBook page and there is a link there for you from NBC Los Angeles for you to help to donate as as that it has been kind of the theme for the year. Donate for RB donate for urban donate for Maria. Donate for the wildfires in northern California donate for what have I mean there's been so many disasters. That we've all been asked to. Opener wallets and throw ten bucks or five bucks or twenty bucks or whatever you can. You can help out with an and I know that right now it's tough for everybody do that because rolled to a Christmas shopping in normal dated a lie and. Just tech giving Tuesday yeah a lot of people donated and giving Tuesday on. Yeah your your very often you're getting to now text and that's the Red Cross you know got right target and those numbers don't. And I know all. Well what makes a person. More or less likely to donate in the event of a natural disaster Ali you've got connection to that area you know if you're from Texas if you're from Florida if you friends that are down there I don't know what makes you more or less. Likely to donate. But it was funny what are talking this morning and I was looking over things that we had analysts and there's a story that we're gonna get too little bit later about a group on FaceBook that you can call. To mediate your FaceBook fights about race that if things are getting out of control with comments online on FaceBook yes no you couldn't hack. That will that will kind of get involved helped calm things down and that us talking then about this. And some comments that made on the wildfires story man and I'll tell you three more is coming up I put the. Story up about 2 o'clock this morning about how to help the Southern California wildfire victims and I would read to you comments from our FaceBook page because. I. My jaw drop this morning and that takes a lot and it does take a lot of we see a lot of comments that are awful. On the face of it it's just it breeds that there's something wrong with people. That have these words for people's homes. And property that are guiding. And and losing their things. In California. I'm gonna read them to you coming up from FaceBook next it's 1018 coming up at 1045. Allegedly. Al Franken the senator from Minnesota. Who has been accused of a sexual misconduct in several ways multiple times will make a speech and whether he is going to step down from the senate. Where you'll remain in the senate that's coming from senate floor will have it for you at 1045 left some preview of that after the bottom of the hour news and will be talking about that a lot today is that that will set a precedent for a lot in this country California wildfires burning crazy in Southern California around Los Angeles. And I understand that we are here in the middle the country and California is so far away and we there's a lot of differences between California and on the Kansas and Missouri area with that is that fair to say. Yes. However. Let's point out that there is more California than Hollywood in celebrities. And that there are a lot of people live in California and living here is affected by wildfires that are not rich. That have nothing to do was show business I know that's what most people know most about Los Angeles but I think especially based on a couple of comments on the tax on. I think people have this misconception that its its full rich people and why should I donate. When it's all rich people in how they can they can rebuild under on I don't need to donate to them because they've got plenty of money. Students not entirely accurate. It's it's disgusting what some people are posting on FaceBook and I hope. I hope this doesn't represent the majority of people in this area. And maybe some people are just trolling on FaceBook maybe some people just love to get a reaction and you got if that was your playing you got me. But it put this up last night at 2 AM. How to help out the Southern California wildfire victims. There's a link you wanna go out how we all about those links with hurricane relief and earthquake relief in northern California fire relief. First response Brian LO well. It's funny. It's a it's a Friday freaking joke to wanna help people who are losing everything because of fire. Mark writes. I bet if we all this done California and might go out. Really. Re really that's what the body urinate on California because they're because they've got some liberal people like we all Americans. Are we all Americans first time Q gone and I will. Let's see here this is for Connor and I have no idea what this means there's still a Christian church left in socal. Because the Christian church burned there's a picture of a church. In in the in the picture I guess of the of the link. I I don't understand if that matters or not to you you know if they weren't. The port a ton of religious people bunch of Christians in Southern California you're just gonna be like. All right. Jim writes for the illegals to fight the fire they put it out they can be fast track for citizenship if not to go home and a box. Like is this Kansas City is about where is this just trolls. Tell Jamie. It's lot it's. Work pretty used to hate on the tax on the text line and on FaceBook that doesn't make it okay. But we get pretty pretty accustomed and I don't I don't get the reason I don't understand where that comes from I don't know if you're trying to be funny I don't know if on you like the attention accused are getting at and and maybe that's which are looking for is to be called out. An and you like that I don't know if that's really how you feel. And if if it's a field does it come from a place of you can't relate to California and if that's the case. Then you can't really California and you just say I'm not gonna get why take the additional step though of. Being horrible Richard writes the best help would be gasoline a whole state needs to burn to the ground. Really. This is. Is that a good Christian thing to say Richard. I thought the midwest in Miami proud lifelong midwesterner. Every part since I was fourteen I've lived in the midwest was born in the midwest. That is not mid western values. But can I read you something that has came and Iowa and let's throw it out and see people agree with us and if we have to connect you up California to the ground and attacks on I'm sorry wicket but it does represent the majority of the people in Kansas City and the midwest for that matter that disturbing but true. What seems to me about FaceBook is that your name's. It's it's not anonymous I mean that you created faced a fake FaceBook page you can do that which you can deal but is one thing but it. Your name. Is on. Richard writes nothing good comes from California you wanna be a Sanctuary City fend for yourself. What is wrong with you people. And its Internet and uncertain on the back at me interrupt you but does past that taxed I hope that text is wrong someone agree with me to that text is wrong. That these are not midwestern values this is not Kansas and Missouri are all about it so I've got a completely different opinion and I've had the last two years. Attacks on please don't act like at most thirty people are waiting gauge Kansas City or the country. But it is a way. To gains in sodium and less these people are just flat out. Because of their outlining that we have different problem you know if airline and they don't really believe that is that what is it about them that makes them wanna status. On social media so either either it's true and we have that problem of people genuinely believe this way. Org or it's all fate and they feel the need to say either way neighbors okay. Mansi year Colleen writes boo hoo the rich and famous ten million dollar homes are gone. There are people that give up and own the California coached stopper and the origins yeah I wish I can. At those liberal apps city. By the effort for the record. There are more. Registered Republicans. In California. Then there are in Missouri and Kansas also then again there are more it's a Democrat liberal thing. It's a Republican conservative thing that stupid. This is an American thing these are American citizens like you and meet. That is under unacceptable. To be part of this country say F those liberal apps there are more conservatives in that state and their. Slime why it is a matter. That you think people in California are rich because I remember and you keep better track of and I didn't I don't. Remember comments like this are you certainly didn't tell me about them after we posted the same thing after the hurricane that hit Texas 'cause it's a conservative state or the hurricane hit Florida trump won that two or the hurricane hit Puerto Rico and the US virgin island we don't care about that or the earthquake that hit Mexico from man. And or the typhoon that was out in the in the South Pacific. And why this one but it's pretty here's one. Copyright smother the fire with liberal tears. And I don't I don't know man. I don't know it looks like or your friends is this the people that live next door do you write you this now is this you. Onyx is were all Americas and people's April Americans first. And not according to these trolls. These disgusting human beings pace of do you are sixty seconds psychology wicket as sunny isles a lot of social media. On the mind of someone that doesn't believe that stuff but feels the need to say it publicly. Somebody who needs some attention from their mothers basement they're sitting there. Probably don't have much of a life to go to their job they hate their job they hate their spouse maybe they don't have a spouse and they hate the fact they don't have a spouse. And they figured they're gonna sit behind keyboard and you they're gonna do. They're gonna patrol and they're gonna get so zest by these feelings that any out that they're gonna take out their hatred which they think. Is gonna make a difference by spewing get on a FaceBook page because they don't agree with their political views I may not agree with your conservative views. At her house was on fire. I would definitely call 911 and try to put that fire out and a lot of people are saying they say things like this because you get worked up and I know that doesn't make it okay ago that doesn't. I don't that's not that's not good enough reason I believe that's partially it but I also believe these people. Have this crazy cockamamie point eight poisoned brain. But anybody who is a liberal is a horrible person and shouldn't be on this planet there is he's not majority a small faction of conservatives that believe that edit by the way vice Versa that anyone. On the left side probably has there's a small part of this left side has the stupid idea that any conservative is horrible and doesn't belong in this planet and that's wrong to. All Americans. As a couple people pointed out if some because we have fought wildfire problems in Kansas this is a couple years ago. Do you think people in California is that a we're not gonna donate their because it's a cornfields no I don't let it you know just let ours is corn fields and and that's elderly know about it. Zone. And yeah I get the full trolls and that is a little a little disturbing right now also because of the people that are making excuses for what people are saying on FaceBook and to me you're just as bad if you're making excuse is working so. It just didn't get it 88 I sat down at 8 this morning and got the studio in the office. And it went over and as I open up only lets see you know what it is easily puts up up overnight so we can see what you wanna talk about it. Passion on one side some people are at 2 o'clock in the morning and wanna comment on stuff. Those are the people. I hope this doesn't represent Kansas City. I I hope that it doesn't represent people of Missouri and Kansas because of cell. If this is the majority of you like to techsters said the majority of the midwest which I don't wanna believe. I that is that I'm so sad man that what. I am is that in order to. Social me tool for conversation. So I was attacked mine and it's a useful tools to a sometimes but in order to let it useful tool we have to deal with lines like there's no way to filter. We talk about something else now out for it. Sounds coming up let's move on Al Franken. We are going to go to our sister station are newly acquired sister station WCC a radio in the Twin Cities. We're to talk to me from their news department she is going to let us know what the reaction from the Twin Cities is for Al Franken is their guy. And what to expect we'll do that coming up next if you're on hold. We'll get to this topic a little bit later around we see a lot of people wanna get in wanna talk about the big story today and that is Al Franken more on that coming up. You're gonna hear Franken live at 1045 big day today in America we have the announcement coming up in about thirteen minutes from. Minnesota senator Al Franken evil speak in the senate floor after multiple. Harassment allegations whether he's going to stay in the United States senate or step down and joining us from our sister station in the news department when they're anchors from WC CEO radio in the Twin Cities. We welcome in Susie Jones Susie appreciate the time thank you so much for joining us. Or. I have to imagine that in Minneapolis and Paul I have to imagine you guys. Are are really all over this and ever since the first reaction came out with the news reporter out in. In Los Angeles on the USO tour has as Minnesota and shaken by this. Absolutely I think people generally like Al Franken he was well liked and that is well like that they still. By people particularly here in the Twin Cities it's a little more of the liberal community maybe not so much out of state but in the city here I think there's that. I think the student was shot to a lot of people. Initially but is it sinking and a little bit now since then. Well certainly I mean with that as the de Lucia are accusations. And of course yesterday at the domino. Affect what all the senators calling for its resignation I do believe that people are sort of seeing. But the handwriting is on the ball but it remains to be seen I mean they're leaked reports that he is gonna resign but he had said to our cities which. The little bits still on site does not gonna make the decision until he got to get on the forehead and then turn. Are you get a sense at all in the last several weeks and whether the people of Minnesota want him to resign or is he so well liked that they like to the that there are forgiving him for it. I think that a lot of people have. In the local radio stations are at that level showing their support talked about the work that these Democrats estate. One woman just yesterday called in to say she was without an iron range actions out. Blue collar working communities saying all the projects that he's worked on. For them up there and how much they appreciated. I think people are critical apple with that but at some point and I do believe you just have to. Understand that that's probably what's gonna happen. Susie Jones WC CEO our sister station in Minneapolis joining us here on 91 K and BZ. How popular is Al Franken he said it met in a locally. He's quite popular state wide it is Al Franken a big deal in the northwestern parts have been Minnesota this of the western part the southwestern part I mean obviously. In the Twin Cities he's love but is he does give statewide appeal. I mean I think that particularly in the last presidential election we saw so much about statements suitable for Trout I do believe that. His support in out state Minnesota may not be as strong as it is here in the Twin Cities. Again there are some examples of people from the rural communities that have called that but overall I think that it's more for conservatives feel in mount saint Minnesota. Has servants at all if you were to resign and and icing you know the process about what. What it would take to replace him then how that would work. Or our governor meant for the veteran Mark Dayton will appoint a temporary person to fill the position there's a couple of beans beans. Talked about one of which it is lieutenant governor Tina cement but then it that would. Secede would be opened in the next cycle and it being out primary in the summer sell. I'm not sure what significance how powerful are what an impact that temporary person would have. In the time that let them. Before that special election. If he does step down and the appointment is made and so when does replace him. What do you think Al Franken does after this. Oh my goodness I have no idea. I would imagine. In army as many people do when something horrific happens like that from the life they disappear. You know he stopped and you know Matt Lauer has not been seen. You know what a big. If that happens like that people tend to go away but you know he he has been dedicated to this state he's worked hard for the state. He's very available to the media always. Very friendly obviously. And it'll it I'll be curious to see what he does next century will disappear for awhile. And let's say the resignation does come today the announcement of his resignation. Does come. And I'm certainly take that back but they decides to stay in the senate I apologize. What would the reaction be do you think from Minnesota residents to be said I know I have eight women who have come out against me but I'm not going anywhere. I would be I think the biggest shot of the day that actually happens. I think he would figure out of minis. Fat again and again after each of these allegations that he wants the senate ethics committee investigation nickel ornament. You know apologizes. And that he wants to keep working but. I kind of don't think that's gonna happen to be quite. As someone watches the news like we do land and is paying attention to what's happening in politics lately we are discussing yesterday about why now that these democratic senators came forward calling for him to resign and and Miller real theory that we have working is that it's the election Roy Moore next week and that it's it's hard to criticize Republicans. For supporting Roy Moore if you don't criticized around what's your sense of of the timing of us. Yeah I think that's probably it'll unfortunately we are to tack on different terms that hole. The clock situations and become so politicized and you probably at the meat to campaign. In your community as well but how many women coming forward talking about their personal and painful experiences since. Authenticity. And bravery. And it seems like all of that. Integrity of that campaign is somewhat. Folly by this because it's become such a political game home percent. Like it's no longer about the exact these events themselves but it's about how they can work to a party's advantage or disadvantage which is really. Unfortunate. Suzy last one ballpark what percentage do you think he resigns. Yet your your best guess Susie. 90%. Says he resigned Susan appreciate the time so much welcome to the intercom Stanley by the way. Adam what rob said that Leo is I get my email or write us. No it don't count on that thanks Susie exactly you about it. Susie Jones. WCC a radio up in Minneapolis huge radio station up there yeah. Is a big kind of a monster market I'm Xeon to radio anyway so's relief however. So again we are expecting approximately 10:45. Yes I am impressed at 1045. Senator Al Franken to speak from the floor of the US senate. This comes after her even with the number got you in the last couple Big Ten 80 OK I did a fourteen old man well I'm sorry I was like but the number of senators and a call from got enough numbers users. More than a dozen senators and called for him to step down let's. Break a little or release we get back in time to hear from Al Franken were alive to the senate floor as soon as he speaks you'll hear it. We'll do that coming up right here and 81 came music or we are moments away from senator Al Franken speaking from the senate floor. Harassment allegations. It wouldn't surprise me if he stepped down I think two weeks ago I would have said no but I believe he is probably done. Because this like it came out of nowhere. I thought he was resigned he would have done it before now immediately after the news broke the fact that it took a little while surprised me. I think it's a combination of the meat to movement the time magazine silence breakers and and you have Roy Moore William Ryan any of the Roy Moore story where the Republicans are throwing a ton of money into the Alabama race president trump. Is heading down to Pensacola today to campaign for him. I think this is the Democrats trying to set a precedent he's going to speak from the senate floor that day with Jamie wicket here in Kansas City let's join up now with ABC's coverage in DC. Get to ABC apparently they must be styling maybe Al's a little late. Every time we try to go to somebody whether it was President Obama now president trump. Anybody they're never in DC are right times are friends it at ABC usually there's together and that's okay. With the but again I get I I do think this is the Democrats trying to set a precedent whether it was. Senator Gillibrand but it was Kamal Harris out of California. Claire McCaskill here in Missouri. I think that they're setting the precedent right now by saying look we on this side. We are telling RK RR guy to get out yeah whereas Roy Moore was a puzzle is getting the endorsement. From the the president of the United States. So has has been subject to some allegations themselves aren't. I don't love it but I do think it is Democrats saying we can't criticize you if we have problems in our own house so we're gonna get our own house in order. And that we're gonna come after you that is I guarantee you after this. Then you're gonna have a lot calls it's going to be if firefight against the Republicans are Ryan Moore after that. And perhaps they did this with that timing as well because the special election is Tuesday and Alabama. And me at it two weeks out I mean you want. We all know how elections work we look what happened with. Everything that you know over the city that did the Kobe news of the emails that broke the Michael seven days before the election last November that swayed a lot of votes. The other thing this could do is set up a situation where you get Al Franken out of the senate. And Roy Moore let's say he's elected on Tuesday in the US on May very well maybe an remember there was talk about the senate saying I don't even know what that processes that's more complicated than what I understand about about how congress works but. There was talk of even if he's elected they will boot him out to date they will get him out. And this sort of shows look we got rid of frank and because of allegations you've got to get rid of more elected or not you can't let him in here and you even. And the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell you're the speaker of the house Paul writing a few weeks ago say that he should drop out of the race against Doug Jones. He stayed in the race inspired back. A common police fired back at at at Paul Ryan now he's got the endorsement of the president of the United States and Donald Trump. And this is the democrats' way of saying. Duty here we know that our and there are mistakes made by members of our side of the senate right we're getting rid of those wire you why would you want to elect someone who has more allegations of something far worse yet what Al Franken is being accused. And it's the bar for what we except as a country you know there's been talk about hearings and and needing to have. A full fledged look acts at a sexual misconduct with politicians and and and being more open about that. And so it it sets the tone for the country you know men it's not acceptable in your business it's not acceptable in in relationships. And it's not acceptable in US congress it's it's not acceptable anywhere and and were gonna. We're gonna prove that to you by insisting because they just go to Republican I mean Democrats to be getting a seat in the un. She's a sigh I mean we just stock Susie from a wc CEO radio up in Minneapolis. Outs I mean it's it's kind of that the way that most states work outside of the biggest cities a lot of the rural areas I mean look at Missouri. Up in between Saint Louis and Kansas City. Everything outside of probably Columbia. Is red look at that Minneapolis Minnesota has a very rural. Population outside of the Twin Cities I would in Wisconsin for for ten years I was in Allen Iverson chipped out I don't I. I know south of I eighty I mean outside Chicago Illinois pretty pretty conservative ansari. Milwaukee. Cans of that was concert outside of Detroit and some pockets of Michigan outset of every major city. And it's it's a lot of conservatives and. So this is Democrats saying we take this so seriously that we are willing to move to give up more of our political power and risk the seat going to a Republican. And that's huge that that's putting at what has a bright hot over what over politics that saying that what he did is wrong. And that is more important to us than political power. And that's amazing in today's climate he wins with voters that well voters like. They they definitely do like that and they can also flipped the card and say. We are willing to lose potential senate seat the Republicans are not. That that's out this this is it this this a political move. Well Harris believes he should step down I don't know if Claire McCaskill believes he should step down this is it political move. But you don't other then because. You don't risk a lot with this political views even if they lose to the Republicans like you just said. Then they can say to over Roy Moore. We are willing to give up political power to get you know a bad guy out of office ask you were so desperate to keep the political power that you're willing to support Roy Moore absolutely and and fascinating who in time our history. At the special election is next summer lake lake Susan Powell as his Jones just told us from from CCL. You know it'll be interesting to see who wins that special election because there will be a Republican in Minnesota will say you don't want another Al Franken. In office you don't meanwhile the Democrats will say hey. Let's let's go back I'll ask it. DC now entered an important. Moment in the history of this country. We were finally beginning to listen to women. About the ways in which man's actions. Affect. The moment as long overdue. I was excited for that conversation and hopeful that. It would result in real change. That made life better for women all across the country. And in every part. Of our society. Then the conversation turned to me. Over the last few weeks a number. Of women have come forward to talk about how they felt my actions. That affected them. I was I was shocked. I was upset. But in responding to their claims I also wanted to be respectful. Of that broader conversation. Because all women deserve to be heard. And their experiences. Taken seriously. I think that was the right thing to do. I also think. He gave some people a false impression that I was admitting. To doing things that in fact I haven't done. Some of the allegations against me are simply not true. Others I remember very differently. I said at the outset. That the ethics committee was the right venue for these allegations to be heard. And investigated. And evaluated. On their merits. That I was prepared to cooperate fully. And that I was confident in the outcome. You know important part of the conversation we've been having the last few months. Has been about how men abuse their power. And privilege to hurt women. I am proud. That during my time in the senate I have use. My power. To be a champion of women. And that I have earned a reputation as someone who respects. The women I work alongside. Every day. I know there's been a very different picture of me hated it over the last few weeks. But I know who I'd really. Serving in the United States senate has been a great honor of my life. I know in my heart that. Nothing I have done as a senator. Nothing. As brought dishonor on. On this institution. And I'm confident. That the ethics committee would agree. Nevertheless today I am announcing. That in the coming weeks. I will be resigning as a member of the United States senate. I have all people am aware that there is some irony. In the fact that I am leaving. While man who is brag on tape. About his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office. And a man who is repeatedly preyed on young girls. Campaign towards the senate. With a with a full support of his party. But this decision is not about me. It's about people Minnesota. It has become clear that I can't both pursue the ethics committee process and have the same time. Remain an effective senator. For them. Let me be clear. I may be resigning my seat but I am not giving up my voice. I will continue to stand up for the things I believe in as a citizen. And has an activist. But minnesotans deserve a senator. Who can focus with the all her energy. On addressing the challenges they face. Every day. There is a big part of me that will always regret. Having a walk away from this job so much work. Left to be done. But I have faith. That the work will continue because I have faith. In the people who have helped me do it. I have faith in the dedicated. Funny. Selfless. Brilliant. Young men and women on my staff. They have so much more to contribute to our country. And I hope that as disappointed as they may feel today. Every one whose work for me knows how much I admire. And respect. I have faith in my colleagues especially my senior senator. Amy clubs are. I would not have been able to do this job without her guidance and wisdom. I have faith or at least hope. That members of this and it will find the political courage necessary. To keep asking the tough questions. Hold this administration accountable. And stand up for the truth. I have faith in the activists who organized help me win my first campaign. And who have kept on organizing to help fight for the people. Who needed those kids facing Boeing's. Seniors worried about the price of prescription drugs to native Americans. Who have been overlooked for far too long. Working people who have been taking him on the chin for generation every one in the middle class and every one aspiring. To join. I have faith in the proud legacy of progressive. Advocacy that I have had the privilege to be a part of I think I've probably repeated these words. 101000 times over the years. Paul Wellstone famous quote. The future belongs to those who are passionate. And work hard. It's still true. It won't always be true. And most of all I have faith in Minnesota. A big part of this job is going around the state. And listening to what people need from Washington but more often than not. When I'm home I am blown away. By how much Minnesota has to offer the entire country and the entire world. The people I've had the honor of representing our brilliant and creative and hard working. And whoever holds his seat backs. Or Erica challenge I've. Enjoyed for the last eight and a half years. Being as good as the people you serve. This has been a tough few weeks for me. But I am a very very lucky man. I have a beautiful. Healthy family. And I love. And that loves me very much I'm going to be just far. I just like and we have. What one last thing. I did not grow up wanting to be a politician. I came to this. Relatively late in life. I had to learn a lot on the fly. It wasn't easy and it wasn't always fun and I'm not just talking about today. This is a hard thing to do. When your life. There are a lot of long hours. Late nights. And hard lessons. And there is no guarantee that. All your work and sacrifice will ever pay off. I want my first election by 312. Votes. Could have easily gone the other way. And even when you win. Progress is far from inevitable. Paul Wellstone spent his whole life. Working for mental health parity. And it didn't pass until six years. After Paul died. This year a lot of people who didn't grow up imagining that they'd ever get involved in politics. Have done just that. They've gone to their first protest march. Are made their first call to a member of congress. Or maybe even taken the lead then put their names on a ballot for the first time. It can be such a rush. The look around the room of fault people ready to. Fight alongside you. Feel that energy. Imagine a better things are possible. When you two will experience setbacks and defeats and disappointments. There'll be days. When you wonder whether it's worth it. What I want you to know. Is that even today. Even on the worst day. Of my political life. I feel like it's all been work. Politics Paul Wellstone told us. Is about the improvement of people's lives. I know that the work I've been able to do. As improve people's lives. I would do it all over again. In a heartbeat. For a decade now. Every time I ever get tired and discouraged or frustrated I would think about the people I was doing this war. That would get me back up on my feet. I know the same will be true for. Everyone who decides to pursue politics. That is about improving people's lives. And I hope you know event I will be fighting alongside you. Every step. Of the way. Would that Mr. President. I yield the floor.