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Tuesday, February 13th

apparently you can use a leaf blower to blow snow...  just so you know....  


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Brand great. We're going to be in Saint Joseph, Missouri leak from this Friday. On February 23. At 54 street grill bar be an honor and a privilege. If you would spend part of your Friday afternoon on February 23 with us so I think I found a new job as. Who were I'm gonna have to move to England for granted but it's gonna be amazing you leave me acutely. I'm mandala is international the company makes Oreo o.'s and Cadbury gap yet they're looking for fort chocolate tasters. All your doozy chocolate and give your opinion. Am pretty sure it's an amazing job we hired a meeting chocolate every day or is it like pizza. Sects. But there's every day and I'd about chocolate I think you'd get tired of it. MMX one of the. We did this. Not talk about Chocolat habits and his own it or not. My oh my mom used to wearing an intolerable for our little you know dead eyes I asked corner entrepreneur of the. That money's sort of a little Debbie. You know out like a factory where they make the snack cake okay Asia seventeen years whatever. And she said from that point forward the smell of that super sweet gooey stuff. She could never eat anything like that I am and I worked at a Mexican restaurant and Lawrence in college those numbers I hated the smell of the Margarita mix that sweet now I understand it markers gusting circuit Margarita next. I have never. In a Margaret if. I think you've got to do for a living. It's less fun harm. But we today. You haven't this is not really work that's a darn about job right you're not putting the same thing in your mouth every day. Come on. You'd wanna break that's going to hit the yeah. How about two days a week not science. Spare. What are you putting your round. Cadbury eggs open whenever they want any. I think it can hold. You do get a holiday allowance and pension. The digital putting the same thing in Rutherford does it look at how a seven and a half hours per week. Totally got me totally done. Like that was a mover for three years. That's not eating something. I don't mean I would never move another human being Adam. Even if resonated in their part of me and I don't you might think. If you like Chris removing and is there anything worse you can ask somebody. Help me that you you could paint me. Hundred dollars an hour and you Linda I would not move yeah I wouldn't do it I've done it for far too long that's why people hire people to move them. The but you nice pickup truck had a bumper sticker that said yes I have a truck no I won't help you move behind. I if you own a strike at those against Italy new track I'm sure you get you know all the time to do stuff at notre. I'll never move another persons count as long as. And I loved being a mover it was on I was in the best shape of my life what eight. I had six pack app. Ups eat what if it's one of your daughter's. Damn I had. It's going to be sixty dollars tickets which delivered in sore need. He has come home how much sixty bucks here's sixty yeah I didn't put any mail out. Can moon but I can afford it here I can her sister. Over and home but I am not a compliment him. I'm done. On never move another piece of furniture as long as I live. And I was in good shape did you hire members last time you decided. Yeah cited. You know I've always said I would never ever I don't care how destitute Diana how if I was on my last dime. I was I was headed for homelessness. I would never. Wait tables again. I hated that job. I I cannot even quantify. The hatred. I had for that job. I did something last summer and I've never admitted to us who are not bad. I swore and I hate mowing grass. I love landscaping I hate mode and smile. I'm amazed that Chris allows. That's a man's. Job anyway. Lou you mow grass I can see by the Sheikh of hope god now I hate mowing grass my whole total total they hustle polls doctors rose mark on the market. I hate mowing grass but I've vowed. That no matter what I could be quadriplegic. I wouldn't strap that handle into my mouth and like. Act act. In the wheelchair. And mow my own grass I don't think you can minor grass here quadriplegic. Like I said I would strap the handle into my mouth single. And how expensive ads or things handled in your room. Why wouldn't you just hire someone to do you do you have my I would I am ready to strap yeah there might now. Just somebody smoke so here's what happened last year I was getting ready to fire the old one more out. And I looked across the street and this member years ago I told you these two kids that lived. The block over and income squealing by in the early morning hours of Saturday on their hearts remember those out. And I would go running out in my bath robe like my dad ago. It. That kid has grown up. And he now mows my grass. Because I looked across the street Larry Mary's house and here's young Kristen mowing the grass and I'm like. Seems re doing a fine job walked over Christmas Crist. Which is that you moment grass Chris is that it's twenty dollars so that day dear all I yeah. I don't twenty dollars and you'll mow the front and the any as you assert. I said you heard son at the way I promote my grass and two years in all fairness your lawn has like three passes. It's bigger than map but I guess what I don't have to do maybe four passes. And are kind of reminds me confession today reminds me of the things I've been attending lately where you confessed your. As. Remember what it snowed two weeks ago yeah them lieutenants may mean rang so I got up that morning all gung ho house. Come on campus. That we little bought and lower no we're not litter like like like. It's on wheels and it yeah grant and also don't like a leaf blow it was seven. Hundred dollar smelled like you've never used because it has its nanny in the garage for two years does as snow. So I said my husband and I just came back from get gas and there's like three neighbors what the smoke or get this. Looks like crazy he says there's not enough snow right unlike the other is on now like elders not isn't telling. Sweetheart there's not enough snap so I say to my son this is what you're candidate he's seventeen years old you're gonna go blossoms out. So I go and get gas. Because I notes at a gas come inside and I say you know what honey it just occurred to me. I'll start I don't know how this thing works. Chris cancel exit Meehan says. He just plug it in. Now I should've known in my mind when he said you just plug it in. That we were not on the same page. Because the big snowblower doesn't have a plugging anything. It's say gas powered machine that blows your snow. So ice it would you please go get it set up for Jack has he's not gonna know how to started I don't and hurt himself he looks like him crazy again. So he goes outside says it's already to go Jack walks inside and says. What am I supposed to do with this thing. I walked up to the rise. Christopher has plugged in. And leaf blower. A small. Hand held you. Leaf encourages. You need now. It was this puts. On AD. Leaf blows snow. I guess you can't on that we're we're we're we're you want the user viewers inside with a. Hot hot do you like you're it was their username and looks at me you wanted it to be used I take a leaf blower out and blow to drive. Me driveway. Why large play. Forty yard drive with half an inch of snow one hole. Crested overnight knowing what was at it cross over like the outside the pop tart. What can leave blows. So did you get the regular snowblower. Yes I did Karen thank you for us and I don't think. All it may eat it and I I increased as you are and I. Yeah I. Know it. Snow hmm. Yeah I'm in a one. Day two reasons. There was not enough snow on the ground that's why you should use the leaf blower to blow snow yes okay. That's what I do I have a long driveway he had a chance you know why else. 'cause it was fluffy snow it had not crested over alike got popped aren't I I texting Chris and son you know. I think he has dementia. I told the iron to Sandler and Clinton only Clark like I think we need to take him then there's not enough snow to justify using this. The snow blower has a low. Blow for what do you call that. Staying and it swivels so it's blowing a bloodied and now she's trying to shoot it. On so. She turned the wrong way right I heard that she laughed I turn right I'd turn in the bill. There. And Christensen or I walking I'm angry I am glad I look at it. An hour. And Hayward. The members adults. And I just walked right past. And got a picture tails and team all in your face and yeah. I got a picture I am covered head to China. I was playing what did you do out there is setting. Still some of the snow blowing up and I don't I'm Sherri. The deal I don't think it works it's supposed to blow away from you not yeah. And my deleted photos standby. Moon and. It's all or. It. Are you done. Not be closed. The point of my story. Is that my days doing anything with that lawn or driveway and ended the day it started yeah I asked him. You. Know. You aren't. We got we. Speaking of ice. I prefer driving my I. Volkswagen atlas on the ice because it handles so well. When the weather is bad outside we love that car so much we're looking at one for our daughter and they have great deals right now Volkswagen Lee's summit for you. You can Lisa branded 2018 Jenna asks for 139. Dollars a month right now 139 dollars up. Or you can buy it and saved four grand off MS RP 139 dollars a month or four grand off if you buy it. Asked to see my card the award winning 28 Tina assessed that's just to 79 a month on at least buy it. Again they will knock off 4000 dollars off MS RP. And remember most of the 28 teens come with a six year 72000. Mile transferable warranty. Volkswagen of Lee's summit. You wait for check online at VW Lee's summit dot com you tellem you wanna see Dana's car. Yeah. All. It may it. Wouldn't. Detectives and please somebody got all those same isms. Haven't. I'm trying to its text and made huge leaps bloat his whole driveway and patio. So I didn't I stand corrected I didn't know. I'm mourning him is asking where I'm walking I'm angry I am when I look at it. I'd joining us on the hotline is Kansas city's anchorman Chris cats and channel they. So why so a lot of watching our core clock protests getting ready for 6 o'clock or gentleman on my own was blowing up the text messages. A couple laps they'll all week. That my wife for whatever inexplicable reason. Decided to we have a we have a rather large so lower budget we could put no work okay. And so the last though ball not much not a big deal remains a challenge for whatever reason they wanted to go out and blows now. Okay by a distinctly lower just literally that. She you know there was a moment where it she just didn't click cheek she didn't get it but for. For whatever reason she wanted to use the big snow blowers about whether if nothing else it's it's a way that it. You know it starts in addicted. In she wanted to use that it would mean and so does not have a few. But she wanted to use the vehicle itself lowered you don't knock yourself you know markets and a. Remember. As. As god is my witness and I'm being absolutely serious here dear. I have never heard using a leaf blower blows snow I might lie which I never heard about it. But one of our neighbors just texted that he used his pleas court last weekend at where I I thought. Are you looked at me on what I suggest that that I have equipment and I and I couldn't figure out why. Now I know. I thought you had dementia and I texted Jonathan and told him that. Yeah on that but I'm sure of that but for when you talk. You got it meant. You know what else he can use other than just a leaf blower mr. Capps. Oh I'm sure double what I'm an idiot. That just make out with half an inch of snow on the ground light fluffy. Our room what what was the purpose yeah pollute the don't want them every step at a boot. I will never questioned your suggestion again. Do you know it hit it that we're only true amount. We you do me a favor just because I'm board today. When you say. I am Chris counts and I am Kansas city's anchorman. Or I could probably a part of up at. So old and say well no what do we can do you finally heard is I am Chris cats and I AM Kansas city's anchorman. And that is going to be used well. Frequently. We'll stop stuff. Okay all right what that meant that we. I am Chris kept them in Kansas City Sacramento. He had to know you were lying about Iraq until yet not that he's the least lowland snow blown anchorman. Newsroom and Kara marks and president stays quiet on domestic abuse victims we'll have more an ax. You know we have had to all the plumbing probe twice to critics once for the present pipe when we have that snow. And they cannot fix that for us and thank goodness that was not a major fix. And then once I came home evidences. Just cautiously and there was water everywhere we had a clogged pipe under the dishwasher to name you know Beckett happened but it did and it does. Plumbing probe came right out and you're gonna love this guys locally owned and operated since 1978. They do at all they'll repair replace your toilet Europe clogged dishwasher by your faucet or some bump. The big stuff your busted sewer line your busted water or gas line. The plumbing pro does it all that gold has clogged the toilet. They've seen that too they don't recommend that they've seen it go to Dana's plumber dot com when you need the plumbing pro and you need him quickly. Dana's plumber dot com site edit your tools way online to Dana's plumber dot com the plumbing probe is steady Idaho. 430 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are twice again today the president refused to answer questions about his former staff secretary rob Porter or why he still hasn't verbally offered support to domestic violence victims. ABC's Indy field with. Details at a White House photo lob and then a meeting with sheriff's president trump once again did not respond to questions about domestic violence spokeswoman Sara Sanders says the president assured her he is concerned about those women about everything else he supports the victims any type of violence the president expressing support to Sanders but not reporters who asked him directly. And the field ABC news Washington. Independence police are investigating a homicide today officers found a man outside a home on south cutting gab and am he was rushed to the hospital but later died. A woman at the house was also hurt but she has been true she was treated and released. Police not releasing a cause of death yet. Check traffic and weather together next you know one of the things on the love love about our yard and I can't wait for the spring to get here. Is lightning landscaping irrigation and what they were able to come out and do. Four or thirty year old landscaping it was overgrown it was ready. I'd buy some pop it in the ground and be dead six months later. Lightning landscaping irrigation came out torque everything out. And it is now so clean and so gorgeous. And so simple I loved simple I told them don't want anything I gotta go on for an I need simple and lightning landscaping irrigation delivered they also finally. Got a setup with an irrigation system for the front side yards and so. This summer and spring I cannot wait to have actual green grass throughout the summer. They will come out and do your irrigation if you got an aging sprinkler system. They will fix your old aging sprinkler system as well they don't well they are a full service landscape contractor they do landscape hard skate you want at a fireplace that did that. And irrigation. All accredited by the Better Business Bureau the schedule now with lightning landscaping irrigation. And be first up in the spring. Go to lightning das landscape dot com lightning with an end lightning vast landscape dot com 9134413904413900. You're talent and ascension. Mostly clear skies temperatures are dropping through the forties down to 37 degrees as the springboard to get us to 61 tomorrow. Strong south winds although no official burn ban in yet. Still because it has been so dry for so long. It is going to be so windy it's a warm I would definitely not think about burning anything outside 47 in the morning temperature on Thursday. 64 your afternoon highs then. Much corner heading in on Friday 20% chance of showers in between. 22 in the morning afternoon high of 31 I think the moisture fall before the temperature dips below freezing now. From channel nine for Butler chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. Or negate TCI it's 46 and blue springs 48 at your official weather station I'm Kara marks her stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ and KM BZ in dot com. Breaking news here from Reuters and NBC news. It's simply. Eight seconds federal judge today has blocked. President Donald Trump's decision to end a program that protects immigrants brought to the United States illegally. As children from deportation. Mommy put this in layman's terms I understand. A federal judge today a second federal judge. Has ruled that the president's decision to end doctor is not okay. Or said more simply. A federal judge has blocked. An attempt to end dock which likely is going to according to this story send it even closer. The US supreme court for final decision on Friday. The US Supreme Court is due to consider whether to take up. The administration's appeal of the Sanford Cisco ruling. The court could amounts. As soon as Friday afternoon whether it plans to hear the case but race is a second federal judge today. Has rejected the president's. Executive order to end the doctor in March. Here's what this means and this from dateline. Is. What really should have happened. And you know people tend to like executive orders when their president is is an office are you today hate executive orders when it's the other guys agree. Doctor Joseph was a President Obama. Executive executive order that Donald Trump argued was unconstitutional. Brand is on defense the huge rise to as an executive board so. Like docket or hate doc act. This is what needs to happen people need clarification. There are too many families. That are. Living terrified right now. Young people contributing members of society because they don't know what tomorrow is gonna bring our next week or next month if I check in like I'm supposed to with ice. Are they go going to arrest me and kick me out. The Supreme Court. Has to weigh in on this Scott we have a full court. Let the justices hear the arguments and then let's move on yeah settled law and let's blue line. Somebody says an executive orders started docket did it not yes. It's an answer this tax as I go through it but that does not mean because an executive order start something. That it should not be used as a test case for the Supreme Court somebody says an executive order started docket did it not yes. So why can't an executive order ended I am genuinely curious. 24884. Great question that is. Here is here is the answer as I would understand it and I am no law professor or a lawyer you're. Com boom ba. And Dave is right to this extent. We hate. Executive as Republicans. We hated executive borders when Obama was right at them but man we love them when trumpets. And you can't really have it both ways just like for those of you who were big time supporters of Barack Obama of which I was not. You can't love executive orders when he's the president and then hate him when trump he has. However. Here is to answer your question genuinely curious and it's a great question. The Supreme Court has to take into consideration and I think ultimately this is what the courts are trying to do is send it up. To the supreme courts of those nine justices can finally determine. What's right and what is wrong. And ultimately we're gonna have to abide by what they say what you wanna write an amendment of the constitution and that's per hour. I don't even know if his judge believed what I hear she said and I think they're ultimately trying to send this up to the Supreme Court right now. Just to get it settled once and parole but to answer your question. If they president passes a law or check that president's camp pass laws. If a president signs an executive order will let me use this is the example. That says that. Black people have the right. To eat in any restaurant they so choose and restaurants don't have the right to ban people based on their color. And the next president comes in. And says screw that executive order and I must say I'm not using a bomber trump I'm using a hypothetical here. And the next president comes and this is no screw that executive order. Black people do not have the right to go into any restaurant they so choose and restaurants have every right to say that. They will serve people based on the color of their skin. That would then go presumably at some point as it works its way through the appellate court system. To the US Supreme Court at which time he was Supreme Court. Would decide whether or not black people have the right to eat in any restaurant they want or whether restaurants have the right to ban people. Based on the color of their scam. What's happening here is these two presidents Obama and trump. Have locked us into a debate that congress apparently doesn't want to Saul. And by that I mean Democrats and Republicans. And so the courts are thrusting it up to the US Supreme Court because. Obama said children brought here by their parents who broke no all on their own volition. Should be allowed to stay in this country illegally. Donald Trump said that is unconstitutional. For president to make some such a sweeping. Decision. And I am going to rescind that decision in an executive order and force the congress to come up with an agreement within six months. The courts have decided we were sending this to the Supreme Court were what these guys take care. I love it as I try to benefit is that a fair. It is you just want to back and forth in the back and forth I'm trying to read through in New York magazine had an article about a week ago and it says. These Supreme Court would be crazy. To jump into the dock a dispute and I'm reading through it now I think it's there are I think I am Robert de grace I think it is their obligation. To jump into this dispute this needs to be settled. Law period. Come by the way some misses the Supreme Court decides on laws of the country Donald Trump's executive orders. They can't turn into. Sorry techs like keeps things on Santa's side because of the legal challenges making their way up through the courts. Regarding the deportation of the dreamers. That's what's happening there's going to be a test case was someone who's. 24 years old okay who has been told you can't stay here and that person and that case is winding its way up the court. It's so bases doesn't program and next month yes I believe it's march 5. If I'm not mistaken march 5. So the Supreme Court is going to decide this Friday. Whether they're gonna take up the dock issue. 82 federal judge has now said the Donald Trump did not have the rights and the doctor program. 576779576779. So as of right now. The way I understand all docket does not end on March 5. Until or unless another judge or the Supreme Court says Donald Trump was in the right. And Donald Trump had every right to and doc. Correct me if I'm wrong my lawyer friends. But he second federal judge has just rule. That Donald Trump did not have the right to and the doctor program. It's my understanding that. Now doctor is the law of the land until or unless. 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To help you find that perfect out of your home and talk about convenience most items are available for immediate pickup or quick to liberate. Don't miss the president's holiday savings celebration. Going on right now and Nebraska furniture mart. And we'll come up. Sources give this one out away. These two federal judges the most res one being with them last. A couple of hours that have ruled that Donald Trump overstepped his bounds. He in getting rid of these doctoral program both. Were appointed by President Bill Clinton. The US Supreme Court. Is expected to announce by Friday whether they plan to take up daka. And is it possible is really quick I need to clarify this you know usually. They look at a case they think on the case there's an opinion there's a dissenting opinion than there are other opinions and nine months later we have the results. Are used suggesting that the Supreme Court will take up this case hear it and decided within. Weeks well they can and have I'm I'm I'm trying to remember one off the top of my head. But I can I held all look at one up. From time to time the Supreme Court does meet and issue an immediate order think about people who were on death row for example. The US Supreme Court doesn't take up your case. At 8 o'clock at night when your schedule to be executed at midnight. And say what will give back to you in six months. They take up the case of either rejected or they except at a meter issuance today or they don't. And so. That that is a bad example but it is an example. Of when the US Supreme Court will immediately here or not hear a case. And by not hearing at the issue a decision any real. Sure if you think about it. We're targeting your case there there there are not going to I think it's likely I'm not a lawyer I have no experience in the law. Never been charged with a crime. And speeding tickets and stuff but I would imagine the US Supreme Court takes us one. Pierce I think it is is appears. Here's. So I was gonna say that the market doesn't it could be determined one way or the other but it needs to be done by the legislature and courts courts. Do not make law they interpret law that. Simple separation of powers. Opposition. We need to meet older legislators creek fire and make them come up with some compromised or some rule that represents. The world people. Near record Ayers wouldn't the Supreme Court in essence just be cutting out the middleman here docking is all ready for today anyway. The rule of order that is being followed. It I think if you bring the legislature into it as dysfunctional as our lawmakers are. This is something that needs to be decided quickly not ten years from now or six years from now. Isn't this just coming up the middle man if it goes directly to the Supreme Court the Supreme Court can rule either at the dreamers can stay where they got to go and then. After that they can go back and craft a law. Based on our legality of the dreamers staying here. Well that's possible they could say so if you look at what so what the judge in New York today so he just that the basis for. I executive order. Ending dark was too arbitrary JavaScript cork common and say. We're gonna hold out and say. We're gonna extend the time for daka. Intel the legislature comes to an opinion that it kind of than usual but I think they could do but they can't. They can't be the final word on creating a law that allows. That essentially makes an executive order of the law the way. And they were later group. But in the executive order has the force of eight ball. It does that then you have an executive sort docket was. Let the DREAM Act Kremer sack went through the legislature or. And then in both cases the Republicans cool blustery. Morning to overcome. So then you have Obama critics and executives weren't that becomes the law that then what you do to win another executive order. Confidently send and it would appear to me. That he wants trump listened or is executive order rescinding Obama cricket ordered them not become. So the question isn't that too arbitrary. That's what the rule in Tibet and that this it was too arbitrary. Supreme Court maybe he'll say here we're going. You know basically call now and but ultimately the Supreme Court and beat the final work they cannot beat the ones who made the law. It says that can't be listened to by. They are interpreting them on here and are now permanent that would be great. What about the Dred Scott decision what there have been countless times with the US Supreme Court has. In essence made law by upholding or rejecting existing law. What note that the dread Scott decision was a constitutional. Ones. Go to law where the constitutional. Because of Michael. Here's I think looking at a different without a distinction are distinct without a difference are you phrase it because by saying that something is either constitutional. Or not constitutional. That's one way to settle it on your agent while you're doing is well know sometimes the US Supreme Court does make law. By ruling some a law unconstitutional. That's not making a law. That's a report that through that is relevant laws being not constitute I please have. All to a fact making a bull. What what he's saying I think they'll work and this is on that text line that docket isn't a law so how can that court interprets something that isn't a law because the court is allowed let me read you this. We're this is from Wikipedia some checkers source you don't like it then don't was. In the United States an executive order is a directive issued by the president of the United States. That manages operations of the federal government and has the force of law. But here's what argue has the force of law does not make it's the law the legal or constitutional basis for executive orders has multiple sources goes on to cite them okay. Like both legislative statutes and regulations promulgate by government agencies. Executive orders are subject to judicial review. And may be overturned. If the orders lacks support by statute of the US constitution. They are in essence law we may not like it. And yes the the federal courts are an equal branch of government. And by rejecting laws as unconstitutional. In essence make wall that's just a fact. By the way if you want an example of an executive order that was never passed by the congress look at the integration of the US military. That was an executive order from one Harry S Truman really tenants Missouri. Allowing blacks and the military was an hour blacks to serve with whites in the military. Was an executive order by Harry S Truman it was not a long haul. Per say passed by the congress it is still in effect today thank god. To the newsroom and in one. Ahead on KM BZ it's Mardi Gras in Kansas City. More next. Did right here's Stuart Woodbury is the guy you want to call if you're thinking about life insurance which I'll be thinking about it new baby did you just get married did you just get divorced. Calls Stuart Woodbury he's been here on the ground in Kansas City for decades. Helping people. Really go through easy sometimes confusing world of life insurance that's what caused. It's only the policy in the in the tide you need and why it is best suited for your family and it can be so affordable. All you have to do is go to low cost life insurance dot com. Low cost slight concerns dot com there's a live chat feature. On low cost life insurance dot com I got it is plug and whether your man or woman whether or not is smoke and and history 200 I think. 200 different life insurance companies and policies. At your fingertips on the website and when you have a question. Stewart Stewart's here is not of the call sinner somewhere else Stuart would vary is right here 8167920700. 8167920700. Or low cost life insurance. Dot com thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online any time. At KM BZ dot com.