Should kids be able to talk religion in school?

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Thursday, August 31st

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Start drinking have. Let's see if they are really it is my when you don't remember anything you have more fit what's trending with Jamie McIntyre they feel like you're. What hasn't been right there on 98 point one JMC. Why does the number one trending topic in Kansas City about a hockey game it's going to be played a month from. He got me blocking Kasey blew the pastel blues in KC. Now maybe the blues are visiting. Me visiting KEU and whatnot that's really cool I'm not knocking that one is the hockey game. September 28 without tonight now it's it's not today but that's not tomorrow it's not next week it's September 20 at Princeton. No ideal. They are losing Casey number one trending topic in Kansas City. Our rates. Watt PV. Eight is trending. Star Wars fans rejoice let go unveils its first aid kit that's gonna cool Star Wars mediate was like it was only pre. Or observed post. And this is the the leg OK I guess I mean how bad the finished product it's cool I mean that's cool but. Why why is that the Iron Man. At some analyzed at the number one trending topic in pin number two trending topic includes. Harris Fargo is trending because they've uncovered up to one point four million more fake accounts. So three and a half million potential bank accounts and all and an internal review how. Twice as Manning may be as they originally done sound. Confederate is trending one way. And that's to do with the Missouri I'm. Representative state rep war in love. Chaired an article on FaceBook now what happened was. Found somebody vandalized a confederate statue in Missouri. For some paint on it I believe is what happened. And war in love represented of I don't know where. Says that if this calls for eight lynching. This is against the law I hope they've found and hung from a told three with a long rope. The person who did fade. This. This confederate statue so. That will be the end of war in love's run yeah as a state represented it when you're calling for someone to be hung. Don't really know who Osce Olin. Or is that right from high or healed and memories from. They left hash tag Princess Diana because it was twenty years ago today that she died in Paris after a car crash I remember the day off but it's one of those where. Twenty years ago I was sixteen in with all due respect to. The people of the United Kingdom and princess di and sixteen I didn't care I just started college I was my first couple weeks or college freshman and and I vaguely or call hearing about it and that being shocking. And the and then you'll learn a lot more about the anguish that she went through. As as Princess Diana and die and and that's fascinating to see how she changed the royal family in the world of that job and how princess Kate. Takes after her in some ways and and doesn't and others. If you what a good show by the way retirement TV shows last hour watch the crown. It's about Queen Elizabeth when she becomes queen and and she the woman plays it is up for an Emmy for best actress and Jonathan Lithgow was in and he is amazing as Winston Churchill. And it's amaze it's a great great series called the crown. But I united it'd die and is it it yeah she's you know as a baby she's portrayed in it. Didn't read at 1620. Years ago and it had no impact on me hash tag day of giving. To donate to her cane Harvey relief. And he just gonna hash tag day giving him at all kinds of links for please be condone it for today. Later there has been a benefit concerts that is being put together we'll tell you who's organizing Madden and maybe they're coming up. That's pretty much it much else trending right now hash tag new White House job requirements. My guess I got something for fun I'm not gonna. Mean but I could coupled with several. Into your your the first couple experience handle it toddlers. Okay experience doormat being well willing to be humiliated moment's notice it laughter Q that a million at the end of lost a. Absolutely. It yet to be reached. Hurt the notre whites. Yes White House say man being a white man rich white and make Ben Carson he's there that there's that one he's he's yeah. He's your token black house administration. Our I coming up next discover FaceBook page two very interesting story and it's about a conversation that kids were having any first grade classroom. And what it's centered on and whether or not. The schools should abandon. These first graders from talking about it plate it is coming up next at mid day with Jamie wicket on 91 came easy one KM BZ midday with Jamie and wicket Jamie my Sally might like it they don't forget we have me wonderful going on right now. Almost 200 votes do you keep a gun in the house let us know. On Twitter vote act KM BZ radio. We're hitting Greg Jamie about 200 votes and so far I'm sick at 65% yes 6048. Is now below your gas 60% yes 40% no. Let us know continue to vote and we'll update you all short show long. He runs came easy. Our Southern Ocean comes as The Washington Times and what happened at an elementary school in Indiana. An Indiana elementary school teacher apparently made people upset after sent a letter home to parents. Asking them to tell their children not to talk about god in a classroom an unnamed first grade teacher on courts will elementary school. Sends a letter to parents on August 23 saying a group of about five students had mentioned the words god Jesus and doubtful. During a conversation in class and it was not appropriate at a place to be holding a theological debates. That's debatable first graders app via the red. With McCourt still elementary being a public school we have many different religions and beliefs and I do not want to have said he child or parent. Because of those words being used if you go to church or talk about those things at home. Please talk with your child about their being appropriate time and place to talk about it superintendent setting ample parents complain about the latter. Which she said it not been previously approved by school officials he's at in the situation we want to be sympathetic to all of our students with diverse backgrounds but at the end of the day. They have the freedom to say things as long as it's not disruptive to the environments. So if you miss that. Basically the superintendent said teacher should have done. Should not essential. That is an okay hang in and he's not saying that but he saying that I he said the teachers new to the profession it's served as a learning opportunity for. And that the teacher still sick teaching that same class. So basically the superintendent. Sort of did this yes bites like yesterday and but on we have a lot of religions we a lot of beliefs. We understand where she was coming from in that we don't want to upset other kids that might apple even one thing or another. But it's we have the things it's freedom to say whatever you lines lines it's not destructive and. It really interesting because we've always talked about. Teachers teaching and people worry about the influence of some teachers when it comes to teachers in there. There at their religious believes influencing the lesson plan. You know we we've always wondered about administrators but wouldn't it start talking religion and this young age by the way. Asked first graders I mean. First of all I don't know how you're gonna control what kids talk about. In class is why is it's not in the middle of a lesson or something I don't know how other then. Not allowing kids to chat I don't know how you're going to supervise every conversation to make sure. They don't talk about god or anything else you don't want them talking and in and I don't think. It out telling parents have a chat with their kids of how about don't talk about religions will craters right first graders I don't I'd. Really like to know by the way this is just northeast of Indianapolis G is just right outside of Indianapolis. I'd love to know what the conversation. About Jesus. God and the double was like between a bunch of kids in the first grade. Here's superintendents. Are boarding Indianapolis Star. I don't buy this for second but this is it OK I handful of students first graders were having a pretty heated debate about the existence of god and the double. These are first traders he acknowledged. Okay good teacher felt the debate was disrupting class so she attempted the students about it. The topic came up again so the teacher sent a note home to enlist the help of parents. I don't get I don't get is the teachers bigger problem is the disruption of class mark the topic of conversation because that's if that's the description of class. Then she needs to settle at her home to the parents saying can you out here is a behavior issue that were having addressed that I think it's. Both because the note was about the appropriate time. And place. Was at the contents. That she had a problem that we don't know I'd I'd I'd I don't know exactly those Italy said. I I gotta wonder what people think about this is it okay for. First graders to be having a conversation about. God and the dabble and Jesus Christ in class 5767798. 'cause we love our separation of church and state. No we are moment. Let's see if we can leave that part out of it let's just on C about because yes this is a public classroom public schools taxpayer and we had a conversation ad nauseam. Because where this gets confusing and I differently I don't I would have to look at their policy but they say the school district's policy falls in line with state law. And that religious expression cannot be inhibited or advance to. So he sort of making the free speech argument which is counter to sometimes what we hear about. About church and state by it he seems to be making the argument that free speech winds here. Are eight kids can talk about whatever they want as long as it's not disrupting class. But it was disrupting class. What if there was. A three way conversation about with three kids talking about the validity of their religion. From three different sites what if it was someone who is Muslim someone who is Christian and someone who is. Hindu. Talking about their god and my God's better than you or is that appropriate for a first graders. In class to be good part of me feels like this shouldn't be allowed in schools. And NN I just hang on before you jump all over me. I feel like it shouldn't be allowed in schools because it's this it. A discussion about religion should take place either in the hole perhaps a place of worship. Perhaps between the families I just don't know if it's appropriate for the added that the classroom especially in elementary class. Because this. Other being a public school because it's a public school because they don't know if if the first graders. But I don't expect him to have you know a breakdown of them you know for the book of you out of the Fijians are anything all along that line line but. It it it's like. Do we really what these kids have this discussion in school I don't know I mean I'd love to go to the people think it 5767798. All crashed he loved and it is a bit because. To a certain degree I like that they were talking about it in school in Canada a little part of me. Appreciates that first graders were talking about something that's pretty intellectual like these priests markets if you can have a conversation about dot. Part of me likes that they must be what god. And that and I and I like and I like that they're talking about that to their friend's mom because they can be talking about what's on T or they can be talking about anything else. On the other hand. I. Personally I don't care that the public school necessarily because it was three kids not every kid in class as the three of them and now come. But it's a pretty intense conversation to be having its the existence of god that's a pretty between seven and eight year old Jack six is sixth and seventh are first rate you down six and seven girls. Pretty intense conversation for kids to be happening right. At school at school in the middle of the school day I was disrupted. NN I'm okay with her not wanting that topic discussed. Is she if she needed to. But isn't it freedom of speech it is isn't it freedom a conversation they can. I mean she has the right. Say whatever classroom management she I mean you just a private school this wouldn't even be a debate is private school teachers can do whatever the hell they will still be a debate because they disrupted the class you know because we're gonna talk about two things the topic and the fact that and the disruption. She should just sent a letter home saying. Can you please talk to your kids about proper class or behavior. And that would cover Oliver base shouldn't have to mention religion but that it would have asked why what was said she told him. And then she could've sat an and it isn't a religion I would not want these sixteen other things talked about in the middle school they either. But imagine the religion part she couldn't she skipped all the controversy by just going with the disruption and she's a relatively new teacher second year second year. Year and I I forgives I forgive because of that a little bit. Lot there's a lot more to think about now in teaching and used to be and a lot more PC the have to worry about the use to win and parents have to worry about not upsetting and and in a social media. Everything you do that's rotten get a but at the very least as a second year teacher she should have had the awareness. To ask the administration first before she sent a letter out she you know that some when in doubt check run up. A. The flag pole thank you you're welcome Annika and and I got to just ask your tweets from Brett will be to the news your phone calls by 767798. Brent says freedom of speech is protected under the US constitution is or purse graders leave them alone. And let them exercise their free speech. But it is appropriate place for the conversation yes they have the right intent acknowledges that and what was this the right. Place for conversation we'll get to Angela first off we'll talk Alley will talk Italy and double talk to Alex we'll get to everybody. Should school be able to being kids was speaking about god the dabbled Jesus Christ Polly -- 576779891. KM BZ May Day with Jamie in wicket in about a silly Mike lake it coming up. Skinner read the quote it's in the box we'll get to this later. We only kill black people. That's the quote. That's the quotes by police and we'll get to that later on right other we are talking about much lighter topic up children and religion. Your calls your what a fairly or you can get a taxi 22980. Sort of a few different sides of this and what happened in an Indiana classroom this is McCourt elementary with first graders and I at first grader part cannot be repeated or not because of the quest. Daylong. But it sure there was only in our second year. Sent a letter home to parents shortly after the new school year started. Because she and spent her class were a group of first graders. Was having a heated discussion about god and the words god and cheeses and double were mentioned and she claims that it was disruptive to work class. So she went to the group students told to stop equipped per minute as kids are known to deal Aniston she locked away this. And so disruptive and so that she sent a letter home saying that school is not an appropriate place to have theological debates. I did that initially and not first graders are not gonna happy theological debate this sounds like kids that we're talking about god and Jesus but we're probably not having heated discussion. That she claims they were not asked the superintendent sad these were the first graders that he's ever having a heated debate about the college. Now here's acknowledging that in this case free speech wins acts that yes today had the constitutional right to have the conversation. And he said second year teacher yeah now were not limiting your kids free speech rights it it was disruption that was the problem. Other new kind of free speech aside is religion. Appropriate topic conversation. In a classroom for first graders or what she right to try to get the cyber class 5767 cent. And 98 Angela in Kansas City aren't KM BZ hello Angela. It's. Limited and have a daughter who is in part curry. And she column from any related. Aren't like pre K. And so I have actually earned it or pop or about god would advocate that collect more lamp light. You know. I was leaving and I got really got not real I collecting such a teacher was just and prepared for that type of conversation. Then you're not going to be out to limit likely pocket ballot and oh really what they haven't done disputed like a learning experience instead. Know some people believe that some people believe that. Not all people believe this same thing. And obviously you can't wait to cap it completely because it's gonna create. More job amongst the stupid. I did little that I think the teacher can avoid talking about it and Asia and yak. Try. I don't avoided but it came up and you can't get rid of the men need to be attracted the school blew the kid at school. Like the question they know they can go to find the end there. And that he does not comfortable with is then. You know I don't see that they're the problem acting apparent to maybe there it would that you don't Wear a bit and at least they. Also that other family in somewhere out. I tip to Jamie's point what if let's say little Timmy little Susie little Stevie are having to debate about whether or not god in the double exist or whatnot. And they go up to you Angela as a teacher in a public school. And say mrs. Angela. Little Stevie thinks that Jesus isn't real and the devil is can you tell him what's right. Because your teaching values that now. And many. Question. You. TV do you believe. What you believe. You've. Yeah. But they are leading a discussion at that point right and that does mean that's where iceberg that's for parents begin to freak out that was in Denver in Paris at three with the parents freak out. Because they don't want you in cleansing or even having the conversation. Right there's a lot of parents would say. Don't tell my kids about religion or don't talk to my kids about religion it. See that's where this gets kind of fought because the kids having a conversation on their own is one thing off but if they go to the teacher. That's where people start freaking out I think. Overreacting. Freaking out repairs are freaking out don't talk to religion. Don't talk about religion to Mike gets three words trio change the subject. What do you think of of distraction in the first graders passed. Way. But after Abbott and a discussion just. The Asians are going to be focused on the book before Asian game. And Angela you anything else thinks your call Angela we appreciate it let's go to Ali in Casey and KM BZ but stopped Ali. You're on the air. I I. God Ali go ahead you're on your friend. Didn't. Show. So we didn't. Glad. I am is injury. Great you know about it Cilic. Well I think it and learning moment for that he did and I volatile border up. You know. Thicket of access through YouTube and the books. Now it is which you know would give them a lot of bike yet I'm a department and I am I mean again I maybe you're. You're good Ali clearly a guy and I don't know it band's sound was. All will go free to call back yeah I don't know what was go now to your phone there but that was not a good sound let's go to Linda in bulk ninety MB easy I'm Linda. Hi there. I'm more out lets up until my belief is that it he let children talk among themselves don't make a big deal out of it. I think everything is going to be shining dime I believe in Jesus and I think more people did the world would be a better place that's what's. Real quickly too before you hang up let me ask the same question that we asked Angel let's say that the three kids are having a conversation in a public school about the group did the existence of god and Jesus Christ and I and the double and they came up to you and said mrs. Linda. You know little Timmy doesn't think that they Jesus Christ Israel and I do which one of us is right. Our I don't think that the I don't really think the teachers shouldn't make any comment on that I mean right now. I think patience is kind of play it down unless it can play at Pratt let's play out. Let him talk and stay out of it descent I can't really answer that you guys to have that conversation on our own. AK RR and public appearance. But that's at home with a parent right out of the school and that goes back to if you can't end and I'm I'm gonna play devil's advocate. If you can't talk to your kids about it in school. If you're a teacher and you can't talk about it with you kids in school why should be allowed to be talked about in school. Because if you're in the fifth grade. And you started talk about sex for the first time as a teacher. The songs have been trained properly I can talk to you about sex I can talk to you about drugs like if if I can't talk to you about religion without parents freaking out. Then hearted probably shouldn't be discussed in school. Man that's a bigger discussion tube because a lot of parents don't think that section we talked about I guess I would say that the same letter that have been sentenced. With the word sex in the place of died and say I don't want sex talked about because. First and second graders. Are getting awareness at that point and a teacher could have the same issue and on the teacher and same questions and then. If the conversation turns into gay straight in transgender as opposed to god Jesus and the double then why. Did. If you can't talk to the kids about it should they be talking about it in school that's my question. That's the devil advocate way that nominee go about this is therefore I if that's the case and the answer is no. That it should not be talked about by the students in the class. But what does he talk to your kids about it at home what do you do Douglas teacher passion that teacher can't talk about it. If the kids can't come to the teacher and ask the teacher. Mrs. Jamey Wright. But bubble bubble about law and your answer is well I can't really talk to you about it is that you can't talk to your students about it is glass you say a if you can't talk to your students about it in class should we talked about at all and my answer is now. Just not I does not. Should be talked about and know that I guess the answer is now because your to your right it's a second kept on where you're on on. Because I think get your point I think I think it's difficult to allow kids to have a conversation and totally eliminate the possibility that the teacher would get involved conversation that's my point. Go to Alex on KM BZ Alex the floor is yours. I'd really view and I. I am extra high school principal. In oh and that's where I get directions one. Britain has Beijing Olympic protection advocate Kangyo aren't that if there is extremely state. But I am I do that if he can't discuss that with the kids in college and we discussed at all. Ask you something as a former principal what's this teacher of done differently in the situation before sending the lower house of the teacher handled it. Well I think she's got a got this idea that discussion and some other direction or opens up an app that she thought they control it by it not been given the class. Are you back you've got a company gives decide on something I talk. Do you divert the conversation of those kids come to UN CMR Alex. Timmy thinks Jesus is real I don't think Jesus is real need to say. Look kids having genetic conversation with your parents. I think yeah but you've got to have what you are not historical stand bureaucracy speak about religion. If you practice so bored as wrong as you go out historical standpoint. Right and I any other thing is they are six and seven that I don't know if they're going from the historic bid. Historical perspective of religions throughout time and I mean. Probably not that it detects it and and set a first grader would have gone to their first communion at that point I did that could have been the topic conversation I did. This conversation happened in the lunch room instead of the classroom coup good question big about that it's not rubbed it in a classroom it's in the lunch room you've got a hundred kids together 200 kids together or recess. And it. You know start in the classroom and she cut it off and then it could've happened or or recess somewhere else that isn't. Alex thanks for your call debate that takes more your phone calls of a former retired now teacher. On the line which ever of these retired teacher teacher teacher we appreciate. Supposedly it's call. Delegates everybody coming up next here and 81 KM BZ 981 KM BZ me day with Jamie and wicked do any money selling my quake hit. For having ever conversation about what kids should be able to talk about in school. And I asked before the break was in the example that we have going today out of Indiana. An elementary school there where you had a group at Cannes first graders. Talk about religion. Teacher locks up and or haven't in the middle class or group for screeners were talking about god Jesus and the dabble. She interrupt the conversation she claims it was kind of a heated debates between these kids. And doesn't stop because they were being disruptive in class and she didn't think that this was a place to talk about religion. They keep added she's stops and again as she sends a letter home basically saying talk to your kids and tell and this is not pleased to have that conversation. Superintendent says she's in new teacher and kids we we allow for the freedom of speech kids can say whatever they want as long as they are not being disruptive. What am wondering about is what is this conversation it happened in the lunch room or at recess where they weren't being disruptive and there were a bunch of other kids around. And also not being as closely soup surprised. That's 76 sevenths. And we we would know about it I know that much unless one or the other kids like hold it. Surprise or whatever rebellion and and that's hazard and could. Whole administration or something but got seems less likely that we would know 5767798. What do you think that England and north land Glen you're a 91 KM BZ. Good afternoon spoke. And what's up I'm a retired history teacher from high school. And we talk about religion in the classroom because you have to explain. You like that that goes on in in tomorrow yeah I really believe. That concept. However there is everybody in your yap yap about the separation of church and state. The competition. Is congressional Mac no religion nor prohibit the free exercise Berra. So that simply means that you know look at that right I agree cheap they were disrupted that require. Is that something you think should be discussed and you mentioned free speech and instead church and state but should six and seven year old to be having that conversation. You know. I think it's six and seven year old Russia just beat redirected somewhere else I mean. I drive a school let out of their kids registered Margaret papers anymore. Glad it let me ask you this real click the same thing I'm asking other retired school employees. Little Timmy little Johnny Apple's Steve the cabinet debate think about do you mr. bland little Johnny doesn't think that the devil Israel but I do what are you sank. I think boys and girls I'm sorry that's not something we can discuss here. Beatable because it's just how loud and the other thing it is not my business to be ended or ability. In a great answer it thinks the phone call when we appreciate it I think she just changes the subject distract and our first graders easily distracted by everything not three of that are have a conversation about the existence of Jesus star. Gain give also some time to get all our home park back in for spray it on candy. Okay. Give them fun dip and a Jolt Cola and send out this guy out. Let's play heads up 7UP right now and Mike what's that I'm up against its view rights and every day somebody here beat Jolt Cola and a fund that. Yeah. Up up up up up. Yeah I class would have been the appropriate place if there were two Bennett conversation but not at this age to go to Linda in Casey era in 91 KM BZ island. I. Yeah I think it got lit into more and more what you got to talk about and I kind of follow all. Well the category. Former dictator of course there and it. Oh wow you get a check every box at the. And you know I think getting away from what I will tell you act or aren't here. You need to go back to people that it is bigger and welcomed the chart and I'll never forget I will grow the market is that a yeah and went to school and Turkey called me and everybody. Important I opened it pretty sure that these are from the oh. But where where I pride on their teacher at an active whether it happened in. The lunchroom on the playground hey. Earl and I am going to tell you there that there will dedicated than we think. That that is it yours. Did not happen no matter what would have done that. Our congress and start. What what ever it whatever. And and the cover it and put it that he may well. Law and the question about. Now. I know that we are mentally. I believe that something that Asia top here and and (%expletive) Ending electrical. To hear it but you know what transpired. I like what in your agree. I am I remember when. You open air something that education. Or I'll I got a little bit out there. And why didn't know exactly what they were going to be teaching and I utterly typical pay. What you gonna be beaten like that act regarding and it looked at Egypt and that some of the things that I'm not comfortable with. I I don't want my daughter participating in the fact that my daughter I have open relationship. Everything. Will. It mean curriculum at the paperwork. It took her. Questions. That we don't really care what we. Talking about a week you're thinking about a week they're going to I struck me. It doesn't happen. Now Bert you know what's going on that's not yet burst. Don't believe Palin thanks so much and again she's been. All around different every angle of this appreciate that phone call. Got time for a few more here let's go to Susan in Overland Park you're in 91 KM BZ what's up Susan. Well I mean I agree but the previous college is that a 100% but here's my my take because. You know chick ever Euro. I'll credit for it and they'd. Watch television and then and they do have questions. But. What I would adapt as a teacher I would let you know guys. We talked about rule. Well here's the we have a rule in school that there are certain things we don't talk about and that it's one that is not that I don't want to answer your question I do. But at that there rule the sense that I looked shell I want you to have the information and what I would love street view is all. Talked mommy or daddy about it. And aid that can about the school and the teacher that you couldn't answer that question. And now can you. And then lead that it that it happened so much ground. I doubt it's gonna you know if somebody better or something that it's gonna change fairly quickly and the DJ just stand back and and one way Connecticut heated which I doubt that it will. Then he cannot. You can just say you know want. There are rules can and it's not that I'm trying to keep him from talking about it but there's just. Moved in the schools are all school. And you know it's probably pretty it's it's probably pretty hard to explain to a six year old about the rules of the that you can't talk to but I understand what you're saying enemy you have to kind of lay that out there to make a seven year old understands. Well the idea of keeping it but I can't point. Do understand the idea something's not being yet you're teaching that gap point rule out at that point in school you've got the list of ten rules up on board so rattled I asked right now if your name on the board the first time you know kids understand that. Now and the answer is I would give my name on the board of Wright gave you my opinion of this that I that I did ask that analogy yeah I mean I don't get in trouble and a that's where this goes to feel in Kansas City failure on 91 KG MB easy field you get the final word. Are great with the column. Optic it will make it more sophisticated the date. I think we give them a letter to. A low that we can talk about it or talk about what you and and I can I have a discussion. You'll have to do. What they. See. A it's kind of pollution at their culture. That the the written part. You know what it's a common. If you're against it that's incumbent sentiment if you're OK with it you know you go the other way I've been okay for her to a emailed. The parents of the kids that were involved. And just gave them a heads. And said hey just you know this conversation perpetuating class between your kids. So the can talk to about it if they want me to send out a big ladder every parent school. Just those parents now you can read about the story and a FaceBook page conversation is going on there as well as midday with Jamie wicket it.