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Wednesday, September 13th

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It's 1105 heavy Wednesday Syria coming up an hour from now we'll get you what's trending it also don't forget go check out the national toy hall of fame finalists on her FaceBook page. And we will give you our favorites of the should be in the national toy hall of fame next hour. If you kill some time that there web site's pretty fun because they go through a list everything that's been inducted since they opened the toy hall of fame and it's just it's things that you would like to Iraq. Made it one year it's is. Really very simple stops at the funds to go to. Later on this hour ESPN personality refer to the president is he white supremacist. And is still keeping her job. There is a serious double standard issue were gonna get into later on this hour but this next Torii comes to us from Joplin and double standard this is ridiculous. Are so most out of job one and you'll have a better understanding to take a look at came easy FaceBook page and see what his seventeen year old girl was wearing. That got the attention of her teacher that made her teachers say issue is inappropriately. Dressed Oz the kid's name is Kelsey Anderson she's a student at Joplin high school. And according to star Melissa Barbara she's a mom says her daughter was singled out because her long sleeved blouse and jeans violated the dress code. And we got a picture the outfit out but it's basically she's wearing gee I consider to be tight. On and she got big groups. The girls the girls violent justice she's. He's well developed is a bigger girl she's not actually is all is probably six feet tall yeah up and and she's well now she's copper. The shirt cobbers here and that it's a little seem like it's not even skin types not tied Hank now. And so. Mom claims that the teacher sad. Your lives are bigger than most girls and you're gonna have to try harder. She says her doctor was sent to the principal's office by a female child development teacher. Let's talk about that. After being quote centralized in front of her classmates and a mom says the teacher sad bustier women need to Wear clothing that covers their cleavage. And plus size women need to dress accordingly. So she's been mom's not on FaceBook as you can imagine 40000 shares and hundreds of comments some mom update the situation in senate and a cult school my daughter being sent to the office for the dress code violation. I was told the teacher is being reasonable and obviously made a mistake but she says the principal continue to teacher rice and while. We've never had a problem with her before work. Moms I was explaining my daughter was just sexual lies by her teacher in front of the whole class she was embarrassed and horrified. Requested to be removed from the teacher's class the principal said no and continued to defend the teachers. Fox News as a spokesperson for the district said quote the district does not consider comments by staff members about students bodies appropriate. Our staff conduct policy requires all app members maintain courteous and professional relationships with students incidents being investigated Bob. I would look at this shirt. Is maroon with some darker room. Cart I don't know how to describe this is certainly had room with some dark room or why color sure it's amber low with the and then the red as you likely. Yeah I thought I dislike or Rick it's a red service and dark red stuff on dark red and then in the middle ware of the above the cleavage line is. Let's talk directly to your strengths right is that how I would if it ties right there and then she has the strings hanging down pastor belt line. The sleeves cover her shoulders and become all the later in the cannibal like you said it blouse she kinda kinda hangs off via the wrist. The partners that is revealing the show covers every every thing it's not her cleavage doesn't show is not now the only thing that is this is not a parable and so was beat by any means. What it shows like I shirts that have little cut outs like just right like where necklace my hand didn't you just heard of is yet. Kind of above a certain of she got a little bit of stand showing like in her chest a nice little bit I mean like the size of chalk board razor. Is it would act if and it's covered by strains. So others but there's still no cleavage. Go to our FaceBook page and check out you can see the stories from star is FaceBook dot com slash 91 came easy there is no way. That this is he revealing shirt is it possible and Jamie. Maybe you know better that maybe this teacher was she asked having a bad day and look at the complaint and looking to be offended and looking to be pest. Did I not justifying it may be on. And I like and I know because finally tyrant a slot but I connect to a question of in my mind this shirt is is a good choice for her it's flattering. It covers without and what she's supposed to aware that's not the teacher what was she supposed to Wear but to parents. That have dire as that may be or you know some girls develops and others. What do you think about eight teacher. Calling out your kids for what they're wearing and you know is that the teacher's place. To so closely monitor and keep in mind girls at that age are sensitive about body issues. And that's when you want him to be positive about it and as teachers kind of doing the opposite. Well want if this genuinely wine is what if it was showing cleavage what if it was an appropriate. Is so the teacher sent anything if it's inappropriate to me is up to the school administrators. To to do is to say something in this case it was a teacher. I I think if it was in a pro if it was rigged really. Up and appropriate. Outfit. Yeah I think it's up to the teacher I do I think perhaps a better way to handle it was to look the principle take the heat on Allan. Don't let the principal among the principle is that what you're doing you're doing it in an office not in a classroom. The principal can take the heat from the administration above that also for asking her to change or whatever. Whose place is it to to police. What the kids are wearing a school first of ball it's parents put her. But let's say let's say Jenny goes it's out of this the house wearing a turtleneck and then she gets on the bus or car and whom she's got a cropped up on. That's not on parents but yeah Bible. I think it's up to teachers I do I think of if your kid sits down in my class and she's got. You know really high shorts that show almost everything or really plunging neckline shirt and you could see side boob. Yeah that's inappropriate that's of the teachers idol. That's rice saying the teacher. Emails the principal and says hey we you get the chance to pull those girls side. Especially because there's a decision to be made about whether she is genuinely violating the dress code. And to me that decision as not being made by the teacher to me that's echoes higher. 767798. Whose job is it. To monitor what your kids and but other kids are wearing a school I've sort of 67798. Once they get on campus. When they're at their house it's on you but once they get on campus whose job is I 767798. Texted at 22980. I think it's up to the teachers Jamie thanks to be the principal or another administrator. What do you think 5767798. Your calls next or 91 KM BZ 91 KM BZ. We did Jamie wicket coming up. A ESPN host. And some very interesting things to tweet out about our presence and I believe there's a double standard going on over the worldwide leader in sports would be to that little bit later on. We're talking about what to do what it comes to. What kids are wearing it school specifically girls somebody who detects light said why talk about what guys are wearing his pants up. Yeah they did I'm sorry girls girls are not easily turned on by boys and what they way that we word. You know and went out walking around with our Don Blake nearly exposed Saturday you're not ripped in muscle yet now so there's very little that our eyes are Carol's going to be a relief and I'm still not Ripken muscled and it's been almost one years since I was in high school. You found a woman I say it's not how it sounds somehow I've radiator. Us aren't monsters out of Joplin Missouri girl's name is Kelsey Anderson she goes to Joplin high schools to seventeen. And mob is going off unfazed by and it's gotten 40000 shares and hundreds of comments because mom says and a female child development class. A teacher there pulled her daughter aside and we've got the picture on FaceBook he wants exactly what Kelsey Anderson was wearing. Says teacher polar sightings. Your problems are bigger than most girls and you're gonna have to try harder try harder bustier women need to Wear clothing that covers their cleavage and plus size women need to dress accordingly that's according to. And so basically what she is wary. She weren't tight jeans but that's not usual for kids in high school so why. The shore is blogs see she does well and I don't know it's actually did you pick is a bigger girl she is lower. And assure. Covers her entirely in fact it's like a three quarters sleeve shirt or long sleeved shirt. It covers are entirely in the front. Except there is a little bit of what I call the key hole kind of a thing. That she has tied like our ties there that she is formal bow out of that covers the majority next evil. No cleavage showing. It's flattering it's it doesn't you know she's not showing anything off and it shall we have parents. Out there that have girls that are well endowed. That Englewood high school I remember going high school and think in. How are you how are you allowed to Wear Alec I don't price is a guy brag you know so it was really happy I or there was cleavage or whatever. There is a tie game or two I remember girls being told they had to cover up more or something along those lines. But then those were times where I was thinking you probably should be covering up more like in the summertime if there was nothing. Better than may in the midwest when it finally broke and it was like 55 degrees and that girls started wearing shorts that was the greatest time of the year. Now we have dress codes that say your short have to be a certain length and spaghetti strap tank tops yeah up like that we don't last shoulders whatever and with all that being said this is basically a turtleneck. Compared to what I've watched so. Asked earlier what this teacher expected aware earnings a teacher opened for Google. Hand maid's tale all right elegy that Google hand maid's tale real quick because that I believe. Is the only option for these girls are right you see what there're a handmade sale. Mean. The red outfits it's like yeah. That every inch covered yeah that talked about that or they have to now where. Always turtle backs all all you have where turtle looks. Have a single fact I mean it's. Integral as the group's what it was she upset because her boobs were. Sheryl or or you could see them kind of like the chase they've been. Campbell was at the little itty bitty rich sure it's not punish and a girl that size I'm sure it's not gonna show what size boot she has all lose our right to it wearable little every game of the week and is that side to this girl now by saying you're not dressed appropriately for your plus sized frame. Find something else we dom was I had to deal at all. About this a burlap sack yeah Lara sack over your entire body. I'd. To rest are right that don't have a middle I guess. They and their three sizes too big about this a bed sheet she asked to Wear a bed sheet everywhere she goes now is that does. Joseph the size bu I just a table cloth she Esther rap team. We'll cloth around her body from now. Yeah act mrs. This is I don't know what's gonna happen this teacher. And I take issue as a lot of you do with the fact that at the very least if you're gonna criticized woody seventeen year old girl is wearing ticker in the hall. Yeah take her out for 12 say hey can do outside with me for just 12 like woman who won and there's a cool about it and in elders there's a way to take her aside and say okay because this teachers bigger team announced. But hey you know is a woman your your kind of get that phase now where it's tough to Dresser bodies sometimes. Couple. Dual differently. Or maybe that teachers jealous. Maybe and maybe the teachers not Wheldon doubt and she's a little jealous of this girl isn't double eagle let me get what if that teacher that male all I hope it lives. Now I wish it is these are highly issue was fired gone that's his tail. Ask us the threat of yeah fires so. Because that's borderline sexual harassment that point if it was a guy so what. Which what did you like best hand maid's tale outfitted turtleneck a move blue bed sheet a burlap sacks and toga yes. 09. Outfit. And the idea. And not just show it. Yes the walk around wearing a sandwich board. What you outside of the the tax places not in April the or outside a subway or whatever that didn't have a problem with the back or jeans. And it was the groups that she was early overly concerned I just gotta wonder was this is teacher just habit up at the aid. And I needed gets that needed something to be offended by. And I don't I hope I don't I doubt it on. I'm biased. Because that's a weird things finally. Pick on hand what is texted. Both you need to spend an hour hearing a high school and listen to the language and see the dress and what goes on in the hallways and bathrooms and come back and common and clothing. I student taught in high school pretty well where she need a list of where and what they're saying I don't know what that has to do with us now. I kids kids where things energy to it that's why we ask. To the techsters point batter the techsters comet. That's the point is shouldn't violate any of that's bright that's the reason we address cuts in this particular case I don't that you co. I mean there are times I'm sure if I would to Shawnee mission north right now and I walked around that high school spent on this time here I'm sure in a non creepy way I could find some girls wearing some inappropriate clothing. All right that you be like at a I want boys up early in my eyes were rolling having boys and we've already gone over that. But I mean to me. That's that is that's who it that's we're talking about who earned those girls that dress appropriately this girl didn't do what they were yeah. And our. Efforts. All right thanks Joplin we thanks Joplin high school Allen now I've got one Soria. Would you caller president. A white supremacist. No. Either are you asking to I think he does he ask you call him what he's still he's either one. I don't believe he is a white supremacist Norwood at all times. Followed in a Biden I have a huge and if you listen to this program before dawn span of our president in his current role but come. I actually have to come to the defense of president Donald Trump. ESPN host Jim mail he'll. She called president trump a white subprime it's a white supremacist in a Twitter rant on Monday. And we'll get to the statement from ESP NB is the actual what tweets from from Janelle hail and a clerk Carol bash is a black woman yes yes. Donald Trump is he white supremacist who has surrounded himself with other white supremacists. Trump is the most ignorant offensive president of my lifetime is rise is a direct result of white supremacy period. He has surrounded himself with white supremacist no they're not all right you want to believe that he isn't a white supremacist. He is unqualified unfit to be president he is not a leader. And if he were not like you never would have been elected said this where this is on her Twitter account and they are still up by the way. They are still up. She is not that fired. There's been a statement from ESP. The comments on Twitter from Javelle hill regarding the president not represented this the position of ESPN we have addressed this with Janelle and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate. Bowl. Wrapped. So huge for me this comes back to a question. Just little little levity on the table comes back to question. Is she allowed to happy personal opinion about the presidents. And have that be separate from her job as an ESPN analyst a person. Well that. Is an interest in conduct a wrenching question because. Many people believe that ESPN is a left leaning sports network that has some political drive behind it that is liberal. There was a guy by the name of Curt Schilling you may or may not know Curt Schilling is he was a baseball pitcher once World Series Boston Red Sox. Heat put out a beam about transgender and there was a picture it said. Basically a transgender guy. Let him into the restaurant with your daughter girls are narrow minded judgmental on loving racist bigot. Who needs to die. Schilling was fired by ESPN for posting that. As one question about app. And just for information. Our was Curt Schilling. As prominence to ESPN as this woman is absolutely he would ask a and they are all new level he has won their league baseball analyst. And he was canned for that for for posting here I'll eventually that's the the the mean but he treated so is she would pose an equally bad PR problem. Yeah because of her prominence and she posts the the the the first sports center of them out late afternoon the call it the six. And she's on every day like 5 or 6 o'clock maybe it's at 6 o'clock eastern time 5 o'clock here in Kansas City. I believe that this is unbelievable. Hypocrisy. On the part of the SP yet to fire Curt Schilling for his he was attacked heat he's a very outspoken conservative now. For firing Curt Schilling and allowing. Gmail hill to keep her job. Both peoples comments on Twitter when I 767798. And there's more the story because others. Have claimed that they were let go because of their political leanings to the right from ESPN I 767798. Should she still have her job. Should Gmail hill still have a job or is this a free speech at 81 KM BZ. It they would Jamie wicket in him on a silly Mike quick hits right now. Take your phone calls jump until 35767798. ESPN host Jim L he'll. When and a Twitter rant aimed at the president of the United States is a white supremacist was largely surrounded himself with other white supremacist. Others are more tweet you can Eagles Brenner FaceBook page. She is then. Basically slapped on the wrist or just not even that she hasn't been suspended she has not been fired. There's been a statement from ESPN. Comments on the border from Gmail hill regarding the president did not represent the position of ESP and we have addressed this with two ballot she recognizes her actions are appropriate. I call BS on I don't think she thinks anything went wrong you know why she wasn't punished. Then. It's OK so. There's an obvious thing on on your right like black woman is it because she's a black woman and she's a black woman I don't eyes or is it because of ESPN's. Left leaning tendencies let me tell you two to 900 or 576779. And do you think is people are currently a couple of different things are. Do you like wicket and then ticker showings have been fired for weeks. Until now. I mean Curt Schilling is a about about Republicans do these are very conservative. And on his Twitter account he put out like does that mean he's had some other things to say he'd get definitely is not a fan of the former president and I would guess he's a fan of the current president. Should you be fired for that. Here's what Apple's say about it if you're got a key if you're gonna fire someone for speaking ill. Of a political party oral leader they have to be consistent. You it's it's a hypocrisy. And lord knows a fan Donald Trump as president. But if you're gonna fire Curt Schilling for slamming Obama and slamming transgender is and and doing what he believes in his mind is politically correct. That you have to do with our. Here's the distinction that many people are making on tax line and I don't know the background and those by many people have said the difference between Curt Schilling and horror. Is that he was told numerous times to stop this was her first morning this was her first time that she had done us. He had done it multiple times and had worn by ESPN stop. This was her first. This is our first time doing something like this but do you need to be told not to call the president of the United States a white supremacist but I think if you want the playing field to be equal suns beat. Assuming this is true they gave him plenty of chances they warned him when he needs he was a multiple time offender right she's not to this extreme but she is weeded out things about president trump before. But nothing to this extreme perhaps ESPN had not warned before I I would think that watching Curt Schilling get fired for his political. Ramblings would be the war maybe she saw that he was worn multiple times before he was fired and knew that she could push it a little bit of fire me now. On this also are saying. And outlaws but the doctors yet you're you're saying is on the line. Did she say anything that was an accurate. See somebody said she didn't threaten him trump supported by the kkk neo Nazis and other white supremacists what part of the tweet she sent out was all's. Penalty the president is he white supremacist I think he has support from white supremacist groups. I don't believe that. President Obama was a member of the black Panthers but I believe the black Panthers supported President Obama. And I know it's not. Mean take any about this let me flip this. What if it was any sort of African American hate group are right pick whichever one he won the real black Panthers the stereotype of the black Panthers whatever you wanna you wanna say. And what if but say Kirk herb street was a football some very well no with the best college football analyst on the planet works for ESPN and wrote Barack Obama. Is a black panther who is surrounded himself with other black Panthers. Barack Obama is the most ignorant offensive president of by lifetime his rise is direct result of the black Panthers. Period he is surrounded himself with black Panthers know they're not all left and you want to believe he's not a black panther. If that comes out of a white guy's golf. And ESPN his. Gas is fired before he can hit the tweet button but again people keep saying. If you want equal treatment he got warned plenty of times Curt Schilling got many warnings before he was fired so you have to allow her to saint feel dirty defending Donald Trump because otherwise you've now set an unfair standard for a black woman I. I I I don't think that. C and to me it shouldn't matter but I think you're right it shouldn't matter if it's a white guy or black woman you revert the president likeness. Eat eat there's I mean. Could come out on the radio or might look I'm bash the president a lot on Twitter but I'm not callable white supremacist is I don't think it is but the issue here is. You know either nobody should be allowed to say it but if you are that you you get it you don't work and first I asked should she be fired by 767798. I say if you fired. Curt Schilling because of it even though we get more warnings. Janelle until she became should she be fired on the first time let's go to the phones bodily the Euro 91 KM BZ how about. Are you guys are doing. Well I teach. On her are I think she's using correct by saying in the white supremacist and I don't think he's. Stabilize. You know like they get clear I think he has definitely racial each racist I'd leave that and I think he is. Actually made it very clear and very. Very rich and I don't think he's double part of a group. And I support that group you know. They bring in a back did you Mel hill do you think that she should be let go for her claiming it rolling out a Twitter rant and again these days Bob Twitter is is. Pat is there is ink is dry gas president try. I only mention I don't think she yeah I don't think she should be fired workers. Most privileges that there's a lot of truth to that is not a part of some group vital that he doesn't wherever I don't change. No I write I don't believe president trump is walking around with the kkk hat on when we don't have the cameras rolling to the White House are right again. Not all trump supporters are white supremacist but most white supremacist are trump supporters. Let me ask this on is there a ratings benefit to ESP and keeping her there. I don't think she's great at her job. And I watched ESPN every day but is this publicity good. Perhaps this is that there's as one of those cases were I think. Publicity is bad this I I've one of those people that always believes there's no such thing as bad publicity this might be hurt this might be. What do those things that hurts and so in that case they can fire later and if they decide the PR fallout is too serious. But things your phone call the in the north land your 91 KM BZ what's up Dina. I. Let me ask you do. Our top I think. One point yep but look at images act act occurred at the and N and that it is what you're. Out and yet he only work for that. Is there a difference to some people tell you there's no difference. Well I think we're and like you guys are yourself. You don't. Can't. EP type your name. At least there are. But you know what I I am well aware of the fact and we are very small scale compared to those of finance the out but I am very well it was it's never had been sent to me. That I represent the radio station 24 hours. Publicly and in Allah and and so I watch what I say publicly because I'm well aware that even though came disease not attached to my name on FaceBook it is. I agree with that. I think another cat is right rarely say. Yet in Utley is a grade as a lot. Higher quality. I have. You know I don't think there's a ton of also in what you said I I think. Unless your performance is bad I don't which is the black female employee. But I think that there's potential if if let's say you you fire me over to whip out a Twitter rant like if if I went on some horrendous Twitter rant against. Donald Trump let's let's pick pick Donald Trump. And I called white supremacist guy our boss coming in firing. Pretty and then what I have a just cause say look I just wanted to Twitter into my own personal account it is not became BZ page. You pay me for my opinions yeah. I don't know but what if they had fired her and they didn't fire Marshal and couldn't she come back and is day. You gave him five warnings before you fire him and you fire me on the first week are you discriminating against me because I'm a black woman but. Eight deed for many years I mean standard was saying. That's at 677 an idea thanks for your call get to Mike we'll get to Colin it to you coming up next here right 91 KM BZ. One KM BZ media with Jamie and wicket Jamie monies Sally Mike wickets. Much amount hill from ESPN and her rant about president trump referring to him as a white supremacist and someone not so politely on Twitter Jamie. Let us know that in 2008. Janelle hills said that rooting for the NBA's Boston Celtics was like saying. Adolf Hitler was a victim she was suspended for those remarks and in 2009 Javelle. You also said that University of Kentucky basketball fans would be satisfied if Charles Manson was the team's head coach as long as they want. She was forced to apologize for that statements. So the question is should she be suspended or fired for this rant obviously and thank you to the people on Twitter. This is not the first time. Janelle hail. Has gone off and on something that is of said he ESP and so this is her third time she's had to do something that it that it she's tweeted out or written something. That is offended somebody or upset ESPN I still have a job is because she's a black female working for a left leaning company like ESP. And the president is a Republican. Is it I I don't know is it possible that they are. They have learned something or changed some roles after curt Schilling's. Dismissal of the exchange because of Twitter. Is it possible that they view with the weights of one person's remarks differently than another's a possible shooting at the warnings that he got and they die. We can't fire her until she's done what he has done. On its English is still will be fired you never now if if they take enough the ratings at NPR because of those there you can still fire. 576779. I respect to the phones Mike Lawrence here and 91 came BZ what's up Mike. Don't clipper type might call. I don't think she should be fired and I'm tired tired towards each installed solar market beaters. They want politics out of sport. While 65 to seventy years. Well it's it's seventy years. Beyond the immigration sports. And beyond that. It it can't can actually say to you can't. And I regarding that comment this sluggish that you made about Boston. Being treated well or badly back in each. Oh absolutely they did. I mean that athletes all over the 1950s and sixties. Were treated horrendously if you were black and as you know after Jackie Robinson. Hate hearing was gotten death threats. As she was getting closer and when he broke babe Ruth's home run record and that was the seventies. I mean black athletes in history. Back in the day were treated upper relentlessly. There's no doubt about that. I just again. The question I have Jamie is it right for somebody. To speak out outside of what there their comfort zone is or third job as it would markets Peter's college Capra or Gmail hill or Mike wicket. Is it did you are supposed to stay granted we have a panel of various very wide platform here on the show. But I I there are people that we'll say stick to sports ice to get that all the time and I was doing sports. How far is too far. I think how far can you go with those comments because some people would say only add to a certain extent you can say whatever you want but there comes a point where that crosses the line. And a lot of people are on in detects and ESPN has gotten more political and average they have and so they just kinda goes along with the tone of ESPN anyway. Not the accusations of white supremacy but just Iger called the politics audit. Goes along with were ESPN is that it. It is what people talk about yeah I mean this president more than ever. Is what we talked about today now maybe it's because a social media maybe it's because that's the way he communicates with the American people. I don't know what you guys. But people talk politics more than ever these days. Yeah it's a good thing or bad thing and it. That's on Twitter more than it once before and that's partially because of president try and and here is some prominence on where a focal Mike we appreciate it Collins in privilege or 91 came easy what's up Colin. They have gone on caller here so much. Yeah no problem but what about this show and I personally think that he should be fired. Read and being. In America today we're at in the country. I think that you should be held her. Should be held the same standard or in accountability. As what eager black they're like your route but your purple or yell you know aren't saying I think to be out this same accountability. Curt shilling for this side. And and and he got fired for his anti left. Comments and tweets. OK. Okay that you have in a quota and lack aptly that the code. I need for me and you bigger threat blackmail when you're making billions of dollars a year. I don't I don't think Colin cabinet thinks that he's depressed to think he's getting up for those that in his mind are being. Oppressed or are. Not on the same playing field as Caucasian people specifically by police I don't think Alec ever did thinks that he's oppressed. I mean you got that you've got some recipes taking it out it probably brought that he's beaten. However I think it's under is out of out of the norm. For aptly he could be that you knee after I mean you'll ever see aptly put it after. It. Cracked. You mean before. Before yeah. Well I mean last year when captain did it election hadn't happened yet. Your right eight bit better all speculation that don't trump would apparently racist which is. So far for so far from being not what ever oval. Where are American idiot idea. Itself bake it all the liberal media. All right let's let's get let's get it set up but going after the media go back go back to this this situation would you Melville please. I mean you've talked media all you want your one. Senior all you make remarks toward the media even in this. Can you be specific early stay on the top yeah hands. And that that this pop ballad I talked about liberals into exactly you go for you attack back in Britain. Cut Colin Powell and the one calling for her to get heard. And yet it doesn't come it always has to come back to the narrative from the president the fake news. That's not talking about liberal media we I'd I think she should be fired. That's. Could that goodness and Kyle. Gabbard didn't kneel after president trump was elected he was candidate trump he first meal during pre season games in August the 2016. The election which was looking to be completely in Hillary's favor fail wrong it is. The election hadn't happened yet still months away. College capita was stepping standing up for what he believes was an inequality between police officers and minorities. That's when he was doing and many others followed suit including Kansas city's own markets Peters. This has nothing to do with that this has nothing to do with that whatsoever do I think the president drop as a racist I don't know I don't think he's a white supremacist. I do not leave his white supremacist. And even if you did your Smart enough not to make the accusation being publicly. Column that vehicle commonly appreciated W last time caller please assists. And anyway it's just I don't I think it's. When people don't know what to say some times they just accuse the liberal media and everything happened like like that's to blame for it in now and the media for any thing because believe me at a. This also I I just. I think ESPN has left lean very left. And I believe that because she is a minority any liberal. That they are going to be more lenient with her she had three stride to somebody pointed out. The Celtics comet hit the Kentucky basketball comment and then 888. Law that rant. About the president being the white supremacist. Is surrounded himself with a white supremacist and she's got a job do you think yes and changed its mind. Fires are public pressure. I bet she suspended and she'll have a fake apology. But I don't know I mean maybe they'll just maybe because of the news cycle area and it'll just get swept under the rug the next big sports store will be all the ESPN talks about the try to make you forget about this I just think it is such hypocrisy for the McCain Curt Schilling and look. The president no fan of Kurt Schilling. Benefit Gmail hilly there. But it's hypocrisy. For our network to fire Curt Schilling and allegedly. Linda Cohn. Got suspended because she's had a talk too much politics that irks some people Britain can read what's up as a mediocre but very pretty anchor. A reporter she got a hand she claimed his issue was a Republican I don't believe that. But the back did you Mel hills to lousy job. Hypocrisy community. That's all I got salmon. That's all I got that's all I got a vote next hour yes. Again most actively spending. Also we talk about you too we got to get to that because you and I had. Very different experiences. At a early yesterday so we'll get to all of that coming up also in the next hour we are going to. Story could shot Spicer. Beach on Spicer. Could he make an appearance. On Saturday night life. And he jokingly but you make jokes on too kinda have to meet them that's exactly. An interim. You might want a piece of Melissa McCarthy's purse and we'll tell you about that and the next hour over to go to our FaceBook page check out of about the hall of fame for the national toy hall of fame nominees the list is out there.