Serial McFlasher Perv is at it AGAIN....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, March 20th

It is the FOURTH time this has "allgedly" happened... and he's STILL not on the sex offender registry!



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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KMB easy KM BZ traffic and weather together let's check in with major miles. Keeping a low and chance for rain in the forecast for the afternoon time otherwise mostly cloudy here are high temperature into the upper forties and so let's touch of a northwesterly breeze. Tonight are clearly 35. Great weather on tap for tomorrow and for Thursday to plenty of sunshine to go around with the warming trend. Let the mid to upper fifties I Wednesday afternoon into the mid to upper sixties by Thursday. Shower chances are in the forecast by Friday afternoon and that high at 65. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more key NBC weather 43 case CI 46 and blue springs it is 45 at your official weather station. Is your artist of the day. Keyword Cassius mutes. And UTE. Takes it in a 72 rated one in your in the running for thousand dollars message and moderates and apply. Mute and UTE 72881. Caucus we just got this crazy email earners Herman I had to share with you desk is I was like whoa this is kind of awesome and scary and I would never Davis and a million years that. There are some adventure seekers in Kansas City who totally wide. So they're calling this the dig deep and leaped challenge. And it is from bead Truman habitat for humanity. And they are going to challenge people to raise a thousand dollars for habitat. The first eighty people to do that. We'll secure the opportunity to quote go over the edge and repel from the top of the chiefs stadium. I would want wanna do that. Just donate money. To that I was Layden known. How dollars and she say I have no idea but it's tall. That's why we need insurance 403. Now with more than 500 feet. Here now let me fifty stories is that fifty story it's not fifty stories tall thirty but it's 300. I guess had future you ridiculed me for saying 400. As if it was much lower than lower. High as 260 feet. And I'm repelling with what. Bungee Broward well you're you're you're not you're not parachuting your repelling. It's ropes like. So like they hooked you to the top of it and I es lo and go walk yourself down via. I once had to try repelling like what I was told her holding Girl Scouts and I got to about three feet from the edge of the cliff and I was like me I'm not doing this. Then walked past X. Google bought two other Matta your walked away funds like it sometimes on. Roller coasters they have the chicken exit rather it not never been in general Custer. Walk away parks block away Merriam. Definitely not from that challenge on that soccer. I'll tell you when I digit zip line thing in Mexico. We kept climbing stairs and kept climbing stairs and kept I'm like and you zip lining happened a pie I did not realize it was seven stories up. So is like the Macs contributors. And so I agreed. Nine is thinking that I did the ATV ride which was so much fun. And then my son and I did the zip lining up in the canopy of those trees jungle. And we went together but not put together like he went on the right I would on the left. And they asked if you wanna do the Superman. Which is the one where you'd start out in a push up position on developers up your Alley. And then they shut you off the platform. And can. You chicken I. There and just like is still possible to do it and you're looking down like there's no way he is what a fun one person. The that little clicking clicking and you put up there for some reason writes doesn't work. Once they show you Lofton thing it's like you can turn back and I am telling you it was so. Fun once I survived the whole time I kept thinking it I'm gonna I gonna die. It was pretty cool the one or your stick in your arms you for a second I don't feel like Herbert has your soul. Well below the tree canopy. It. I kind of backed up I didn't and mostly because I didn't want backed down the damn stay at Caesars in a diets. Blocked seventh. And yet the chance to do tonight it was worth it. Like that it really you know really writes about me it's that whole. Knowing that I was in charge of how fast I went down the side at the cliff that I couldn't handle right. Q is that Newton that's what happens if my hand slips and and I fall like I realize that their safety measures threaten. I'm not into repelling. That doesn't sign he had yet to pay for you have to bid won it raised everything minority. It's in your money it sure sounds boring there's it it sounds boring. Wouldn't call it repelling off Rivera had Steve I don't you don't then. That sounds born. We would get propelling ask his ex girlfriend. And not act like you've never been a propeller. You you're not a good. I let ol' rat telling. How imminent real telling. Didn't even make any sense. Rat polling brought polling. Are Annie when you fall and it's art EU when he's now. And. I mean repel lent. Rook helped lift. It's not repel link. The defense. Huge it's easy. You know do you really wanna walk that won him. You know I can't because I totally can. I don't think your repelled you weren't so everybody about that time in the car wrap telling no no no when you put. And everybody on I seventy in danger. And we just move on yeah. I am not. Yeah I did time on ice and on up to his you know I was joking when you play. And repeated the word on the paper in front and telling what they say and guard like hair UMass with the bold thinking that gives. Connect. It's. Syracuse was celebrating its upset win Sunday over Michigan State in the NCAA tournament. The orange turned its attention to its next game which we've which will be played in Omaha Nebraska. Call our that this is the women's team of of these a lot athletic tweeted sorry nickel our magazine reporter. Of the athletic Tweety what she overheard in the Syracuse locker room Nebraska is like Missouri flat. And farms. This is what one of the Syracuse players and that's what they think about us you do know yes. I'm not sure why Missouri was used as comparison but whatever the case that didn't sit well with a fine folks. In the cornhuskers stay Chris Peters of the whole world curled. Took a closer look at the number of farms in Nebraska and New York State. And ditto for its flatness. As Peters wrote the article with the headline people who live in itty bitty Syracuse, New York. I should not throw shade on Nebraska and when the Syracuse Orange come to Omaha they will arrive in a city three times the size of their own. Where people make nearly twice as much money per year on average and design. And the zoo. Don't even get us started on our zoo so yeah Nebraska is a little bit flat it does have its fair sure forms man. Look who's calling the kettle black or the orange orange. From Syracuse probably not even from New York. Just take note of this small timers. When you park your bus for the big game in the big city on Friday night. This is a little Syracuse population 143000. Here in a real city the parking meters run till nine. Claw. And a house. So apparently care act can you claim yours small timer at 6 o'clock Friday is what I heard it is correct. And eyes that the Kansas came at 6 o'clock. Measurements. Why have. Because I'm involved in the service organization. Into a lot of trouble chew. On Friday night. Set up CPR training with the police department hurl our moms and daughters and wins and someone emailed me today instead plan. We can take him on the list. Because can you please its sixth year. I'm calling to save some lives like I wanna learn how to do is stay. In. Its. Columns lately wouldn't normally can be monitored in her and apparently they frown on you watching TV when your Angelina is yeah. You got it right so. I not see her while we're gonna do it like saving lives it's absolutely totally. I'm in a moment ago. No you now. At how little dot is that you can launch platinum dummies who but the class a couple of. Friday night. The agreement to I I think it's gonna be about an hour and a half. Runs about the course abaco. I'm not a betting man. But I'm thinking about opening a book on this one. The over under on day and actually making I'm killing and and you were playing we played Clemson. Because on before Friday comes. I can guarantee you that Dana is going to. Cancel now I am not. No I'm not. Yes because the Leo that police department has graciously. Given it's time to teach us life saving. Measures how many other people would have to you decided they're not going to be in the list. Thirty people's mind again and I don't worry is they have worried once they realized. You know it's going to be me and some plastic dummy and a couple of police office it's going to be viewed the daughter and some we would we saw some. That's it. It's personal history. Her purse you've really got saving lives by the end of that our. I'm escaping via answered during a training site affect the duke it out during the he now bringing her do you think they want you to canceled. So that maybe they can with some of the game in their car here's the deal would it be bad while training just to have like a Radio One at least here it. Yeah I know you're supposed to focus. The spoke no I. I. Yes you are not because you know who wants you to cancel every person who signed up and that we would we I think it would make me a better chest compressor. Error. Yeah it's a close game. Albeit it light Saber and try to pay a bit of attention to what they're talking about. Stay. Focus was talking to you up and yeah. You're different programs to it would very low cost life insurance. That is the name and low cost like insurance dot com as the website. It is so easy so fast and sell affordable Stuart. That is exactly right we will help listeners up mark it off the list. Out for the twenty few resolutions if this thing. It's incredibly simple will simply get the information that we need we'll get the price quote he built to the Cutler let them take a look at it. The application documents at the process stark differences and that thirty to 45 day timeframe. You market popular actor coverage in place. And it is so affordable go to low cost life insurance dot com remind people how to find distort. 8167920700. I think 16792070. Hero that is certainly very with low cost life insurance dot com. Talk about vandalized John Brown statue. Bad days for Donald Trump and all the women are accusing him of sex. It's. Today's really polygraph. A porn star stormy Daniels. And this is as far as amended into it today. When stormy Daniels did an interview with the magazine I believe it was. Us magazine and one of those. In 2011. She had some. Salacious claims that she had had unprotected. Intercourse when I don't trying line. Date before they ran the story or were willing to run the story. It's miners Damon made her take a polygraph test she passed. The other another woman the Playboy playmate that he left four stormy Daniels. Filed a lawsuit today. Against The National Enquirer trying to get out of her agreement because. Those who were unaware. Her name by the way is Karen McDoogle. She was the one who was originally having the affair with Donald Trump he left her behind Milan is back for stormy Daniels. If you can follow the triangle. And she did an interview with The National Enquirer for a 150000. Dollars. Thinking The National Enquirer was going to publisher story not knowing the publisher of The National Enquirer is a good friend of Donald trap they set up. And they pay her 150000 dollars a man never publish a story because they wanted to store to go why yes. She's suing to get out of that deal will payback 150000 dollars presumably. If they'll let her out so she can tell our story today. The National Enquirer released a statement today saying she has been free to tell her story since 2006 team. People won't care so get ready. Note I don't I don't think people will care. That honestly won't care. The man can do an oral. In the eyes of his supporters and a lot of people would say so why and there is a lot of so what to us however you have to understand. Did some of this behavior happened while he was in the White House no. And that's what the payment. Was right before to stormy Daniels for example was two weeks before the election because there have been supporters have called this program to say. He gets a hall pass up until he was Smart man right. And now he is expected to behave for the next four years but I would I would also point out to you and I didn't excuse this bank and either. Those same people would say he gets a whole pass for Karen McDougal and stormy Daniels etc. We're not willing to give Bill Clinton a whole passed for Gennifer Flowers Paula Jones and wanted to Brooks were before he took office yes now you could say it will Juanita Broderick alleged that he raped her. While fourteen women have come forward and said the Donald Trump sexually sold about. So do we believe Juanita Broderick we don't believe women who accuse a guy we like. Paula Jones accused sexual harassment while fortune of women of accused don't try harassment but Gennifer Flowers is different. Gennifer Flowers. Accused. Checked that said that she had an affair with Bill Clinton not that he ever sexually assaulting right. Not that he harassed her consensual affair that they had a consensual sexual affair. Am I remember in in 1992 a lot of people giving Gennifer Flowers the benefit of the doubt because it in like Bill Clinton. But you have to give Karen McDougal was stormy Daniels the benefit of the doubt. If you're going to be fair and I'm less you were screaming your radio I can already hear Reid's attacks on and turning you off you may trump I hate trump. I we consistent yeah I think he's done an OK job as president. I just think he's detestable. Just a morally corrupt human being. And I can't imagine why maligning hasn't started walking yet. Was he the first divorced president would be the first president to get divorced in the White House but I don't think that's a remember. She dirt there has to be some sort of an iron why that agreement between the two. Newsroom Caremark to. Happening now in KM BZ we are getting more information about what's happening in Austin in the bombings that's next. If you tried or maybe you were trying online dating chances are. 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Come see how he harmony can change your life go to eHarmony dot com and get started today and the code word parks and check out at. 430 joined Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our officials expect say the sender of a package bomb that exploded at a San Antonio area ground facility early this morning also shift to second package. That package has now been turned over to federal investigators who were on the hunt for a serial bomber in the Austin area. Four explosions there and killed two and injured four since March 2 former FBI agent Greg Garrett tells us investigators are going to be looking very closely at that second package. Guesses that the FedEx packages are going to be very similar. To what we had what we've had it at their residences in Austin. So I mean it just tells you he's got it's a really basic proficiency the package that exploded today was addressed to a home in Austin. Every mode out workers and an SUV driver were rushed to the hospital after a crash this afternoon it happened at 435 inch Freeman broad. But it's of their crews were picking up trash when a gray and CB slammed into their truck. The impact crushed a friend of BSE being this is the third accident in a construction zone just today across the metro. Traffic and weather together next. Dana right here for Jasper is in I took the family into Jasper is a last night place was packed on a Monday night. That's a wiley say reservations are not required but suggested and I got in I took the boys what a wonderful dinner we had it is a great family. Environment we do a lot of date nights there we do a lot of couples nights there with friends of ours but I love taking the kids into Jasper he came to the table so either the kids. He always makes those little donuts at the end of the meal for the kids of my aunts my youngest us from all the time. Called Jasper now for your reservation whether you're looking for a business luncheon. A celebration. You know we they've got puzzle side rooms in the back. If you're celebrating a baby shower or an upcoming engagement called Jasper let him cook for you. 8169416608169416600. Or check out the menu at Jasper is Casey dot com. KM BZ traffic and weather together here's major miles. Cloudy skies and cool temperatures for your Tuesday evenings to keep those jackets handy as to get to anyone in suits and I see a few more breaks in the clouds are low right around the freezing mark. We can double but it ought to start your Wednesday otherwise more sunshine for the air to do with highs. In the middle fifties and on Thursday more clouds returning to the region with highs in the mid sixties. From John Lennon virtually meet you ought to double Miller. Key regulatory tree TCI 45 downtown it is 4040 or official weather station and Caremark surge stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Story here from. The city's dark. And Overland Park that was charged today with the exposing himself to a victim who is younger than the age of sixteen. Parks that happens all the time why are you making a big deal out of a stupid overwhelm our man. Who exposed himself to a teenager or younger. It is the fourth time since 2002 that Joseph cook by Kraft. Has been charged with lewd and was hideous behavior for alleged indecent exposure. The charge filed today is a felt. Because of the alleged victim's age and could require by croft. To be register. Or as in sex offender then again. Could require him to register as a sex offender if he is convicted. This if it that this is where I fell on the ground when I read this outside. Fourth offense. Third confirmed fourth alleged offense. And he's still not registered. Register for that haircut alone. The incident was reported early this morning in the 8700 block of Glenwood. My craft was 39 was inside of home. But was visible to people passing by who could see that he was allegedly touching himself and lewd manner. Wouldn't. He has been previously charged and convicted. Of misdemeanor counts of lewd and lascivious in 2002. 2013. And 2007. Team. In last year's Casey was sentenced to serve four months in custody. He was released last November from the Johnson county jail. On work release program according to online records. I am mr. my craft I think you have what we call. It's okay. It's not OK but we can get. You need to seek help. Because you can't stop touching yourself in front of a window when young people walk by. That makes Ali we Udonis. Four. Times. And nothing. Please explain that to me I can't. That's what I couldn't believe he might exist time have to register you want that pilot next year. Don't know I don't classes are harmless. I I'll be honest wouldn't say harmless. I think no but. I don't know that. I I'm not gonna say it's a victimless crime because that's not true. I don't think we put them in the same category as we do it. A grant you he's been maybe that's why hasn't had to register and Dolly is just a flash error he's got a problem clearly he has a problem. If it hasn't turned into actual. Touching another human being right but don't think today. Graduate if you well in that direction. That does every person who kills a dog and a being a serial killer cast. I would want to live next to me I wouldn't wanna win the next three. And you know as well as I do anybody who's listening to the show would tell you while back I was living next to me and he was. Flashing my kids I'd go over abuse you know what. We would say. Current pop this tires are you know I'd put aside in my yard as to why shirt aero married Mel. I wanna paint a picture just say you understand. What he looks like not that it makes it better or worse he looks like mr. bean. And the hairs worse whose mr. you know from the movies. It's to him. Mr. thing you know who mr. dean is. Is mr. bean count my gosh you know who that is he looks back I can't I don't epic does it. He he's a weirdo I think that's fair to say. I don't know that he's a child molester. He's a child exposed. And I go once I'm not trying to argue that we go assault with a cap. I'm not there's not going to be any punishment here even if he has to register Scott and we're talking. One count of misdemeanor lewd lascivious behavior. Not in the jail time Mecca. This is a phone it doesn't matter four times a phony phony overs but it I I doubt it I doubt it. I'd that he does three months community service and probation and we cut him loose for him to do it again to the surreal grocery store flasher that -- Up first to go to shaker and kept up skirt all those women who I've ever get anything. Really how would you send somebody to prison. Because with it and again you're. You're making me defend this guy and I am not. Do you simply got a prison because within the confines of his own home. He knew they are going for react I understand. I'm I'm not excusing it percent. But you know there was a K youth basketball player back in the ninety's who who do the same thing. In. I'm looking up before say his name. And when I say the name if I'm if I remember correctly you'll mallet. You'll know this night. This violence is I remember I was that killed WM. In the ninety's when this former K you basketball player. Got arrested for exposing himself to little girls as they walked by his apartment. Stupid computer. Austin time. Yeah just four months last year room. Born in 1978 that makes and 4039. In certain. Forty you do. I I don't Scott I don't know. I do not know. You've got to do something because here's the deal is four times come on it'll happen again you know it'll happen again. And I do believe these guys graduate they graduate from. Flashing in their home to flashing on a jogging trail and in sooner or later he will reach out and hustle. A woman arm it it'll happen. It will happen I know you can't can't can't it be big money in jail for what might happen you can't be convicted for crimes you might commit that's the problem. And I am not if you don't think past behavior is indicative of what's to come of course pets. You should be punished for your past behavior you can't be punished for what your future behavior might be. Based on your past behavior that's not fair. I know that sounds awful but it's true. I tell you this. Teach it to us. I can. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility. That he is married. And he has lived before in Roland park and mission in Milan Rome Parker and Locke is a self. And recognize that address. So we can just as they've seen around town are going through now. And that it. That Joseph looks like mr. being his pants are sound and hello Joan. I do. Nor any. I had an incident about two weeks ago hurt. I garden art or art. Stuff that bird. And I look over. And there are. They can live picture which is so and and it was kind of like. The opposite. Here. It made me very angry and out. There was just. Washington can work that your. Did you ask. He was different vehicles where it's. True. If they don't go to work and well quote. I went down a bit like what you do and now I. I. I don't herb wrote but it turned for a church. That. It was just pull out assault on and taking your picture that I've done that before if there's something funny. And so if there's something funny happening that you could post on social media. Okay well that that's stupid to believe he took this person were. Were you doing something funny at the time like taking your observe you know whenever. No I was just certain Eric who have. Seen Larry but I. Not appreciated Leo stressed that and how were you harassed. I had quote or what I understand that's what you were dressed but how were you dressed. Or other extrasolar. You could address the. You going to address. Yeah okay so he probably took the photo because that could we agree Joseph is something you don't see everyday probably an noticeable for him to see that. What is the source when it was just won't. So I'm going out now. I'm curious and don't run the wrong I'm just curious are you cross Dresser. I yeah. Annual. 00 yeah OK so let me ask you this are you used to then I imagine. Getting looks. Around certain parts of town when people see it because it is not something most people see everyday. It urged yeah. OPEC and respect. Thanks Joseph. Burying the lead. You're ranked at. Yes they kick. Because I was dressed well how different. Apparently I was dressing clothes were. Now. I'm not saying that other man showed. He had the legal right to take a street your legal right to do. And I'm not saying. He should've used that opportunity to post editor makes them crass joke and nicely. I've taken pictures of people before and posted stuff but it's never means spirit it. Like I saw a guy in a restaurant once in a park and it was Bill Self but it wasn't like that it looked exactly like him. So you know you take a photo like to have one proposal. I'm not doing it to Blake. You know these little someone or demean. After picking your nose red. Some 67798. No more bearing lead callers. If your yeah I admit that comes out. Gates. Spring is right around the corner let Nebraska furniture mart help your outdoor space become just as nice. As your indoor space and it's got parks. Tackle your yard work with ease with a mart's full lineup of wanna equipment you'll find everything you need. Keep your long looking nice all season long. Push mowers tremors blowers tiller is portable generators and new this year chain saws and riding lawnmowers. Chop your favorite brands Toro Honda. Huskies aren't all out to mart's legendary low prices check out their huge selection of patio furniture grills fire pits. 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You just never know. It's never knowing you're gonna get him just listen and along why it was taking your picture. As I was dress well how would you we won't redress in declaring I'm not saying it's okay this or anybody but it does. Gives some. Pause. Pause it it is he. It is germane to this story if someone does not understand why that behaviors happen. Today. Not saying that is okay but it makes a Fuller picture of what is going on if you. Go to Brian in camera hello Brian. I got. Paul got would repeat offenders like this. I think after the second or third time you should be looking and basically investigation and that every child in the like to make sure that. It is in the and has gone out in front of the window out to people passing by its statement and that the and the dinner. Or are you not birthday parties or when he is alone watch that some of kit that I think in more follow up if your repeat of an elective. Why can't I just really quick Ryan and please continue if you say anyone is out they're following up on these guys are it's not happening. We are added I don't have the resources or the staff. Within the probation system and people are going by his house and who cares pants on today our network that nobody is following up on this guy. Right that's what I mean after the segment they're gonna at all so it should be court mandated that you'd have to get treatment somebody at the check you out to eat. You know as a set on going problem is that is that Iran a lot deeper do you need a long treatment at the pump and we can nip in the butt real quick. It got to be more follow up. I'm Justin in independence hello Justin. We're doing well I thank you for asking. Yeah I agree the previous caller on. You know cracking down what the apt to burst the they. You know director outlets ridiculous. And it began to see it that guy that I'll knock you on his computers monitoring our kids that eight bit. And the other point I make like they're that different between flasher and street you know like. I like you know like what they're streaker aero. Like. You know and a lot in this happens but think those people are what we're edged further flat out you know wrong bright and load it current and. Charts in the same and go back go for second. Use somebody probably as child pornography in his computer that that may be or may not be true we don't know. Oh but we week do you think the police should have the right if he has in decently exposed himself. Now were engaged in lewd Moussavi is behavior which is the formal charge. That the police should be able to go into his house and looked through his computer. Burt the Arab really. I tend to rallies I attended I disagree let's let's say you get in before bar fights. Does the government have the right to go into your home seize your body and she and check it for ballistics. But the thing is that the crime happened in the bar here I'll. I think it actually happened in your home yeah absolutely they had a right go in the. Oh. Really. Think about it Scott especially was sex offenses they are going to be linked they are going totally okay they are. So you're telling me that if if let's say for example only think of an example I now give me one. I'm getting ready to let's say take the ball out of it just and I get into four fights in my house. And people call the police say this guy just beat me up in his home we were just watching the K game on Friday night well Dana Wright was out doing CPR class. Do they have the where are so they have the right come in my house sees Mike Dunn and check it for ballistic secede they can connect me to a murder. Right in that case no your right lineup it beat it you don't sweat and I would know. I didn't I didn't I did all right it was all his punch people on the face and I do have four separate times. They do not have the right to commit to my house and sees my gun and check it okay if this happens all the time we had a police officer shot and killed and Clinton last week follow me here okay. Police officer shot tilt. The woman in that case who was in that house. Had met in the house and she everything to do with shooting that officer right they still go in and arrest her for meth production even though the original crime was not connected. To the ancillary crime. By the way have been wanting to talk able to charge respect and charged her with murder he's overcharge okay. We have to talk about this and we come back because I assume. Maybe you talked about that when I was gone to non. I saw that overnight she's charged with her he would catch your shape as HA EP each shape. Tex that in the seventy hated one in your in the running for thousand dollars with kubert cashed shape. Here is Kara marks. Happening knowing KM BZ the face of the immigration debate in Kansas City is out of jail for now more next. Eight Scott parts excited to tell you about how one lucky.