Screaming toddler... Fired passenger... ALL on one flight.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, February 19th

There's nothing quite like being trapped in a fuselage with a screaming child..... 


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KM BZ. That soon. The last thing happening. Okay. Yeah it's. I don't. Here McDowell. You don't do. US lesson like Amy Grant shares shot up. She was fantastic. Fan of its past it did she put her and himself just like you just units that are part of on the shelf like that into mining it out incidents and does good show. Fish got I have a one presidential. Trivia question for. Who was the last. President. Who have facial there. Right. Was it well we wish. I was not a way to get. Bring that party back in a way. I believe. If I'm not mistaken it would have been a mustache on one Theodore Roosevelt. According to this. The most reserve presidents who have facial hair throughout his presidency was Taft. Owed nine to thirteen. What's interesting about that is you know what came out in the beginning of his presidency it was quite popular by the end of his presidency. The disposable razor. They act. July 1 released a disposable razor in like 1901. Extra sting and by AM at a time. 1913 rolled around it was a pretty common thing and we no longer have presidents with phase whether. You're in font of information riding. First president to ever serve one term in office. Just one. Are. Then Garrett. Now. And Adams really. So the oldest of seventeen minutes that was seventy members know he lost the I think you second one but he didn't key. 7978. You know and speaking of things in the old days did you guys who would have posted on FaceBook over the weekend and we will revisit this tomorrow but I forgot the magazine's. My mother goes down to Mississippi to spend several weeks with my grandma. And brings back this weekend for mean several magazines from my grandma's house on what you find is interesting. Old magazines from back in the fifties. I was a pain. So we go to breakfast and I bring the magazines and I start flipping through the magazine's one albums like. You know a private look at the upbringing of Grace Kelly is stuff like that. I start flipping through the magazines. And I get to the advertisements. Own Rodney remind team for tees mag you reminded me when you said Gillette. But there is an advertisement. For unwanted hair. And that the language they use to back in the fifties. Is sell. Hilariously offensive. And it says things like. Ladies. Your husband does not want banished. Link hair on your legs. I'm just on a Canada. And I won't. Just a couple of the headlines and then again I'm going to bring the magazines and tomorrow. And we will read them for you tomorrow. What makes a woman. Desire to look at her face got too small island very Smart she's got that apron conscience can rock that Jennifer army and a nine. Let us suppose that there are two wins and a as alike is peas in a pod yet one of them is a lowering. In chanting. While the other is utterly unattractive. What makes one woman so charming and the other just a drab never date wallflower. Glamour is like a beautiful dress ladies it can be acquired. And it goes on to say how you can be more attractive. For your man because who wants to be and never to date wallflower care that's horrible. How how could they be more attractive shave. Put a clear enough. One of the Morris there's horrifying ads. Abouts. Feminine products if. And it shows a woman with a smile on her face in high heels and stockings. Walking home in the brisk breeze. Getting ready to make dinner for a man. You walk briskly your ears ringing with cheers and song. You feel the glow you've always felt every since you first time those saddle issues in a stadium blanket and the world became an exciting pattern. Of pennants and Chris Santa moms teen dances. A world very personally yours of going places. Of being young. This was when you promised yourself you'd stay young you never let life's aggravation slow you up or get you down. On problem days for instance you'd choose contacts for its mayor. It's a failings softness that gives you the extra comfort you would expect. Yes you choose kind of tax forest tapered ends no belts no pins ladies. For that exclusive safety sensor assuring extra protection. Three sizes ladies. For three different days regular junior and super. All designed to give you comfort and keeps you. I think they mean regular. Junior and crap that's. As Toronto announced today. Here's one final. Reading for you from the 1950s. Advertising section this two for Tampa not tax the Smart modern trend no belts no pins no pads no odor. How is she keep that pep in her step her spirits high all through the month. Doesn't she have those depressing days to. Of course these Smart modern women have similar problems on quote. Then Tuesday. But many of them have discovered tampax as a method of sanitary protection. Rule. It CNN. And busy. It's they and in. And it's. I mean yeah. Clean feeling of summer anytime. Soon recede and yeah. And then yeah. Turn us in and finally the most depressing disturbing one and note the word poison is used three times. Every day more and more women are discovering this amazing advancement in feminine hygiene. A message that is not only dainty and safe. But his continuous medication for hours without the use of poison. It actually kills germs on contact called sonic tour these JT snow lights applause the Tories could spread aid Greece was protected co. Kills germs and bacteria on contact. They clintons and skeptically. By destroying owner with no poison. Does not tour the most powerful continue his actions depository. Yet isn't higher lead gentle. To delicate tissues and it is non caustic contains no poise and does not burn and helps promote healing. Poison down there. Are. Some in my watch amp DNA. Test. Pretty. Surprised. It didn't look let's. Not too far. And contains no poison. 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And tells me because his mother and he went to Wal-Mart tells me I got her dad. I got acts. And I was like why why did you hit the acts. The other bodies. Because as the associated with it acts acts that he is like now he's all series as a guy got facts. And I guess there was one called like mystic desires. And he really wanted that oil because it sounded cool. And is bombs like you can argue mystic desires a mystic designers that desire for it. So he's but it is this morning. I wake up and they're out of him and have as a brother out of school today. So it governor come down the stairs and he goes dead dad smell my armpit. That is not what I want is here for saying this morning's. Is that no really carrier best ally it. It just alone yeah I think about the armor of colors. I'm telling you axe body spray. Will take the wallpaper. Off your net it is even worse like tax and it's pretty strong. But but this is is that something has become trendy prolongs has become trendy to make fun of axe body spring I like tax. I had some time trendy things are there for a reason. It's true need to make fun of it because it smells like. Okay really quick in high school what was say what is indeed that Cologne juror member. Spoilers when an Indian and a rumor brute. A paper it was one column from the expensive stuff yes well your member Leon pay it starts today on hole. Certainly poll in green glass bottle out. Screamed high school. It wasn't our money. Was at its start romance aren't part of our war com. At your car. On the short list. Now do you bank loan in high school. Look at these com eighties just had an eighty's do you bank. Commitment these. Oh obsession. For a man who. That because when it wasn't good enough for a woman it was ready for. Now it was account incline it's I remember cool water remembered for a car. Or car. Users one that started with an and I can still snell drug or. Drugs tomorrow. Him. There have been like look at all the people who pre order your car noir -- Aramis. How are rare as are her cool water that was a big thing for the cowboys like all of them. All good guys or cowboy hats and big giant belt buckles then I'd call water and don't forget and this was like a lesser brand but there was. Digital Nanette it was Georgia it was Armani member Giorgio back in the eighties. No it was Aramis that's what you're thinking it was blue route that was good. What are you wearing two. It's. I could've been like to voice government. Totally did you have. You went to high school and that's all that work fairly calm and just grows yeah. You give retirement a car. Hi daddy handsome man and my sister and I and it's building it's in his two rock. That thing staying for years probably still smells like or Ireland. Well here it remember that drew Cobb. Are. Sit down captain do you like and it not bad for each ride in and he's not disgusting you forgot about. Turning. For more man. Yeah. My dad used to by. Taste. More under armed you know and it was called. I can see it it was any. Huge you know. Boom yes it was air extra Fries and carry it came in what looked like a school can't okay it was a game white school can't. Whom. It's my. And he would stick your fingers and it and I think when you are down here aren't you would run. On your pets and I'm telling you keep the head stuck home. For years and I Axl Rose it was cold and creamy. And America. She. Marks protests across the country today for gun control of morn next I report. Lightning landscape and irrigation you know. I was so hoping it was going to rain today because we don't ever sprinkler system up and running yet we got to wait until it's done a furry easing in anyone has a sprinkler system knows why. 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I am lightning asked landscape dot com or call 9134413904413900. Or lightning dashed landscape dot com. Fourth rejoined Kansas City for McCain NBC newsroom I'm Kara marks are. And gun control advocates are no pressure on the NRA following last week's school shooting in Florida grassroots group called drain the NRA held a rally today in Los Angeles announcing the NRA's financial support of members of congress. The protesters want any lawmaker taking funds from the guns right group to be voted out of office. Police arrested a thirteen year old boy from republic Missouri near Springfield accused of threatening to shoot up a school with a AK 47 in a video posted on social media. He was taken to a juvenile detention center early Sunday and officers seized guns from the boy's home. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Northwest winds at ten to fifteen miles per hour periods of rain and otherwise cloudy skies. Temperatures in the thirties very close to freezing that means freezing rain cannot be ruled out for some of us. Which weather advisory stays in effect until noon tomorrow especially over northwestern Missouri in northeast Kansas. By tomorrow night dropped to sixteen. Afternoon high of 35 degrees. The chance of sleet and snow that coming in toward the tail end here Wednesday and last in the Thursday to this is an unsettled pattern is at least. From channel nine for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. Thirty generic TCI 36 in Lee's summit it is 34 and your official weather station. All we know the. Man. Okay. Everything okay thanks iTunes. And just occasionally and. There's also are pursuing you or. Karen maybe seven by the name of us. Poisons. Christian and you know please. Buddhism. If you missed it there was the other disruption on an airplane. This one involves somebody who works for the New York State government. And one Andrew Cuomo who is the governor. She threw a fit on an airplane. Regarding a screaming kid. The kid was not hers of course. Here's stores from seriousness. In this video the woman can be seen threatening a flight attendants job but also saying that she worked for the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. Now after this video went viral it's now hurt job that could be on the line and at the very least it's a reminder that virtually everyone has a camera on their phones now so. You can almost. That someone's gonna be rolling. He's not an incredible night this still. On video captures a heated confrontation between a delta flight attendant and passenger Susan Haaretz. That you can be heard arguing about how high wrist treated the young mom and her baby. Meaning. The mom who took the video Marissa Rendell says she shared it on FaceBook to raise awareness about iris is behavior. It was been viewed nearly two million times. Perez's employer the new York state council on the arts started an investigation. And says she's been placed on leave until further notice. Rendell says he doesn't regret sharing the video. That she does regret that is affected Perez's job. Sue shaft is the author of shame nation. No one is afforded the luxury of an oops moment anymore without risking it going viral there are many examples of these incidents. To aviation security were fired after a widely shared video showed them dragging a Kentucky doctor from an overbooked united flight one. And an American Airlines flight attendant was suspended after a confrontation with two passengers last April. Jeff says before you upload video to social media take time to consider the consequences. You never want to put a temporary emotion on the permanent Internet. Because what you feel at that time is gonna stay there forever. And the same could be said for the frustrated passenger yet don't want be policy to know that aren't here's my question. Is this the same incident last week. Where a toddler was screaming. At the top of his lungs out higher. Flight which was eight hours or is this a separate crying baby sat for okay. Because he's been in the news as it. A lot recently OK and if you have ever sat in an enclosed space near that ear piercing sound. It causes anxiety there is something about that sound. That just be sure wreaking. Residents of it will cause you to snap it real. Ask you this. Is it about because you can hear the woman sale on the flight I'm sorry she after she threatens the stewardess with her job's is a tab that you may not have a job tomorrow. She then said after tab that says I want this woman off this flight. Then the woman says block I'm very sorry I was stressed out. What is it about being on a flight because I've been on meant many flights. And I don't ever call being stressed out armor being uncomfortable little claustrophobic. Remember like being angry or violent. I've never turned to another passenger and said would you shut your kid out. OK if I had been on the plane with the toddler who did nothing but scream for eight hours. I wouldn't have opened the side door and flung myself out of it at 30000 feet I would have been angry Scott kulicke and I'm a breeder. I heard that noise is of that kids screaming I don't even think we should play it it is so back. I would have said something. In that case if this is just a baby cry and I think you put your earplugs and you crank up some music. And you let go. But I wanted to talk about this today because my mom and I went to breakfast Saturday morning in Topeka. We each hook my kids and I wanna say there was five of us. Having breakfast at the local I hop cut and the couple. In the boost. On the other side of the partition you know I hop has those partitions on the other side of the partition. They had brought a toddler. Who was doing Z every B three to six minutes head back full throttle. Gutter roll it's green being. And asked her about the second or third burst. Of screening. I looked at my mother and I said I am about to lose my GD mind. Get that kid out of here. And and this is coming from someone who has been there. I have been there I from issue I've been there. But I don't think you have a right with your out of control toddler to ruin everyone else's experience. Because you don't have the guts to stand up and take. That can outside the data that's easy to say in the Idaho. It's another experience when your one point. He can't take the kid out. It is true. You cannot take the kid out but what that toddler on that airplane was doing was so be on the pale snitching which when we talk we talk about that flight I tormented. Do I Germany and new yes look at that eight hour flight was a kid is just. Outs of crunch role. Is out of control yes for eight hours us. I don't know what you do it would be hard for me to not say something I actually wanted to say something after about thirty minutes. I thought I would love nothing more than to go over that table and say could you please. Take your toddler outside just for three minutes and let's see if that helps Eminem house. Now. It we had this happen once your mom doesn't like confrontation yeah lately and I don't either I just was and I hop we have this happened once about a year ago at a very. Nice fancy sit down restaurant where you're paying a hundred bucks to be in and thinking at the time you don't have the right. To ruin everyone else's experience. Because you're used to that sound I'm not. I'm out of that phase and thank god for it. I don't wanna listen to your toddler screaming while I'm trying to enjoyment from a tax on real one on this side one on the side and you. They mean you're right parents don't have any consideration these days. We always took our kids outside if they were fussy always however some meals rights and I hope Dana. That the people and I Hobbs told you to mind your own GG business. The problem is your making your business everyone else's business by doing nothing. You're really actually making it everyone's problem. And I remember as a young parents thinking yeah my life's over when it comes to dining out or not going to be able to do this for awhile. From age about in on terror is quickly getting there she needs to go out to dinner now all she wants because in about. Four or five months. That luxury is over for them. Until about age. Four or five knee is depending on the kid. You just know what you're signed up for. As a parent you don't get to go out to the hundred dollar had restaurant. And bring your scream and Frick and toddler along you just don't so this is what it's the kid has autism. I'm sorry. I still don't think. You have the right to run everyone else's experience. Because your child is having and all that I I always was a take a router the minute that kid if we were out someplace and it can be avoided her started screaming I would. Pop up. Like one of those whack animals and the arcade. And go outside until they calmed down and bring him. 5767798. Day in Iraq run Babcock come scuff marks over get a week from our check that this Friday. Worth it to force or groom Barnes same joke this Friday 54 street grill and bar. Insane Joseph you wanna weigh in 576779. The plumbing and union the plumbing pro now all. All you have to do as good as Dana's plumber dot com super simple Dana's plumber dot com they've seen at all. Locally owned and operated since 1978. They will repair or replace your toilet here Fossett. They do the big stuff your sump pump blows out your sewer line busted water or gas line. When unit the plumbing pro and water is gushing coated Dana's plumber dot com put your tools away and head on line. Leaking clogged or dripping when you feel your patient slipping. Only got to do is go to Dana's plumber dot com. Am no longer. I 76779. Game. Italy hello Olivia and better than we deserve thank you very much. A at all I think it all year your weight and yet they did it they're older they. Made it. There I had eight landing gear I'll eat it every day yeah yeah yeah it. Apparently and I. And they're like matter the target on and then back into the game they're playing in order beta and. I agree at that age Olivia but you know when it comes to toddlers you cannot reason wins huge in. Once they once they hit that point it's like trying to describe the color orange to a blind person. Who. And end at eight. We re. And added that people say you're an idiot and Baylor they. Can bailout during a mere eight. Lately but let me in the trap and by finally you know I created a little. Lost jobs Libya. Now because she she threatened let me be clear and and I'm I'm on the fence on this one. She didn't threaten a child she just said something derogatory to the mother of the child. That was screening. You mean. That. Caroline and yeah. And people like me. You know and by. Now. Leader culture. I'm like. Oh I don't think lack. Think at all she had set was gets that kid. Out of here or shut that kid up. I don't think you should lose your job over that where she crossed the line was telling the flight attendant moved me or I will have your job next week. But to tell mother give that kid out of here I better I have no problem of that because I sat through Saturday and I wanted to fling. Age range at that table I it made me. That sounds. Is just there's nothing worse there's enough it is an agitating. Hi Lee agitating. Sound. Academies are demonize in Gladstone hello and nice headache. Eight the night here. And worrying that. It that it. Call and then as a parent you sit there and is that screaming toddler on a plane. Careful. From in this city to Columbus, Ohio. I'll play you what it is the most horrifying. Day as a parent you know if he's due or try I'll. Didn't agree there at all and nothing you can do it. I would own bare and though about what point saying that came out of it it there was a passenger or. That order a almond Coke and then back to my seat. I mean yeah. And for me that child wandered what are the other. My kids are very wealthy paid Ed in the restaurant area in effect and I would like them side by my children are. Early twenties now though. But still ballads like go out and there is doing but I try to put myself in the position about parents and I'll tell you why it it is just the most horrifying thing isn't there anything that I'd. I'd been group. I looked at its what do you think yeah. Why you were flying with a child that age is my growing up was I'm just not doing it I'm sorry if there's a funeral in. Out and say there is no way I would get a plane for any reason toddler I I just didn't do it. I'm separate person migrate my kids they were wanna do on my own. And oh actually one opera baptism. He and yeah I thought it was a great idea. I. But that's the problem is when year. Ago. Exactly did Dana Point I too felt like IQ openness by pat you're short and self. I do remember saying we will not travel when they're that age because Scott Ike I. I know what that would be like to be trapped and it's your kid causing the problem Rochelle in Holden Kohler show. I argued that I would do that. Now I want bag really mean and like it here in Iraq. Are played by all means. Get out of their kid they'll let people treated at me and Eric and that is I don't know how many times. We would decide that maybe it might work and I thought to dinner. And it can't terms are like yeah I'll take it again oh. It that are playing. You know he helped. I didn't they won my vote or not my time and luckily he did not act. But the game I'd ADV. Wade is back. In the entire flight horrible. All right hey let's kick came in here from Laporte can be your last word hello candy. I'm. Gonna okay. And it Barry. Now go. We go to that. I was in it if you do this to me when Mort I'm. You. With a Z snap. You can't. Stupid remarks are happening now I can be easy to White House is backing a bill on gun laws we'll have more next extra listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.