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Thursday, November 9th

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on Kate and easy and still advertising utensils and showers coming in on veterans day Saturday from Joan I'm for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ weather. Right. Now at forty degrees New York officials letters to each. And I've got a guy and says hey I've been waiting to play twelve play in my car. My wife was wondering why am not coming here and look what can we get to the Star Wars news now. I sit it's coming into writing hang up missing them. A back breaking Star Wars news this afternoon youth need to outline his mind drove his. Brian Johnson. The director. To kill the music and I. Spoke and Johnson Karen who's the director. Fuller members of the now. Lows to deal with Disney to develop. A tee shot you are say he's. So white. After nine there's going to be ten and I'll. And there's talk about in new live action Star Wars TV show we're all ears and mind. So explain it. Who. So he is the director or who's gonna lead and I and others. Well not including the Hans solo movie which ranks really not that excited about don't go see it anyway. Or. There's gonna be at least another five Star Wars movies. Including mr. Well no no does eight is not out of eight out of 9101112. Yes so there's going to be another spot yes. Human home and home and that woman home and home and home and I'm accompanied it. No date yet public but we know it will be done right we cannot how cited. Are you about this news it's not act on a scale of one to ten million more. 36 I was being really excited. Ten being I've off the moon and I can't believe this this is the greatest day of my life. One being really excited what do you call particles floating around in space it's too small to quantify the best star. Smaller. Sorry. I'm glad that you're happy why do you hate joy let her. What is wrong with nothing wrong with me. And I just read up on this earmarks are. He will not include the current characters it is going to take place in another stretch of the galaxy. And introduce us to new care so this will be skywalker or less yes. Interest. So what's the timeframe. That we know. Mean Camby had a thirty years in the future can. Credit. This conversation. Now several people are saying. Disney's going to drive this franchise into the ground Woolsey really. Because the latest James Bond movies with Daniel Craig. Have been the best. I. And I think were on like the twentieth. James Bond movie and there are still great. I hate to goal. News person I just don't give the music again a path he shot at a time. And David good. Killed children. They bring you kill joy right I'm about to kill the joy because we have to talk about. What we've talked about off the air. During your newscast. And can. Connect to and. So a lot. The non suspects. In the murder of paper cited an attorney. He's not a suspect has spoken to the Kansas City Star. He's the owner of the van he is the owner and managing for that they have been searching for. Widely reported to be seen leaving. The scene of the crime. When mr. picker was shot to death near his front porch yeah. This man who we know has shot at or successfully shot multiple people in the past but claims he did not shoot the attorney. Is saying. To the Kansas City Star today that his van was parked on his property the entire. Day. That mr. Piccard was murdered. Right. Here's my question you have to refresh my memory we're gonna post the story on the came easy FaceBook page because we have not heard from this man until just this point just used the word allegedly a lot cat please here's my question. Did police not say. On the very day. That this. Poor man this attorney was shot and killed in broad daylight while his wife was inside the house. Did they not say that they found the van in question abandons. Remind me where Carol was it rate now it was great town on his property they found the van abandoned in great town so. That's I guess my only question he's saying. My band had nothing to do what the murder I didn't kill this attorney. I'm fighting the judgment against me that everyone thinks I'm so angry about people are looking at me like I'm number Bert that's his quote. But the van that they were looking for the day of the homicide was found later abandon. I hate the word abandoned here. By a band without a driver what color are fine because my car is currently abandoned. In the water pump parking. Has a new born in bright and the abandoned. Denotes a certain level of guilt. I don't like the word abandoned in the story. It it it makes me sick that on the day his family. Late mr. picker to rest. This. Man. Is on the front page of the Kansas City Star saying why didn't do it. But we will post the story. Sargent Kerry Thompson MacKenzie please department says quote we do not consider him a suspect at this time nor did we consider him a suspect. Apps the time. Which was two weeks ago or without it's two weeks ago exactly. Scott. It's worked. This man has a history of filing lawsuits I'm going to stay out of Havoc with his history of shooting people so I'm going to stay out. Contract that is currently under negotiation and I'd like to us. Immediately after the 8 AM shooting police announced they were looking for a white 1997 Chevrolet amber does her license successfully for factory. Within hours this man's name was linked to the ban on Twitter and at some local media reports. He is saying Kara. Help me out here. He doesn't believe that band with that plate was seen at the scene as police have said he is saying. I think they worked back word. Figured out that was my van and then put out the description of the band they knew belong to me because of the lawsuit judgment against me. In the case that mr. Piccard. Brought against him. Correct. There're a lot of strange coincidences. That are in the story. I'm still not ready to close case on this. I'm Wilson business. Now. It. Every single day I come in here and I say the same thing what is accurate every set every two weeks and moderates why not. I say every day. So we oppose the store you can make a hero of mine. Still arrests. Today. Fourteen days after her. In broad light so all. Got down illegal professional in our city. So but it just wrote data call the police I just drove past Wal-Mart there are at least 55 abandoned cars in the arc. Right now the jar. Are you that notebook. I media a lot of I hate when. Who used the word band start. Or the week it was the police at the time. Were abandoned that and notes of level what is the door is opened. Or at jar it and I'm asking which is okay use abandoned. If it's on the side of road. It's somebody's prior prop while we're not sure where it rates down. It it was a front as proper you can bring in your own and that's fair. I mean like saying. Scuff marks parked his car in his drive and park last night and CN commit a it. I am Ben might call that like I got my putting and in the here's what I did. It and punish you abandon that there and then I abandoned and agree you know lack IA. I don't like this story I don't like a little while I I don't because of what happened. Is it possible. That a certain man in the world has a history of shooting people and holding people on point. 45 times that we know of a possible candidate in this case he has. To do with it yes is it possible yes. I. This possible. 76 sevenths. Months. It may not to both hardware your headquarters for all things outdoors this fall. Wonderful goods nuts and bolts and right now if great deals on lawn and leaf bags we shoots leave scoops and so much more. 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And maybe my son Willie Nelson and kind of Paulson. Two male lions over and. But seem to be really good friends. Nevada name or day. For real. Knows him pumping. What they call it out Friday. Pride man you know there it's pride and make it's just. It's 10% of the animal kingdom is it okay. Read more and this is fascinating to me so but in Kenya. That is not acceptable behavior. Within the human. Please. Those shoes it's concealed behavior. Let's be clear. But it's not a for. So the Adam who's ski. Chief executive of the Kenya film classification board. Doctor easy fuel to. Says of these lines are behaving badly. Sending the wrong example from the animal kingdom. And he says and I quote he. Set aim wrong example for you and I am looking yes. Well we can't. And that doctor easy fuel into. Says and I quote demons also inhibit. Animals. Are pleased and on Twitter he writes if our lions begin this homosexual behavior. And that will surely be the end of the animal species. Oh please just reduced to kill the messenger. The recent photos taken in the Kenyan wildlife area do show a rare sight email Liam. Mounting another male Liam. In what resembles a certain act but experts say may have been a way of showing dominance. You know cut snapped like like dogs still Stalin is a female but has on occasion. Yes humps on. Even though she's incapable of like your leg. Yes OK it's a way of show don't tell me they wanna kill these lions I retire at or don't I don't think they'd attack the spectacle of two wild. Male lions in such intimacy. Was also observed in Botswana last year and has sometimes been interpreted as. Homosexual behavior the line and experts say it is relatively. Uncommon form of bombing or social interaction. Says Paul Goldstein the photographer captured the images. It was just a dramatic thing to see. He was astonished by the two is document to his remarks declaring it not normal and attributing the behavior to. Demonic possession or copying what he clearly believes is immoral team I please know he's he's condemning the doctor for what he said. These animals. And so document to. These animals need counseling. Because. Probably they have been influenced by the gays yes who have gone to the nationals are you to do now and behavior bad hate need to pray the gay away out of these lions. Says that's what them Tom but needs to them says doctor mature. I don't I don't know they must of copied it somewhere. Or it is demonic because these animals do not watch movies older do you not gay line the I'm not done with the quote. The words I am hearing come out of your mouth and Kurds. Doctor doctor are met Stewart continues if you would be so kind. The demonic spirits inflicting in humans seems to have now caught up with the animals. That is why I will say we need to isolate the crazy gay animals. It's eight. It was an onion headline rate this guy really is being serious he thinks the lions need counseling and they need to segregate what they have demons. They have demons enemy got via like. The demons well. What's it called axis idea. And exercises them yet to exorcise the demons. That. I offered my today. That I was talking to while we were bowling and wild male lions have only mounted each other for a day or two in past cases. Happen. A. While verbally what my girlfriend says to me today I'm going to Africa what's she says I booked a trip today I am going to Africa with a girlfriend. 82 weeks safari and then while yeah. Like I'm not in right now indicates left if I did. It. How expensive it is wanna safari to twenty. A lot like that it's as likely shoot something in our issues. Like that person that would kill an animal eats. And Alex have for George. I did not. Kill that Kent. Won in the dryer jail on accident I did not kill the other. Was an accident or has become a sport. And. Edged him in. The 16. Very. Nice and I don't know about George. Which captains here team by the right to own because every day and my FaceBook timeline it says one year ago on this day there's my sweet kitty and evening. One of them have a Jupiter them. I couldn't I couldn't ask him to pieces. Ike but not. Go out there. For the ceremony. Which are. In a major sandbag any efforts to restore power in Puerto Rico we'll have more next. You know there's only one name you need to know for appliance black Friday's sell savings and they're starting right now in Nebraska furniture mart it's got parks. And right now C ten and up to 57%. Off suggested retail and select major appliances plus there's fleet are free delivery. Appliance purchases of 299 a more even get twenty month financing and appliance purchases. A 39 and more with more than 700 on display thousands on line. It is easy to compare the latest innovations and style and techno. Export everything from the basics to the best plus. 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Public clouds out. Or temperatures dropping through the thirties down to 21 by tomorrow morning. The morning temperature could be close to record nineteen setback in the year 2002 so you know. Wind chills will be down obviously at least in the teens pretty cold stuff partly to mostly sunny skies on Friday high temperature 41 degrees. Even milder on Saturday but more clouds and a chance of snow showers rolling through on veterans day in the afternoon. High temperature right at fifty degrees. 52 degrees on Sunday 54 coming in on Monday. We'll finally hit sixty that's not until next Tuesday from channel lineup for solar chief meteorologist Brian Bosnian KM BZ whether. 36 turnout case CI Ehrlich at 38 in liberty it is forty and your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. The. They're on Dennis. A nurse who is already serving life in prison for two murders this is out of Germany. May have killed more than 100. Patients. This is munch thousands thing over several years to hospitals and northwestern Germany. Investigators have completed toxicology exams on patients who died during a meals holes time as a nurse. In hospitals in Oldenburg and double Horst. They found sixteen other cases in which he is suspected. In late August they said that they've determined that he might have killed at least another 84 patients. You on the ones for those. He is already serving. While we have those stories here one animal yes there was here's some nursing home and sometimes it's an ER and I think the checks and balances are better. In any our world. Where. They look back at the code. Blue book rates and their like every single time this person is on duty or someone flat lines really quick. I did not realize when Caremark circles the story yesterday. And god bless these school nurse. And the school resource officer who saved. A grand views student's life. When her heart stopped him. I did not realize. There's video. And 41 poster that last night that I went back to look and the star attitude. There's video because Scott Adam I'm just gonna pull up. The officer helping this school nurse save this girl who you look at it right there that's test impressions of his. Body camera. Is activated. And so you don't see the girl's face but you clearly see. The officer is motioning up and down and up and down. And you hear him say come back to me come back to me I could not watch the video without crying. The reason. I think it's important for everyone to see the video. And it's hard to watch and it even says this might might be hard for some people watching. Is because we've all. Heard. In TV and movies some of you have had CPR training. Exactly what that moment looks like when the you know what hits the fan. And you have to go find that defibrillator. And make it happen and bring somebody back. And Scott this is a school nurse. This is a police officer these are people who are trained it. To do exactly what they did to bring this girl back and they did bring her back. That. You can see. The. I don't wanna say panic and I don't wanna say frantic what's just below panic and frantic. And you can feel. The. Give me the word on the Tex I'm looking for panic makes it sound like they don't know what they're doing and that's not true. But it is a very. Tenths. I think tents would work. Tense effort it's a very. Tense coordinated. Effort to save this girl's life and they do it and here's the other thing I wanna point here. You can hear the defibrillator machines today. Take sticky backed off. It talks to you. Care marks or you know god forbid one of us it's the deck here. She's the one who's gone through the training it'll be her running down she knows that he could have several. And here. There and human error saving us. And anyone who's on that training. Needs to see this you know. Because this is a nurse and she's. Still looking for it's not frantic and it's not panic it's not even tense at some. Did you through the defibrillator training. And what is the things AD when you're trying to get the sticky thing off of it talks to it does yeah. They didn't exactly what you'd. Waste it says press here. It through security at the plastic things. To keys right he stepped to the person's chest it tells you where to place. And it tells you to use. Okay so I didn't realize yesterday when you and yes god bless that girl in green right freshman yes they say is alive. Yes they say they're. I did not realize the news media. Others that he did the body yeah so. And the clip that 41 senate cuts off before. They bring her back I was trying to tell Scott their support and trying to use I don't know what it is it's not frantic and it's not panic. But that nurse and that officer you hear the officers say come back to come back to me and the nurse breathing happy. I think everyone should watch it because I think you think in your mind. I've been through that training. I know that thing tells me what to do I'm telling you when you know what it's the fan and you have minutes to save a freshman. Girl's life I I couldn't watch the video with crime and I knew days. Because you don't have a ton of time now and Angela that the rain goes oxygen the worst here comes down payment. I name's cricket. I tried to be Syria this year. Scott I can just so. We are talking about it's very. It's. Mary Rose is the name of the school's health services coordinator designers. And Brett Myers the school resource officer this was this a rocket at girl act he saved in a month second. Get. Out metal right. Well. Of Randy noticed just before 9 AM that Isabel is face was pale and her lips were turning blue. She headed to get help and hurt her friend faults of the floor and then ransom Myers just jumped in. And there's an AEG in each one of the buildings. He says both times 'cause he's saved two I was just doing what I was put there to do. Where is her defibrillator in recent break room isn't it can you need to know how are you sure you're at tasked with saving us if we go down how. How could you come to learn how to use. And a duty because when I first got trained I was the person here late Amazon evening shift at that point and now they like somebody in the evenings in case there's and it goes down in the evenings should be trained and now. I volunteered. And who's the person during the day. Well there's a whole bunch of people around here that are tree during our. Paris about a dozen of us in the building or you can now here's the thing of course when I'm strand course cap and. Captain rocky mountain of course. That's the thing I want you to know how to do it and I want a couple of other people as your goal there's a bunch of people on the attack again. I think they only to watch this video because it is so. Knowing. Michelle Monaghan and sales. She's not gonna say via. If you're trained in the eight. It's got hearts. Yeah. Sorry I'm a sales call okay here is the word I was looking for urgency. Desperation. That's a little strong definitely urgency. Huge sense. Of urgency. Everyone is stagnant and you guys almost beat doctors. Editor of O manic ticket won. Intense man urgency. Happening whether I bring Earl. Like me and my ladder over. Right now is going on with you today just. Nice that I liked the well I feel like we're not gonna go to break for another four months. I can keep all AM talk. Social thing this sex no more about the. Eden. And the way that it and talks low eight so what happens is you have to take off the wall. And. Yeah. Take off the wall it's it's so you take it off the warring in any bring it over to patient record Aaron who's who's who's having a hard act okay. Exhausted beaten. Okay. Well let's and then you have to Albany case but it actually opened the case because. Eight years inside a I don't OK and determine how big is enmity and use the child. And they're so adult I felt for a bigger person like a rock you would use the adult size. Someone smaller like say Iraq the bomb but I I think even smaller. It child. Okay so for really small person you would use that that child pass. And once attached the sensors. Anyway do you soft the well ignore the sound of running water. Yeah so what's the rod. Player. You know some happens all the salt. And knock on wood haven't synonymous in the future when you find yourself in the cards god forbid you do. Wonders of fender Bender or something more serious remember the name deals collision repair. In blue springs that's serious business you want your car or truck fixed right the first time that's what they do it Dale's collision repair emblem springs factor work. He is guaranteed as long as you're on your card trucks and get it fixed right. The first time I've been out there many times steele's personal friend I've seen his crews who work in the best 8162281855. 8162281855. Or wrong line it tails auto collision dot com. Dale's a blue springs take care of cars. Taking care of you. OK you know what that will be a little confusing because in sales ABC means always be close this is up bars I should be teaching this course try to shut it we found ourselves on the. Less prepared side of things Stanley and its. My heart went berserk. And I knew exactly what to do but in a much more real sense I know what you went so I thought we should have CPR training class. And Christian can't get the practice dummy unless you structure comes along with it. Racquet. I can't keep doing this forever if and when he segment. Which lets try next absolutely I would not it's you know why I really think she you know. Stan. It's not a good idea Michael he needs to rest no rest for the sick. We are not always going to be there. To coddle your heart back. When it disappears to be working. What do you do if you're by yourself you know ourselves. I would. And you're okay with that. It with a lot. Come on get up let's do this. Yes I had a heart attack would quit and I'm tool department of the child and however no decision to retire. I feel like arm working on my own casket. Come on Stanley you're losing your losing your duet. Michael this is you are talking about ice OK okay so. Is. It that's in this situation. I think reading. No rose. They are not breathing and they have no arms relax. Now that's not part where are today. You know if we come across somebody with no arms or legs do we bother response. I mean what kind of quality of life two there I would want to live with no legs a couple of the norms of. I've. Our carrier that's funny. Among Stanley you're losing you. John Edwards and his answers element for I don't aren't going quite well. So I don't know what when it's a machine had a heart attack my retarded name brought back a freshman girl. In grand view because they knew what to do and how to do it they had the eight easily freshman girl had a heart to heart stopped she's had some part is how before. Heart stopped. D.s school resource officer at the school nurse Robert act. I've told everybody you've got to watch the video because it's on the officers. Body camera. Because I think the training is one thing and and carrots and threw it did you take the training okay. And I arrived in that was that was the dumbest question in my heart attack in his building after 545. Five via everyone does for her skirt or were dead yeah carry us well. The funny thing is if anybody is going to have a heart attack on this floor it's that people that work after five. Eight people. There's one person that you're not exactly the body else. Jess is healthy you real yap. How many times have you worked out this week I haven't worked out the sweet demeanor that you worked this going on five RO with thank you very little it. And how I'm many years where you were smokers. I would I would need to quit drinking because of your internal hemorrhaging its. A leader but I I have it right on it struggled this week so obviously I'm much more likely to die I quit drinking because I have problem. And it was not a welcoming me. It. And you're past. Kind. So when hazard and I had to perform CPR I was managing a restaurant the lady survived thank god but that wasn't from another forcing me to get trained the year before he knows what would have happened. You need the Heimlich. Act do I think so art just pull on some his stomach that I mean yeah. This without them joking my mom's side of people who you don't like the non choking and so Henry got here and answer and more confident and are not my mother has saved two of three. My grandfather was one of them chip and it's always state. Every time she she's saved somebody it was oh. Yeah half. Yeah that's usually in years but people joking Tuesday December or hot here now there's two candidates looks them how. That the last thing you aid. And then you're choking and I really meant how it went out if it looks like I'm saying I do. Eighty dollar stakes on that's a hot dog I saw something from one of these three yarder vegetarian. Idiot. Web sites or something. And they listed all the things you today is that a hot dog and then on the bottom it's enjoyed itself grass and I thought to myself or think you are well. I don't. Let you watch the video going around right now about how there made you would care. No there is so the thing though is. The was to get in to stop eating hot dogs and it pointed out all things that are in hot dogs. And I I think it was on FaceBook that armor is on FaceBook and I wrote back. Do you want me don't waste the cal lips and and no now we need to we have hired me. Americans because they use every piece of the votes right there's a great video that Jamie Oliver the the shaft. Like Tracy hurt people who eat healthy he's done doctor Oz show and he shows a bunch of kids. How chicken nuggets are made. Expecting them to be disgusted at the end of the video he goes so how many view when he chicken McKnight at our Internet don't look at his face just priced designer. OK I lost that one guy. That was the failures around. Oh that picks lifestyles are coming out very valueless good. You won us a broad outlets out the trash I mean. So you don't know. Just doing everything else on the cal with the website and our off limits that we somehow go from saving lives and CPR training to what hot dogs are man. I really don't that it. We ought to run job orders over the next right after 6 o'clock and don't forget tomorrow at 4 o'clock. Your second installment of Smith that shocked. 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