Scott says WHAT about police officers responding to stupid calls????

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Thursday, February 15th

The man has lost his mind....  - Dana


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy. Front making its way in for the next few hours or answer to work him more of me in north to northwesterly wind behind dances average is holding into the sixties at the starting to fall toward evening. And quickly falling for tonight counselor twenties with a gusty North End. Increasing sunshine for tomorrow that high only at 35 degrees. Milder weather returning for the week ever he didn't drive for both days and or Saturday highland fifties warning to the upper fifties I Sunday. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more KE NBC weather. Our viewers. This happens to be my favorite Beatles song. Why did he start again it's neat to be an. And. Very good day you very so I'm not talking about Florida to. Talk about their kids not talk about McDonald's okay oh yes yes yes. Oh my god. Here. McDonald's is removing it cheeseburgers. On its mighty meal and happy well I think that it's the one for older kids of the called the mighty kids meal. Some might eat kids meal they're gonna shrink the French Fries or eating. Cheese or on. French Fries serving tabs. Hum McDonald's. America. Yeah. Please stop trying to be mean all parent my own kid if you don't mind they will continue to offer cheeseburgers. Upon request. So what's the point. It's just inundated with the sodas you could still Minnesota for the happy nobody yet they just suggested she try and help. Watered here's the deal. About three or four years ago. McDonald's decided they were not an offer Fries with happy meals anymore I'm right this sport right duke again. Apple slices slices of Apple's lives as for anybody else that they assistant for. It's. So it's SG I think it's a mystery others. And anyway. So back in my it was by that I mean three or four years ago. I was real happy so you know on nights I would advocates. He has me fissures here. My it would almost inevitably go gluten. I would say and sometimes I would say yes on the I would say yes. We would go to McDonald's general park it on the street from. Would be the drive through and I would say hi. I'd like a chicken nugget happy meal with chocolate milk for the way issues right. It's they would every anything else and Mya from the backseat would shout I want prize not the stupid out. To which I would say and a miss Kim that we also get these small fry and not to Apple's slice right. All parent might own kid if you don't mind McDonald's. And it's not that what is and. It's that McDonald's knows that all the kids on the planet wanna go to McDonald's. And they want the parents to keep bringing them to McDonald's. So they do things to tried to. Up here. Slightly healthy. Right which is a joke because going to McDonald's for healthy food is like going to hooker for hug. It. It has and that's. GM. MI wrong don't eat it. No you're not if you wanted to hug that's not the place to go. If you want healthy food that's not the place to go. Pick a different place. We all know McDonald's that is and we like it and we want it to be that. But McDonald's can't go look. Your frat you know your sat and you don't care have some more they can't do that because then people go maybe we should go there. So they try to printed book we have healthy choices you're not picking him but we. It is done. But you off our backs had. Ever. Leaders of yours to order a salad in the drive through from McDonald's and no because Lenny disgust with you what they have done. It's like where's Waldo without the red and White Stripes because. If they wanted you eat is salad you would easily be able to see that on the menu outside. They don't. Eating salads are you coming back of their workers that's role player you have to look. And look and it if I don't just how. Grilled chicken salads. Rope lifers say that my own car and driver. And then. And just give back home under. Just don't see this Alec. Santa. And those are shakes. How wrong. In. Chicken tenders. Okay. Jenkins please. Not at a product. Like at ground. You're forgetting the very last sentence that he will say and I will wrote it is done. That would be 1125 to. I. Think. Expensive thing you could buy you I don't resting on I write little chicken salad. Got a point. Blocks and terrible or is it. It's it's five blocks for twenty pieces of nugget that's right forty p.s nugget. And it's one AP's nugget that's five dollars regular healthy salad twelve dollars. Who soda the can I get Jews that'll be two dollars. For great point and it's also done. There's more they are going to start doing what we're here before you use so to get a slice of cheese. Which is sixty calorie food you have to ask for the cheese yet been cheeseburger. I'm getting this planet I hate this place I hate America I wrote a movement to him about not go to Mexico. If you would like. Now you also don't have to teach your children at toy you can get a book. Once a blow out well. But it emea blow instead of the toy if you would like. And how big is the book it apparently is small labels in the box so small I would say so. Okay. I'll tell you what though I'd rather have that been the thousands a little. Plasticky toys that Trenton hands. Who Trevor Crowe. Heat and. Are you in ways and all of them hit the tunic rod lull them rod you've been with me for a long time. We've seen a lot of things happen each room here are the two things that I'm looking forward to the most in the next few years. Number one and most importantly. Is you drop in Jack off accountant I can not wait. Oh my god. That's obviously Adam and then use. With Charlie who you brought in yesterday adorable my younger kids so adorable. As you start walking your way through the finer points of young childhood. I can see you going. Yeah hey. We're gonna get the hamburger happy meal no cheese please. We want the apple slices and the book. Hill hate me no I'm convinced you were not I don't think she's gonna. I know. Try to get every once I just hate all the stupid little plastic pulleys that end up all over my living permanently away I don't know. And all of a sudden out of nowhere he comes up in just. One thing got six months ago and I might. And British. And where did you put it yeah because I put it in the track. It's real simple. I have no problem with and getting it I just. Despise them you know and in all seriousness McDonald's is the largest distributor of toys on the planet. Looking up. Out of Iraq you know where the idea was born in here quick idea was born and Bernstein rein in Kansas City. That's right Bernstein rein. The happy meal is being awarded at burns every meal that's right there idea to add a toy a small. Crappy I mean you know those toys are always a plastic card may or in China thing. Their idea was to put those in. Meals for children. And then everyone followed your member sonic is about those little plastic and glass animal that's what figures that's right everyone after that followed. And it was Bernstein rains idea remember the name of the specific. Ad agent is another day. Robert prince I remember back in the day. Special cement trees which Loftier goals. Roger we were kids like when the Star Wars movies would come now. Wendy's or one of those parties or whomever would give you you could get like a Star Wars collapse. And would have Luke Skywalker on it. And our roads I think Taco Bell has rock and stone glass out there. And you would get like an actual glass. This doesn't end okay earn. Out so we want to know if rod matter tail gating the Jack drop off iyas. Nog I got in front of me is according to a USA today article. McDonald's is the largest distributor of toys in the world that's incredible warning percent of all sales of McDonald's include toy. So basically feeding your kids that were bribing them to come to McDonald's. Any happy meals. 20% of meals served at McDonald's come with a sore happy meals. Yet to this prize thing. Morning salas I'll tell you act and ladies if you're like meanie eastern side about where to go for auto repair and know anything about how to repair in the past may be worried. In the overcharged what I do so would your service like Islamic minded go to C Christian Brothers automotive you're gonna love it they are amazing there. They will lock you right through what's going on with your car they even took time to explain how and why the problem occurred sending photos to my email of my car. Showing me exactly what was going not not gonna try to sell you something you don't need. Nothing's gonna be done until you agree to the work to one of the things I looked about Christian Brothers auto really puts you. In the driver's seat of auto repair a reminder ask that day right special you'll still get 25 dollars off any service over 100. Christian Brothers automotive convenient locations in lake Shawnee independence liberty. And in the north land on Barry wrote. Editorial here from the game. Kansas City Star editor who holds a removal. Two black women. From the Applebee's the other day in. Independence independence and and it has become quite the controversy. Applebee's is shuttered that. Store at least for the time being. They're gonna get some sort of what's worked for sensitivity training. Here's the other tours from Kansas City Star. Applebee's made the right call determinant three employees who allegedly racially profiled him falsely accused two black women. Of leaving the independent center restaurant without paying their bills. But shame. On the independence police officer who appeared to mock one of the patrons. For being upset. Alexis Bryson and her friend Asia party. Where eating and Applebee's in the mall Friday when they were approached by an independence police officer mall security guard at a restaurant manager. The women were accused of running out on the tab from the night before. They've human vehemently denied the allegations and suggested that Applebee's was guilty of racial profiling. Bryson who was from Saint Louis film the altercation. Which surfaced online over the weekend and quickly went viral. The video along with the description of the incident was uploaded to Bryce FaceBook page. Goes on and on and the editorial describes you incident. No gorgeous. Applebee's local franchisee initially said there was no evidence. That the incident was racially motivated but after an internal investigation gore has terminated the manager. Saying and I quote from a an Applebee's spokesperson. We do not tolerate racism bigotry or harassment we're reaching out of the guests involved to apologize. Directly. Lacking any proof of what it transpire. The officer chose to side with the Applebee's employees who leveled the accusations against the diners. Independence police would not respond to multiple requests for comment about the officers' actions. The department should break its radio silence. And follow Applebee's we'd. Offer a public apology to the women and require training for officers to ensure that this does not happen again. And I said as much the other day. What do you think I think the officer was wrong. The officer was not an employee of Applebee's a crime had not been committed. The officer should have removed himself immediately. From that situation it is not the role of the police department. To escort people out of a restaurant data restaurant does not want him there. Well would you not agree that he was a little condescending to those women. Yes I do to shield was act like that. Somebody said yeah. One of the young women becomes very upset yes and he says. She always that emotional. And I think you know there were friends who was snickering when I was snickering and outside their friends of mine who are white. Who ski you word that officer's behavior because of that and I think it's fair. To have a discussion about his demeanor during that episode because as I've pointed out. You have to gauge those two women's reactions. Based on. There life experience. Not on humor life experience. But based on the experience of two young black women who have probably been in a situation before. Were some almost look at Adam funny or wondered what would you do an inferior to shoplift he you have to look at it through that lends. When they reacted upset and crying not your own lands because I've heard people say. So as neatly dressed and I wouldn't be crying and screaming about it I just go and never go back well. That's based on your experience your life experience numb to that point not their life experience up to that. Point and even into the I'm content. I'm. Back. I. Know. That's part of what happened last week. And here the officer Mac clips say it does show exactly does the officer should have removed himself immediately. From this situation. And said look this is a private messages between yeah customer. There is no I am an enforcer of the lol my name's Paul knows it's going all right. I am an enforcer law there is no law being broken here. If you want to provide me with proof that these are the women that dined and dashed last night. Fine. But I am not here to escort people who are simply eating out of your arrest. The officer should have known better he should have removed himself from that restaurant right because they lol was not being broken right. Period. He he should have shown up at the restaurant because he was called there. Walked in the managers as what we want to remove these two people right they were dining and dashing last night. Okay now what proved we have that they were dining and fashion last night. Well the server over here says he's pretty sure but not positive that they were dining in Daschle last night. Okay. And what do you want me to do. Well we want you to help us remove them from the rest. Have they committed a crime. No officer. I may law enforcer. If they've broken no law there's nothing for me to enforce. I have to go tonight. This officer. Screwed up. And the editorial in the Kansas City Star is right shame. On the independence police officer who participated. In removing these two women from that Applebee's. She came out. Before we go to news 'cause I know a lot of people are gonna one away and honest. I have a feeling our police officer listeners are going to say in Texas a twenty to 980. If someone dispatches us to a call. We can't show up an independently just decide on our own. That we don't want anything to do if you are also not the militaristic. Arm of Applebee's incorporated. You're job is not to escort people out of the rest of runny who have but broken no officers are paid. Babysitters all the time they're the first people that we'll tell you that got we angle all kinds of crap you're right that is not emergent. I'm 767798. To the newsroom here is Karen marks. The suspect in yesterday's school massacre had ties to a white supremacist group we'll have more next. They ate dinner at your for Volkswagen of these summit if you haven't gotten undeniable spike Lee's summit I know what you're waiting for their deals arc re easy right now. You can lease a brand new 2018 jet ass 439. Dollars a month that's crazy. You could buy it. And they will not 4000 dollars Optimus RP. At least a branded 2018439. Dollars a month or buy it and the knock off for a grant asked to see Dana's car. That's just 279. Dollars a month or buy it and once again they'll knock off for brand off tennis RP that is the award winning 2018 apple assess Morgan. Of that car. And don't forget most of the 28 teams come with a six year 72000. Mild transferable warranty. Bolts Wagoner Lee's summit on and pretty wait for chick my tip VW Lee's summit dot com. 330 wind Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are nineteen year old Nicholas cruises being held without bond on seventeen counts of premeditated murder for Wednesday's shooting at his former high school in Parkland Florida. Police have determined that crews pulled the fire alarm and then mowed down students and teachers with an eight ar fifteen style rifle as they came out. He is state appointed attorney Mona Lisa McNeil says the cruise was adopted and both of his adopted parents have died in recent years. He's broke a horrible. He's a broken tackles. Kurz also had ties to the white supremacist group the republic of Florida which denies that it ever encouraged him to do a school shooting. 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Or go to seal once Casey dot com or minor into Dana still gonna get that 20% off seal once Casey. Dot com. Big time swing in temperatures of the forecast here in Kansas City we've been warming quickly into the sixties. Frank coming on in though for the rest of today and for tonight or any dragon and some colder air the overnight low falling off to the low twenties. Are going to be about thirty to 35 degrees colder Friday afternoon and what we're seeing today the high rise 35. Back up into the fifties for the weekend at low fifties Saturday with some severe weather conditions here sunny in upper fifties Sunday. I'm staff meteorologist Stephanie are more KN BC weather. If you driver knowing TCI 65 and Lee's summit 68 your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. We're all I am a law enforcement officer. And we do get calls to escort people out of businesses on a daily basis. It absolutely. Was the job of the police officer to stay on the scene until the situation was resolved. I gotta be honest got if you call for an officer. And that officer on his own decides this is not worth my time in the leaves. And then someone during what seems like a ridiculous. Argument over. A needle or. The way to launch several Wal-Mart transaction or yes the weight of a dog someone pulls a gun. We would all be screaming are you kidding me that officer left that scene. I don't think a they could leave that scene if they wanted to once they are dispatched. To the same as ridiculous as that call line and it and it was predicted. And two women are escorted off the premises in violation. Of bull. Of which they are as many people are a protected class. And let's be honest. These women were escorted off for no other reason than they were black. Young can we agreed that I do agree with that I mean. If there was any proof to the fact that they dined and dashed I don't think Applebee's would've fired the manager. Applebee's was so all my god about this whole situation. They fired the manager of the restaurant. Which tells me that they were in the wrong. Were Applebee's is really trying to see why act. A police officer. Who was dispatched to the scene. And says. What am I doing here why MI in your restaurant well we think these were indicted nationalist. We think they did. Carrie is referred to that. Out well the server readers as he's gonna censure. Do we have any videotape of that. Now. What you heard what they said well I remembered one of the girls yesterday was skinny. And one of the girls had a lot of make up and let's be honest officer hope. It's. It's fat. But we're talking here about the officer the officer will it should have removed himself from the same yeah that is not his visit his demeanor have been different. Yes. Could he have taken it upon himself to lean and say this is ridiculous I want no part of this now. He already fired and could heat for the for the fear that things might get out of control. Could the officer have just stepped away. Stood on the other side of the bar and just watched and waited until things either did or did not get out of control. At which point eight crime is committed. I suppose but I think the officers were listening to us right now are streaming. In their squad car and Internet they do not have a choice when they are dispatched to a scene. To unilaterally decide this is the dumbest call I've ever been sent to in my life I'm out here than they should. I'll. I know. Come on. Policies Scott we don't want individual officers deciding on their own what constitutes an emergence here and now we do that ever. Every day not in law enforcement if it yeah. Superior. Or a dispatcher says to you we have a poll of a hysterical. Party at this location. You cannot unilaterally decide. Here she's hysterical teller to take a chill bill on one it. She she was not hysterical until everybody showed up to accuse them of dining in dash. Now. Did she act a little bit over the top yes. And I never been accused of dining and dashing because I'm black no it's called abuse of the 911 system someone abused the 911 system here by calling police. The police once you abuse that system. Cannot unilaterally decide. I'm not going to just remain on non answer that call I'm not saying that the independence police officer had to leave the restaurant. In fact I would not be bothered if the independence police officer stayed in the restaurant. What I'm saying is because a crime had not been committed. The independence police officer should remove himself from the situation. Go to the other side of the restaurant sick I waited out. Is a crime here what if there's a crime thirty seconds after Heatley which is why I am not saying he leads Dana. I'm saying he removes himself from the situation. Goes to the other side of the bar and waits. And if a crime is then committed that the police officer reinsert himself into the situation says OK you've just committed a crime. Johnny Kansas City hello John. I. I don't or let me that their guy and you're completely right yeah yeah out there did not ask me but he also did not have. It's not out at court. Yeah. I mean you can illegally now partner determined yet the good diplomat there's something wrong and I get Blake almanac around. And I think maybe you don't have that then that he did anything wrong so I'm not going. I'm not going to use my power. Act like I'm just here not. Out from attacks like Scott as the first time Dayne is correct Dana exactly. Every disturbance must be resolved the environment must be returned to peace. Before the officer can Lee. Come to. Trust passing is a crime how hard is that for you to understand Scott. I I don't think that trespassing have occurred. Trespassing is when you're on property that you're not supposed to be on. These women. Had only gone into an Applebee's to each other or trespass or their customer. To the texture. 6203. Or believe it is without my glasses. I Applebee's does this weird thing they unlock your doors. And they invite you to coming at him by their food. Whereas their mistake. If you go there to buy their food you're not trust passing. Just in Brooks I know Jeff. ELR. Well thank you. Great thanks or let me on and I think we need to back up just a little bit to deny the war. But. Percival if you got a liquor license you can refuse service to anyone at any time even you know during the middle of the deal. And then equitable. This server that was waiting on this the very first night. I'm that much. Spent quite a bit of time with them and would have had a pretty good idea about what they look like. And then we don't unite not work to do I really don't think. Especially because of the amount of trouble and turmoil cause there. There are people apple these were sitting you know back in the kitchen door and OK we've got a table with black people what scope yet. Ban called the police. I think. And I also point effort not to make about the night work. When someone dying in actions that money comes out of that servers. Are built. While things may not have been on the right folks. I'm really sure yet. And know what was done. Who make sure that they were the people from the night before. Black white green or whatever. I don't know the answer that our friends at the Whitman had set at the time that there was proof they were nowhere near the city of independence. The date prior and I think that is a very easy thing for them to true. I will say. We know that at least one of them has retained an attorney and you can argue about battled it long but they have. I don't know that we would be getting this far along in this conversation. If for some reason these two women released stole eight mediocre thirty dollar mail. I do I just don't. Well there's an island. Real quick Jeff surveillance all over independence inner their surveillance inside the Applebee's it will be very easy to prove. Those two women were not there the day prior. Okay and that's great and I really hope that those two women are not the ones who did they find the ones. But I at the same time I I don't think I'd have to stand by. I don't. Saying. That this is just about hey let's go get black people. We're I really you know I think this sort of happened. To. Anybody of any color. And the fact that it's giving. You know this much airtime. Is because if it was a group of black folks. And I think. The plant crops are handled it poorly because of says you know and ask them questions. About where they were the night before and maybe that's where this group is coming from and I don't think it was handled right. And surely either way. And racial overtone to it but I don't think it was just let's go to the black people. Sorry rights and they have the right to refuse service to anyone and I wrote I get that a lot when topics like this come up. But that is patently untrue. You do not. Have a right. As a business. To refuse service to anyone regardless of who they are that is a flat out lie. You do not. Have the right to refuse service to a woman. Or man for that matter. You do not have the right to refuse service to someone who happens to be black. Or who happens to be Asian or who happens to be wiped. Let's say for example. Let's let's turn the tables here. Let's say that you own a barber shop at 35 and prospect. That caters primarily if not exclusively to black man. I can walk into your barber shop. And ask for a haircut but you want me there he may give me a bad here. That I would still have to paper. But you still have to give me a haircut you cannot refuse service. Because I happen to be white and straight brown here. You can't do that. This argument. And I see it on you know we have a right to refuse service and it went. Note and I see these signs and restaurants and other businesses know you don't. You do not have sat right. You posts that's to cover your you know why if something goes. I was gonna say it's the same reason we see on the backs of trucks. Stay back not responsible for accidents on that yes you war it's not true that's right. If you don't secure that load properly and a large hunk of metal flies off your truck crashes through my windshield. And kills me that little stickers saying you're not responsible for accidents doesn't mean. School lot. So anyway. That this argument that people have a right to refuse service is flat out false you have a black person walks into a South Lee would. Fancy restaurant. That restaurant doesn't get to say well I mean. There's so. It's. Wait a minute. I'm black so what I can have us know we have the right to refuse service to anyone and you have to be blocked so we're not gonna Serbian tonight. I'll see you in court so give the we have the right to refuse service anyone argument arrest because it's falls. 57677. And it write your foresee in those and son and we have a rare nice day. Today but calls CMOs and son. Winners not over and then after winner we got spring thunderstorms rolling through and if you have ever thought about getting a top of the line general rack home standby generator. For your home. Now's the time to call the great guys at CNOs and son. They have been in this business for decades of right here in Kansas City selling servicing and supplying your generator. And you can get in shape as little as 99 dollars a month to keep your home up and running when there's a power outage here's the number 81678147. Of seven. 8167814707. Check them out at the next greater Casey home show that was coming your way march 23. To 25. Go find the guys it's the emotions until Dana sentient they'll show you a generator at that home sentiment all three of in the share. Go find my guys at CMOs can also check out online CMOs and sun dot com. And opt out of. On the grievance and slams but what. Actually Scott you want all. You should not say something without doing your research first to use this research tool called Google and you'll be able to find that restaurants do you have the right. And sued two other businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone. That is simply. Not. True if someone is in your restaurant. And they're not wearing shoes are sure you've heard don't want notion no shoes no shirt no service. Dress or the way that you dress you herself is not a protected class. If you're in a restaurant acting a fool or you're intoxicated that was one example McCain men. They can't refuse you service because acting of war and being intoxicated. Are not protected classes correct plan but they're getting one. Dressed can be categorized as a potential health hazard. If you walk into a restaurant and national issues or no pants. And you see your but now promising. Families out there is no clothing between you and see that's that's our. You can not. And I don't care if you are a small business were big so we try to make the differentiation between a small business can refuse service no matter what. That is not true you cannot refuse service. Based on. The protected classes which are age. Gender. Race. Religion. Ethnicity. Creed and in some disability and in some cases in certain states sexual orientation. Let's be clear. People have. And Jew who refuse service for those reasons sometimes not all the time. And what they will do to get around it is say that they are asking you to leave for a different reason yes. So if you're saying that it's it still happens you'll get no argument for months if you have a races small business owner you don't have that. Actually right at the legal right to ask you to leave because your black but he will find a way to ask you would to leave even though the underlying cause. Is his racism you'll get no argument with me on that. Summers is so you can be denied if you're gay but if you're black you can't be denied to answer that question honestly and some states the answer is yes. Yes if you are gay. In some states including the state of Kansas you can be denied service. If you are black you cannot. That's a simple. Now what are you guys like it or not that's not for me to decide. That's the facts. Newsroom remarks. Happening on KM BZ remembering the victims of yesterday's shooting we'll have more next. You know we have had to all the plumbing pro twice to fix once the frozen pipe when we have that snow. 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