Scott says Americans are stupid. Dana says they are "uninformed...." Also- don't take your pants off in a classroom.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, September 13th

If you're going to take your pants off,  don't do it at work...  


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Heading into our early evening otherwise most likely mammals are temperatures tonight dropping back to about 62 degrees. On your Thursday lots of sunshine Gergen meal warmer than today look for high right around 88 degrees and south when. On Friday humidity that's gonna creep up's gonna feel more like summer on Friday. Mostly sunny breezy with a high temperature near ninety degrees. From John Lennon for a slip meteorologist Doug Miller came easy weather 86 downtown 85 of the big airport 85 as well at your severe weather station. I'm will stare stay connected with new is 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Singers. Have always been real close man. They believe it's. Oh and there's only. Me. Hello. Change. Our round. And and need for. I was girls Democrat. Tell you how dumb Americans really. Good night and new poll conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center legitimate and the University of Pennsylvania. They asked Americans. Name. One. One. Single right that is protected in the First Amendment. Of the US constitution. Name one just one will go speech. Dating him and conjugal with press. You could throw religion assembly petition. A fulltime. And over again. None. 37%. Of Americans. Adults. 37%. Could not name a single right. Protected by the First Amendment is it bad that if they guessed incorrectly ad panel like your some of the guess now it's totally. It would be fun Kelly. Or. Two burritos. Bridge surgery noses and there rod 37%. Of Americans could not name a single right in all fairness First Amendment. It's 30% of those polled gazette and asked birdies as I ask you earning seven rod writers there. Ortiz hit 30% of Americans wanting 37. When you say 37%. Of Americans. That's not exactly correct right it's 37% of those holes correct that you always ask who did it all. Adult to. Air. Were they like stopping people outside of a fish concert. They have all around. Where they you know like stop and people coming out of school. Where they ask in you know adults after a City Council meeting not putting you on the spot named the three branches of. That would be the legislative judicial and executive. Only 26%. Of Americans. Can do what you adjusted. Can name all three only 26%. Of Americans. Can name all three branches of the federal government I want the wrong answers on that 233%. Of Americans couldn't name a single I want. It. 33%. Of Americans. Could not name a single one. 53%. Of Americans believe that the constitution. Does not give immigrants any rights. Now 53% of Americans may wish it didn't but it does. A year ago. 28%. Of Americans this one doesn't necessarily surprise me that much. Wait to hear the others. 28% of Americans could correctly tell you that John Roberts is the Chief Justice. Of the US Supreme Court 28%. Of Americans. News that. However. It was the answers that were given when asked who is it then. That may surprise you. Not under 53% just freely admitted I I don't. In other people's as gas random names 8% think it's Thurgood Marshall. When Anna was never the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. 8% of Americans think the chief justices Thurgood Marshall. Who's been dead for over twenty years. 4% thought it was Harry Reid. Who has never even been on court. Desperately Ole. Hop back in 198643%. Were able to identify William Rehnquist. Correctly as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court packed. 33% of Americans. Cannot name a single branch of the federal. Are you surprised nobody goes back to something that and rod you've been with me almost since day one of the show. How many be called a racist for this this has nothing do with race has everything to do with the brains. Rod ever since you know me have I not argued that you should have to take a very simple civics test before you are allowed to vote. If you can't name a single branch of the federal government you should not be allowed to vote if you cannot name a single right in the First Amendment you should not be allowed to vote you are too. Dumb to breathe the air for you work too dumb to vote it's. Yes you use of that meaning me have you I've been together for what decade tenure yes I've been saying that since day one absolutely. And it's not this is not hold taxes is not a Pall cast over. You should have to take a very simple. Test. For example you. Be my sample test to give you three questions for my sample test. I'm going to give one to you when do you want you. If you couldn't pass this simple test you'd do not get to vote you read. Vice president. Of these United States. Like Mike Pence that is correct. So far the data part program gets to vote. Nazi. Here's an sample question rod from a poll cast of capital of the state work currently in. I mean Kansas right well that would be to peek at so today in parts program gets to vote. I love how the answer was proceeded by. Let's stayed in my hand and plot. Live in Missouri by and I your eyes and evening here at an extra effort and that's why it's all right stay currently five. A little. Yes you get to determine now if the David parks program gets to vote. Mean the first president of these united that would be George Washington some would argue mr. Hansen your. George Washington's. Yes Dana despise. Just to that park yes the spot. Many people think the bats by from the 1980s or whatever was as the first president. Here's a trick question Dana right. What number on the presidential. Damage. In chronological order spender in Flint. Moon. What number. On the presidential or the first president. Ever exactly. Or four we all get to vote. It's not hard. It's. Why is known not to have an American. I don't know why there's so knock knock jokes about America because freedom ratings. 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You name man who won't be used saying live who laughed. Do you know. Then the last man strapped. Sometimes the only last night when the moon is tucked away. Pistons talk to. The answer he's. It's hard to. Then Shane. Through its. Own way it is around me. It came very important things. And the dark days time the way. Because Robin I was gonna say he's. Strange it is literally reminds you that not all knew from his side. So it's excellent right giving ever. Sectors. People always get mad at me when I remind them that you. Quit school before you even started highs yes yes I did you quit school you dropped out after the eighth grade yes. And somebody says just because people don't know the answer these questions does not make them stupid I agree. I think it does make stupid it makes you woefully. Woefully. On and for but I would remind you an Enron and of well amid a well. You like it ask you some relatively. I think most people would consider relatively simple questions about civics. And I would bet even you who dropped out of school in the eighth after the eighth grade could get them all right. But pretty general Pennsylvania money on the island before each. That let me put Sonia there was a guy pride in setting up Scott why don't you. Explain that this Thackeray and Darren. Or Dana why don't you talk about this I actually replied I got an and calculus XP you end up in high school exit was relieved that map that'd finance a good match. So I understand his point his point is it doesn't make you stupid and if you don't know mass maybe you're stupid. What I would say that texture is while I understand the analogy you're trying to make. Our government's. Is is a process that we should be proud and engaged in because we are allowed to have a voice. In that system. And so I think it's it's worse. That you don't know basic functions of the government that rules the United States. Beyond basic then it is to maybe not remember what that the Thackeray and thermos. Tests are not let them tested out of math in college. And and I I don't know that I could not take part I. And that the Booker they're more part now. Constitutional. Freedom. And the rights that we did given as Americans. Are two petition to assemble. Our freedoms that. I think you you almost had an obligation to understand. Because we in Juli is where so many other people around the world to Tom images addresses real quick. From the text and these are all from different numbers. Who is that singing. Who was that saying who is that song and artist you just played what song is fat. Out what country song is back the last country artists from the break of fortune money and use it I eighties. That was Cody jinx ladies and gentlemen and rod and I are trying to convince you that there is still good new country up there. But two back to the staggering to earmark. We're voting for a mathematician and chief. Were voting for commander in chief someone who runs the government not somebody who runs MIT. And therefore I think it is. Necessary. That you understand the basic functions of government before you should be allowed to vote on that government. And I. Don't think it is racist. Elitist or ridiculous. To suggest. That you should have to take a very simple test. Before. You have the right to vote. You have to be able to prove you have a modicum. Of understanding of what your. It is a sacred right. And if if if this survey from CNN and the University of Pennsylvania is correct. The 33%. Of Americans. 33% of Americans. Can't name a single branch of the federal government and 37%. Of Americans can't tell you a single right in the First Amendment. Keep in mind is people have the same right to vote as you do. And. They're dumped. I'm not gonna skate around and say they're on informed or their ignorant. Third doll. This is basic. Fifth grade stuff. I think a lot of this comes down to. I don't care I don't I mean how many. People are now cash apps that. And not you know. It's important to know all the information. You know anytime your ass of his heart and I'll ask Google. I mean there's so many people at a and I hate to do that thing towards like all its all the young people 'cause it's not just so easy all by. So what do you think is going to happen when you happen to steal somebody's car. That. Disagrees with and decides. That they're gonna drop the hammer on you and prosecute you two full extent of the add my hat yeah I think what. Thank you for Brit she's Dr. Phil injured his opposite it's just said the and I will do my time in jail because jail doesn't mean anything today they're gonna drop the prosecute you took full extent of the ads. My hat and examining it. Out of them they never catch me you know Michael case. From this year to street lies yup real and on the punt that I well fun. Talk math and science. That an act. From the text line we don't he's taken test own a gun or have a child. Why would you have to take a test to vote I don't disagree with your basic premise but if we're gonna start requiring tests for one we have to require tests aren't for all. I mustered just before he can have a very regional. That. Young. You limit trailer oak is you can't complete. Martin Bernard. Has everybody bought. On iTunes all I'm sure it's doing quite well I know I have no way to know. Scherzer and quite well and I love that seem like you're sure you test before you vote. And he should have to blow to a breath lies before you can buy anything on iTunes I speak from experience. Key Largo voting against. App your iTunes play list however you have said before. That you do not regret that purchase fires like this not to bring everyone down but speaking of Key Largo and the keys whole Lee and it's gotten worse over the last couple days the first game we're like where the damage. South my friend there's damaged and now stay. Is coming in on this saint. Track it is heading right toward Turks and caicos here resentment Rupert who was another. Please town whiskey infuse purchase at least two years ago. You should be proud of that. I didn't say that courts where that like a badge of honor. Because it was tainted badge of honor. Barry Manilow is Mandy. Jam of course. Took root newsroom here as bolster something smells at the airport morn next. It's got parsed to say about how one lucky homeowner can win a 7500. Dollar window maker over. From continental citing supplies are few waging an under win first you can solve by continental citing supplies beautiful show room over and independence. And submit your entry in our contest box you can also submit your entry on line at KM BZ dot com just click on the contest. When your on the came easy home page 100 people will be invited to the grand finale event on Saturday September 30. From 10 AM to noon at that event. You'll be able to enjoy food provide about my fair restaurant called global those. Will also narrow it down from 100 to ten. For the final drawing. And then one lucky person walks away. With a window maker over a great when D'Amico the contest is going on right now you can submit your entry no later though then Monday September 25. Don't miss your chance to win a 7500. Dollar window make over. From continental citing supply. Just passport thirty in Kansas City I'm will starent foul play is not suspected in the death of a person found in a card case CI parking lot. Someone smelled a foul odor and called police who discovered someone inside who apparently committed suicide. The medical examiner is working the case now officials say one person is dead three other shot when a gunman open fired high school in Washington State. Reporters told one person died in the shooting it Freeman high school in Rockford south of Spokane. The spokesman the Spokane county sheriff said at the scene the shooter is in custody. Man in Jackson County claims new evidence will clear his name. Drew Ryland says he was wrongly convicted in a do you like crash the killed Michael Hernandez in September 2014 and he wants a new trial to review dash cam video. He says that will prove his innocence. Hernandez claims new tech are Ryland rather claims new technology will be able to enhance aside mirror that will show another person behind the wheel that night. Hernandez's family isn't so sure if Missouri Court of Appeals will review the matter. At the close on Wall Street the Dow up 39 points NASDAQ gained sixty S&P to hire. Traffic and weather together next. KUMBC news time 433. Now a look at JMB easy whether. Here is channel nine meteorologists. Noble Miller. Or Wednesday evening temperatures cooling through the seven needle clo tonight right around 62 under mostly clear sky on your Thursday lots of sunshine a south breeze look for a higher at 88 and then on Friday. Ran more than he'd into immunities and is sticky day with sunshine. Breezy south wind and high temperatures near ninety degrees. From John Lennon for solar meteorologist level Miller kinsey whether AB six downtown. 83 at Scott parks 1084 at your severe weather station. I'm will stare at stake connected wooden is 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Don't you. I did. It's just a. Certainly a lot of depth that's very agents out there. Are sort of Kansas City Star a former teacher Bonner springs high school. Who sued the district for installing a hidden video camera in the classroom. Where he sometimes change is quotes. Learn that tough truth this month. That truth is this. There is no expectation of privacy. In a public school classroom. Early this earlier this month a US district judge agreed with the attorneys representing the Bonner springs school district. And ruled that science teacher rob Marriott's lawsuit. Should be dismissed. Because he had not established a legitimate claim to privacy in his classroom. The judge also ruled that for administrators named in the lawsuit not liable. In his lawsuit. Marriott maintain that the district operated the secret video cameras from 2009. Through the 2015. School year. And that he learned he had been filmed in 2016. After it took him of the job. Mary who is also a track and cross country coach of water springs I said he would lock his classroom and change his clothes before going out coach. He also let his wife another student and other school coaches change clothes in his class. He also alleged that abusing boys and girls basketball team. Use the classroom as they locker room during a turner met at the school. Marriott said he and other teachers he uses classroom had an expectation of privacy and should have known about the installation. Of those campus. You clearly. Even a public school. Have an expectation of privacy in the bathroom. In a locker room. I do not understand how you can claim you have an expectation of privacy. In a classroom. You certainly. Don't have an expectation. That if you're changing quickly whether Europe band member or a cheerleader or. A teacher behind it locked to door. You certainly don't have some expectations someone's going to be watching you do that these classrooms also have a windows. They're. They're more common in public areas certainly in a bathroom. But my goodness. He sued for invasion of privacy and yeah. I'd be more mad as a band mom that my daughter was changing in the air. Do you have an expectation of privacy and classroom. If you're changing momentum and. And then. Rod is a locker room used for changing clothes. Yes yes and that is I just I need yes. Is a bathroom used to lower ones drawers so one can urinate or two deaths. In both of those cases when one is changing one's clothes or if one is urinating or going. Does one expose one's genitalia. Yes okay. And in those cases one would be expected to expect. Some practice yes okay. In a classroom. Is it common for one to drop ones to. Know. Is it common for one to maybe take instruction from a tee it. Yes. Is it common for perhaps a teacher to work on the next day's lesson. Yes do they usually do that with their clothes. Cars I'm are Dassault. Because it's not. Some. In an area. You not having reasonable expect. In an area. Dana can I stand in front of my living room window. It faces the street from my home with my clothes off. Wish he would just like it's it'll happen. Cannot you are legally allowed to be naked in your own home on Lance. That naked ness in pairs on my right as these cyclists to drive by and not be horrified by what is important. So even within my own home. I don't have necessarily an expectation of privacy in my living room. But I do in my bathroom right. So long as there are no wind is there isn't a window from which I went to have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your home. As long as shore knew that he. Does not impair my vision of when I'm walking or driving by. So therefore in a classroom. You don't really have an expert just a quick change that's different than some guy walking round is blank out there in cases and I think one local. Where a man was prosecuted. For broadly around naked in his own home because you could clearly see him from the street. If you remember when you were IKU I think I was either act case you're just graduated. There was a eight K you basketball player. Who was charged with indecent exposure. Because he was standing in his apartment in the living room. This road. In front of them the window in the what are. And some girls from the nearby elementary or middle school walked by and saw him naked. Thank you I. You walk around her naked person anyways so those cases always puzzled me. I just don't do that I am just UPS guy. I I when I'm in my home I am holed up in a lot of an. And a lot you have earned your cameras or I do well and kids Roman in an out. You know what I did I horrified the hell out of one jacks but he's at night. Because it was 9 o'clock on Sunday night and he would come to the door. And as I went to lock the front door happen to be in my underwear and debris out that I was. They opened the door and I'm standing there and in my underwear now who is more horrified me. Or some seventeen year old candidate should be on and on Sunday some seventeen year old kids saw you and your hundred you know what I did. I stood right there and yet here's the deal Sunday night at 9 PM I don't know what you want. But this kitchens close gala. Some senior in high handles all you there was when was that here's what's funny the poll data would have brought a bit like. Netted him I stood there and all my glory you know. It's 9 o'clock on a Sunday and I'm walking around naked his that's what I do in my home at 9 o'clock on Sunday and what to do it up front door that turnaround. And let me tell you union and to spend calcium in like ever. And we hear more you see. And then and I knew we weren't sure or to barely. I mean halter top I mean it was all. Now let me just tell you I'm like Althea board Alan Karen and mark I'm so over caring. Like what unique is it's 9 o'clock on Sunday and there's nothing you can tell me right now that's going to even remotely. And they want me to invite you into this house so you're standing there in your draw. And a teacher yeah. And not even a not merely that not a big teacher know your clothing let's just say that all good. All you realize this. I'm guessing you don't really it's an addict. See. Opt opt still found it within it does is on and. From its excellent. Dana some of the best adult movies actually start to. But it's a. What it is today Johnson and it's what did he say went boom boom one. And I you know was. As Jack. And the Iraq War and you never. Know it. The time. Back when I was married. And and I have been known when I'm when I know there's no one home. I have been known to walk around the house make it special rare when you don't shower. About the time I was coming down the stairs when I lived in Shawnee. Like. 1011 years ago yeah and the UPS guy knocked on the door and I thought they do is I I saw him out front. I thought to sleep at the front door what I what we had about a bunch of windows that line in the side of the front door. So he knocks on the front door or rings the doorbell might he says and we've boxers before so I don't doubt I'm. Headed downstairs in the stairs go almost right to the front door right. With a collared shirt that I needed to iron. I'm totally make I'm his naked as I was that there was born. And he looks in through those win. As I'm coming down the stairs. In my full glory and I decide. And he looks mean he goes. And I just stop and what do you do not gonna run away like a scared dog I just there literally I'm I'm. As far away from him is at odds and I mean it's right there. He's and he's look at me. And were. Maybe seven feet away from each other and I'm standing there with a color picture in my right hand I Disco. And I see him put his box down and he walks. Quest and he looks and fish dumb ass woody and it puts right. Greg Javed and unbelievably fair price that's what you get and always get. With Ares dot com you know the switch. Two years ago. And since then and not necessarily just because but because they have a great product. Three million American men have also made the same switch to Harry's stock come try to freeze a thirteen dollar value. That Harry's is offering you that you contrived for free all you do. Is cover the shipment is just a couple of blocks judge for yourself but Q carries a shop they wanna prove to you at their products are incredible. Get started with your Harry's free trial offer today or you cover as I mentioned. Is a few dollars and shipping to get your free trials that include him handle the blade shaving gel probably cover. Just go to Harry's dot com slash parks that's Harry's dot com. Slash parks don't wait. Get started with Harry's dot com today. But the. 576779. Days. I diverted job we're coming up right after via sex partners is back tonight he is on and again tonight. What sort it's Dan wind bomb and myself will be instant on what is is he a vacation Jersey sick. Not he is still a lot of humanitarian war room definite meeting date Haitian. I believe. Last I heard today he's going to. And is going down to. Arizona and helps our build in the wall. Take a load of bricks had down there to. To start on the world hears. I've seen because he posted this on FaceBook and is the absolute cutest thing ever he did get to film and see Finn take his first steps to be how awesome easy to video now I. That's an accurate you know those toddlers before they even understand what blocking is they do that kind of Frankenstein that now I had four steps they don't even realize they're donut. This is watching TV it is so engrossed in what he's watching does not realize he's just taken four steps. It's darling a look at it go look for on FaceBook that don't follow weir out is that it's on his page it's so cute or does. Summit is yours and having more kids. Talent and I note down to end you wanna note. I didn't want the one we had a fairly flat and and and it's fantastic it's worked out great but no I got married Talley my wife. I do not want children at all adults read Romeo and it on Friday when we're on a green valley now. When you were you enrollment mad fried due to modern Jose some good job. This lady is was after the show. Do you suppose in this gal comes over she says hi to rod and Roman. And she looks at Rome and she goes is this the kid that didn't like the kiss concert. I was like all kids that's that's your only claim to fame young men is that you freaked out of kiss and that's a cat are you doing. Concert Saturday Hadley very early against what which. The buzz beads balls like one of those several bands shows. You like meter while this and was taken him. I was supposed to be dropping him off at my buddy Jeff sounds Jeff and I are going to the show Romans gonna stay with Jeff's wife and and their kids the twins and hang now for the several hours or at the show that was. 330 to midnight kind of thing was headliner Weezer was the headliner but other bans all they're not that was Friday night but it regardless. On my way to jazz how's he calls me and says the gas broke my leg. I think I broke my ankle memorial hospital can't go to the show you know longer have a sitter. Well and I have my little cousin an effort to hurt us with and I couldn't look at kids in tellem that is so. So I'd look to Romans said you're going. So. He was not happy he wanted to bring this friend you know and how long last. We got there 330 we left about thirty. And you already did it was never got to Weezer. There which is the whole reason to. Hope. I and there was like a play area. Did that Park University had set up their bags messaging. Stuff like this like that you know the big giant Georgia and a box. Spent a lot of time in that area. Everytime we go do something to watch a bit ago it's actually a legend. I'm like yeah. Yeah a body that ball is more agenda this year horrors. That is about 830 island tonight is it a little 'cause it is with these she's fourteen men like her best for and I'm like look I'm sorry guys growing Attica any Justice League yeah yeah. You can say within reason. No we're not gonna go do that we're gonna go to this drive but not his dad Larry and time and he's as the gaffe he had he was a trooper. He lasted for awhile. Q just five hours shafts pretty good pretty good. I mean let's be honest team Domingo too one song kiss and move more she's going in the right direction net now organ better. For McCain will be back at a but you might posted something from the innocence project over the weekend and I sought again today. Managed it doesn't rank might mean. We are going to talk about the lack of compensation. When something goes horribly wrong. And he wrong man is imprisoned. For a crime he did not commit and once. One of the states ill and the other states as. Kids in the newsroom here is will star. Happening now on KM BZ a sex case leaves to prison time more next. You've probably heard Time Warner Cable business class is now spectrum business now is the time. 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