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Friday, July 13th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy. Some of you called earth wind and fire. They are your artists of today. And I'm OK with. One of the greatest live access ever seen in my life. Earth wind and fire broke more than one of the greatest. Have you ever seen earth when it fired count I have nots. They can move that booty train like I mean. You just one day so whole time they all. Get some lower EW. Like this. Hopefully. It's like you're having seizure behind us. So digital. Always start the IQ would catch him on my best to team for that your chance of a thousand bucks did you hear what's coming to Kansas City this seems. Then he means in that room. And yeah song you heard we RI. No go queer eyes back Netflix is clear right in Kansas City for its third season. Thinking about submitting him. Beep yeah Queer Eye for the Straight Guy yeah. Is that the same show essentially does that make it shows right right they make over the person of the house and personable person. Yeah he's edge. New outfit and Wear something other than T shirts and shorts. Strange you started talk about queer or straight guys like Mack ran right I'm going to find them and hunt them down. Like Kara though I will find out and taught them and they got my new best friend come every ten minutes a. Why would you want me to be young queer eye for the straight. Is the transformational be interesting. Kara is interested in updating your. Luck what's wrong with my book it's as you listen sure it's insure all the time. I'm sorry but I just like every other human being that's not working. Right. You dress like a person who's out working. You address mica a guy who's just gotten home from work eight. App work. And why all the gay members of the show coming in the room right now bigger up how many do we have all of them. Miners in MacKey. Strangely all the game members have come from there let us. I don't Mary Chris they picked her life about prayer I being in town that's been donors just got out yeah that's new is the need to. Can I able by the way to say that I almost nominate you your nose hurts moments. I think evidence. I need. I don't mean to make over I look look at you that you. Do you where Stuart track shorts like. All of the time you would look good with easily download I mean you got brought out to that is yes that I want to see more of it. And I'm. Can we get the microphone more often. There we go there mega selling just walk I did and I had to start act. Tough. I think it gets them. I think Scott I think usually open minded this idea I think you would look good with frosted tips in the dazzled genes busted wide owed an absentee. It's. Don't user. I there's a lot of things I can say about it. Downward is not 1 of them I am not knowing unclear I've mystery and I think I would do really well they would eat you up with disabling they would love David. Of the year you beat totally tubular you do it shaved. Off pitcher Ayers immediate app at a bowl of soup. So in some nice smell legal the best part about it is that some point in the episodes I would cry. Let's get to touch. Known as they like tell enemy camp where. Then Lizzie T shirts and they wouldn't tell on that Rodney would you do it if like the suddenly the queer eye guys it's just strolled in and you know. Over would you do it. Do anything want to boxes to just. And I don't wanna buck's future mobile and apple trees. True. No I would do it I don't think it would last I always think when they do these makeovers so that I think it's funny and and I think that. That's probably a two weeks of that person's life and it right back and cargo shorts and a Motley crew teachers stack. From the tax line has agreed idea about it is Michael MacKey. Gives me IA would kill him. Why are you would kill me there would be murder I love you and I and I would you change. There's nothing to change. There's I'm in a. I'm. I would for the first order of business that probably go and it's underwear underpants. And a lot of I've learned something in my I got a when you make a declarative statement. Everyone just stared silently. Yeah it's probably not true. You you look at it's not a lie if you believe it so that's that's confidence is everything and you have a smile there if you just smile a lot tell yourself you're happy eventually you'll believe it. Do good are you the I felt relieved that this is true story on them. Tuesday night. My mom brought my head to. To the office at 6 o'clock so I didn't have to drive out to god forsaken west so money in our car that's often. Rod you'll love this so my mom pulls up and the result. In an older woman and by that I mean my mom's age seventy something. In the front seat of the car and mine happens to be in the backseat. I think I've met this woman once or twice in my life maybe a bingo night in my mom's place. Mike my you ready go swim in we're gonna go to the pool we're gonna have time ever. It's give out some salmon we're gonna salmon and rice for dinner. An out of no where this woman goes I see there's no dress code at work. Was like oh. And she didn't really know you. I mean we've met a couple of times I think she looked familiar aha but she goes I see there's no dress code your work. Thirty years younger man mr. get a code. So. I. I said. For. You look at for someone who just stepped off the basketball court. But didn't actually play. Basketball. Bats or Richard jail that's your look to his law that is more like the guy that didn't get the park for the dude and and. You know your game Anders. A follow that management of government. Yeah that was news to mean. Estimates that memo that's directed at them and estimates that. Go with them deflecting them welcome to the tribe binders is that it can go like party tonight it's on the girl of course they're right back. So if you nominate somebody for the is younger and I am but I bet so you can answer hi hey you know there RDC and its arms or do charity nominates scout parks like everybody out there in the city could you know what's on their website I'm sure that married. Scruggs would not do it. Rodney is our best bet because Rodney would be receptive. I and. I mean can you imagine the maker over the they would give him I mean like it would be like it would definitely be before and after sky. Low low cut white. What's wrong with the way Robby looked. At that we run in what used to be a floor and an after work well with you they would like to have seen your face and maybe give you some shampoo with Rodney they were like shave my face in humans and children and the cut right here a few new glass and it's if you some sparkle. Yes jazz hands and reminders. Era. Michael woody. At London's. You don't need to make government it's between you. Make. It. Receptive to the home. Actress that adds I would like me over art. Don't nobody there to rest I hear us or are you going to be my wing man or you know commitment. From their baby elegant. Maybe we can too at home make over them is going to be perfect but no make over. A whole milk I'll make over. Please services that you guys not want queer guy you're making it sound like -- and it's it's not a make over show it's like changing event. Shot. What's your four queer guys come and fix is. And they fix is straight guys step to make him queer. Don't make. And tell you about it and so. I allied forces so they don't McNair the ears film how to cook. How to fix up the living room. Yeah picture aired October. He didn't know society you know interact with other UC is. Would you comment they would tell me to get rid of the casket. And then I would kick all five passes of saint they would absolutely positively not till you get rid of the can help and they Wear a chance the kid's game. And make it even better than it is right now Minnesota just a Booth parents who are going to be you when the Kansas City Star says. Five gay guys beat the crap out of Scott park yeah. I. This is an Israeli campaign back. Is Brett. So. I don't know what to do. And this is like a moment of serious clerk. Terry I know her groove for a last segment. Some happened last night. And I don't know if this is always. Hard for me. And rod I need you to give in here because you're like my stream of consciousness. I watched him animals died last. And it wasn't a squirrel which by the way I'm stern likes results. One. The good listens and who. I watched and amp you rot. Before we even get started who loves animals. You do and so does. Myself I've tried most everybody you review and hire like animal freak lifers right. Yet to be what we weren't actually thinking about sending Chris minors to get go to my house agreement all year a dozen journalists. Com. I watched an animal died last night. And my heart. Is broke. Him. OK it was the second car accident no no it was not odd is not a car wrecks. Original story yes yeah what's happened so last night. Kelly and I go to the pool and we hang out Poulter at 8 o'clock right. Grab some dinner we go back to my house in Roland park. We're sitting there at the table and all of a sudden we hear this blood. Curdling. Scream. Couldn't figure what though was whatever got government for. Whatever it was it was loud and it was close. I'm looking killer go what in the name of Sam hill is. She was I don't know let's find out. Stella is going crazy. I mean jumping up and so we open up the back or even in my house you know about it. So we go out. Stella is running boot the line of defense and I have a six foot privacy times. Jumping up on the fence as she goes around the backyard. We get out back and all we hear is. That's exactly what is south. I'd look up at my neighbor. My new neighbor who just moved a member Lee's house that would and so right how far than they fixed it yet. So my new neighbor moved and apparently he set out some sort of bizarre. For racked wounds that are living in his attic poll. There rises there was they had him live and then there when the house was empty remember I told there was record and how did so anyway. There's Iraq soon. Literally. Hanging from a noose. Off the second floor I am I kidding here's the video. Controlled by. Yeah that was the raccoon that was hanging from the second floor. Of my neighbor's house it was like some white trash. Wreck him trapped I don't even know what it was. Okay there were three wreck tunes on the roof. Trying to save. Or at least look at it there. When Tom what are you doing down there. And I sat there and I watch an end finally may never comes over to what are you doing. And we're sure this wasn't reckons suicide. You. I love you rod needs that may mentoring them and knows well I just they'll reckons could be depressed like anybody else. Sure. Experts on that. Particular expect expect that's reserved for me. I'm sorry it's you man that that's what we call disturbing we call animal control. And what they say detractors you always yes he would have to come out I thought you could put a trap to keep. I can't you can't let you Leach rack. Broker it was hanging by its neck. That's pretty messed that he's claiming would have dude put that there he did knowing that the trapped there but it almost in that you would have to grab a raccoon and put the program. I don't know I don't know I don't want I don't know what kind of bait used or whatever that somehow this raccoon and there are four of them living in the attic okay me a little triangle attic vent rattled houses like we. So the act that is apparently distraction came out. Got his net some sort of snare yeah stock in this news. And it was like dangling their from the second floor. And I'm telling you man I went out they're not and I'm here Arnold is screaming. I don't see. Not realizing what was going on and that I looked to my left and all these records are looking. I think what why do. I'm gonna go there and savor raccoon. That might have rabies though at a price Terry's face. Us. What time was that's like 684. Also the exact time dusk when reckons now they're nocturnal so great yeah. That my neighbor shows up. That the neighbor who's at the turn out and he puts his head over the fence a little bit alike on two amount of improvement on improvement. And he's like. My ankle you. What he's doing. So we set approach applicant records of the music. Might. So we call animal control. I mean listen I I don't blame the guy to wanted to get reckons out of is that I get it. You don't want rack tunes in the attic but for the love of Jesus in heaven you cannot torture and animal. I mean there is no need for that I mean. Either put a bullet through it's brain or or figure somewhat content off I don't care. Which can't leave Iraq coming up there for thirty minutes die. My jerk. My over sensitive Queer Eye for the Straight Guy candidate no. You can't leave Iraq soon dangling on a roll. For thirty minutes screaming for its last breath. And listen if I had reckons in my attic I would want them removed. But the huge mainly. Yeah that's what you called people who do that why you call cradle raider and they put up like they did to David the little trap. They're gonna catch him alive men and take a mountain Woodson let him go. Which can hang a racked. So is this guy look and it charges for have a I don't illegal trap him. I just I I I just want rot I actually bought one point about getting my John and putting this xmas. In a tournaments and that's exactly right that's that's that's that's that's what I told Kelly so don't miss bulls gonna come down some morals. I I really did think about giving up my gun and putting this thing out of it's it's your other neighbors can now I mean followed. Here now I know elaborate. A New Orleans is pleased I'm. I don't play. At your yeah. News of her marks. Protests in London over president Trump's visit more next. Homer in the black eye on the hill not to go to their lives of the young dog name a lot of gloom. But hey as long run on the list and the guy. Young rock human. He did was that is it won't give them on. So long day he walked into town looms elbow room man in the local saloon. You know sometimes. Jon. I don't know what's gonna happen when you do something on the radio. Moody's and a lot of people are very pleased that we're talking about this and talking about. Treating animals with respect. Lot of people were telling me to. When do vile things to myself. Which controlled certain instruments that. He can only get a certain stores. That rank and screaming with a little effect maybe we should warn people. Are we did warn people said it was gonna play. In the and we didn't Morton and with that graphic. And it's pretty graphic you know but but here's the thing. And I'm being serious and I am not trying to ask for forgiveness I'm not trying to justified. Playing. I was really. Disturbed. I what I saw last night. I watched. An animal dot. Painfully. Obvious as white and you go there and help come personable its private property not mine. You don't just go climbing on your neighbor's roof. Second of all it's a wild animal rabies probably has rabies. So forgive me. And and don't think I didn't sit there and I I can't get the image out of my mind I'm being serious and I'm I'm not trying to make it more than it is. Sitting there watching an animal die is weird and awful. I took no great pleasure. And watch it sulfur. Was terrible. For half an hour. Is that how long detective I it's a twenty minutes probably twenty minutes to go. It was horrible how. I would not even know how to go about putting together a snare to catch erect and or any other living creature for that matter but for the love of god I mean. And and I regret. Full disclosure I I've made jokes over the years about how I'd like to like shoot how guns that. Squirrels I think I may have hit one. I always missed. Which is great now but I think about it. Because now I'm buying bird seed for the squirrels in my backyard eat. I've actually started to like them. They don't seem to Tareq the art as much when you put seed in the little feeder. Am I let's be honest they want. Cost. I can't catch them. They're too Smart for me. But to sit there and and watch an animal die and know that you can't do anything about it. And to watch it die sophomore. Is pretty awful. And last night I think was the first time in my 47 years on this planet. That I've watched him animal die. In pain. Sure I had to put dogs down if I had dogs all my life. And he's taken to the bad and it's all me it's all everybody everybody knows. If you've ever owned a dog putting a dog down is like the worst because dogs or people with for sure. And it's hard to do. But at least you know they don't sulfur. To look at that time and I swear to god when I went out the second time. I swear that rack who looked me and I spoke to I I yelled at my goat dude I'm so sorry I can't help you. And I I don't think he spoke English. But for whatever reason I said something to them. Our Scotty yapping out flash. Now I am a human being who doesn't like seeing other creatures suffer. Don't don't go ol' country boy bad ass army. Because I guarantee you a real country boy bad ass would put an animal it's missed. Accurate. I don't know I need to have this screening effort when it matters that was brutal. Ron had run is. I'm one year on the goal. Line two you're on the you're relying too. Yeah listen and in parks and agree totally with Scott about that animal. Truly disturbing. So you do. What what do I do about it. And a protocol. Animal control and Gregor I did do you believe people. Don't get me wrong I agree about. The animals out of the attic so. And amp amp enlighten them butcher named by the way if I can mass on a coupon you like to. Martin Matt Matt our hero with Michael Mankins got parks. The brats your got a race there and a lot about animals. When he's that well be exactly the way you'd love animals. And I just you know. A ball that went on that street or in my dad nature he he. Well there my dad did it with the vet leptin. I totally agree with you there there's no way to treat animals humanely when people don't do that I just don't yet have any patience with people like. And on par I do for Chicago thank thank you George online one hello George I George. Oh are you doing quite well. And yeah I know you're dilemma what. Reckon that at Ford Mercury in my attic for abdomen then woods. But I have poetry in my attic now. You pulled your old serves. Yeah. Or portrait decided in the match and have babies. In my attic. Oh. And you can't get federally protected cheek it allowed them in any way shape form or fashion. And tiller that are raised me and asked. Adult I idol cultures urges babies alters our client. Which expert which are protected. Oh. That Turkey vultures and Kansas are federally protected well and the United States are federally protected. Him. Eighties. Are they like Canada geese. Older they're Turkey I understand that Canada geese are also protect. Yeah I would thanks go out there. Montrae next somewhere you have to lean on the until lately the net. Evils as reports. I didn't until I call Turkey vultures. Terrorist nap until the government said don't touch him leave me here. Yeah yeah. And how to they get in and out there yes yeah. I have big windows and a splash fellow windows and I have hadn't had a chance to heal not yet. Apparently they'd like I had do you talk to lose. Internet Jenny. You know these guys in our. OK art when George deliver that good like George. So says any migratory. Bird is federally protect you imagine being told oh yeah that family of buzzards. Living in your attic and other federally protected you just got to leave him there is true that's true all. I assume it is. Put that's hilarious. I did it when it's not my house it's hilarious that Thackeray. You know comedies the point of view. But if there's babies that means that momma bird is brains and carrion. Carrying and carrying on let's dead annals of outward. Roadkill. But there's a C it's roadkill here in carry on that and he's right all Turkey vultures are protected in the United States by the migratory bird treaty act and may not. Be harmed in any way by ball. Slow yeah I enjoy that. We're gonna go ahead and take up residence in yeah. We see these lenders are open and we're going to do and we are protected species. Based and eggs and health insurance and pay managers I learned about her just as removing what happened. Buzzards took over the is there snouts are. Government says we got to go. We are not protected species. I'd go MacKey for Michael MacKey. Incident right rob Babcock and Scott parks QB's. She's. And Mason. Was break up. And that company would be formed from. Michael Michael Michael back. Into it right. She's she's that the matter if it's poor. Two in the pool and the story here from the New York Daily News and on really passenger on a delta flight. Will have to pay the airline 9118. Dollars. For the cost of diverting the aircraft after pleading guilty to a federal sold charge. Prosecutors say the Washington State resident. Bullet tie if all Rondo. That's stupid. Verbally assaulted and interfere with the flight attendant on May thirtieth flight from Morgan to Atlanta. Prompting the pilot to declare an emergency and lamb play rentals. The flight eventually did go on to plan and but the airline has said it was his fault that they have to land and also they are now charging him 9000. 100 and eighteen dollars as day 100% should let that be a lesson after three ignored a flight attendant and an air Marshal the plane was diverted to Tulsa international airport he was rested. Charged with interference of flight crew members and attendance. After the plane landed. A guarantee the only reason why. It landed that plane landed in Tulsa is because there is an air Marshal on that plane and he was really he probably made the call. Like in the parliament call the pilot can actually make a competent to sing the air to air Marshall couldn't contain and then your. W spurred should you be. Liable. Wasn't this the guy that was dance and yeah I would do it just as. Are you would not obeyed the commands of flight attendant and an air marshals. I've read about this he was like Danson and Michael are excited and happy and they're like certainty you to sit down and he's like on dancing and ends right some probably. And flight attendant like. Touched him on the shoulder. And and I guess they and he turned around they touch me again and you're gonna problems. No more and then he had problems. I may read it religiously read because I travel for a living I religiously read. Rants of the sassy Stew it's actually a really amazing blogs are written by some super bitter flight attendants and they say. Flat out that when people board a plane. That they can spot the crazy one. Before they even get in there now beats there's always line I don't travel for a living but I probably travel two to three times a year can you spot the crazy one. And so in 47 years I've been on a lot of flights. I don't think I've ever been out. And. Minus. Coming back on our honeymoon. In 1996. When the guy behind this was really drunk and got upset. That Shauna kept putting your seat back and he would shopper seat forward. He was in strong. Column and he just kept shoving her seat forward. And that was when 1996. And he was moved to the back of the plane he was dropped but this was before 9/11 and you know. Dumb jerk passenger were over the Islamic. What do we do you plan to Bermuda. And Jameer brick. And so they moved him to the back to the plane. And everybody went about their business. Nobody. I cannot remember other than that one incident. Being on a plane where there was somebody who was on the rule. I can't either and I and then on Brazilians the flights although I can't remember one that a flight attendant covered over a couple. They were in the midst of a super ugly fight like I think they broke up. On the on the plane on I. And they had to be separated. That's the only time and the flight attendant is a good job of the escalating that such west. I I sort of got if your flight attendant. You have the patients GO a joke well godspeed to all play it ends everywhere I can't I cannot imagine. Why anybody. Excuse me. I cannot imagine why anybody would even want that Joseph. Let me tell you in southwest opens up there. Opens at their website for potential applicants to apply for flight attendants of which. Add another like two with. Hundred positions that are open up every year like. Some astronomical number it is that the website is open for one day it's like 161000. People people wanna be a flight attendant. I would Q hill to be a flight attendant your kid I would love it love it love it except that they don't make money. They just 35000 dollars in your summer fish. I mean to your troubles are absolutely and it's not mean being a flight attendant isn't exactly brain surgery but you know. Food and hospitality. Copy T me I mean it's hospitality sky waiters. I would do it any white hot second oh my gosh I was a waiter for a hundred years of I can do it stands I can do it on a plane I want you apply for a week. Now. Live Dallas Fort Worth has the American Airlines. Center you know like work for southwest you can't. The city. And if it yet the American Airlines. Headquarters is in Dallas Fort Worth they have like him like you care it's there and a lower. But I knew a girl who was a flight attendant. And she was trying to get moved to international flights. She could speak like four different languages. And all the stuff that she hadn't had enough time. On domestic flights to be moved to the international flights yeah. I'm long in the tooth so I some of these people sort of and you would be grateful. To it but I would get though like weird like. Hayward going from Poughkeepsie to Sheboygan and your and that group's. Because and sell them and it's an ample. And you know by the time I got in Mosul Buddy Holly killer planes yet on the front skippers. Now. As a by the time I got hey Michael do you wanna go to Greta van I'd be like 104 years old so. Did you elect them. If I think it's. A 104. Is here mark. Having now I'm KM BZ lawmakers calling for a stop to a planned meeting between the president and let an important that's next. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.