Scott needs a doctor... and is STUBBORN AS A MULE...

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Monday, July 23rd

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Beside myself. He would catch his wallet I have been betrayed by his shooting some aspirin. Each he'd he'd say the trade. Wall is your keyword to cash W a LL ET Texan in the 7288. Once I am sitting here just now. Might rot I need my brother. And by that I mean you. To come in here and I want to not into the eat your heart and now and that's. He has to know I don't need a hug her I needed to sit down and join me in this conversation right now. Hug me from afar good virtual hard that's. I thought I was coming back from lunch earlier today and I was on the phone with Kelly my girlfriend who happens to be a nurse practice. I. And since we started dating. I've become more concerned because she's become more concerned about just my overall. Health. In jumped out of is aiming wrong about this when she says things like how the hell he's still alive right leaning updated your life insurance guy. What ever the digital pigeon poop your liver this morning or was crushed a large Ter. So I've towing Kelly on the way in the my arm my right eye which happens BI that was slightly injured in the car accident. Thirty some odd years ago. Is bothering me a little bit today and this has happened about once a month for the last three months. Where it's just a little painful. And it's not as painful days it has been the previous two months but last for a handful of hours and it hurts and it's hard to read so if you hear me stumbling over words today it's because they just care REIT. And so I'm minding my own business and I get a text from killing that says just now is your. I bothering you again. I wrote back a little. And she goes Dayne is texting me and freaking out. We can get you went to see an ophthalmologist. I turn to Dana and I go would you care at all. Your MySpace. Before you tell me behind my back. And she goes yeah Davis I'm worried about Q and I go well I'm fine. That says every name and yeah Mary up before they die yes so here's. This is the only reason I texted her because he won't do it because I'm married to one of these things I married to this and yes. And I have a good friend who happens to the and optometrists ophthalmologist he's helped me before. And like I'll get in the like the second guys Edwards calls and we'll get. That chronic pain behind the right I bothers me. Like you're thinking to bring to well I just I will explain all. Calls to it would have to do would to be looked behind it with that little. Gadget thing that he has. And looking at there and make sure there's nothing behind there it was a little arm now like four seconds into peace class you know if he's it's like. That's. Because I don't see anything that your line you're not in the near far. He's like. I'm guessing your accident was in a Honda. You know let's not asked to anyone care Toyota when it comes to his play in the big guarantees especially in the marriage. When it comes to a man's health who is the driver of those decisions it's never the man usually it's the white nagging husband until he finally gives in Italy does it in talent temporary ears in the doctor. I don't know what it is about men I jettison I can't believe there's going to have someone at home going you ram dynamic got a doctor Geiger at this point I'd rather die. Just so you'll stop saying that it will take five seconds for Angela here and you know what there's nothing back there. Today it's probably migraine and I will never saw Margaret my brain doesn't hurt. But your record there's there's a good chance that at your age boom unique classes I know rice as the guy. Who reaches that fades away and got glasses and medium. Couple years. Three warriors you review half glasses I've seen you put went on she knows she has readers from Walgreens that look like they belong to is 63 year old woman that Esther when you take your glasses off now rod what is the difference when you can't see you can't say okay. No it's a joke in my has not even a jug is very serious. The shampoo goes on this self and the conditioner goes on the self because I can't read the words on the bottle without my glasses. Any don't underclass is in the shadow senator shower on eyeglasses on Syria. It's a big deal like I without my glasses I can't see anything and I hear read it all aren't. Ignoring the elephant in the room. And I'm right here it is talent you. Talking to answer your followers anarchy and the the exchange I would also like to tell you about another extra. Can't you like that you're about to see you're about to see. And here it is here's the exchange I wanna read it myself it'll make you feel better I don't I don't trust. And I do this old time. Seen because while I sat next to my husband for how many years 100 years Lee the phone and fine they're the it's not bad. Let's face it Danish your work wife yes it's high time I get a text from Laura of the lake. Is there is something going on or I able text her yeah you know you've got to concern just keep and I am. So here's what their rights to Kelli referred to ones after. Oh my god makes Scott go get a body scams. This targeted plight pains behind his right eye is kind of starting to freak me out he brought it up a while ago. Kelly. All talking about it I think he is down playing it to me. Perseus. I knew it bothered him a few weeks ago but thought it had been resolved. Dana it is such a simple thing to get the scam better safe than sorry. Kelly. He needs to get his eyes checked at a minimum anyway. Are you referring to a Carty of scam. Dana or old body but yes at least an ophthalmologist. I have a good friend who would do it asap. I shall not talking because it's think I'm just reading it the way it's well I mean some I should rightly say pump it it's not like ice and things going down there right. I know Kelly I know that you Carty askance at saint Luke's to evaluate for heart disease that would be good for him to anchor it's fifty dollars into it but I've been trying to get him to see an eye doctor anyway just because mean. Because he needs glasses. Who injure as he focuses to read that sentence. Now I have to read it back because I can't leave both of them women in my life you may I wise and my future wife are conspire. I'm I'm conspiring for you to not be dead in six months I kept getting here is. Horrible. Like eyeball headaches. And like literally at one point one day all I can see it was black and white zigzags out one guy like me out and it was back 920 yes and I was he the doctor. Freaked out gone there's other raw eggs in zigzags. And asked like six questions and at the end of that six questions egos go get glasses dummy. Yup never happen again if I go to an ophthalmologist we've we've meal this afternoon tonight. And helping circles of jail he hasn't text attack. A major point oh. Wouldn't it is good for you if you order steak so cut it. And take two gigabytes he choke. And also inviting you to be in my family circle and like 360 so I know where you're at all times that you can kiss my. It. I can't believe you. So that's because she would behind my. I'll be to out. Telling her to make you and I point is not going by now back now Tyson door he's kind of freaking me out I'm really worried here's my ophthalmologist. Why don't news is scheduled to give him in there it's Laura says hey you know if Clark texted me and said Chris is having some pain. In his chest recently she would absolutely text me that. I it would be so thankful because I would note that there's been spring art burn. Can sleep at half and that's he died right. Scott you're making a big deal out of nothing Davis is concerned she is right to be because men are stubborn and they don't want the doctor match. Let me look up the hand men and going to doctor like it and studies office is Paul a doctor Goer to her. He doesn't fight it too much but I suggested strongly when he tells me something that is. It's 60%. 60%. Is according to everyday health dot com do not go to the doctor. A clinic surveyed men more than 500 of them between eighteen and seven. And found only three in five get an annual physical. And physical and just over 40% go when they fear they have a serious medical condition. Now ask women the same thing what would you guess the percentages of I eighty. I would guess it's eighty if not higher. I was that he was lower actually real. App now because while we're. Because we will pressure our husbands or children into going to see a doctor asked ourselves about list interest you arrived when it comes to heart disease certainly. No it's 26%. Of women who delayed care in the past year. And that's because of cost them. Who. So I can't find a breakdown but it says percentage of adults. Who don't go and look. If you guess you really think when in his lower. I should be onto something there. There's a whole lot of women who will just say it's fine I'll I'll deal with it later when I've got time and then they don't get time. Didn't always go I think some throwing me on Google. I 767798. Caremark surround Babcock Jay Wright comes up our security Cassius hours wallets 72881. Hey summer is here have you thought about those outside areas of your house I was out pulling weeds last night and thinking about my driveway certainly that back patio. Have sealed once Casey come out and permanently protected beautify those areas for you there experienced team. 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Parts scandal some books that heart scan the Merc I. Camera both then and through the front yeah. The heart scan is fifteen. Dollars. And you go win it takes a couple minutes they Scania they read it right there I it is the best thing I've done it and learn area a year a year ago. Here. Asking. Religious school. This is why people go to the doctor because you fear the worst Erica I don't know I don't interrupted his medicine here's a good thing how many people in the in my family I watched it many times. People that are perfectly healthy and they go to the doctor and they're told you have cancer then suddenly they're sick. And doctor. Note I know I'd. It was doctors right right everything is fine and it was a doctor. Now they're sick and dialed ignorance is done go to the doctor everything will be fine ignorance is not bullets when it comes to your eye on. I'm not listening you don't have cancer if you don't know yet app camps that now works. Is that Allah that's how it works. Speaking of health there was this huge story if it goes in New York Times the weekend in the listeners and it smear earlier today. Have you heard that xanax which now holds people have prescriptions for including me. Could be driving America's next drug epidemic the Daily Mail even picked us up a top psychiatrist is warning that the addictive. I find her but addictive. Anti anxiety medication. Is being dished out like OP waits were in the 1990s. And patients are struggling to quit. Now full disclose. I have a prescription. For xanax that's for it's why can't the one that I brought panic on while I had that prescription for here a year. And it used it navy's sixth time this. Like I an eighty's it's more addictive to some people and others I can't imagine taking an everyday. That the president's six of them about thousands on the McNamara is on track. For an epidemic of addiction and overdoses. From anti anxiety medication. This coming from doctor and a Lindsay. She's at Stanford. They call them then uses yet she has been those are being consumed in distributed in a way that eerily echoes the lead to the OP Lloyd at epidemic. She also says people should not be driving unease. Now full disclosure I've never driven either among those things issue I am absolutely panicky it's usually at night it comes out of nowhere it's a really weird thing. I take one and it knocks it down and I got a bad. It doesn't make me comatose it's like. It's like have a glass of wine. It's quicker it just doesn't mean and brings it down that wants. And I started to see two or three years ago she says more and more patients coming into my office seeking help specifically. To get often been so died as a means. All prescribed to them by a well intended to doctor in many cases they had a history of addiction. But found themselves utterly incapable of even deep crease in their doses. Just a bet. I've 7677. ID. Ceramics apparently is the new drug we have to be worried about. 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Or online at windows Kansas City dot com when the world simply the best for lasts. Port 31 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara mark sir streets will be cordoned off around barred all halt tomorrow as president trump comes to town he's giving a speech at the VFW's annual convention around lunchtime. Police say bell rope off the secure area after the morning rush and you won't be allowed to drive or walk there. Even parking garages and lots will be blocked off in the convention center district. And there will be rolling broad closures tune once Air Force One lands case CI. White house press secretaries Sara Sanders says president trump is looking to remove the security clearances and a bunch of former Obama administration officials. Including former CIA director John Brennan former FBI director James combing. Former national intelligence director Jim clapper and Michael Hayden Susan Rice and Andrew McCain. President is exploring the mechanisms to remove security clearance because they politicize. And in some cases monetize their public service. And security clearances brand recently called trumps press conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin's as nothing short of treasonous. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Win you have a little emergency or a big emergency call the plumbing pro. The little emergency like our jet tub that was leaking and leaking and leaking or maybe a clogged toilet a toilet. That have that lowering thing underneath that not quite set quite right. Yet had a leak their two and the plumbing prog guys came out. And fixed that. Those of the little things but when you have a big whopper of a mess the messy news that the drain line or water line in your front yard shot and you get that estimate. Take a deep breath and comic guys that the plumbing pro they will do a same day free estimate to make sure you're not paying too much for an emergency. Repaired the big front yard stuff is a scary thing to happen insurance does not cover that mass and a lot of cases. Call my guys at the plumbing pro and by the way you'll still get 10% off. Up to 500 dollars off any sewer or water service. We do is aim understand a lot of that right now with the heat that we had in Kansas City especially in some of the older neighborhoods. As the on the front 9132701282701280. Ordained as plumber dot com but it Dana's plumber dot com. Falling through the 80s by 2 o'clock will be at 77. By tomorrow morning 66. With mostly clear skies. Also be away from us I think from most of the afternoon hours on your Tuesday. 85 by noon a high temperature 89 degrees winds will be out of the north at five to ten miles an hour with low humidity. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. 83 came CIA it's 85 downtown 84 and your official weather station. KM BZ is now on radio dot com tell the app and take this everywhere you go Tara marks or news 981 KE ND EZ ain't. Rocket docket. Reagan changed. Dock company. 7677988. Era. In kings so below a run and then. Iran blew. Never got an amateur. Gardner and he. You're not a matter we're at a point here your Carter we're back in certain you know sort of knock on an out you know they figured out what are here I have. Research. Then. Oh. Then what you're talking about they're I'm pretty they like any other owner and you know here. You're. Percent surge you know it used to happen. Healing you know when he consistently. And then when you try to wean yourself of your body works like all in and out. Again another surge and brought brought a book or any amount you or when they gain a monkey in a technical training camp are. Yes. Iran yes but. I think when people hear about oh feel aides like you know you go to the doctor and hospital and they give you oxy. You'd just inherently know based on everything we read and heard talked about that those are highly addictive. I think what he's been says it's different because I would never have guessed those were highly addictive I've never re filled that prescription even though I have the ability to do so I'd only used in a handful of times it to me it surprised me that they are saying that is addictive nature. Well actually like opened here. And now although cocaine then any other thing you'd be open them back you know and your early 19100 and whatnot you know from any here Roebuck catalog that quarter. You know in nineteen because they figure out at you the so you know it's. What are you know there are catching up to their sir. And you know they're going to be more and more anger they pushed out a play when they're using Internet boom and tell you later so here. Problem Internet etiquette you you know it's also are there and he figured out yet and. And now they have that. Up public service announcement. Yeah. Jiggle. You don't lacks. Own thaksin knew going in Iran. African have to have his voice fat. Be honest how long has it been since we've played that PSA. Please just brief portion. Blows like. This is a day in and parks public service announcements when calling into the Indian and parks program it is requested that the following expressions not be used during normal conversation. Bull. The stolen Porsche or. The blow I don't care. Okay our. As stormy Daniels is getting reports. Else here. I've time until they Iran gets us back up to eight seconds delay because. There are words you cannot say I am radio and sadly there are being sent with too much frequency. A stormy Daniels and her husband Lyndon crane have filed for divorce according to the porn star's lawyer. Days after denying the couple would split when it emerged that Daniels arrest report stated she was single. Learn Michael have a naughty tweeted the divorce petition was filed last week. According hear from have a nodding my clients stormy Daniels and her husband Glenn have decided to end their marriage petition for divorce was filed last week. She currently asked for privacy etc. Daniels who claims that she had sexual president trump and crane were married in 2000 and they have a daughter together he too has performed pornographic. Films under the name Brandon Miller. You know when you're gonna meet stores like this. Dukes of Hazzard. Star Tom woke has pleaded guilty. To inappropriately touching two women from the cast of musical which he starred prosecutors say the sixty sexual. Was sentenced on Friday to a year of probation after pleading guilty to two counts. Of annoying and a costing a person of the opposite sex. And not realize that annoying it was across. In some cases it can and should be the New York City resident was charged last August with touching two female cast members. While cursing for 42 street. At the regal music theater Massachusetts he also received a continuance about a finding for one year after admitting to sufficient facts on the charge of cocaine possession. The drugs were found on his person during his arrest will pat played Luke duke. On the popular 1980s television show suppress that story out because you never know when you're going to me. It feels like to add. Look it's been seven years. I have never heard that term. AEA Iran funny. Cannot be said. On the year. You're not. To say. I think wooden and Internap is I really don't hear would have to say I'm having Kara go into the studio has run up to go take a giggle. Blank okay thank you very much for us just a full speed. Andrew in Lawrence Hillary Andrew. And be on the show me for having me drop the word. I understand completely terrible news there. So much mileage experience success I am a recovered alcoholic and I hated gulf four and a half years ago went actions that would help. And shut off center there's there's there's times soccer to Narnia held. I thought I was pretty bad off but I felt he worst people in there well the one you're not and a you could just see from a mile away at a thousand yard stare too long. Anybody that is inherent and those just (%expletive) our hollowed out looked to her eyes. From Cherokee. Israel Syria which I understand people take that suffering idea exist. But watching folks colossal that was just. I mean this is pretty hard core. Armed and well in the medical field. And I help around ambulances and charming young to peca. Am I mean day in and day counters there's the data goes by that we don't count out first some form of an attack. And I mean opiates or bad that that then those are right up there with them on me and I see that every. Why you don't normally hear but there kind of stuff why isn't so tough. I I you know I don't know what happened with node that's an immediate and so all the different I'll go to on the political wrote about just society in general seem so hard time coping with things. I don't know what's changed sort of I've seen it get worse in my lifetime I'm 33. On it seems like guys my agent a little younger or older are we're just know pop and tilt to try to oh yesterday better. Andrew I will say this I it's probably could have read filled that prescription seven times over. I've never done it I've never needed to do it to me those are used as a one off. In extreme panic anxiety attacks situations. And that's it I can't imagine taken something like that every single today because it really would it. To Ole. Life around. It and I know people listener like while if you drink alcohol your going life around units or to some extent our. But to me that medication is for. That time at Ann and Scott is a laughing matter panic on the bottle it is for that time that are my doctor saying you'll know it when it happens. And that's exactly right like you know it when it's happening. Well I think it out to do it with a personality of the person as well I mean I like myself. You know. I would run at very higher risk of becoming addicted to those because I have a history. Under a rock culture much. I'm you know I think a person that maybe doesn't have that should be used in their history what an issue that unity particular one and done. He'd be OK user person in the purpose. Combat. There's a lot of folks out there that they've they go above and beyond. And thank you for your honesty congrats on your sobriety and and don't be a strange. I yes we're gonna be arm. Substitute gym in independence and Jim. Hello how are you doing girl and you need to go. Noted long time ago it thank you appreciate that mr. Insert into selling cars Fieger boy. They can be. You have to think yes it's got to go to mr. Shannon. I got. In the Atlantic steel. You know wanted to gradually kubert never having to have your refuel. They are terrible because it's so obvious usually you don't work entity called service center. The I will give you that. Talking with insurance people everyday and it it will drive you straight up the ball straight to the wall. At that point that you need to Medicaid. Real oral. And where they will drive you in Spain and will they will argue to the point that will they will absolutely. Makes you look yes up to look up to a panic attack tore my heart is complicating and items what. But OK and let me ask you this Jim are you at the wrong line of work because if you're working environment yeah if you are working in an environment where you are needing. To medicate yourself just to get through. Your job description every day. I am asking like maybe that is job that is truly bad for your health. I understand that however I have to make a living. I don't I'd that I I had the luxury of one dump of a working in the broadcast industry ever had a stressful they love doing that. Mellowed a totally different industry. Got to pay the bills somehow got to make a bit gotta gotta make this don't come and. Are you dependents using your medically dependent on the medications and. Probably don't Altria. Group tomorrow. You're not supposed to do that by the way I think with us this. But also were really bad problems. I'm reference to thank you for your honesty. I took eight deeply anti anxiety medication now about a year my dad and I've weaned myself often. And isn't the one you said majors when you came in here you were like. Sometimes are shaky youth who were freaking out over little things you asked. Maybe or maybe that was when I was coming off that I did slowly wean myself off I went down to half an ailing and a quarter. And I sub taking it and I don't feel in a different and I am confident there was a time where. I mean quite frankly I was a little concerned about you. The because there are remember we go to break or something and you would sit over there that churn and you just I don't. Feel right yeah member member tell me that when they act just looked being said I don't feel yeah. Without you talk feel right and I feel crane. Yeah you're an addict yeah you're thoughtful and it's a mess over there I'm fine I'm doing great at every cancer him. And phone stops thing that's funny and remotely funny. I'm not making it a joke. Yes Jim sit tight I wonder what you have to say. Because wow materials in the second as well there are skewered cash WA 5 o'clock in right rob Babcock. I am Scott parks and KM music. Eight Scott parts don't spend life suffering from an injury or chronic pain doctor Kendra Pearson and her skilled medical rehab and chiropractic team. And Norplant physical medicine can get you back to a pain free life. There advance chiropractic and medical techniques are individualized to treat each patient's issues I became a huge fan after meeting doctor Kent. And touring her facility. Norplant physical medicine will set you on the path to healthier. And happier you schedule free consultation and nor plan physical medicine dot com. Steve Miller. You hear teenage perspective and your quick. Jimmie Lee's summit gentleman friend. I think thanks for cultures. So I'll will admit I am using it he told the Olympic. Just cleared things. And yes to the drug test so I don't abuse drugs by an idea of a lot of friends like I mean. I'm still in the community than accent I've got a lot of friends that abuse drug and I know at least two people do I know perspective abuse and well. When you see your friends who don't use drugs. What are you talking aboard kind of drugs were talking about. Well actually found in the mainly marijuana but I do you know people who you know abuse at all. And then actually other things like that so. I mean and why would you do those lateral that like ADHD drugs and. Yeah it's actually very similar chemical the man. The our right and I don't Nokia has noticed it and actually is actually can really popular kid and it's all over like. It pop music these days. There's an actual rappers in the world and inland. Yes and I mean rappers talk about targeted. Area I mean when people it could be the next job epidemic I totally believe that. OK Suzanne. Thank you thank you for the call I'm telling parents listening right now if you had illegal prescription for it locking up ours all of our medication is now locked up. Period then no one can take it no one can be accused of taking it it is physically locked. Two blocks actually. And here here's what's interesting Scott I wouldn't have even known there was some idiot rapper. Singing about this medication. I'm guessing those parents and that either do not leave that line around an ambassador. It's like cost serpent something was a as a thing. A couple years ago I'm like are you crazy. Costs are soared 70% now call but it was a sting like mixing it and drinking it was a thing and you know so. So you'll hear like lock up your processor and play. I would have thought that was crazy several years ago and now I understand like eight I. Listen to what these tax journalist has never Kaufmann always have really fresh breath right. Some insurance at my mom is 68 years old and is addicted to xanax it has around her career her marriage her relationship with her family. And she is highly educated financially stable and yet she is a mess. Crypto sentence. She went through withdraws last year tried to jump out of the window because she thought her house was on fire. A writer Q were to cash. Sand which. Won a man makes on Sam Mitch it's sand which. SA and DW ICH the kind of man makes sandwich. Too excited to 72881. Year in the running for thousand dollars of keyword cash. Your key word this hour is sand which. To newsroom here is Caremark. Happening now I'm KM BZ downtown will be locked down tomorrow that's next I had lightning landscaping irrigation come out and they have just transformed our front and backyard they plant pots in the front the back that looks so amazing. Even as we march toward August. Those. Landscape plants that they put into practice look amazing even as hot as it is called lightning landscaping irrigation for landscape. Hard skate and irrigation if you thought about putting an outdoor kitchen and new grills system a fireplace. Fire pit. Lightning landscape irrigation does all of that and an irrigation abdomen predominant rain bird system. And you can stop dragon that bulky sprinkler head all around your yard we still have grips as I just recently I've never been able say that. In the sixteen years I've lived in the home. 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