Scott lost his nose. 30 years ago next Friday.

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Thursday, February 22nd

We are going to CELEBRATE on March EIGTH!!!   


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. We got the I had the team. Have a news. And there's there's a early in the Jackson. As lose ground. Yeah. You actually listen to. Registered Democrat and oh. To see. To be an FM station here in town. That gives us an after show what you mean where where the flu busters get together well you so much. But the well you mean and rod. Where we get together we just play our favorite music. We kind of get the mid like. Between songs like that was a June and Johnny Cash. Yet the problem is Dana would wanna sing along with all of you guys what does the minds of the jury has now swung to a regular DJ radio show. I care is not included there's just a probably would want like C and C music factory in the room. Here's the problem the odd thing about talk radio bumper music and is that because of the format. Or the lack thereof we get to play whenever we want to write or. So we've played cash yesterday it was queen. You know I mean we we play whatever we want and it's great and it's a mix of everything. When John and I do lists we love the music ones because the list can be heard every Friday night at six. ABC on Jonathan we're OK got to would we do music once we get to mix it up and we play you know hip hop in pomp and you know it. If you go to a music station in your reluctant you're locked into a format a very rigid. Format arms thing is is our station would not have a format. You would hear Johnny Cash and then right after would be some. Let me make a mistake it's yeah. Soon saying. I mean what other radio station plays Johnny Cash and then plays. It's. Long haul home from. See you would go. You talk about the box that radio stations. Are in. With respect music everybody but us. Scott lives in his own box and it's ate this bowl appearance at a it's called 1980 hit him. We'll tell you I'm. I say in an honest look at 1980. I. A box. Is smaller and he's happy. Okay. She asks should I am so it is refrigerated tanker. Contract. Taste is more. It's a dishwasher sized box with respect to the books and has great. I. Is more. They she. Narrow. Box full of eighties. Throw it gets friends. Oh yeah. I want our own station here here's what I propose. You'd you could do this thing called podcasting. 997 point. Needs to give us our own show. Friday nights from seven admin. Yeah I posted on Friday and right now and we would pray record up to. Of course of course. Do it. 997 point. Gives us our own show all four of us carry your even walk off ink and you don't play your laces and or. Lot of us more us than. And New York Pearl Jam. I mean it's all. But from seven to midnight then we have our own show. So when all the joke home moms are head now to go get there aren't going. They're listening to a loss. On nine the united seven point you lose every guy. Every Friday night or Friday just right okay so our man who now that would require you to come in a little bit early Monday. And will will just put honor which is weird deal podcast ride. It covers all kinds of things you can't talk about the show was never. Oh yeah we we broadcast the show and then every now and then we do are not safe for work podcast where we talk about. Strange things like women trying to get plastic surgery on the downstairs. Those are up against it's like a thing. That's I think some might think it's a thing it's that thing where you mean plastic surgery and you can't you can. You can get a barbies you landing you can plastic surgery anything on your body and that is saying is below the waist stuff. I think that you can get it. Waste money doing my wares somewhere above the neat but below the belly gotten. So that's their podcast regards to the lab where you wouldn't surprise to us. I've not heard of office. There's still listen to our podcast you can find it on sound while I'm here to show up backwards our show does not promote somebody else's show dum dum. Tom. Lehman at it this is a thing. Yes yes we are getting the INS what do you get done. Net a little tot after you've had children a little evening out yeah. I ever understood what I I evening out yet has it that evening. A man comes later so tell me. Someone very close to me just did the abdominal surgery which is amazing after you've had multiple children. And the before and after is about the most incredible thing you ever seen on some of the pictures literature. I understand doing that type of surgery I've never understood like there are women who well. Region their feet to shove them and it. Stupid shoes. I'm like how do you just not have anything to do with your money I don't understood you get back to know even right now eight. Like you saw that so OC saw some of it all yeah I mean they can reshape any part of your body Scott will leave it at that yeah let's let's let's move on. But I don't magazines that was done and day exactly off air not safe I don't understand that she news. Go and I discussed that Karen here's fixing your body after multiple pregnancies I am all about that. You go cages. Do Q eagle exercises you can not because an especially with the abdominal wall and it does happen you carrot sometimes women who have children the abdominal muscles split out and I think I did a great. And the only way to fix that the only way to get that back is surgically he does it's not gonna just. Exits my system on new unit honorable. Yeah her muscles split in her stomach after twins were bad. And when she would lay flat on her back you can see her organs was creepy boot yeah light and gas and a right under the skin like it was weird and you might actually bought her fought here and I figure they're still doing a spot follow the insurance company and say you know that's cosmetic. Most people's Scott having a wall of tissue and muscle which gender gap that high your your your tax hike up next. Your abs yeah crabs but even if you don't have ads you have apps you know there there are in fact yeah so. What happens to some women in childbirth is that that ruptures it separates. And then literally I could push on your stomach and you can feel your your guts. And familiar and test yes and some insurance companies are right rival sable that's cosmetic it's really not to me it's. Know him know you're putting back together what was broke destroyed so. So you could see your sister in laws. Yeah Alia largely test yet you could make out organs and I was rebuke yet. An issue taking a shot to the gut it wouldn't be to the muscle it would be straight to do the gut to it and college yeah it was discussed as acute. Asked insurance company of Irving going round and round about it because they keep saying well that's caused. Hawk you know what else is is should never be cosmetic. I was sick any breast reconstruction. After. Cancer that is not always accurate there are diapers after childbirth. Now known that's really marked cosmetic. At that point I would argue that was corrected it in nature I've said that from day one corrective I had corrective surgery corrective. Means consummate. No I had corrective. Surgery you're telling me. That'd be insurance companies should pay for your boob job. I'm not saying that but I am saying that goes somewhere before going in because you don't like the way your feet look to shut them and issues okay. Like there's there's going to be yet can you get out that the appropriate reasons to have those surgeries. But it should the insurance company pay for the boob job after you. And I have a show I look like an 86 year old woman at age 32 did anybody force you therefore I just. I view that is more corrective. And cosmetic in the continuum correct your greens cows and. I. Was putting your nose back on your face corrective or cosmetic. Will Coleman who tell me. You need your face no Dana all his breathed through too old. To me just leave those in the top car I'm good. I'll do is for out of I got two holes you're gonna look like lord Baltimore. Period or a parent I. Yeah. Childbirth and bishop. Woods going through that window here's the way I am coming up on my thirtieth anniversary oh aren't you stop. When is it march 9 this year ordnance on them. It will go to the derby. Derby. It's going to be like Scott it is as acting we are doing Dennis Scott gets his nose ought to call it on March 9 which is in what two week it's his nose reunification in your god will be thirty years since the cards. So that's two weeks from march 9 on through to tomorrow and Thursday or Friday Friday. What we do. Solid and will do some games. Like in the nose on the donkey on key I think was a good aggressive very got you. Provide a moment a look at number thirty year anniversary coming up in two weeks arts. March 9. Who. Who are you at a town DMX its own. She. Just celebrate. It's written really come not fast. It's balanced and speaking of high school and college friends are for static actually. Cared about me. We talking about it there's a lot of moms losing right now that's like what that you some of your sons housing arrangements are. Going to be changing Bill Clinton will talk about that may. My son and I don't I got sick and win we do our first radio broadcasts and I'm in and seven point I have our first song. Davis favorite. Am. There are no words to missile thirtieth anniversary Scott last business mart's knowledge ninth 1988 repeats annually. Celebrate that sound it every. Just like traumatic and injuring. Whoa. Tell me what aegis. He doesn't even Edwards. I'm a slave brought here. You you can argue like ninety's his idea I'm gonna play the next line I want you to tell me what he says okay. Well I'm known to say yeah I won't leave. My own. Best part is yeah. I've got to buys moment I. I think that's what he's. See them on the boards. Okay but I don't like. The. They're there and Isaac I'm gonna yeah we'll look back. See you on the boards a bit when I only knew. Yeah. The way I Nolan Ryan and I. And I'm not land on. Don't wanna say. Are looking for an affordable retirement option for you. A loved what in your life you really need to check out other retirement community it's over crested deer creek in south of the park they want you. Affordable remember that or month to month apartment homes are available now. They got gorgeous wood views out their 24/7 on site security and all of the amenities of today's modern retirement community. 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And then you just say thank you Jesus and then you just don't go away so here and do no matter how out all the pay date. Dana has to leave for Mexico on March 9 which happens to be the thirtieth anniversary. The worst and best of my life fickle that no separation agreement is no separation agreement that's. That's where my nose got transported to hospital in a different vehicle and me. We're sick and his wife just. Panic attack when you've got your note. Or. So on March 8. The eve of the nose separation agreement. We're gonna play in the nose on the honky. A. You people are so funny. That we'll bring you texture Travis is coming in now to take any picture of Scott. We're gonna blow it up and take it to Kinko's we're gonna blow it over to take the nanos via. Signs plus mex AM. Bernard knows you're gonna take off the knows. Remove them those and the nose become its own piece of the puzzle yes it's an account. So partners are you retrieve the picture. Some. Us. And Michael Michael again. Here. Okay this series because I've never asked Jesus to you the photo of your face after that wreck. Doesn't answer it like in the news the immediate days I just have cell phones out there so why are her days yeah Tom I think so. Ask your mom I would I'd and then watching morbid and don't know I. I would love people to see how far and it's an amazing transformation yet 36 surgeries. Some insane how many searchers did you wrap I didn't have thirties and you have really. To those jobs. And what are called too easy dynasties and witches a facelift. In essence. Where they cut what they do with the ZYST. Because your your your skin is like what he meant and others on your skin heels this way. But this cargoes this OK here's a wait wait your skin as he yields this vertical yet the scar was horizontal right. And so what they did was they cut the score back open. And then. Light just real Finley and then it's called Z plastic shark and they just if you look real close you'll see. The score. There are little season to Agassi and that was. To rework the score so that the skin would heal like this instead of like this. Armed to your question are there pictures there are somewhere I don't know where they are your mom would have I've seen the pictures. Before. And after they put my face together. So they have those photos or somewhere I don't know where they car. With parents and keeping like traumatic when I just like that I don't know I don't mom has. But after the car accident I did see pictures. Of my face. Before they sewed it back. And it was enough to make you wanna throw a wide net. It was nauseating. By the way when we do play in the nose on the hockey. You know who's coming come you know who I'm inviting as my special guests have said Margaret. Columns led. Saved gardeners can come employed and I can't that's fabulous. You know she's an cardinal. Did look a look at. Yes what's. The. This is g.s got multiple bracelets very much. Problem. There. She. Twice. And then came back. You twice sorry that I sewed my face up. And it's not look like the saint Margaret will be playing in the nose and now. So you rod Kara and say marker and Lotta contracts entrance. We sponsor. From the text line and knows jewelry. And. Good news room and there are markets. Should teachers be armed and that's the suggestion for the president today we'll have more next. I just chatted with the good folks Volkswagen Lee's summit today and we are gonna meet next week and swap out car I ever driven atlas. I entered the T one I love them and I honestly said this it's a coin toss which I like better it's kind of depending on you and how many people you're needing to haul around it. If your parent that app was when I'm in now I am telling you. It seats seven and it is such a comfortable ride it feels more like a mini SUV but it seats seven and you're gonna love that apple plays system. In that car that really lets you set your phone down. 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Or thirty Syrian Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are in the wake of last week's Florida massacre president trump is arguing for training selects teachers and coaches across the nation. Pardoning schools to discourage would be shooters White House spokesman Ryan shot insisting there's interest he talked it teaches we talked to folks in communities I think there are a lot of people. Who if they are watching what they aren't currently trying to be willing trained. Kansas city police are looking for a missing eighteen year old woman today Bernice brown was last seen on Valentine's Day with an unknown man police say there is no sign of foul play and traffic and weather together next. Please if like me and you stress out about where to go for automotive repair I don't know one thing that on her hair in the past I was worried I'd be overcharged were like oh what they can do. 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The temperatures have been slow decline hearing Kansas City we continue with some reports of some rain freezing rain makes him a drizzle and freezing drizzle. And as the afternoon goes on searchers are expected to climb just about the freezing mark so I may switch over to some final rain. A lot of that diminishing not here for tonight and their temperatures hovering right around 32 degrees so there may be some slick conditions still lingering even as the night goes on. Quiet weather finally on tap for Friday partly sunny and 45. I'm staff meteorologists at different era more KE NBC weather. It's 31 RK CIA 33 downtown 32 what you're official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. And and. And then issue calming cup. Saying yeah it's. Racial tension in marches and. What did you notice them. Brought to my nose jewelry and safe flight windshield. Prefer. Yeah I'm glad you can laugh. Hard as well it's good. Course in one of the news about it yeah. Him. Same thing right windshield. It's like in. It is snort it and terrier that. I'm still works. But. Debts and they said what he ought to look like. Well they know now. When I was in the emergency room during my FaceBook back together. My dad was cauldron from port level reviews work at the time. I think it was a Thursday. March 9 1988 at one say it was a Thursday can't. So my dad was called in from Fort Leavenworth. And the doctor. Came out of the room and he said do you have a picture that this is how bad my face was bright and I'm being serious. For a moment. And yes now I can't laugh about it years ago I couldn't. But the doctor said to my dad do you have a picture of your son. So I can put him back together sure. And my dad said my dad never carried pictures and his wallet he just didn't and and to this day I don't I don't carry any pictures in my wallet. No. And my dad said I do not have a picture. And the doctor the emergency room doctor said to him will can you tell me what he looked. Like oh good lord. That's messed up my face was can you tell you what he looks mean. OK and my debt might argue that it really drive good sense of humor. I looked at the doctors said yeah I can tell you what you look like he had two eyes and nose and mouth. Put it back and the doctor said. And that's what it was it Thursday. It was a win when it's okay Wednesday march 9. 1988. The curb your brother's like he looks like this only not quite the handsome. And there now. Get a better and that's. So anyway on. Thursday march 8 the day before it easier to go to Mexico. Outward played in the nose on the Ponte. And we're inviting saint Margaret to command my view and Rodman Carrick can play Travis comply. With prizes forever one. I don't forget tomorrow by the way we're going to be at 54 street grill and bar in St. Joe. Would love. Spent Friday afternoon with you there. Story here from the Kansas City Star. At least three fraternities have been suspended at the University of Kansas. Since the start of the spring semester of 2010. Read that in the last month. Three fraternities have been suspended. Representatives from the national headquarters of Lambda Lambda Lambda Dalton salon and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Confirmed to the star that their case you chapters have ceased operations as the university investigates allegations. A violations of fraternity policy. Sigma Alpha Epsilon spokesman Johnny solo. SA. As Leo yeah already I wanna say this because there are parents listening right now. Who think their sons. Are going on to these chapters. They are not the word used in this article is cease. Operation. And it's my understanding it's essay he its DU. And at Sega. I say. Had issued a January 19 cease and desist order to its KU chapter. Halting operations until further notice is SA eat like V fraternity case you. I have so many friends. Who are essays it's it's it's a great house has been their for ever Scott it's on campus the other two are off campus. SA either one it's just downhill from JRP it's next to the kind of content it's right next OK it's great location. Erica. What do they do rural. So. If you read a little bit further down it's a little day get says for the safety and health of the members and hand him for. Allegedly hazing. My question is this these are big houses full of bullets. What happens now to those boys. I'm curious what happens to the house's that this is something that they can just shut them down for. Twelve months and then we will revisit this or does this effectively shut down these house is for good. I had a girlfriend texted me this morning and her son is part of the Greeks is McKay you know not in these houses she said this is the beginning of the end fraternities that. POO people as Bremer now let's remember that obituary before. I'm curious what you think needs to be done what you were part of that system or not. Two who physically owns her wealthy alumni in the charter the actual actual aura and it sounds yeah yeah. And and you bring a great point Ron I said to a public conference this morning how does this work because two of these buildings are off campus. You are essentially telling a private organization. Off campus. That they're dot. And there must be something in the paperwork somewhere that allows them to do it. And I don't know if this is the individual chapters charter saying there's suspended indefinitely. It well as winners USA and here it with the SE it and it is the the charter NSA's had some problems over the years they've all had some problems over the years. I think by and large these are good organizations. I really do Scott I really do. Maybe this is a wake up call. For. The house's to be more. Careful. And I like that as a parent of someone coming in to the university would you want your son. To join a fraternity Cayard when he goes. I will tell you know memo we answer guys question were O for three here we we. Were heading down that road. We were more than heading down that ride this is this story is personal to me. Why does Jack just loved it loved it. And I don't know I like you know what has been bringing you while you you let him stay at a fraternity house the visits have Marty started for senior high school boys yes. Of those visits and they stay at the frat house she did not his grandmother lives in Lawrence his friends who live in Lawrence. But he has gone to visit that's how this works you go up and you visit and there are boys in those house's who are from his school community from his swim and dive community. They've been living there successfully. I know this is how this works out that girls do not. Start the process until they are physically on campus in the fall. So you have to be a student Emeril on campus as a girl to go through rushed. Boys worked differently I didn't know any of this until this year. Say start visiting. And doing social events with these guys. About. Now after Christmas break is when it starts so one of these houses came up and had a social event at top golf. Here in Kansas City and they have invited a bunch of boys to top golf to meet the guy is here about the house what is this about. And a lot of boys how many girls your banging your first year I know a lot of Malays you know Witten did these incidents and so. We are reassessing. What this means for us to. Okay I'm not judge him. We all have really good experiences with this. Program and I know it's not for everybody I had brain experience can you had in his height that Liddy. Were you a sorority yes yeah I was what we UN I was now for salmon. With my name was off retirement isn't it funny I have so many girlfriends now the from other schools were also have cut and it's so weird a couple of my best friends that I didn't even know. From other schools where in the house so. It's not all bad and it's by the leaders was I was Africa it's easy to beat up. On these organs all it's very easy to US goods and people like me who were never them yes. I even said this morning as it is this the universe trying to tell us he should live in a dorm. And I don't know I don't know what we're gonna do we just found out. Yeah. Assay detects and Jack was like. It's. So what does this means that ensures that at that. And a column every time we do this every time for eternity has come up. Get inundated and your walking to defend them that's fine. I've for the record full disclosure I was not into for turned. I never play huge is that it's called pledging. Is that what guys do to pledge. I never pledged one my brother did I moved him in moved him out the next day. One. My brother made it one day in a fraternity life I don't know. I didn't ask ESP him help him move in Avalon. So I'd moved him in because I was one of the car he'd have a car. 24 hours later eagle calls rivers there. Yeah now. Mike what do you mean your out of one out of money in business on an honest I can't do it. And I'd rollover of it was on an and is on fraternity row over there by the by the fountain okay you remember which house was. I've pulled up in my little red Pontiac Grand Am 1990 model. I moved him. He made it 24 hours of paternity how's. He. I'm fascinated by officers. As and you know a guy who never went to college if it blows anyway I'm fascinated by it. I've talked to many different he would chasing cats are nice that I hired talked yeah for like two hours one night I was just asking about oh he drank that cooler and yet oh he loves the gap and and and I hit it like I did just wasn't for me not and I and I see. You know I I don't think I could have done it I have a good friend of mine named Matt who. His father was like cats fraternity man fraternity. And he went it's a Springfield and and he wants all these different meetings and all the stuff and he's like man this is not the thing for me. He said the last and they went to was like this crappy house where the dude. The dude literally stood on a milk crate. And goes hey we don't care what your. Parents make in a year I don't care who your father is or where you come from yeah. But this is our frat if you wanna join and he's like I'm joining that's when you and he joined and gas it was nothing but just drugs and sex and gender. Here's what I'll tell you why. I'm afraid we have looked this up ride in an idea believe me but we have tons of research on the seat and I went through it. The average grade point average. Of those houses are about to campus Apple's yes DT rate there vary. Very good at organizing. In May and dated study halls especially for freshman rod that got it down it's like two hours and three era snipers opened. They have to be there city or are they take their own organization for some of these boys. Is is important. It really in. And and and and from the aspect of your average person is going away to college you know no one here this you know. This one little grain of you know blade of grass in the field and you're just here. This gives you a social. Group and people that will kind of you know watch your back. Can be great you can be bad but it here bigger. I think that's everything in life is an outspoken earn the Internet can be great at bat. 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Redeem their trial offer thirteen dollar value all yours when you sign plus as a special offer to listeners of David parks go to Harry's dot com right now. And the code word parks and check out to get a potion of mobile home also for free. That's Harry's dot com your code word is parks. Fast and softly cry. I'm pleased to save it. They saw this like. And again. That begs. Come alive but Steve Perry is okay. These I was the Martin out of office and love yeah legs don't save. So you don't want. Please fraternities agree including Lambda Lambda Lambda have been suspended. Or there charters have been whatever emperor when revoked or whatever. And this is just since the beginning of the year. Just since the beginning of the year out no sororities including a make a move. None of them had any problems it's only the fraternities. Three fraternities. And Kate you. Have been suspended since the beginning of the year. It can ask your question yes rod go ahead do you think that threes it's fraternities being suspended. Already this year. Is a sign that. Fraternities are getting worse and worse or a sign that. We are getting more and more sensitive about what fraternities are duly that's what it is and people are marking them off quicker and quicker I give you an example in faces a real example from the share it made me do. I drink on all a friend of mine. He has a son at one of the house is I'm not and which house doesn't matter. And they have a rule on Monday is let's say where they did not want to freshman coming back to the house. Rod to sleeper you know do whatever after the weekend. That was their ruled on Monday as they called and campus days on Mondays you dress up even on an eye shirt and you are on campus. Until it's 5 o'clock that's the Earl. And a professor in Wesco this happened about three months ago. Was walking by and saw this kid in the hallway dressed nicely and he had nodded off in the hallway. And he said what are you doing. As Sonoma gosh I'm so tired he civil classes over wire used to heat. And the freshman replied I'm not allowed to go back to the house today's campus Monday we've got to be on campus. That professor. Turned that house in four hazing. And they were un able to go. Twos there winter formal that everyone birdie paid for where that's hazy because he wasn't allowed to go back to her house correct. And so all I'm saying is I don't know that the specific and this just happened Scott that's all I'm saying is I don't know the specific charges. Ford's is three house's. But pacing can be a very wide spectrum. The I can go back to house because its campus Monday's. All the way up to we're stepping over it deceased person who has alcohol poisoning him and I get that we have to be vigilant about those case did you ever have hazing at. No I Africa tiger won. Single. Not once not nobody ever want to. The night before we were all initiated they asked us to reflect as a class and be down in the basement and read and kind of at a slumber party. And we kept thinking mechanism that I haven't. Even some that can happen. Nine hitter read nothing happened. Not enough I. Had such an irate experienced my buddy who went through them the party frat if his theirs was. Like they had to camp out in them. Yard. When it was cold out you know and crap like that they had a life. It took these cookies and you both had the need the same cookie right out touch and it and crap like that likes to like drinking games ago and yeah who are. Cheney John exuberance over did you ever have like parties with a fraternity we get we could not have them in our house but they were held in other houses like through. Any social event at your house I don't know. Look like everything else in life is good news that. Is this all. I don't know. I don't those guys. I did you partly for did you party with fraternity yes. I don't think asking a freshman to stay on campus for five hours on Monday night at the video did you go to SC house Beaulieu junior programs. That didn't exist. I think there's less tolerance. For bad behavior today. Than there was when I was in school. What are the Fiji house's at a real thing of very good grades. Good house yes. Fiji's. No problems now. No measurements know what. Newsroom Caremark that. Tapping on KM BZ a security incident at a Washington naval base we'll have details next. Papal spring will be here before you know it it is time to start thinking about your director driveway your garage floor seal wants Casey is here to permanently. Protect and beautify those areas their experience team will clean instill any wood or concrete surface with their clear penetrating permanent sealant. 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