Scott has OCD... and it turns out- you all do too!

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, December 6th

What's your weird "thing?"  Scott can't leave his house without counting the stovetops again and again and AGAIN...  When I was a kid- I used to count every fifth house from our car and blink - HARD - each time we drove by a residential neighborhood.   


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy KM BZ weather 42 KC I'm 44 downtown 44 and Alan your official weather station. And a few questions and attacks primaries in big. Building a house on fire up in the north land near to anyone and we're 35. Pretty much the only thing left standing that you need to know how calm point whole. Lotta fire equipment on and Christmas trying to keep disk contained to just the house. It's going on accuracy in the style of play everybody got out yep here's needed at this time a year. If you did you watch underway take pictures that he is watching this video. Picture of the wildfires in California. I outlets awful I posted this on my. Work page. Because there are cars trying to get out as you do there evacuating people and it looks like. Hell actually yeah there's nothing not on fire surrounding the entire. And the air quality so bad they're telling people in uncharted state. Insides and going on outside the border is higher stock and that traffic I was surrounded by flaming hill I mean it just looks like everywhere you look. There's nothing not on fire and these cars are on the highway and I'm like I would be having the biggest. Panic attack in the history of the world because your kinda just stuck there in traffic. But now I just saw the channel five chopper video from overhead at the house of the house yeah counting all ma'am. There's nothing left on them and unfortunately it's not crazy by the way if one takes pictures of their stove before that it is how is sort of screen because when one comes home to send house it's still stand well using just shows the only way that your house is gonna catch on fire rained miracle every Q well but I I don't have any candles in my house I don't ever allow Campbell's mind. You have electricity house now. Street. I'm bad about candles line. And then about candles. And China there is not a single cam might leave them on but then I'm like and what that is an open flame I. And that I have a fireplace that. And now audio now on I don't think I mean I drive my Kris because she is the space here her room. I do allow the space of six yesterday they tip over catcher out on fire well they don't just tip for by themselves. But at night. I would go into her room a thousand times and I'll say. When should I note. Unplug the space there's a blanket that this is my this is my thought process with a space heater says the woman with the open flag it takes one blanket. That falls off you know now we have cats so a cat not something off. Dresser right it falls on to the spacing out whole house prism. Leave blankets draped over your speech here just to know I'm telling you I don't trust those things that ATP is that it oh he's the only thing for bases should have three feet of clearance space like no nothing within three feet we do that and your space heater and we do. It's impressive that takes a lot of space. I'm them analysts we don't have a lot of stuff from mills. Blanket next to it before. It's death. And by the way if you think for a second. I even thought about buying a space heater that doesn't automatically shot off so much this meant that shuts off the prayer aspirants to happen. Oh. Marcus Peters has been suspended by the Kansas City Chiefs. Avery to talk about it it's. The flag yes this is a funny. A I. Was it was sunny funny or when the ref threw his hat can begin having more flights to Ryan. It is frowned upon your answer is and wrote to. Civic and the bandit caught that stoic so I don't. I Kansas City cheese head coach Andy Reid says the team has suspended. Cornerback Marcus Peters for Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders. Be suspension comes after the chiefs' 3831 loss to the New York Jets. Can anyone say implosion by the way for this team on god. During the game. Peters received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. After throwing an official's flag into the stands. Following a call late in the context. I'm a forty social watched a lot of problem. I'm not a fan LaMarcus Peters did. Here's what I am a fan however. I've never seen anybody throw a flag into the stadiums I've seen players pick them up and like. Awesome actor Ralph ranked tigers replied back that crappy call idiot. I have never. In my 46 years seen a player pick up a flag and throw it into the ground. I'm not even Matt I'm impressed. I during a press conference today Reid said he would not. Go into specifics about the suspension but said he spoke with Peters. And felt like it was the best. And that conversation went it was doing one sided breeze is simply how. Amid. Older man yelling younger man. Straight. So I'm sure that was worth it was used lot it's. We don't throw the yellow stuff into the states. If they throw flag Unix and and then. He thought he was kicked out of the game right the way I understand that's he thought it was kick yet again to walk and but he wasn't but it RD take off his. I socks and cleats he was done Benny comes back out without his socks on and problems. At a I. Markets you have not being kicked out of the game solemn but. You're not wearing soft. And your master kids Wear your sock. I got a text from Chris it's not a okay. You're on the air I'm on the air. This. Senior Sox. I think the kids took. It didn't happen mr. yellow tan. Weird. When I not. My kids are not taking Chris gets his socks. What do you call people the old gold now. Like 94 year old man where. Where I tell you with 100% certainty that my son does not adhere to its. I want us now Wal-Mart special okay ten for thirteen ninety I wanna yes and does cats. Where when he Wear shorts in the summer on the weekend. Does he Wear dark socks. With loafers. Pull all the way up past me we we have stopped that. Since you weekend he moved in. I threw all of his socks away and bought him golf socks because he showed up at our very first couple's golf match. Wearing tube socks pulled up to Disney's. You simply can't I just got out of the car and I took one look at it. And I got back car and let's just. I was like oh no he's not wearing knee highs well now but they are not right where they they I mean I. All YOK I pulled all the layup and despite despite what he's saying have you see my socks like. No one's going to Wear those not just men and no one. Not even may be the homeless I'm gonna go back at all not happening. We weren't full scale teenager yesterday I was at via. Or fabric care. Coats for kids who is like 7 o'clock in the morning I just got there. My phone rings it's my idea. And I am she's at Sean sales and I think myself. This has been emergence writes I'm the bad and she would call me it's not my morning I'm not responsible. Getting her off to school I answer the phone you honey I'm at work in downtown Kansas City your space heater to the over is. I sense this and emerged. Shoes are unique Kelly is Kelly lives not far from shots. She says Youkilis I said no sweetheart I'm down to. Shoes. And I know she's there to fail what's the problem. Shoes. I have nothing to Wear. That's why she asks she wanted something specific from an I house I. Ice it I mean let's be on. These two kids have no should eat at Dana you know this being the mother of teenagers. There is no shortage of clothing that you need anything to Wear like I said something. Where I need to go to school. Picture on the boss from Travis. Walker. Dana. That's how my apartment caught on fire. My roommates space heater caught his bed on fire. I was asleep in the other room and woke up to the smell of smoke you know what you're doing enemy and it's not cool. Overture OK with how many camp do you have in your house. Nine what nine Tommy do you like every night. And call take a lecture on fire safety. From anybody but I got home just nine camps. Since. He. You know sales picture your house burning into the ground. Pictures of your space and. Has smooth. The EC UC it's funny making fun of the guy we those CD it's not funny. Yes it's and it's not fun I have those edu about things being left on at home. And your freaking me out. I feel like Andy who leave right now just he's just a picture of it earlier and turned it off your pitcher. I. I think I turned. Where's the fun keeping here's the worst part and this is not a joke I mean when you have a CD like argue with some like that. Numbers. I will stand over. I will stand over the space here in my has room before lead every day even if she doesn't even bin there. And I will step on. The outlet. And I'll say I am I will talk to myself also I am stepping on. This is not a joke this is what happens yeah yeah. Stepping on the I you know the plug it goes into the outlet oh I'll step on it and I'll say I am stepping on the outlet clock. And that'll leave the room and I'll go right back to AM. And I'll step on them again and I'll say men don't take issue off because apparently it's it's really off if you touch with your bare foot and I'll say. Touching the outlet. Touching touching touching and then I'll leave the room. That I go to the kitchen. And I put my hand on every bird like this like my mother does and also off. Off off off off off off off. And I'll go around like five times. It is a problem it is a disease. That's a problem. Off off off off off off all of the old. If my hand doesn't burn them it's okay to go to work. That is back. Kelly no but that's yes OK. And match election. And I've told her before reliever Mike coming as you know coach. 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Pitcher holly shopping done early take advantage of free shipping. To get a limited edition holly shape cent while supplies last just go to Harry's dot com and the code were parked at check out. Get 20% off that's Harry's dot com. Code word parks. Oh. Wednesday afternoon. 5767798. I'll just reducing government. Scott my wife has a CD. I'm not even allowed to talk to her when we're leaving the house. Until she goes through her mental checklist. So. On occasion when a matter of we'll get to the end of the street is driving away in all I have to do is say honey. Did you leave the stove on. We have to turn around and start all over again. I'm telling you OCD is awful. And I have a mild case. They're there are people Dana I'm Tony people right now and Sam when we leave the house we driver on the block to double checked the garage door yeah see I. Understand it and I have a little tiny tad of OCD. Mixed in with anxiety they usually they go hand in hand now. I understand. The is my house going to burn down fear. You ever wonder about the the candles that would drive means. Focus I really don't if their live there live when I'm right there in the emblematic of that group I don't ever just leave the Mall of America which are thousands of her. I do understand that type of OCD it's the other type the ritualistic behavior OCD. That I don't relate to as well to me were aiming. So people who feel like they have to do repetitive behaviors 'cause it makes them feel better RC. Some of them turn a light switch off and on. Often off and on a day Arnold but they have hand washing. Rituals. Where their skin is. Rock because they have to wash their hands. There are there's a continuum. You are on what I would consider a more understandable. Bill Lowe wins by now worried your house is gonna burn down I think we think we all liked the iron on you know. But pretty. But the funny thing is Dana and inevitably point. I don't know where this comes from my mother has to answer came from your marriage she's where she will check the stove routinely and then go back into the house. And check in again. We never had a house burned an out of I. Mean it's cellist to. What's images were scared you're thousands never burn out it will not burned out. But it is so weird and and everybody knows somebody. Who deals this chemist. And an argued as OCD more than anybody. Baseball players. At your watch them at. At home plate that's not OCD old. That's their reach like or that they'll play off the gloves are putting him back on that and nervous habit or ritual before. You perform. I don't think you don't have a single ritual. Before you leave the house. I have been at this late everyday what's called a late. That's my ritual. Just have been a bust at its and usually I'm here going sure she's in get her arms. She's leaked. You don't have a ritual before you leave the house. These days they do a checklist and had beacons I have some rabbit. Scheffler again. It's just a home yet to have a baby and drive all the stuff that comes along with that I know for a fact the baby was dropped off somewhere. Wait you out like six kids care has not happened because that is why. Count digits yeah I have a joke is razor. I I don't Elliott's. I say it all the time especially when they were little. Because god knows I would have been the one I would have been the one that let someone summer they were supposed to be for somebody. So we're traveling or something I'm really weird about town in mind when Wheatley. Ended if Chris please and has one of them in the car okay now. Say it's okay it's. It's bad because this fascinating I find this o.s CD and like ritualistic kind of stuff really weird. Even though I suffer from. Like I I would not walk on to a sports field even if I'm coaching. Without tapping something else that's just we hear it I know. Say was re it was realistic. I will not step onto the field without tapping something twice. Whether it's my hands or attempt I handle my leg. I have to tax something twice before I step on the field from the. Explain my daily ritual on my way to work is locking up the door and saying to myself thanks so much us. And is prepared remarks I have flu cases are on the rise and have more next. Right here with different program mr. Woodbury and low cost life insurance dot com the cost is low the processes so simple and it's the end of the year get it done get store would bare it all historic. Any data that is exactly right to vote to help the listeners with a life insurance planning and as you said it is. So incredibly simple we'll get the information that we need. We will navigate through the maze of products and plopped the choice of what helped you select the specific policy that's suited for your situation. And that the application back and by the that stand out via email to the medical examination. On the. At its thirty to 45 days later have the protection for your family. I love it reminded fortified to sort. 816792. And 0700. I think 1679207002. Woodbury with low cost life insurance dot com. I'm thirty joined Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are the jump to getting Health Department is reporting and they're seeing the typical number of flu cases so far this year already about ninety reported bell. Flu season peaks between December and February most of the flu cases are from people over the age of 65. And young people between 524. The American Embassy in Israel will be relocating president trump announcing today that the US will recognize Jerusalem not Tel of beef as Israel's capital. This is a long overdue step to advance the peace process. And to work towards a lasting. Agreement adding that while he believes the move will create the opportunity for peace in the region the US will not be interfering in Middle East politics. Traffic and weather together next. Certainly feeling like December out there right now little bit of steps of well call it sleet few flakes of snow all like sprinkles of rain been reported all across the listening area. That's not going to amount to much the big story take way for you the colder air is moving in behind this system. Where have a morning temperature eighteen degrees your wind chills down into the single digits went to be fairly strong on 91 portion your daytime tomorrow which is why. The single digit wind chills of feel even chillier. You with the sunshine coming out in the afternoon high temperature only about 32 degrees. 19 in the morning on Friday afternoon high 41 Stiller to a few flurries and staying below normal for this time you're heading into Saturday as opposed to Sunday. From channel nine on for solar chief meteorologist Brian Bosnia KM BZ whether. Wanna Casey guys 42 and Lee's summit 43 at your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with there's 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. It's. Oh yeah. Well on humans Obama didn't tell. There really any news or use them all out by the way it parts when it comes to baseball players and superstition. And anxiety it's not a subject okay. Then there's this one tremendous tennis player Rafael Nadal. He has complete OC DN admits that his Sox have to be pulled up at the same length. He will not step on any white line at all warrior all of his water bottles have to be labeled. Have to be dropped down to the same amount in each water bottle all the time. It is time consuming for him and the other players on the tour just understand it. Yup that's not a ritual. That I was CD correct. So my one thing is if I have that kids with me and were traveling. And Chris has his car because when we travel sometimes we take to. And a couple kids will get in his car and let's say I take the girls and Jack. I will say to him do you have. The baby. And he will say Jack. I will then have to call him once he's in the car and say. Do you have that child. And he will say yes. And that I really don't feel. Good. Until we hit the road and I look at the currency. Because I'm so sure. That I knew we would accidentally because there's so many of the why is it that one kid because she's the youngest and I think the other is ability dum dum come back and get me. Right yeah I all someone be like really left me at the common go in so Dahlia. But I am worried that the August when I quit. I don't know go knock on some weird old guy is the Andorra was Tenet windows and ask for help we never see him again. So this is my daddy's washes hands 100 times a day that somebody else on here's and they do the same thing. Curious. Just because we kind of stumbled on this one and Ed dorm talk about trumpeter and of one toward readdress emerged February who endorsed that decision to. Com. What is your weird OCD NM E. o.s CD. Not. Your rituals or you know. I'd doubled checked that door once before I leave the house and that that's not a CD that's is being cautious. There're people who say we drive around the block several times. Every time we leave the house just make sure the garage doors closed. I've done but is that really OCD or is that just an anxiety habit. What's the different out of this year. I will stare. At the garage door when I leave via if if if I know for a fact I have. Lift to the garage door during the day right NATO's raking leaves or whatever. I know that garage door has been opened before I leave for work. And I know it's close I'm staring right at Dana I will sit in my car for two minutes. Just staring at its two ways of life like making sure doesn't spontaneously. I didn't. Just convincing myself the garage door is down. And out and don't talk to myself a long. Rushed. First our news. And I change how short it is. Some I don't drive. Someone writes and I used to have to end with an even number of steps before stepping over a crack or a line. And I used to balls show. Mentally tight. QWERTY. In my head cute of the year to like TW ear TYQB teary way. I also I'll tell you had a tick when I was growing up and all of us all of these disorders are in the same. Family. I had a tech I would do this with him in Austria. And that if I do it it's like mr. Tate when I was in seventh grade I did it I would have to do it one more time. On an even number and then I would do an odd number so that I would have to do it again an end on an even number. How would you would count your ticks yeah. One as long as I. Ended on an even number does when I was five or six because my remember my parents thinking. Man do we have a weirdo. Well now. Ask any elementary school teacher there are just ticking kids everywhere that is eight pretty common. Staying. I would when my dad was driving on the witness babysitters. This is so weird I can't even spelling list I would count every fifth house and I would have to blink on the fifth house. Driving by would have to do. And it would feel good to do. And then somehow. I grew out of those ticks I don't now because back then we did that they're in medication and psychiatrists. To pick up the thought of they just let me be weird and kind of went away I remembered and it was just a blink it was this Lincoln Lincoln. When I imminent pastor and vehicle I have to tap my foot either each one of them every single time we pass the dialect watt dotted middle line on the road. There's every single and I'm got a killer app kind of port so you're basically constantly tapping your feet constantly and and if there's if it's a solid. Line I have to hold down until I get the next and they got a jump to the next in line weirdo okay that's how I was when I was a kid. Like I would see things out the window driving and that would be my thing and I would have to do something for each fifth on her third one usually an odd number for some reason. Is that weird. Yeah. A from the Czech fine OK all of you are just we're okay. Angela in Gardner hello Angela. Have it there are a lot of her a lot of weird like at a eat eggs. Legal or by an hour late but as herbal and there. You know multiple light but as spectacular wine at a life. It like Barack they are Indian app that like their I'm and they need to be elite want to acting on that back and that would be shocked. At online app. They've got a call in at the bottom weigh now the top way. Yet yeah. We have border light but it backed edit view are how I. And it might get that I had then turn one advantage. Out candlelight I have met a lot of that but in that I can't they'll let other wicked and they all hot. Now does he know that you do this. That. An accurate and that any game. I think could be ethnic and AME. Media at that made a bad. And I don't I have left work. Right before the show starts to go home and checked myself Angela did you have a sick when you're a kid. I app app. I mean I'm thirty here and I have a lot of that day and night and I haven't really had at anybody. I am probably. Like one I have admitted anybody by. When I'm writing added like penetrate and we're a little. Tail light went like a pattern. Of light and like I'm cart like but I. I don't that though we're at Albert. Wanna does the NBE angle. I don't think is at all and I don't care some assorted I had a friend who had to turn it locked 27 times every time. It's weird. Who's really weird and it did not legally work great in the balloon. Up. That we. 5767798. It's either this or trumps you guys better call them and let us know what you're weird OCD moment is so there's a bunch of ones here. I've been niece who only eve Kursk it'll separated by color and image certain order. But that's not superstition mats OCD. When I eat a bowl lucky charms I have to eat the hard to. Crunchy ones first and and it DiMarco later everything the time. But his preference. Like you saw what made you mix it up what I've tried to you eating it normally before and I candidate. 57677. I'd make job where command right after the 6 o'clock news. It is struggling to find the perfect gift for somebody who has at all holidays are fast approaching ordered gifts for everybody on your list. With just the click of mouse gets a perfect gift from Omaha steaks. Dot com we go to almost expect come all the time we love the flavor would love the selection we love the price. Let me tell you about Omaha steaks. And how for only 4999. You get the family gift when you go to Omaha steaks dot com. And the code word parks in the search parts of savings of 75%. Off and don't let the name for sure they make great steaks. 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Volume like five people saying that's my thing I have to have the volume on the TV or the radio and even number on an even number. To the minute and it was three decision. And what's yours I know you've got actually I I guess you walking us. And you would think so I guess health stuff you know I don't hypochondriac but the exciting that's different yeah I don't but I do obsess about it for a little while but it comes and goes I I honestly. Do seem like somebody who have o.s CD. But I don't have the ability to stick with something that long I wish I did play. That's that's that's actually huge problem for me I I start doing something that we all news. But I'll be like you know ominous start it whatever is amiss there eating healthier than us are eating healthier still great and then one day go to McDonald's go or not. More staff. I we have three and I've I've told these but just you were in the back from fraud. Yeah I have to check the stove a thousand times over for a leave the house yeah I stepped on the clog to the space heater. And say to myself it's off it's on order off implored. And like I don't play anymore when I coach whether it's soccer whatever if I ever stepped onto the field. I have to tap myself twice and I will not step on the long. Ideal stepped over the white line to go on the field and I tell myself twice. The first you see like you'd just terrified spiral like Frankenstein monsters and yet until I am of her yeah. This is all making me feel so normal thank you guys. Here's one I have to leave with my left foot this is a great if the surface. Changes. And if I mess it up I will go back and corrected for example about go from car yet it hardwood right or fourth street up occur. Yes leave lead with his left foot if he doesn't walk back and change. Yeah I don't I am not trying to belittle people again I I don't have those kind of impulse is his most of one of my big problems is I have enough time for anything. My anxiety is like I'm gonna die any second now so I don't have time to care the stove still a lot of you know a lot isn't anxiety disorder net. I've got all that stuff right habit but I don't have I don't have checking and stuff like that it's I don't ability you have to ask my wife she probably notice of more than me I just I I'll get obsessed with suffer a little bit like who are finances were. Health or whatever. About your health does something happen to you when you're younger. I know that my brother diet and mannerisms when I was nineteen and had to deal with that my parents vacation you think that freak you out by a Mets was adamant that I was that bad is that when it started yet. 'cause he just like it was literally. The healthiest guy ran. Didn't really drink that much surer of do any drugs or anything he's dropped out of the brain and terrorism at 23 years old. And yet so. I guess it's that we conquer death. It doesn't make sense to me that you would be so worried about your health because of that right as you don't know like there's no way to know that and now yes and it so it'll it'll start with adults are like I'd get a head aching like a cop who got a got a god. And then if I give you the headache do you think it's a brain tumor I think it's bringing terrorism yeah yeah but see that's totally understandable to. As big as his head is here. Seeking out a softball sized. And I tell myself I'm like I don't know who knows what's going on and it's a cavernous. Thomas in Lee's summit hello Thomas. AL Torres. Thank you pay load joke publisher consumers. Okay thank you church street column one bit Ike grind the heck out of might eat our current left right right. It is hate me. Yeah. You did so you do not when you're slipping but when your weight. Yeah yeah I'm you know work on the computer driving and I noticed like Mikey let. That I noticed that BO right. Are you stressed out a lot Thomas. Quite a bit yet at. But even when I'm not sure that ought to keep it here any any time partner and a bit left to right right. I said weird movement. Todd in Garden City hello Todd. There are doing well thank you for a ask him. Current role. Edward or your arm or whatever it that's sure they. We'll talk about it I knew it. All of my place. In Gold Coast of. Are you. Wondered why do you even at home. I. I bet because when it's during that we had a terrible. Dishwasher. And sometimes it like it is is stuff the the it would stake in and whatever was drinking like it put it up to my face in yet and I'd just spoiled a glass of milk or so that are never. This is agents actually terror efforts via a lobby and well you know there are some anxiety disorders that are this is minor stuff we're talking there people who pull your hair out. Yeah eyebrow OCD that's anxiety at me but it's all in the saints to. Of does but we need to be careful not confused like anxiety disorder. With OCD. Is an anxiety. All. That but there's a demonstrate pulling your hair out or cutting yourself. And steaming. In your bedroom with the lights which going. Off on off on off on off on a farm. That is OC I don't know I think I think it's all kind of the same thing because it with CD the behavior of it is. Something you're doing to comfort yourself to try it like it might turn a light switch off five times yes my kids and I honestly right you know it's the stuff like better protect the stove a thousand times means house we'll catch fire that's a comfort thing for an anti dumping we're coming up right after these 6 o'clock news we got to run Damon is on location tomorrow morning from seven of nine shall be at the pride cleaners and a late on a 151 street and thus our week. It's a shocker among shoppers. Hi this is the final 48 hours for coats for kids we need your. They need your data will be at the pride cleaners tomorrow morning and awaits a 151 street you can win by with a donation. C predicts report on Friday. On behalf of our producer today Chris miners are good for it caused in Iraq I'm Scott parks and god willing. All back tomorrow at 2 o'clock have a great night Kansas City be safe and be good. 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