School says it made a 'mistake,' rescinds valedictorian title...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, July 11th
The girl lost a $40,000.00 scholarship because of the 'error...' 

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. It's going to be an artist. You know I just can't it's literally make me. Chance if Leesburg account. Yeah. It's. It's police chief for expense you know I'm a huge fan. And these Twitter account says who chased and tackled an armed man who fired into a crowd of people in the west work early Sunday morning this guy. Officer Halterman chief Smith surprised him today with a special coin for his routes you can still sees scuffed up here. This was the idiot who. Shot two people fired into a busy Westport crowd over the weekend injuring two injuring two and I read an officer chased him down. The gun fell out of the guy's pants I think on the way out. And he tackled him and he's been arrested in charge of the armed criminal actions and he was felon in possession of a gun I think. For all his troubled officer got a shiny nickel. Got a medal it's inherent with some point they've. Yes OK and you said a court and I thought you know OK good job man has a shining Nash. And a couple more those in his and coffee. I think I honestly I am supposed to be the jerk of a show I don't need. Pharmacists and it was just clarify and it's like Depp as the when he guy that McCain is deputy equine. Kind. Appeals court rulings like. Our enforcer borders or its not worth the neck. I just says this is lovely wee Ellis sank officer Halterman now please shut down the streets around west police and it was damned. Gun detectors. And making it a privatized areas so that it's harder. For these idiots again and fired two cents thought Wes for arguments set down private I was supposed to be but it's taking longer a couple of hitches along the way. Some pickups which is what I would be screaming and yelling and wondering as someone was firing at me. It's. And rod it is worth more than a nickel it has sentimental. No huge I'm sorry I I I wasn't referring to the metal that this officer guy I was confused as they said. He was given a coin and I thought they peg accidentally tossed him a shiny nickel secured telling me it was actually a metals like it committing terrorist said it was like. Dana is going which I know is not worth it next. Can't we just be thankful for officer alternate them on because that's why. It's become members of course it. I can't afford chasing down this idiot who fired into the crowd of Westport. At 2:45 AM by the way and I'm not gonna say whatever one's thinking but I parties said to Scott. 2:45 AM in Westport. I'm just gonna let that float up there let me finish her sentence how much money it would you have to throw the earth to be. Anywhere near. That entertainment district to 45 in the morning. I cannot puts a dollar amount on an answer how much would it take to get you there at 10 o'clock in the same amount of money that a little bit. How much would it. That's the great. And drug dealer. I. That's the point rod I see you have a dime but yeah Adam how much is that ball. As time fans who can and you know where your now tell boxer on the spur. The nickel bag is probably what I can forward. I've I'm and to pay the same amount of money problem with us no. I'm sorry that's gonna work. But I have the same amount of mine but probably less and that's up. Probably less is means it's not the same amount. I don't think you're using that word right how much what I have to be either area. Probably the same problem my problem. You say that there is no way you would be Westport and to some than in the morning now how much would it take to get you to stay at funky town till 10 o'clock. OK. Now. It. That way. Now we're gonna. Or until about 950. Tired now. Goes so it is all you were pregnant. And leave your room and turned. Pro it was a pregnant anymore. It. We go to funky it's the same Atlanta. It. Dana has this brilliant idea the world going to funky gonna dance until her feet ball. Rod and I get all dressed up Dana even got dressed. Rod not looking good let me tell you right now tablet Kelly rod not work net models years. We were cut rugs up there David came efforts art. But everybody's that you got to stay for the car watch. When they play the car wash this place goes craze. So rotten night what do we do state of the Carlyle. Bat and when the car wash started. We looked around for dame right guess we're Dane watts at home not to be found. It was due. We're gonna go to Hong cute they're gonna play the car and the guy to stop the top and soap suds coming everything's going to be great. Car wash starts rob nigh tapping character. And one's. Game is nowhere to be for a were worried. I was sleepy to hit it at that. Sleeping. Ten. We have an update really quick and if you read this in your newscast and I missed it I am for ever sorry. But my husband just sent it to me. About the two little girls who were found dead in clay county and did not act. And it's not that I don't pay attention to you the united so. We ended last sayings for our two weeks now stat or a week. How did those two little girls die in Clay County remember they were outside. But police said look there was no trauma. They didn't drown we know they were shot it was really weird. And someone in the newsroom says I have a feeling this is going to involve hot car and here we go. Documents just released in the case of two Clay County sisters found dead show. The mother told police she fell asleep with the car running and the girls inside of the car. The car then ran out of gas. Like Tony deputies were called at home this afternoon on the fourth when they arrived the two girls were breathing. She was later arrested and charged with domestic assault on an earlier. Argument with her husband. Had nothing to do with the girls. She said she got an argument didn't have a key to the residence was locked out of the home at some point. Took both girls to her Jeep and fell asleep in the car with the children. When she woke up she said the children were. On responsive. Documents show she told authorities she tried to revive the children with water. She even tried to break the lock off of the storage shed to get gas for the car. She then grabs the girl's friend or neighbor's home. Than ever called 91. I still think there's some things that yes angles about that can't really aren't there yet. Someone that isn't said and it wouldn't you Kara I guarantee this is going to involve those girls and hot car and then the mom took them out of the car. And said there just outside operating or else. I have a feeling it's gonna be more than a full truth is here's the deal if you've flawlessly and a hot car I don't fall asleep at a core correct. And it was that hot out you would wake you would wake up AME we're talking a hundred and what I mean it's been a hundred degrees every day. So I will post that story aren't perfect and I'm not I and it I don't know I'm gonna make a guess here to go ahead it would ever once again. I'm gonna preface all this by saying allegedly I don't know for a fact I have to get all the legal stuff out of the way your real quick. This is just me an assumption on my part. I'm senators and drugs involved. Mom passed. Allegedly. Yes. Woke up after the drugs wore off allegedly. And kids were dead. That's when I'm guess I can and I'm saying what everybody else's thinking. Got into an argument went to cards cells sleep give me. It. That's like the old wife fell asleep and I came to there was a diet what Romany not to me on the head I don't remember that my husband was dead that's what those freeze saying. I don't know what time look let's. I'm a data this story happened. Wasn't in the afternoon. Everybody falls asleep in the car in the early afternoon that weird. I'm not victim blaming here but I'm victim morning gas if yours she's a victim. I want to say it was during the days that I that it was at least during the day I feel like win the discovery was it when he's fine and time. He'll lie get shortly afternoon Wednesday shortly after noon yeah but listen to this out at some point during the night. Her vehicle ran out of gas she tried to break the lock up the storage shed to get gas for her car. This is saying this is asked her she makes this discovery so this is that the night of July 3. So you got your girls are dead and you go running into a storage shed to try to find gasoline. To start the car because air conditioning is gonna provide them at that point I'm not buying it and I NN I'm not buying it and it will posted on the lips. And how did you know that the storage shed the year parked right next to read gasoline and if I guess meaning you would have gone there before the current guests. Who parks next to a storage. I mean I hate to be captain logic on the issue sometimes. But nothing in this story makes sense to again into a fight with baby daddy. I'd leave the house with the kids. On a hot July night. Okay. And I parked the car. Right next to a storage facility that I know has gasoline and it. But I don't give it even though I know my car is low on gas. Until I fall asleep. I wake up the kids are dead. And then I break a lock. Rod you iron not down. We may be stupid but we're not dome. Breaking a lark is not easy. Now you don't just break a law. And with all due respect it would if if you could break the lock you would be a lot easier for a man to break a lock. Woman. In theory also I feel that if you. Woke up in your car very hot and sweaty in the U looked in the backseat in the kids were unresponsive. Hey maybe I should go break that lock and put gas in my car is not my first thought your first wouldn't even be might. First I thought we need to call 91. Rights. Or you know. Possibly try to help the children. But no I'm gonna go break a law and get gasoline in a storage locker that I know is bearer. But I didn't put the gas telling his kindness for errors literally no one. Zionists okay. Have my guys at lightning landscaping irrigation yesterday to tweak a couple things I said look. Our front yard our backyard has never looked better since they came out and put that rain bird irrigation system it and we're actually mowing twice week now because that lawn boy does it grow. For the first time in fifteen years actually we have a lush green lot. Whether it's irrigation. Landscape or hard escape get on the schedule now hard escape if you're thinking about a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen or fireplace. 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You get your first year of college paid for at the University of Texas yet I don't know if that's for every high school or if that's just UT what ever is no rule in her city. In her high school for UT. Was one year. Free college. For the valedictorian. She applies that scholarship she gets that she's going to UT. At Martin's. Then she gets a call from the school saying. We calculated. The GPA is wrong and the rank wrong you're actually not first in your class your fourth. And I'm guessing by. Hundreds of appointment what ever in her top general is right up there for so we're going to read vote. And re send your valedictorian. Ship. Which means and we can put a figure to this. She is now out 40000 dollars 40000 dollars at UT. For her first year and a M potentially out of get invites you to Texas I will say this UT should have done the right thing in my. View and said. They said you were the valedictorian you weren't analogy you gave the speech your we don't care Iran. The rub here is this when she gave her graduation speech. She said some things that we're not necessarily kind to her high school she said the the school district valued athletics over academics in Texas I probably true. So she saying. The only reason this happened was because they did not like her speech they are retaliating. Against that thing she said. Which I believed to be true in her speech and this is how other deal. I would Susan 40000. Ways to Sunday for 40000 dollars for the money I lost. And you cannot Nene child valedictorian. Where you can put a dollar amount to that for the scholarship. And then a month later decide oops we did it wrong what. School is right. In this regard. To your calls in this moment 576779. Let's say they thought she was about Victoria. Date. That this speech not stand object they read the numbers and she is not. Should they still just maker the valedictorian. You have to go back. Do does the school have a responsibility to go back. And say sorry Dana right. You actually are not number one. Tony Watkins and number one the number one was kid named Brian and she is on record as saying this has hurt him too. I've 767795767798. To the newsroom here is Karen marks. President trump coming to Kansas City more next. And get ready to save still Nebraska furniture mart huge holiday event is held over with legendary low prices throughout the entire stork. You'll still find one huge holiday deal after another. Right now pay 55 cents on the dollar on all furniture carpet and area rugs us get an extra 11% off the tag price. Need new appliances we discover stoke their save up to 550. Dollars instantly. On select an FM plus appliance bundles. How about no electronics take 10% off an FM plus TVs and audio. Makes it easy to pay as well special holiday thirty months finance is still going on. On qualifying purchases 999 or more say the store or an FN dot com for details remember the mark has a huge selection of all those things. 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Feel it way you can taking MB easy with you is the radio dot com mapped. Downloaded today listened to was any time anywhere Caremark Serb news 981 K and be easy so. It's okay. I took 6779. And Brooklyn. I don't like your thinking look at my boss makes a mistake it work and they accidentally tell me I'm salesman of the year. I sold more homes slash cars slash widgets than anyone else. And at the end of the year we find out actually I was not number one it turns out a long. That the new guy beat me and was number one I know there are people screaming right now Scott. The company would have an obligation to make that right. And in the real world as adults you would have to say they're happy I'm sorry to hear that but yeah I guess it's not mean it's the other guy. The problem is this quote mistake. Was made to weigh what 1718. Year old high school student work and the schools. Mathematical. Error. Costs her work could cost her 40000. Dollars. I don't think the school should have taken this valedictorian chip away from her. It's good to ban in Overland Park bent hello. All of a lot going quite well thank you. I agree with these guys that is ridiculously neighbor that valedictorian at. And then they like or speech I think you know they have control over all those grade they only had a changer probably attend are under but the point and our intention to coordinate and have them proved that they that they didn't change it. ST this and then it's been a long time since either one of us have been in high school and and sometimes those numbers are figured differently. What do you do to numbers 12 and three. In that class we know that the number two kid's name's Brian he's a good kid. And and he should be the way they ended up figuring this the valedictorian. Does he get something to do they share it. That's I am a little this does involve another student and that's where I kind of hesitate. Because you don't wanna screw him because of their mistake Geithner. Right. You know in that cage I really deep pain that they weren't there about it valedictorian of the quite bitching it made that each. If they were gonna figure that out they should have figured out long before going into the and I I think that the other you can that there young. Will will realize deep down that they awarded her about Victorian Sheehan she is that was about that story. Thank you both Scott and they're different ways of figuring ranks. And so I I don't know because I was never included near the top tier of my classmates and I will tell you this. My eight cousin Jennifer. Lives in. Dallas and had her youngest daughter. Emily wanted to go to the University of Texas. Is it impossible to do and again it is very hard. And rod can help you this but even if you're in a state I've heard it's I guess not only that to get into according to my cousin. Whose daughter had I think a four point two. On the reworked scale because you know I mean and I didn't I never came anywhere close to 40 but. Up my younger cousin Emily have like a four point two wanted to go to UT. Could not get him. They you have to have like super grades given to the University of Texas and she witches in Texas that and it's a public university. She's doing really well at Texas Christian. And she ended up going to TCU. Which accesses. It Manning credible and a it is a private religious school. Is easier to get into in the state of taxes then a state run university. He is GPA and rank and all of that. Huge Ken you. What sort of looking for like statistics can you make it. Say anything you want can you bend it. The way you look at that and and that's where we need our teachers to text in at 2298. Manipulate that's right before. Can you manipulate. The ranked. Based on how you want things to turn out if they truly did like this girl do you just manipulate the rankings somehow. We're gonna do it this way so this way you've always said you can make statistics say anything you won't amp holes it is ranked that way because some kids have. Waited classes some kids stops. For me classes or. The answer your question there is I don't know I don't know. What I do know is giving him the UT is whore. Let's go to Janet in Kansas City oh Janet. I. Police. Don't want it alum Laurie witnessed barring correct yes. OK I think that he should get an. I'm back do you believe that they can compensate. Our from making them in the state. It's. Forty as far as. Money why. I wouldn't know. Glad I I still think believe that you know they made in the state they need to do from that. Wanna throw some out here to both Janet and name. Because I'm not I'm not so convinced. Let's say they make they didn't make an honest mistake let's give them the high school and Dana let's give a high school the benefit of the doubt. They made an honest mistake and you were not even though we thought you were the valedictorian. You do not get your first year at the University of Texas for free you do not get 40000 dollars worth of education okay. Let's say that Dana applies for the University of Kansas to. And she claims. Through some scholarship. That she is 50%. American Indian. Okay and they have some sort of American Indian scholarship program tank at the University of Kansas. Dana it takes to prove the claim a 23 and meet test finds out she's really only 316. Which is not 50%. As we both now. And all of a sudden the University of Kansas should say. Well. We're still gonna what you we thought we were 50%. Indian but surely. You're not even a. But the differences. Blood doesn't lie. That that the problem with these aren't dead give the school the benefit of the doubt but the problem is with the rank Scott there are human beings involved. In calculating that air I opened our math teachers. Somebody somebody. Stepped in it so I came to calculate how pretty it but my point is my larger point is if you're not who or what you say you war. But the school at that time. Thinks that you wore. Army obligated to financially legally. To honor that and the original commitment I think the nice thing to do would to be on the commitment. This is why school that would be the nice thing this is why schools including the blue valley district this last year. Are getting rid of rank. They announced this last year there's no there's not going to be ranking anymore. Obviously the person that. Calculated numbers was not about Victorian who does it who calculated as if these rotten. I have friends whose kids are in the hunt for that ranked. It's was never me I don't hate the idea that we're getting rid of it but if you are in that world and your child is a four point 53. You know every step of the way. Where you are in the ranks for the schools that re sure it's not like to school woke up a week before graduation it's our winner ever want. All year. Yes we like that Sadr can't believe you don't know. You can't tell me that the school or the students don't know leading. Why can't we have a number one student what's the problem with that and I know we've we've gotten emails here. On your email data that says we're getting rid of the valedictorian the saluted Torre and whatever. We're getting rid of the ranking. Because it's used for so why be so easily manipulated. On on the students park and I listen I don't mean manipulated in a bad way. But I mean you start to just set out. To figure out how to get the hi how do I end up at the top it's by taking this and listen as I can't take this all take PE online during the summer if you're Smart enough to figure out how high you deserve the scholarship. Fulltime job I think. If that's what it is able to kinda I am I have no. Allusions. My children god bless them they're very Smart but they are not going to be the number one Kim class they're just not. My kids are not going to be the number one player on the soccer team that's fine I'm OK with. All right I never was either. I hate getting rid of number one. Somebody has to be the best what's wrong with that they just tell he can hold its. There are born from. A number one. It. What's with that. And having the smartest kid in school Wednesday. During. Our son's graduation ceremony. Asked all of the children to stand. Who had a four point 65. Weighted GPA or higher. You would not believe. The number of kids who stood up and some of them Scott or siblings. I eat you wouldn't believe it I love John Ackerman and that's over. At that school. I mean wow. It was impressive how many kids had that how to get a four point 65 GPU just take only AP and honors classes all four years and you get a's in every single class was thrilled to have a three point oh. And I am not kidding. I have a three point oh Lance has a great student myself and what happened at tech here but didn't leave. Again you're gonna stick a. Sophomore year. In. Unit here. Like I am the first semester at Nebraska word about 2.2. I just saved mine and then my mom and dad written the right. And they said you give those grades up and pain this anymore. My second semester three point six. I'm not doll. Man like in the league minimum. Are related. And that 615. After. Whom and on and you're that I pray that you are good league minimum. I'd ever get under the program us or. A very and low cost life insurance dot com go to low cost life insurance dot com it'll take it two minutes not even that. Plug and whether your number man or woman whether or not you smoke and the state you live in and ahead. Right there at your fingertips all of these free quotes will appear showing you how affordable. 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Just spoke about her. It's just what we do them because. As I graduated in 1989 so. Embarrassingly 29 years. I can't tell you who gave that speech. And I can't tell you what they sent. It is a worthless. Exercise. In. Verbiage but it's important to those kids don't Carol my MA worthless to you. Our. But it's like sixty ones. Ali excel or an even after they told him sit down and say they felt that there. And their post. Election to the pot bunker hit it more than. And Janice what else would make me mad is that when he then goes to apply for scholarships and for colleges. He could have said hey by the way I was second my class out of 350 kids he was not able then to say that. But here's my point a larger point and maybe added about jobs nationally. I'm all for giving kids first place second place third place whenever you finish in the top 1%. When you coach who went. Would you rather go to a presbyterian wedding or Catholic. Syndicate tonight that either OK you'd rather go or presenter you know why. As a Catholic wedding goes on for ever. The one thing if you're a parent in that audience. You don't give one red damn. Unless it's your kid. Unless it's your kin you that was Sarah there he'd be like. Show us. That they are and I'm the only person in the home. That wants to hear what Mike Aston Saturday. Parents. Let me break this story. And I'm gonna do it gently. We're real proud of your release market. Righteousness and carry it were real ground. But what we want to hear from your kid is high. And back. No body cares about the wisdom of an eighteen year old child. I don't mean to be root. Somebody got. Honest you have there is no taken it very hard left turn there is no wisdom that an eighteen year old can impart to me. Or anyone else in this audience that nominal. Green you. Take on the world this coming from you odd given your defense. Take on the barrel. One woman Kurtz and one woman who always says parents your children are not gonna play in the Ambien may not going to be Indiana now. I'm not going to do vets are not gonna do that. Listen your kid is not going to impart any sort of system in the Bible arraignment. At the age of eighteen it's not gonna happen. I've live as you already had just so much was him up there and let me any let me come down there at Sharon. I tell you what's gonna happen children and you're not gonna take on the world you are not gonna be the president. You're not as great as you think you are. Which pretty special guests have a good night kids that go home. That's all they wanna do you wanna get out of there again I get out mates yeah. Great night. And step our exit right run that cut be safely and hit it. Happening now on KM BZ Kansas City operations soccer fans celebrating a win Maher next it's. 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