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Monday, January 15th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcast on KNB easy partly sunny skies high temperature in the afternoon only ten degrees on your Tuesday. So those when shall stay below zero all day long. From channel nine on first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether tendering I case CI it's eleven and Lee's summit twelve. At your official weather station. Learn and that's the talent. Part of the walls collapse that would settle. Huge fire getting you just have to hope because of the sprinkler systems in the iron because of the alarm systems in the air that. Because it's in the middle of today everyone is he did evacuate and so far no reports of injuries but we'll keep and I weren't the firefighters how special that this cold well water in the freezing temperatures and but that is one. Hey well all the fire yep. He's having. Almost have to wonder with that with a fire that big. Will it cause that. And I imagine we're going to be having it again there in depth investment that doesn't look like careless smoking to me I don't. All three floors are fully engulfed. Well I just you know. When they arrive and the fire is that big. What happened what happened especially in a hotel. By the way from ours are ours today and heavy Martin Luther King Jr. day bomber engines from a speech. You gonna try to the united during a speech please I'm not actually I include a line in there that says on this day it is quite common for many people. To quote. Marten Luther king I say I will not because I can not do. I say I'm humbled and honored law. How many like too much or at the beginning in the basket man Adam can you repeat yourself like six times that would speed. Right now and then Adam. It's like a minute long. Tea I mean I'm not sit there listen I'm not. Going to sit here and lecture people about Martin Luther King. I'm. Just used to India as I would. I money to see what earth died out to sit there ago tell you about incorporate. Doctor mark. An X and that's. I am humbled and honored to receive this award I deuce I've mentioned Dana very briefly very every burger. As in Dana's not hear that. It couldn't join us tonight but as in our worst thing she. She refused to come. IE eight and it with a very famous line. And I think this'll go over swimmingly. With the audience. Why was it askew if you're. Including where the way when it's Henry specifically say there's going to be a lot of white women there are so you might be a little inappropriate feeder. Anyway I say and thank you for this ward them that your Doctor King would be very proud of the work that I've done. Oh I am humbled by this award I am honored to be your hand. Some historians so that's. Urge you have something. That is an offensive well actually no it's not it is. To educate my Saturday Night Live you. This little Mika Brzezinski Joseph Scarborough thing was fantastic but I know your arguments Mejia and the second scant or be the first Apple's get passed again tomorrow. Oh. That's false. Flawless drive. You can't beat this stupid. What you see at little F bomb action from Sam Rockwell this weekend he's wow. He just kinda came out with it. The week that we just had those anybody shocked by the us Elton and by the way what they did is not illegal. No exit it airs after 10 o'clock 10 o'clock I was wondering if there was going to be a potential fine now I know you can't find them. And then of course during weekend update it and proceeded to use the ass hole comments that all. I mean for the love of god and I think there is some confusion. With S poll that came out this week and you may wonder. I never heard data and parks or anybody on that show U's that work. Because for us to use that word it is illegal. We are eight over the error radio station. And we are currently in what's called safe harbor. Which means that you can tune in with your children and not expect to hear words like that. At 1030 at night on a Saturday you were outside of that barrier. Because the SEC assumes that most children are not watching SNL. And so even if it was an accident. You can say that work. Now it's advised that you don't. Because you're gonna what sent advertisers are gonna what sets some parents some people and their sensibilities and that's fun. But UK that that's why. NYPD blue was able to get away with some of the stuff they got. Because it was later and I visit it aired later at night. And so. But with CNN for example. If CNN wanted to they could use the F word at noon. Welcome to CNET and you're watching nothing Wolf Blitzer. They could do that and not receive a fine at all those cable because it's a cable network yeah that's right. On satellite radio you can say what ever you. Want. It's over the herself even though like channel nine channel five channel four are not technically over the here anymore. What but by most people get it over there cables says example. But they are still licensed by the federal government. Just like for example when we give you another example. On our Internet street. If somebody calls in the station and says yes OK I am required to dump them. And I never missed and I and don't even try. Because I have to cat like reflexes. Not a challenge it is not a child to don't even true. Because your call will be ended and your word will never go over the year. But it does go over the Internet free because the Internet feed that we send out is not. Administered by the federal communications to bush we cannot be fine for anything that goes over the we can only be fun for things ago over the air. So works are you putting your finger of. I guess I'm really afraid somebody's gonna Colin and just to swear in just to test you you're nervous about it. Registered about the you know lot of customary and now I just missed the first I'm just thinking of it yearn pennant. Acting a little like most people stop me are working today or not working out work I think most people are working. And rusher in government. We're schools okay text me if you're working and just give me a description of your job so you can do financing until anywhere. But what industry. And finance would be close to the banks are clause. So if your financial close are schools are closed anything banking as close. An Auburn at any federal government job is closed but isn't every one else working. With thinks now. I always forget about this holiday at the discount on Friday right oh. Why are we working on Monday. You know I went down to. Barnes on the plaza dated by the way you'd love this I saw Emanuel Cleaver walking on the play off I didn't get I was driving something good time to stop and so low moment he was I'm assuming he's probably in town doing a Martin Luther king of animals and today there's. A problem. It's 5058 Roger wife is off today she's not working a Martin Luther King. Yes you know. Technically this school's closed. But she's at the school building sets. Against their little behind. Told me last night one of them. Kids. So what's the backup plan. So we mean backup plan. What do we don't you know there's a backup plan build shut up and hammer. Okay food here we get construction. Working tracking working car dealership working. A medical course working all retail retail working. Medical career. Staffing industry. Vote early childhood education is working. Who else we have here who architectural engineer working in need you in Lawrence. Perched just saying you know remove lol what Google. The law firm. Who funeral home. Parking. Your people dying on this thing is usually root. Still manufacturing. Engineering delivery driver. Murder working. Trash man working. Whole bunch and they're working. Teachers are working bank employees are working any federal government worker not working. I think I'm with Kara I think everybody else is or today. Yeah. By the way speaking of dying. I'd hear about this new law on Switzerland. Lobsters. Our delicious delicacy log bi coastal dwellers across the world but is boiling them alive in humans. I think about it in a new law the Swiss government has been AM. The practice of throwing the lobster in the boiling water while they are still conscious. The moves a response to studies suggest lobsters. Our center and what does that mean sentiment was numbered and pot with advanced nervous systems that do this guy didn't know than an hour. I. Am from clear. It's. You know I I'm happy that I'm mad now have a plan to give her a map of Europe I wanted to point out we're Switzerland's. Cops from march of 2018 on lobsters being prepared in Switzerland will need to be knocked out. Before they're put to death or killed instantly took actress that they yell when you put them in there boom. Sent you a little different able to perceive or feel things according to So I'm not sentient. I'm aware effect. Is so. Do you know your name but they scream when you put him in the while I heard that was the air coming out from underneath her. Well well howdy there screaming. They all what you want used rain last time you heard a lot to go and whistle they don't screen it's incremental and do they vocal chords or did I know apparently when you know oil a thing like they do. Lobsters have no throat no vocal cords no one's NY they scream when you've they're not screaming it's the error coming out from underneath their shell and going and what are they saying. You're empty handed it to it is being noise caused mired in the chalet and bring it to his. Street. Dot. From the text Ryan lobsters don't have a central brain how do you knock them out. Oh. Him over the head a little itty bitty this weather rivals are from the text line I'm a fire safety inspector yes I'm network and no they don't screen. It's. Crustacean expert. Where is Switzerland on the map to tell me wanna get close. You're close over the air it's over the heiress now that's that's Great Britain go to the right I know what that is right it's so there somewhere right. Now now target and a scary places. Chemical that's very scary right there. And that's Italy's boot. I don't over Switzerland has some aren't there. Which you point. It was either Lithuania or Hungary. She's our sordid sordid sordid Karl park. Q you on the right content you know it's the crowd you. That's up in just a. Cabell looks like it'll Lee's summit has a great deal for you I drove that car all weekend in the snow all of that atlas 67. Big roomy thing. And up handles phenomenally. In bad weather go now they will put you in Annapolis petite blonde whatever you want. In a new car for 99. Dollars a month 99 dollars for the first three months what you want a lease or finance does not matter. Here's another thing all. Of the 2018 Volkswagen models come with a six year 72000. Mile transferable warranty and do not forget Volkswagen Lee's summit or by your car. For 120%. Of its KB be fair trade value if you've even been thinking about a new car if you are upside down on the car you currently own. Get into VW of Lee's summit. See dealer for warranty details by that for 2006 indoor highlands excluded see detail or VW Lee's summit dot com for more. We'll hear from. Kansas City Star. Some Johnson County community college alumni. Are in an uproar over the school's plan to Tehran it's widely used track. And field. And to dismantle its 32 year old track program from. The group has taken to social media to accumulate a following to protest the decision. Which the college announced more than a year ago as part of its facilities master plan quoting here from JCC spokesman Chris grant. In response to questions from the star. In an attempt to maintain the competitive balance. JC CC has experienced over the years it was decided. That the college needed to support fewer programs which was a factor. In the discontinuation. Of the track program. Alarms have started the web sites save GCC tracked dot com. To garner support hundreds have joined him quoting here from a juror will come home who is an alarm. This is so heartbreaking to see the track and field and cross country are going to be eliminated. JC CC was where it all started for me and then I went on to throw the javelin at the university of southern Florida in Tampa. The coaches were amazing the program provided me with further opportunities and I might not have had otherwise. The college. Says it chose to shut down the program. And pull out the track because of financial considerations. And because too few students benefit from the dollar spent. If you go to save JC's easy track to come to know what you say. Track. It's yours. At at a that they posted hours ago. It's as one of Kansas city's most popular talk radio shows discusses the decision to drop track at JC CC says one from a couple weeks ago yes. It which UN I actually got into a fight. Well of this. Column to fight. What do we fight I don't remember fight or remember you when I DNC. On whether or not this was so you know. I thoughts unfairly. Hoop who'd. Any sport that does not sound like football or basketball. What I simply pointed out was a fact. And that is minus. Liked it makes up ways that I pointed out. Eight fax her at. Jack. Well it's true and I think you would agree with Tuesday. That and obviously there are a couple of notable exceptions. UConn women's basketball. Top University of Tennessee women's basketball Oklahoma volleyball out Nebraska volleyball nets won the national title. Problem there are a handful of other sports Wichita State baseball. Where there are a handful of other sports that do generate revenue. Okay where after you've paid the coach after you've paid for all the travel apps you've paid for the facilities the uniforms etc. These teams the women's basketball team and a handful universities. Volleyball teams and a handful of university's baseball teams and import universities they actually make more money then they take him. But it's rare. That the real the real juggernaut for universities are football and men's basketball. The reason your argument does not hold water is they would like to replace track with soccer. And I saw modern women's soccer soccer is not going to bring in any more or any fewer. Dollars. Then track and and what you're missing here is caused us to run that track Scott is a community. Ascent you can go lock on the track I can go on that track Erica angle lock on that track. They're actually asking everyone on Saturday march 10 to walk the track in protest. They're inviting everyone. Water and get it o'clock track on marks and see you there. I'm going to be there I don't care. Be there I see how many people stopped blocked. Can't take the distant doesn't stand. Cubs wait till tomorrow. They help you leave that travelers. We're not them. Okay 576779. It was due to the news or McCarron marksman cold weather tomorrow has schools across the area canceling classes more next. Seven almost all of a sudden knock on wood. Have been synonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident. Remember the name deals collision repair in blue springs such serious business you want your car or truck. Fixed right the first time that's what they do it fails to open up the many times steals a personal friend I've seen his crews are work and they they are without a doubt. The best in the business there work is guaranteed as long as you on your card trucks and get a picture in the first. 8162281855. 8162281855. Or online deals auto collision dot com. Dale's and blue springs take care of cars. To interview. 430 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are from Lee's summit to Kansas City to Platte county. The wind chill will be well below zero. The GOP is getting some good news in new poll. New Gallup polls show six out of ten Republicans satisfied with how things are going in the US that the best number since 2007 when George W. Bush was president is also a dramatic rebound from October when only 38% of Republicans were satisfied. Chilling new found optimism since the passage of a sweeping tax plan. I could calm concerns that dozens of red districts will turn blue this fall even though overall seven in ten Americans are dissatisfied. ABC's spread milking traffic and weather together next day writer for Jasper is you know just respond to my favorite places and all of Kansas City and now is the time to go you know. We had our holiday party at Jasper is with the staff. I brought my mom and dad into town and we dined at Jasper is. And I still used Jasper all the time every time we have a swim and dive meeting a week at a team dinner at a board meeting. Last monitors story. And it was so easy to run and pick up some Italian wedding soup. Pick up a meat tray and a salad little side salad for the ladies and take it to my house and then boom dinner is ready you toss what's the hands of sand. We had left over the next day. It is my absolute go to place for carry out. On the left hand side of that restaurant when you need something. To feed fifteen people twenty people fifty people let Jasper cook for you. I'm not a make your reservation. Required that. I gonna do to make reservation even if it's on specially on the weekends Friday's and Saturday's 8169416600. As the number. 8169416600. And I'll see you at gestures mostly clear risk. As breezy conditions and very cold almost dangerous cold wind chill advisory out. From the seeping through noon tomorrow. Temperatures falling into the single digits very rapidly after the sun goes down minus four of your starting point. Ending high only ten above when just to be as cold as 23 degrees below zero in the morning. Zero in the morning just the air temperature on Wednesday afternoon high Wednesday afternoon 25 degrees. We thought out on Thursday with a high of 38. From channel nine on for solar chief meteorologist Brian Bausley KM BZ whether. It's eights and KC 99 in Lee's summit ten right now you're official weather station. Okay. Dana. CBS just made an interesting announcement honors artists and I hadn't. CBS. Is going to bay and air rushing in its beauty products. Look it up in the advertisements for is the New York Times destruct this it's on CNN money. CBS wants women to be able to browse for lipstick and moisturizer without worry whether their lips are full enough or their forehead as smooth enough. The company today said it would step away from using materially. Airbrushed photos. To promote its beauty products in its stores on line and in marketing materials it's going to have a they're calling the CBS beauty mark you know it's going to be a watermark in the corner of the picture that lets you know that. Has not been altered we will not digitally Alter or change a person's shape size proportion skin or eye color. Or enhance our Alter lines sprinkles or other individual characteristics. But let's not. Let's not be thinking that they're not going to be doing any type of weaving nice things like really good lighting in these pictures. Really outlining really good Linksys or better yet or make up. I. Basically air brush their face every day. And a look at Atlanta that is digitally altered and the woman on the right it is just a thought she. Looks the singing. It. It's different. Ensuring. Just added a little work all it took out an holes just couple moles on her neck that woman is beautiful just the lazy and it's. So the next time you see some. Star. On the cover of the magazine with a thigh gap you can drivable blew through just know that someone's taken in a racer to her crotch. To make it look like. Her thighs are the size of your wrist now. It's not real. I'm. I guess I I can speak for anybody with. The people care about this or went. You look at some of those adds a new in the manner like super super skinny nearly. A horse a vice like a men's howls. Magazine at the store grocery sure drugs were some like. Which. You have to waters don't you want them to see a more accurate. Depiction Mormon way of what women look like amendment. Hot you have sons. Are you OK with them walking through the store and they look over. If the magazine rack and there's men's health and some guy with not a six pack but it packet Babs. Is not. The same. Thing and you know I don't know. Because from the time they are little. Girls are. Inundated. With images. And ideas that they can never ever. A ten and there's no. And were knocked. The cover of any of those magazines. And the what you call Kara on the front of those teen magazines. He crashing you know the questions they asked him you know headlines ahead. Off lines. All. Whitman team beaters on gas like from Blanton fat in five easy steps. A lose lose ten pounds in two days. It's not realistic you don't see those on men men's magazines it's you do not like that all I got aren't women just look at the latest edition of Lisa do you. It's we teacher does not care if he's really that India well they wouldn't say that they wouldn't put their people. Need to. So people won't. Here here's just art epic. Op here is. And I can't read the date on it because it's too small in my eyes it. Here is a couple I just picked at random movements help Max can read just a handful all of the story T users to do you buy the magazine hard ads made easier. Read a couple of others get back in shape. And underneath that says your complete four week plan. This lose fat fast how this guy did it and you can't choose. Liked that got that's my. You've just made my point my point is they're all horrible but it does something worse to the might of young girls and it does doable effect there's a ton more for girls and their. But let me let me count your record 123. Dana on the top of the screen on Google images. Art ten. Men's Health Magazine covers don't ruin the don't on the plot our act there are ten. Covers of Men's Health Magazine. Tell me what you see in nine of those ten. BC pacts and apps. In nine of those ten. Name or describe the shirt that the men are where. Are not wearing a shirt that's right. Nine out of the ten of these just random men's health covers my act by going to Google images for men's self. Nine of the Stan the man is not wearing assure. And on all of them even the one with the guy you this year they are. Yet. I mean I'll never look like that because I'm fat. Kara. I looked up the worst. Teen Magazine covers that would never happen today OK okay. And buzz feed posted this a while ago and these are from the seventy's you know a different Arab. So that Scott understands my point this has been happening to women. In grocery store aisles for decade as. My six cigarette when he too quit smoking. Six cigarette what McChrystal ordinarily tune teens reveal how their marriage fell apart. Two T. Beach behavior. Necking. Parties. Magazines and these these are teen magazines from the years. No diet chubby chicks look slimmer in minutes how he eats 38. It's thirty identical this is so. That magical mother daughter diet. Most attractive boys be beasts. Up up up. Oh well then on Teen Magazine the Powell wow look. And it is a girl dressed. In a ridiculous. Indian. That's not a girl reds Joni from happy she looks ridiculous. I absolutely am. Women get dressed up or teams get dressed up in any Indian outfit they look ridiculous. Dana right. No that's not what I'm saying. That is not what I'm saying did somebody in this room I don't like him that you may never fifteen years. Confessions of a fat girl. That's on the cover in magazine what year. And managed. 1960s. OK let's let's do that let's back in 1966. To show us what America looks like today. Because if we're gonna do that lets them but make sure that we point out that blacks have children from different water from here's one make magic how to look ten times prettier. This is the type of thing I am talking about your view is that sixty year old Matt. Covers true point that this has been going on for at bar. Give me occur. And what's the big deal things airbrushed guess what in 1988. When I had my senior picture taken from the Lansing high school yearbook. I had something airbrushed off my face it was called a brand new scar OK that is different you went through a windshield air brushing away the worst moment of your life for your high school yearbook. Is not the same as shoving these images in front of young girls making them think this is the gold standard of how you should look. Dana with all due respect. And I love you like the sister I don't count. Women have been trying to adjust their book on their face. For a very long time in fact I think you have come in here on occasion and bragged about how. Might head doesn't. But that's because I don't want wrinkles on the forehead not because someone else is telling me I don't want the moment for what where do you think you've got the idea that you shouldn't have wrinkles on your fourth I was from cooking magazine covers so. Some just front and and this is a great point the difference. Between your argument Scott's is that he's looking up. Fitness magazines so of course funny fitness magazine. The Men's Health Magazine is going to be about. Fitness she says the differences every single girls and women's magazine is about how you look whether it's women's day magazine or. Pick your magazine cosmopolitan what they don't put ugly people on the cover of people Americans moved program. So is George Clooney. Brad Pitt you think there's a chance in hell. That I'm ever gonna look like them but they're not saying how you can look like this in three easy steps. Does say that. To a guy. So for Dennis false advertising I agree it needs to be stopped because they are advertising something. That cannot happen or not advertising anything they are. It's selling the idea of an image it is selling you're so right Karen just. They are selling you and I deal. And impossible. I deal that you are not required to Barney. It doesn't matter whether or not you buy it it's you're inundated with that you see it all the time so whether or not you want to see it whether or not you she won't do it. Eat my part of culture rod at any point you can feel free to join me so it's not to one want. There's a reason we have two guys and two girls on the show us this is a mole on her face okay instant CBS Aggies that you cannot tell the difference. She has crow's feet which I think makes her look beautiful right here just tiny tiny. And then she has a mole right here. Where's all that is also advertise. I bottle with a bold face I see global warming. You can only see it. Well maybe in the second picture she'd been using that global layers and. Ponds cold cream. No. Australia Australian he should be the rails. Because you have daughters that he major companies coming out saying we're not gonna put air brushed off our products. Matt Matt that's when my daughter going CVS. I'm worried about what she sees on line. She also sees these images and that's my point. So CBS saying we're gonna sell. Magazines or use any advertising for beauty products. Iger and damn team this Sarah who by the way is is really in Jamaica and really good that. Okay not too much not too little too. I figure Indian teach that when my daughter goes to buy her makeup it's not at CBS. It's at so for a and I know facts of four is not going to change because guess what to make because guess what boys. Abercrombie & Fitch for example. Walked by one of their stores to sell inappropriate sex between people of an appropriate ages right because it works. Have you ever turn on your and we are elaborate let me ask you this if were going to make this change in the advertise. That the women can't be airbrushed in the crow's feet have to remain can we all agree. That when we advertise for other products. The man can't always be middle aged fat. Lazy. And all I completely agree with you it actually drives me I agree I do dumb. No dad and to secure its true that come to mind the bi racial Cheerios commercial. Where that dad of course is sleeping on the outs in the middle of the day and mom is dutifully worked in the kitchen. Bank with the kittens away so she's taking care of the child. And data sleeping on the couch with Cheerios soul of him then the other one for some Internet company. Were bad for whatever reason they're at an outdoor cafe. That cannot figure out for the licensing. How wireless networks. Were. August loaded. Hours a warm. Day we don't this is why. His dad's too fat dumb and ugly to figure out that the Internet can actually connect to a device with a wire. We get past those in need an argument premium guys so I'll give you the get get rid of the touched up women. But our compromise or negotiation is dads are no longer cast has buffoon in commercials I totally agree. But then. One fast food places to stop putting up pictures of the best food I've ever seen in my life. Who then than what they serve view isn't even close yeah that's a good point in the I don't ever seats made sweating. When I open my big Mac discusses her breasts you know. They're not in it there's not 76779. I told you that I did your friend who is down more than thirty pounds and she walked in several weeks ago and did that first free consultation with doctor Tate. Brits are you doctor take they take measurements and body comp when you first go went. And then after a few weeks he'll do an updated body competent and you can really see how your progress is moving along. And I heard from her today. She is down 31. Point five inches she has lost 31 and a half inches. And I need to check with her I think she started six weeks ago. And that is an astounding transformation. In a very. Very little amount of time I am down almost eighteen pounds. Since I started back up four weeks ago some like five weeks ago give doctor take a call if you are looking toward spring break. You wanna feel better you wanna look better shed a few pounds before you head out of town I get it called doctor take 9138148222. 9138148222. Or Tate nutrition dot com. You talent in ascension. I. Moving. They just released an interview with Floyd Mayweather the boxer. We're here with the junior. Where he was asked the following questions I am question. Floyd Mayweather junior were asking a lot of men in light of the meat to movement how men can grow in 2018. They're asking Floyd maybe when business. With his back Floyd Mayweather though who. Interviewer the meat to movement women speaking out about sexual assault Mayweather. When you say meat to when somebody is like I got a Rolls Royce RB like me to do when somebody say they got a private jet I say. Me too I got to me to. Interviewer. This is very different Floyd. Floyd. I did ago. My meat to movement from the beginning. Was whenever somebody said that they have not like me to somebody says they got a billion dollar as I say it billion dollars each and you know I think for an interview or to even ask him about. I don't even know why you would ask him what's he gonna say he has a lengthy. History. Of domestic violence against women. Robert thing to do with you dismembered regardless of the news I've 767798. Conservatives are here is Carol. Happening now on can be easier raging inferno destroys a hotel in Lawrence today more next. Right mr. 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