Russ Ptacek talks about Kara Kopetsky case

Dana & Parks
Tuesday, April 4th

Former KC reporter Russ Ptacek calls in to #DanaAndParks to talk about the recent discovery of two skulls and human remains in Cass County, and his years of covering the Kara Kopetsky story and the relationship he built with her family.


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Whispering in Reston toss former reporting here in Kansas City now him. Washington DC who was very much involved would this case at least covering this case rescued afternoon. Whom I understand your on your way back to Kansas City is that correct. Yeah mob Yemen not to put him in literacy. You've covered this so that we all covered it there Russ I'm not sure anyone spent more time and more efforts trying to figure out what happened to car than you did I know you're very close to the family. When did you first hear about this discovery. Did you know that the first time down there. About it was two days after he was last seen in the town all week video. Works well known be alive. And you can read it and get a lot of coverage and news there was this is Richard suspicion perpetuated by police department. That she'd just run away that despite intervene. The restraining order against her boyfriend and used in the restraining order should eat. Certainly don't have a recollection now that. I I believe she used the words that that you threatened to chill upper. The along those lines and she says that the adventure and older construe will. And she that. Yet choker. Com so it was really several months. The former. Other media began to start to look at this. You know everybody now. You know of course we that it is it is eighty and now. And. Your connection with this case I mean obviously didn't have the personal. Necessarily and I use an air quotes. Ross but it a personal connection but how did you become so. Enthralled maybe is a better word for with this case. Well initially it was you know for me it was a fantastic story and because. The police department was. Perpetuating the suspicions. You know run away. I was the only ones who was excited about the case believing that this was you know be. A kidnapping. And possible murder. So because that would. Restore it eat at school and so I initially discovered this simply because that was a neat story. And I believe that it Serb probably good to expose. Behind the disappearance and how the belt police department but yeah it is currently it is it's not investigate. The initial appearance on the so for me and initially it was just because it was a good sport but. Over the months and years although I and so much time with family and was with them. During so many days in fact I was actually planning on coming down tomorrow because they had called me info about you school being down. And I was planning on being with them again it they have symbol for any you know you'll remember all my actions probably six years ago when they found. A body tense along the highway median right there in the bull dealt. And you know like that with a family these days while they waited you know we get word on what that car and that it was. And I expect this be another week like that and so. Yeah I'd because have been with them during so many fragile moments and they're they're very kind people they've been very kind to me and so yeah that's certainly a relationship as development. I respect them very much as you know electrical. Russ can you tell us how long what did the time frame looks like the last time remains were found until the point that they got word. Where hearing you know the FBI is now here on scene so I don't know if that expedite its. The wait for this family. The court. She had and a new school. Like you know they saw which was. Some you know races and dental work and so. I believe. You know it would be buried eat at 999%. Will see that in each other quick. The last time that I spoke with a Jim effort that would be cars that dead. And these cars motors. Well. About two hours and that point they were on the way to police department to get a cremation. You told me that it is cynical right back in and as. And so. Need. That means that. You know the family right now is involved in something that's very soon. But would you would you not agree though Russ. I am having been in this town for a long time and eyes well. They would not have cold that family to the police department. Especially understanding the way that they have been accused of bungling this case. They would not have been. Calling the family to the police department if they did not know where high likelihood that this was carcass Gretzky. Well. I can delete it immediately. And I think this would. Not conflict with you know you're here. The last time did that happen and serious prolonged period of time they believe the body down cars. The information that was not our game my own. So. You know right in and out it's your means certainly. Does not sit well with what happened last where. Are they call. Yeah yet it was that this is that they are redundant. Can you tell us a little bit more about the relationship between cart at Penske and Keillor used and knowing now that the site that they are searching his six miles south of Belton high school. What does that tell you. Well. Little bit of an area had been in the year. We search for our own that mountain area. And so I'm not familiar with the I believe from my conversations. Had with our panel today. This area is an area city they are looked familiar with. And they think it was. So. You know. That adds. Additional. Concern. That you know that may indeed be. Our audience that you'd like to. I have not heard anything that make me oh like a likely everything like yours is that India would. Lot of people on the tech side right now are Russell wanted to know and I don't know the answer this just ask you you know more Brothers and I knew. Is there any sort of connection between Tyler used. And the Belton police department. Well you don't eat something very strange the apartment you know I leave the there is connections and use I. Truly believe the bumbling of the police department. Were missteps. And you know Kurt amidst you know about it since the very small police department that struck resource. The one of the things that they're always very the league for. Police chief there is elected. And of course the county attorney there. And you know route oh. The county attorney who elected police chief. The attorney general mystery as governor all. Of double agent. I was very surprised. Well for vineyard that it decried the lack of action we find our. Fine art. And and I'm very concerned about the possibility. Car is fine. Concerned about our ability that there may be and other than they have been killed by the same killer it had been in that he would work Brett Quigley would never happen. So I. The only. He's saying had they done their job in the first place Jessica run ins with so we are you saying just Iranians are you suggesting ether. Well you know certainly we don't know what happened Justin Rudd. My concern is that. In the history of violence and I don't know your history. But yet the history of violent equipment and history shall win. And sole legal. We don't know that that all over the years and AM initially concerned because the traditional missing young woman. Yet I. And I am concerned that it is they are related this. Margaret. Prevent it. Not to police department well you know this goes all the way up to news BI which it still didn't do that received job here. The new attorney general. In mystery governor's office. A mystery all of whom had an opportunity to intervene Margaret Wheatley where. We are. Do you think we have learned from this case sat and sadly. You know you would never wanna be the family that because they screwed up so royally with Mikey end. May be moving forward things will be handled differently do you have any sense that that is the case here. Needle I'd yeah like I I don't you know. The problem with car. What she wanted the you know this was not. The child to went to school in read a sign you would both be here you've got good grades and was the ball side. This is a rebellious young woman and you know she did it into the category where. You know you might think she wrote. Com and and that is one of the things perpetuated this myth my outlook certainly but I believe it's a bit. That she would run away and it now. So. I don't know. That the most important thing in person eight is accurate. He's worked in the state we found many discrepancies in what. Order and what the actual Eddie who leaked report with factual one area and another report where they can. Still. Hey Russ thank you so much for your time and you got a plane detachable we see you anywhere on the good news here tonight. Press. Pool we see you on the news tonight. I don't think OPEC no just keep up. Just keep in touch with us because I know how close you are than some and we'd love to have you not is strange on the show kinetic. Take care.