A ruling in the Sayed Jamal immigration case. Sort of.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, February 12th

Judge denies jurisdiction in case.  Jamal is loaded onto an airplane.   Another judge orders a stay.... 


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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. Helms 7800. And can. Today's CDS are about the outback. Waitress who got fired. On now for the weekend our job now back where to now back and the in Florida has run out and as well dining establishment and add that this program. They yeah having impairment to Jennifer and I do not at the moment but give me some time and at 4 o'clock. Apparently obvious this test server post on FaceBook after she got stiffed church ordered a 735. Dollar take out order. And she says. When they came to pick up the food nobody gave her a tip and call can answer she posts about FaceBook did not items by the church denied an vita restaurant but somebody figured it. OK so wait 700 tell me now 35 dollars and times 200 reported to it's a 147 dollars at the math let me ask uses. For eight K. Out Neil. In ain't 20% what is it. How would have to take oral B. 740. Dollar horse had to help you load it right Amy. It's your pay for the first please I don't know I now I know it's not a pizza delivery driver. Delivers 65 pizzas your different story and hang their delivery it's my house to pick it up. They made the food and I paid for the third. Like when I go to China star over on park. I'm standing their line and I sales have the cashew chicken with the Reverend Wright when they handed to me in a bank I don't tip. I walked in a picture of myself. OK as for mob tipping etiquette. According to Peter Post and his institute. There is no obligation to tip on take out thing but one should tip 10%. For extra. Service. Which includes curb delivery rate large complicated order. In this case. Probably should have because it was a 735 dollar order writing we're talking 10s20s I stakes effect against white potatoes and it was. A Wednesday morning maybe should Tippett cook. Tip somebody maybe trying to remember where I was yesterday apparently the church by the way to the church did to mount several families came together. And gave this waitress a mining shares of fire in and has a yes she took a final. There's an. I touch his reprimanded checks and can. I think they should have tipped I think they should have tipped on a 740 dollar order I think seventy dollars is appropriate at least fifty. Giver fifty an hour ago and don't look at. I over the weekend and it will occur to me at some point where it was to remember right now. I was somewhere and when they handed me the receipt to sign. And my bank account when they handed me the receipt to sign the first thing I noticed. Was there was a line. And I remember thinking that's weird because I was somewhere where you wouldn't ten like. Macy's or something but it wasn't Macy's is that accents and everything I saw the tip line. Why is there a tip line here this is not an industry where you would set and so I think this last threat. To discuss the tip line because it was wonders somebody gonna go back and fill out trip insults went nuts we. Or hundred of them just put one right exactly and I remember thinking to myself just in the second that I did it. Why. Is there even a line sort tip here. Understand if it's a restaurant or fits. You know you're getting your nails done or race surface. Of course there's a tip line. This was like. Like jiffy Lou over something that what that. Think it is or tip line here you remember where you were yesterday. A lot of places yesterday so let me look it up because I'm curious. Are we in some alternative. Universe where we're supposed to be tipping people for things that I don't realize. You're supposed to be tip. I. And I think I did when they looked at me I felt like they were judging me. That I did the slash through it if that extent I tip the waitress. The chairperson. I do read a small Christmas check to my newspaper delivery person I know we're us. The bowling Alley I just settled yesterday at the bowling Alley Wednesday at the very end of your bowling okay. They tallied up how many games we bold. 222 digit part of the receipt handed me the receipt to sign I looked down to sign the receipt. It said price 49 dollars and ten cents tipped. Total. Now if you ordered food. But the rest that did icing on the restaurant you can get like Fries and stuffed on the grand Villa which is quite an at people in counts or were you pay for Bullington. Picking why is the pair yeah I'll have to tip someone here they did hand issues for the kids. Is that. Why I think there is like and has the tip line out. All right massage. Well he took them out they don't. Have they have a tip like on their receipts Scott at energy that they do. It says electronically. When you're in the store would you like to add. A one dollar to dollar or five dollar gratuity and they ask you that and there's always that awkward moment where you are like. No because you put my food up on the top of the shelf there and I have to come get it when that engulfs. Us. To go get my own food I'm tipping. Tell me what is it to plan the bawling. Because maybe because they hand you your shoes. And then they sprayed issues. And asking. Made amazing it. It's because they only have one. Credit card system they don't use at the bar or for the food service part so they insisted. And a warm OK okay. Maybe. I'm not attempting to get my issue. And to carry out now. Mean no. Someone to send them on the text and around the bowling Alley probably has the same point of sale system for all of their registers to get out. But here's the other one I don't get Starbucks. With her little cups on the drive through with a little ones and it moon now why tip of Reese's dirt. And yesterday at the person in front of me paid for mine. On now and out the Starbucks. What avenue that I felt like yesterday. So yesterday and today. I wanted to mar. You would stop on the star oak users save and to go to Mexico has the person in front of me paid for me yesterday I didn't technically ago. Is it was paid for what to take for this case. So you didn't know because it was free. I didn't like I'm trying to save them money. So what I'm saying is like technically didn't spend any money because the car in front of me paid for my order so there for you in ago. You know. Got you to that sonic yes. Because they bring out two units. They bring your food each day should relate now they got a card readers right there don't they should really include a two point nine on the little machines. I guess I never carry cash. Paid out. Now. And so I bet being a car hop is not nearly as lucrative as 10. It's karma here did you hear about this poacher. In South Africa. One last week who shot himself for someone shot him a man poacher a man was found mauled to death by lions. Private reserve in South Africa leaving only is dead well. The son out of UK the sun reports the incident occurred and I can't pronounce that private nature reserve near Rome Pope well South Africa. Nature reserve staff were first alerted to the since accident instrument by demand screens but after chasing the but after chasing off lines only the man's head remains. At first man was thought to be employed in the nature reserve but that man was soon found to be alive and well please read the sheriff's quote here I cannot make it up on hunting rifle found nearby suggests the man was likely a poacher is not been identified. Line bones and teeth are highly prized in the Far East. Where a skeleton. Can sell for nearly 101000 dollar cool you know what. But deletion. You didn't read the sheriff's quote out in a story. Like it and smiled boss posted this to and I it's not funny but and so. I'm sorry. Let me get a the exact quote. Liam minimal debt leaving only behind your head. I don't care. Natural selection. The quote is this from my body if this isn't the best police quote ever it's in the top two. Quell the process of identifying this body has already commenced and it might be made this year as his head was amongst the remains found at the scene and clout. I. Who used to scan oh no no let's look. The process and I can. His body has already couldn't and quote might be made easier as his head is among the remains found it does say that. That's going to be a lot easier. The tutors idle over the bee headings and over again he wasn't behead. Him he was dean headed. Well it's no worse for some reason that is an accurate. Assessment. On your part of what happened here and they left behind league and added you. The. Is the rest of him now lime group. Who go to the corner and be re headed and we picnic. That's small casket he. That's just plain closed casket team you don't need a big casket for the man spent just an observation in my apartment. Here. There are. A personal casket. Actors doing left as the head. Wouldn't. I got. It on store until. It. I. If you have not gone out to Volkswagen of Lee's summit I don't know what you're waiting for their deals right now are in saint. You can lease a branded 2018 Jenna asks for a 139. Dollars a month red. Or you can diet and they will knock 4000 dollars off MS RP. Ask you my card via atlas of that thing the award winning 2018 atlas S right now. Is to 79 month if you want at least one or you can buy it and again they will knock off 4000 dollars. Optimists are. Volkswagen of Lee's summit is to have a few Tony seventeens left some of those team won limited models you can at least one of those. And a reminder if you go with the 2018 most of those Volkswagen models come with a six year 72000. Mile transferable. Warranty. Check out or go on line VW Lee's summit dot com. Asking to see Dana's car VW Lee's summit dot com and ask them about that 139. Dollar A month deal. On your brand new at least 2018. Jenna asks you tellem Dana cents. We are easy when Molina. She'll always. Miss me the last day. They lean long lonely beautiful and staying none. This unknown. Things really. Companies plan for a better life and song. By the way this is about okay this and this story right I'm not laughing and Mickey Walsh. Mickey Walsh who is 24 years old and her boyfriend tenor broad well who is 26. Decided nearly a year ago that they were tired of working. That in and of itself story. You're hitting eighth for him to want to music or at your tired of working. We could all be so market. So the Colorado couple sold all of their furniture and their suvs. And purchase a 49 year old boat in Alabama that live on and eventually sailed the world via Hank. The couple moved into the vote or move onto the boat Tony's what. Which was in the marina of tar pond harping springs at tellem Florida's Gulf Coast. Of their for months with her two year old audit Ramey. While they stocked up on food and supplies even without having Andrew. We were pretty prepared said Walsh. Of gathering items to last them for their planned trip to the Caribbean however the two were not prepared. For what happened next. Keep in mind they sold everything they own including marriage should be mountains and nearly two days into their venture the couple's boat capsized in a channel of water cold John's past and it's. Two days. And students on an island animated two days and where where did the boasting. A place called John's pass in the Caribbean. While with all the cello was where we were going but it wasn't Walsh told the post on the publication they were armed Judea us home and paper navigation. And local boat captains in the sand bars often shift and Jones passed. We started freaking out because waves were coming and it was tossing a ball back and forth. Did you retire the relationship was. How tired of working at 2426. Are you judge brown I'm getting tired. I would love tired and. The rest of that cumbersome things girls stopped whenever talent and a Loria. Ever was Everett. Years ago I believe it was twenty some odd years ago she she was the evening anchor with Larry more. In her late forties early fifties and. And what are became tougher I think they're still same. Channel nine pay that well I think they knew they were doing. Scott if you get rid of your house and he owned that home. You know let's say back then it was worth 300 turned it does move and are you by boat and you've invested well. Now how expensive visits live on a boat. I. Mean I guess if your sales on the gas. Did more effort ever come home and she and her husband just stayed on boat. Believes could you live on a boat with Chris. Now. I mean it's like basically living in a mini house. Net on water. I've different it was a very nice though it has two bedrooms. That's how nice this bodice. You still cannot walk by one another without. Running into one another I mean you would have two years to get along. If you were going to sail with one other person on about. I can do it rich parents or something how L at 24. Can you sell everything you want and buy a boat. It. Sony says they didn't even have insurance on a B and. You know that's where experience in life comes into play. Because at age Tony 426. Or thing. Immoral I almost said to you why I'm sure it was insured. No I booed it's. Well looks like you won't be reentering the are trying to job Susan her driver by the way that was his profession whose and who were right hope you enjoy that 48 hours away from the workforce. Back to the previous story Summers said. I he better stop poaching while he's still ahead. The regularity. Immediately. Marker that was funny you're the only wanted to laugh at once I was. You'd better stop coaching while he still ahead. All. That was off all settled and act like your coach out Tuesday faults so. Don't kill lions try to kill the linesmen won't try to do use them them in the do you have a site at small update yes I felt it makes me happy that I do wanna talk about it we come back because we just got it. Some information that I think. Whole era size what's happening today if you've been following this case sooners are richer marks attorneys for science and also they don't know where he is we'll have more next. 331 in Kansas City from KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are in a FaceBook posts and Jamal's lawyers say they know he was removed early this morning by El Paso ice agents from the west Texas detention center where he's been held since last week. But they didn't get word that the judge denied his stay of removal until nearly new and the attorneys boasted that he still listed as in custody out west Texas Jamal is fighting an order of deportation back to his native Bangladesh. Senator Amy clue but Carr has announced plans to introduce the flu vaccine act legislation that will encourage research to develop a more effective universal flu vaccine that. L is going to be focused on. Getting more research going and NIH to try to develop a more active flu vaccine that's continues we flu season holding onto its grip of the country to Jackson County Health Department says they've seen nearly 4000 cases of flu so far this season Johnson canning Kansas reporting about 4200. Cases. Traffic and weather together and axed. Dry delegates to next several days or warming trend in the forecast. Next strong Francis sweeping in towards Thursday and Thursday night. Fair weather conditions for the rest of today and four tonight at high mid thirty's overnight lows slipping down to the low twenties and we start to climb. Upper forties I Tuesday afternoon with a good deal signed. A mix of clouds and sunshine for Wednesday the high up to the low sixties here with a gusty southwesterly and I'm staff meteorologist Chad infinera more Katie NBC weather. Or 35 McCain CI 36 and only say it is 36 your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM DC and AM yeah dot com and. And and from. And and I'm. When is. And easy to use yeah I'm putting great company and he did use the home. I'll mad rid of fuel Iran and only a mom and dad again. You. I am only story we've been. Following for about two weeks here let's. Social or Everett still wanna mind and at 6 o'clock news. Com. Site Jamal has. Learned his fate and his fate from a federal judge is you have to. Now Emanuel Cleaver had a big rally in Lawrence over the weekend yes. And congressman cleaver just released a statement the family also. Released a statement the statement from supporters. Kamen this afternoon and let me read that to you. The judge denied the motion. Based on jurisdictional grounds only. The family is trying to file an appeal with the board than great and appeals that's in DC. DHS's denying family do processed by rushing deportation as early as today. We ask that the rule of law be allowed to play out. So the family is saying. The judge denied this motion because he does not have the jurisdiction. To rule on this case. It in the meantime even if that's true Scott in the meantime it's my understanding. DHS is saying get him out of playing dramatic here. Which doesn't make sense to me this should be heard. In front of the correct judge who has the power to rule in this case and the judge that heard it today does not have. Jurisdiction we need to get this in front of a judge who does however. How does his attorneys not know how to do his attorneys. Not know where he has. If he's on a plane and the federal government has him in their custody. I'm not surprised at all the glory and he's been in their custody for two weeks I know that can you imagine trying to pick up the phone and call ice and say hey can I talked of Syed Jamal. This is this is a a bureaucratic nightmare. Let me read use c.'s statement from. Emanuel Cleaver order that would go it just came undergo. I am disappointed in the judge's decision to deport mister Syed small. I understand his attorneys are appealing that decision and I will continue my plans to draft a bill to show how this broken and unfair. Immigration system affects families. Who have responsibilities and deep ties to their communities the system is broken. We need to fix these laws that criminalize hard working contributing members of society like mister Syed Jamal and that is what I plan to push for in congress. People are asking why was cleaver. In warrants. Eight sci major mall lived in Lawrence with his family but he taught you are park University Park. And our bill which is in Missouri which I believe. It is either in Weaver's district or Sam graves district I can't remember which. Or drug policy he was he was here our cars and Kevin Yoder got involved and tried to get sage a mall. And his situation clarified and fixed. And he doesn't live in congressman donors district and doesn't work. That would mean Lynn Jennings was going when Jerry Jenkins pardon me and it's missed mine. Tickets. I did he ignored deportation order in 2013 naive and voluntary removal order of the one at eleven. There's no doubt that there was some bulls dropped by site. But Scott his voluntary. Removal order came at a time under president Obama's administration where they had broad. Prosecutorial. Discretion. To let these immigrants stay who were high functioning highly skilled. Contributing members of society to spam has paid taxes for thirty years. And there were some changes made to the law under the Obama administration and then there were sweeping changes and one of the changes. This president enacted recently. And correct me if I'm wrong. Is that that prosecutorial. Discretion. Was taken away so that if you are here. And you are technically not supposed to be here. They do not care. If you are not a rapists in a murder they don't care. If your bio chemistry professor they don't care that you've been paying taxes for three decades they don't care that your wife's a kidney donor they don't care. You are now lumped in with everyone. Who is here and shouldn't be and I think that's what Emanuel Cleaver saying Scott. The system is broken. We have to fix the system. That allowed this to happen. He very well may be on a plane to Bangladesh for a and he did voluntarily leave the country in I think it was 2008. Re applied for a visa and M and was readmitted legally. In my bed for whatever reason he lost that legal status in 2011. And continued to stay in the you know it's going to be really quick as I don't know I I now I mean I know we are just dumb kid from Lance. If his wife and we noticed Beecher his wife is an American citizen his three children are American she's from Bangladesh also where. How is it that he is not I don't know and and that Scott comes here and get married to become citizens. I think that is 88 legitimate question to ask. Let's talk about the spouse does happen because I think site Jamal. Should be allowed to stay but I have some questions. Regarding his legal or illegal status. In this country and made the argument I still stand by last week. I. When I went to high school in Germany had plenty of friends. Who were Americans whose dads were not in the military Kate they were just civilians who worked for say Bayer Bayer or. Worked for an insurance company in their European headquarters or work for. For whomever. There were a lot of people that I knew one of my friends my exam on his dad ran Coca-Cola in Europe. He was very rich column. My exam Lowe and his dad and his family all lived in Dusseldorf Germany. Always as Americans nobody ever said. Predicament. Has become because we're not because we're Americans working for an American company in Europe. And someday we're gonna go back to the United States in my exam and an eventually did however. I think it is a legitimate question. And a lot of people on the techs are saying this and I've said this since we started talking of the story the week and a half ago. Why did psyche Jamal not become an American citizen he had 25 to thirty years and I think that's a widget and I get. Analogy that I read over the weekend and it is such a Smart analogy. As broken and is difficult. And fraught with red tape as our system has become. I read it and attorneys say asking why science a mall hasn't become a citizen. Is kind of like asking someone who plays the powerball every single day. Why they haven't won the powerball. He was trying he is trying he has been trying and it hit his attorney called in to this program last week and said. We have the documentation. That this family has tried and tried and tried and it is just not as simple. As you sank. I 767798. Society cited Jamal. Has been ordered out of the country problem. Because I think in a an earlier ruling is now in effect. Because the judge overseeing the case of that that they were not. Within their jurisdiction. To hear the case of an defaults back to the long ruling which was he's got ago. What you were saying his wife is an American citizen you. I don't I don't know I've heard both. Now either she's here legally. Maybe that's the man is not an American citizen. Or maybe it's time to throw her out to him in the streets and from what these are kids hang out but I still semi go to school. I still stand by what I said. Last week and. And it's true site Jamal clearly made some mistakes there's no doubt about it. But here is a man with two master's degrees she's working on a doctorate heat but all intents and purposes minus the paperwork screwed cities clearly made. Is not. A threat. To our society in fact if anything is probably contributor. And as a Republican. I find it a little hypocritical of my own party. That we are the party of the family unit the party of the family value or we say we are. And then we we don't want to try to find a way a mechanism. To keep this family together. That that bothers me and it's and it's hypocrisy that I struggle with how can we sit here because we also the party if you will of law and order. Or we claim to date and clearly cited Jamal site Jamal has screwed up somewhere along the line and became. Illegal. In the United States. What do we do to remedy this situation. That stopped short of breaking up a family. Because we can't walk around saying we're the party the family unit. And then break of this family you could argue will Scott we can argue were the party of law and order an awful follow the law. And that's a legitimate complaint. Or. Opinion to. Your right arm torn on this one he broke the rules. But because he broke the rules we break up that family. I'm curious for those of you who are anti. Immigration. If you put cases like this in a separate box. From those who would cross over a border and and sir. Illegally. Orgy was all the same and here's why I asked Scott. This family we we've mentioned. Pays taxes using contributing member of the society users not she donated a kidney I think it was a stranger donation what net. I mean this is the family that we want here. Are you put these cases. In a different category. Then someone who crosses into the United States illegally and is living under the radar. And if you don't that the men different category I would why I would. These are tax paying citizens. I say they're citizens I don't get to say other. They're not what the kids are and it's Summers is Scott the dude broke the law that you wouldn't give to asses about child molesters and murderers being torn from the fringe right it wouldn't. But to compare this man to a child molester warmer. It is one is that is an outrageous disservice to him. Com this is not black and white and you always want to make immigration black and white it's not it's not it's very gray and some a lot of people were saying send the kids back with them the kids are American citizens they were born in the United States. Having coma like eyes grow law. Scott please stop saying your Republican it is obvious you worn off. Or if you want to keep a family together means a moderate Paul. You matters not how many Republicans. And trump supporters have always wanted to ask people about this but it's a very delicate topic and I understand and try and wait I understand it's delicate topic. Do you know how many Republicans. And trump supporters. Spent the last two weeks making phone calls and writing letters. And passionately arguing on this family's behalf good I'm glad because they know him and they love him and their kids go to school with their children. And it always wondered. What must it be like to be in that position it will be this that you support this president and you support these policies. Until it someone well you. No site into the hall lights site you Jamal is not the illegal immigration hills and he just simply is not. 576779. Right here for doctor Tate in the center for nutrition and Lee would at 135. And relic popped in their over the weekend with my daughters picked up some new shakes my. My girls they. They shakes a Mac. 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Regarding the site animal case and get some callers and record com. He did overstayed his visa and was given a voluntary. Removal order by judge. But had been working with the federal government over the last several years it's not like he was like hiding in the villages. Away from the federal government in fact he was checking in as he should have every C and then here and then the law changed on elm. Last year and men he became a target for remove Shannon in Oakland park up. And yeah do you talk eat out at. Powell I think people are wondering when married. Why can't they did become an American or an out and yet again and ordinary. I think he went and got. Out at about ten years. President. I'll take a lot of money. I. Lawyer are actually as best I need player out here early but it. Every need different and it's not easy at all. And it took your husband ten years. It can't hang here because it takes it takes thousand dollar and take a lot of I. And Obama changed its aware of at least I tell you he'd been back in it how I met. Violent that it in my ear that it's just there's a lot. Well. What would your reaction be the ocean to people who say your husband came here illegally. Screw him get to the back of line and come in like everybody else. Not black why am too late Alan you know he's paid in by writer and even her. Mean they could not making your I. Mean. Are at Shannon thank you for the call for the sex line I'm a Republican who voted for trump and this bothers me because I feel like we're sending this man to his death over a clerical error. I KM BZ on Twitter is reporting that congressman cleaver just told us it's a huge mall is on a plane in route. Two Y. Jamal's attorneys are now attempting to have his deportation reverse Hampshire cares gonna get all of this. A covenant in the news out quickly came exist we have an immigration attorney holding and I'm hoping Denise that you can. Hold we'll take more of your calls and continue this conversation. After we get news because I know a lot of you have questions about. The fine print the contractual end of these stories. That in up with a phone directory in husband here. On a plane on his way to Hawaii how does that. Happen. Conservatives are here as Caremark. Happening on Camby easiest family finds a deportation order for a Lawrence professor we'll have more enacts. Right here for lightning landscape an irrigation and today I wanna talk to you about irrigation. If you don't have a sprinkler system or. If you have an old house like ours maybe 3040 years old and you have an aging irrigation system. Call lightning landscaping irrigation now a couple of really warm days and they were able to put in our system on a nice winter day. And they haven't already to go in the spring rolls around you're gonna have a lush green fantastic lawn. Because you've sat down with a great folks over at like in landscaping irrigation. 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