The Royals home opener, great pitching... and Taylor Swift

Mike Wickett
Sunday, April 16th

This week on Crowning Around: We're talking about the Royal's Home Opener, the struggling offense, the STELLAR starting pitching... and Taylor Swift. (Just go with it - we've been drinking)

Kansas City Royals insider Josh Vernier Joins KMBZ's Mike Wickett each week to recap & preview the Boys in Blue! 


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That's how we two of crown and around here on KM BZ dot com Mike quick get along with. Royals insider and as I heard from the post game show the voice of all royals fans. From six cents Sports Radio Josh bird it's close. The just the voice of royals fans the voice of royals always unnecessary and somewhat redundant and it I'd seems back to 500. Which is I got us that if it was gonna happen. Before we got to me but I'm glad to see it did let's go back a week as we look back group with four start talking about what's happened all what's happening this week. Opening day. What was it like for how early to get there and what was the or dot a tribute to Youkilis and your post game was like I don't care that we lost it was just an amazing day yeah. That seems like forever go to be quite honest with you I think. Probably got there about nine or ten. And nothing crazy normally there about five hours before first pitch for any home game. The yard Donahoe. Tribute service celebration of life. You know that's the thing that I keep going back to was I just don't know hollow. Guys like Hosmer was dockets and the rest then play a baseball game after that because. They hadn't seen your Donald's mother sense. The funeral down in the Dominican in the way and obviously and understandably. She was an emotional rack. And they saw an open casket of your Donovan Torah a guy that to all of them. Was a little brother so just seeing her had to bring back a flood of emotions that they probably haven't acted to sense that funeral. And that it's all right now go out there and face a big league quality pitcher. Just have been able to get through the game. As Ned Yost said afterward. You know there were tears throughout that clubhouse so you know everything's became somewhat trivial. After that that pregame ceremonies of the outcome was. Animal in my opinion to and for the come home they lose that opener and then two and five and then two in six we were actually at the 83 game. Not realize Lee and I left at eight nothing. And about the seventh inning like out man. The mood amongst fans had to be oh I mean you know freak out early like the mood amongst fans had to be. Whoa we can't score runs. Are these top that aren't that front five should get right to get on that office is still. It should still score a run yeah the office is still bad even with the recent winning the reason why it was old man from the fan base was because the bullpen. I mean you know the past four years the royals' bullpen is an all time great yes and this year it's it's good. It's not great it has a chance to be very good but still right now it's just average to good they're gonna score some runs. Yeah another bill they were built to strike out more than they have in the past but to also hit more home runs. Than they have in the past I think the panic from the fan base came not from the office because we've seen that offenses over the years. Not from the rotation because that's actually been good but because the bullpen which we've become accustomed if the royals lead after six innings. That's a ball that's the game gains over that's no longer the case and I think it took a while. For the fans to digest would now like most teams when a comfortable and that is an edit of I don't know where he's won four straight to get the last against Oakland to get all three against the the angels and how good are these starters how I mean I got this good we just like that just like we talked about last week the bullpen it's not as bad yet as it was early on. And I hope I'm wrong but I don't think the rotation is this good Danny Duffy. It is. You know. And I don't typically don't talk that we don't talk about Verlander and you know king Felix in Seattle. And David Price and Chris Sale you don't talk about the any Duffy conversation right what he's. He's the front line guy for this team. He's not a case he's not a true number one yeah isn't as good as Quayle once and his team a couple of years ago they won the whole thing right local court away right that's because they have a track record Danny Duffy has. A solid three quarters of the season last year and had a great summer back and 20s14. But look this game is you know the old adage it's. I 80% metal. And he struggled with the mental part of the game for awhile as far as self confidence and actually cute in pitches he would just over think things out there on the mound. You know but but since signing this contract we are in the offseason. I'd say for about the past year and a half. He has shown the ability to be a true number one I think Duffy the truth Ian Kennedy is a guy that's always gonna keep you in the game. Other than that Jason Vargas isn't as good as we've seen in his first two outings. Nathan cards is going to be hitter Mets. The hope is. Is that when the offense excuse me when the rotation comes back down to earth. That's in the often picks it up to kind of balance and adjust and has taken a team with Danny Duffy as the one and a heck I even switch personally Kennedys to meet a better judgment. Kate team with Kennedy and Duffy at the top men a bunch of guys that are fours and fives behind him and that. Is that enough pitching to tick win at least a wild card yet yet I mean that's that's what they weren't 2014. James Shields and I think. Kennedy and Duffy are on par I think Duffy can be better than what James Shields wasn't 2014 and then after him. You had Jeremy Guthrie. Who was solid he was at the same Taylor Swift concert I was and it's for instance. Yeah well see her anywhere in 1989 Turkey now and what's really great Lee and I got it good to go past him in the VIP. Good what's up well what's up got street he was injured yeah. He thinks it is. See there's it's a good thing this microphone. Yes as prominent as it is yes if it was just you and I hanging out meet me telling you tales of mean Jeremy Guthrie a Taylor Swift. Put it this way. When I heard that Jeremy Guthrie gave up twelve runs in his most recent start for the Washington Nationals yet but I wasn't heart broke I didn't feel that you. But what Jeremy Guthrie was on that one before getting rotation he was six innings three runs four runs a guy that would keep you in the game. I think Jason Vargas can be that. You're Donald Ventura was a study in that 2014 rotation I think Duffy can match him yeah I think this rotation can be. Maybe just did tick below the 2014 rotation and act like you to game seven of the World Series home run ball vs small ball boy this you know I remember though the phrase was keep the line move out keep a lively guys coming up get any hits the next guy up detonated an accident off the walls or into. This eight doubt offense this is now this is the beat the Baltimore Orioles offense from the 1970s. This is. This is like a a team not named the warriors that lives and dies by the three this is a team that throws the deep ball twice out of every three downs in football. Can they manufacture a run yes they may have and we did today that would in this in the ninth with Escobar with the RBI but. You you've got to dink and dunk your way through some of these games not just sit on the long ball well or also 812 games and Alec scored and hitting below 200 he's better than that. Eric Hosmer is struggling to start he's better than that of battling that quick move to Haas yet. Let's say he doesn't have a stellar season is he really gone for 200 million dollars somewhere I I don't know what to I mean come up fifty aren't fit is he saw what Jason Heyward got. Yeah he stole money. He snowing or money though he did off it's the new way of appreciating like Carl Crawford stole kind of money. Okay well okay and in the grand scheme of things are all steal money right yet thought. That the the new GMs this the smarter baseball people have now started to respect defense base running. Club house. You know leadership and whatnot. And Hosmer checks all the boxes even if he's not hitting thirty home runs and a hundred RBI he brings immediate credibility to your organization. He brings leadership immediately to your clubhouse he's one of the if not the finest defensive first baseman. In the game one of the best base running first baseman. In the game as well. And he'll he'll give you a Soledad that despite what you've seen. Over these first twelve games the offenses also. I'm not only port Ellen Hosmer struggling Brandon Moss a guy that hit twenty home runs last year as you do it has been awful. He's got a lot but you don't want last week and he's fit and his track record is he'll struggle with that when he gets hot he hit five home runs in seven games. Port basal layer is expected to go out on a rehab assignment starting. Late next week what's your expectation for solar when he gets healthy. Homer on strike out one of the other you know he's a guy that outfit right into the topic some open fifteen home runs I would think at 255. Batting average though to little salad out. I don't know average you'll be better than Oreo cookie will be better than Alex Rios. That those two were in right field and those guys Ron. World Series teams he sort of waiting noble what you like about or so layers that he's under team control for at least four years old so the potential is there. Menu item for Wade Davis with the understanding that you were gonna lose weight games but I think the offense. Is at best middle of the road in the American League. But still will be the best offense that date mores and here in Kansas City outside. Of the bends over its dolphins that they had in the world's yours this week comes at a really good time. And this is crowded around you're just joining us Josh for your from 610 Sports Radio Mike Whitney came easy. This this week was necessary I don't know that I'd buy into this were back at 500 now we can briefing from a player's standpoint but fans. Probably feel a hundred times better today to needed. As we record this on Sunday night on the sixteenth. Probably then that's that ate nothing game that I left the turn into an 83 ball right when they were to win 60 this was a big series not a do or die series but it was a big series because. You're right Natalie today you know the clubhouse need to spark just got an idea quick right here that that you know we got the pros though they're old team yet. There but still just the mentality maybe just need that little that little kick to remind them that we have what it takes to get back to October but your dad right. The city the fan base I think needed it because there are so many new faces. That I think royals nation let's start until look out of the corner of their eyes at this team ago. Wait a second buyer you bad again grey were blitz sell everybody and I went to the chiefs' draft right after they were not let's go with that but they were getting ready to admit that maybe the rug was over and even though it's it's silly to do that after. Nine games. The three game sweep helps to remind you that the heart. The will. The desire that made these guys back to back American League champs. But that still remains in the clubhouse they do have what it takes to at least make it a fun summer that I hear this step right this was the best offense in the American League vs the best starting ERA in all of baseball I loved adding there lies and an ERA wise and the royals at the best rotation ERA in all of baseball. Imagine saying that after they lost you know yet to it to a tragic accident and they're like here's we're doing we're gonna add. You know a couple of nobody's and then some we've never heard of yes they're going to be about I mean again it's only April 16 still but that's better and this is before Kennedy had his dad. Know you're a 100% right now not only would I have never guessed that if you would've come to me and said hey. Haz. Gore role. Moss are all gonna hit 200 or below this. You know Escobar is not Tammy RR BI let's say they have fourteen home runs I think eleven of march solo shots. And mats rounds already in the minor leagues annual open is given up as many runs as it has. I would say that this team is. You know it's six and six. I'd guess two and and yet to be quite honest with you so the rotation has. Bought some time for this offense to get a Colin but. Eventually they're gonna need to pick it up because. You're gonna play those American League east teams and that we all know what they do and that's it X coming up. Day off Monday and then Tuesday Wednesday it is the giants for short two game series Matt Cain and Madison Bob I'm Gardiner returns does everybody hate Madison Baumgartner in the city. Hammy H a strong word hates the strong word. I think. You hate humvee. Yeah Kato liking hated John Elway. Yeah you're like he's just so damn good any pizzas every right now you eight outweighed more selling it consistently in this city. You just can't look. I'm not saying that people should. Boo him or cheer him on Wednesday out what I would do either now because I'm not cheer and a guy that single handedly and that's what app. He single handedly beat the royals if not for medicine longer the royals when that series and five. But he single handedly beat them. I'm on marketable because he's a rat ass and and that would only fire him up more need. He spinach and it if you belong ever interviewed Madison Baumgartner half he's not intelligent well he's not he's not the smartest guy which in. I we are right here too Smart guys geniuses sitting right here drinking beer talking baseball ought to podcast who's our diet I've I've talked to a home. Last year I've talked to a live here you didn't hide it if you record that that you. They also are you were at the all star again and I was I was in the San Diego. He seemed like an hour and then decline. I'll be right interviewed him probably I interview when he was a rookie. And he was he was because that was silly doesn't Jonathan Sanchez that was still in Lincecum was still a good pitcher and Cain was the new rocks are is this who is this threat. I've earned appreciate it and for those that don't know Josh is the best man in my wedding we drew got to. Lee how many days who ever left. Edit our work cut out all of nation that doesn't make its way. And it they should do this again we'll do it again next week into your off day he should do like this from Vegas. RA the morning like Friday morning or something the day after the landing yeah. The morning you're leaving Brett okay which under flood and make us again now. In Austin we'll bring the microphone during the final weekend in Las Vegas acts has been crowded around we do it every week free year I came easy dot com. For Josh for near my quick and have a great week.