"Rocker" paints swastika on his chest and now everyone's fighting.

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Thursday, February 22nd

He says "he only did it once..."   mmmmmmm- oKAY.


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. It's a learning. But while there's. I will let me. A ring of fire. Oh win. Burning ring of fire. The lanes. Flat fires Johnny and it. Okay fires. Some reading this article on the Boston public. Summer camps. Thank these are amazing summer camps these are like the summer camp several GO. There's a surfing the academy com well there's a part QWERTY count of one was a park that said jumping in over buildings stuff it's OC movies okay. And there is like on mountain climbing one where you actually learn specific rock climbing ways and respect for nature in all this stuff. There's like an adventure camp where you can do ropes course is zip line and it helps kids break down their barriers. Long let's break those barriers down only wanted to yeah if you look really cool I mean I did anything. That need it summer camp and as a kid I did like where perhaps where did you go to summer camp. I went to girl scout summer camp and we did like my page a bird house and canoeing and rolling all Hokies know we didn't make cookies we ate cookies. He's even been. If one like weeklong. Dance camp when Amaral team camp it was always sort of local when you're on a flight team. On the day doesn't it wrong with the flight team just wasn't on it. I can or can't kids are just not. The big one around here is that. It's like called life when life Casey years on the life anyway it is a religious based weeklong camp. And it it's we've always had a conflict in the girls and boys wanted to go but those weeklong camps. As they should be for what you're getting for a week. He he's been like. Crazy expense I always wanted to go to space camp my mom was like get cut from a peak in Chicago and 5600 dollars now you are you know your editors like to see you basketball camp one time I did. One it's how much was that it's about 500. Dollars pool but you're you know that is the Bill Self basketball camp and they get to play with the players and hang out and was the best week as lie if I got. A text yesterday. Young life is an interesting idea I got a text yesterday from. One of the moms and she says it's time to sign up the Bill Self as a camp who's in who's out these the dates. It's tax hikes and he'd love it. But you know. It's in the middle of this Francies and it's as we did it wants. It and a lot of money for that teacher in I mean a couple of but they get it signed I'll let parents you senate will debate it oh he's took home she's such. I. I was a Boy Scouts we went light on trips there was one time this once and it in camp. On time boys kept him. I was so petrified. I don't want. And I can hear the micro jokes coming. I was so Fareed growing up showering in front of other blow. Of course audience. And that's because it's a weird why would you showering Fran and anyone I thank you and we were on a canoe trip. And I was well I remember I left that this is discussing it can't believe I'm telling the story. And I can't believe our member. I left wearing a sure they're just said duke across the front that my cousin had given me for Christmas. Because she went to do. My mom drops me off at the boy scout. Canoe trip. There for seven days I commute down god knows what river in Texas probably the browns. My mom picks me up seven days later. I am still wearing the duke teacher. It is dirty smells like smoke and body insurer. I have not moved in a week alone hall I was afraid to shower and I was I was so young honey I was so young I was like. Tender foot whatever that early rank is a Boy Scouts and here I am with a bunch of sixteen and seventeen year old kids I'm like eleven. I was afraid. To shower with the bigger boys. And I was afraid to whoop and I have not here comes my mother. To pick me up from the canoe trip I haven't showered and a week I must have smelled like death rolled over. I am so backed up. You might as well give me an animal because that's the only way it's coming out. I haven't moved all week and my mother still loved me. I bet she just I got upset make a better or am I got home and I've proved. And I showered but I was so embarrassed to shower in front of these bigger boys. And you agreement editor. Bob donors have descended mine had not. And I was embarrassed. I was ashamed. And Scott was that. Kids have some it would take excellent. The plans that are about that story. Your 46 years old you're still feel the same way. The I just it was just a weird time in my life and don't do that anymore. I am hoping to do back commuter. Campus at it was 82 so I would have been 1112. Category canoe trip of virtual borders and ports and I just tell you thought. Of dropping my child off in the woods for a week. It's just not my thing. I'd never done it I wouldn't do it. I do think 99% of those experiences are probably positive. I just. We've finally from the route of Scott's alcoholism. It's a good bit. That Campbell is trip home. It was just how I mean when you're eleven or twelve. And you're on a canoe trip with a bunch of boys were 151617. Years old. They've got things growing down there that you don't have. I don't think I need to be more export you don't you get it it would be like girls I mean you they have we get a growing. So it was just awkward for me and I didn't shower for an entire week and now you wonder why take three showers a day. Do you really can't do via. Do you think maybe. I was permanently damaged. At one because I smelled like a damn halt. When I came home from boy scout camp. You wonder why a three times and do you think it's because I didn't look for an entire week. Here's the deal. I don't think therapy is the worst idea for you. She need to go into that little room and laid them on the couch and get out of your foot problems and there's some Freudian there. Yeah there's some Froyo on on right now it. It's a worst idea. I just think. Riding home in my mom's car backed gray reliant K. Arm of the relying carry around. Classy very classic. Ride home that reliant K smelling my own self see that's the thing. Like people make fun of the French because they don't shall. But they don't smell themselves they can't they don't smell their own BO. So they don't think they need to shower. I could smell my own BO. Now a shower three times today and people wonder why. I really don't care that much. Okay. Ladies if you're like me is dress up to go for automotive repair of a Christian Brothers automotive CPAC dot com CB AC dot com for a location nearest you and you're gonna love it. I go to the one in a light up at their all the Overtown you're gonna love Christian Brothers automotive they walk you right through. 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Has decided to cancel the concert band that has been accused of being Nazi sympathizers. After rapper to lead quit be canceled he showed the venue in protest. On the right rooms FaceBook page this was the message posted quote. We have decided to cancel the eight TA eight KEE tank hate event scheduled to be held on March 31 at the right room. Refunds will be processed immediately for anyone who bought a ticket. As a venue it is our priority to provide a safe inclusive and enjoyable environment for all patrons artists and staff there's always has and always will continue. To be our primary goal. The FaceBook announced by the way prompted angry responses from take France. One posted and I quote. Why not save yourself some time and just have on T file approve your that's the wrapper of I think oral anti fosse are that's the Bob Black group approve your future bookings before posting them to FaceBook. Can't have people thinking we live in a country were freedom of speech is alive and well. Another wrote and I quote. What difference do you perceive between this occasion and the previous two times take played after riot school. There were no problems about shows. Are you receiving specific threats this time or is or some other difference without knowing more this is very disappointing anti fop. Is a loose affiliation of leftist groups who advocates stringent opposition of fascism and white supremacy. A group calling itself to Kansas City revolutionary collective. Has started a FaceBook page called shut down take it the right room that threaten violence at the show. Quigley the wrapper and to lead quickly and on Tuesday told the management the right room that he would not perform. On Wednesday February 21. After learning the venue had booked headache and black metal band from Bergen Norway. They look apparently works year. And a and MI mistaken aren't these Nazi sympathizer ring metal bands becoming now popular than they complain though. What bothers me. The entire conversation we're having. The fact that. A white supremacist rock band even exists bothers me a fact that a vin you would think they would draw a crowd to that bothers me. A lot of records. And uses 1950. Go. Through a lot of their lyrics are either in German or hears when an English OK here area. Here are some words scarred. Your back was turned curled like an embryo take another face you'll be kissed again and I was cold. As the mouth the words and crawled across the mere wait wait and express your name like ice in my heart. Hear a lot of Hitler and a. They wouldn't be called the white supremacist band I I'm not I'm not gonna defend his guys I I hope you're not either. I don't know I don't know anything about him. I've never heard of spam before take. I'm glad you've never heard a lot of errant lyrics are in Norwegian I can even honest I mean. You look at the leaders in the dome I mean girl on Norwegian. Not seen it I don't think they should be allowed to perform. A right to perform as a white supremacist rock band somewhere. Civil rights. To perform. Do not little. The club obviously has a right to see your doctor to perform here. Correct but you would agree they have the right to sell their records they have the right to perform. Your bird river. Venue we'll have them right. I think to the venues own apparel they have the right to invite a white supremacist group to perform. Why would you want that crowd in your business problem because you don't understand the lyrics are you don't career. I look at through these lyrics they're all in German or Norwegian. Well it doesn't mean. That when translated it doesn't say horrifying things about Jews and black people. Do not have the right to sing anti Jewish lurks. I think you have the right but I think a business will proceed at its own apparel to invite you into their venue you know he's. Bans exist I mean there there as I'm sure they do their there is a and what what's a remote border runs or belly be out a Horry and under market may be. For these white supremacy groups now whether or not take TA KEE. Talk talk what is it took a Coca Zach is that I announce that. Whether they are. Not a seat to Nazi affiliated or not I have no idea. I do not believe that they really are. I think. Idiots on there Marilyn Manson kind of wannabe. Death metal guys that love to shock people. I guess there was a show one time I was read about this. None of their lyrics. Are about superior races or anything like that. They're just your basic death metal band. And it is very popular enemy right and I guess that one show. Do drew a swastika arm itself. And people like it's terrible days. Ago eat a bag. And that's it that's that's the big thing and it is like all other Nazis. I don't know if they are not really don't care. I don't think it's okay for one artist to dictate to a club. Other artists that they can book. To say I'm not playing your club because you book that bay and fine don't play hears it. I don't think the base of the of the venues should cave now is the V news say and we didn't. But I don't know I don't like the whole thing these characteristics 767798. Of the new user earmarks. Another listening session for the president in the wake of last week's school shooting we'll have that next. You know I started sleeping better than very day that Brooklyn and dot com box came to our door and levels proclaimed sheets. They are luxury sheets without the luxury pricing and they come in the school's colors by the way I want with grade that green white polka dots and the choices are really unlimited and all you have to do is go to brook Lynn and dot com for today's colors and styles. But what I wanna really talked about is a luxury and these feel like luxury. Sheets it's time to throw that old bed in a bag away. And upgrade your sleeper team. 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Any says he's also considering tighter background checks mostly for the mentally ill pointing out a lack of facilities to handle people who may be threats to their community. It would be talking seriously about opening mental health institutions. In some cases reopened a White House spokesman says they will not be proposing any specific legislation on guns for awhile yet. The Missouri senate has endorsed a bill that could boost Medicaid payments for nursing homes the legislation given initial approval on Wednesday it would require reimbursement rates for a long term care facilities to be recalculated. Annually. We'll check traffic and weather together next night a girlfriend call me about a week ago wall for kids it's something down there. And the water was overflowing and she called me to said this or plumbers or are. All you have to do is go to Dana's plumber dot com they came out because our dishwasher flooded. 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Free replacement sump pump when you up purchasing installation of a brand new battery back up. Or go to Dana's plumber. Dot com. Burn it onto the rest of today and into tonight with temperatures at or just about the freezing mark. We saw house Apache precipitation in place in the form of some freezing rain or freezing drizzle. Possibly mixed with some rain in an all that easing up. As the night goes on tranquil weather conditions back to the forecast for Friday the high 45. We have another system is trying in some rain as are heading through Friday night so watching those temperatures again as are going to be dropping down closer to 35. I'm staff meteorologist Chad panera more KE NDC whether. He terror case CI 32 in Lee's summit it's thirty tearing out your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. On the glare. Yeah Wikipedia page. This right room appearance. Is mentioned. Now says here. On February 20 2018. Which is two days ago. Musician and activist to leave we leave earth quality. Canceled his show at the right rim in Kansas City, Missouri this is from a talky but this is the Norwegian death metal band. There Wikipedia page Taki is slated to perform at the right room on March 31 2018. Quietly released a statement that said and I quote I find it appalling. About the riot rim refuses to apologize for booking this ban. The response I received was at the venue did not want to choose sides between a ban. That sympathizes with racism and bigotry and me but that's not the right rooms. I think it is time to choose aside I find it appalling. That the riot rumor refuses to apologize for booking this band I wouldn't feel safe. Bringing my team and family and fans into a venue that is sympathetic to white nationalism slot canceled the show. Because you consulted us. But no I agree. That I would not want to bring my family into that venue if I thought. One of the bands playing. Was bringing up such as skin heads along I've read up on the man. During the break hockey TAK. Either Norwegian death metal band right. Here is what they have done. They do have a lyric. Let me see if I can find it here again. Are ago. They were nominated for some sort of award in 2012. The bear was criticized for anti Islam lyrics that read and I quote in one of their songs or him. Most of their lyrics by the way are in Norwegian which is unique. For death metal bands they usually sing in English. The lyric is to help with Mohamed and the Mohammad dents. Unforgivable customs. And then the lead singer rod I think you're referencing this is few minutes ago. The lead singer was criticized because during a concert in 2007. In Essen Germany which is in the northwest. Part of the country near Dusseldorf. Or know that they slip out there. The lead singer appeared on stage in corpse paint. You see this where his eyes that lies yeah I mean this is typical of of these kind of death programs. And he had painted a swastika on his chest. He says he did at one time and one time only and not these sympathizers. And he and and I am not excuse it's wrong. He said he was trying to be. Absurd to be seen. And he said we'd do one time I did one time and it is come back to me every time. You know why. Even if you as a bay out. Even if you want to proclaim that I'm really not a Nazi sympathizer. Guess who's now following you in drones. And so you can say all day I'm really not into. The whole Nazi movement saying I'm not insert the kkk or underground stuff the fact of the matter is in im trying to be edgy. They have now. Built up a follow wing of people who far. And if I was another band. Wanna share the stage with these guys listen to this properly quick this is one of his quotes. Who's who enter the singer Alina zinger the band's concept was quote bill on provocation. And evil. He then told the owner of another club back in 07. That incident are talking about occurred to blank a Muslim. Recently he says their sole intent is to criticize all religion. It's. This is typical death metal crap yeah. That's kind of their stick. There are have been. Scares me cases where. Bands have done things. They can they were being clever. Pink Floyd. They made the movie the wall. In the walls there's a lot of references to World War II. And they have this whole thing. Where. He's weird and out on drugs and he thinks he feels like this dictator. Kind of guy as this whole fantasy thing worries like jerk like Nazis Germany. But they don't wanna use straw mistakes in this because that's terrible. And it's it's in bad taste but they need something to symbolize that so they use this crossed hammer state and it's a cartoon. And it's two hammers. Cross a UC cross bones and they're like out work people get the idea there it's the hammer coming down on yeah. It's. Had crossed the plan it adopted. No maturity Floyd was furious that I know you're missing in the point. No I don't care. Business. And the top Kate's show on March 31 remains on the right count how ever. One of the openers eight gone country artists. On that for a moment. And look at a dot artist in king dude. Santorum about and. Dropped off a two hour he released a statement saying quote the banner under which people enter a king do concert. Must be welcoming to all people and all walks of life race religion gender. Venues in new York and Chicago have either canceled or making plans to cancel his hockey show that. But bit before we get all Kris. And Adam I'm not on the talkies are talking days concert I don't even I'm going to see king did it. Now country artist looks like. But before we go crazy ride. And before we keep pointing the finger hockey or arcade or whatever let me do as a song called a woman dies at 69. That's. Let me regional lyrics of one top leave quietly. The guy who canceled his concert. Because he is better than Matt he is a good man. Who sings about good stuff. Here his lyrics are 22 Daren juror a 38 long Edwards and owns a 44 desert eagle a Glock nine. Time to protect the spam a mock talk ma and I make the streets run red like a stop sign. That's the guy who canceled Asia so simmered down mr. Jairo. Give me. I'm I make the streets run red likens stops. Yours and cool you haven't done. Simmered down and said they're going like. The rent streets. And what's something that's red. Is back. I'm going God's country mattered it. Hear me fine I'm not one who should we read black girl pain or never been in Lula. Which when he won. Black girl pain or government of never been in love never been yeah okay. I know there's first time for everything. For some a letter my bet on now are you saying that. Can't read that. Maybe I'm not going to be in the God's country and no this is the rapper and I can't show guys yeah. I guess he's too cool for school when I give me an error. I'm not going to be there because there's not about to make the streets ran red light stops and shot. Heard. Sounds like your siting on the crazy people's side here Tom who's the more crazy. The one who paints a swastika on his chest of one it talks about making the streets run red like a stop sign. And make a both crazy. Thought about that Haney. Maybe a guy who brags about carried it Beringer. In the streets run red light stop act doesn't have a lot of room to protest about lyrics. Maybe he's a hypocrite. Here on the fundamental. Him and and give him helmets ousted. Every Sunday morning. Dress them up catching gossip at it's worst could see the difference in the bats from the Catholic Church caught up in the rapture first chapter in the second burst. Bull God's children. And what's the reverend worth. AM about the show winners some golf please they're. Is it clean. Yes yes I've listened to that I. Boy you sure. Why do I not paid out. On the power and I feel. It's golf country. 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To remind our German audience of their bigger shame and of Kuo. Market liberty. Mark. And doing well. And I think Scott made my point on this a while back it smacks of hypocrisy are fun the whole thing just ridiculous. I mean. On one hand I agree if they are latent white supremacist group obviously I would want complain in my opinion either. But then let's apply the train standard in the gangster rap and through the clerics like white girl believers from other crap like that. It's ridiculous. I also find it a bit odd and somewhat. Or the historical knowledge. Since people immediately screen not see the fear that somebody makes any kind of disparaging remarks. About Islam and we won't go on about history it's well known but people should dig a little deeper. The grand mufti of Jerusalem one of Hitler's ally we'll leave it at that. Marquis leftists what he wrote the swastika on his chest and he was doing that to incite and invoked you would agree with that when you got. I do and to be fair let me take full disclosure of where my. Called him and Narnia. But you're out screener I had no idea about I don't know anything about the band at all speaking in generalities we get so worked up. About O ot be you know we can't even remotely camp about. Or even indicate the knowledge that it Nazi symbols and but weakened into the to the bile. Gangster rap. There besides me. There racism all day long and don't dare say a word about it because you keep your race. Well and some birds of a good point on the excellent. Because I mentioned he put bodies swastika on his chest wants some. Prince Harry. Yes dressed as an SS officer for Halloween. And was seven he's adorable immediately and roundly criticized as ever as they wore as he should and I am apologize for it. What's the difference between hockey and Prince Harry to the news or McCarron marks. Happening on KM BZ new indictments in the Russia investigation we'll have more next. 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