Report: Local firefighter makes $64,000 extra for shifts never performed...WHAT?!

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, January 3rd

How does this even happen?   Is it fraud?   Would your boss make you pay the money back?


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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KMB easy. Fair weather conditions and falling temperatures in the forecast for the rest of today we're falling down quickly to about two degrees for tonight with the wind chill readings between five and ten below. Or start off of those wind chills early Thursday scattered clouds around today the high upper teens fair weather an upper twenties on Friday and and temperatures climbing this weekend. Upper thirties by Saturday afternoon and we have some mid forties in the forecast on Sunday was some chances for Maine. I'm staff meteorologist Stephanie or more key MDC whether financially six it TCI it is 27 downtown 26 or official weather station. Yeah. I. Is your partisan event and already Dayne is that a. While those that show didn't get started we're all going to dinner. Saturday Night Live in discussing this for two weeks and I say forget Saturday night is museum. As I can. Kelly and I've been playing. That Saturday night happens BR one year anniversary. You knew this like two weeks this I don't ever and we sing two weeks I'll let. She'll. Or will we talked about this date and Travis was an and ride and we all talked about it isn't it man all right and one breaker heart on the air and make an issue out of it but you can't candidate with us and then go do it appeared on. We are going to we all talked but we are we have massages at one. Couples massages. On the heat. She show you OK after your insides and the media oh you're so funny. Is if either one have you had a couple's massage with your significant other who piece who romantic. And so incredible. But if I do it it's gonna choke. And then we're gonna have dinner at the classic cup. We have a room reserved at the Intercontinental newsroom. The facing the plaza I and my dad very nice thank you. I think it's very romantic. Now we may or may not make an appearance at Jasper I. Shortly -- rescheduled and I don't have not going to called Jasper we've reserved a site program. No way am I gonna call him on Wednesday and say were bailing on Saturday. Net we are all doing it's we're going. The show goes on it's no big deal I'm aware it was her last week just talk. So you're saying you B of that I had bad knees for Saturday or use. Not on. The take this from anybody but miss I could make the Star Wars showing a sick child talk. Dana I have a tweet read you. So blame Stewart. He's from north oh. Urgently cancerous or he deleted the tweet because. It wasn't good enough he's not a meteorologist since he has these meteorologists update in Norfolk Virginia yes get ready for pounding. Some of easy eight inches or more that's too much even from me oh. Now like all guy he's fabulous I love I've followed him freak here. Where it read it again. Update you ready for pounding. So what was concede. It's yeah. Update. It ready for a pound. Some of us it's the eight inches or more that's too much even from. Owing to take you realize how long it's people's screen granite. Oh yeah it's been stream grab. I amended and. Get ready for a pounding. Campbell eight inches who thought I thought. Okay per guess what happened to me last night's. And I know plumber we know this thing Ono thank god for the plumbing for the symbols yesterday you ornament Jameer. I'm all I am a lot of not thinks engineering isn't there. Geography just isn't there and it includes a bird. Plumber person is in the air mean jogger for whatever so. I noticed it was standing water master best public a week ago. And Chris and I between tennis for like. It. And you never investigated I just. Liquid plumber OK go go go go next it darn things still certain there. And there's water there because we we want the cat's out of that. So I think wanted a plunger and helped plunge the best. Which if you're listening just let me say you the effort does not work then because when you shot the plunger down. And you go back and forth and that's important action for the arts. It shops the stopper. Into. Just plunging yeah. Just connected to the tell. Pulled out like in the old so. For me and I fixed it's you plunged. Back. Here. And now you know on and I each and thinking. It's negative twenty degrees and I don't know. I think it's injury issues and didn't get into it. And to our stopper goes down a so I had a pair of scissors and I shot this. Between the stopper and the whole thinking OK I got this now yeah on the plunged this now that's not okay now. The sisters come flying out of the stab in the prior carotid artery sort and those. And and characters liquid plumber standing in the of course what I'm going on now which has asked that it's following. An apparent lack. Tights and it at a cost of 16 dollars. Plumber I am not. The other on Speedo. So I got the basement. And unclean in the basement up and clean and going to the bathroom. The toilet. In the bathroom under the tab. Is now no water it will clusters and like I wanna describe without. Cycle christening OK either the biggest coincidence in the world has just happened or there's something wrong with the pipe going from deep at to the toilet. So the plumbing truck comes out today and longs for short and telling you all this you need to. Don't Hewitt you totally wrong. You're creeping people call me. This X all types of frozen. For him or sixteen years I'd never never. Had this happened. And my house has not been so then Chris calls me today says plumbing and they're gonna come back tomorrow with some kind of heating elements is slowly raise the chamber of that hide so it doesn't burst. He says in the meantime. You know he can't use is tone is fine he said and trickling water down the pike. I guess makes it. So keep the water movement as a substitute milk and what's not and flow and what froze. I think the pipe underneath. The tub which then backed up the toilet underneath it's one floor below. Do you realize. Like for example your kitchen in your kitchen or sink faces outdoors correct. Do you leave the cap and it's underneath that open yes OK the problem this fight is it is inside doable or that's what do you leave the faucet in the kitchen dripping like this group. We will for now. House which is much older than yours. The faucet on 24 hours it if it's below twenty degrees outside faucets on it is ought and it drips like this. How how pass and turn it on let go but I keep mine edit and it really quick paced a heading for because you know what. I'd rather pay hundred water bill. Then a 2000 dollar pipe correct so here's what I I'm here to tell you Kansas City. It's not getting better it's getting worse these are some of the coldest temperatures we've had. In sixteen years this has never happened in my house and this year it happened you didn't leave parts. Basement wouldn't even. Think about that either because in the basement champions but ground. I would think I don't know but Dan wind bomb in his term everyone's while. That little encyclopedia of worthless knowledge and says something is useful to me and today it happened he says to me if you have to. Faucet on and off key things. Instead of one like in the kitchen my title one on and off. In a that's usually have two of hot on the left and the right. He says Scott did you notice leave them both drip. Because the one year he only left one stripping the other pipe burst. I didn't know about it right now you would rather have a hot water I of light under box after box. Then the cost it's going to take to fixer I agree. But again like it Crist as he sent me a couple days ago. I bet you this is a frozen pipe and there's no way editor sixteen years there's no is never app and he is and it's the tub and it went well it like I know plumber it. I think this is not going to be a plunging issue is Kansas and I mean come on so far when a guy this story. When you pulled the plumber I feel like the like of crap that's that's right it's a Dana's plumber dot com title let let me get my book out Vista says this is what Dayne is probably gonna tell. And yes she has broken this pipe from the third time already and this is the first time it's happened. Now it didn't first that's good but you know why hasn't thought well. Well if they do it slowly and hopefully one for me was pleasure plunging. Well I am an expert plus Italians have the most at Eleanor what is it freezes it was sweating and. Here's what happens when when the water freezes. Experience which cracks the body. When the laws out contract contracts and then you get a so here's what I am here to tell you Kansas City. Leaves the jerky jerky on open your cabinets even if it's never happened in sixteen years. This is the year to. Because I cannot believe we're dealing office. Campbell we've needed injured Peter and upstairs yes. Not in the basement any never sought out any pipe that faces an outdoor wall. You should leave drip drip the on it night in and during the day it's really bright like yesterday. On Monday at that was what it was like zero degrees outside yeah I kept the derby drew going Donald but they don't you worry. I worry. I worry that that's an overflow I guess it wouldn't you think. Yeah. In the kitchens and how that happened okay I have one pipe or one policy that faced out towards. It's the kitchens so obviously Andre beat the field. I'm sure it's gonna cost of extra money. But what lessons of him dig it up for a zone and not experienced them here how many Fossett should be repaid one or all any face phased out so if it's on an out door exterior wall like my kitchen. The guest bath and in the basement after I guess I Andres counted anyway. When I called the plumbing proud this is the Branson version of the story and I'm trying to tell you they are. Flooded no pun intended because everyone is having this app. Call me the from the sex and I can't believe you roasting Turkey Turkey. Also in by the way that's sovereign about a saint usually ends careers in agreement in. I can't believe you but plunger and I text plunge in ice flow that's yeah I was going on a White House. And you do you think the bleached. Bellini everywhere and it's it's in my eye. I'm life for the rest of my life tried to plunge of mapped out your mother would have had so much to say about that if you're gonna do that Wear goggles and that's the moral of the story or don't plunger bathtub or that. Does the bathtub drain face the outside wall. And does. Kansas. Bill everybody loved sharing knowledge with you. Everybody knew this. You didn't know about the drip drip the open the cabinets. I always knew that Chris and I opened the canons and then it bugs me so I go around and send them. Our own. It you know it's one of those things it bothers me and finally after like a year he's like honey. Those candidates need to be opened your little bit warm air into what he's the pipes were correct so now I don't sent. Now I know what he's doing for I thought he was messing with my OCD. He's he's doing that I speak raise a gag in the deal on air. His anxiety and shut the damn sorts. A oh. Yeah. Man who made me today and speak out. And no don't have remove song don't even being. Here. And she didn't do that in this yeah. And yeah. We can't. Parent and parts of give us an hour of the show. Two hours you can always podcast since we're at KM BZ dot com also on iTunes. And on the podcast. Out. A story here from channel four. A new report just released by KCK officials shedding new light on the way there firefighters are paid. And it alleges that widespread. Abuse of taxpayer dollars. In Weiner account and just wait didn't this new audit of the Kansas City, Kansas fire department. Shows that many firefighters who treated ships all the heroes who traded ships last year. Never reciprocated. Or ended up getting paid for time not worked not only that. But the person they traded width. Also got paid for working the extra shift so two people were often paid for one shift. Costing taxpayers. A total of nearly one. Million. Dollars. So I say I'm gonna work for you because you're going on vacations or take your shift our. Some have all. Their system is set up to allow you to clocked in and 8 o'clock in and we both get paid for that (%expletive) I'd never claim to vacation. Hi all in what does that happen under rules. Dictated by the union and a firefighter works at 24 hour shift. And then gets 48 are resolved. But they can trade up to 24 ships a year. According to the report. Fifteen firefighters. Exceeded the 24 shift trade limit. In fact one captain. Was paid more than 64000. Dollars an extra day for time never worked hope. It's 64000. Dollars. One firefighter. Received an extra 33000. Dollars for working other people ship's okay. It's not like that one guy in Kansas City, Missouri yeah intractable one firefighters. Basically lives of our house. Accurate and on Saturday December 30 2017. So what's a week ago. Kevin surely was announced by Doug batch bock county administrators in terms arch. Kansas beacons. His point sturgeon were second so yesterday. As part of his duties he will evaluate all operations of the Kansas Kansas department over the coming months office. You have people. In the fire department. And up problem they are old. Heroes. Some people are going to argue that. Competitiveness quick sweep and tweets and communities all until union and entity Needham that's for a we have heart attack your house on fire. And then they go in while you're running out. 5767790. Let me just give you one scenario here that I wanna talk about. I know someone who is a physician. And over the course of six months or a year the hospital where this individual works. Accidentally. Overpaid him. Now 200 bucks checker for whatever it was it wasn't an astronomical amount. At the end of the year they realized the mistake in an audit and they said to him. We have overpaid use this year 161400. Dollars it is our accounting mistake. How would you like to make that check out to us. It so. He had Suzanne. Because of their accounting mistake at the end of the year. Cut a check for 1620 whatever it was not in an insignificant amount and there is no way. This captain. Gets to keep 64000. Dollars of taxpayer money that does not belong to him no way. I read that sentence again in fact one captain. Was paid more than 64000. Dollars for time not worked well. I would be asking him how he would like to remit that payment. Because Dana let's say your contract with AMOCO and I'm KM BZ. You sign that they saw in good faith is that you received 2000 dollars a mall. Your received 2000 dollars a month. But what they end up paying you because of an accounting year it's 2400. Dollars a month and and I don't catch her eye got tricked out well you you kind of notice one. We get more of career. Never so you are getting 400 extra dollars a month carried out at the end of the year you have received thousands of dollars more. Then what you agreed to. I what the company agreed to correct they have every right to come after you and demand that you write them a check and even though right is their mistake every right because I have a contract for his positions at a time like this seems unfair. But it really isn't my money I get it but it kind of sucks at the end of the year like hey we need 161000 dollars. I guarantee you. The rules are different for a government agency Scott and that is going to tick me off that that's true stood in the news or Caremark Nicole letters keeping some local companies busy we'll have more next. You know some has happened almost all of. So knock on what happens synonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident remember the name deals collision repair. In blue springs just got an email the other day from a list. Who said you know I was in a car accident Sapp and I thought about taking into the dealership I took it to Dale's and that made all the difference thank you for the advice. You're welcome. Dale's collision repair moos brings their work is guaranteed as long as you own your car truck get it fixed right the first time. Here's a number it's 816228. 18558162281855. Or online at Dale's auto collision dot com. Bills and lose francs tinker of cars tinker view. Did anyone in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our toes services across the match her heart keeping busiest roads are having a hard time starting their cars in the cold Joseph Meyer whatever Lantos says they quickly filled up yesterday and has to tell people I'd have to wait to get to tell for another day work. Taken toes were. Were rules book for the day there's not like prevent inmates weather is expected to finally warm up above freezing this weekend. Jackson County executive has sent a letter to the Missouri State auditor recommending that she review of the county's fiscal policies and procedures this comes after the legislature voted for a budget that eliminated funding for frank white's chief of staff. Check traffic and weather together next. We have dry weather conditions in the forecast for the next couple days and were keeping an extremely cold. Now temperatures for the next few hours hovering near 25 and starring in a fall in her eventually gonna settled down to the low single digits for tonight. Partly cloudy conditions for tomorrow the high fourteens wind chill readings to the morning. Pitching five and ten below are back to the upper single digits by tomorrow night scattered cloudiness in the forecast on Friday the high into the upper twenties. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more key in DC whether. When he foreign now I TCI it is 26 and always had 26 that you're official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. The first thing I mean and there is no I wasn't lonesome whistle blow and Andy young and stream them grow and back. On the freight train leaving town. Not knowing where I'm bound and alignment change their minds at the moment today. One if only they rebels. It's Landry needs in mind. I'm Thomas didn't know one thing so it's. I know god rest his soul and learning from the governor some. 576779. Name. Tournament this audit in KCK. Well of the fire department. That finds that the fire department spent about a million dollars not. A little bit last but almost a million dollars. In extra pay. Then was really due to their employee. It is. Foreigners are Scott again period. This isn't about your job description this is about whether or not that money should be paid back and I will argue all day long. That money was stolen now. We can talk about whether or not it was intentionally. Stolen. Was it intentional I don't know I don't think it matters my my buddy who accidentally. Was overpaid sixteen granted one year had to pay that back he did not realize it's got my way to. A fire. Captain in Kansas City, Kansas. Presumably would make what would you guess 70000 dollars I hear it's eight let's be its. Let's go higher than you at 80000 dollars to right its says your one captain. Was paid more than 64000. Dollars for time not war. So if you ate let's say 80000 bright and let's say they're paid every two weeks. With senator. So you're paid eighty grand a year but at the years. I mean rules boom or fund. What do you mean that well. We bonanza of a year. For some reason we ended up with a 144. Thousand dollars is here. So my point is he knew you would at a hotel. You had to know. I could make the argument that as a physician. Making let's say 300000 dollars to 500000 dollars a year. An extra sixteen are you gonna notice that I don't think the bullet but if you're fire captain making eight program. And all the sudden every month joint. I'm basically getting paid almost. And at the end of the year instead of making eighty Graham when you file your ex. You realize you've been paid a 144000. Dollars. You're telling me he didn't know. He had to take it to an accountant. He had to get a W two form from his employer. That W two form had to say 144000. Dollars. And he had to think to themselves. So. Considering I make 80000 dollars a year. Howell. Is the government. Going to recoup that cost go to the fire captain and you say if you don't want us to charge. With a crime say this New York Times say I didn't that's fun. Is that a crime that's an interesting that is an interesting. Argument is that crime would Dana if you know that your contract with an economy is to pay you 2000 dollars a moment. And suddenly you're getting paid. 4000 dollars from home. Usually for a second Entercom is not gonna ask you to pay them back. Of court they ask us to pay them back adult war 420. Dot I that's just how most companies work. Damning Kansas City kilogram. Hey please give me government that he demonstrated on. I'll start out since you're talking about it captain. Let me start though by land. I guarantee you that the person they're talking about it there union representatives. And they agreed. In contrast to let him law to deal with union business which we've been fighting over contracts in the last three years. So with that he doesn't pay an extra dime. And that his spot field. We have there. Are union pays somebody. That hit in his seat. While. He is dealing with union business. Fight over contract for us. And so he is he the media not cost them hatred dime. No word content like Dana says their pain to people that work. Or. One. They say they say somebody's. Scheduled to work. As you get on the fire department. If they decide that. Hit before that they want. To. Are they needed day off because the. Some that came out they want their friends died suddenly yeah and between those two firefighters. You. Like like if you want if he went do you trade time another five. Which we have dinner late all that's fine and good that's what this article is saying that the audit is saying it. Two firefighters were paid for the same shift when only one firefighter worked that shift. At that an absolute lie it's no it does not a lot of the auto design. I just. I'm telling you right now that there has never. In the history of the Arctic power band to people paid to sit all one seed in the fire department. They pay. Debt that they pay somebody to be in that seat. And that all the in the day. So let me let me read you this one paragraph from this story from flat and then Dan respectfully I think you need to go read the article. At because you don't worry explains how does that guy at. I've I mean and explain them to you trading. I've been all over thirty some years. And always does this save that city money because. It allows somebody to trade time instead and the call in sick. It doesn't call the city connector dying. They're they're still paying net saint salary. And it between you. But then it's been out since that out of that saved this that you said it's all right let's say. The ballot they see the thousands if not millions of dollars. Because when I retire. I'll we'll turn him. Over 4000 hours of unused sick time. And if I wasn't able to trade time like ethnic some work shift from being that I do work for him. I would have Collins. And I give all the time that this city when I retire if I called in sick the ethical and somebody who work so. Retired. And Dan thank you for the called it that way I read this paragraph. At a video lemon regional paragraph to get your response. Are a new audit of the Kansas City, Kansas fire department. Shows many firefighters who treated ships last year never reciprocated. And ended up getting paid for time not work not only that. But the person they traded with also got paid for working the extra shifts so two people more often paid for one shift. Costing taxpayers a total of more than 920000. Dollars. When they're saying somebody also got paid they're saying that they are saying if I had somebody worked. For me. That they're saying now I've paid them out of my own pocket. And they played well that what they're they're dated and explain it. OK and Dan Glickman thank you for the call we've got to move on they've got the the mayor is calling this evidence of quote wide spread. Corruption. And I understand Dan's argument trying to justified this practice. Of shift trading but if you think about your everyday life in your job. And Scott I agree. Pardon me rod agrees to take a shift for Travis. Travis is it going to be here rutz is all work free. And didn't they are both paid for that eight hour shift and on this hum. Would the fire on the time sheet rock is not write down of V or nest for vacation or sick writes a piece of presidents. And Travis writes out of People's Bank. That is what brought its. Conor in Atchison cook on high didn't get it done. Gotta let it show Canada. They'll tablet is that the typing here it on T Kansas City time or pretty darn. There are articles in the the whole ordeal. And a city. But you've got one back to about the the calm and not to call the that should mean (%expletive) together. I think in the end it market it way. In the same time that the you're working nobody should be eight and issued one person take action should be an election not an angle question. I I don't either and here's my question why is there no mechanism in place. To track business because it's fine if it took firefighters they wanna try to shift. Do that all the time they do it and in fast food service they do and radio but they're via mechanism to keep track of who are we paying for watt hours. The subway and my account I mean I'm. Mean traits that I didn't know that nobody tracked in the and it it does it get it or are there. And you're right in the mean clock and not really a lot and attractive. And it actually well. You're right the way that we have to. Look at that pop at killing 2 o'clock. O'clock and and trade mission but even then people straight in the ninth. And that means the fire fighter. How they track all that I mean within like into the back in the street is nearly. Two in the crowd should be more luck. I'm I'm. 76779. It. Hey Dave Wright your four CMOs and son now is the time to make sure all of your house is in working order you heard my story about my frozen pipes at the top of the hour. That includes George generator you have one of you ever thought about getting one. If an ice storm rolls through here and chances are happening usually does once here in Kansas City a bad one. You're going to be sit and dark. Your neighbors will be sitting in the dark not if you call CMOs and son have them come out for free estimate they will measure your house get used the exact size and type. Of generator. To work in your home making sure everything stays on upn run and when everyone else's power goes out 8167814707. Is the number. With backup generator systems starting at just 99 dollars a month. 8167 at 14707. Or CMOs and sun dot com. Don't ask me. Don't have. I mean. And then yeah. Yeah. Politico reporting that a fire has been holding him at the Clinton home in New York. She's probably cheaper emails. Really. The server really. Cost. We will keep on fire has been reported that the Clinton home in New York State. Mike in Kansas City hello Mike. Well I think breast. Well I it war that a company and I'll work a regular forty hour week and then they moved that Q4 and and I was at work on Sundays. And our rate of pay is definitely on Sundays. Than a regular day so. A few months go by and ask yes or actually the noticed that there are over and a and and thereafter from money that apple I'm not gonna play the money. And and my opinion it's I think my job. And nobody hold my hand in my. One ought to go up accounting and old Sergio there in that do their job. I understand your point Mike but let me ask you this when you go to automatically withdraw and pay your bills Canada most mindset on Ottawa drop this is happening couple times. And lets you change bank cards so the Ottawa toss ups going through you know now. So one month goes by and you haven't paid dispelled in two months goes by and is happening with our security company then finally I get an email and they say to me. Hey FYI. You need to pay his organs at the soft I'm like what's that's auto withdraw they said no three months ago. The Ottawa tossed up because I changed bank cards I lost my card and got a new car. What you're saying I understand would be akin to them saying well no worries. Will eat at three months. Will read your service and start paying again next not that's not what happened what happened was they said you owe us 312. Dollars. Pay it today and will restore your service. Even though it wasn't really my fault. It's just that's. It's just set up to automatically do it and it was blunt I still had to pay them the 312 dollars that had accrued. To get the service back on and I think anyone listening. If you think about your own shop. If your company makes a mistake in your favor. I'd bet 99.9. Percent of the people listening right now would be forced to pay it back. Well I guess the difference is that in back will tell us. Don't quite a bit of money I can't give you off. Let us Mike let me ask you simply can't domain and rubbed some beg my pardon please. Why would you not be expected to pay him back. Or because whenever we switched CU the F 14 am. I was not a part of their agreement on a fresh start work in the house gonna work Sunday. And a right start working we're just Monday or Friday or you wanna kind. I was Amman union contract. Tired of the union agreed to the change and now. Now knows never ran by the union aren't like that so this is all done. Under the table on you it is. All the sudden it shelled out they didn't even give Australia. And notices are a couple days notice. SEC can sort of Kansas or Missouri. And Kansas is a right to work state your union has very little power. Well not back and I salute our careers and how long ago yeah that's what ever little power back. I don't get into the weeds of that because we don't know even the firefighters story. To what extent the union is about to step in and why. Situation or that differently than fire fighters situation because they. Q Pete wore a surrogate in the same job one at home and it will actually. Work which you know that's not exactly correct that you. Happened. In my situation it was that the company. New dart ships to that haven't work on Sunday I think they should be held accountable. Four. Make that your they're they're t.s are crossed there aren't. Our. So much written a set answer me this one a teacher doesn't show up for work. And a sub is called in for that teacher do both a teacher and the sub get paid for that day. Does the teacher take the day is a sad day. Then the teacher would probably probably get paid. So there's a double dip scenario we're talking about here in this audit is not sick days we're talking about shift swapping yeah. And there's a difference. Carry my daughter works at a restaurant. Kind. She has to work tonight from forty. Something happened she can't make it. She trades with taught OK Todd says yeah I'll take your 48 tonight Sarah. But you have to take my Thursday night from 48. And a fair. He clocks in at four tonight clocks out debate she clocks him tomorrow at 4 o'clock Saturday. Barry they paid for their four hour but they have a system set up with a clock in. So two bodies can't be paid for the same amount of time. The problem here really is a simple clerical fix. That if you're gonna trade that's fine. But in the paperwork somewhere. They have to come up with a system so that what they need to do is get back to the old fashioned. You clock in. Your ship tense 24 hours later. The clock out. And you're turning your time card act we used to do that when I was a little sign it member of the vagina. When I was a move resent o'clock AM. Big barbecues go. We're done. Fill in Kansas City hello Phil. Hey I'm retired from Kansas City, Missouri and they had traded time going all the way back and there was just pretty much a gentleman's agreement I work your ship today than two weeks from now and he wore my ship. And I never saw it as great in the problem now later on. Paperwork had to be filled out between the two parties there were trading time. It felt really quick do you see how this happened over and KCK like do you understand or can you simply explain it to us how this would had to scenario would even happen. No not quite what does something involving. The two parties if they have a different different pay worry curse on them. I don't see how such a big problem it. It never was Kansas City, Missouri I'm still sure as trade at times news. Well Phil and Phil filming because you've called them before and and you certainly know we're talking about. It is a fire captain on a salary or is he on an hourly wage. I. Struggled some bank and back. I captain is. Civil unions so he's probably now. We begin a management didn't you give him. The captain and now he's. He's gay unions. Okay how they captain. According to this audit makes 64000. Dollars extra per year for work he did not perform according to the. That's a good question I don't know where the common from a man like that say. Because when you trade time wanted to difference today between the two parties are treated time that's the only thing I concede. I don't quite understand the issue that's going model they're like let's say. Kansas City, Missouri is as bad policy for years and I'm still should come. Sure itself back but we really never had a problem with that first say that I knew back I was wrong. And David tell tell everybody what the the mayor in Casey case saying about this again he's calling this fraud. Widespread corruption corruption in those are his words not much is the new mayor not mark caller this is. I think it's Holland. Holland oh he has not been replaced solid oak. Eugene mayor mark Holland calls the report evidence of widespread corruption Asomugha on the text line is screaming. He didn't actually get paid like 64000. Dollars it's more that he agreed that I'll take a shift for you later at some point. And it doesn't do that. So so he's getting paid for work not done someone a sex and tried to argue it's more missed time. Then it is dollar amount I I I understand that either. I don't know because I don't know how the firefighters were sent out it has something to do with the very complicated web. Of trading ships. And maybe they just say you know what penetrations and mark. If you're scheduled to work three. Wells or to 24 hour shifts that church and if you need time off like everybody else in the real world ask for you ask for vacation time at least two weeks in advance. I just think if this happened anywhere else all fired coal. Fires and there's a great tax on the text plans got they set for those of you screaming I get to keep the money what do you do when your short changed. Where do you go do you not marched down straight to HR and Sam I got my check was short does the company get to keep the money of. Course not it was gonna come here sought. And up that. You'd be okay with that Caremark surgical or did you little animal sound now more. Than it was it was count error no when nuclear. Just give you some extra vacation time. Like that plan that. Let's meet and we're sorry you're out of thousand dollars from problem. Take your. Goal how you have become so domesticated. A. The new Zuma Caremark happening on KM BZ. Kansas City may have seen its. First definite cold weather one more next. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.