Rep. Cleaver reacts to Texas church shooting

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Monday, November 6th

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As 132 here on a Monday. They day with Jamie and wake it we'll check in with the in parks coming up in just a bit joining us right now after yesterday's mass shooting at another one. I believe in the statement from congressman cleaver that was just sent out number 307. Of 2017. The 370 mass shooting. And we welcoming congressman Emanuel Cleaver right now preach at the time congressman thanks so much for its I I'm sure yesterday. As the rest of the country mourned and we watched in horror. As more details were coming out I'm going to guess yesterday was pretty rough for him. Well it is that it doesn't hurt when an ordinary Americans suffer. We. We know we have. I actually guard or police to the church of booted. Or probably twenty years now. It is after people were also not mother and grandmother. Love bird in the field and Oregon. The end the first opened the Mormon in Atlanta. So it's nonsense that the other than that is. That is Lou I think what is with the move component is that. The number of people would look or feel these these we did. That the system does them all old. Thing. You know the go to church and I think one reason that if if it's difficult coupled with boot. Typical that the place for people so they're in her murder there because peacefully there are. You know Merkin. Or any kind of violence that so they're very aware that this verio. Purple. Congressman we've been taking. A lot of messages from people today who have said. They're just starting to accept that this is the way it is that it just seems like every few weeks now and and quite literally it's been that way we've had some kind of mass shooting like deserts happening often enough. That it seems to me that some people are just getting desensitized to it what your reaction to this one. Well. Not first look at these workers that laws. We even though we already. Police sure. That we need regular you know getting even more. But it wasn't. Each of these either. I believe it buyers. To do that this summit settled so LaMont Butler thought was you know if you felt was you know it's. Liberal congress that. They the other laws which we could have at least appear. Members of congress sitting down the Cisco. Possibilities. We might have a profitable or at least reduce the numbers aren't open would you know because of bird. There's for the members here. Very belong to the community court plentiful. It and I guess that served them experience. What you just heard them do or because is this sort of the third version. Where we there's. You know expect that it happened you know or paprika tomorrow. And that's unfortunate. You know I I don't know if anybody has the solution. Or magic where in which we could stop this. But you know people furcal period the battle over. Well if you're from the comfort in the real issue arbiter thirteen years. And the the committees of jurisdiction. I've never killed at least one meeting one here. One discussion. Or middle of the stop the federal that the commission was referred to a removed in the 1980s. Air guard there have been restored. So we are concerned and we don't know anything about terms like. You know. In the Arab background search and support we just. You know try to figure ways in which we term. Compare him whoever is on the other side politically. That are there and move on word of the reputed. It was going to be my next question congressman it is exactly that if it happened with Las Vegas it happened with. The pulse nightclub where the cycle seems to be and this is just from you know Joe Schmo sit behind a microphone who's watching it just like everybody else. Why is the cycle incident happens. One side screams gun control one side screams it's too early to talk about mental health or mental health. And then we wait three days that we forget about it and in the new cycle repeats several weeks later. Well because we you know. That wouldn't be here in Washington. It and it's in the 1990. Order the greatest. That the villagers come. All the problem. Simply creating an argument. Who for the other side. Larger in the but you know there. Or there could audibly. Furious with congress. Eric Draper deflation. Because it be it against certain that there are people these are one meeting. And you know on our government that as we're concerned even harder with Eric. And begin the process. Welcome discussing ways in which we can respond with a little bit of work you know. If we don't do that is very process. Our peers. That are you know our children are our children's children are going deliver a country where through through these habits of political future. Every day here. Your target people look at on the referred to are perfectly or or or Mark LeVoir you know you can hang on the bars. You know mark. Political solution open the door and that's not the way to affect the. So congressman clearer what's the legislation that fixes it done assuming you to get bipartisan support and assuming that now is the time that we can get it passed. What's the legislation that prevents future shootings like that's. I don't think there's a because they're in the particular conclusion. I think the first thing an adult acute that it ever bird who. I remember in the congress in the jurisdictions. There that would it would deal with the critical prosecutors. Analogue or well on the title services. You know maybe poisoning. Your pleasure. With that began to call. Or temperature record there there certainly aren't even exit court. Ribeiro that have the barrier the clock when we begin to vote. With the hula for murder silence. It and and that they're well and I I've got to wonder I don't I don't their commitment. In the moment of silent. A leader of the floor and I look across the united Methodist building America Paul. Operate until about my thoughts and prayers it was your take it seriously. And so are coming Friday and a minute of silent is it okay target of four people can browse we ought to be putting general trying to. Started discussions we need to put money probably two on you'll know they'll appeal the release of a problem vibrant trip people who. Need to do some other things up from. Some are off limits places forgo there and with a very very there there's strong appearances. For. 44 every weapon in both places Turkey obviously. Will be want. Is a bigger. We need to discuss with what we're the most problem virtual earth. And I would their salaries revert to those markets people. And if we use are similar views are. Our commitment and love for the for the country we can come up with ways to reduce their liberators like other countries you know that you're paired with a lot of you know or. Homicides a year. Or you're in England put. Because the First Amendment but we can do some other things. And we ought to there and they are things that we can that we ought to do. Congressman cleaver I can't. And and and and complete respect for you in the rest that your constituents in the rest of the people in congress. To hear that there's not even conversations are discussions going on is the taxpayers of voter. That is incredibly frustrating to hear and I and I think that it it doesn't matter if our listeners are Republicans Democrats or independents or whatever I I I want. I think they can express to you the frustration that we hear that there's not even conversations going on a covered in a way of figuring out a way to slow the stout. Would you and every other American group 300. Millions of other Americans. Ought to be furious. I look on I'm I'm right there across the street you know this capital. It and record here I can assure you. But what could happen emeritus at about. Are thirty. Double standard of the thirty here maybe six. Thirty so. You could be sensitive there'll be a moment as well. And that there is so. And that's. That is terrible to hear because we don't want something done it I don't know what it what to do get done and I'm sure you you want it done as well let. That's just for streaking so. So does that mean that if it. If our listeners who you know have congressman younger whoever happens to be if they would call then and maps and say we need Republicans Democrats at the table together. As a congressman is that you respond to have you and of people calling you is that something that would move you to act that a lot of people feel like there's nothing they can do. Well nobody of the call me I'll go to the table the way to play war it is. The leadership as speaker of the now. The the leader. Minority party probably. Practice. Well look it would have to. Come together for. Recovering over. From the market couldn't call a meeting. And and get. Or Emanuel Cleaver merit Uga Uga the necessities. Of the group. People in leadership that's the way the system works and and I can assure you that I would have to be overall architecture you figured there'd with regard to mark certain Republican and Democrat. Oakland raider everybody. Terrible and there's no meeting going to be scared to do with this or and and does those mammoth. Number of well of Cubans that are occurring across country. I only congressman cleaver you mentioned that there should be stronger stiffer penalties. What do you say the people out there. Who don't believe that we need stronger gun control because. Bad guys still care about penalties bad guys will get guns and bad guys will commit these heinous acts. You know of all the further we need to have background there. And government services firm on fruitful ones that are are used because it has been politicized. And you know for the purpose of division. I think we need to. Our growth I don't either of them violent. The Second Amendment. Listen for a third of them. It's two. Mean are your except that it it forces. Who probably. We got the folk who looked very. Air and you know and there are a lot of technical earns about her people talk about we'll. Manufactured goods through work. Our idols. America for currently in the a lot of about. That are currently members once served them well regarded these world it is. There and you know because of of the concerns that or he's ruthless. You know it's not I don't think you're very. I have a simple food and that look so gone and drove narco people or trigger. Here as such as part of Africa where he's been so realistic. It and there are things you can do in this group of technological. Advancements we hear very aware of weaponry. And then it they're allowed to do all kinds of almost unimaginable to me that would put. They'll herb and protect more more of them about public. Congressman cleaver thank you so much for the time we really appreciate it and hopefully will did you start again very soon. Are or were you as well congressman Emanuel Cleaver joining us from DC as a matter of fact feel free to get their reaction to what he had the same feel for us collar text you see 90 it is incredibly. Frustrating. To hear that. He will admit. The will be a moment of silence. And then they'll move on to vote on whatever they're voting on. And no discussion will be had and it doesn't matter. If you called cleaver or you call Yoder it doesn't matter and that is frustrating. But not at all surprising to me. Because if we were gonna do something about it on your phrase if they were gonna do something about it if there was going to be a bipartisan plan what we've had a bye now. Why it. And I was like they can't win if if they're going to do it now wide it'd take a shooting NH church with you know a dozen or so kids being held to get it done. Why wasn't Las Vegas enough why it was sandy hook enough why wasn't pulls nightclub enough Unita media like it there or why would they don't buy. And it ended it in the thing he said was understandably getting to break care that it doesn't take a cleaver or you order it takes. Paul Ryan Wright it takes a Nancy Pelosi someone who is higher ranking. Whatever your thoughts are speaker Ryan and congresswoman Pelosi goes the higher ranking ones from the party Steve's release right majority whip. Minority whip that there's. It it is frustrates me is a voter. So he's York congressman he is congressman or presents he does it it frustrates me the congressman Yoder. We've not been able to get on here today that saw the right want would not come on today schedules or whatever but. I know you deserve to hear from the people elected you do. To an end to get answers from them whether you voted in a Democrat or Republican you deserve to to hear from Claire McCaskill deserve to hear from Roy Blunt demanding answers and that whole two. Today with Jamie wicket squeeze in a few phone calls can't Steve stick right they are your next 91 KM BZ.