Releasing your inner witch. Being a witch and practicing witchcraft is not the necessarily the dark practices that history and legends tell us - at least not according to tonight's guest.

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Thursday, May 11th

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Danielle Dulsky about her book - Woman Most Wild: Three Keys to Releasing the Witch Within. Danielle, is has "come out" as a witch talks about the power of women, and how it relates to natural earth and lunar cycles. These strength can be used to achieve a greater good. 5/11/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson


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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Al West Coast Thursday and the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to beyond really reveal myself Jason Hawes in the always. Awesome Jeannie Johnston I'm kinda feeling stuck in between and now because I mean I'm on the East Coast but I'm in the northeast it has been so darn cold. It it's mentally back to winter yet its may it was warmer in March and maybe even February and I'm just gonna really sick that so I'm feeling in between myself French now now where is summer I mean we have more summer days in February when he shipping that we haven't met a look just doesn't spring and not even asking for summer at this point but something warm enough so I can just walk outside it's just too cold. So either you beard he'd be impressed with me and most of my silverware that would impress me in Somalia because I have. We can't move he's you know the twins birthdays so Leo one of them one of those hover boards things Aaliyah I Tet. And I'll never get on the team and I just skateboard on I was a kid and everything else I have no idea. How the Al east. How well people until silence is good to say could see you this is that where this is headed I don't know how they work they're okay what's the latest lean one direction and it's a glittering in the Segway DeLia without a handle Brent without him up Markkanen. Social analogy your. Just if you fall forward to constantly moves from there by epic but I think Syria I try to take out and am terrified of it now so I'm sure there were going to be taking my kids to the emergency room largely from from generous I think those things were created by the by hospitals that are just looking to increase their emergency business yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't put it past him but welcomed the show tonight we we got a great show tonight or are we talking with a Daniel dole speak. About. Women's spirituality and the divine famine in return. She's the author of us of a book there was just publish woman's most wild liberating the which within. Yeah I think that the book is Texaco. Mean out on the fifteenth to fight if I AM ready correctly. We have linked to it on the to be on reality radio dot com. Guest page uncertainty to pre order Pietrus could be remuneration discussion because I really am not sure where we're gonna go I know going to be talking about. Releasing your inner which an ordinary talking about. Wild. Of woman. And festival there's a whole bunch of things that relate to this. It's so anti me and after that there were the right people kind of guy so that's what's gonna make you very intrinsic but I did read in some of her information. That Daniels says you need to respect. We'll have a how to as I was put here X I wrote it down makes a thought it was might be something we have to return to when we we feel lost here. The F Doris. Back to the editor of the masculinity is this something now funnier yet. Acknowledged the heavy value of the sacred masculine so I think we might be okay in this discussion. OK well that's an episode and then tomorrow night we're going to be talking with Lauren Bowles a critical care physician working with very ill patients in the icu restraining compare her to help and care for the very sick but it didn't prepare her for the encounters with the unknown. With a past twenty years she's heard numerous mysteries and just strange stories beautiful stories as well. Dictation about patients at every turn from the brink of death and have shared with her. So she ended up several years ago should be in journal aren't shredding a journal on the east these moments and turned and. A book yet what we've had several guests on the last couple months that have talked about whether it's a deathbed visitors. Or. Will build the final words project talk about what the things of people say as they using your desk. And at this is another similar I think discussion whereby this woman having worked in an icu she's in that's that's the place as you said it and we talked about last I checked. You know there's a lot of death in those units dutrow because. The most haunted location you can be and it is a hospital especially one that's operational and me because that's where people. They spend their last moments it's not a graveyard where people have been dead 34 days before they end up there or longer I mean hospital is where. Indeed they diets where they'd leave their body. Yet and is different and there's a lot of trauma there there's a lot of anguish there's a lot of a motion. And he's got family members surrounding a deathbed frequently and you know that creates a lot of emotions you can see how that energy. Can imprint itself on the on the surroundings and silly and then so then Friday every Friday is a best of and we got some great shows for next week but if you haven't yet like the FaceBook page of FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio. And also had to be on reality radio dot com you can download this free android and iPhone app rate there. Which allows you to listen the show lives join me online chat room actually call from the from the app. And cats all the Pashos pal free of charge to make she grabbed that downloaded now people than loving hadn't. They're going very well. If you enjoy the show it's a really really easy and convenient way to you know keep track of what's going on listen back chosen snow slides and Paul and all that stuff that's already there it's very very simple speaking of calling. The telephone numbers 844687. 7669. I'm pretty sure that this discussion tonight is going do I generate a lot of questions in people's minds and a feel free to call men and be part of the discussion SPL speaking on women topics are you prepared for Mother's Day. Needs no and as you know listen via a difficult one for me yes it is and just lost mom and the my sister and I are gonna get together and we're going to honor her anyway. And that's good but what about first came out Hilton. Now wrapped it around the list of tomorrow to. Is just not alone. Can't Akihito and middle East Boston stomach their kids are kids responsibility our wobble our trustees that I can figure out to get my kids to do that using younger still believe some of the market. Happens from here late thirties aren't yet far from perfect Jesus on Sonoma at grade that's like. Yes it's going to be interesting weaken my sister and our investments in time together in the looking forward to that. My greatest toll sister said I will do hate him there's a lot of stories have been showing up in the news lately now animal if you've heard about this. These viruses that there are worried can be reawakened if the Arctic permafrost continues the phobia I had heard bits and pieces about this yeah. I mean they found they found a bunch of them and one and they were actually able to wouldn't infect and an amoeba with one of these viruses in a in a laboratory. But so several massive viruses could be reawakened if the Arctic permafrost tinged thought. Revitalized ancient viruses might one day get added to the list of ominous consequences. Of melting ice. Santas working in the Arctic Circle over the past few decades have on burst several massive viruses. This some say could be real weakened. Com in 2015 researchers and Siberia and covered one called the Molly virus. A 30000 year old be home with a virus that so succeed in affecting a rather defenseless amoeba in a lab experiment. But a decade earlier scientists discovered the first time Mimi virus 12100. Jean specimens. Measuring twice the width of traditional viruses buried beneath layers of melting frost in the Russian tundra. And for comparison HIV is just denying virus. Nine genes. So the seniors 12100. Genes she has is so it's opening up a whole world of concerns worth. And thawing out and do what. What possibly is down their attitude to awaken and you're talking about something not too long ago. That the Russians had phone to know and that they were working on that it was sort of held to with aging correct. Yeah Omnia there was something very similar to that and know there was a scientist that was injecting himself with this. And again I don't remember specifically what it was very much from him don't. After a lot of my net and it made it I don't know let's investigate that but does that really opens up serious scary kennel or is if you think about those if those viruses are frozen and for whatever reason they're able to real weak yeah well I mean it clearly and it's it's not it's not hard to think case something frozen and being being able to re aware at the they've been able to do a lift with frogs and fission and things a nature. Tom so there is this is far fetched yeah no I think it sounds I think it's actually kind of scary. You know if if these are things that we wouldn't have resistance is to win. Knows what their origin and so on board you know there's every time we turn around something else to be afraid of ES salaam. Hotel with what's going art fair I mean it's it's terrifying thing of our. Yeah I'm OK so let's see we've got a bunch of stuff to talk about when we bring her guest in the before we do that there is one other story that I wanted to talk about this is less. Round. And and August is not really less scary but there was a there was an exorcism performed. On in Ohio and this woman Rachel Hilliard. Was charged with first degree more of murder after she decapitated a 63 year old. While woman on April 9. The less one that's fortieth team and yet the woman was the woman was supposedly in infested with the evil spirits. In her house who was an exit was Ohio's Kansas it was Wichita Kansas. And this 35 year old said that god not her was responsible for the death she was just doing everything she could. To get the demon now and two ended up being the death and decapitation of the victim the successive 63 year old Ricky Davis. Oh where do you where do you come to the conclusion that enough is enough and then take it to that next extreme. Of lol it's remove the head and see if that works there because at that point person stet. Yet she says the Wichita police have said that the woman. Is the ex girlfriend of one of this the the one who was killed its sons and said the day of the killing. On the woman contacted. Her though the victims. And said she was putting her son's property on the curb if it wasn't retrieved and that turned into a fight of course. And Hilliard attacked Davis with a knife in the garage. I'm not really sure with the evil spirits come in but she said that. The evil spirits were in the home and more in the body and does everything that was done was directed to your by god so what. That almost seems like they're using as an excuse as it sounds absolutely what you see over an hour to bring a touchy topic but the hole or a prime real thing I mean a lot of people out there are a lot of people want he is our ideas a lot of support in March pursue with all the cast has been going on but arm a lot of people like well. I think he's possessed I think the same thing now it's has nothing to do would team and says nothing do with it has to do with inner demons. Bada. Just as it tries decrease when people jump to that four as an excuse. And they seem to do it more and more and the more the stuff shows up in the news in the more shows up on TV where they're doing actresses and live on TV the more people feel they can be a legitimate excuse. It's not. Yet nine annals I don't ever foresee it being. National excuse that gets hurt us and allows somebody get away with murder not here on the US spot. I'm sure there are some countries Alter that have such an attachment to baton and belief system. That they they could get out of things like Pamela there were so there were some ongoing on down in South America. If you remember talking to them now there are any people being killed during these these exercise it's a whole bunch and some of mourning in being charged for. It's crazy. It's reasonable people knew him with by using those that is an excuse once again the telephone numbers 8446877669. Go to break moderate to bring a guest and yet is still necessary sort of take a quick break and we come back we're gonna be joined by Daniel dealt ski. So I'd be ready for this are realists and Jason GDP on pilot. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed. The next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest info visit the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. ROL radio and TPC and TV the good welcome to everybody would you listening one of the great radio stations during the program across the country. We both he knew there and we also committed to listening online meet we like it up and and written regardless of where you are we like you listening. Yeah absolutely only gonna do is go to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen lines tab and you can join right in the online chat and only hear the show right from there are so feel free to join us and there are some point TV and I arrow is in their degree community of people. For welcoming and trying to. Yeah it is a great place and now we're going to welcome our guest for the evening we're bringing in and Daniels told ski Daniel is an author. And that we welcome her to the program Daniel welcome to beyond reality radio. He aired apron and gave me. To be here. Well thanks for coming on. Daniel we wanna start there's a whole bunch of things we need to talk about in your and after really lead us through a lot of this but before we get into the details of our book. Your website all the things that you do just all saluted about yourself. Mood. Much of I say that I am your teacher by trade and which I'd Kurt. And hey. Playing. Do a lot of work related to women who I am. Are your money to key yoga about wanting to come together and circle and learn out elk crap and I'll read it yet. I'm up at eight eighths to talk to one another out. Mystical. Beings. That. They don't really have a chance to talk about in their every lie. And I think that's important because no matter want. A lot of times with your practicing witchcraft. For whatever reason this day and age it's still used to you still kind of persecuted by by many people out there who are unwilling. Are unwilling to respected everybody everybody has different police. And just in to respect that. Right it accurately an end even. We then context of witchcraft there are a lot of you know and name calling and it must spell. You being able to bring it out of the the dark and on another it's really important church having witchcraft be more accepted socially at. At an all boat just within the context of witchcraft out. Yeah I've I've got a ton of questions about the with witchcraft portion of what you do and what we're gonna talk about before we get there. When did you recognize this to be something that you wanted to make your life's mission. We root. I'm well it injured and they are angry. About like pretty cool where a witch and they can't. My mother quit Berry evangelical born and coached and and my father led the heart at biker spell. It right at an unlikely apple sued. My mother are in charge of our eyes out. You know bullying and end and religious. Indoctrination and settle I went to born Christian school and has to go to church. A few times that we. So. So in that they're there without. And that it. All her. There with that and bad. And there was something kind of magical about it. The moon and then and I. You know I'm Chris stole that hide them under my patent and when I got older and I. We're making a little bit Lenny at high near or under my iPad and oh just I. Real kinship with witchcraft but I. Terrified of calling it is that was a gun at her well. I'm bad. Every hourly news and bad at that magic in the world and I I very much at in her right out as a weight which didn't happen until I was 28. So was there something about your mother's evangelical positions that so kind of either. Pushed you in the other direction he feels that even what it is and and ensure that the accurate way to describe it we've got about forty seconds here before after the break. We look. I'm yeah I hate you thing acting. If memory. Being 84 because I was having nightmares them and you know college. Like evil and I with the little girl in poker let that kind of like LI NE eight the the. Great okay what are. Yet no uncertain yup they were gonna we're gonna jump to a break here on and when we come back we'll continue our discussion with Daniel dolls Pete is an author and a self proclaimed witch her book is called woman most wild. Three keys to liberating the which within and her website is Daniel dole ski dot com you should take a look at that the what I think the book is coming out after the fifteenth of this month. Yen if you want if you have a question give a quality 446877669. Egan told free date for four. 687766. You listen to Jason and JB MB unreal the real benefit to us. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short 50 and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I'm gallery and we came songs and change and Johnson had fewer awaiting an old we will get your home soon as we can telephone number is 844687. 7669. Tonight we're talking with Daniel don't ski Daniel is the author of the book about to be released called woman most wild three keys. To liberating the which within her website is Daniel. All ski dot com and again Daniel thanks so much for being with us tonight. Here happy to be there. So what we were before we went to break we're talking widowed about your family life in in you mentioned that your mother was very very religious and since you made that comment in it and we talked about the fact that may have pushed Jew in another direction and Kennedy opposite direction. A lot of people in chat room kind of and they can chat room kind of confirmed and on concurred with few that that's that's not an uncommon thing. That'll happen. Now I'm back at and that's probably the most current story out of it when I worked where I'll. Is it a pattern you know we're we're greens and help where. It cannot Christian at some kind a speech or religion and as. As the Arab Gmail eerie eerie kind of learned. You know not only. Are you ever and not only of god and man that your kinder. We're to believe that better it to the immediate external. Shuttle so. Few years out of just total anger ATM I can't. You know I don't wanna leave at any each other's. Religion was a terrible during childhood at. And you took a long time activists for wild woman spirituality. Explain to us what that is. Ignorant so why don't lament spirituality. Me eat is it about it and the idea that idol is somehow out of control or in actual research. And it is making it even more about how it shipped with nature. So vital element spirituality. It. And it rate that teachers at them as being. Not only affecting the world but also attracting the body and eat. And then also at the level of active at Atlanta lament originality. We believe that that are urged. In the tribal. Right now she and that we have a heart. Yelling it at all so I am empowering others. Kind of rise up and kick stand. Now when you say that the earth is in trouble. What do you what do you what do you what do you do in Iraq and towards. Environmentally. And try out shuttle though which is really feel that am. That got their magic can affect global he'll. Get it. It's a heart. Who we are and especially the divine element and that's our program and where which it's kind of embraced that idea that. Every time their search years my anger or prior to polluted that anger during the same you the feminine I. So in other words during the when their their people are cutting down forests where their. Doing all the things that used to is taking away and it's it's pretty much causing damage the earth and and it did PM people are definitely that the mean destruction when it comes down to this planet. It. So they have a lot of lot of times you can read refer to it as a people are sort of like playing due to the earth with the amount that were taking from land and resources and and not really giving back sorry I totally understand that. Right at the Lillian you're talking about. You know viruses. And you know there's a lot of glitches that believe we're kind of actors. Should point I'm where you are diet and and now it's it's you being we are going to eat during the damage that. Nature will restore the Allen etched she needs Jerrells. And I and I've got many friends there involving witchcraft and and so forth and they have talked about the nature and now and then that the earth finds a way. That it it doesn't own it doesn't cleansing when it doesn't have any other choice and that's where sometimes strange viruses come out of nowhere. And and tons of people on the disappear leave it disappears quickly as they as they showed up. Things I. Yeah I'm is it like human thinking and indeed there where I am pat Gary can't the guy a high set at where it. You know being a tiny battle and that one giant or in that it error and then there are a bigger organism that you're urged. And that. The balance will be restored no matter what Italy Alan should stringing them all so whether we are back back or not. You know a lot of which is believed that depends on. Not which inspects human beings. You talk about feminine and spiritual authenticity. What is the authenticity meaning that. Barack authenticity. You know I spoke a RE Christian how well I ain't pat. Are all very young adult sowell and and and you know yoga we we talk about the crown shock. So usually around between aged eight to eighteen and Connie for. Eric that examination and I happen. All of your doctor needed. Particularly about spirituality and deity and a higher power higher conscious match. And now I talk about are the key is just eating out EU really each. Mean what you say. Lure argue the and you know just anger the spitting out saying that you can hold. So others that need to kind of examines. The elite special. System that actually both you hot for a long time that she knew it. So. Like you know. By the Chinese made it clearly trying to your ear how well your spiritual belief. That shortly a great day. That we'll let. You know kind of skeptical about like like I wanna make sure are you really believe what I pay act. When you talk about wild woman spirituality you say there's a very important connection between sensuality. In spirituality what is that connection. In a room. You know a lot of religion try to teach bad debt sensuality and spirituality ears that we're now. When I talk sensuality. I am talking. Sexuality at all oh emotional. Integrity. And all our. Well we're shocker in the ball game. Should and how they're not divorce. Trial. You know your delete an outer I guess tours or higher how where or hear connection should be urged that there really. The same thing eloquent but I see a whole. A motion that our whole she and picture. Especially in a lot at each during autumn eastern truck like OK I eat ranch. They're the idea that the Arty little emotion I am how negative they should be an action and in wire and spirituality and they're they're very strong belief that. A body in motion our gate way you detect and. Interest yeah and and you know you you frequently talk about. At the temple and him and I'm an area of the of the body of of the woman's body being. Give us more detail on that with Heidi how do you find that. Movement. Now look I'm not just. The woman I is being that I'm already like any human being electric power struggle. Really acknowledging. Action. That would ever you can key to divine to the end whatever you want to call it. Where are not actually if you want to gender neutral current account should add it to really see a course that can I get ear and you know doing yoga we call on but it but it polite. And it it. It holy that Spain eclectic got. The same aim at. What we think as a PG AB. Higher vibration. So the body being in just your your temple but it what really matters is what's on the inside of course and I like I was a big. Elizabeth martial artist so I always tell with with chief Ed in the inner energy. And and your aren't too pretty much the same thing just under a different name. Right exactly it crime and she and got. I. Let's quickly go to or less in line here in the spring in do you trust from Florida welcome to be on reality radio. Me and Mary I can't speak claimed he again on Manny and can be prepared and then yeah. Yeah. Me and my pin may seem like pop he knew. It. Content I'm old but I have always. Believed that there. Is calling it like as spiritual. And yeah chair. And they're calling their sadness and connection. Bike. And they arrest saying right for a Chinese. And genocide Clinton meditation. And battle like EU. And Iran has fairy. Especially my grandparents have very straight to. Christian and home. Plate well that I'm very proud strong press can. Foundation. Pool and Thailand afternoon aid parents and cry like little. Old and I am about to turn this deep say yeah. It's just like all of these things has started happening can eat as far as the past five years. Pool and is basically very tense time for either guy. And I want to narrow. Let me should end what Palin's. Did you feel old lady who. Involve any and me. C news. You all are you know feeling like pitch yes I am a female rich kid I call me. You know different how he's labeled or how he felt in the near me and and pounds that you could try to eat at you portrayed yourself as planned. Great question what do you think Daniel. A lot of. Sorry about your brother. Kurt. I think that you know I I don't have. And at that moment during childhood where your church being like I'm definitely. But I can see that. Very clear. Evolution where I eagle or are you trying to see how much like the getaway and I'm at a cheaper in Egypt dole dole. Eagle being raids which. Christian like we'll meet the angels are okay let's see how much I can studying or Sherri or I am I B I'll I bet. And so there with that slow progression Sterger throughout my teenage years and bench. You know that term really became a trainer. An acceptable gateway to domestic call. And you know in terms of the awakening your talk I'll I I think that app or be very very slow or. And when I decided that I kind of had to opt. I'll settle our arch re. Which army with age twenty I bet. But I work with women who honor in here excuse buried in seventies or just now coming into debt are each dark matter at all. And and you weakening they're trying to elect is glad I'm tired of hiding. Healing that they are I hired at I think it should and I'll look I'm gonna talk about. Okay great and hope that help you out dutrow we're gonna get ready to take a break here when we come back we'll continue talking with Danielle. And we'll get into some of this witchcraft stuff because some units are really important component which is talking about obviously. And I've got a lot of questions about it. And one of the fastest car religions so if you think about a seal soon Jason JPM yeah. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and and is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Now when our panel. OK welcome to everybody or telephone numbers seat 446877669. With a bunch people on hold we'll try to get calls when we can't. Houses like going on and we seem to always be running on time. And I believe Danielle that book is due out on the fifteenth of this month there's at ardea. And it got her out. There are so it is available we do have a link to it on other beyond reality radio guest page and I'm sure it's available to places well. Yes and you can just go to beyond our at a radio dot com click on the gas tab. Metal load all the information and pass gas and everything else let's get let's talk about the switch component here. You know you had mentioned it earlier in our conversation that the word which has some a lot of different content con connotations and by definition. It actually has a strict meaning of wed magic associated with the with evil or whatever running no that's not what you're using in here for as the definition changed. Or are we using it different how how does all this work and tell us about you war. Definition. Of of being which in witchcraft. Bruton okay now are about complicate and such and now. Rich is anyone that practice that witchcraft and and buried at different between bitch catch and and and tell you had mentioned that at. Cracked under the act aren't they didn't end the United States and adventure that that record I think it came out. I'm they institute attribute Teddy religion. I'll. A lot of witches. Don't claim any religion and so that you know or we talked about the well being raised. An evangelical Christian how old. A lot of women that share that really good. And well witchcraft is just exit. To. No it doesn't need to be associated with any real hard court dark. A which doesn't need you believe in any PC that's a fairly and they're really no way should be O etched. I am the common thread like it that our our ship with nature and and they're trying to level the are activated. Over or that we can expect change and the world. Which is it you know very it a personal jet which. And so it really depends on practitioner. But the same regards to religion. In in a hold just just pretty much stands for a book and walk a belief system whether it's. You believing in John Jesus Christ or whatever. As long as it's a belief system it would fall under the realm of religion. Not. Trying to not trying to stick it into into a box somewhere but they would fall into that umbrella of publicis. It it it's that belief. It it districts come apart at that Richard Alpert a you know like the church a. You don't like to be labeled even though it would fall within narrow. How I got. We we have about a half minute here again forced to jump into a break but what you. So what do you think the biggest misunderstandings are when you proceed or tell somebody the Euro which. How how has it taken generally. And Brooks well I get to depend on who I'm talking to you by a re a good look back at them. And our area and I gave you that they can't act and aunt at one or their bigger. Issued in witchcraft is it you know it is something that your indoctrinated and you're at the blame should. And I believe that it means. That all out in huge saying. I'm a rich in meeting it vs somebody else getting that name. All right but makes a lot of sense let's let's go to the top of the hour break here will bring no Daniel Bakken in the next hour continued. Talking about her book woman most wild three keys to liberating the which within. A lot more common usage JC GB. Beyond really you really back up to this. You could be talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and apply and is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. It's. Thursday on the East Coast many you're stuck somewhere in between what. And beyond reality radio and myself and Jason cars and my cohost GB Johnson agreed to be here tonight welcome to everybody would you're listening one of the great radio stations carrying the program across the country. Or you're listening online or listening through the app which she should download if you haven't already done that for yourself among so many ways a listener yeah and we thank you all for joining us our telephone numbers 8446877669. And that we welcome people who go join the program. Questions comments whatever happens to be. And the chat room is alive and well and hello to everybody in the chat room and if you've been thinking about joining the chatter wanna sued it's about to go to the website and figured out from their jet. Yeah glory to a beyond reality radio dot com click the listen line he can actually listen to the show or from the air as well if you like and I join me online chats agree community bunch welcoming individuals and a we have a lot of fun and. There's a book that's out it's called the woman most wild three keys to liberating the witch with it and we're going to be talking with the author of that book Daniel. Dole ski in just a little bit you know after media comeback from our break. But till we've got a lot of great shows coming up in the next few nights to. We do tomorrow night were and we talk to when Lauren Dole's critical care physician who working with a very ill patients in the icu. Our training prepared to help and care for the very sick but it didn't prepare her for her Connors with the unknown. Over the past twenty years she's heard numerous missed mysterious stories in beautiful stories that patients have had from returning from the brink of death and the fish shared. Men did an incredible stories several years ago she began writing a journal about these these moments and wrote a book about it or be discussing that. Our Friday every Friday is a best beyond reality radio so he can tune ending catch a pass show that night as well and actually we got some great shows coming up as well. Yeah and just sort of comment about Pia a conversation tomorrow night with Lauren. On view in the past month or two months maybe we've had several guests on talking about similar topics one was a deathbed visitors were. People see and when they're close to deaths he. Visions of other people whether there angels or me or relatives or. People just completely unknown to them sometimes or sinister. That no one else in the room conceit. We've also talked about. The final words project where but there are certain things that people start to say as they approached deaths. Veteran usually not a character. And into the final words project was certainly do chronicled those and then this is have kind of a similar conversation watched Martin Lawrence. And you made a good point we've talked to people altar of who've had loved ones and visit them at the forum they're passing on also. We talked with sub prime please Lester was powers not too long ago who. Had a situation where when he was on his death bed he was actually. Beaten up severely remember. Yeah I am I being drag as being read these these black figures. And then he was here is called Burson angels slate rescued him basically from that and brought him back the facts of the story correctly. Inched thing yeah renowned neither really never know what you're gonna hear yet there's some great stuff ahead their and so we look forward to that conversation with Lauren so if you haven't yet like. The FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and I were costly updating that site in B and really you really attack come with a new stations 'cause it's like weekly we add in a couple stations here in America. I know there's a bunch more that are going to be coming on soon and would pretty much were we cover the entire country yet and we have to thank. Oh a lot of our online listeners have approached local radio stations and asked them to carry the show and one of those stations are turning into affiliates which we really appreciate and if if you get a station in your area and would like to have them carry the program. To send him an email or call them more but as we like to say protest pick it up a crowd around sawgrass I mean. Drive by toot the horn only time and really make your dog docudrama a militant tetra practice. But it's put it anyway anyway you have to. We knew we we have always appreciate the help. Yeah absolutely so and his shows only success because you'll lottery you guys and support you've you've Shana Saddam earlier is is what's made the show literally take off. Yeah okay let's go to break when we come back we'll bring her destined Daniel tells you be talking about her book woman most wild three keys to liberating the which. Within her website is Daniel Belsky dot com. So fascinating. Discussion about to happen Daniels and Jason. Reality Jason Napier pharmacy for her 6877669. I know we you have some people on hold waiting to come on the program turn to get to get to them as as soon as we can G rated talk about witchcraft and witches and woman most wild. Absolutely sick women most well the girls who are most different that's a completely different thank you are there on his element that's. It's absolutely welcome our guest is Daniel dull ski as she's an author. In her book is called woman most wild three keys to liberating the witch with in her website is Danielle. Dole ski dot com and Daniel again thanks for being here I'm beyond reality radio tonight. Thank you for having me. Now we've talked about witchcraft and being which and we we we kinda got some information here but her real winning and this a little more deeply because. I do still think even though you know you probably get out of frustrated yourself but there's such. Still a negative connotation with the word itself. And what do you do to dispel that when people take that position with Gil. Well sometimes not much. If it if they like they really want now at. I'll I'll share what am I out by the aren't. You know it made up their mind iMac not relieved that its net convincing people that. We know that which is iron people women in the lead that. Till babies Antarctica. Continent Craig Becker they are what your courage yet to. Everything. Well I think about witchcraft. I'm more so than being convinced I guess it's more I'm curious from more of being an educated. I want to be educated and I'm I'm very curious about this because. You know we spent a lot of time talking about the other kind of witchcraft and the other kind of witches Reza relates to settle Massachusetts that kind of bank. Armed and there's a whole mother signed to this and I'm curious about it. Bruton ray and it didn't compute thing right. Now Salem beat become a real. Her real witches. Women that Wear. Q are there weren't rich as. And acting right and I don't think. I think historically accurate urged. Came to oppressed victim. And that's kind of the great debate you know it is witchcraft. Modern witchcraft it bit. I left over from pre Christian Europe over. Is that something that would really read boring revitalize and in twentieth century and how much are what weak year as a which today is. Part of a cold wave that we college and how much it's it's something that we just kind of you know retraction that reform relatively recently. And I don't think that there's any question I. Carries the picture back and eating at every which. Actor took a little bit different though so. You know that I'll work him and the circle casting and and and patrol that we use that I'll really. The individual. Do you feel that the bill looked at a lot of people have been the negative book that a lot of people have towards a witchcraft. Is mainly due to christianity and its portrayal of it for a for such a long period of time. Yes. And he's. A that really should. I. You know they're there is a real shall learn a lot of women had to be at the the witch hunt and you know even though we're pretty far removed from it. Time lives. You know we still she'll than it is that there is like. Real resonating here in the collective unkind at the coming out at that and you know it's gonna happen. Well and they tied it so close in two huge dealing with and it's it's a sad part but they sort of when you let a lot of people think a witchcraft automatically they think that demons in doubles and satanic or show up and it really is is that it's the furthest thing from that. Rates. Right then and you know apple it's Christian. Powell. You know how it how it which is really am. You know began seeing that the double in the lead XP or not you know that that that the Christian idea that that they've got all. So. It's our become. Very trick dead end and modern molecular really hat trick to unraveled that much are all. But then again there are some all there whether these certain ones in and say Omar other areas which a lot of times will give. A bad outlook on witchcraft in general. Which affects many other people I have many other people welter. News yeah. Ready means. Well I just as dumb as some of the negativity that you see with. With the individuals in in the community who weighed just like you just like in any any religious organization or anything of that nature. The face and did the faces that are Alter a lot of times in the public side the main thesis that people see. Can sometimes hurt what a lot of the the other individuals who are really trying to do because that the people the public site. Are just what George drawing a bad just negative type of outlooks on the whole subject in general. With things they're doing well good there was a thing that was going on Salem. A couple of years back JGB and I are watching. These these new stories about of these this though which in this warlock supposedly having battles have been putting guys who putting these spells on each other name calling and harassing each other at night and these were the faces of the people of that community which or were were very well known in that area and it just it hurts everybody else in the community. Yeah yeah absolutely and and I think at. It's important to the kind of wary of at our. You switched the my books kind of written in Turkish women who are just English starting to feel the awakening and starting. You know kind of kept didn't keep their ideal Lyle and Beckett and being. And and there are it. And a level of predatory behavior. Among certain at them and their individual. Where. You know they they kind of look forward the people that are hungry or spiritual mentor and order or manipulation and well you know what Ford did that they're kind of coming out EG two corporate money. Abilene and there at this level of autonomy that have to be reached where you can kind of an arm on your feet and nick Bennett. In discussing all of this you talk about. Acknowledging the hardy value of this sacred masculine. What does that mean. The match now. As human beings who we hire. Actual masculine feminine and and that'll editor at mail email and hold Q. I'm soul you know a man came here earlier element India which. Good idea of the diamond which is. More cyclical more or stick our collective etched in nature. That really the heart. And soul announced the sacred Matt and editor. Cut her other stage urged it may mother column which currently her so many other crowned it kind of got that aspect of the admin manage. And and hunter are seeing it. Oh god or this secret. And she and so that the math you're. That he year old and like I expect party like that that feral and it individualistic. And and Linear thinking hard about. Regardless the direction and not just important that all about Allen is it just when we are read. Our our own religion and Matt and early Okur and a she and at all. There's a target in the Batman and that which you need to do in order to validate where. Really armed you know at least half or they're energetic they'll make up. What about the ten commandments of the wild priestess which I also know you talked about oh in that. Phrase who was the wild priestess and one of those amendments or at least can he tells of you know kind of give us an idea what they're about. Being voted on at ten commandment of the lamb creek and it. And it put an article I wrote. Last year and and is got a lot of attention. And get mr. Craig at age. I don't pre. That IKEA the wild where bridge and there is a lot of different. Am I mean those street label and my actual any so while they're at and yeah trapping the high debt and I'm. Initiate Q and and it is kind of the leader first day. In Iowa and spirituality that IKEA and on higher our goal. Order shuttle when I when I say that a woman increased debt and kind of charming bit that were on the lab they even though I'm may have been doing that church. A long time that I'm not. Saying you know spiritually superior Q car. And then ten commandments you know at kind of a the he and we we beat the people that were raised. I am in Christian household we watched the ten commandments you'll runner Easter. Familiar. With the coming down about that tablet. I'll tell you it's kinda you know validating bad debt witchcraft indeed if buying you're just did it I that are. You know so called holy books that we work. Raise street and. We have about disorder more than a minute before break and to and tell us how. Someone can safely come out as a which as you said you came out as a which. We aren't. Carmelo electric and I think an important cheer. How are relatively strong solitary practice stellar though to kind of know what witchcraft mean you a little bit. Where you come out you can't. And taken an energy out by AIX. External peer mentors and you are looking for a spiritual and turn it you're an epic thing to make sure that any. There any debt they have kind of credential that they would be at people little crouched and. Great. We do have a few seconds left here soon enough to go yet but what are. Summit of just elaborate on some of the three keys to liberating the which would then if you don't you can't get to the moment in the minute we've got here we can continue after the break. So I can I tell you that the first one expert on wild. And while rip them is honoring teachers cycle that and all so you're right a human being cycle I'll still. It's looking at the Eaton and alt Google lunar site at at being here in your own right key. And so we need that you have sperm you're right you beat changing all of that I'm Bert is being very static and predictable. Creature. And so Ole. Oh that's really an empowering thing Elia. I'm not LA. Mormon ritual on your you're gonna be all into it felt that there is dead cyclical spirituality comfort while we're on the very port. Okay very we're gonna take a break and we come back to more. You listen to Jason NG beyond beyond really review of the phone numbers 844687766. Thing people freed me for four. 6877669. Give us a call to get a question from me Gigi. Our guest analyst yeah. You know you didn't chasing cars and JB Johnson thanks to everybody. Joining us to compensate for four. 6877669. We're talking with the Daniels all species and author. Her book is called woman most wild three keys to liberating the which within before winter break we had the first. Of the three keys and Danielle when we continue from there what do you have to. It found the actor Liam rip them and we have a wild rich. And while ritual is. You marking the transition and that we ritual but then I'll tell I quit magic bat Burleigh packing all oh magic meaning. Can't spell. I'm aligning that wild ritual and with the wild it. So Ernie and right now is it hard core bowl and then match and word that article lunar cycle and term that the bowler Michael who being spring summer I am now at also at a at an alternate at a at age and I'll go. Moving into amber at an expectation. And Matt. At a at Asian at all. Which half all of the natural energy right to the court. Option and tell you are looking at what I do not want you. Per form and that outlining act weird then natural and pat are available. And then a third each is quite a circle and an Al that the Greek he's quite a circle at the legal land at. Lowell controversial. And I I am not saying that how the circle of people are out then come together with an order to be but not sure you can totally be ala Kerry practitioner. And and just you know be like a living room rich and never come out and I. But what can we get together like mine is the current practitioners and other which is if you earn your right you. Work magic and trying to bring it out of the dark but any law that earn your right to speak and be heard which particularly for women is it. ELO. And an all and letting your circle kind of like a world what a lick and so you every Al that you cast is. Congregation. Universe about the world that you wanna work and start school which hopefully Gary include and she is. A reflection of you know the world you like your children who live event. But doesn't it also empower you and just make you stronger. Seem to be more out there to. To connect with others on the same level instead of trying to be just somebody who does in the privacy of their home themselves to keeping everything private. Yes absolutely there is a huge amount about how. Being the other people in a very safe. Wave where you don't feel like being. You know dominated they're certainly not exploit it bad battery Lee in India and equal. Way it where you're working your magic are each other into the world absolutely they're tired. It it's huge cat ears spiritual a spiritual path. Validate it away wet into witchcraft and on that stole that directly at. We've had a bunch of people on hold here we're gonna quickly run out of time so as soon as seeping gonna listen caller to in this is Tony from Kentucky Tony. Welcome to beyond reality rated good to have you on the program. Oh yes do you run the show. Yes so well hello. Didn't know that I giggle. When you're on and what's on your mind. Okay I'll update at ten commandment part of it. That's. The ten commandments personal way to compare. The decline ten commandments. Which got issues to mulls his. Out whipped anything that man trying to come up with. Yeah I don't think Kim I don't think Danielle is trying to do that directly I think Kagan just like people say does the bill of health care bill of rights this bill of rights reverses another bill Wright says you know you can't compare to the constitutional bill of rights but Daniel anyone address settlement. Adam yeah I mean I'm not. And out of the ten commandment. I wrote our have anything you can command patch you're talking about our exit at. Yes it's a completely different saying that I mean it's a phrase of people from motorists are probably just you know using that connection but thanks. Thanks for the call Tony we appreciate that today that perspective. I'm Daniel you are also involved in an event. I think it's called the wild woman fast what is that about. Yet while lemon pat and and it is. It practical in your. Actually a bit last year I think you years. How old are having waxing. And passionate and a leading the ash and out there. The reigning patch and I'll end up and I believe that first weekend and pocket. And island it Larry you know a lot of workshops. And a lot and there. And a lot of celebration. And schtick too. And chocolate and lying oh yeah and I'm really excited about it. And at and anybody in every you know anybody can go to that is it opened to the public thirty have to be a member. And now anybody that I cannot eyes as a woman and how they welcome. Your appetite chick get and you camp and I. Web site as wild woman dot com and I believe. Still. Early bird right soul. Anybody that I got to either villain would be able to Al. Now I noticed on your website again it's Danielle the dolls he dot com you have a whole bunch of other things that you do and services you offer people just give us a quick overview of what's there. I don't know much solid total. I do I'm can't forget it future. And I out there will be women circle and Boca both are out of a studio called ocean or when I hear it next Al Pena. I am. And they get it teacher training our Howell and like long Immersion I basic program and also attached programs. That you look at teacher training that kind of inspired by it by ear so why am I learn how to eat junk that you know how to do it. In any way where really beat you years goal work. And if you had begins. Any woman. Of a couple pieces are piece or two of advice to help them. Really discover what you're talking about what direction to point meant. And Aaron Leavitt health and treatment by actual. I action and then well I ring in at eight you know it look you. Did I call them idle moment are up at that you are at at dealing mind I'll look you beat up a moment earn your child that when you really Al that your body mind you're wearing gauged and same action when we're really pierce street at. And if mom and try something you do with nature something cute being outsider and that are. Our sport as stealing or a missed a bit of an abject and eat eat. A look in. Witchcraft as possibly being cart your journey. In just one final question aren't Jay you have one as well once front question Margaret in witchcraft. When you quote unquote cast spells. I'm not sure what you know what your definition souls are but I mean. Why was this just like a meditation process is at eight is an alchemy process what do you actually do physically. I would say more like out swinging. I get mad mad at eat a bet that medication I look at lower at work now. More it by keeping up its arms you're ten. Other royal Dutch bank a black capped at. At all about and now. You know my intention is. Our art how am I ill. And then that is really all I try to focus on her throughout all bout my intention is good. Protection. On bank and that my truck at the ticket manifest. I. And something that I want and that's what I. I'll work it very much about hacking. Leader okay. And they'll firm meat because I'm a writer I can picture a lot in L adult. Writing something now. An Asian or whatever and then earning it or are carrying our kicking the element a mother way. That's really huge part of my cell work but. I always encourage. You. Not look you look at chateau there's a books that were written by somebody else and repeatedly trying to play with their own all your outlook works or that. All of that and thank you so much for coming on the hang in all of us and we look forward to talking you again at some point the future. I got them thank you so much I loved. Thank you the guests Danielle all ski her book is a woman most wild three keys to liberating the which would then you can find the link and be on reality radio was website or go to Daniel Toski dot com. So there were gonna take a break more to come to listen Jason yeah. Yes tonight Daniel Goldstein. Very interesting. Woman and great conversation really enjoy that. Absolutely great person to talk to and a once storm for gas or are so greatly appreciate your coming yet you don't. I was thinking the other day and I kinda I may have used it inadvertently. Well yeah I by Immunex I was sitting there are simply beat a really wished Jason Knight. Had a hit single on the played on the radio part can or can't sing for crap well you know. I did it and I don't know I mean something actually happen this which machine may have worked really now. There is there was a result. Aka fish to you should see what it was finished picture perfect scared because there. Broadcast. There's a guess nets waiting. No this car. Nice to see. Claims he. It's done. Okay. I. Which machines that would have been chased you know I. If you and I had a single I was here. And I mean it almost sounds like I actually did my part remotely consider it doesn't Sully who has an hour studio aren't but. Now sewn on I guess everybody should be thankful we are just talking on the radio not singing on the radio. Quiet geez I mean he views the wish machine for forces that he always speak at. That wasn't too painful and we're looking forward to a great show tomorrow night for very very good things but the guess we've got coming on and I'm anxious to talk about her experiences. In on the IC was very ill patients yes it'll be Lauren indulge. Critical care physician work issue worsen very ill patients the icu and or training to prepare her and to help and care for the very sick but it didn't prepare for the encounters with the unknown. Over the past twenty years she's her numerous mysterious in beautiful stories of patients have returned from the burned to death to share. And she ended up starting to write a journal and it's about these these moments in the ended up turning into a book. Yet they should be a great conversation of course Friday night as the best of programs that is every week. And then Monday we'll get back into things with that Marianne Spencer she's author of a new novel called lady in the window which is about Howard deceased loved ones and angel's help heal and guide. It's so if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com's slash beyond reality radio make Cilic FaceBook page but also ahead to beyond reality radio dot com. You can download the android and the iPhone apps right there which allows you to listen to the show alive. Call in to join the chat room also catch all the past episodes and if you do download the show from iTunes or were averaged to us a favor please read it helps push it forward and just makes it easier for people find. Yup and it's well worth having on your phone I think it's probably the most important thing you can actually have on your Smartphone Tuesday's agenda say in the the most important thing or what but from that respect I mean probably now the songs are for one match is a I know I would somebody have done some of these Republican get banned for. Us. I don't know but hey we like to have fun on the show and and I think that shows it translates. We do we enjoy the topic we talk seriously about the topic. But we also will poke fun at at the topic so poke fun at ourselves and we just try to have to have fun not why we do a lot of poking fun at ourselves for sure. Absolutely so our you'll that's going to be it for tonight and makes you tune in tomorrow again or indulge our critical care physician you listen to Jason NG Giambi unreal later radio have a great night everybody. And media is produced by sleep good yeah. Essentially Johnson and a Connery and don't forget to stop playing our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what pond or you liked being Gaston beyond reality radio and email to swing getting that's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.