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Wednesday, June 13th
China has stopped accepting America's plastic crap....  

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy Ireland under failure. Saying. I'm agreeing to ram tang and it's a long strange tree in the zone in sign. You name man who own and be used saying live who laughed. There's Newton and in the afternoon strap. So it's easy only lives. In the news tucked away. Pistons. Go to chicks. As the race. Because grill or constantly is not dead yet. He is your arms. Thirty jinx. Then Rumsfeld lessons to ai and AS write her yeah yeah. I think it's coaching. These are artists today you don't go rip in one. Six seems I thought you know I'm. I. Just think we should all be practicing. Kindness. And listening to my meditation now we're all pulling apart on its but the it. Meditation. I got a new. Meditation. App. You're just remember I took it on the road. She's don't know where she got to hammer to have sex Quarshie fell asleep because you're losing your app before Chris I think they're planning. It's good you play I was stressed out yesterday. And I couldn't tell what was just have to yes and it is just so silly is that no one bad day you need the stickers you were not yourself you know my mother always says that's her quote you don't know a bad day. So I'm and that's true to agree and so I'm on my way home thinking. That day. I turn on my Oprah super sold conversations. And I. First thing that comes up I was not utes just I'm. Super sold can't change happens to all time a so so listen the first thing comes up because it's a different and every day. Look up the name ray. Hinton. H I NT China and we just tell you Hampton. The man just wrote a book called so the sun does shine. The sun does shine. And you know why he said that this is a member of our ha it's the first thing mr. Hinton says. As he walked. Out of prison and yes a free man I knew it after being on death row for thirty years for a crime he did and that's where. The funny I mean any time you think you have a bad day you turn on Oprah you're like all hill Elena having a bad day I'm not Reagan's. Years. And the name of his book is so the sun does shine because he hadn't seen it in thirty years that's the first thing instead of when he walked out of those prison gates. And you know someone took up his cause thought they didn't have any evidence how was this guy on death row. And sure enough he didn't it was a kidnapping robbery and double murder I believe. Took him you project Knoll. Knowledge nothing of this prime. Thirty years so anyway this is mining think. He's just been you sank into I really have something to be yet to be equal justice initiative. And you you know there's Oprah say and listen to ray Hinton and online and can anything wrong with Monday elects however. There you sour mood yes sound right to tell him and then there's rain and. So listen to his interview because man it will stop you in your tracks is known as mothers line. When these two white guys came up that can help you detectives. He never saw their freedom for thirty years after. It is. How old was he when he went to prison. Hole he was cut his mom's grass at the time that they make the problem is Swanee made a team maybe. He was born in 1956. And the detectives said to him in the car whose 62. I don't care if you did it or not let me tell you why you're going to be convicted. He said you're in the south son. You're going to have a white jury you were gonna have a white judge you're gonna have white prosecutors. And you will be found guilty no outs what the detectives sent. And that's how it worked out. Well both sons I said the same thing I know I said the same thing. Is any time in miscarriage of justice on that scale happens whenever apologizes. There's are you know why I was right don't wanna get it. Well I mean you just can't know. Even then. And tell you right now if that is true. In these detectives got him on the call. And they told him you're in the salsa on. White jury white judge why prost and what you're going to prison and and even though we know you didn't do it we just need somebody. I hope. Air and. There really isn't any punishment strong enough for the people who put him or not there's not not in this life there's not. I hope that those SOB man burn in hell. And as a presbyterian I don't even believe this firing the but I hope there is for the distaff at the Denver Post just did a book review its Oprah's book pick for the summer. And the book review says the sun does shine is not an easy read but it is worth your tears. Because you're gonna read this and just think you wanna exit. There's nothing you can fix for this may. It was when he was arrested on the and his mother shark in rural apple. And I will post. They would present so he was six. I will post the story. And and interesting he said was you know how many of my friends people that I grew to know. I would have to watch walker bide my cell. On there. Last walk. They would walk past me well don't go well let's go for gas are. Now it probably all guilty on saint or not this guy was in such schemes should let's feel startling him knew he was innocent and his point was you know how many people I had to watch make that blocked. Knowing that someday I'm going to walk for something I did not. They've really gotten out right just. Just in the nick of time got a lot. So yeah I Batman ever get my whole life let me hear the plea. My meditation. It's kind. Pure mine he. Called things and obviously hotel that's the proxy and then you. It says what do you feel stressed. Tired. Lonely. Scared or excited or would you feel right at me that a tip. Stressed out I don't but let's just say OK I'm not gonna think I'm stressed that the courts. And. OK so yeah. Its own. Stan we practiced mindful locking to reduce anxiety. The practice walking meditation. He's helped train. I think it's warmer yet once those coaches cop and know what we might find her voice to be vary. But mentally and O'Brien is that boards. Supposed to be like a right. It's supposed to be okay you wanna grow your own happiness I barely got an army captain and I. A quick meditation exercise. You can. Focus on feeling happy. And I didn't. That you choose happiness today just to. Me it happened in the days so far. She saw what she's got cotton crops unless like for. That means but if you're just having regular day you know. If you didn't just get fired or lose a loved one or something because when she does say. It was a race anything you've been through it it's not going to race the six car pileup that kill grandma. But if you're in today. It's right in stress. You can listen to that and it was saying. He just going to choose to me so what if you are like you're driving home tonight game 63 web. You had a good show. Your feeling pretty good or kids are doing great what would you listen to which does not listen dude you went was into when your dealings something. I'd just here and there. So like you're going home tonight picked picked a privately because I'm in a good place today about radiant. So you only listen to when your not feeling yeah I. But it driving it good today. And a that app does nothing but the other day I was in traffic carrot and the person for enemy to have them estrogen like five miles an hour and that this has. Focus. On something. In front to view I didn't. Don't think you should be listening into that like drive. If you're. Not walking one walking meditation I believe requires one. Too well why can't she talk like that I think it's more or less saying it's not a good idea to meditate while you're depriving you should be focusing on what right do it I can focus on my happiness and my address. Okay western front and he won five miles an hour and Blake. You could sense something in front of you know I consider. That in front of me about one assignments like and focused on her and Buick. A. A zoo handled lament its always a Buick. I. Car. Anytime I her and I looked up and it's happening it's that you do you have to be 65 or older by the heat I'm being honest. And not saying anything negative against you it's. Those are awesome cars it's one of the first cars we've got talent and it's the only currently afford. It was a Buick I didn't pack you experts in the back was ace and now. In the back with a sticker. And it said AA and then there was a star. And I always say to show. Is that like kkk thing I. We need to take that off the car I don't know what it means. Finally figured out it was one of those old societies like. You know us whiners but not whiners you know that the free masons or so of these people in traffic would. You. So that you are you're talking about like the but the what's the ya ya get schooled. I was like for the free masons or something because people. And then it would see me and that's my own tournament and Green Day. Church. Helping men women and the assist in UK I I don't think you can be a woman and be a Freeman's. Margaret rod. And I daddy's their own thing now. Like Tony there are some free masons here on the floor and sisters and the competitors and they and they tried they try to recruit like crazy to. It's fine Thatcher saying I Ephron whose father retired from his organization after being in fifty years from like. Mason lodge one I it was one of those and it was very important to him and what do you do it. You know it's kind of social. Great demented and sad and it's sort of social. Purpose club. Bender tend to think of handled protect. And your worlds you create any illusion that you want. And we keep the bottom lights would look like I missed you could even take another 2.0 version had several. And attack it. Didn't get in your tap it in and offered. To help create a solution and we're. It's in there after. Three. Problems per. Ball. In and. Can you can take another two inch version had several. And tapped it. Didn't get in your cap it and lift upward. It helped create a solution but missed upgrade on the bottom angry Arabs Jews and sometimes. Or an aging parent is looking for a ton. Of portable retirement community. So our president deer creek in south Oakland park once you. Month to month apartment homes are available right now with gorgeous wooded views 24/7 on site security with all the amenities of today's modern. Retirement community. Three mills of housekeeping services travel in the heart of beautiful southern Overland Park except members up there have been their 1020 years. One and two bedroom apartment homes are available now for anyone over age 55. And traditional assisted living services are there too if you check out silver crest at deer creek and silver crest at college you view. Ask any of them out there over the age of 55 and they will tell you we wish we would have done this years ago. Still a press Kansas City dot com. Silver crest Kansas City dot com carefree lifestyle. With out the burden of maintaining home go to so regrets Kansas City dot com. To think of the so that they need to do the guys welcome kills. This today. It's a bit. Imagine the yeah. It's seem to. We're. Kate Burton and Kansas City Star of the future of teen nights. At least some water park now under review after a fight broke out of the social on Monday. Advertised as the bahama bash Tina writes. The June 11 event was a social event for teenagers between the ages of thirteen and seventeen. A solid waves water park the two hour event including team's giveaways DJ concessions. But the event began to spiral out of control when teams who had not paid for the event began jumping the fence to access the park. And others behaved in a quote disrespectful manner to park staff and police. At the end of the event a fight broke out in the parking lot. Lease some a police spokesman Christopher to pew. Said the department sent officers to the park on Monday quote we did not make any arrests and we had two off duty officers in uniform working the event. Asked for assistance from on duty officers dispersing the crowds and the fight. According to the city's website. Tickets were sold. To Lee's summit residents initially but opened up to non residents starting today and some parks department said in a statement on FaceBook page that it was quokka. We will review teen night. As a whole and determine the future of this event. Was was the first one. Quite stark. Can we just like kids crews of about four street like we used to a level. Worth why talk. Sooners and have to start a fight that runs it for everybody I don't think they shut it down I think you have to look at things like security. They were jumping the fence now how often you provide this type of activity. I I don't now I feel bad for all of the kids who went out there looking for some fun to do. Can we say it's going to be fun and then this happens here on really. Really. 576779. And love to hear from parents whose kids went. 5767798. To the newsroom here is Karen marks. New details into a deadly fire that killed five children mourn act. Simply the best for last that's what you get with window world with windows Kansas City. Dot com. Make the move today to window world out there by the way the window so strong they don't just stand behind him they'll let you stand on. I know because they let me do it. Window world simply the best for less. Windows Kansas City dot com. Dirty in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are a fire chief says investigators found no smoke detectors and a southern Missouri mobile home where five children died last week. But the fire chief says they may never know the cause in three of the kids were siblings the other two were there cousins. A mother remains in the hospital unconscious. The Federal Reserve has hiked its benchmark interest rates signaling it may step up the pace of future rate increase is due to the growing economy in and whip that inflation. Economist John Marat says raising rates gives the Fed room to react. If that is also raising rates because rates are still too low and they are worried about the next concession. And they want to have the ability to lower rates in the future just in case we do run into such. Well check traffic and weather together and axed. You know I was talking in my body Jasper the other day in the summer menu is in full swing and you know what that means people ask me all the time. I get table side month's world theater yet they do in the cheese in the cheese at the table yet. The answer is yes. Make your reservations now get into Jasper and ask for. Table side must reload theater. 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A chance for a few showers and thunderstorms trying to move our way to the latter half of tonight and early Thursday otherwise partly sunny Thursday in hotter I back into the low to mid ninety's. Sunny and middle ninety's on Friday bone dry weather in the forecast for the weekend and folks in your head down about prepare for the heat her highs each day and 95. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more KM BZ whether. 81 case CIA it's 82 downtown 82 would your official weather station. Radio dot com mapping is the official the home of KM BZ delegates Deng listen to us anytime anywhere. ARAMARK Serb news NBA one KM BZ. Yeah. Do. It is time. And folks. 1990. Mean. And if. Who Alan and story's been proven over pictures. Cocktail bars are facing something of a crisis is fashionable global protest movement. Nightlife venues scrambling to replace plastic straw office. With more sustainable alternatives such as paper ones on the theory that doing so we'll reduce plastic waste in the oceans. It all sounds virtuous but in reality its like to make matters worse. Straws make up eight trifling percentage of the world's plastic products and campaigns to eliminate them one model would be ineffective. But could distract from four more useful efforts this is according by the way to Adam minter. Who writes an opinion column for Bloomberg. The anti straw movement took off in 2015. Net after video of the sea turtle would they straw lost a stock and its nose went viral. Campaigns in fall back to result in citing studies of the growing ocean sticks yeah. And in stars started walking around with aluminum. Straws. Aluminum like reusable. And restaurants. There's a big movement. There was a story. I read one. It was not Q. In the newspaper. About a way at all. I think it was in New Zealand it's horrifying who had died with yes seventy plastic bags and its stomach yes it the whale died and beached. And their island Thursday photo of this way all and out of its mouth spilled. Current seventy classic back just. Junk. It was plastic bottles and and they were just describing how the whale ended up finally dying and it becomes this tipping point where. A whale swallows so much trash. That its system shuts down like yours what if you started even plastic forks and models and everything else. And so I think what distraught and what I would say is I'd like to do something. To cut down on waste I agree I don't think straws or it. I think plastic bottles would autograph which I have right here are winging worse. Then what do we do every I don't. Know what I've always some pretty amazing. I am I recycle as much as I possibly can and I see you have a plastic water bottle here in the studio with me you have a plastic. Coca-Cola zero bottle with. We'll talk a really good game. But we don't practice it. Guess. How many plastic bottles. Are created. Used or consumed. A minute in the world and in the world and you know I'm glad you're sitting down because it is unbelievable one million amendment. We are now at one million. Plastic bottles per minute. 91. Per cent of which are not recycled her. Listen this is from ports. It's so every person reading this is used plastic bottle many of whom likely is one of the past day past week plastic in recent decades has become a staple of convenience. But several recent reports indicate the dire global situation associated with the world's plasticky use and to statistics jump out immediately. Globally. Humans by a million plastic bottles a minute. 91% of it is not recycled on top of that. It is estimated that more than half a trillion. Plastic bottles will be sold in 20/20. It presents an overwhelming challenged and responding to an. Exponential. Increase in recyclable. Yet on recycled. Products. I guess how long it takes a plastic bottle to naturally decompose I've corridors 400 years. It's as on geologic time scales 400 years is and that's significant and one may make that claim that we'll just waited till the bottles decompose. However. There are no signs of decreasing plastic used globally. Hence the plastic decomposition clock is constantly going to be reset. Secondly and most importantly we must understand how this increase in plastic waste globally. Impacts other systems and functions that's the kind of thing that scares me to death not enough for him. Director of I had read this friend bought it. By twenty and fifty do these things Scott by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic. I would wait. Then fish oil. It's just not Coolidge and it is not uncommon as you mentioned to see articles of sea life found dead with significant amounts of plastic and the Sonics. So we. I'm. Here well make you stop. A recent study in Belgium found that people who regularly eat seafood. In jest a 2111000. Tiny pieces of plastic every year. It's in your credit it's and the fish we eat the fish were eating plastic. So what are you going to do about it to stop beating us start drinking Coca last. And it's. Very probably wrong. All. In her incurable function to a wooden apart all. Earned on. Model. Ultimate cold or every. Plastic bottle. Well look at how many. Four out here. Koppel are all on the light poles and people's homes and Richard no. How do you figure as he's saying it will increase the recycling. Rate. Or pay people to recycle as to say it another way Iran flip. Well I mean when you characterize recycling. Partner honored model and our. Good bond about. Didn't turn the land Leo and all over oceans. Game outlook and opportunities for people. To recycle. And you know longer sure what their. But how many plastic bottles do you think you drink from a week. I don't know what are your arch. We want to learn a monitor and ability or. It was a minor my sustainability. Problem. That freaked out front you know you're eating this with 111000 tiny piece of plastic in. Your. I'll call you also need. Many video or pictures global ocean emotional were on the auction goers support all the work scholes. Where a lot of plastic bench first purse. And it's all put their immunity naturally to our ocean where it at all or. In the open a certain spot. Yeah there's actually Matt and Ron thank you for pointing there's an island in the Pacific. That had its uninhabited. But for whatever reason because it. Currents yet it generates and collects very gigantic. Amount of seat trash so here's what you have to do it. You have to incentivized recycling and it is for only it 9% of these water bottles are being recycled we can do way better well keep in mind that's worldwide. When their is a drought or when there is a famine and say in Somalia or in chat or wherever. What does the United Nations in the United States. Portables. What did they send a Puerto Rico. Crates of water bottles. But CE we have to figure out instead of just throwing that model in the trash because you might take that might make a difference well if every one. Recycled yes it would but it's a crazy when you're going through a famine. And you're wondering where's my next to drop of war coming from. The last thing you're worried about after you drink a bottle of water that came from the US of the UN is sustainability and generous like this you're right around sustainability. You're worried about well you don't get warmer us in several. I'd Jaycee an oval part to a JC. How. Eerie feeling. I'm amber these guys. I mean my apartment arc from YE and when I got here I was so shocked. They're recycling habit and the people here in why we like everything like when we are trapped and out by art finally. Blew them out there. As well our green and black bean that you have to hit you pretty don't have to Michael and then I'll know. What. I it more convenient you can do and then when you bite. Your. Eyes and and I and the very I think we can eat your blew it and you've rightly or you can get. The recycling facility ice and back so. I went right here and I teeny blue and even parked there at all loop in my daughter. Is. Yeah it is very different than it. Very could be in a light cycle because. All. Our pick up day is Tuesday on Monday night I was put everything out by the curb. I'd put my recycling bin out I didn't even bother putting my trashed enough because there's nothing. Right well that's good I I did what kind of surprised that it not as acceptable here three I don't know. And I think if we made it here they get hot Coca-Cola. Up in drinking it. I think he'll recycle it. Our area and JC I'm glad you brought that you said if we make it easier published easier do we have to make it I mean everybody gets for example win. I got my trash bin and my house when I moved general part eight years ago it came with eight large recycling trash can as well. Not everyone gets that where I live in and you there's no recycling that comes to your there's no recycle now know you have. The recycling place. There's they don't come pick it up. I cleaned and we. Okay good luck I'd been hoping that this happening and going and acceptable. People you'd if they get in the habit and I also think that acting when you. I need a big difference in quite few because people like a man epic I spent on top of the cop that didn't drink the mounting element I'd and back in the. Yeah I was so people would actually take their plastic bottles and yet. A quarter. Debt load that they. Elect and many. A lot of who have been and read it or not. And I by the double talk about people aren't operating going to be collecting aluminum or idols there. JC thank you for all I do wanna say yes but. Yes but yes but yes and this was in my stack last week and I never got a chance to get to cities. Are it's to run delaying. With the cost benefit analysis across the country. With these recycling programs to we need to do it absolutely but more and more cities and if you Google there's. I heard stories pop up where cities are saying. The cost to run recycling programs in our city. So out paces any return we get on. Material costs back that it is becoming financially. Prohibitive. To run a recycling program as a city for so you shouldn't the cities should not be in the business. Of forced recycling. It should be the landfills. Because with everything that you recycle. It extends the life of the landfill about much four for example the death and ball and and I don't know if they. Lose money on their recycling but death and ball. And WCA. Or do recycling why. Because the more you recycle the longer they can keep that landfill old right. And the longer they can continue to make money so it's in their best interest for you'd recycling recite right okay here's one Saint Petersburg. In Florida their three year old recycling program three result. Has reached an undesirable tipping point operating costs now exceed the income from selling to recyclable materials. The shift is driven by falling commodity prices and new policies in China. That cut off an important market. But even in the red and even in a volatile market the program remains a valuable public service. My point is cities are looking at this saying do we continue. Down this route. Maybe not all cities who. I've 7677. On it got a full board vote at all obvious moment rob Babcock data right I'm Scott parks on KM east. Want zero dollars down zero dollars a month with zero hassle. It is time for you to visit my friends at Volkswagen of Lee's summit. 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If you like the gap mile an artful at it wasted your time by or you may. These the majority of that. And our landfill and other bills at all true Victoria. That. We updated for. Drove out the wonderful it failed the failed. They argue could see. Newspaper. Plastic. Glass aluminum case and feel OK and you name it. It's like people said why is he said a lot of these recycling company they can only take so much stuff. It is obviously were thrown away beauty or what they can handle it it goes for the. Now wait Jeff how do you know that that was recycling. And not just people who through newspapers. In their garbage or glass in their garbage. Well I'm sure some of it is that he told me that some of these restart you know they take these container trucks. And they've taken that I am currently in the recycling business server might be. And they just said work or people we can't handle it more right now so get it. Yeah and Jeff thank you for the call we can blame China for some of this the New York Times did a great article on this. Am couple weeks ago. And I is said to Scott during the break the photograph on the front page of the story if I walked into the center and it was in Seattle. Would have given me a panic attack. It is just rooms and rooms floor to ceiling. Of plastic. And China announced. Recently. A new broad anti pollution campaign. And they announced last summer China that it no longer. Would take foreign. Garbage. Well the United States and many cities and states in the US used to ship. Our. Recycled materials to China China would sordid we had some agreement with China to do this since January 1 China has banned. Imports of various types of plastic and paper. And tightened the standards for materials it does. Except. To hear from somebody who works for one of the local. Landfills. This is right here Scott listen in recent months thousands. Of tons of material left curbside for re cycling. In dozens of American cities and towns. Have gone to landfill oh. In the past municipalities would shift much of they're used paper plastics and other scrap materials to China for processing. But this broad anti pollution campaign started January 1 and China is now saying no we don't want your crap. We certainly don't want your Ford crap keep it. Now I not say that's happening in every city but it's happening in enough cities that the New York Times did a huge. Story on this. May 29 was when the story posted. A Seattle is one of the city's. Let me see if that. Seattle one of the most liberals that is the primary site colors in Canada Australia Britain and Germany. Are scrambling to find alternatives. Since the started. The fallout has spread far beyond the West Coast. The president of Il heart in signs a recycling company based in west from Massachusetts said. He had around 6000 tons of paper and cardboard piling up. With nowhere. To send it. And so every night when I take these stories that I print off the computer. And I put them in my recycling him. There is a chance. This is going into the glam. I don't wanna say that because I still want to believe that. The best practice. Is recycling it's better than ending up in the belly of a whale in the ocean. And if you don't recycle bin you are you are 100 percents knowing this is going to end up somewhere it shouldn't. And we socket. X. Act. There's a reason recycle as the third part of that reduce reuse Lisa use reuse recycle absolutely and a third one newsroom Caremark for. Passing now I'm KM BZ praised the president from some congressional leaders even as one worries about one he's calling the trump cults. More next. I'd been bragging about my girlfriend was down fifty pounds. It's actually 52. Might enter. I keep shortchanging depends and she went in to see doctor take at the center for nutrition in Cleveland. 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