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Tuesday, June 13th

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Your regular supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do what would you do remember anything can happen while it's what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're. Blood didn't feel right there on 98 point one JMB. We years. Stuff is trending right now Travis stay close to the Michael Allen in earlier at all and I think any of it is him populated now I eggs meat is done and was not Smart capable of stuff today. So where she is tried switched. Switched. Yeah super smash Brothers switch revealed finally we're getting your sonic characters Nintendo's. Is that is Nintendo switches things. Gaming system basically play like a tablet that plug that in and it goes on your screens all of this week. It's that announcements ordered their like Microsoft have there's a Monday yesterday with Sony and now today's and Nintendo battle lines a lot of hours at eight. OK so I ended with eight years aliens albums switching now okay. So thank you tell me about why Mario were stranding Mario there is a new Mario game from now on Nintendo. And and a lot of before a kind of mad because they've made Mario's seen gay. It leaves at about whites Mario browser. Oh hey. Bouncers in Baghdad just by the way they're dressed all right. There in a top hat and little white tuxedo. That things reaches to care man the stuff people ought to get upset about such my Nintendo is trending a guy names and everything. There's a new metric prime I don't think two GAAP metric primed for I don't know I did. I never liked him Detroit growing up but a new friends or obsessed. With the original match write for Nintendo and it was never like him to go on indices of going and they got an app are on time Missouri is trapped trending for a particular worries are just. Guys. Let's see one is because of governor greatness pro life legislation. One reason is because. Claire McCaskill senator McCaskill wants there to be hearing on the trump care proposal even though there is a closed door thirteen member meeting with dole win in in said trump error. Meeting let's see another reason is because ice. As. At least twenty people in Saint Louis held so that there's a few reasons why also I believe misery. Just lowered in Saint Louis and in minimum wage from ten dollars to 770. So go accents finally got to happen but why would it have gone down instead of up. Missouri Republicans passed a bill to lower the Saint Louis minimum wage also at this was a fight that cancer was looking panel now about whether a city on its own can. Changed their minimum wage one way or the other based on what the status sound gotcha kind comes. It's that's all I mean I think it is threatening it's because of that and is it warm beer. As I were pronouncing his last name on a well. That's one reason stranded gas at the top of my list for riots and the other reason is Dennis Rodman's honestly over rivalries so it. Is connected. Dare explain the warm beer. I will see you again on he had been sentenced in North Korea in march of 2016. And has been released to the US students. And that we're here is released detective captivity from North Korea and was around to the US and then. His father told NPR that he'd actually been in a coma since sometime after his sentencing march of last year made. But the big story was that he was a jailed US student who Israelis team is trying to steely propaganda sign. From a hotel that he was canyon. I'm curious and it is and sentenced at fifteen years in prison he was sentenced on I wondered do you know if there was a trailer they just skip the sat behind. After I'm pretty sure he is just. In true North Korea fashion design a way out of a ton of faith in the justice system better. Yeah it was back getting that Kim Jung un sits around people raising him tell me something great about being a part of the brewers and the brewers down the Milwaukee Brewers dissected and others I the would not know why does not easily be trending. That's it why have a lot of India here. And I don't know it's a great question crazy stat untested and whose name I'm not going to attack the glass and I am an unmanned lightning quick bat I Europe a tag. He's draft pick what we're MLB draft is going on right now gap that that he cares about right now. It. From tags out. Yeah Texas I don't know if you do talk about the MLB draft there was the kid from Lee's summit he played for LSU for the two years and he's happy about a cup yesterday hey congratulations. Whatever his name and picture out outgoing congratulations that's a big game in the and LB draft they try to make it as exciting. As the NFL draft which it's not. Because we don't watch. The kids playing baseball growing up a little watch baseball or college level up until the World Series at all. And a lot of the kids to get draft that are high schoolers so you have no idea what a right handed pitcher out of Irvine California looks like at the age eighteen and he's bidding for his high school team. So we spent six years in the minors report ever you ever hear about it again. And wrote click just to remind you that it's. Bide his name is giving for second just sessions gets on each federal will be taking questions before the Senate Intelligence Committee. CNN has got a 43 minute countdown clock dumping tens. Because there will be coverage a forehand and then usually the vice chair and chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee gets to bigots say but stuff first and an out that's questioned again if they want so. I see if your remember he had been given the choice there's a question of whether this will be private or public whether we get to see this or not. And Jeff Sessions want this to be public and so it is so that question will be done and we will dip into the outlined this after Hampshire dean and parks and especially Dana will be all about talking about Jeff Sessions testimony and with that we should also point out that the jury in the Bill Cosby trial continues its deliberation I he was charged with three counts of indecent assault basically it goes back 2004 injury con Stan was the woman who. Had accused him of dragging and assaulting her one point and he. He all but admitted it. Annie he said yeah I gave her drugs to help relax. The defense in the case tried to make us out like Cosby was a flawed man and that this was just. She's kind of the token for the sixty women came forward and accused him of sexual assault but because. Of the statute of limitations this is the one got to go forward. The defense gave six minutes of one witness that one on the witness stand a police officer of the Paisley just testified about a report. The prosecution did five days of testimony including the victim testify in the case but he can get ten years on each count full. They started deliberating yesterday. They're back and it's. Straight ahead we will tell you what governor Wright has done to help you travel. Through the error you in Missouri gas yes you people over in Kansas we had this girl you cowboys over there you. Aims progressive I get into progressive Kansas that town but let's also give that street cart ballot up the how many people actually be voting on the street car don't forget to vote on our Twitter poll. Should NBC aired the Alex Jones interview this Sunday with meg and Kelly. Considering his thoughts on sandy hook and whether or not you believe Alex Jones yes Eric or no don't Eric vote on Twitter came BZ radio guests. I was wrong about this earlier rose 7% error. Bible update for you coming up next test video with Jamie what people do all that next and anyone came BZ 91 KM BZ mid day with Jamie blanket Jamie money Sally might wake gets. Bring him back here in at the state of Missouri. We have got finally. Some progressive thinking out of the Republican controlled congress writes I think you can call progressive when you had twelve years to do finally dead at the last time it was the last possible second but pretty close I've tried to praise governor right lie and I'd try because finally it's really his fault no it's not as he called me anyway but he got it done he now IC. Explain real ID to people who went really some real ID is the federal law that was passed twelve years ago. Basically as a response to 9/11 where the federal government at the time. Signed legislation where there would be enhanced security features on your ID. To get you into military installations and in order to. So states had quite a while you pass legislation that would meet the requirements of the real ID law and states can go a few different ways to do it most of them got waivers and and but the point where in January. He got a that gets complicated doesn't yet is just go up the point is that finally is that Kansas Adonis a while ago my driver's license has been good to go on. States that are not compliance doubt that don't do something or at least don't have a plan in place to become compliant. In the states your driver's license in its current form would not be good enough to what you want a domestic flight. Or to get you into military installations now we also we had this discussion before that there are passport cards I guess that you can get instead of your your passport again it gets complicated. The bottom line is it your driver's license woodwork and bottom line is I can't live from Casey I'd Saint Louis. What is sort of like driver's license unless they brought my passport and got it as one. Right on every as passport and they are expensive there hundred sometimes a box so. Governor gripe is on Monday signed the legislation that brings misery in the compliance with that federal real ID law the bill goes into effect August 28. You don't have to get a real ID compliant driver's license my guess is that you didn't wanna get on their privacy concerns about that a lot of people are concerned about what the government would know about you. That you could just you your passport you know but for those that don't wanna do that. Then you could die but you can get the new ID. So you don't have to go get any license right away just the first question we always get us state department of revenue says it'll take two years to get that system up and running and the State's been told that the federal government. Will grant usery a waiver because now they've signed so now they know that it's gonna get on. The federal government will probably give Missouri a waiver that would allow those of you that just have a state issued ID and not a passport to board planes and get in a federal buildings during that time so. Yeah let's do the right. And and guarantee you weld says he gets up and running they'll tell everybody so we're gonna go your fight and I'm okay. But eventually. You're gonna have to get an ID that is real ID compliance according to Missouri's standards in and the reason I don't let governor brightens entirely off the hook announces that. Even though he's only been in office for six months on he raised some concerns and and he wasn't the only one a bite. President terms. These cuts. Because they occur there was taught that the trump administration would attempt to change the federal like the real ID law. And so that's why when president trump was elected that's why some states. That we're not compliant again we're kind of wait and out a little bit to see if they change the real ID law that hasn't happened that Locke is in effect in January. That states and Korea but governor I was in that group that was kind of wait and see with trump administrations it. Pulled him and I can't give governor crichton's any credit I would. It's entirely his fault but at least he signed it got done he could've said. But he got something past congressional. Wright State statewide state governor congressionally I'm just saying. Sound. A yes you can congratulations Missouri. You don't need a passport to 5% 30000. People live in the district that would that allegedly could vote on the street car expansion from where is downed a UN KC registered voter. There's land on an army people living at a circuit 30000 people registered this gets complicated to. This it's quite complicated so we have brought the at the the ballot process for the write in vote. Had been going on for a little while what you had to deal what I had to do because I live within the district is you had to. Fill out the application. On line and improve your voter registration by Greg you know taking a picture of your Carty and including it. They knew that of facts that Ian. Access and mail in or drop off at the can at City Hall. And this isn't this more confusing things about this was that it wasn't a post marked by anger like if you vote absentee it's supposed they sent to get it by that time. They had to physically have in their hands right. I looked at this and I there was some fine print it's that nothing will be accepted after 5 PM on May 23 might wait I need some clarification so I had to take. My wife's. Application and mine both. Printed and filled out and voter registration proof downed the courthouse down to City Hall. And drop it off. That wasn't to vote that was just to get the ballot to vote to. So here's why not. I'm not defending that's just explain why this is so complicated so you all get to vote in the people ultimately there'll be an election and honest and you wait in which people who live in this district we'll get to decide whether to extend the streetcar lines out the reason that it's a cumbersome is because. It's critically important that only people who definitely definitely definitely live and that court or along that line. Get to vote and and this is their way of making sure ballots mailed out next week to those either qualified. Nailed it there they'll be due back August 1 again there are 30000 registered voters in this district. The total number of people and that submitted ballots. Think about a percentage numbering your head. 5752. Or 19%. So there I don't know how many people live in the district that there are 30000 registered voters there a solid 116. Count of people about 90%. Actually. Wet fourth got applications applied for the ballot and didn't lie about where. Exactly so we're good to go there gas and you get your ballot next week then you then you mailed that in. If voters approve the creation of the streak our district in the summer mail in election there are additional steps election this all. Would selected district directors is right the election and would incur at various plate voting place in the district and be open to all registered voters. Even if you didn't vote in or register for the application. Because what you are doing right now is approving the creation of the district and that's not. And right now you're not deciding whether extends streetcar line for to get a set up the district then there will be third election. 83 down to approve the taxes ES is owned by mail again to approve the actual property and the sales tax to pay for the 227. Million dollars streak our expansion. They get to the Kansas City Star everybody got that yet they everybody else is this out for us to understand some of your having a little time we get it. God see you get it theme. But as they compete under the Aggies are allowing so long for you to fill out your ballot they're like six weeks meanwhile we are rushing Casey I threw badly we. Don't start that. I'm now. It's you have nothing to people say why did you street karma is his body for Casey I hear me out I'm out to spend the next out misinformation about Casey you're wrong about real ID your rock about right your wrong about this Ricardo like just. You might enthusiasts it's 1230 coming up what it's Sarah Huckabee Sanders kids do. That probably yours have done as well plus play about. I don't know about feel about this the banning of topless women. I'll let I got this was a guy thing that any line KM BZ meeting Jeanie wicket. It's coming up next hour. Jeff Sessions testifies. We'll do that at 130 hours. We know that the hearing itself begins at about 130 but generally speaking the vice chairman and chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee will make some comments first so will dip and that when he starts to speak and answer questions again this was up to him that this was public at at a private or public but he chose for this to be a public hearing so. We will hear from him a little bit later today also just quick update your during cares news that the jury is asking questions any bill has the deliberations. As they look for several charges of indecent assault or indecent exposure there there has been some questions were now about eight hours and deliberations. 5767798. A phone number I I kind of like this story. I think are really like this story because I think it. It it it leaked this. When we see politicians and people involved with politics we think of them is different kinds of people are celebrities like what a story like this humanize someone. It does although she's getting some heat for the fact that it was allowed to happen we're talking about Sarah Huckabee Sanders and as a tight the story were curious to know from oh. Pleasure can't ever done anything like it's where they take your technology and done something with that that they weren't supposed to White House deputy Press Secretary. Sarah Huckabee Sanders got a very public reminder about maintaining cellphones security Al times after leaving her phone unlocked. And in the hands of her three year old son early Saturday morning about six say yeah and she has a couple of Twitter accounts coupled verified accounts but one of them which is SH Sanders 45. Tweeted out in a modes Lleyton message that had a bunch of cranes and maps and traffic lights castle there's a boat in there and other things. And here in the tweet was at mr. stumbles of letters LL AK Al's cake and so where are out I just out of the conceit C. To bock I have Twitter account Twitter users for side. And talk about an hour and a half before Sara Sanders realize that happen. They were wondering if it was the truck administration's volatility could keep the incidents before she went on to Twitter. Realized what happens and cleared things up and tweeted out this is what happens when you're three year old son steals your fountain inside actually tweet out at 7:30 in the morning. Referring to her older son with a hash tag never leave your phone unlocked. All right. Can I say first of all I think it's adorable because the on this sir I know where the job the other worthy opposition to this as. It's true kids get their hands on technology and we would love to know. If you have a story of where your kids have ever grab your phone laptop duds. Have your kids ever had had funny your technologies expense 57677. Night later texted too to know. Razor let's say are you do money back from design because Georgia got a hold of that yeah Sutton ordering. That Amazon lets you do to make it a super convenient to buy stuff on Amazon. Now Amazon is paying back millions of dollars to people because they admitted they shouldn't charge you for those purchases because jerked it to them and they weren't supposed to yes once by the way she admitted that it was her three girls would tweeted from her unlocked phone and there are a lot of jokes. But then people were genuinely asking. That a public official in the administration. If she deputy Press Secretary that's a face that we now yes on Spicer that's a very public official in the administration. People were surprised that her phone was casually on locked according to some people because it was either. We thought it was either a government issued phone or a government issued accounts but it was it was official you know it just wasn't her personal account. Or personal fungus was related to the White House is that there were people that were concerned. You know the connection or make yes if your daddy this casual with your phone in your count at home that you're three year old son is able to get a hold of it to weed out heaven only knows why it. How casual argue being with other sensitive and security. It's and I get that I I do I absolutely do it makes you wonder like what she leave her laptop open at all times in her life is at the White House. Without it being password protect right I mean if if if how do you not have a phone with a password on it. Phones locked right thing that I care about anybody any hold up even I locked my phone for all the reasons I don't but I'll somebody. It might. I opt out. Kids that I do about it all the nice bonus clock in the morning but don't lock our phones I. The I don't know who will have me a three year old figured it out I mean kids or help a lot smarter than we were back then but. Still which says to me the phone was unlocked and Twitter was probably open and the kid just opened it and just started pushing buttons and hit send put a password and you're you're the deputy press second ever title is Lee is deputy white house Press Secretary changed title here. Watch your phone your Sean Spicer is back up then yeah little lock on your for you're the voice of the president's. Basically you're the voice of the president he'd had sixty yeah please block your phone please. Because it is courses and valid concern. What she is it unlocked all the time and is it unlocked when it's in the office is it unlocked when she's out to dinner. And what else is on the phone and could somebody grabbing at somebody gets out to humiliate the president and just look and just for stuff. Yeah I mean it's her email password protected plea. Is that is that don't have the connection to the email it will implement our. There's emails to and from the president in the. That's good thing and all its. I hope you're not saying anything. You know embarrassing at any of those emails or anything that somebody would get a hold of that you would want public. Have your kids ever done anything like this on your phone is what you said there's that Amazon thing where people or get money back millions of dollars are going back to parents because your kid's got a hold of that one push button thing. But all kinds of stuff I. Never hit that button by the way I don't buy I wanted to secede the carton like when I'm shopping on Amazon I wanna see that car. Pull your kids bought online without you knowing or what do they do with your technology. 57677985767798. Or texted to tune any easier here's attacks I am a firefighter. Two sons have taken my radio and talk on it to the whole fire hot. And I. I'm not the only and as has happened here but that's adorable. That their three year old is talking the entire fire house of that rate so. Also I bet he knows the passcode my two year old opens my old phone I worked for local government and my phone automatically locks after three minutes period. My son laptop did TO. Code is simple way out of that. With Dion an affront to my laptop has fingerprint. Again and you'd you'd like thing bigger than what I had no idea to make that work I know hello when you first get your laps not yet Ted. Don't know why I know I just threw the pass protect it and like let's look Hedo is on our computer and the wedding photos and leads music blogs. That's it yeah that's all that's on there. Now some pretty sad people are defending her bedside now keep in mind as the 6 o'clock in the morning yeah and she didn't notice for an hour and a half or at least she didn't tweet out for an hour and a half suppose you were saying. Somebody sent a text on May be she put the phone down immediately after using an accident kick got it right away not on this and for an hour as well for an hour and a half and that might just she was sleeping to got up first maybe the phone sitting next door in the K got a hold of it that's fine. You're not the deputy white house Press Secretary I mean I mean really think about that for a second think about what her phone could be connected to. Rush I mean up president drop as an eye on. My I've told this story before. My sister got a bill from. From apple. India in the apple the iTunes store and when my nephew who is now ten I think he was six I wanna say when he did this. He downloaded in a matter of like five minutes. But over a hundred dollars worth of games or apps for her phone. She had no idea she never phone honor and a and the kids knows kids are Smart is five or sixty is it the iTunes store and boom boom boom boom boom how well. Gave him good game game nicest looking are followed that when I download all of these schemes. She called my iTunes and they will give you this is good to know. They will give you a get out of jail free time one time iPhone or iTunes and give you get out of jail free card. As some kids don't your technology and some even to accidents that my kitty raced videos from my phone like we. Videos and. And this they can't accidentally just deleted yeah out of the fountain so that's socks you have 5767798. Let's talk to Shane in leavenworth change your 91 KM BZ what if your kids or. According to my screen here what is your dog died now. Right you know kit that you have a dog three dogs and and Xbox one answer your familiar and had. We're on the airplane Matt and and advocates that go and almost the end of the game on course you're gonna say after the game my stock goes up. This is what we burst that Xbox he saw that bright light on the front didn't know what what case is no audit courtship or console. All all of editor and dynasty leaguer. Died you load. I. Got it touched down earlier. It was an op and I just yell about real out in my wife to start lap I'll have a problem. That's a leader is that some vocal bit appreciated I want your from the parent whose kid got a hold their locked phone. Kept trying and put the password lock got it many times and locked up out of the phone permanently. Stewart and take back to sprint would ever get it resent is that guarantee that's happened to somebody that. Because our phones and if you have to pass run on your phone from from matter come from in the building they give you of your work email and I'm more I have my work email on my phone. And if have a passport. Four digit code. If you don't get it right in five tries and you're locked out knocked out in any of the good IT which you never want to lock at the AT&T park like a look iPhone. You can't get into it yeah reset your password because you didn't we get reminders that the center recent arena past or are so many months whatever they give you reminders for two week every day yes you have no reason not to do it but you won and how many people don't do it and elect on other email IT has handled. 5767798. What did your kids to open up the dogs two cats ever rivers has done that to me before Brooke rivers is a plenty of stuff. It looked like I'll be working on the computer laptop in my lap rivers that come up boom boom booms of the gets saved and public. The dogs helping out now we'll take phone calls coming up next radio 91 KM BZ 98 line KM easy meeting with Jamie wicket. Asking you. Would your kids that would your technology and they were ordered stuff deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. After phone unlocked and her three year old lead out a heck of a tweet with. Anchors and stops on Ames and it's it's adorable it makes you wonder what else she leaves unlocked but it was pretty funny. It was cute and I think everybody knew. It was out there about an hour and a half before she got a hold of it and tweet about what had happened but I think once or nobody knew what would happen I humanize the right word it's something that can happen anybody. Now granny just their concerns about what else that she is being careless way in terms of security given her high profile position in the administration. But it did have us wondering what else of your kids died in similar fashion with your phone or your iPad or anything like that. 5767798. Lines open for Utah on FaceBook and Twitter as well and text in a 22980. Here's one my daughter nine months old ordered a pay per view fight on TV at. That's fifty bucks right there. Fifty usually about now well these days might be closer to a 75 runs on they have finally that's like the big money made Floyd Mayweather sugar. A Pacquiao fight yeah that probably be a hundred bucks somebody else and a lot of stories grandchildren my granddaughter was two when she woke up in an -- tonight decided mommy's cell phone as she cleaned it by dunking it doubled water several time. It's it's a good granddaughter did. Graham this phone is brought is dirty that's great. I mean that's that's a kid that's can knock. Somebody else I've we're talking about how. As a kid in Libya were banned permanently lock Dyer found because you haven't password protected so your Smart being careful. But the kid keeps trying to get the code Reitman doesn't and then you're locked on your phone. Somebody said I put an app on my phone so the password is being entered wrong it takes a picture of who was opening at Walt or that's great that's not gonna get you into your phone but at least you'll know who was trying to break into your phone in the first place this stuff. That important. Like there's there's no reason to break into my phone was you what a picture of me and Lee apple like literally that's it. It's it's a bunch of stuff on Twitter it's pictures. It's my FaceBook like there's nothing on my phone yeah if you broke in doing that I gave in my past for Jamie you'd like out now I can. Create a bit mode GO view like big deal. Nothing. So others that I ever ordered things. That that they weren't supposed to and and that were allowed Hitler telling us about what happens to your found that people do that some my three robot countless movies and music in the apple TV. Apple always refunds they say. Always on the apple T really and a look at the school. I'm know more about that somebody sent a teacher and my grandson got a hold of my iPad and looked at some questionable pictures. Like to worry about what exactly because there's a whole other. Topic they're like your input on your found different discussion right there yeah ticks your hero or. I 767798. Ultimate this ever happened to you. And it's never really happened to me other than dog getting on the laptop as he just the season. He's of people but he thinks he's a Jack Russell Terrier. So it's it's it's it's on my lap and trying to. To do stuff on there but now I mean I don't lock everything. Yeah but not a paranoia just out of pattern on the they just do it out of girl behavior like I don't I don't sit there and to me like you kept to get into my my FaceBook with my password with Twitter with my password. Email but isn't as you get into my phone. You can get access to all that other than my banking stuff that. Yeah I just about like I your password needs some work that. Everything I do you question it's. Your password as yeah I'm not gonna say what is right it's broadcast might put its past earth I think security officials would tell you perhaps needs to be improved 1234. Is not good and your question I'm the other woman in your life my job and rightly points. I'm here let's talk to me is Harold a 91 KM BZMS Jerrold what is happened with your technology. L a openly about why your belt and I'm happy that now they got. Over it again. Yeah. An all out where you'd like well it. And she's one Newton. Man that's the Smart one year old right there did you play the game to just sit there on your laptop or on your your tablet. Actually she looked at them but thought I had a look at a chink out of here. And at. Not that what did you know what we're. Even talking about candy crush we're talking about solitaire like that's pretty hard game for adults to figure out they were the focal appreciated until I just thought. Walked across my husband's laptop one night he was typing up documents and loss at all that. Yeah just one but on the laptop and everything disappears if you haven't saved that's supposed to backstop. Another reason not to have a cat you did smile docket no bank to dog the dog to do exactly the same dog would never do such as a cat's gonna do with and to show and a dollar's gonna do it an accident like cats I don't know exactly what it's doing an act case. But they were getting your correction might print some online which are questionable pictures I don't know how your tax and it doesn't sound any better editors story about that. Detects when the kids are pretty crappy sixty dollar game on Xbox Live so lousy game Travis is how things work with Xbox Live view it'll buy games that he or do you go to the store and buy games some games you have to buy into this kind but majority like almost 80% of the games now. It's ball. Like on your Xbox three on immunization. Sammy Sosa item because you know with growing up who always had course the Nintendo blew into the game ranked. And now they're like games are going the way the CD on and one of the reasons is. Without you know traveling with Xbox everywhere if your friend has won you the logon to your own account and fighter games become I remember having to hold the backpack full of video games while my friend Daniel had the backpack with the actual Nintendo in it and when rulers and all of the color and that guy and in this you don't Holler glove do you remember we had a hole like I would go to his house street -- -- out of my house and we have to walk over and one person would carry the games one person would carry the actual Nintendo price of travel with my mom. And I I used to bring it are in 64 plus a mini TV with those that the hotels never have like the back. Of part to play out in an accident yeah. I don't TV with me to go. I wonder about that I wanna hook up my Sega and minded don't know is more your technology problem I actually might need you Travis oh it's not because you're smarter than believe you are Smart and I am but. I can't figure out where to hook up my old Nintendo plug into might seventy inch television don't I don't like the newer versions of it accurate to yeah you can. Yeah well. You treating Travis just like Dana dies you're really just using him for is technologies. Now I. I would use him for more than an hour we could drink beer together watch football. Yeah because I would actually stay at my house and in a plane via in the regular progress is being drunk wants TV we're there we're not drinking till after we think this problem out though I doubt that there. We are not picking up the seventies TV hammered that kiss those previously meg and she could. But he's got a very comes out how Strauss yeah. Ala bill known they over the weekend.