Racoon attacks child... Scott loses his mind.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, June 12th
The child thought the racoon was a kitty.   It wasn't.  

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy. Border security. The super 98. Version was much better than the 87 versions. It was terrible. We've got all sappy. Crap there says. I like this little pony I mean you know it. Average unit that that was all it pales on top of that court and as the jaguars W justice and that. Scantily clad women. Race cars. By two. North Korea is reporting that trump has accepted an invitation to Pyongyang. That any friends now I don't know. It is broken CNN North Korea is reporting that trump has accepted invitation to Pyongyang. He sorted data you said and sir again it'd like to go yeah but is that we it works things out and remember this is North Korean state media. Well Hammond Rodman. And hear him call my humble way out at odds Robin last night TV and Indy got him the X didn't set some. I'm Kelly was asked the whole time rob was on TV is something wrong with him. I'm yeah it's Rodman ever got off the whatever it was. Don't mean. He he was like hi it's. Alleged. But here's the weirdest thing. How weird is that that you actually have to give Dennis Rodman the warm. Credit. Some credit. For what happened last night. We don't ask. Me after I mean this is a guy who did too little what they called basketball diplomacy. I think after your Rodman a little bit of credit. Now. Simmer down on the I've got to be in Singapore with my pot calling dot com T shirt on so that. What's at all. He was hoping for a surprise meeting. So they had the meeting them. Just for Italy and that got attacked by Iraq and she now. Each. Wreck means and. Verizon here's a novel idea don't. The raccoons are back in Sacramento. Also meaning in my ties. Tuesday for. 56 PM I'll concede that the year. Took me a man like violently car in my times yesterday as Hutus they had to and I don't get it. I'm gonna bite your hero because he bit the ear one. That means of Mike Tyson and two birds for eakins can and so. It's fairly raccoon. And. I've Tuesday reported to 6 PM after discuss vacation produce bags which is back. Did indeed until 345 yesterday kinds and I need you forty ID then I would deplete its sell now. You know now thanks in new -- at 215. Back. Out. I cannot believe. And am. So let's take the woman and we were for. What you do the breaker in the detector. On its current rabies is our animals that are plentiful I'm saying go out and kill the last kill. He'll have to well I'm just saying it is a rack noon. We're talking about. You know polar bears something. Polls bear attacked somebody in the or to. Give you an example that is more. Not ridiculous. And you are on safari. In Africa just had a girlfriend do this people pay good money to go out there and roam around in energy to get up close and personal with Al right. You an African. You are in cheat and to. Alina. And cheat and lie in. Sees Q is agitated. Starts running toward energy. And eats your face for much. I would say under that circumstance. You do not euthanize the animal why. Because that is a wild animal in the jungle of Africa and you have gone in to. His house. The rack who run around the neighborhood that's my house might add to your house. Long time like 200 years ago the reckons roam free. This is now subdivision reckons commend their eating. People are writing the rental records and commit may never left. When you built your subdivision in their neighborhood guess they just never laughed and then someone wrote on the tax line why don't we stop. Overbuilding in populated. And I so I would you like to be the first one to offer your house we'll just knock it down. And we can have a little racked sanctuary there. What I'm saying is it is unfortunate win a seven year old kid gets his face mauled by Iraq. That's unfortunate. I feel sorry for will it. You cannot euthanize an animal. For being an animal. Let's use this example what if it's rampant. Well I mean obviously and then of course because. Unless there's a cure for rabies and generators for animal of course shipped him. But. So it diseased animal in your neighborhood. You can euthanized but healthy rack and you're saying now and that's exactly once I honestly and stunned. That you're saying that as stunned as you are that I and so what let me give you another example rot that was a little kid. We lived in Texas central texts. We would go I was in the Boy Scouts we don't want these camping trips to. Which what you have to check that this is about squirrels and have a different opinion. Schools aren't Adam. It's fair and their first. Plan tree mimic him. I'm just rot farm in central Texas. Are rattle snakes everywhere. Own OK so. I would be on a camping trip in the Boy Scouts in the middle of the plate here. Rattles its ever. If I had walked into the woods. And was bitten by rattles. Would you euthanize the rattlesnake. Or would you say well Scott. Dom dom you walking in the what would you rattlesnakes and didn't get next with rattled it's to help it told you it was they are dumb dumb got to. Your neighbor has three at large dogs. Your daughter is walking up to get the mail. The dogs there are three of them that's a small pack but it is a pack the dogs attacked her and severely. Injured that child. You're gonna look me in the eye and say. We're not any euthanize those animals because the dogs are just doing what dogs do what I'm gonna tell you is that dogs are domesticated animals and that is not. What date. Direct Hoon to attack I unprovoked most dogs are domesticated animals I think some dogs. Are not through their bloodline through bad ownership. I don't think you could say dogs. Our blanket Lee domesticated animals that you can pretty much. So you do euthanize the dogs that he your child's face off for you jumped. Because the city's always it. Because they're used that they are domesticated animals is if you have a dog. That is so poorly trained. And so poorly domesticated. That they attack a human yes she put the dog don't you remember this horrible case that are both reporters years ago that the three Rottweiler attacked and killed the little boy just trying to board the bus government and his brother crawl up into a tree and witness that entire. Horrific. Attack and it did not happen quickly. You're telling me you would not euthanize those. Dogs are just so I'm. The airplane as she listened that you're blaming the owner I don't think you I think. Dogs are and a nimble dogs are domesticated. Animals is dogs weren't. I don't think that those NYU I put him down OK we'll reckons not to mess. I understand people don't keep records as pets either if you look up from resolute something we'll do well okay Tennessee northern. Seriously what ends up happening is they find him like a band and has babies they raise them and then they reach a certain age. 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Zero dollars down zero dollars a month with zero hassle he dollars a month. We're months. Get to Volkswagen of Lee's summit you tell me wanna see Dana's car. It's pretty. 20. 'cause story here. Against city star. These family Anthony Milton junior wants to know why Kansas city police did not. Asked the public for help trying to identify the 24 year old man after his death. Is a question that deserves an answer. And an issue that should spur an update to the department's death. Notification policy bill was one of four people. Killed in a fiery wreck caused by a driver fleeing independence police in the storms. The fairways frantic three day search played out over an agonizingly long weekend. Might have been avoided if the department had written protocols in place for these kinds of situations. Three dozen there's a protocol. Three of the victims and the alleged perpetrators were promptly identified. So why did it take authorities duties. To notify Dalton's next of kin. About his death. Police say they were unable. To contact relatives because bill was not caring any ID. And he had no fingerprints on file. At the scene of the fatal wreck on June 1 Kansas city police sergeant bill Mahoney inform the media there was an unidentified victim at a local hospital and I. Police officials did not act in bad faith. But the department's process is lacking. Kansas city police have no written policy to address this issue such cases are handled on an individual basis. The solution is simple says bill Lloyd. Baylor University. Point is tasked with teaching premed students about and of life bereavement and trauma issues. What let's visit with what to say he says the department to take the high road here and say. Let's come up with a policy they can use this unfortunate incident as motive motivation Asian. How many times are you in the passenger seat a car care and you got your baby if you. But you're just right and sure restaurant difference in the pastor's car I don't necessarily have my wallet or ID on me. Maybe lit. Fifty dollars cash in my pocket. This is not an uncommon scenario. That you would be in a car for a variety of reasons with no no idea and you. This post. I just time to get to take four days or fight I just. How they identify this person put a picture of his dad's face RC viewers what they do because several months while they will find a deceased person you know out of the woods and they will say. This is gruesome we want to warn you that that some of you might find this disturbing. But here is a photo of attached to this woman's wrist. Please what do you do and habitats I don't I don't I just today like could I don't know here's a bracelet birdies where you put an as you say. We have an unidentified deceased male if you're missing your loved one this is the general description. I've 7677. On it how do you identify. The unidentifiable. Do you put a picture of his wrist on TV would this bracelet in the movies they bring you in an adult -- back you have to know who you're dealing with. You have to know hey you might be related to the debt. I've 7677. On it how do you identify. The arm identifiable. Newsroom Carol marks. A major merger approved more next. Hey it is time to spoiled Adams hit the calendar the other day will see others is Sunday. You're at the greatest he deserves the very best celebrate or dad this Father's Day exactly what he wants from Nebraska furniture mart. You'll discover great deals that your dad will brag about. Shop all of your dad's favorite brands all of the latest gadgets you'll love and cool state of the art technology. A perfect gifts all in one place something for everyone. Big screen TVs Home Theater Systems grills and lawn equipment home security products fitness stuff. Massage chairs countertop appliances and more. 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What difference a day makes yesterday heat and humidity or heat index close to the triple digits today of course. A lot more comfortable most of their ninety degrees it just didn't feel as sticky and I don't think after about thunderstorms. There is about a 40% chance of one rolling through the plains states during the morning hours but. Otherwise I think the B drive for this evening fallen through the eighties. Midnight temperature 76 with a few clouds 68 the morning temperature writing up to 85 degrees in the afternoon and the thunderstorms will end and then on Thursday. But 2% chance of more showers mainly in the morning predawn afternoon high back up to the 90s90 one's known for. From John on a first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby came easy whether. 85 at TCI it's 83 and Lee's summit 8580 or official weather station. The radio dot com happy as the official there homeless KM BZ delicate today listen to us anytime anywhere Kara marks our new study 81 KM BZ. Yeah. TV's sixth. 15 wheel and hardship say. Don't act like you don't know. Two zip through vaccinated. Turner broad. Story here. And I don't know the answer. Because the police department. Is being criticized because they were an able to identifies someone and who was killed in Iraq. Car accident. And they were unable to notify his family for four days. And wouldn't know where was pleased to know who the head. So what is the answer. How do you figure out who this person is he has no ID. They ran the fingerprints he's not a system. So they don't know who this is that's got let's be honest this is not some new issue. Cities sadly have death notification every single day in fact one of my dear friends. Four years was in the business. As a police officer. Of death no notifications. It takes a special. Person. To be able to do that draining. Exhausting. Sad. Task that somebody has to do it adds and my point is. Every day someone dies in a car wreck or. In another way. This is not something new cities like we got to deal in the mortgage there I'm asking you and I want an answer. How do you identify the on identifiable. You take it to the media first. And second. This man's family was saying. In the beginning so so didn't come home tonight in fact I think. Date to absolutely called police and said. Were worried. That maybe he was in that call. We don't know where you use. We don't know where he has and you do management course does it take it to the media take what the media that dead man's face unidentified. Car wreck victim this is who he was traveling let me know that that the three others are deceased. We have an unidentified. How old is thirty something year old black male OK so his parents are gonna know who he runs went well if you are missing your son. And you look up on the news and see police saying we have a deceased unidentified blackmail it's a horrible way to find at least that you know. We don't. We in the media always say that you shouldn't find out about your family members death through the media. Programs. They were looking for him they knew he hadn't come you're assuming that everybody in this town watches the news. And that's simply not the facts. I do not fault the police partner for the sake I am not saying I aid. Fulton I just wish there was some type of policy in place that would have prevented office. President's visit as a family what policy could you put master reading Saturday about a fourth victim who died in the horrific crash Friday at 23 street television place. This man's family worried it was Anthony belt and he hadn't come home the night before it. Repeated phone calls to several local hospitals turned up nothing they couldn't get ahold of anyone at the traffic investigations unit. A nighttime visit to police headquarters also was on fruitful they were trying. This is the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing here and it blaming anybody cared but family is looking they're trying. Police as they don't necessarily know this that the family because. They couldn't get a hold anyone in traffic. It just I don't think we should let it go. 34 days what do you do in the middle of the night okay. A fairly shows up at the precinct Hank Hank and they say we think our our son sadly. Is one of the victims in that. Four please howdy red please take this photograph this is Anthony belt take this photograph. Please. Take this photograph sadly to the morgue and tell us is this are missing loved. And what what what's the person behind the counter at the precinct supposed to do pass it on to accident investigations. People tomorrow morning yes OK tomorrow morning but I can't do in the middle and I probably not. I I just I'm. Metal walls to figure out where the police dropped the ball here. Your son. Sadly. Was killed in the cards. Your son had no identification on him were not going to put his. Dead face on TV correct OK we're just not. We're not going to take a picture of a tattoo on his dead arm. Here's what I think. Unfortunate. So sad for this family already going through a traumatic time they had someone missing. Which you cannot even imagine how traumatic that would be from one you're his reveals on days three or four I believe they finally were able to confirm that their missing loved one. Was the fourth passenger in this car. I don't think anyone necessarily. Did anything wrong and certainly this wasn't malicious or tightness guys I don't know nobody did anything malicious nobody site. I just think you know we live in at a community with what sixty different cities and it. From time to time you're gonna have something like this happen and it would just be nice for both departments to say. Look the next time this happens and we don't know who we have. We will. We will try to do better. That's all they have to say. Try to do better in what way. Having to do better Dana the police had to have dropped the ball. And I'm not sure they do it. Maybe Lowell may be Amaral. But to to say we need a new policy. Is to say we need to correct something we did wrong that's fair. I 767798. Drew in the north land hello drew. Hey guys and that's bigger but the way etc. I think the league's code of spoke through the neck the end of the three that work in a vibe. And asked them that they may have no work or known or unidentified person maybe. That a pretty good chance but damn it may have. Known. Who everyone was in that vehicle now. It's possible keep in mind this man was in his thirties. I would imagine if I was killed in Iraq. And there were. Other people in the car if you'd gone to my mother she would have said. My brain bigger I don't know rob Babcock. But what if it is what if I was driving around Jason Adams Jason Evans who is a friend of mine. On the rock would not be the first name came out of my mother's mouth. Open up our country you. You could analyst pretty quick who Belmont. And then in the boat and it may availability but what you are correct. A partner Marjorie you're a man. Bobbie in Kansas City hello Bobby. All of I mean you are. All sides when you're in good predictor due to call. There were talking about that you're working your pocket. And duke are all over. In that regard you are being and you. Don't. You do you. It's remarkable that situation. Soul and not on the identifiable. Department and I'd it would. What it during you know or. Any. Hard. On the on the person. Barbara for a 576. 7798 job we're coming up right after these 6 o'clock news here on KM these. It's got parts don't spend life suffering from an injury or chronic pain doctor Kendra Pearson and her skilled medical rehab and chiropractic team. And Norplant physical medicine can get you back to a pain free life. There advance chiropractic and medical techniques are individualized to treat each patient's issues I became a huge fan after meeting doctor Kendra. And torn her distilled. Norplant physical medicine will set you on the path to healthier. And happier you. Schedule free consultation and nor plan physical medicine dot com. Okay. I'm working. I can't find her. We do include. So it's open borders helmet so. Allegedly it has come to my attention gently. That had. Brought it. Or do you notice. You miss television. Audience. On it has come to our attention and a couple of TV gossip web sites and to Kazaa. That way anyway I doubt I'd. So apparently we have a new receptionist downstairs who's helping Pamela Jones look right. What's and in all we look at polish is Brett. This is according to shoot this is allegedly. Reported. Well it is important but it's alleged. This is from f.s TV live dot com tools they would be a stands for. Adam sources tell FTV lives that KC TV in Kansas city's main reception has swept the radio and left the TV station for job at a local radio station. Correct yup. Work is the idea was floated by management to have Casey TV's main anchors Brad Stevens and Allen MacNamara. Answer the station phones. In the afternoon to quote make more personal connections. With stations viewers. Sources tell FTV line a bit in the end it was decided that maybe this was not the best use of the anchors talents and they will stay in the news. Right because keep in mind they have over there a 4 o'clock 5 o'clock 6 o'clock. 7 o'clock am at 10 o'clock and at 10 o'clock newscasts so it's not like they don't have something going on. We interact with our viewers have you ever answered. A switchboard I don't have any well I its rival has company and a no answer the phone and it takes a special. Very special. Person. To do that job because here is a sample. Phone call when I'm calling you right now I want to say KC TV five and a. Mean Brad Stevens. And I KC TV five Brad Stevens hello. It's our. Our normal programming schedule has Judge Judy on it for thirty and then we have Casey he's stupid because I'm looking and it and Judge Judy is no. It's 445 ma'am and Judge Judy comes on for thirty. And then we have KC TV five news out lively breaking investigative files I want to answer phone now and pretend like the World Trade Center towers have just been struck and that is in the back of your mind ran the. Broader thing. Channel five news Brad Stevens a look and why. Hill. Is Dan rats are on my television instead him. Of the price is right I watched every day plot why I am rather. Ma'am IV United States is under terrorist attack I don't you want. The bench seat that is why. I don't answer phones is because my reaction to that fell. And sweet. Pat Jones react to that phone call would be entirely two different things I'd be fired in an hour. We used to get here all the time wise rust on on. The president of the United States I don't care. If the president says something I need to know rush tell me. Rossbash. Oh I sort of got that's verb bay don't. Yeah if that is exactly what is it. Is important rush will tell me about it let me just get yields that people do not call into television or radio stations because they are happy about something that is not how that. Switch port works. That forced sweet pat Jones put up with more Malarkey. You know that's what she would say. Or poop. Let's government anchors we interact with the viewers hi it's Brad Stevens can opium. What are you shove that up. On MacNamara here can I help you. You don't eat at Tampa. Always TV ads will always show us. Down wind. Stan. Too. Far it's like ten steps too far. Have a great night. Be safe. Because. Happening now on KM BZ at the community gathers to support a fourteen year old girl after a quadruple murder suicide morn next. 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All you have to do is gives her Woodbury call 816792700. 167920700. Or low cost life insurance dot com. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can catch us online any time. At KM BZ dot com.