A raccoon shuts DOWN the internet.... and it's AWESOME....

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Wednesday, June 13th
The hero we didn't know we needed..... 

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. It sounds wrong miles I. Like you. Not your own yeah. He's handling disasters and wannabes saying it's paying down home and made news. I. Now features. Three dollars way. Some foam coming off all of jinx on Google map of this analysis for all the drama in the country still does exist as an artist of the days. Puppies. The good news it is it is our next. Live performance. Leads us. We'll look up court but what and and dead performance testing and found our health insurance hackers could grow and what's good results alive as oppose it onto him dead. It's a lot of Anderson Cooper while he is looking I have multiple things society you have to have marks here. I had not seen. And for this I apologize. The photos of the rack and scaling. The just went to a five story. Building in it shut down in Saint Paul, Minnesota and so it's called it PR building. And apparently some action decides in the middle of the afternoon I am going to scale that it is 25 stories. This city shuts down watching this little idol. It took awhile so if you at the office building and I though people inside the office building taking photos of the wreck and is he keeps going. Then everyone stops all of the stations go live because as he gets toward the top. I would like to see their coverage rules. To wall coverage racquet out and watched eighteen rack hand. So the rack and makes it people rejoice the entire newsroom bursts into tears and applause yes. And are followed. The little guy. Before during and after climb up the spill like this. Light so it's so. Heard this yeah well. Here's CBS news' chuck. It was good settled into his temporary hole. A note next to an office building window twenty floors above street level it's hard act to have. The little guy. You know capture your attention in your heart. The furry little critter scaled the UBS building early Tuesday after being scared by building workers trying to help at all an overhang. The latest death came out 1002 by fours drew together. And push them up to the raccoon thinking that he would run down the billboards on the street and escape. Instead Iraq who fled upward as onlookers watch from below and from inside. Taking photos like this one of its perilous journey. Before long the animal was gaining celebrity beyond the Twin Cities hash tag NPR raccoon is trending on Twitter. Animal control pulling a mission to rescue the raccoon too dangerous sand trap filled with food on the roof. Were happy to report a little purple climbed up. Took the bait and is now safe and sound totally fact who it up as bad the perilous journey. For all let's not over think this its erection and scaling a building and it's funny and people have video this guy cleaning. He's clinging for dear life on the site now is built it would not have been funny heavy pollen and people might call OK I would not even funny when I didn't. But let's be honest. You would have liked. You would much. Mean Dana I don't yes you yeah. In an aunt I wouldn't have a lot like I mean why why was ever watch it clicked why do you watch NASCAR now. Because I like to see grown men race cars around the track. Acts who read it I think people tune in for the racks all I'm saying is I don't know that the nation would have averted its eyes had he not made it to the 25 for. I think he sweet I think it's lovely time magazine calls him a hero we didn't know we needed. Sign. Up a bank is not. A good. This isn't a local thing news hot cuts could rock the. It was there you. Are CNN. So that day Logan tonight spectators. Gathered the Internet to do. What happened at raccoon. I love to be able to tell you be happy endings wildlife management in Minnesota how the press conference just a short time at risk us. So I am a wildlife management services and earlier came back and inside of the track from the US senate. Did you get strapped it to them yes we did and how did you do that. We set traps on the group yesterday it was sound like cat food and then you wreck happening up there I believe there was that we yet. 2:30 in the morning so it on the mat to. We heard between at 2:30 in the morning and then we got out here anyway this morning. You know how successful is we can't lose him like ideally suited I was gets these things in it. Only thing that gets them and I we have other methods as well cat that is definitely big critic trap them. They say was taken to tell undisclosed location. Art that board. Cuts angry. Actually noted and I absolutely agree people want a good news story ever wants one. And this is a good news and this is a story where you can go. You know when you know we got there we got doctor doomsday over you're fantasizing about the reckon all in death. You hear about the deer there were on the am Trader Joe's. You know here and ending yes. Overrun were partly due dear managed to get it on that roof in its and that catwalk area. Jumped off it was not a happy and they jump ball. First is dear to say. Do you tweet from Clayton Williams mood I am stressed out about one of unknowns and I am crying about Iraq and trapped on a ledge on building and Annapolis. I. A opens Twitter does is from equal most opens Twitter is my entire feed absence with a wreck and five minutes later. I. And that Ritter tweet I 7 am work flight to catch and obviously at the mechanism rescue Biden I'm just gonna get another job. I love your heart America really do. I think it's fantastic. I think Americans need a good news story like this at one point he stops in front window on it will sell out in front of like the sixteen story office tells a debate themselves scratches and soulful bent does little self cleaning it a little break. Keeps on Elena. He's happy lays down. We will oppose this on all of our social media platforms because if you are always six minutes of your life you're never getting back this is a good way to do this wasteful. Look at today's equipment and sleep in them. Leave for one week. I come back a flaming liberal. Recycling maniac. Animal lover. And this woman over year turned in to me wanna go. I don't want harm to come to any regular size except the one that aid the child's face off. Yesterday I don't want to face the direction don't put your face near record on it hasn't hit products office they can. Visited one I'll. We do our fifth. Kinda snake I don't do big I was out with dole and as it. Out like that I don't know if it's our god swear and American. You know what else. He I was comes up in the backyard and the dumb dog would getter balls that went to go to the ball and refusal petered out. And on walkabout what you saw the snake and she's like I'm the one that helps to consult I would walk and I just saw it right there in the grass is about Babbitt. And you don't believe then it was about Babbitt I didn't say it was that era when like a boa constrictor enough. But it was about that long probably gardeners say I don't know shorter interesting isn't as. Unity can we are outside and you see something like a snake which should be outside. We all have universal. Yeah. Like something's chased me. Sneak with and it's important to our. Attention. Well. No I I like a little girl I was like it because I've but before ray and I saw him as a walker back liveable later. I was so McCain autumn amount. And I look at it might settle for 'cause they want it rain and overs. Macias our is a little bit. Like a little Catholic school girl I took off for the backdoor. So screaming next question how is the senior accurate that sneaks in. No. Just. My thought the market may have looters. Worried their. Thanks usually wait till it's. If it. Lab directors alive OK I just post it on McCain is he FaceBook is Eric remarks about ex parks. KM music even in the stock market you wanna know you were maximizing the profit from your home sale you need an expert to guide your. Did you have your house for sale last year and didn't sell for whatever reason chipped one and helps people like you all the time. Chip went in with when in real estate experts of Keller Williams guarantees to sell your home at a price and a deadline. That you agree to where nobody listened to what happened to Dave when he hired chipped and so was home know to impart. Chips marketing expertise and long list of qualified buyers produced in just 48 hours 48 shillings and six offers. He was thrilled. When chip sold his home for 151000. Dollars. Over the asking price call the only agent endorsed by Barbara Corcoran a shark tank. And I tell you this if I needed to buy or sell a home chip is the only guy I would call. Chip when it today at 8668725556. 8668725556. Online Casey guarantee dot com. That's Casey guarantee dot com and start packing. It's. Yeah dozens homeless yeah. You can get in this. Yeah. It's. For here from Kansas City Star. You did your research shopped around and you finally found what you want it online and a few days it will be yours. The tracking website says it's been delivered but it's not they're. Maybe it's been stolen. It's easy for so called porch pirates. To snatch packages from your front dorm or apartment building stoop and amid the rise of online retail giants like Amazon package that is in the spotlight. Federal postal officials don't release reports on how many packages were stolen every year but according to shore packaging corporation 30%. Of those service. Have had a package stolen. Packages were stolen from about eleven million homeowners. Last year alone that's why does bring cameras are so popular right now but just as online shopping brought porch pirates in the forefront. Tech companies and shippers have been coming up with solutions to combat some would use tech to fight the very issue. Other solutions are simpler. The key is to avoid leaving packages on the porch unattended. Kevin LaBranche for example. Was at a downtown loft building in Kansas City and luckily was home when his new iPhone arrived and he got a notification members. Says LaBranche and been home an 800 dollar phone would have sat down on the front porch for several hours. Yeah it. 74% of packages arrived all your work. Clue who knew what they're talking about. Is some sort of way to let Amazon into your home. We talked about that. Where they would have some type of access or passages to put her right inside the front door. I think if you live by yourself you're not home. And your trusty. You know UPS or post a guy has your access code just to put the package and put it up back. Dogs fences time. All of that stuff leaves you don't know what what I have read the most about this type of theft. Is that you just simply have to stop. Having Amazon delivered here to war. What you do is you delivery where you are is what they say. Deliver your stuff where you are not your or your not so delivery to your office. And a lot of these places an accurate here's an example. I went online and bot. A golf club last week it said it was going to ship in four days maybe five days. But a lot of times you don't get a specific like this is going to be here at 2 PM kind of heads up I did go online I attracted. You know announce leaving here now it's and one next. Then it should arrive by five so I said the kids I'd really like to be home right it had to grab that form and they were they did that was fine. With Amazon it's usually will be there tomorrow correct but I get a book it usually is there that it's at my door the next deputy to prime. So little it's a little bit easier to track packages if it's if it's Amazon. Do I want someone having access to the inside of my house there's just no way in talent that's got nine. So images rights. I worked for Amazon flax. Guy we deliver the packages in our personal car as you would be amazed how many people. Leave us their garage codes so we can put the packages inside the garage. And I trust this person right again I do. The problem is what happens is and the wind you get a delivery person who two months down the road loses their job. Had a spotty employment history prior. Still remembers that garage kind of ease you're going to end. Remember it right to do I think it current Amazon employees gonna go rifles your house is telling yourself no wanna. I I just don't. Think that that would happen. I think you like your job you're doing your job to knock him in the business of stealing from people that's going to lead to the end of George op. And movers and I was a mover I like my job but there was always this fear that we were gonna steal stuff. On the part of the company each with no we've shippers follows hole with the council on please. So usually I would like your craps not that great did all the earlier diamond wedding rings for us. You know wearing that would you give from people would give Kara someone Europe code to get in your house. Home to have would neither error. And I sure nicer if you're listening in your delivery person I'm sure you Lar. I wouldn't of getting one serial killer employee that kills animals on the side like now oil is not a little weird. 5767798. When you let somebody have access to your home. Just so you don't get your package stolen. Amazon's flirting with the idea. In this guy writes and he works for Amazon flax and nor do at home that is but apparently they're like courier service. He uses people give them their garage codes all the time. 5767798. To the news or Kara marks. President trump gives Missouri's Josh holly a ringing endorsement this afternoon mourn axed. Want zero dollars down zero dollars a month with zero hassle it is time for you to visit my friends at Volkswagen of Lee's summit. Head and for their no nonsense nothing sale. Zeroed down delivers any new Volkswagen even the 2019 Janet I took that on a test drive a couple of weeks ago I love it. It has Bose speakers inside. The car. Amazing sound system appear in two you know right around town bumping around your music it sounds good. But the warranty on that thing is even better the warranty on the 2019 Jetta is incredible in fact. All of the new VW 28 teens and up at VW Lee's summit Abbott is six years or 72000. Miles. It is a transferable. 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Chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm 20% shot well south of the guys have any court or so it seems as to be before sunrise otherwise the day itself with the very. Hot and dry. 93 the high with a partly cloudy sky and Thursday 95 on Friday but feeling like those mid to upper ninety's was to be as gusty as 25 miles an hour both Thursday and Friday. From John Romano first Wheeler chief meteorologist Bryan Busby and I am easy whether. It's eighty wondering are KC I 83 downtown eighty forehead your official weather station the radio dot com app is the official who homeless KM BZ delegate today listen to us any time anywhere. Caremark certainly is 981 KM BZ. My 767798. Aaron yeah Iran in Kansas City. I don't do well for an thank. I personally would not let anybody my house that delivered I would not oh I'd I'd work it whole foods which is owned by our. On the plaza and we'd just recently started called Amazon lockers where you have any package we want the liver Baird whenever you. When I've seen a couple of people right in on the tax on about this. Whole foods and you said is yours is downtown. They also apparently do it awaits an Overland Park what is the benefit for whole foods is just giving you in this store yeah. And that and you know Amazon owned altered so. If I did not know. Well but air on this is how this is what the way I look at it if I go to the whole thing is this gonna pick in my book on the way home from Amazon. You know while I'm there I'm definitely gonna get some bread for a gallon of milk. Bring in the all of it really is our. And ginger package. Ex call Iran let's go to Jesse in independence Jesse. Dario doing we're doing well meant thank you for. Where all our guys great show our great job opening our cute and letting us. Thank you for less Persian. I worked for a large satellite TV company that also does all the border war and the pot and bosh all the other company. And the Amazon. Started actually already this year in and that he market. So whether or not it actually need depend on the people and they appear. In the it's called and look on cheap. And when you have to be a crime member. All like we're. It runs they were due 99 to install. And then small and you'll be added that whenever all of it and you to a lot. That's why I enabled. And that you and a camera called entry way and by all all your work. They are being your camera on child only. So when the delivery drivers showed that they don't have extraordinary thing to happen wage on the door through their slippery. So they don't and who lives there what. Any of that stuff it's a. Actually the deliberate and then when it wants the door and you get all you can watch. While they that that packets out all. Also records the bead on Emma arbor for thirty days or more. Have a machine that you saw all. They can go back and beat you can look at it. McCain. Granted it's on camera. But but they're given some sort of an access to your home is that what I understand you there. Give it access cheap entry way and they are allowed to move. More and be in the doorway at all part of the agreement that. How are you winning and got their leaning in and I it's all kinds fine but how do you ensure that they don't have. Access following dropping off the package. As far oh back is because they don't have an actual acting coach your all. There delivery system they get temporary ability to unlock and lock the liberty the door for Beijing. I guess the only question I would have because that arts and yeah that starts to make sense to me Jesse and if you've got. Your phone is going to be alerted you to watch that I'd drop off the package I guess my only question would be. Argue implementing a more stringent background checks system. For the drivers so that you can say with absolute clarity. We don't have any rapists on our staff it you know I mean even if they put that in the air. As well as the camera. And you were similar I'm Simon it. But I would want to know there's a more stringent. Background check in place. For anyone that hasn't crimes against persons conviction. All but that is here's what bothers me about it let's say that the delivery is made at 430 in the afternoon. Are Terry. Your kids have just come home from school an hour ago and this person has access to your home. And yeah I like where your going with the crimes against people record. A lot of people who commit crimes against people are never caught or convicted. So all of a sudden. It's caught on tape like their ranks in your house is going to be content. OK. And they can't walk him with a ski mask on. All. You know I think the biggest thing they're going to deal and I can you not know what has happened. The biggest thing they're going to end up running into with the system I guarantee it is the accidental. Letting out of your cat or your dog that's it that's going to be the biggest thing. A dog's gonna get out ads were routed getting murdered but you know I mean that's. One of the odds. Spotlight day. Happened to me in the EC if you aren't Amazon delivery driver you are not going to be in the business of murdering your 'cause I didn't wait you're seeing our drivers over drivers wanna take you from eight to be that one right here not for the most part. Drivers are all above pay world we have seen problems here it's for a guy pulls over and says the woman haven't ever driver to come on and NGOs get the vaccine strong. And he's not an over driver he's just saying I am order ever he is a new driver many breaks well. I. I will tell you this I Hoover. Compares. Always. I don't think rumors that repeat. I know who am I that I we can get a sense and I don't know product is on me it only had one. And then kind of over experience and here's why and it I'm sure that I was Salinas a candidate just preface this by saying Hampshire against him in its rumba. He shows up. And I am not. Got left I'm not judging I don't like to think that's why I'm mentioning that. But he did show up in a car. That looks like. Oops that was as bad the minute I got an asthma. We'll have a car doesn't feel the real me. If you say 1985 cutlass supreme no I don't know exactly what you're definitely out nineteen souped up violence dodge has the world man. With extra shocks filthy seats and you know just and apparently sharks rule may and I don't feel good about this I decide. And it is this you won't get me from point eight well. You spam and charged her with. Candy stain what would you do your leaving the idol Richie concert in the spread senator you're a little tipsy. Your friends have decided to stay you gotta get on the kids you Colin Hoover. And it's a white window last man that shows up with a bed mattress and. The worst is the seat missing in the front. Seat got Ted Bundy it. Your. That's why I have that you know did you did you do it yourself on because it will update your GPS. Area suing over to find the dead body where to find you as you were being murdered moved from point a to point me good here's the problem when someone shows up and it ended. Kind of sketchy vehicles and I'm too nice to be like. Oh. Colin. You can't really at that point like yeah managing to vest and a streak came. But I didn't. Or was. Il Astro man. The team Anderson now it was more like. Boxee has room for smaller minivans. Provided yes yes. This went back it up with a I try to make a living what ever like it was little sketchy. And it windows and I'm done it's. It's. Ole white I know it's. It was an old white guys home I'd argue it's too bitter now. Shaking like it's just on his hand can help but reflect ballpoint but. You know when you go to low cost life insurance dot com it. Takes. Seconds handful of seconds. 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Their cars have to be seven years old okay then why I'm going to be honest it was the first thing I thought when I saw the car it's supposed to be Newark ours. These if you are over it's not that you're wanting to project you know. I'm so great and I'm driving a black Mercedes and I'm coming to pick Q you can pay more for that for over. Is uber excerpt verplank Robert Brackett and military and it's not because of that it's because you don't want people riding around thinking your car's gonna break down. Or you don't want and work hard to break down. This became a statistic that's why I think they put. This age limit on the car and I don't know anything about cars it was just it had seen. A lot of miles and better days that's what I remember it a case it was and it got in the car answer okay. That's where you now. Just. To visit Amazon should use a recommend deliver he's reliable go work okay. What is wrong with you'd to honestly. The world is not so bad it's not. Most of the world is calling stop being so scared of the boogie man he does not exist. Listen I get it there any. A very very kind people aren't just not in the business of letting somebody is walking in my house. Sorry. Or does not I am so shocked. That you are taking that viewpoint and not me. We are almost in the Bermuda Triangle of Dan and parts today because this keeps happening. And what is happening. Said this before when a vacation I do not just let people column in the my heels especially people I don't know. If it's the guy with. You know the plumbing company or you know that the guy that did my roof and I had met him over several occasions when I got to know him well. Phone in its kill his parents are coming into the war. But I am not gonna let some guy from Amazon I'm not talking down to people work for Amazon. I'm just saying I'm not going to allow somebody access to my home. It was a handyman who came back and kidnapped Elizabeth Smart. So I know that the boogie man and I completely disagree with the boogie man does not exist that's his faults the boogie man does exist. Now more times than not it looks like a guy next door. But is the world overall a better safer place than we think it is yes just a 199%. Of people again. But to say that the demand doesn't exist that this is. Not true and there's I think opens his paper I think there's a difference between being accepting. And saying. You know I'm not gonna live in cedar I'm not gonna wonder if the guy walking his dog from my house is gonna come kill me like that I don't wanna live like that. But then again I'm also not not even enough. To say. Hey I just ordered a slayer CB would you mind putting it inside my. We have a woman on a jogging trail in Lee would last week and talking to walking jogging. Guy fully dressed on a jogging trail what ever. Kind of comes out of the buses. And she's letting her on channel five reports it's. I. Comes out of loses. And she's let her doctor that hurt his business. And the guy says are nice stock a get my radar. Immediately is a disaster happening to me pressure and he says hey do you know. A someplace I did use the restaurant around here you just did and she again is she says it because she reported this to police. She says and there's a convenience store you know right down the corner. And he starts walking kind of toward her and says anatomy you know where. Where the rest it's right in here he points into the woods she takes off on a dead run this just to create. Six reaper. I'm not saying necessarily he's a homicidal maniac although if I'm on a jogging trail by myself which would never happen. If I wasn't some kind of Twilight Zone and was an eight. By myself on a jogging trail. Nothing is scarier than the random loan we are now stepping out of the woods dressed in jeans and a teacher. Like I'm just gonna start running room. Which underdog. Had seen my dog. Where your dog can't walk or I'm just saying if you have a dog that doesn't nest is are you mean I mean. You know the man that was shot all killed OK on the trail over via. 130 state line has. I know what I'm saying is some. Weirdo and weirdo so I'm like you. Coming out of the woods would be less inclined to bother woman if she had it absorbs if she had a certain type of dobbs bigger yeah it's a big. We've got a little. V show on today cream kick that thing like full details. But you're right I was just trying to clarify if you have a large protective dog maybe. You will never find me on a jogging trail alone market down never going to happen. Ever. Which Google form alleges were assured that says please come kidnap me. You have a shirt that says please come and sit. Would you get fat target. There and what you're jogging on the jogging trail alone. I've done before. But he wanted to erase it usually take my phone with me. All headphones on note that I don't okay. That you lost your mind it was and it sounds so when you're being attacked you wanna hear the attack I attack were coming yeah yeah. Please something that. Just says don't I haven't done it's ahead of me that's it you know to stop don't mega life is more valuable now because you got to beat tiger jargon I'm its. And I'll get your treadmill you it's good a job well it was it was to let children now what are. Newsroom Caremark would meet. Happening now and K and easy Kansas City trying to polish up it's a World Cup and more next. Writer. Or kriegel messed diamonds for and it's eleven buddies to you as a matter of fact between Steve and Scott they have more than. Think like seventy years combined experience buying and selling hundreds of millions of dollars. In fine jewelry all over the world. I laughed because. When I say they know every trick in the book that is true they used to supply. Fine jewelry to all of the big name shall resource around town that's what they used to do. 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