The president sits down with school shooting survivors. Let's talk compromise.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, February 21st

It's all on the table toady:   Arming teachers who choose to be armed,  age limit on purchases, data base of mental health patients, fortifying our schools.



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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. Yeah I did silver Mercury. Interesting yeah flat. What famous rock star also died on the same day as Freddie Mercury in 1991. And one hour. It was kind of it was kind of a Farrah Fawcett Michael Jackson thing where Freddie Mercury. Was the bigger started dying and so it people forget for Fawcett died on the same day as Michael Jackson yeah in fact died before him. But as soon as Michael Jackson died or Bradford up for Fawcett died. There was another big rock star that died the same day as Freddie Mercury. And it was swept under the rug because Freddie Mercury died one of America's. Are the world's biggest rock stars. Whose Eric Carr the drummer of kiss. He died the same days for Mercury that. Worthless information. What do you have before reserve talking Americans and it kids. Com well Stanton and not a lot you have to keep. I just went and it were you watching some of the sound. It's at that's what I've been doing for the last half hours just watching it's horrible it's horrible and one of the things I want to tell everyone before. We played the clip we're about to play. Was one of the dads. And I'm trying to track down he lost his daughter and I'm trying to track down which dad is. Speaking here Internet Meghann Isaac hurry and his daughter is Megan. It was a New York are you a little bit of a New York accent and and he'd just passionately spoke to this president as you would as a father and I want to remind everyone. When you listen to this he's wearing an American flag pin. And he just said. What I income before the break this is an American problem is not a democratic problem it's not a Republican problem. This is a uniquely American problem we have failed these kids. And I just think it's important to remember. That half of the people in Florida who were affected by the shooting statistically Scott half of those parents. Are going to be Republicans. It this knows no this knows no political affiliation. When you are burying your child I said from day one that this is not a Republican or Democrat thing we know statistically we're such a divided country. Half of the parents bearing their kids in there statistically they are Republican. Mom's and dad's which is fine but many of them may have voted for ten and I don't know whether Megan's dad. Leans one way or the other and telling you when your burying your kid it does not matter. And I went out we recorded the audio Scott under park when data I would like I. Played in just a minute but he the president though is listening to a final. Person in the room. But has taken the microphone and held it to his mouth for just the second look like he was about to address the group if the president does start speaking. We would be foolish not to take with the president passed sent. But he took the microphone after one of bunkers have been speaking. Took the microphone held it was our our rob Pratt looks like the president is. Well he started talking and then another parent stars talk. I'm so let's get some calls and you'll play the dad here in a minute but it's two minutes long it's very impassioned it's very good. But I don't wanna have to erupt him to go to the president may go back to amateur would be disrespectful awkward. So we'll take a couple calls. When the president does speak and looks like he's about to. And let me paint this picture for you from day. Just see it happening in mind he's not in the Oval Office it looks like he's in one of the downstairs dining rooms if you've ever been in the White House. And he is sitting in front of a fireplace the president. In a wooden chair there are. Young people on both sides sitting in chairs and then there's a crowd. That of people who have either lost loved ones in school shootings or people who were there. During a school shooting and they are sitting in seats in front of the president. I would guess four rows deep. 5767798. Philip in concordia hello Phillip and take it up and and forgive me if I have to ruptured the president starts to Coca. Number talk fast I got. We didn't have a president that recognizes. That this is a middle hill issue any barricade all the convincing congress of this issue. No as a book or in fact that. I had to do to put shuttle is on your vision but here's the president and a lot of them and a lot of them have closed they've closed. As some people thought it was a stigma that some people thought frankly it was. They legislators that it was too expensive. Today if you catch somebody they don't know what to do them hasn't committed the crime but he may very well. And there's no mental institution there's no place to bring them. And we have that a lot even if they caught. This person I'm being nice what I used the word person. They probably wouldn't have known what to do that I'm gonna put him in jail and yet so there's no that middle ground of having that institution where you had trained people. That could handle it and do something about it and find out how sick he really is Christie is a sick guy. Then he should have been nabbed a number of times. Frankly in Europe concept in your idea about scope concealed carry. And it's it only works where you have people very adept at using firearms of which you have many. And it would be teachers and coaches have to coach had a firearm in his locker when he ran. At this guy coaches very brave. Saved a lot of lives a suspect. But if he had a fire army would matter runny would've shot and that would have been the end of that. And this would only be obviously for people that are very adept. At handling and gun. And it would be it's called concealed carry. Where a teacher would have a concealed gun on them they go for special training. And they would. Beat there and you would no longer have a gun free zone countries down to a maniac. Because they're all cowards. A gun free zone is let's go and analysts attack because bullets aren't coming back at us. And if you. If you do this and a lot of people are talking about it and certainly a point that will discuss. But concealed carry for teachers and for. People of talent of that type of talent so let's say you had 20% of pure teaching force because that's pretty much the number. And you said it. An attack has lasted. On average. About three minutes. It takes five to eight minutes. For responders for the police to comment so the attack is self. If you had a teacher with who was adept at firearms. They could very well and he attacked very quickly and the good thing about the suggestion like that and we're going to be looking at a very strongly and I think a lot of people going to be opposed to what I think a lot of people are gonna like it. But the good thing is that you'll have a lot of people with that you know you can't have. A hundred. The security guards and Stoneman Douglas and it's a big school it's a massive school with. With a lot of acreage to cover a lot of floor area and so that would be certainly a situation that is being discussed a lot by a lot of people. You have a lot of people that be armed and be ready they're professionals it may be Marines. That left the Marines left the army left the air force. And a very adept. At doing them that you have a lot of them and they'd be spread evenly throughout the school. So. The other thing I really believe that if these cowards knew that that was that the school was. You know well guarded from the standpoint of having. Pretty much professionals with great training. I think they wouldn't go into the school to start off with I think it could very well solve your problem. So will be doing the background checks will be doing. Lot of different things but we'll certainly be looking at ideas like that. You know a lot of people don't understand that airline pilots now a lot of them carry guns. And I have to say. That things have changed a lot. People aren't attack in the way they would route to look at routinely attack. And maybe you have the same situation in schools so does anybody like Q that idea here does anybody like it. Right yes her meadow view beautiful meadow. He talked about that. And do people feel strongly against that anybody anybody strongly against god I've and I can look we can understand both sides now. And certainly is controversial but will study that along with many other ideas anybody else something to say yes go ahead. Her. That is president Donald Trump addressing the survivors. And remembers of people primarily from Parkland but certainly not exclusively. Who have been affected by school violence to open concordia a bigger part of thank you for a allowing us to jump to the president. Actually by all means. A gun free zones that's the key right there at the grown and there are at least. When you don't lock blade but now it's came out with the old war that school. They were not shield they were all of bill. We didn't you know on the oldest guys in the small forward. 2000 population we we all wedge shot loans that were problems gave us two rifles. But you know we'd get him home all the more it would walk on the west although we. While the dollar to 95 change it's important to Schulze who ought to apology. When I walked it illustrates. There was there was an Opel health issues and I believe we have for a unit that will address. Indian insult. Convinced congress. To insult. I will tell you this fill out. President from. Will be. A national. Hero. This is a need. Saying this and I'm sober. But he could. BA national hero if he fixed this he is the most unlikely to meet person to fix it. If he fixes this I don't even know huge that he understands. And this isn't about politics to me but in Washington it always says. I don't even know that he understands how powerful. That will be. Because this is an issue that transcends. Politics. If you are a family member or a victim of one of these shootings he will have the admiration of everyone. If he can fix. Well and it's hard to put your finger on how do you fix. But if we can at least take one step forward. What we have is not working. Clearly. Ann Arbor and everybody knows that now the solution some people would say mental help some people would say gun control. Maybe god forbid it's a combination of the two. I I like what the president has said today. Talking about banning bonds stocks there is no reason in America. Coming from a gun owner there is no reason in America that we should allow bonds stocks period. Track most of us didn't even know ball what bombs stocks were until Las Vegas. 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Spoke at the president's listening session and I applaud by the way and a lot of you. Right NC or things prison does the don't. And I applaud him for what he's doing today now. The future will tell if anything comes of this. Clearly what we're doing right now isn't working. That's not to say we just about anything. But the president is quietly. Sitting down and listening to people talk to him. About guns in school and miss. Father spoke just moments ago. And he lost his daughter one week ago today in Parkland Florida. Or that school shootings. Turn it doesn't accept fix it should have been one school shooting and we showed up. And pitch. That's my door unlocked. Good to see you again. He's not yet she's not it. My daughter has no voice. She was murdered last week actions taken. Shot nine times on the third floor. We as a country fail like children. They shouldn't have. We go to the airport. I can't get on a plane went up the bottled water but we leave. Some apple could walk into the school and shoot up children. So it's just not right and he could come together as a country. And work on want to walk and that's protecting our children. In the schools. That's the only. And come together. And not think about it will need to come together as a country not different parties and figure out how we protect the school. It's it's simple. It's not typical we protect. Airports. We protect concerts. Stadiums. Embassy is. The Department of Education that I wore it today that as a security guard and that elevated. I think that makes me feel in the elevator they got security. I'm very angry that this happened but he keeps happened. 9/11 happened wants and they fix everything. How many schools how many children have to get shot. It stops here with this administration had me if I'm not gonna I'm honestly. Until it's fixed. And Mr. President. We're gonna fix it. That I'm gonna I'm gonna that. I'm not in Iraq. Mean. I believe him and I believe him. There was a security guard on the elevator once he had already been through security to get in the building how do you think that makes me feel. What a quote by some 67798. Was Brian and Brandon the others hang tight colonel coming up. The first of the news or Kara marks president is talking to students and parents affected by school shootings this afternoon we'll have more next. Like I know it and feel like it today but spring will be here before you know it's time to start thinking about your deck your driveway garage floor. Seal wants Casey is here to permanently protected beautify all of those areas let their experience team. Come out to your house. And clean instill any wood or concrete surface that got that clear penetrating permanent sealant. Who he wants to think about the cost of replacing your deck your driver your patio seal wants Casey eliminates those worries. And you know they offer a 25 year warranty against deterioration. 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And staff meteorologists at different era more Katie NBC weather. Sony casing guides 28 in only had 28 right now in your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ and KM BZ in dot com. So you thank you can okay. M okay. Lose yeah okay. King tin ring. The whole. Zoom ring. So now. From me. Sierra. John. And you know. We can get it done debate but I don't know how you can but I do wanna share with you this is the wall that were all up against because I do think. That there is room for compromise from both sides. In this regard. But sometimes I'm reminded about what we're up against. When I read some of attacks on nine to 686 writes to me. Within the last seven minutes Scott. Back up your ridiculous statement. About thirty round magazines and tell us what you ban after the next shooting that uses multiple ten round magazines. To which I wrote back tell me why you need a thirty round magazine. This person writes back and a 686 very simple. More rounds is better for defense and no I'm not talking about honing if you enjoyed being at a disadvantage rolling over to a booed on your throat then that's your problem. To which I roll back give me a break to use your logic why can't just defend yourself by keep loading and round magazines. Same difference. Right. You know hunter was shot and killed by a fellow hunter was a narrative father of two. And I don't wanna get into. A pissing match with the lowest common denominator on the tax on a non interest in doing that today. I think the president has done a great thing today you'll rarely hear me. Agree with that man. But I think he is at least willing to open up a dialogue and maybe the reasons are political quite frankly I don't care. Because what we are doing isn't working. And one of the last things the president. Said before he thanked everybody and hugged some of the survivors. Was that the world is watching we heard what you had to say today the world is watching and we are going to try. To come up with a way to address this problem he mentioned. Arming. Staff members teachers with concealed carry weapons. Not I've got to go run to a lock box and take six minutes to pull it out and then go find the gunman but actually arming. Teachers with and training them with concealed carry please would obviously be teachers who voluntarily. Want to be armed and believe it or not sky. I don't ever think more guns is the answer. We have failed so completely. Both four we get to the point where someone walks and and opens fire in a school. I just want people doing knowledge. That arming teachers is. One option on the table certainly but please acknowledge that by the time a teacher would need to defend the students. Because someone is coming in hell bent on doing harm by the time that happens we have already failed again and again and again. That we have a kid coming in with a gun to kill someone this. Arming the teachers would be a last resort when the worst thing happens and I'm not. Opposed to correct me if I'm wrong. Teachers in one town in Ohio. Was counting started signing up. To learn. How to be responsible consider Kerry folks this week that was it today. Yes they are they are starting in Ohio today and it's in one county. Offering this to their teachers now we've heard from teachers all week who say blank that. That I I don't sign up to be your kids babysit her here you know conflict. Manager all these things and now you want it to be a swat. Team member and which which is an unfair argument because I also save each teacher we don't pay them enough to put up with what definitely teachers also don't sign up to be somebody else's target practice and teachers were killed him this week and are less teachers were killed. To their dying breaths got protecting those kids and they were kill old. Because they were able to defend themselves let me read you though just briefly from an op Ed in today's Wall Street Journal. This argument that what Morgan's will lead to more violence not necessarily true. That's not always true when we read this is from John Carlson. Who is a radio. Talk show host in Seattle time. Let's begin with the statistic. The number of guns in America rose nearly 50%. Between 1993. And 2013. The number of guns increased 50%. During that same period gun homicides. Fell 50%. The notion that more guns mean more crime is simplistic but it is balls here's the other thing in this is critical. University of Chicago's starting. A University of Chicago study. Found that only 3%. Of crime gun related crimes committed in Chicago were committed with a legally purchased. Guns racked northern getting them I read another Rory conscious it's not to straw purchases. For anyone who likes to use the argument look at Chicago and how well those laws are working. There's a rape article and I will I will go find it for you and post a four year. That they have traced the percentage. Of homicide related weapons in that city. You wanna know where it they're not from Illinois they're from Indiana and because apparently if you live right on that state line like we do here in Kansas and Missouri him. Yes the gun laws are tough in Chicago the problem is these people are walking across the state line. Buying their guns in Indiana either legally or illegally I don't know and crossing back over in using those weapons. In crimes and so in this article Scott they were making the argument that. You can't just blanket please point to Chicago as a failure. Because there are other things like with all statistics. In play when you look at those numbers. I would consider. A proposal on the table to. Armed teachers who volunteer. Who are comfortable in the role relative it's not going to stop all of the shootings I don't think. But if it could it save some eyes of this Saturday what is the last victim could have been saved. If the coach say had a weapon because he was security guard him. A security guard with no building just cure and correct. I am willing to have that conversation. I don't think it's the only thing. We need to look at and into the president's credit he said everything's on the table we need to look at mental health the DD funding of mental health. Where you take these kids we need to look at social media we need to look at guns from. And we need to look at arming. Teachers. I would only point out you dinner and this is why I am in favor of arming teachers teachers that we want to BR OK you can't force somebody to have a gun in school. But look at all of the targets. Of the mass shootings that we have seen over the last few years. All right. A nightclub. A concert. Schools. And church. What do they all four have been common. You would make the argument that those were gun free zone no guns allowed I would make the argument that there were armed Americans at the scene of the Gabby Giffords shooting and one of them almost shot the wrong guy. And so. I understand what you're saying about gun free zones do I think we will and should. Continue to have those zones the courthouse. The put his total when you don't to a courthouse you have to go through metal detector. I think we should have that discussion to an hour news articles I'd be curious and I know we got to get some calls and listening to you were going to even just ten seconds. I would be curious for study of all the school shootings that have occurred say in the last ten years shore in the United States. How many occurred in schools. Where there was a school resource officer and a police car parked out front and I would bet the answer is zero. Ask I am almost positive there was he beat him because column nine but the problem is there's only one. The problem is that there's only one. In a school campus the size of Parkland with all of those buildings six different building just it's not yes not an effective way to protect well and I would I would make the argument you should never build a high schools six separate buildings. For that matter what do we say about colleges I don't I don't know that I agree with that listen Graham you hello listen. Yeah hi how you got I love you and Dana your kids your web that contagious. I'll assure our moneys that haven't been using it a lot this week the bank. Ultimately they my opening stepfather said to president trumps everything that equity let. And. The first one minute ago that it says social media that the pumping it nobody anywhere is talk about social media. Every one of these people have laughed at how they wanna kill. They have the bath they have all the time state based on social media power on their their at bats and everything else and that didn't do background checks. They need to include checking all social media outlet. That's where they will pull out their true feelings. I agree analysts ahead everyone does their job in this case I think. You know we cannot. Diminish the failed year. Of authorities in this case to see those red flags and had to act upon them when they were told him talk about the FBI. Let me ask you this Scott while we're in the mood to compromise. I have said I will listen. To concealed carry in schools that are. I think it is unconscionable. That at the age of eighteen you can by the weapon that this young man purchased. He can't legally drink he he could go to war and use a similar weapon. I think is unconscionable at age eighteen we are allowing that kind of firepower. To be handed over to a very young adult. That is always bothered me. And I know you would say the drinking age should probably be lowered future you know maybe we'd try a states. Gun age to highway funding like they did with. And the speaker. I don't now. About this idea. I'm the only compromise with the as you allow us to have two armed teachers that want to be armed. Forcing any teacher to be armed. But I guarantee you a school shooters would be less inclined to go into a school if they knew that there was a threat that they were gonna be shot in return. All give you. In exchange for allowing teachers to be armed and I go through proper training and are certified. I'll give up bonds stocks. And thirty round magazines. And I don't think you should be able to self report on a piece of paper whether or not your crazy. What are you hearing him in return asked me am I crazy. I'm New Yorkers now no I'm not I just checked in a box can be done. You should not be allowed to self report. Or criminal or mental health history. Period when this group that one but then what do you do is gonna go yeah I'm greatness and don't what do you do to see a psychiatrist before you by Egon. I don't want I mean come on. I want doctor shopper pills yet can't doctor shopper a pass to go by go on I want to point to a law. I know are against the break but I had no idea this existed people and I'm telling you Scott and I do nothing to read the news 24 cent and that's all we do. We are consumers of news for you. I had no idea there are two states we talked about this the other day what he gonna do make psychiatrist helped police that there. Patient load looks like this there are two states that are already doing it and I was stunned to read that the other day where they are telling mental health professionals. If you have someone with this criteria. You buy long have to turn that information over. So they will be included in a database and not be allowed to purchase a weapon. Encrypt I'm era are noted that I'm group that. And I'm sorry you are you're not if you arguing history of mental help you guys I'm sorry but I guess somebody's going to have to agree. That if we all wanna say this is a mental health issue somebody's going to have to agree. We have to do something about those who are mentally ill who are purchasing weapons so this is. How about this most mentally ill people who shoot. These places wanna be shot or suicide what makes you think don't care if they are shot. For the very reason that this very mentally ill shooter took this candlelight agreed to to confess in exchange that he doesn't get the death penalty here's that. That he is petrified to die Scott he said I confess that I want to death penalty taken off the tip screw. Yea he's patent and you know. Decide. Whether or not. The state brings the death penalty against him by 57676. Sale last week if you need to power wind. Policy in thousands on what does that pointing your sit in the dark hair like lips powers out call CMOs and so they are in the business of selling servicing and supplying. If generator a general wrecked homes standby generator for for by the way. 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Why is that we still have opened the worse to where people could just come and go into. They expect you to come into the office check you and that we're talking about people coming and try to kill people are not rejected the office for the crew on the ramp. Sure you know I waited yeah Brian I think Reid say walking is buildings is important you're absolutely right. Avaya we have so much that you could have borders electrically law. And you've they've ever been gone a long ways of somebody walking up to lose the war in. They've got assault rifle is very simple to see that assault rifle is not coming in and I do believe it would be president says like that saw it. And I I think to say that they have that first of epic I arguably Obama actually agree with you that. I think that this was a good idea. But it. I was ashamed. We have and we have teachers. That do and say well I'm not there there. To protect those children also. I understand you saying I think that's not what they were saying I think the teacher who wrote and said we don't get paid enough for that blank and I. Agree we don't pay teachers enough with all the things they do Scott and all of the things that they put up with day today. To also then say hey by the way if the gunman comes in your on your own because we can't figure this out. Well they and that's what I think they were saying well let's go well that's not what their saying that teachers with a great hypocrisy is though from that teacher that rodeo. Who says I'm not paid to protect your kids now you want it to be is he'll teams six New York now at a marks that's unfair. That's the same teacher who would tell you that if there was an active shooter in the school they would lay on top of these children to protect them of course that it. Well then don't tell me your job is not to protect the kids. I think there are teachers who are frustrated. And I agree with their I understand their frustration Scott because we do not pay them enough. To also not have any sense of security when they go into work every day it is hypocritical. To complain about a lack of sense of security. And then say that you don't want that very security that the government is thinking about allowing you to ask it is hypocritical. To say that you were not paid to protect children but then you would cover that very child with your own body and take a bullet it is hypocritical. To suggest. That your job is not to protect kids when you would do that very saying if it's given the opportunity or forced to take that opportunity. And I understand parents hurt. Check that teachers don't feel like they're paid enough nobody ever feels like they're paid enough for the job they do. I understand but dammit if I'm a teacher in high school in America. And there is an active shooter on the property god give me the opportunity to protect myself. Instead of becoming target practice or for some alluded to but I also NAR anti someone's things got really. Now you want me to be we're not saying at hand here and say now no sane is and we want to raise you the opportunity. The legal opportunity. To protect yourself and your children. One of the thing I wanna say to Brian and this is something so sad that we're even talking about this but it it would theoretically work and Karen this has to do with building safety. My mother asked me the other day do most classroom doors. Open in. Or do they opened out. I want everyone to think about that Astor kits would you go to class and the teacher shut that door does the door opened in or out and here's why I ask. The Jordan needs to open. Toward. Those kids to or to the classroom and here's why. With a simple rubber. Stopper. The little triangles shoe worn looking rubber stopper. Teachers are starting to take those into class Kara. 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