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Tuesday, October 17th

Dana actually has no idea what this hour was about...can't remember.   Putting her in charge of the podcast probably wasn't the greatest idea.


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Listening to the date in parks podcast world day's high pressure firmly in place or even in dry. And we do have a gradual climb in temperatures in the forecast wet weather returning as are heading into the weekend. Fair weather for the rest of today entry tonight sir highland seventy's at overnight low into the upper forties. Mostly sunny for tomorrow the highly seventies again and and some mid to upper seventies back in here for Thursday and Friday and murky and tried. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more key NBC whether it's 69 now at the airport rollicking and seventy and only the 69 and your official winter station. Do you remember those green beans spinach products and technologies as. I'm from before he says. It's tradition did it. I just out from October 15 so two days ago. I sought and a story I had. And paper would print it. And I looked it up on Twitter. I didn't go to her official account Monica Lewinsky has put out a tweet that says hash tag me too. Making and she thanked Q and here's the under what circumstances she has been assaulted or higher notes are no right now which is not really. Really. Is it so hard for you to hear this man is a monster. It. Dale. Bob Dole and Bill Clinton you know he is a predator. You know Bob Weinstein the borrower. Her Bernstein. Is now accused of sexual. Rest as was Bill Clinton several times they're going to it was actually used to having police officers. Stand guard for him. While he assaulted women in the backseat of a cop cars and auto. Saying. Debit you seem to be fine with. It and it. That group but that's okay because that was bill he's a cool. That me and Israel war old mile and start. Agree it is amazing about this whole story about Harvey Weinstein and now they're saying Bob Weinstein yes. Is being allegedly accuse him being accused of allegedly. During the same kinds of things. We are peeling back. The curtain. On this wizard. And we're finding out that the very people who talked a good game. Are the very people who break the rules of that game every chance they get and I need not remind you Dana as you pointed out to me yesterday we were sitting here during commercial break. They put up on CNN or MSNBC. The pictures. Members this yesterday on old women. That have accused party lines like I think almost forty I remember you can sit here just read in the paper. And I look up and Dana is pointing at the TV and she goes oh my caught. I mean it was row after row after row of women. Who have now come forward and accuse Harvey Weinstein. And a lot of very big names poll. Reese Witherspoon I don't know if it was harder once in or not she came out this morning she was sixteen years old sixteen years old I mean. I'm telling you if my daughter came demands that are really wanted to huh what I wanna make it Hollywood I would say. Honey. I'm gonna have to go with you for every meeting for every. Consultation. It's it's apparently rampant and I don't want it will of course it is. What happened out there. Well I didn't realize it was this bad to this extent to what what I think though. And I love to point out hypocrisy because it's so. Farm. Calm. And not I don't mean that in me in this case put them pointing out hypocrisy to me is export. And to watch. Hollywood over the years be considered this Mecca. Of liberal fought loving illusion yeah. Of of when those rights of women's right women's rights will open minded. No we we are better than that Tom Hicks in rural America. Work work the Hollywood. Leaked. We we are what's right in America and you are what is so very very wrong. To find out that they were literally. A cesspool. The women in Diggnation. You say war. Exactly well one would hope now that this is still out in the open. The men who were making it a sport to prey on these women. Will think twice I hope they all Weinstein is now a verb. I don't I think it'll last for six months and then go back exactly doing out so he's been that way so that's. So in the beginning with his soon as I heard about the story I I was like this is all full. Are we surprised. We've been hearing these stories since the days of silent film. Iraq. Speaking of creepy carriage house got what you found because like okay is so funny he they're selling the image products. From Chucky cheese German giant mouse and then be freely. I think it would plaguing the band's instruments on the stage Chucky cheese yet they're selling them because kids these days don't wanna be freaked out. Like we don't Wear. I so mechanical and mechanical. Three. Freaked me. Oh like you owe miles through small rod and gun and I hope one in the air over there by the dining room. Like you'll run into our basement and it starts clapping and. That's children across the world were traumatized every time to check it wasn't a PGA's I was Billy Bob's pizza. Bought and had Chucky cheese we were Billy Bob's in speak and and to this day I remember my younger brother Christopher Pickett MP could very. Likely. We begin the brand and a trademark. And how old mark. It was one of the names of that. There was and its parent wasn't 7-Eleven it was a six it and it was 306. Into John. Who who. And there was that creepy drummer and the symbols player. Well they'll have the same band. Show is. A war Chucky G show. Whatever that tell you anecdotally it showed it. You like my costume I'm dressed as a pirate. Anyway I want to yeah she is that's while now probably is now again. That would Texas we remember that we have mr. Geddes pizza. Was like a big arcade death. Pizza. Now did you have Billy Bob something showbiz I'm telling you before it was showbiz it was Billy Bob's pizza I. Well because I birthday party there and I've never gotten over. And that night they key is it's dot and you know the lights would go down. Around curtains don't freak meet without then. The big bear and overalls with one guy that didn't work. What is it like an inside weapon back there yeah. It. One night didn't work. Force and its coach coal. Com. Seen it isn't. No matter is important. And it is really trying to. Who I would date it was totally Billy Bob's pizza and the guerrillas scared me to death. You could all be there the parents can drink beer. Do you let the waigel and the only way you got let's look alcohol and that for well next would you go there sober. That's probably true. So why giving the animate try it they say is that kids are freaking out so is Chucky she's going out of business. And he's he's doing fine. It's than. The kids Earl weird and out of it and I by the animals. Kids always been weeded out by the animals. I think this is outdated yeah yeah I mean look at that video games now and and the crap the kids having their tablets that don't wanna see that they're. I'm sure they're gonna put in a bagel flat screen out. And having animated stuff out there. What's the name of that arcade that we need to go to downtown com up there and all else it's just called up down to toss out it is awesome. Any relief we need to make them like next Saturday get a greater. It would it was fun to dump you around that no I was I saw the pictures usual amazing bail and thank you now you Selma area. We we remember. It. We. Yes do it like Gallagher. All of them all it all the old and yet I am Troy on Gallagher Star Wars they have all that stuff and it and an order and and the upstairs as a bunch of awesome and they had a kiss pinball machine. Yes they do they did not yes you know what I wanna play. Donkey Kong how they got it but I love to Donkey Kong until it broke three barrels wants to know jump over three barrels. Under yes or. Dad had Rampage all the silly games and all that race and Angeles it's a little history. Some of the crowd and they sell like the truly an artichoke pizza and the problem is that it's August broader mayor we're going to be for like is that all the old games are there. Where you. And. And you and that was his hair. And you've you work hard and on the road and you land culinary. We herself ball. And go back in time. Seal once Casey came up to my house permanently power washed sealed and protected. Our driveway that thing had been taxed in thirty years it was time we were overdue. Yeah the thing comes with a 25 year warranty. Against deterioration the about all of your cracked and stained concrete surfaces your garage for your patio your pool deck. Any indoor or outdoor concrete surface. Get on the schedule now with seal once Casey before winter gets here and get those areas permanently sealed and protected. Mentioned date that you're still gonna get 20%. Off remember. Was sealed once used sealant and for yet. Go to seal once Casey dot com. Or call 8169423927. For your free estimate 816942. 3927. Or sealed once Casey dot com. Podcast let's but now and here. And you're listening to date in parts podcasts on KM BZ. Steve. And Santa. C. He's not here. So Obama. One yes. Greater than I didn't see until just now. Bill Grady goes in he's very into Irish history and stuff and some lasting great. Bills the only person I know who can go to Ireland on vacation but one week they get a one in 100 year. It shows wrote to me Dublin's a ghost. There's lots of them which. Was his Harvard. He honest to god man. He loves all things are. I arrived they have Pacman ms. Pacman add up down. But it. Did you hear where OJ Simpson headed after his release. He is in Vegas mingling with the worst things worse he's supposed to go we can't leave the state. Looks like OJ's still got game and incredibly some women are still willing to play along the recently rolled Simpson swapping his prison jumpsuit. For a white dress shirt and black pants. Was spied chatting up the trio of women at a Las Vegas spar over the weekend. Two were blonde like the seventy year old Simpson's murdered wife. The juice appeared animated in a series of Friday night photos taken inside the great street wine bar and seller. The football hall of Famer his collar open at the neck and his shirt untapped was sipping a drink from a martini glass during the evening. What's he supposed to do he's not allowed to leave the state of Nevada. My town. Or you won't Carson City. Did you hear they made fun of them on Saturday Night Live over the weekend and they did a bar scene. And give the guard Joseph was playing a woman he meets at a Bard she says I have to ask how is it that you're still single. Always it's a whole areas she doesn't know who he is right and he's like you the kind of person that Google's someone you. She doesn't know certain mystery as rather. All I. And then legs she gets a phone call is that causes my friend I told her to call me you know in case the day when bad. Because I'm a great time of the OJ he hangs governor phone starts blowing up. Is that first date scared yet ordinary answered it for its Kenan Thompson playing OJ Simpson. Under. Haven't been here eight years. Of murdered by the changed. There it. And you know about those who think that is in the mile and a little nervous this is my first bumble I am I. That's everyone's bad. That's where I've never used the Portland picked to try new things and I knew anything about him though a mile what kind of event. I'm originally from Bosnia Herzegovina. You know. Think so you guys had a big warm weather in the magistrate yeah. Yes it was the war for independence. Yeah so that probably dominated the news around in yeah. A lot of very. It's horrible. And I'm glad he's back so I can reach. That probably dominated and is read them right. It looks a little. I wanted to. So. OJ is that a new. No actually is my first in middle names. Allred thought James but I. You know whenever nickname for a little while jobs and I think juice is loose. This from what. Does it juice container again. OK for the lady get the habit and yet but the gentlemen in this state but probably not and the birds are. I can't believe it ordered. Started feeling to have that you live decent medium and he is there. Picked. Up at. It's to the Missoula Duma. One person is dead after a crash in southern Johnson County will have more next dig right here for doctor take in the center for nutrition in Lee weathered a 135. And broke. One of my good friends went in Monday for her first consultation. And whether you wanna lose five pounds fifty pounds a hundred pounds or more. If you're tired banging your head against a wall trying doctored tape medically managed weight loss I am so excited. To see what is in store for her because I know the programs that workforce is. Very excited to get started came out with her delicious meal replacements top of the line vitamins and she like many of you had tried. Everything to lose weight to keep it off. If that sounds like Q give doctor take a call given a try at consultations 39138148222. 9138148222. Or take nutrition dot com. Tellem Dana sentient. 330 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara mark surrogate Johnson county sheriff's office is investigating a deadly crash involving a pedestrian and it happened just before 7 this morning and 215 street between slights or an Antioch. It driver of the pickup truck swerved to avoid a parked car and hit a person in the road. That pedestrian died seen. US backed Kurdish led forces fighting crisis in Syria have said the final battles remove the terrorists from Rocca has started. Syrian democratic forces have been fighting the militants for months. State Department spokesman Heather Nauert a liberation of rocket from crisis is brutal control is near and this now represents an important milestone in our campaign to defeat crisis military leaders say Iraq is more than 90% cleared. Traffic and weathered together next it's 330. Rob Babcock here I hope you're enjoying this Dana and parks podcast or listen to keep it and this is a just please don't call me okay don't host nation I know he's given up the number I'm not there and I don't care. Quiet weather conditions and pleasant temperature see you in the forecast for the next couple days we are monitoring our next storm system really pressing on and toward the start of the weekend helping impressions of showers and thunderstorms area wind no rain for the rest of today in fact no rain for the rest of the week. Sunshine and low seventies for the afternoon down to the upper forties tonight. And back to the low seventies tomorrow and then abundant sunshine mid to upper seventies by Thursday and Friday. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more key NBC weather. Mnemonic PCI it's 72 downtown 71 and your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with there's 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. And I think count. Tickets for the KUMU. Game on. Sunday. To benefit hurricane relief already sold out. About us list. We are TV I get an exhibition game like that right. You start your starters. I don't matter it's a bright and it's gonna game and even if it's only exhibition. Even Bill Self has said he's not thrilled about it and he is not adding them to the regular schedule this is one time for hurricane relief. A couple of stories to bring your attention loser couple one of them is definitely stop the world story. Because I'm off but here's one CNN political reporter Daniel ideas. Sent out a tweet on Monday pointing out that president trump and senator Mitch McConnell. Locked hands while walking up the stairs in the White House following their Rose Garden press conference. At Diaz seemed to be mocking the Republican duo. Him save punchline for indicator. She wrote because if you saw the press coverage estate via the big get done talking. But he turnaround and there are some steps lead back up to the White House. They are in the Rose Garden. And the president to his credit offers his hander is arm and Mitch McConnell grabs his arm. And uses it sort of as leverage to get up these steps and if you saw Mitch McConnell. Coming down the steps for the press coverage you may have noticed. He walks down slowly one step at a time K okay so this CNN correspondent Daniel ideas. Put a video up of Mitch McConnell using trumps arm to navigate up the steps and wrote underneath it on Twitter. That hand lock between trump and McConnell Novo. As if to mock. The two of them and try and they were holding hands or something may be you know. I turns out I didn't know this but Demi united mock McConnell forward either or trump. Cut turns out Mitch McConnell is a polio survivor. And has trouble walking up and downstairs. And often is seen inside the capitol using the railing. To go up and downstairs and to the president's credit yesterday. Yeah president was aware of this and offered his arms so Mitch McConnell could grab on to the president's arm and use it for life. Act. I here's the story from the Kansas City Star. I don't know why you address your daughter up like this but some people apparently. Amazon is removing a costume from its web site. I saw. A op Roger and all of this so well. Amazon is removing a Halloween costume from its website after a first round of higher. The costume rod you may ask. Why is that so offensive that apparently Amazon would feel the need to remove sales of this Halloween costume from its side. Rob the Halloween costume. Is and frank. He after the young Dutch girl who died in World War II yeah. Ramallah where who and frank as I was when the books I read the diary of Anne Frank yes which by the way we were talking yesterday about kill a mockingbird has been banned now in some school districts I went on line. To read about other its books that have been banned and other school districts the diary of Anne Frank has been used and wanna get the name handful of school officers around the country yet. For sop up here. Apparently. Because there is and I I've never read the diary Graham frank have been to the house I read it. I went to the house and Amsterdam where I was there too it's an Amsterdam yeah. But I never the book apparently there's somebody in the book who is. Dearest say inclined towards homosexuality. Yeah our. Well that's right up and judged like the Jewish people was in hiding. Due to persecution correct that and that's the great misunderstandings about the. Holocaust it was just the Jewish be a lot of people think it was just Jews what was sympathizers. It was occupancies. Catholics among homosexuals. Pretty much anyone know what German yeah like straight up German Christian. To Gypsies homosexuals were also killed and crossed it yet. Scares me to tease people now he's saying it wasn't him. Overnight put up one of these stupid Twitter holes. From scare she's account which why I won't go away which someone would write that Anthony. Who moods. Look at Twitter poll that says how many people. Do you use it were killed in the Hala costs. A DC it's got. The storm hit the ball. Japanese term energy lasted only eleven days in the White House and a so called media company last less than a month after its launch before becoming embroiled. In a holocaust denial scandal and the scare Moochie post began its Tuesday by asking currently that's his new media company in the scare Majid closed. Began its Tuesday by asking Twitter followers for their thoughts. On him and frank Halloween costume that we're just talked. That was recently removed from many retailers following online outraged. That it moved on to provoking some outrage of its own quoting here from the pole that they put on there are. How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Options ranged from less than one million to more than five million. The correct answer. Received 68%. Of the votes quite frankly I was pleased to see it was 68 it should be 100 but I would have guessed Scott. With all of the deny ears and misinformation. And under education. I would have guessed the percentage would sadly have been. Lower. I'm not saying sixty it's good news room I would guess it would have come back to 42. Why do you think. That out there. Why do you think. And Rodger welcome to chime in on this one just just for the sake of conversation before we go to the next break. Why do you think people deny. The Holocaust. There are countless and by countless I mean countless. Eyewitnesses. Countless survivors survivors. Countless photographs and motion pictures horrible. Horrible work all of these people end on this great conspiracy. Now of course. You members got about six months ago they and earth from Alfred Alfred Hitchcock's. Personal library for some reason. Date earth to brand new endeavor does before seen footage. I think it was video from. Is it urgent Nelson Bergen bells and it. You know there has never been seen until they put it in this documentary I think it was on HBO. And if I remember watching it just sitting there thinking I don't wanna be watching this I feel like every one should have to watch this. And it is video of the most awful nature three here from the text and this is where people are honest again. I this person right she should clarify it was not Germans who performed these acts it was aaron's. Germans who were not aryan were also persecute. Stop stop. Stop. That's the kind of tax makes me wanna stop the tax. 20. Sad when more people know how many people died in the Holocaust than people that know the Puerto Ricans are actually Americans. And and. I honest to god and I know there are those of you who promptly to our can hear the show. Who deny that these. Things happen. Three times the entire population. Of the entire metropolitan. Area. Of Kansas city's. Communities. Well you've got three times. It was a win when people talk about the Holocaust they talk about six million and understandably so they were the majority. Of people that were Slorc. You have to remember that the total number of people killed by the Germans ranges somewhere and they don't know the answer. Regis somewhere between nine and twelve million people. Nine and twelve million homosexuals. And I guess had Gypsies. Job. I mean it's just it ram agreements. Sympathizers. Anyone caught the disabled. Anyone caught Scott hiding or helping. Those who need it now. I just I honest to god do not understand. Yeah Jehovah's Witnesses. That's right you're right texture and you can see them if you go to Jack power any of these other. Our camps. The Nazis kept impeccable. Records. They provided their own roof. How can you do this stuff. And how can we live in a country that doesn't know how many people were killed model test trees winners. Remember when we were kids and you were used to tell us are now remember. You believe. Have to avoid you see and none of what you hear. I assumed that people take that to heart. And night out there that it happened. I guess this is only thing I can think like I understand I don't agree with or life but I kind of understand people Poland. Conspiracy theories like this and coaxing did happen because I would love for that ought to have happen. So badly want to be so fantastic. I wish there was a reason behind. These terrible things that happened but says saved the Holocaust I I never understood that rod. Here's the distinction. You can sort of war to believe the conspiracy theory. That sandy hook him happened. Because you want to live in the world that is so it did the league goal or rise not that evil that something like that didn't happen. The people who denies the Holocaust and there are more than you thing. But yeah you go online there everywhere. The people who. Believe that the Holocaust did not happen. Don't deny the Holocaust. Because they want to live in the world. Where something that evil didn't happen they deny the Holocaust because they hate Jews so much. That this has to be a law that the people like me could never do something like backed. That's why it's not because they walk like he had to live in a better world. Where children are slaughtered at the gun of a mania rise. They want to live in a world where Jewish people are so full of crap. That they made this up to get international sympathy for themselves. It's just Aaron says it is eight there is a musical genre. Dedicated. Two people who are neo Nazis. That the lyrics are what pace that there lyrics are nothing but hatred for Jewish people. Itself it that there's a heavy metal genre literally dedicated to neo Nazis. And the they sell these bands CDs at their little get togethers. Their little white gathering party things whatever. Aaron sent him. I've been right rob Babcock of scuff marks over it we're going to be at the 54 street grill and bar. Ian independence on Friday October 27. We haven't confirmed top magician Tom Komansky will be joining us from three. Until at least 5 o'clock so come on out bring the kids he is fantastic. Best magician I've ever seen in my life October 27 it's Friday through GeForce three grow and bark in independence. Yeah. We. That Amazon studios chief Roy price has just resigned. After being put on leave last week over sexual harassment allegations I was just watching on CNN Gretchen Carlson. Who made a name for herself on fox inference was the original. At least recently the original woman to stand up and say I was sexually harassed by Roger Ailes right. And then aura and came out multiple people came out and said. It is now and then then they came after bill Riley and I don't mean coming and he came after a monument negatively im glad it got. And she said something and I'm paraphrasing I'm proud of what I did. Opened up this box. Now all of these women are coming forward saying hey. And maybe it's because comic guy and I shouldn't be expected to know. And this kind of stuff. But. I'm stunt. At how Brett at a at how pervasive this apparently releases. Yeah I mean you and I make snide little goof ball marks from each other but I I can promise you this. Am you can denied its performance is not true I have never. In the twenty some odd years point five point six years. That I've been in broadcasting. If you Jesus all tennis I've never them I know you. I've never said do this for me. And I'll give you this sort of professional. Had you known him this is just incredible Scott have you known people who did or rumored to. James has done that yes and so and I'll tell you this. With the whole hash tag me to someone reached up to me and said this happened to meet in the industry. It was a man who cornered me in a hallway this is some units. In. The Kansas City media industry. Coroner her in a hallway. And kissed her and she said. I was so. And that we say injure just so stumped when it happens like did that actually just happened she said I was married. She said right I told. Management. And nothing. Ever came of it why she did not dignify the man but she said I told management nothing came and nothing came of it. And I would've been working with her at the time I do know that and I don't know what it is but I wouldn't of working with her at the time. You don't know just from no I don't answer my pastor should tell me. It's I just think it's more due to define for. Read it in game women speak if you will via and I don't mean that derogatory. The definition between an inappropriate. Come on and sexual harassment. Because a man could go to a woman at work and say. I find you attractive you offered pretty can I take your for a drink right that's not sexual harassment that's come out come on and you can be like in. Now add them for not forgot to highlight key business and and I was there any physical contact and would say it is. That. Man in any position of authority whatsoever. From over. The woman balancing business. We've never ever had I human resources. Manager. Down the street. Until we had a news anchor fired for repeated. Inappropriate. Sexual. Comments jokes emails sort of went on to immobilize animals and ripped heated like interns coming forward saying. He's kinda creep me out. And after he was fired and he was fired. Because enough women start coming forward saying like this is so creepy like he's a local Ron Burgundy here and then they brought in eight corporate human resources person and I believe that office Alexis. I can still remembered of his day like 20223. At the old building going in they made everybody dues. And they had a phrase for when you I feel would you. And we had to memorize that went way to win UI's field would you. When you touch me there I feel. Embarrassed would you stop. When you I'd feel would you. This guy was that rod and then before we get past the sexual harassment class we had to practice this we have to put our handout I am not kidding you. We have to put our end up ago. Guys and girls had to do lists that we had to go to the HR person at the time before she would sign moss. As completely class we had prior. Does this stop. That credible or in that room before she would sign my right paper I had to look at ago stopped. This guy was so bad runny do you guys remember the am typhoon and who can't. You know. And hundreds of thousands of people died weird sort of said wait we sent a bunch of reporters to that can't. Indeed aftermath with heart to heart total disaster. The first joke he cracks on the bus. On the ground and through cat was I wonder how many girls weakened smuggled back with us. Jury humanitarian. Crisis to the newsroom anchor marks. Happening on KM BZ police are still searching for more suspects in the deadly shooting in Lawrence we'll have the latest next.