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Thursday, April 12th

The van in question was a 2002 Honda Odyssey.


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy. Tonight or tomorrow. In the early morning I haven't presentation if it's night after work this one does to this this this this is this. It's a this is a pain scores down. They don't points beautiful it's speaking of which have you guys seen the weatherman been Grand Rapids, Michigan who is fed up with his co anchors. All mill oh yes. Apparently. His forecasting has not been to their liking wailing and so they've been a little. Happy lowered before you play delight because I hate is when they do this on TV early blaming him for the bad weather or worse okay. So like every parent needs to god and yeah he has the right okay. In the horse. Has been orders. Well because he doesn't drag me down you have. Club every time I get done with the seven day you guys are like. A little. Foolish. Coon. Every time it doesn't matter what time I come on. Foreign 353630. And then you expect me to be chipper for five straight hours. This is ball. I want you guys SA while that's great news it's going to be sixty on Friday. Well I'm really only do live in Oakland so many every day next time. How can. Thank you miss some men mr. Davis appreciates and he knows when to bundle up you'll hear some winners and temperature twenties. Feels like nineteen or feels like. Seventy I don't know 47 partly cloudy southwest breeze ten to fifteen. Here's a sixty I don't know if that's good enough for you guys. Get excited maybe I'll disappoint you with the seven day here a few minutes. Moon. Wow all. You literally just stop talking and they got traffic. Clockwork. The Cisco the traffic break. The escalated quickly I mean that really got out of hand for. He is ahead yeah. I Janet because you know especially if you're a long one like we did I I do think if there was someone in the studio giving that forecast lives. Right in front of me every day I would just be like to get out. Right I mean you whine about Busby all the time so GAAP and in March just annoyed me I don't want to discuss martz and so yeah. I get that he's probably a little tired of hearing them are older irons. Scott yeah I. I I was concerned we are here yesterday we are noting that the decorative detail that we played in the nineties and you're probably gonna attract youngsters from him but he's a smell that I hear what's going on homer against the blustery days. Oh yeah we've got so yeah are easier to ask you questions like you said do you smell and I'm like shoes. Not only orange plaza Scott yeah you think men's ice familiar here's revealing how I mean I don't want to say that I the most important thing until you force me into a corner all aiming. Monica that awkward moment on the morning news. When they lowered I'll hate each other yeah yeah. Here's one member this one. Putter pence is financially player of the week. And the giants end up with a nine to six win. Before it clearest. Portal by Islam but about Dana is notorious. For caving to your confrontation. And as soon as I've played she looks amigos know. Because she hates confrontation that much. Howell was. We should tell you LeBron James is gonna start. In space jam where we do we actually only America's already read that. Content sorry. How step curses at me. He's nursing out and it's getting better and. Probably differently three I didn't know you're gonna do you ever emphasis for the smile ever heard me say right before you came on. There's an irrigation problem do you have an active conceived and never heard me say oh it's warm. And she generally. I'm anxious scene and it is just. For to a friend told him that you got Antarctica seen. I'd like to see ya don't try and hit me again to produce well. We're friends with my mother you know he does say that she slept on my couch at my house like OK can we just gotta break the Jones oh my goodness. What is the director was going to. Bloomberg for him when he's got ranked number. That are well all of the sudden. Obvious so. How worried over the trees normally look into me at eight masters 2018. Armenia and who did you work with channel five. That you quite happy with on TV behind the scenes you. None of uncle. No I love dominate my work husbands I hadn't sought out and I love it and I at Dave's who I. Mean they've only ever Bruins are. Who know who was over there like a reporter that you would see in the newsroom. You like it could you please go to murders and become the victim. If only I would really think about it think about it. I would have to really think about it. Please cookies with everybody covered your murder trial. You know I mean every newsroom has like the ego guys seriously. Who. Oh without question Steve Sampras. He lives and sent that and loves himself. More than I got to any other man I've ever met my entire like it was nice we got along really well I'm really. But he loves himself. Most people and he can do it's fine it was like whore who over there just rooms would they would walk in the newsroom. It can when he your heels just. Along with your and we didn't have a girl. Can't we'll tell that story we did have a girl and I do not remember her name because she lasted three weeks and that is the honest to god truth. She showed up from Denver. And her former profession was quotes. Aimed model. And it was on her I mean you can imagine. It was on her bio that she was a model and she was coming into the reporter in this is a model says she shows up and I'm like. Cannot get over yourself. She shows up on the first day. Wearing spikes. Like five inch. What's the most expensive brand of high heels I don't I don't even where's Jimmy chips she's wearing like fight and spike Jimmy issues. And this was during that time at channel five that we were literally jumping out of buses. So she's on turn around in her 400 dollar high heels. And like I honestly hope she gets sent to a car wreck and so sure enough. The assignment editors like OK I know silence. And we ever a car wreck on 435 in the mud it was pouring down rain doll and I actually laughed when she left the building. Like I can eat its issues with an idiot recovered a car wreck on the side of the highway. Like you're stepping in mud and debris and may be a body and you know it's just not. You Wear tin issues to the scene of that type of stuff and have them a lot examine. And I'm like. I hope you trip and fall and land on the side of the and they have to take years stupid site zebra but off. Of that highway let you in an ambulance and I hope your Jimmie each user. Our. I don't tornadoes are lasted three weeks she's like I can't news. Meyer is going to advance martyrs school forgot or did she have a date. Well I think she's don't wanna refer she's not into that singing she's seven or so. But with these that they have to get dressed up and not like an address but you have to go in a team. Hello so. What we've done Kelly gave her a bunch of stuff from that you were funky town she's going and her friends are going as eighties now I. So we've got the Joseph bracelets. I went out to buyers some big hoop earrings today. We got ripped up jeans I mean we got at all. That the high tops. Were yeah we already know. Us this morning in the car. I mean she's so into this she was learning eighties lingo. Now Ollie out. She's like like what was the big signature. Faith. That you guys would say back in the eighties totally right. How long. Gag me with a feed processing her eggs then why nobody issues involved in the food processors. It's used and governors in these terms so she's online. This morning and saying. And she's greeting me off these terms Jews was this up he said the eighties or not. And I was like yeah. You know. No matter facilities are air gap and yeah we're doing at all Simon regional a couple of I want you to tell me. And what they meant back in the eighties a pet carrier welcome jumping into Niagara you're around back in the day. Ron you don't and it's it's not always about what they said it was is that the way they say that it was that it was this. Yeah yeah. All right so we get we gotta get to the breakers at some misery a couple of things and ready and I. Vantage. I still say events. Again what does it mean we don't do additional out of as chill out relax a threat. To be here and just totally tubular dude. The me. Ruled grain it's awesome it's amazing tubular. Posner. And those are. As a me it was like a derogatory term and it target my manager girl and a and a your hacker. Ma computers that's right very good gritty. Door. Who wrote he'd do I. It's achy that's. Gross. And big bet. Limbo and have been bad threat. Bowed day issues yeah. Here I'll just read a couple of users would take you back in time eat my shorts. Don't have a cow. I'll always visible the Simpsons and yeah now. Are now. Q you barf bag. I airhead of course are and its. Righteous. Spat zing. Spin. To the Max. Yuppie of course wicked. So it. Ran ran was definitely one router radical. And here's the one I had to explain this went to regard today. Site. She knows how to use that. I don't go to high five somebody at the danced and I had it right when they're operating eternity port and use. If you can wait to get new appliances and electronics the wait is over get ready for huge savings during Nebraska furniture mart ten million dollar. Appliance and electronics blowout. Data right here find incredible savings on over stocks select samples and special purchases. Of brand name appliances and electronics this in stock inventory is ready for instant savings and immediate pick up. The mark has over 700 appliance is on display you'll find all the best brands all in one place so it is so easy to compare. The mart selection of electronics is huge to chop their amazing selection of everything from head phones tablets cameras fitness equipment. Four KHD. TVs and much more. And enjoy 24 months financing on qualifying purchases for 99 or more sore pretty tales it's your time this shape during Nebraska furniture mart ten million dollar. Appliance and electronics blown out. Run planes in western show audience do the second annual. David and cars all crash every inning goes to the families of wounded or killed police officers in Kansas. OK don't wanna bring everyone down and I I cannot even really talk about what happened with this kid in Ohio I really can't. But. And Kara had it in her newscast. I need to talk about how something like this could have happened a lot you listening drive minivans. Without getting into the details because I just can't stomach it sixteen year old boy named Kyle was trying to call 911. After he became trapped. By one of them minivans. Seats. And he died of asphyxiation. Basically as he isn't he calling 911 for help he was trying to tell them I'm being crushed. This isn't good I need you to come here. Now there's there's all these side stories that they couldn't find him that police went to the school of looked around and looked at the bandit didn't see him in the air. How do you get crushed by minivan seat. And it kills you. And I was looking into this thing because I know so many of you guys. Drive those things there was a recall. In November and it was actually Honda Odyssey and we don't know if he was an Odyssey and a but there was a recall of 800000. Odyssey minivans. Because it said second receipts may tip forward. If not properly. Latched. And vehicles owners need to be advised of the risk and yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda. But it doesn't really say like what as part of the recall could happen to you. Others and there's an injury risk. And I just I used to drive than anything so you know how those middle seats are. Just this happened how is the cute and up alone in a mini ma'am. At the age of what he was outside of this school he's sixteen he's outside the school Scott. And he's six to get let's say he was going into that middle road to grab his backpack and I think it's nothing more sinister than that okay so this was his car was hit that car drove to to school and he could not reach his cellphone so he was saying haste Siri. Dial 911. Case series he was re you know he was doing that to try to get 911. To help him that Kara. Tell me how this happens I tried this is crazy you know there was a recall I saw that that it doesn't save like how it could kill. Yeah. LC these recalls an okay the seats not. Latching on how to get it ended. You know who have the Odyssey Honda store whatever. But I feel like. I need someone to tell me how this can happen and kill some one. It doesn't say if he was in between the seat when it folded for werder he was under it you know we know a police officer went there or saw a man. Didn't see anyone NN and thought maybe it was a prank call and so the officer laugh. And apparently. A dispatcher didn't pass along information about the type of vehicle. And now she's been suspended. On. Into the newsroom here's Karen marks an independent school employee now faces sexual misconduct charges we'll have more next. And right here for doctor Tate in the center for nutrition in Hollywood at a 135. And row. For the UN lose twenty pounds fifty pounds a hundred pounds or more. Can of doctor take a call it children wanted to lose twenty before I went to Mexico and I did a very short amount of time. Have a girlfriend down 35 pounds since she went men and started the program the doctor take remember that consultation. Is free. Go win and see what he can do for you with the program that is in medically managed. And tailored just for you for your metabolism your program's gonna be different than mine because we're all different and we are all in the struggle together. Give doctor take a call 91381482229138148222. Or take nutrition dot com you tellem Dana sentient. Or thirty viewing Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are on 22 year old independent school employee has been charged with two counts of sexual contact with the student. Robert Black the third allegedly had oral sex with a student at a closed bathroom at William Christmas high school. The mother of another student also told police her child had sexual conversations and exchange photos with oil at. His bond set at 75000 dollars. Federal officials booting Tesla from the investigation into a fatal crash in California last month involving an uber operating with the company's auto pilot system. The NTSB's is the electric carmaker prematurely released information months ahead of a final report on the crash. More from ABC's David curly. Just those replying that it's actually leaving the investigation that may be spin but that's what the company is saying that. Because information is not being released to the public. They say is not being transparent but this is the way the NTSB works once it launches an investigation it can take twelve to eighteen months before we get the final conclusion. Losses that it plans to violent complaint with congress claiming the NTSB is more concerned about press headlines and promoting safety. Check traffic and weather together next Scott park your reference that Casey smiled you know over the past 23 years doctor Ross Italy has done unbelievable. Transformations for people who were unhappy with the smiles and picture yourself having a perfect smile at two upcoming class or family reunion a wedding big date. 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Serena were against the clouds for tonight with a couple of showers are low 65. And in my Friday increasing chance for showers and thunderstorms primarily to the afternoon lingering in early Friday night so strong to severe storms are expected. Our Friday high 75. Dropping thirty degrees for the high on Saturday back to the mid forties. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more key NBC weather. 88 Casey and I currently it's eighty in blue springs aiding and add your official weather station the radio dot com app is the officially almost KM BZ download it today listen to us anytime anywhere. I'm Kara marks or news 981 KM BZ. Once again. Now again. I am frantically emailing joke. It was the family's 2000. Two Honda Odyssey minivan. And and here's why I mention that I assume this was some electronic failure. Think you know with a new minivans it's all electric you push a button and trump comes down you push a button in the seats go down. The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting. That the sixteen year old boy climbed. On to. The rear bench seat so this is gonna be the third row bench seat from the inside of the fans are not in the truck apart but the inside of the van. Of this 2002 Honda Odyssey. He was a re shame to try to reach his tennis equipment I'm assuming over and into the back part. And these third row bench seat flipped. Back. And over you know they collapsed into the track and car flipped back and over toward the back catch. Pinned him upside down than these sexy and killed and I am. Six. 100%. Certain we have a 2002 Honda Odyssey wrote I'm 100% certainty about the yourself it was born. And and atlas who has I don't show as jet as it Kia. So now that make sense to me that third row back. Dempsey not captain's chairs because when you. Try to remove that back then seat it folds and collapses as one large Cuba. Into the trunk where candidates heavy well Honda has or call 800000 of them. I never heard about this. And if you bought that and use from someone like a person to person sale on Craigslist but you're not gonna get a recall notice. Because no one as you haven't. So we're into it told Jonas sells car. Now I am I. You know that back and sit I would say this is very very heavy and when it snaps into place and that trunk it is heavy so it's hard and I understand. If you're trapped underneath that somehow how he could not if it was honest chest. As you could robbery as tragic as as the story is there are few things I don't understand. You org or care said he couldn't reach your cellphone. Right because his phone probably fell out of his pocket when these seat flipped over and prost and yet he dialed 911 he was saying here's paced series haste series. Haste series dial 911. And said the dispatcher was saying. No old god and local guy. Bill. I'm so sorry I probably just do that in everyone else's car I am so sorry. And yeah. I am so sorry edges have been on the radio and if I'd just dialed 911 in your car I am so. Sorry. That is now. He was able to call police. So I just made my flowed well 911. Oh. I am trying to save someone's life by telling people if you haven't Honda Odyssey. You need to call about this recall. Thanks a lot. And it's locks time. And tonight just does it give you one important thing is. Why. This is why. It's hot laughing. It's moderate and this is dying. I am told every. Go into your settings. Under emergency as well ads from the tax my phone is called 911 thanks. Go into settings under emergency SOS and please please have your kids sign up for. Emergency SOS because then when you click your side button five times quickly and don't do lit. Not only does it call. Emergency services for you. It gives them an automatic GPS location. Where you are located and it tells her mom and dad care but did you meet emergency service where you total foreign you don't want to know and in an SE now you're trying to trick me and I'm talking to you can. Go to settings emergency SOS and sign up for the auto call. You and then if you have your phone that you somehow can't communicate where you are. You hit it rapidly five times and it will text Chris it was a sense my kids. And it will say this is your mother's location she's having an emergency. Because they can find this cat. How many people just. Four slot there already mad at me because we did this a couple of weeks ago on accidents it's a lot. Thanks a lot Dana that made me that made my phone call it now my daughter wants to their daddy why did you just call the police. I feel like a blinking idiot I had to tell the operator. Anything that means dispatcher that the radio made me do it. My phone to Dana you're welcome. Thanks a lot I just got pulled over because my phone dialed 911. And wire the police following you. Asked me how did he call that's how he did it I understand what he's saying. I'm not singing again. Nice. Yeah. Call one. Before is part was when your phone and operators calling emergency her service agencies who replaced not again you're not a ideas. Hope it's one one's doing either 21 whether tell us who died. Jesus hates her eyes I dimmed here rectified hard trying to stop my phone call 911. Thanks a lot Dana. We passed in the story about a minivan. Death. On our FaceBook page. If you have a Honda and just saying it's worth looking into its if you wanna screw with people at home here's what you do you don't do that stuff he do this much and a ready wayward. Hey Google. Iron Maiden. Now in countless homes around the city iron main is now playing on Google that's okay. You don't wanna stay. Case series order me again mask. Or. It's. Some cold is routed into the bathroom outlined to Euro on the air and low lying to. I hello. You're on dude yeah. I Iran well. Well this has been robbed we wish submit this hour for rod when you go proves you miss some of the best radio we'd do. Sorry had a deuce and then on the way back as well. There big Boston. Or Los on the floor and never met him. You introduce yourself by introduced its so weird note serves he went down yesterday due to introduce himself to big boss 'cause he's been here for what 11100 years never met big boss never met the man never spoke to about it ago there was finally we were talking and then he was asking me why. So Mormon was calling and complaining about us talking about her husband's business on the show and I a song that is about it was there's no number and everything. After explain it to him he's ago. Charge people 990 dollars and of their car and we won't talk about your business right. What the problem was I asked some question about this horrible and horrific story out of Cincinnati where this young man yet sixteen years old. Was trapped in this car and I said there are few things I don't understand about the story. I said he couldn't reach his phone so how is it that he was able to coal. 91 Warner anyone there so Davis said well if it's real simple and yeah I want. He didn't have his phone with a and so he just said hey series started yelling hole he started yell right. And so Davis said that on the air her phones started dialing 919 playing. And then on the text line we found out just about everybody's phones. People call writing in saying thanks a lot. I damn near wrecked my car trying to turn my arm off because it was dialing 911. Because I ran under and because captain Brady act over here decided to give the command over the air a Google. Motley crew and wayward. Take Google. Motley crew. Out from the test on how to not when an Edward. 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And again it's so new event I don't know doesn't wanna know do. Ends he's O. Both him and they were saying it's got hit our city league implement it. Out of my house. And she does whatever I say. But just in case OK Google. OK Google. Is the definition of a get mask. Op an ex kid lower. Oh I Muster of the story. As V when represented of vehemently some view this program and Oklahoma City Thunder broadcaster. Has come under fire for using an old southern phrase with possible. Racial connotations. When talking about Russell Westbrook supply Westbrook who became the only MBA player ever to finish two seasons ever for the bubble who cares what. The other night. He was on fire Russell Westbrook was and a second quarter. And it prompted play by play god and Davis who's been calling. Oklahoma City Thunder games for seminary years. He said oh my gosh this superstar point guards from Westbrook. Is out of his cotton picking mind. OK. Okay. That has rod future head back up. You're not supposed to say that I have said the term cotton picking. All of my life you're not supposed him. You out of your cotton pick and I've said that since I was little Q where do you think cotton picking comes from Texas. Well in part and Georgia and Alabama and probably Mississippi and Louisiana. You out of your cotton picking mind. But he can't put a G on the and a picking because it doesn't work that way. It's cotton picking mind. Have to say why because it's it's based in slavery. The expression cotton pick him. Is used as a term of disapproval. Or to describe something that is troublesome or a nuisance. However. I've always used it as. But he if somebody's crazy right now that would be the better term like crazy go to crazy bat. Yes this is it. You can't say cotton picking a more announcements to bunker rod when you and are grown up was a term cotton taken very very common. Oh absolutely in the in the in southern states is a very common term. Yeah out of cotton picking mind I've heard it many times I never wanted and saw that I always thought of it as a way. Not to say your. Mind you know running error but it. They just don't think it took. Days a year to date on this one you probably especially you're talking about a black. BA player. And he's he's he's not. Playing out of his pocket and mine tonight. New. It's. Oh. Shouldn't. It should be. Just out of your mind you can just be out of your mind just say that. Just say that. Here's another story as we get closer to the news of the job our. Next time you go to your favorite clothing store to try and appeared genes there right yes pair of pants yes. But he. New study finds that those hands are trying and it. Almost hear us OK why it. Karen hey junior. Don't tell me there's like I don't know bed bugs and members something. It. Weren't for care. She's. Okay accurate. So the next time you go to your favorite clothing story neutron out of her pants. Kerry there's a new study out it was on the Huffington Post I got the story here from Fox News you know restroom and the pants that you were trying on. Are often loaded it. And harbor. Fecal matter. It's awesome. Thank you for sharing that. Because. The pants that you're trying on. Have not been tried on by four or five or six people quoting here it is dozens and dozens of people. Who each round pants that's so weird. This guy Dana. Try on pants do this of course they do. Is disgusting. I agree. Anyway I just wanted to let you know when you go to triumph pants of the store. That this is a one of those were what disease a micro biologist and a pathologist. And he has studied. What is in. What is on the pants or you trail on in the store studies something like I his name is still here no he's oppressor micro biology pathology at New York University. And he says that the pants you're trying on of the store aren't loaded with fecal matter fine. I just thought you should know thank you about it you'll. Well. Newsroom care marks. Happening now in KM BZ am metro school employee faces charges for sexual contact with students details next. It's happened almost all of us knock him would have just anonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident remember the name deals collision repair. In blue spring expect mention their name last hour retirement tortured drivers deals and blue springs guarantees their work as long as you on your car truck. And that says a lot so get it fixed right the first time 8162281855. Men out there many times Dale's a friend. I've seen his crews are working I can say without question they're the best in the business 8162. To wait. 1855. Online deals auto collision dot com. Bills and blue springs tanker cars. Interview thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.