Pilot loses his job... AND his lawsuit. Why?

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, January 19th

Side convo:   Does PTSD disqualify you from piloting a plane?   Bi-Polar?   Anxiety?  Alcoholism?


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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. This. He answered and it's. It here. After Jeff Flock critic Kauffman Stadium journey points wait a July experts and the yeah that's big concert announced her write that I came in today Travis like you know artists in the days you know. The conference only guess I got big concert announcement by a third round this market. Believe it said the artist of the day was going to be collegial. I'm I was big concert announced that. Def leopard journey that we can I was I was being narcotic and our announcement today that there's another act that's coming to town there was a big announcement this morning. 10 o'clock. Bob Kauffman Stadium crowd of hundred no no Def Leppard but there have leverage its journey up. But I'll. EJ was night. Sorry my mistake. Who. Secure city tells Kara. Going to be it's OK okay tickets are going to be starting at 4950. And to like I box OK let's park community and AD and payments and well over and but it's going to be. Ninth when it reversed I am excited September 21. And I'm looking this up and here's line. It is hands down my husband never once thing is the hardest person I've ever he's a simple panic. But that man. In some delusional I'm only. I mean he. Dare I say I think is a super fan. And so last year. He was I don't know manner and used years ago. I surprised him. With tickets to Billy jolt at Wrigley Field in Chicago. And we went with your friends of ours was and we can in Chicago. We were out I think in right field and we work on Wrigley Field. He's grown up with this big Chicago backgrounds and it is very cool for him. But the show was on believable and I've seen him fish. Four times in concert I think. Yeah he burns the house down it is just a great show. That was the show Kerry you remember that Jennifer Lawrence. Got onstage rant I ran out on stage and jumped up on his piano during uptown girl with us Amy Schumer. And we weren't like the second bro I don't and Brian Palmer and I looked up I get is. Brand Larry's saying. But we had such a lovely time. They have retired his Jersey at Wrigley because he has performed. There more often. And sold out more shows there than any other artist in history. And I heard a is he just went one night here is this something we're gonna do again. Toby took ice where it to a six was calling and he's on he's on right now that because I have a feeling this might not be one and a Toni Collette Toby how are you I'm so good how are yet. Is the one for now it is a one yet. What were edited since it done or not I don't know we we we haven't we pulled a muscle Erica we haven't done that in 39 years so we're gonna do you want it and see how it goes. Now you say we haven't done this in 39 years I I was putting out yesterday. Does this mean like a standalone concert because I remember seeing Kenny Rogers play after the royals like fifteen years ago. Yep so heated that is the police and alone concert of its type in we're gonna on September the 21. For the first time in 39 years Kenny Rogers I was there that night. I was covering it as a crack reporter for routes fox for. Working for you. The end and I got. I got a site I got out did the week that was caught a couple of Canadian that the royals right accountant. It was would be W. Convention and he played it. Forty international gathering at the VFW's. Not an on each sale to the public servants. Yep and he didn't look like. Kenny Rogers from what I remember. Correct so don't be. Fantastic why has it been so long is it just logistically this is a difficult thing to do all our. Yeah. I think it was for many many years to desire to start having a winning baseball team again and get organization to everything they could. Just making sure that we became the competitive baseball team again and they had done much much better job of coming up with a way to not. Kera and kill baseball graphs. So when Billy Joseph was at Busch Stadium last year they shared with a quiescent current and over and watched it because we knew that this was a possibility this year. And shared with us a photo the next morning and it looked like they are ready for banks also they had this new. System that they can put down on the field that even eight rock and roll cute stage will kill. And that wasn't always the case and we. Government will be the first to tell you that while we integrators field at all baseball is really hard to maintain baseball field here proper data and social when you play 81 times a year or so. That was the big thing was just a logistical things special deter. Well let me ask you about that verges second as somebody who. Loves to come out and watch the royals how to you put a multi thousand pound stage. On that grass. And not damage it. I have no idea this is why I should have had Trevor grants due to its own and are being BP. Should because I just isn't going to be big quite love that. There there is they're there is the type. Protection that they can now lay on the grass where it doesn't make an imprint it doesn't burn. Seat into it. And all of those people. I've seen pictures and it looks like you complete baseball they expect except and it made these big. Made this happened just within the last couple of years because. There was a time where when they were selling these. Baseball stadium. Big news including collegial concerts wouldn't. He started doing baseball stadiums a few years ago. Didn't want any ones many many years ago. Where part of contract was you couldn't feel the next day you don't up at 88 big error an art. Act would come and they would do their show and then the next paying a new field will be going down and whatever and you what is announced part of the contract. But they don't have to do that. What is the next game after the concert. We are playing on Friday it's September the 21 and then we only have. For more gains to go and it will be six days away easily wrap up. Regular season against the Indians that following first it's a lot of well a few days at least clean up the. We have almost a week to fix feel. That. And and they say that it is gonna look like it's ready to play the next day below that on September the 22 guessed. What. Parking is still to be determined. We will get in all of that here. Momentarily when we get into the baseball season that we had not released the information on how the parking gonna work. Why do this. There are plenty of venues here in Kansas city's sprint senator star light. Why. There is something about in my mind a concert. Packed a sports venue and particularly. With all due respect to our friends across the parking lot. But particularly baseball. Stadium because they tend to be. A little more circular. And a little bit more in tournament. And it just. We think the answer just gonna Hannibal where that is hoping that they can look forward to all year long you know during the very late in the baseball season. You know I I first saw Billy jewel in baseball stadium concert sitting hasn't been dispersed. Concert at a baseball stadium by any stretch but the person my time was a bit you that they produced in 1990 Yankee Stadium as a person yankees stadium concert in years. And it became fairly popular and then. You know I like it think it in this kind of had that he's kind of had the Tony Bennett moment where. He was a big deal Japanese big deal in the eighties and was still selling out shows in the nineteen when he came in 2007 sprint senator. There were some places in the project were not sold. And then something happened within the last five to secure and I really believe that it was the Madison Square Garden in residency. Setup that he has where he was once a month that Madison Square Garden. And he he got just a tremendous amount of media from at and they're like oh yeah he's kind of a classic you kind of a legend and. He became sort of that Tony Bennett rock and roll. And he'd just from that Yankee Stadium concert in 1998 until about three or four years ago when Easter play in all of these Major League Baseball fields. He's selling out every show. You know OK there was a period primary was and now all he's done and dozens and dozens of Madison Square Garden you don't each one of them out and green beans and mark. I camera for it was you or somebody else affiliated with the royals who said. This is our first time in forty years hopefully not last as long as we don't screwed up are you guys are nervous. That that will probably be something nice you. Know. Now we're working lives kind of did the midwest and that the country's premier concert promoter black nation and these assault that's considered all the other news. Support the feedback has been. And they loved working with its arkan a that did him once we're gonna make its. He world class experience for them. And we're gonna make it a great great experience for the fans. I just say it be silly that I I had every police. This is only the start of a lot of different concerts over the next several years. I took up where art and look at a map of the stage and of course he's going to be the stage is set up far back in the outfield which is how they that are Wrigley. Would you still be able to sit I'm guessing no but I'm asking in the outfield experience are these just like the actual seats. At this point this week or the places that people will be will be in the eating bowl not the outfield experience on. But the people where you would want to baseball game and there will be steal the seat on will be leaked on the field Agassi and and that. And we're reaching out to all Barbara suite holders. Who have sweets and seeing applicants tell them this week so we'll have all those opens well. Got into that last question if I sit in your home to label Salvi be there no. Well he did it he doesn't make a road trip to Detroit which is highly unlikely. That may be that the time that we Kettering. I was asking for frank. Comes into the studio in the next two months three million dollars. No chance they pitcher Leo he's got. To talk to him about it. Yeah but he is he's playing baseball for the royals in 2008 PG there's always. When tickets go on sale. Tickets go on sale a week from today. Friday January to 26 Kenny I am a royals dot com slash W Jules. Come brother because I love you announce our Jews at. How would you guys back feeling plot Armon beget. 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Or CMOs. And sun dot com. News. Rod hates. It reminded that I actually did see Freddie Mercury in first 1986. Just isn't where they're at it but that is fair about it. A story here from Kansas City Star. I Kansas City man has filed a lawsuit alleging that he lost his job. As an airline pilot. After VA doctors misdiagnosed. Him with bipolar disorder. William oyster. Is now seeking 35 million dollars. In federal court in Kansas. Case today. Was. Dismissed. Roster is a former US navy pilot who was injured in 1996. When his plane was shot down by a Japanese navy ship during a training exercise. Now according to lawsuit Curtis. It. After being discharge from the navy in 1997. Royce or received treatment for his injuries at the Kansas City VA medical center. In 1998. Years later he was hired to fly airliners for united while continuing treatment at the medical center. After a doctor suggested he be evaluated for possible post traumatic stress disorder. A psychiatrist in 2004. Diagnosed register with bipolar disorder he was told that the diagnosis was permanent. Life long. As a result he was medically retired from his job as a poet. Over the next ten years doctors confirmed our continued beg your pardon to reaffirm the diagnosis. But in 2013. After new psychiatrist took over his case and undertook a thorough review. Conducted additional testing the doctor determine the oysters shouldn't apple. Have been diagnosed. With bipolar disorder. You may makes no connections you may know the name Royce or he lost the race for the state house by one vote to John resort 2010. I have so many questions about the sky and kept. The case was dismissed. On a technicality this week sort it and let me explain this a judge ruled. That. The latest lawsuit that this pilot files. Was not filed within the statute of limitations now it's sort of one's his first hit came in 2015 which was fine that was within that window okay. It was dismissed in 26 team without prejudice meaning he could refile it. He re files it and now you're outside of the window. Of the statute of limitations to file office and you know his attorneys spot distance and then and in no we have to collect the original window. A judge has dismissed this saying now. That's kind of neither here nor there here's what I wanna ask if you are going to lose you're Diop. Because of a mental health diagnosis. To you at least get the benefit of more than one opinion you're your career is gonna be over if they say. As a pilot you'll have bipolar disorder. My first question is do you. Have a right to another opinion or can one crack doctor decide and sign a piece of paper saying your career is over. Number two. Why can't a pilot flying. With bipolar disorder and I'm not saying I agree or disagree. But what other things are on the list. What is your recovering alcoholic. Can fly from. I mean I don't want you fallen off the wagon before you take the seat what if you have anxiety. If you're anti Iraq War veteran. And now you fly commercial planes. And you have. Manageable PT EST. Are all of those things does qualifiers gee don't hello we are on pilots right now. The United States has an enormous shortage of qualified pilots not saying they should change the rules. My question is what are you comfortable with us when it comes to a pilot they are human beings they're gonna have all the different. Issues that the rest of us that they're gonna go through divorce there could have alcoholism there and smoke and you name it they're gonna they're. There are Americans just like you and I are they're going to have that same baggage. And crap in their life than the people you know who aren't. Attorneys were you know CE helps. Let me say something that is going to frustrate people. How quickly are we to diagnose people with PT SD. I'm not taking anything away from William Royce of service. He was shot down. In a training exercise. I'm sure that was unfortunate. I'm sure of that socked. When you get post traumatic stress disorder. From surviving being shot down in a training exercise. Willis has got it viewership and it shot it Amazon's high you know if you run for two wars in Iraq. Or three tours in Afghanistan and you tell me you got PT EST combined. Listen to that PT EST isn't just lamented a veteran in there it's it's any scary situation at Scott Scott Scott. Is this guy was a taxi driver and had PT SD from falling out of the sky and an airplane. I would buy what yours say. This guy is a pilot it is his job to pilot airplanes and his PT SD was born out of being shot down in a plane. That is absolutely Jermaine got to his job. 5767798. 5767798. In the news or McCarron marks. Pro lifers converge on Washington today we'll have more next. 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Britain's extramarital affair came to light more than a week ago and along with it allegations of blackmail. Sparking several lawmakers to call for him to step down. Check traffic and weather together next. And I know thrust currently you guys haven't time. And options out there but trying Jasper is they just rolled up their winter prefix menu it's only 2995. And that includes four courses. I've never biblical and their eats four courses and you're gonna get all of that for 2995. Is a ton of food you can start lobster biggest tossed salad. You get a choice of three dinner items including saint Peter's fished ringgit Tony with Tuscan corporate group. And chicken see and a all of that for 2995. And of course you'll finished with the most delicious dessert you can imagine. All of that it Jasper is during their winter prefix menu for 2995. And it. Do not forget Jasper for all of your catering needs of UN soccer banquets women diet for something and he got some diamonds ladies come and a grant a board meeting of the night. We had Jasper is and it was amazing 8169416600. 8169416600. Or Jasper is Casey got out. Partly cloudy and breezy conditions. In the forecast across the Kansas City metro for the rest of this Friday were gonna live on NC a high of fifty. Fair weather to deny totaling 35 and more clouds streaming on in for tomorrow we have a warm front strength to lift our way. Our high into the upper forties maybe a little bit of drizzle late. Fog and drizzle Saturday night into our Sunday in Sunday's high warmer upper fifties. Better chance for few showers Sunday night and then again for Monday. I'm staff meteorologists at different era more KUNBC weather. In any case CI it's 48 in LA fell fifty at your official weather station and Kara marks or stay connected with there's 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. We're actually talking about making him an artist today next week. 5767798. The Summers is I'm a class a CDL driver. I've had three people had my truck driving. Can I claim PTS to button and prominent. We also had a CDL drivers say there is a bigger shortage of commercial truck drivers in America than there are pilots I don't know if that's true or not. And he said should we start allowing them to drive with all kinds of medical issues because. There is this shortage which I replied no. But it should take more than one doctor. To end your career. Summers is I completely agree with Scott I think PT EST is one of the most over diagnose disorders we currently. I am taking nothing away from soldiers. And then comes this one PT EST can come from anything divorce. Is actually the leading cost now. Home. There are two people on the show divorced. And I don't call him his anxiety and using anything ever tighter and I remember you on the show as you went through your divorce decrees. I was crazy six that you did suffer from. Post traumatic stress to us. From the Tex I'm Scott I differ with you big time on this one I'm retired firefighter I was involved in all kinds of things you cannot imagine my PT EST Israel. If someone had not forced me into treatment I would be. Dead Coca. That. Our reserve certain. Got mentioned that in all your war or years torturers are what are you get beat the people that. My son Latin. In our three years ago our house got hit by lightning hit it three years in a row and it hit transformer outside. AA it. Storms come lightning thunder that chick freaks out and we take him to Rita marker at all three said. That he got back at peak yet be a lot of people from. Or are you that well the one singular like archery it went right tension lines. And it's almost works bloating. And we just allow space I've heard we were all actually. He's a woke up screaming and white all screaming. And every trial I mean we're remodeling. Right and are allowed or whatever bit triple rock whatever Garnett and freaked out screens. Iran's you're actually adding I hate it it's great beat her peak yet be I think. And terminal cheeks and fight but I think it's got to be pretty dramatic back. Did do the doctors believe that you'll grow out of this. That a possible but he will end it bella. Got hit by lightning it was about two years ago. And she got a little better these are eight psychiatrist at school. And the like archer at children's mercy hospital and getting better. The boy and super loud or under anything storm related you leave all freaking out right. Is there medication or is it just treatment. No medication at that yet they've every been brought out it was just. Treatment the like all that I'd think that we can do in key and do try to better I'll have. You don't get out in urging him that everything okay it's rare that lightning. Out. Why let alone retry Bart they'll destroy what they eight. A large metal hole on the your house. You know or want them. I. Thank you know the first time it hit it hit the ground Robin Wright were outside our burgers are there on Croat underground rock. And that's where the lightning hit the first are. And it's or beat the hell that. What are pretty good it was a year after a bad. That politely at the tree. And it went the right tension all right and we wipe out 101000 people felt the art. That it wants pretty battered birdies in a ball. Structure and loud noise like you know that they may buy the white and younger sorry Egypt. It is not. We think the better and getting better structural drew an undergraduate. Not even a he'd be open as normal binary each and all were you know like did you happen yup. Artwork. The man this is made some people angry listen this on just because you have a diagnosis does not mean. That you're traumatize the same as they combat veteran. Or someone who's been in some real dangerous situations and someone else heard and only 2% of soldiers have actual combat experiences a trio. Yes and so they're arguing the issuance of the PT SD. Diagnosis does not fall in line with those who would have seen firsthand. Traumatic well things and gone through a firefight and that I think but I will say this if someone shot my plane down and as I'm crapping myself on the way down. That would be an experience that would stick with me for the rest of my life there's just no way it wouldn't. Don't why don't I have PT EST for gold for going to mention car. I don't know. It's got it now. I mean if you get PT EST for many. Up watching your nose falloff in your face and bleeding profusely all over yourself. One would think that would probably be too I think it is my son as he knows it Eric a year ago. He is still uncomfortable. In the passenger seat apartments and sister. Injuries were serious but nowhere near experiences as a permanent challenged the 2% of soldiers during combat. But this was a conversation actually at wood today could Ramsey twelve strong tonight with the robbery go from mark. Problem and rob wriggle I've heard an interview with him yesterday with beer. He actually plays lieutenant colonel on this movie that he worked for in Afghanistan Emery at the same time is twelve strong. And and what you have to remember about the military. Give the phones are in second there there's a lot of people who serve in the military who never seen combat their called supports. They never mean so I have to have shafts and soldiers don't get fed on acts in orbit that the bullets don't just show law. Lynn in Lee's summit hello Lynn Thailand. I. Turn you weren't. Content that armed bank robbery didn't want me knowing yourself. And it was one of those ones where it was to pick up the bank and pregnant at the time and they just were without being taking in the capital area in which. And knock it over to cheer fever titular character topic maybe operators. They were drawn the cash or any work done term battle just scary black out. And turn them everything you know they got out a top man means. Only in the sense that he still to this day and stared elaborate and I don't know cap and McNamee are kaput and my typical response of parole now back to work but the plan. And I cannot. Aren't getting you know at an airplane which I can meeting at at. Department of the professional world at a meeting at and he drops from my character a victim you know I am champion and the people that are okay. In an accident. They get an operative operating traction cut her track activity. Are they still in jail. At. Now with thirty years twenty hanging in my arms shirt here around town and start and you ask did you guys and getting out of there who rescued. Well we have customers that in the parking lot back were calling you know 911 and I think and the city attorney Robert rent. And the people downstairs Turk all the commotion and they are on the front 911 but it was at a time when the cancer in mr. police departments that are. There are areas that they covered with very large it was we are on the theory otter and it's. That they were like over minor park in the the upper hand actor regrets. Against a very poor response time that. Customers followed and an apartment complex and watched and change their and get into different cars and then change. How they went Q lesbian money to protect activity that many cathartic on. It out and thank you thank you for the call. We can't she talks about the jump Venus Scott and we'll tell you this anyone with anxiety will tell you this guy we are all jumpy. If I hear a loud noise dies in someone's breaking in the house I made. I think you know there's some level of paranoia with us I was sitting in the driver's seat of my car last year putting on some make up waiting for a girlfriend to meet at the tavern. And she wasn't thinking she came over to my driver's side window you know I'm so they're looking in the Mir. And she. As a joke. It slapped both hands on the window. You cannot do that to me. I was so angry I said. You cannot. Ever do that to me it's when when you say jumpy it's a different kind of an I'm not I'm comparing my thing to a bank robbery. Survivor but I understand that as loud noises unexpected people in the house I jump and land on the ceiling like a cat. With with its claws out is older drivers difference between. Anxiety. And PT EST of course it's honest it's my wife takes me PT EST after being a house fire. Short bugs me every time the lights flicker but that's not PT SD it is well justified. Paranoia. That's not PT SD. I think we have like. I think shopping shot out of a plane could trigger PT EST. I do well one way I was in my poll are obviously not going through the windshield of a car. Should give me impeach yes it didn't. And I'm however has to say discarded as manager. Just as good continues Dusan renewals throws have been Tuesday may PT EST is over diagnosed in May I thought well. I mean really. We have someone here who witnessed the plane hit the Pentagon in Washington DC on 9/11 my office was across 395. I saw play over the freeway. My anxiety and depression took ten years to overcome after that I get it. I think is that one ETA has yet he I think anyone who survived nine elevenths got. Absolutely. Has PT EST. If you work in the towers. Held the first responders guys okay. But if you know this person was not a first responder this person witnessed it we all witnessed it. Not like calm so that's cost highest G. I think if you were in New York or Washington DC at the epicenter of those attacks. Yes you have PT Tuesday. I've set cannot believe he would not agree with that I can agree that you might have some anxiety issues. Like when a plane flies low sure. Sure. But PT SD. Hall. Himself. Doctor. 57677. Minute. Right here for Volkswagen of Lee's summit what a great deal they have for you going on right now and Volkswagen of Lee's summit. How about start not the new year. Within a brand new car for 99 dollars walks finally sign has every new car for 99 dollars a month. I'm back in Annapolis and I love it love love love that car seats seven it's roomy we've been bragging about that apple plays system. All week that is in that atlas its analog as POWs are gonna love it. No credit no problem of financing and payment solutions for everyone we're actually looking for one of those cars from my daughter right now. Here's another thing. All of the 28 teens come with a sixty or 72000. 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God I didn't gotcha which LG and shot to the side like that and had to reject out of the water Eric air got a great story and or the beer barrel. But. Back to the guy that shot now much more than ten. So I got I think I agree Rudy Richard. You don't have PT EST because you were shot down in a what's often called a blue on blue and so. It's our god is not brick too much here. It. But no I agree I I think everybody expected that early. The guy that shot down we'll see what he was pure art our our back coach be a critic he'd almost built to be so. But the but the outlook to survive in a bat Sammy are we just had a great Jewish or. They did have a great week about it in my element. Brandon in leavenworth hello Brandon. Local blogger as. I love this show every year that. I have been in the army forty years and I think we're at the peak he would be at court terminology work starter on the military side. And then it kind of got more experience taken over by the medical community. Oh were used to be stressed or so something like that a partner as he gets beat. And on Scott for you be worried are all deter where he's at law are confident that bit and I don't have peaked yet geared. You know everyone processors. Are certain bit differently you know I've got on the doors to argue back and had no issues. I'm here on Coca that big or corporate partner come back would be so ignorant about chart that a lot of people all. This is when these were things in my dad was in Vietnam and never once. Did he wake up an. Everybody processes the your right brand and everybody processes these things differently my dad never had these middle of the night terrors. I never regretted what he did. And he killed people. And then some people go over there Brandon whether it's to Vietnam. Or Afghanistan. Wherever. And they have seen their friends get killed they have killed. And their brain just processes that a little different. I'm not disputing that PT is the exist pleasant it varies from person sure sure. Sure I've I've just curious as to what constitutes a trigger. What constitutes. That is going to give me PT test. In my mind while I wonder for this now retired pilot if it was getting shot out of the sky. It's it's hard for you just say this is what causes that are this is what does that it like you telling me what it feels like to be a woman you you you don't now. Until you go through something like that you don't now. It to the loser here is Kara marks happening now in KMB ZL one on one between the president and the Senate Minority Leader who has the government shutdown looms that's next. You know Summers have an almost all of us and knocked him would have been synonymous in the future but if you find yourself on the car accident remember the name. Dale's collision repair and blue springs. Maybe it's hail damage. Deals collision repair in blue springs because. I've been out there many times. 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