A percussion phenom from St. Joe

Kansas City's Morning News
Friday, April 6th

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Sometimes appearance hopes and dreams for their child. Have to do with her own hopes and dreams the ones they didn't quite achieve or maybe. We're never in the cards to begin west so you two are not musical and ending. No we're not who are our family is might be here and there you know cousins aunts uncles. That's first direct us in our families now know and then. OK so there's nothing in the genes to explain sack Courtney he's a percussionist at central high school in Saint Joseph is mum faith in seed comment. He discovered it and elementary when I get to pick up instrument in the band. We had no idea that he had anything. Musical talent and Zach picked his instrument with the same reasoning that inspires so many kids adopted from looked cause I non medicinal. I guess a plane that went on his father Darren your reaction to Zacks musical selection. What you'd expect on my Josh drums in the house. But unlike mom and dad and defined genetics Zach has talent lots of it I'm torn between. For the five surgeries I got into now. He got into four out of five conservatory is that he applied for and we are talking huge names the New England Conservatory the Eastman school of music and Cleveland Institute of Music. The UN Casey conservatory and the holy real to you that is right after traffic and weather together on the nuts. And. I. According it was an elementary school when he decided he wanted to be a percussionist fast forward all these years he's a senior in high school. And he's making one of the toughest decisions of his life he wants to make your career is a percussionist so we asked to choose from some of the best music schools in the country he's been accepted to the New England Conservatory the Eastman School of Music the UN Casey conservatory and the Cleveland Institute of Music but there's one more school. And maybe you've heard of it I was with my mom for I was younger and in more for friends were talking to meet asking about where I wanted to audition for college in sanctioned. I sit Juilliard and she kind of laughed my car that's cute you know so is kind of from their own house like okay well I guess I'm sure her but no matter how much god given talent Zach might have. It takes so much more to have a full day of school help come home. And don't waste a little bit of time and then hill practice have dinner. Go down in practice until 101030 and 98 he has cut off at 9 o'clock. In the subdivision with a snare. He is a sellout. I've had a few remarks and yeah. Zacks neighbors you'll be glad to know that the 9 o'clock no more drums curfew. Finally paid off so he started working on his application for Julie are you happy to go through prescreen. They've done everything that julliard is notoriously. Difficult to get into its acceptance rate is only around 6% and you can imagine how many apply each year but. Zacks abilities caught there earring he was invited for alive audition now remember he's a percussionist so unlike most musicians trying to master one instrument. He's got to play a mall so I would play remain jury solo on snare drum. And is something more concert like a couple AT Johnson tinian and I didn't fund so Lauren brand. These guys here are the best of the best the judge's reaction nothing much really usually just some how or don't like yeah. Good job kid we liked it. Remember how you felt after job interview or job you really wanted and you're waiting for the response. Then you know how Zack felt this to deflect five minutes prefer it over into this. I was thinking should I open leadership away. And what are the chances that the exact same time mom and dad were bringing home some good news I was actually coming home from work and I had the New England Conservatory letter with me. And I was carrying it. And innuendo but I hadn't opened it but the outsider than it was very clearly positive note is that he Bravo. Are your journey is just keep getting. Acceptance from the prestigious New England Conservatory. And from julliard I opened it and I got on their weight list. A week which is pretty core itself Morrissey had going to get on the wait list you wanted in a mean RC had I felt. Content with what they had done I played my best says sex almost batting a thousand but here's the thing I don't know if it's. If it's worse auditioning at these schools and getting in or. And napping on afford it or having not a addition to that makes sense that we all know college is expensive and these exclusive conservatory is even more so. We love that he is that in half and then he got and I don't have a problem with him going to any of them you know it still highly paid for. That's probably first and foremost in our mind but let's shout out to one of the schools that said yes UN Casey. Which sexist ranks right up there with the very best. You can she's in fantastic phenomenal conservatory. Comparative tell these other conservatory is there. Just as gated and they have great faculty team which is by and plus it's a great place so while Zach and his parents apply for grants and student aid they have faith. And in my heart I think he's gonna do great he's gonna shine. Because he's gonna get to do what he loves to do. All the time we know always going to be great but let's not overlook what should be Zacks ultimate goal I think I speak for Elena when I see we have one wish for you. Please. Restore some dignity to the triangle she was just a anything you want yeah that's the dream then to make the triangle popular. Let's make this an act now let's make this solo instrument it. That's my career goal to Zach cordoning percussionist and promoter of the ever so huh. Oh. You or.